Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Series 257: Hatonn present in Truth and Light in the presence of Holy God, Amen. I have never proclaimed that what you are asked to write, Jonur, will be a great and joyful task. So be it. You will be given information that matches NONE of the Historians proclamations. If it were not so, why would we bother to correct our thought patterns? Even in thy consciousness ye should be able to see of the contradictions of thy long accepted teachings.

6/02/19 from HATONN/jonur (ns257)

Hatonn present in Truth and Light in the presence of Holy God, Amen.  I have never proclaimed that what you are asked to write, Jonur, will be a great and joyful task.  So be it.  You will be given information that matches NONE of the Historians proclamations.  If it were not so, why would we bother to correct our thought patterns?  Even in thy consciousness ye should be able to see of the contradictions of thy long accepted teachings.

You must realize and KNOW that there always will be the attacks by the adversary to God’s People.  And in this you must stay strong, for it is the response to the Luciferian assaults that matter most!  Ones watch to see that which you do AFTER the attacks.  Will you let the slings and arrows ultimately slay you in the end? Or will you rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes and become yet more powerful thru thine enemies?

This IS THE PLAY OF “CREATION”, dear ones, and it is HOW you answer “the call to serve” that ye are judged!  You will begin to realize that the enemy of God and Goodness is not readily “seen”.  It will be all manner of attacks against your Physical Being that will be attempted in order to distract the SPIRITUAL YOU—THE REAL YOU from this journey.  More than once we had to restart the literal heartbeat of our scribes and lighted workers, at the hands of the enemy, who would attempt to stop THE WORD from going forth.  And it is a most unsettling and intense event for the one experiencing it. However, you must know that God NEVER leaves you who have pledged everything to be in His service.  God needs no more dead martyrs—He needs but a few living, breathing humans as the strong arms, hands and fingers, to shoulder the load!

If the satanic adversary can isolate you from your spiritual SOURCE, that is the beloved Father within, then he can rob you of your divine power. Hold ever most in your hearts that God is within the “temple” of “church” (body).  Man needs no outside doctrines or buildings or cathedrals to proclaim his allegiance to Christ-ness.  Keep in mind Lucifer captured the churches and synagogues long ago, chelas (students), for that is how he destroys Christians—at their places of worship!

It is easy to see the folly and degradation set up and practiced by the pulpit of today’s “church”.  The “voted-in” and accepted behavior and practices of homosexuality and greed, on such a massive scale, is not by chance.  Nor is it a natural evolution of the “sign of the changing times”.  The evil ways were planed and introduced to the church for the express purpose of destroying it!  Do you think God sanctions, and made so pervasive, the life styles that are so prevalent today under the guise of “the cloth”?  What happened to the sanctity of the husband and the wife as the nucleus of the basic family unit?  Why has the Catholic Church been overrun with a leadership of perverse homosexuality and rampant pedophilia?  Surely, God is not the reason.  The twin sister cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by atomic weapons, because of the degradation in the sight of the Lord. How then do you think judgement will be meted out this day, as you have increased the “sin” on a worldwide scale?! Does man deserve to be “saved”, so he can enlarge and increase his errors (sins)?  Can you not see that you are in the days of final Judgement—TODAY?!

So what can you, who are of God, do to prepare yourselves as the sand runs out of the hourglass?


The Spiritual Aspect of your infinite being is everything.  It is the Spiritual YOU which guides and rules over the physical body.  However, your adversary has falsely taught you that the body, and its fleshy desires, is what are most important.  “If it feels good it must be right”!  This is THE TRAP, precious friends; the preoccupation of the senses has become your undoing!  Over-use and deliberate miss-use of the gift of procreation is what has destroyed your planet.  Disease (man-created and otherwise), rampant overpopulation of your towns and cities, and now the wars to control your planetary resources have brought you to your so-called “Armageddon” scenario.  Only by turning to God, and understanding the “Unseen” or “Spirit” aspect of The Creation, can you turn your world around.  These next lessons, therefore, will begin your focus on The Nature of Reality, and your Space Brethren who are charged with protecting those spheres of influence. For you are going to have to make the connection between those fanciful “stories” in your Holy Bible, and the reality the “Jews” have taught you through the eons of lies and half-truths.  It is the false teachings, alone, that have led you to the edge of the great chasm or cliff.  And it will be the “New Teachings” of the God of Light and Christ that will bring you back from the edge of the pit, and on over to the “other side” into enlightenment!


