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New Series 254: CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? Good evening, Hatonn present to commune. Let us resume Mr. Von Däniken’s interview, please. Thank you for your attention. Amen and SALU! YOU ARE GETTING READY TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER ICE AGE!! Your elite controllers know this—but you the people are told nothing! If you are prepared, or, are preparing, God will do His part to see you safely through.

3/01/2018 from HATONN/jonur (ns254)

Good evening, Hatonn present to commune.  Let us resume Mr. Von Däniken’s interview, please.  Thank you for your attention.  Amen and SALU!


Coast to Coast A.M., George Nory interviews Erich Von Däniken, 12/07/2017.

George Nory:  Ah, it’s great.  I’m in St. Louis, Missouri right now, but from Los Angeles, where I came from. They’ve got fires all over the place.  It’s a mess.

Erich Von Däniken:  Oh God.

George Nory:  It’s a mess.  For a lot of people who don’t know, I run into Erich at major UFO conferences and events, all over the country, and he is always sought after.  People just go wild.  And they have been waiting for years now for the sequel, and you finally did it with “The Gods Never Left Us”.

Erich Von Däniken:  Well, it was really time.  I mean when “Chariots…” came on the market, I was just 33 years old.  In the meantime, in a few months, I’m 83 years old.  But I’m still alive, my brain functions perfectly.  I still have lots of public appearances, and I’m still traveling around the world.  So I’m very happy to be on this show to give me the pleasure of talking to you, George, but also the listeners later.

George Nory:  You know, Erich, when you are at events, and people speak with you after your presentation, they are just mesmerized by the things you say.  So, before we get into the subject, “The Gods Never Left Us”, let’s go back a little bit, these 50 years ago, when you wrote “Chariots Of The Gods?”.  What was it that you saw that made you write that book?

Erich Von Däniken:  God, you see, I was educated as a strict catholic, and for six years I was in a Swiss catholic boarding school, led by Jesuits, by the Priests of Jesuits.  There we had to make translations of parts of the Bible, from one language to the other.  For example from Latin to German, or from Greek to German. And, of course, as a young man, I was a very, very deep believer in God.  And as an old man, I’m still a believer in God.  I’m still one of these figures who pray.  But God in my youth had to have some qualities.  For example, God makes no mistakes. God does not use a vehicle, in which to move from point “A” to point “B”.  God is all over, etc.  Now, while making these translations, I realized that the God of the bible, He DID use some vehicles with fire and smoke, and trembling, and loud noise.   And sand blowing up, etc.  And He made some mistakes.  So I was simply confused in my own catholic education, and I wanted to know if other communities in antiquity have similar stories than we find them among our tradition in the Christian and Jewish [Hatonn:  Keep in mind—we are not “anti-Jewish” anything.  The Hebrew or Jewish people are affording to be as goodly as a good Christian or a good Muslim, or a good Buddhist, according to each religion.  None of you have it right!  However, you all effort toward God—not away from.  The anti-Christ/anti-God is the one hiding in the heritage of those believing themselves to be goodly “Jews”.  Khazars, a warrior and barbaric race, converted to Judaism in 740 A.D.!  They, however, kept their barbaric, war-like ways, and THEIR THRUST IS AWAY FROM GOD!] tradition.  So that was the beginning of “Chariots Of The Gods?” doubts in my religion.

George Nory:  The Nazca Lines in Peru caught your attention.  How did that happen?

Erich Von Däniken:  I had a friend, a Swiss friend, whose parents were living in Lima, in Peru.  And one summer he invited me for four weeks to travel to Peru.  So I went to travel in Peru.  That was long before I published “Chariots Of The Gods?”.  That was somewhere in 1961 or so, 1962.  And so I went to Peru, and the lady brought us by car down to Nazca.  And there I met for the first time, a German lady, Miss Maria Reisik.  She later studied the plain of Nazca for her life work.  So the first time was somewhere, 60-61, when I was in Nazca.  By the way, in the meantime, I’m an honorary citizen of Nazca, but that’s another story.

George Nory:  It was, and the pictures you had in “Chariots” from above were just remarkable, and those lines all these years later are still there, aren’t they?