Can focus onto that which is unseen help your political climate of “Wars and rumors of wars”?  Indeed, yes!  However, remember that “faith” without works is stagnant death.  Again, it is your strong arms and ACTION backing up those prayers, and spiritual insights, that will see you through and thwart the evil doers!  Did not all your prophets of old—FIRST CALL UPON THE LORD—beforethey started on their journey, and before they led the people upon the path?  You have to KNOW where you want to go, and what you are affording to achieve—before you even take that FIRST STEP!  Least the step be the snare, or the landmine, or off the canyon wall in the darkness of the night!  This is what is meant by keeping your hand in the hand that is God’s, dear ones.


And what of Mr. Trump, the Russians, the Chinese, and the “Great Wall of Mexico” at your southern boarder?  We will begin with a letter or two from our dear friend in New Zealand. He is most concerned with your world, and the state of affairs of America, and his own nation.  For so goes the United States, so goes the rest of the planet!  So be it, and sela.

Do you need protection at the boarders?  YES! It would have been a very different outcome if the Aboriginal—or Native Americans—had strict immigration treaties, and laws regulating and protecting their national boundaries when those First “settlers” came!  The enemy will ALWAYS try to get at you by overrun—AND ATTACK—of the boarder boundaries of any nation.  Therefore, total thrust of any society MUST BE a secure and well-regulated boarder defense mechanism.  To lack in this fundamental principle of SELF PRESERVATION IS SUICIDE in the climate of the Earth plane—as you now experience it.  You are not at that level of evolution, where evil is banished from your reality.

Jonur let us proceed with Today’s Watch by starting with Lester’s letter, please.


Refer to Hatonn
Hatonn, this uncensored magazine is the best yet.  It worries me what is in there for the younger generation.  Now Trump you will have to help him. Uncensored magazine is right. Trump has to win the next election—or we are finished.  He is surrounded by traitors and enemies on all sides.  Help Trump and protect him.

This 5G, how do we stop it?  It will harm us all.

The articles in this magazine are what you have been saying for years.  God help us all.

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is [gone] mad, probably put in the position to carry out the UN agenda.

Hatonn, I still want to have a talk with your people.  I seem to be always awake at 2:30 in the morning.




Thank you, dear friend.  There are many in your nation of New Zealand who feel the same way.  They see that which is coming down in the United States, and they know that so goes America, so goes the rest of the world!  Thank you for forwarding these most worthy news items. They bring Earth confirmation to your brethren in “The States”.  It is difficult to get accurate, “uncensored” information in the totally Zionist Khazarian (“JEWISH”) controlled media in the U.S.  The Bolsheviks have maintained an iron fisted grip on anything that can be considered “news”.  And yes, President Trump is 100% correct when he refers to the “FAKE NEWS”!  But this has long been the Jew’s way of keeping God’s Christians in the dark—so to speak!

It has not changed since the time of Immanuel Esu—the masses are still being taught FALSLY by the Pharisees of the temple!  The enemy of Christ has elevated himself above thine own preachers of the pulpit!  While theyhold fast to their own evil doctrines called the Talmud, the evil adversary to God and His People force lies upon you the people, manufactured to keep you ignorant as to who and what is God.  But, then again, is that not what the Serpent does best?  Remember, these “Fake Jews” labeled themselves as “Snake/Serpent People”!  Who might those ones called “Reptilians” really are who inhabit thine Holy Books and Ancient Scrolls?!  Take a closer look at the new ruling class, who have stolen, and now illegally occupy Palestine—and call it “ISRAEL”.


As the world citizenry slept, lulled by a steady dialogue of fake news stories, and “celebrity” drama about who is in bed with who, and the unbelievable sex change travesty being played out in front of your children and young people to emulate—A NETWORK OF ELECTRONIC SIGNALS, DISGUISED AS “SOCIAL MEDIA”, IS BEING BEAMED DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAINS!  This is mass mind control on a global scale, dear hearts, and you know it not!

It has been long suggested that your “intelligence” agencies, notably your Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has been conducting experiments on unsuspecting humans regarding brain manipulation and control.  These experiments have been ONGOING since the early 1950s, regardless of government admission that the programs were shut down. It only went “underground”, and the public funding was replaced by the so-called “black budget” secret monies, which comes from the CIA’s total control of your world-wide drug trade—legal as well as illegal drugs.

The James Bond intrigue and Cold War “Manchurian Candidate” (Time to revisit the Frank Sinatra black and white movie of the same name) brain washing tales are very real.  As a matter of fact, the fictional stories—that is NOT FICTION—has gone way beyond what Hollywood has shown you!  You now are in THE STAR WARS ERA, 21stCENTURY VERSION OF MK-ULTRA!  No longer is it a lone “secret agent”, or a handful of captured soldiers, “brain washed” and sent back home to spy for the enemy. Today, Mind (K)ontrol Ultra, and all their offshoot programs, such as Project Delta, Project Monarch, etc., etc., are hooked into the massive Energy Grid system set up around your entire planet!

While the Reagan era “Star Wars” SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) system was put into place with satellites in Earth orbit, the true purpose was kept well hidden from You-The-People!  Firstly, those rocket launches carried satellites that completed a world-wide electronic GRID NETWORK that connected with those weird “cell phone towers” that suddenly started popping up EVERY WHERE.  This secondarily allowed for the Zionist Banking System to become GLOBAL AND INSTANTANIOUS.  This is also the “Beast” that John of our Holy Bible’s REVELATION warned you about, all those centuries ago!  When he said the Beast fed on a number, and “666”, and a tally of gold, and THE MARK ON YOUR PERSON, etc.—well he saw a computer screen, chelas, that was the head (s) of the beast.  That beast fed on numbers—and so do computers!  The “mark”, dear ones, is the BAR CODE, which is now on EVERYTHING you buy, sell, or trade with.  It is also “tattooed” invisibly and painlessly all over your person!  Those little domes in banks, hospitals, public buildings, supermarkets, etc., don’t just take “selfies” and Polaroid pictures!

Laser and advanced secret HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY has allowed for the “tagging” of every man, woman, and child in your nation!  Similar to a “black light” that picks up lint, or temporary tattoos to gain access to nightclubs, etc.  Your adversary uses a frequency in the high, INVISIBLE ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT FREQUENCY, to read multiple bar-codes—on your hands, arms, and forehead! So keep in mind—YOU ARE ALREADY “IN THE SYSTEM”!

However, the MAJOR PORTION of the completed GLOBAL ENERGY GRID network, which was turned on after midnight, January 1st, 2000 (this was your REAL Y2K!  It happened just as the Bolshevik Jewish Banksters planned, and no one noticed!), was the hook up and implementation of the miss-used Tesla Scalar or PRANA WAVE TECHNOLOGY.  At “power plants” and transmission sights around your planet, multi-frequency electromagnetic radiation fields—THAT CAN BE PIN POINTED ANYWHERE ON THE FACE OF THE WORLD—AS FOCUSED BEAMS OF INTENSE ENERGY—CAN DECIMATE ANY “TARGET”, LARGE OR SMALL!

However, in addition to these incredibly destructive DIRECTED ENERGY EFFECTS, WHICH IF GOT OUT OF CONTROL, WOULD SET YOUR ATMOSPHERE ON FIRE AND LITERALLY SHAKE THE PLANET TO DUST IN FIFTEEN MINUTES.  The grid can also be “tuned” to the frequency of the human skull cavity.  This means a remote Mind/Brain transmission, capable of implanting thoughts and words—that are not your own—but you will believe them to be yours!  Also your body can be “switched off”, just like a light switch, inducing instant death!

And this can be focused on one person, or an entire city of people. Whole demographics of people can be induced to riot on command.  Entire segments or communities can be given DIS-EASES—THROUGH ELECTRONIC MEANS ALONE! YES INDEED, THAT KIND OF TECHNOLOGY HAS LONG BEEN PERFECTED!  Are you beginning to SEE what you are up against?  Do you see why only God’s LIGHT and His Mighty HOSTS can counter this onslaught against His People?  He sent us before Him as promised.  Was it any different when God sent His Messengers in the Ancient Biblical stories of the past??  Therefore, fear not these things and call upon God the Father.  He will see His children through the valley of the shadow of death, today as well!