Erich Von Däniken:  They are still there and what nerves me is some of these documentations, which do not tell the complete truth.  You see, in Nazca we have three different things.  Ones are figures, figures of fishes, monkeys, spiders, and so on.  You see them only from the air.  The second things are small lines.  I say small, they are about one meter large.  But the longest of it is 23 kilometers long.  Crossing over mountains, and the earth, all…  The 3rd thing is it looks like airstrips.  I never said it IS airstrips, but it looks like “airstrips”.  It starts from nothing and ends to nothing.  And there are no ways to it.  The largest, ah, the longest of it, is 3.8 kilometers long.  Now what nerves me, some of these airstrip-looking lines, they are put on mountains which were cut up artificially!  Now in these TV documentations they only show you the figures.  The figures like fishes and the birds, and the monkeys, and they demonstrate to you how easy it is possible to make these figures.  You test them to scratch away the stones from the surface, and obviously a brighter shine appears.  So it is easy to make the figures.  But not easy to cut a whole mountain—or three mountains—and to make it flat—and to put one of these airstrips over the mountain!  And under the so-called “airstrip” you see a “zig-zag” line.  So, for example, if this airstrip-looking line would be the result of scratching away the surface, then it would scratch away the zig-zag line below also.  And all these things are not discussed on television, which nerves me.

George Nory:  Alright, “The Gods never Left Us”.  Let me tell everybody a little bit about this book, and then we’ll get in to it.  “The Gods Never Left Us” contends that recent advancements in bio-technology, astrophysics, engineering, A.I. [Artificial Intelligence], not only give us a fresh perspective on “ancient astronaut theory”, but actually validates it.  We are as a race embarking on the exact same trajectory of our inter-planetary colonization, just as Erich Von Däniken has suggested.  Earth itself was colonized, “E.T.s” are at work today, and that affects us all.  Tell us, is that pretty accurate, Erich?

Erich Von Däniken:  Perfectly, you did absolutely perfect!

Jonur, break here, please, and let us begin a new Chapter.  Our scribe/receiver, and “Tee” and “Vee”, have it right on!  They have wood-burning fire places and a “Pot-belly” stove.  YOU ARE GETTING READY TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER ICE AGE!!  Your elite controllers know this—but you the people are told nothing!  If you are prepared, or, are preparing, God will do His part to see you safely through.  Salu.

New Series 253: Good afternoon, Commander Gyeorgos (“George”) Ceres Hatonn/ATON, present in Light and service unto Holy God. As our new readers adjust to this mode of communication my scribe/receiver has to “re-train” the use of his fingers on his right hand. Fear not, for if the hand stops function, man has a “spare”. If that one fails, too—I, Hatonn, can also VOICE TRANSMIT these lessons for audio listening and transcribing. The WORD must go forth in these so-called “End Times”.

 2/17/2018 from HATONN/jonur (ns253)

Good afternoon, Commander Gyeorgos (“George”) Ceres Hatonn/ATON, present in Light and service unto Holy God.  As our new readers adjust to this mode of communication my scribe/receiver has to “re-train” the use of his fingers on his right hand.  Fear not, for if the hand stops function, man has a “spare”.  If that one fails, too—I, Hatonn, can also VOICE TRANSMIT these lessons for audio listening and transcribing.  The WORD must go forth in these so-called “End Times”.

Man was always promised that God (“The Aton”, as Minister Louis Farrakhan correctly addressed The Creator Lord.) would never leave His people.  These instructions, in these PHOENIX JOURNALS, or Commander’s Log, ARE THE PROMISE OF GOD, Chelas!  God IS The WORD!  How else, or who else, did you expect God to reveal Himself to you??  The Pope?  The hedonistic catholic church?  The so-called “Mega-Churches” in the Black community?  Or the Reverent Billy Graham?  Or how about your controlled “Jewish” Khazarian Press/Media?  Do you honestly believe your Christ’s mortal enemy will tell you Christians (followers of Holy God of Light and TRUTH—whatever your race, creed, or so-called “religion”) the truth when The Master Teacher returns?!  Don’t bet on it!

It is always the carpenter’s son, the humble shepherd, the jumpmaster’s son, or the dedicated elderly “nun”, who God calls upon to be His instrument to bring forth The WORD.  For in the beginning FIRST THERE WAS THE WORD—and, then, all else came into being.  The biggest mistake you can make is to underestimate God.
God is within, therefore, only you will KNOW when He returns.  If they tell you He is over in the field, in London, or Russia, etc., etc., know that they are liars.  When His return is come, ALL beings, all entities, will know of that hour.  No “man” can tell you that the war between God and the Anti-Christ/Anti-God—is in the mind!  My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.