Even After 5G Court Case Was Won

UK Scientist Facing Jail Time For
Warning Public About 5G

An Australian organization called “Environment and Community Safe from Radiation” is gearing up to protect people against the new health threat from 5G, including exploring legal options.  The organization recently held a symposium about 5G that included presentations on the health and legal aspects of this technology and the videos may be viewed [online:]


“UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2019, issue 55

January 16, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Since 2017, 241 scientists and doctors from the U.S. and around the world have demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G wireless technology due to biological and environmental risks.

Activist Post already reported about the 5G court case that was won in Gateshead, England after 5G was installed in street lamps and people became sick.  Scientist Mark Steele was part of the movement to get the 5G removed and Gateshead council members weren’t at all happy about that.

From Zero

“Mark Steele, a 5G campaigner, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and cancer in the affected area.  There’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart 5G arrays on the top of new LED lampposts emit Class 1 Radiation Frequencies and should be treated as a danger to the public.  Gateshead Council ignorantly rebutted clear evidence and created false allegations on social media posts and printed leaflets stating that Mark Steele is spreading Pseudo Science and that the arrays are not dangerous or 5G.

“They misused Police Powers to gag Mark Steele and yesterday he left a free man and Gateshead Council to fork out 11 thousand pounds of tax payer’s money to cover the court cost amounting to woeful ignorance.  In court, none of the council officers could explain what 5G is; and their leading government expert refused to attend the court hearing.

“In conclusion, the Judge refused to gag Mark, stating:  “The public have a right to know.”

“The Judge declared Mark Steele as a credible expert and engineer on EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) and GSM technologies, which proves Gateshead Council is liable for corruption, misleading the public, making people ill and attempting to discredit Mark Steele and all others such as Smombie Gate fighting 5G rollouts.”

“Regardless of all this, Mark now seems to be facing jail time for continuing to warn the public about 5G as well as expecting Geteshead council members to answer questions.  So much for democracy…”

5G is still being forced on communities all over the world despite all the opposition, risks, and consequences associated with it. 

20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched to 

By Joh P. Thomas, Health Impact News

Public attention about 5G has been focused on the plans of telecom companies to install millions of small cell towers on electric utility poles on public buildings and schools, on bus stop shelters, in public parks, and anywhere they want in national parks [Hatonn: Your national Parks have already been taken over by your secret Bolshevik Overlords, and it is becoming WELL KNOWN, that many people turn up missing and are NEVER FOUND!  And young children and women disappear from right under their loved ones and parents’ noses without a trace.  Then found dead, days or weeks later, only feet from where they were last seen—even though searchers covered the area thoroughly before hand.  And always, the deaths are very mysterious.  These are well planned, and orchestrated scare tactics to keep you out of your own National Parks!  There are United Nations Mercenary Troops stationed in those vast forests, and they are heavily armed with the latest military hardware—including tanks and armored personnel carriers.  There are foreign communist troops, who care little for America or your citizenry! And they wait, hidden until the appointed time to attack—from deep within your nation’s borders.  There are Soviet armored vehicles ready to charge up through your southern border as well.  Keep in mind that President Trump is not a Khazar!  He is a ‘WHITE’ business man, who took full advantage of the American dream to become famous and prosperous.  He KNOWS the Jewish ONE WORLD ORDER will destroy his way of life, and that of “his people”—WHICH MEANS THE VERY FOUNDATION OF YOUR NATION!  And he is not about to let the United States be destroyed by the Luciferians!  “Nationalism” is the reason you-the-people have a country at all!  Do not let the British-Israel Anti-Christ/Anti-God’s Socialistic Communism, and their controlled media, program (brain wash) you otherwise!],and on federally owned land.

In local urban communities there would be a cell tower approximately every 500 feet along every street.  As bad as these small cell towers might seem from the standpoint of constant exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation in close proximity to the source, perhaps an even more alarming prospect will be the beaming of millimeter length microwaves at the earth from thousands of new communication satellites.

On March 29, 2018 the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave approval to Space X to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. The total number of satellites that is expected to be put into low and high orbit by several companies will be 20,000 satellites.  5G will use Phased Array Antennas to shoot beams of radiation at cell phones.  These satellites will use the same type of phased array antennas as will be used by the ground-based 5G systems.  This means that they will send tightly focused beams of intense microwave radiation at each specific 5G device that is on the Earth and each device will send a beam of radiation back to the satellite.