What is REALLY behind the “mass shootings” by so-called “lone gunmen”?  Can all these “events” be done by one crazed individual with such precision, as to completely baffle your best police and government agencies??  Why are your authorities all caught off guard when ever these incidents take place in such broad, public “arenas”?  You would think, by now, your governments would be prepared for these attacks on the citizenry.  But instead, it is the opposite, each time nobody knew anything until it was too late.  Or, did they?

Is it not interesting, that in the “unfolding story”, that suddenly all this information flows.  And it is the same story.  One man is “pissed” at something—anything—and produces an arsenal of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition and magazine cartridges.  The people who are slain have no real connection to what you are being told in the Jewish-controlled major media.  However, the one thing that IS “routine” is all the new weapons, and magazine RESTRICTIONS added to that list of BANNED WEAPONS!  The goal is to confiscate ALL FIREARMS FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE!

Whether it is an old man, a 17-year-old kid who got “bullied”, or a disgruntled Arab service man in your own United States military—THESE ARE STAGED EVENTS PLANNED AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE “INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY”!  British Intelligence, or MI-6 (Military Intelligence division six), is the mother of all other spy agencies, chelas, and they along with the Israeli MOSSAD (derived from MOSES), ARE your Anti-Christ!  What did you expect the naked red devil with the pointed tail, horns, and goatee?  Come, come now, that is fairytale land, and “Harry Potter” stuff!  Can your satanic adversary produce such “monsters” to frighten the masses?  You’d better believe it!  What do you honestly think they are playing with in those top secret deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B., your shadow government loves cute little code names)??

They are going to show you soon—this is the actual reason they don’t want the citizenry to know too much about “cloning”.  ANYTHING with a DNA can be cloned, and spliced with anything else—and EVERYTHING HAS A DNA BLUE PRINT!  Genetic manipulation is not “new science”.  The human race, as you recognize it to be, WAS MANUFACTURED—NOT “CREATED”—AS YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT!

Oh, Hatonn, it can’t be!  Were we not created by God, in the image of God??  Yes, indeed.  However, “man” is not that pitiful little body you “see”!  The body, or “Temple”, or “Church”, of “Man”—is your “house”—it is not the flesh that is YOU.  You reside, temporarily, in that house.  Your body is a tool, an extension of the living God, who resides within.  Satan (Lucifer) rules you by causing you to forget your heavenly heritage.  Your adversary rules the physical planet, by appealing only to your physical desires of the senses.

That is why your senses are being bombarded—CONSTANTLY—from television, radio, films, concerts, plays—and through those cellphone towers, and “smart meters”.  The spirit of man—the real “you”—is an “electric” being, who resides within and about “the body of man”.  Light waves (what you think of as electricity) not only make up who and what you ARE—BUT ALL OF THE CREATION IS COMPOSED OF NOTHING BUT LIGHT WAVES.

You are already an illusion—learn to adjust your illusion!  Physical-ness is “a trick of the light”—it does not exist, it only seems to.  Exactly like a motion picture projection machine—there is nothing physical on that so-called “silver screen”.  However, turn off the projector and everything is gone.  The sun, your star, is the projector in a holographic 3-dimensional “play” of Creation.  These are the lessons that will free you from the adversary’s trap.  Let us continue, please, with a bit of history you are not taught in school, or the local church.


Jonur, just transcribe the interview, and I will make my comments [Hatonn:] as usual.  Sometimes it is easier to digest this information, when it comes from one of your brothers, of an earthly source.  Sale!

Erich Von Däniken wrote the world-wide bestseller “Chariots Of The Gods?” riveting book about extraterrestrials.  And now the sequel “The Gods Never Left US”.  We are going live to Switzerland in a moment, to speak to the man, Erich Von Däniken, on Coast to Coast A.M.

George Nory:  Erich Von Däniken first presented more than forty plus years ago his theory of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient world.  He published his first and most wide-known book, of course, “Chariots Of The Gods?” in 1968.  And besides creating a whirlwind of conspiracy, his work has had a far-reaching influence on entertainment and science.  Erich’s ideas have been the inspiration for a wide range of television shows, including of course “The History Channel” hit “Ancient Aliens”.  Erich von Däniken back on Coast to Coast A.M., live in Switzerland.  Erich, you’re all over the map, welcome back.