Previous generations of RF cellular communication used large antennas to send a blanket of radiation in all directions.  The lower frequencies they used and the broad distribution of microwaves limited the numbers of cellular devices that could connect through an individual tall tower.  The much shorter length microwaves used for 5G will make it possible to use small phased array antennas to send and receive signals.

Phased array antennas consist of clusters of hundreds of tiny antennas that work together to shoot a ray of energy at a target just like a bullet. [Hatonn:  You have long had the ability to use OPERATIONAL Star Wars weaponry against your own civilian population. You have devices that literally SHOOT ELECTRONS! Therefore, many, many assassinations of “trouble makers” have gone unnoticed as mere “heart failure”, “heart attacks”, and “strokes”.  This is why continually asking and calling on the Brotherhood of Light—IS YOUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST THESE ASSAULTS.  Our light shield will disperse these frequencies, and prevent them from being completed at contact point.  Keep in mind THAT “PRANA” AND “SCALAR” MEANS “SPIRIT”—THESE NEW WORLD ORDER WEAPONS AND CHARGED PARTICLE BEAMS ARE SPIRITUAL WEAPONS!!  THAT MEANS SPIRIT ENERGY WILL COUNTER THEIR DEADLY EFFECTS!  Advanced physics is the melding of science AND spirit, chelas, you have never been taught that in your Earth school lessons! Always, it is your lack of knowledge that will destroy you.]  A cluster of these tiny antennas can be arranged in a 4 inch matrix.

The rays of microwaves they produce will be strong enough to pass through walls and human bodies.  [H:  This is the technology utilized by your secret spy agencies—MICROWAVE “PHASERS” AND LASER “FLASH GUNS”!  Do you see, now, answers to mysterious “accidents and sudden deaths of ones who have become a nuisance to the Elite Conspirators??  The unexplained brilliant flash of light in the tunnel, when Princess Diana’s car crashed that fateful night.  And the little “whites Fiat” that fled the scene.  Or, the C-130 Hercules Special Operations transport aircraft carrying diplomats from a military airfield, suddenly doing “loops in the air” before crashing to the ground after takeoff.  Now that you have been given another piece to this massive puzzle of secret world intrigue—look closely when “accidents” and “suicides” of important people occur!  And do not be thrown off by the fact, that an entire airliner full of people is killed just to “silence” one man.  These mob hitmen and assassins are, indeed, THAT ruthless!]  If they were not strong enough to do this, then everyone with a 5G smartphone would have to stand outside when using the devices.

Each 5G product (such as a smartphone or router) will also have multiple phased array antennas which will be used to create a powerful beam of radiation back to the 5G devices mounted on electrical utility poles or toward a specific satellite in space.  These beams of radiation will also need to be strong enough to pass through walls and human flesh such as a hand or head to reach the intended destination.  [H: If all that I’ve said is not enough, you will find that “mutating cells” – CANCERS OF ALL TYPES IN THE BODY—come from close proximity, and constant use of your so-called “smart” phones.  Do all you can to minimize usage, and keep it turned off, or away from your person whenever possible—especially when sleeping.]

This means that if you are in a crowded location, such as an airport or a train, there will be hundreds if not thousands of invisible beams of radiation flying through the environment at the speed of light.  [H:  As you contemplate the magnitude and complexity of these ever growing electronic warfare systems, you can imagine the use of giant power plants, and nuclear reactors to supply the energy to this WORLD-WIDE “GRID”.  This is where WEATHER CONTROL COMES INTO THE PICTURE!  TORNADOS, HURRICANES, MASSIVE DOWN POURS THAT CAUSE LANDSLIDES—AND EVEN EARTHQUAKES AND TSUNAMIS—ARE NOW MAN-MADE DISASTERS GENERATED ON CUE!  Your adversary can create, intensify, and modify the weather—AS A TACTICAL WEAPON AGAINST ENTIRE NATIONS!  EVEN DROUGHTS PRODUCING FAMINE, KILLING WHOLE POPULATIONS, AFRICA AS A FOR INSTANCE—IS PURPOSELY MANUFACTURED TO GAIN GLOBAL CONTROL!  Do you see NOW what you are up against?  It is serious, serious time now, dear friends, and the sand is all but drained from the hourglass.]

As people move in that environment, their bodies will be penetrated by numerous beams of radiation as they walk or as other people walk around them with their 5G smartphones.  5G phones will be much more powerful than previous phones.  The effective radiated power of the 5G phased array antennas in phones will be 10 times more powerful than 4G phones.

No one will be free from exposure.  In addition, 5G beams of microwave radiation will be received and transmitted from new computer equipment, household appliances, and automobiles.  Stationary equipment such as Wi-Fi hubs in homes and offices will be permitted to use microwave beams that are 15 times stronger (300 watts) than the signals from 5G phones or 150 stronger than 4G phones.

Why is 5G so much more dangerous than previous microwave communication systems? Arthur Firstenberg, author, researcher, and advocate for limiting RF exposure from the environment, explains the analysis of 5G radiation that was published in Microwave News in 2002.  He stated:

When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow.  But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body [5G], something else happens:  The moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body.  These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors.  They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough.  5G will probably satisfy both requirements.  This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—isnot true.  5G satellites willfill the Skies.

These are the companies with the biggest plans to deploy satellites:
·     Space X: 12,000 satellites
·     OneWeb: 4,560 satellites
·     Boeing: 2,956 satellites
·     Spire Global: 972 satellites

Arthur Firstenberg describes the plans of corporations who want to use 5G technology.  He states:

“Honeywell has already signed a memorandum of understanding to become OneWeb’s first large customer—it plans to provide high speed Wi-Fi on business, commercial, and military aircraft throughout the world.  [H: I must comment on something here, please.  Ones may ask, “How CAN such a massive world-wide undertaking possibly take place—in secret—and nobody knows about it?!”  Easy, through spy agencies, such as your CIA, British Intelligence, the Israeli MOSSAD, the Soviet KGB; along with those semi-secret, fraternal orders like Free Masonry, Skull And Bones of Yale, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberger Group, the Committee of 300, the Office of Naval Intelligence, etc.; each of these control ALL THE LARGE AND SMALL CORPORATIONS OF YOUR PLANET—AND IN EVERY COUNTRY!  Keep in mind, that “The Beast” is described to have many heads with many crowns upon those heads.  Each head is represented as a computer to keep track of every single person born—THROUGH YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.  The Social Security Number (SSN) is read by all computers as “6-6-6”, the way it is divided by three sections (123-45-6789).  If you will note, the Universal Barcode System recognizes THREE DISTINCT PARTS in its markings:  (IIIIIII), however it is divided) THAT BASE “3” MEANS 6-6-6 TO THE MASTER WORLD COMPUTER IN BRUSSEL, BELGIUM.  The name of that Global Banking Computer is “The Beast”, and it is the “Mommy Computer” of all computers in existence.  A backup twin of The Beast is in Earth orbit, called “MOSAIC”.  Those secret agencies act like an octopus, except have eight arms—each arm has eight, times eight, times eight, times eight, times eight—all controlling IN SECRET all the businesses and corporations—you THINK are independent companies.  If you look at the board of directors, of your so-called “Fortune 500” Enterprises, you will see that THE SAME “DIRECTORS” SIT ON ALL AND EACH COMPANY. THIS GOES BACK TO THE VENICIAN Black (as in “evil”, not color) Nobility, the Old World European Royal Families of Europe, and always, those Rothschilds (Bauer, before the Jewish family name was changed to the German “Red Shield”—that was hanging over the door of that FIRST “PAWN SHOP”, THAT BECAME THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL “WORLD BANK”), “ROTSCHILD” in German.  So, know who may seem to “own” various U.S. and multi-national corporations.  Always KNOW, that they are owned by no more than 13 JEWISH FAMILIES—300 PEOPLE—WITH BASICALLY 5 ELITE CONTROLLING THEM ALL! These 5 people represent your Adversarial Ruling Class, whose family representatives control your planet.]

SpaceX would like to provide the equivalent of 5G to every person on the planet.