Erich Von Däniken:  Well what a pleasure.  You see, I’m sitting in the Swiss mountains, in the high mountains, in the Bernese Oberland/Highland.  The weather is completely blue—it’s gigantic!  And below me we have just fog and the snow, and everything—it’s great.

George Nory:  Now, let’s get into this.  When you talk about “The God’s Never Left Us”, explain that.

Erich Von Däniken:  Well, I’m absolutely convinced that some thousands and thousands of years ago extraterrestrials were here.  We can prove this, at least a figure like me, Erich Von Däniken, can prove it.  I have published forty books about it.  I know what I’m talking about.  Now these Gods at that time, they promised to return in a faraway future.  This promise of return is part, or was part, of every ancient culture.  For example, the old Egyptian culture, they waited for the returning of their god of Osiris or Osseous.  The Central American people they waited for the return of the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl.  The South American people they waited for the return of their god, Viracocha, etc.  All these cultures were waiting for somebody to return.  When first the white man appeared, in the beginning they believed these are the long awaited gods.  Now this promise of returning has also gone into every big religion.  I’m a Christian and we believe that Jesus will one day return.

George Nory:  That’s right.

Erich Von Däniken:  But the Muslim society believes that their Mohave will one day return.  Of course, the Buddhist society expects the return of Buddha.  The Jewish community expects the return of Messiah.  Now to be honest, not every religion can be right, some of them must be wrong.  And I am afraid it is neither Jesus, nor Buddha, or Messiah, or Mohave, who will return—it’s the extraterrestrials.  They promised in some thousands of years ago.  And at the moment they are here!  And we have possibility to prove this in a scientific way.

George Nory:  Erich did ancient mankind, years ago, thousands of years ago, confuse the visitation of E.T’s with the discussion of heavenly gods coming down?

Erich Von Däniken:  That’s exactly the problem!  Some thousands of years ago, they appeared.  Now, our ancestors were stone-age people, they had no idea of technology.  They believed erroneously that these extraterrestrials must be the gods.  That’s why the gods entered into mythology.  That’s why the gods entered into the big religions.  You see, when you have for example a figure like Moses in the Old Testament, there you have a passage that the so-called “gods” descend on the Holy Mountain.  But before God does so, He orders Moses to construct a gate around the mountain, so the people cannot come close by.  So Moses constructs a gate, so the people cannot come close by.  The Israelites are in safe distance.  And then the Lord descends on the mountain, with smoke and fire, and trembling and now loud noise.  And the whole mountain was glowing like a furnace, etc.  Now, a real God would not need first to construct a gate for protection.  And really God does not need some vehicle which descends with smoke and fire and trembling.  The real God is all over.  So it was NOT God, it was a misunderstanding, it was extraterrestrials.  And we know the result of it—a gigantic religion.  But the beginning is a mistake.

George Nory:  It is, indeed, and it is just absolutely astounding.  And the bible is based primarily on the visitations of E.T’s, do you think?
Erich Von Däniken:  Well, at least part of the Old Testament.  You see, the Old Testament, or what we call the Bible, is not written by ONE author.  You see, the believers, they think God was the author of the Old Testament.  But the Old Testament was written by different authors through different times.  And they say different things.  In many examples in the Old Testament we find some stories which in reality ARE MUCH OLDER THAN THE BIBLE.  Give me two examples.  Everyone knows the story of the Great Flood in the Old Testament.

George Nory:  Right.

Erich Von Däniken:  And there it is told in the third person.  It says:  And God ordered Noah; you should construct an ark, etc., and so on.  But the same story is handed down in the Gilgamesh Epic, which is OLDER than the Bible.  And in the Gilgamesh Epic, it is handed down in the first person—not in the third person.  And the first person means:  “And I did, and I constructed the ark, and I…”  So the Bible has taken something which is from another source.  The same thing happened, for example…. We learn in the Bible that Moses was a child and [his] mother was afraid to be ashamed.  So [she] put Moses into a basket, and the basket was floating down the Nile, and someone of the pharaoh’s daughter took it out.  But that story is …..

To be continued.

Jonur, break here, please.  Hatonn to clear.  Salu!