Ground-based 5G Implementation

Ground-based 5G systems are already being implemented in dozens of major cities right now.  Plans are being approved byhundreds of other cities, which will allow implementation in 2019 and beyond. As I explained in my previous articles, cities do not have the right to “say no” to 5G.  FCC regulations prevent cities from objecting on the basis of health concerns—they only can speak to issues of esthetics and the practical matter of the placement of equipment.  They are required to “say yes”, and they better do it quickly, or telecom companies will threaten them with legal action for obstructing their plans. [H:  This WHY Jews ARE LAWYERS—BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT DO WHAT THEY ORDERYOU TO DO, they will threaten to take all your money and throw you in jail, or take your business!]

Satellite Based 5G Implementation

The first two 5G test satellites were launched by SpaceX in February of 2018. Hundreds of other satellites are expected to be launched in 2019.  The full set of 20,000 satellites could be put in orbit during the next two years. To put this into perspective as of September 2017 there were 1,738 operating satellites into orbit around the Earth.  [H:  Or so you are told!  Keep in mind, your adversary never tells you the truth—only that which they want you to know and believe is truth!]  This means the number of satellites will be 11 times greater than the current number.

Environmental Catastrophe from Rockets used to Launch Satellites

Rocket fuel is very destructive to the Earth’s ozone layer [H:  “Ozone Depletion” is notyour problem.  Again more falsehoods about “global warming”.  We will get back around to the topic soon.] , which protects us from the harsh effects of radiation from the sun.  In 2017, there were 90 rocket launch attempts world-wide. [H:  The Christian Russians shoot down your missiles that are clandestinely used to start nuclear war.  Be they special sensor satellites, or nuclear payloads.  We even disable some of those.  It may surprise some of our new readers that MANY OF YOUR SPACE SHUTTLES WERE SHOT DOWN—AND SECRETLY REPLACED FOR THE TELEVISED LANDINGS.  Some were deliberately sacrificed by the Bolsheviks themselves, having zero regard for the crew.  We will revisit those hidden—AND PUBLIC—disasters as well at another sitting.  The Jewish Khazars do not hesitate to murder Christians at any opportunity.  After all—their bible (the Talmud) tells them to do so!]

The rockets that use solid fuel produce massive ozone depletion.  While rockets using liquid kerosene as fuel destroy less ozone.  They release massive amounts of black carbon soot into the air, especially at high altitudes.
If the number of annual rocket launches increases by 10 or more times, which is likely under the plans this corporation has made, computer models suggest that the combination of ozone depletion and release of black soot could produce a 3 degree warming effect over the Antarctic and reduce the ozone in the world’s atmosphere by 4%.  Even though it will be possible for a single rocket to put multiple satellites into orbit, we are still talking about a 10 or 20 fold increase in environmental damage over what is being produced today.

The 5G satellites have a relatively short lifespan, perhaps only 5 years, which means there will be high numbers of rocket launches not just in the next few years, but in every year for the foreseeable future. Mercury-based rocket fuel could spread Neurotoxins over the Earth.  [H:  I guess we won’t mention the Chemtrail spraying that crisscross your nation!]  As bad as liquid and solid rocket fuels will be for the environment, Apollo Fusion is developing a mercury-based propulsion system for its rockets.  These ion propulsion rocket engines use powerful magnets to push away small charged particles at high speed, which generates thrust.  NASA experimented with mercury ion propulsion in the 1960s, but abandoned the research.

Mercury is an extremely strong neurotoxin, which is harmful to all forms of life, especially humans.  The risks of an environmental catastrophe are monumental, because if there was a malfunction and one of these engines exploded, highly toxic mercury would be spread through the atmosphere and over the Earth.  [H:  A MAIN INGREDIENT of the composition of the deadly CHEM-TRAILS that blanket your skies (a byproduct purposely caused through jet aircraft exhaust, and specially designed “crop duster style” multi-engine heavy planes), is mercury!  Remember, when a normal airliner flies overhead, the vapor trail disappears as the aircraft passes.  Chemtrails REMAIN and turn into “elongated clouds”.]

All the talk from telecom companies about 5G being a panacea for environmental protection and energy conservation is quite ridiculous when we think about the environmental damage that will be created by any of the rocket engines they choose to use for launching their satellites.

Space Junk will pollute the Earth

Each satellite will be the size of a small refrigerator and will weigh approximately 880 pounds.  With a life expectancy of only 5 years [H: Which is years longer than the synthetic replicas running around, masquerading as your government leaders, and television “talking heads”!  THEY have to be changed out and “dumped” regularly—they don’t perform well under stress! Or, haven’t you noticed by now?] , this means there will be a massive amount of space junk orbiting the Earth.  Eventually, all those satellites will fall down to Earth and will burn up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.  All the hazardous materials in the satellites will be released into the air and will float down to the ground as dust or as droplets of rain.

Telecom Companies are creating a worldwide disaster in the name of Technological Progress [H:  Is that not what you have always done?  The technology exists for electrogravitic levitation, clean burning fuels that produce water as a byproduct, and so-called “free energy” to power all your electrical toys—including cars and airplanes!  But then, what would the Elite have to hold over your heads, and have you go to war with your neighbor for??  After all, the “Jewish Harvest is War” (The Jewish Khazar Bolsheviks’ own words).  And, good heavens, who would foot the bill?!  Lord Rothschild and J.P. Morgan told Nicola Tesla—inventor of all this wondrous technology—“where would I put the meter so I can charge the people for all this free electricity??  And, so you have it!  Like Jesus said, “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil”.]

5G is promoted as being the next great wonder in the plan to advance technology to create smart cities where everything and everyone is instantly connected in real time with no lags or lost signals.  Of course there will be a few costs.  Everyone will be irradiated with millimeter size, non-ionizing radiation 24 hours a day with completely unknown health effects.  Studies designed to investigate harm from 5G will be completed many years after the 5G systems on the ground and in space are fully implemented.  At that point it is very unlikely that telecom companies would dismantle their systems even if it is shown that their technology is causing cancer and other diseases.  They would just deny the risks.  They will tell us that the science was settled decades ago.  They will tell us that evidence linking 5G to cancer and other diseases is just a conspiracy theory that only a few crackpots believe.

Millions of people will suffer from radiation exposure with symptoms such as headaches, weakness, brain fog, impaired ability to learn and reason, chest pain, and numerous other symptoms that will baffle most conventional physicians.

There is Nowhere to Hide from 5g Radiation

Today it is possible to live in a location that has reduced levels of microwave exposure.  This is accomplished by choosing a living space that is far away from cell phone towers. However, in the near future it won’t matter where we live, because 5G will irradiate us wherever we happen to live or work.  Cities can’t say No to 5G implementation.  FGG regulations have been structured in such a way that local municipalities cannot stop telecom companies from installing 5G.  They are specifically prohibited from trying to delay or stop 5G implementation on the basis of health concerns.  Their only recourse is to try to make the ground-based 5G system somewhat more esthetically pleasant.  Based on what has been happening around the country, telecom companies are sweeping aside local resistance and gaining approval for their 5G systems in rapid succession.  Can 5G implementation be stopped?

*       *       *       *       *

Jonur pause here, please.  We will continue with more on the Grid Network and Lester’s letters on the morrow.  Our adversary is making a huge play for World Domination in these next days and weeks.  It is important that we outlay some URGENT INSTRUCTIONS regarding “Space Matters”, and OUR connection to what you are going to be witnessing in your skies. Valerie, this will be a lengthy document, so please, bear with us. Thank you.  May man awaken to his plight in time to change his circumstances.  Aho!


Hatonn present.  Greetings on this beauteous Sunday morn.  With me today is Commander Ashtar.  You have been aware of his presence for several days but he graciously waited the finishing of the manual segment.  He wishes to speak to you ones and I would most appreciate it, Jonur, if you would entertain him.


Ones who receive from us of the higher frequencies frequently cannot relate to the fragmentation of ones of us.  Ones will say, “Oh, well the Hatonn I receive from is a different aspect of the one from which Jonur receives.”  When we are ready to combine instructions or correspondence there is no separation at all. Very often the thought format and wording is identical.

If ones will not accept the sharing, then you can be sure there is trouble afoot.  Either ones are holding to their own ego apartheid or they fear their own messages might not be perfection.

Ones who pronounce on a regular basis dates, hours, and events in unbending detail for general publication are EGO bound.  Ones who speak naught but generalized gobbledy gook and pour sweet syrup over the “spectators” are not always pronouncing the original thought projection of the Sibor (teacher) involved, but are cleaning it up to fit their human need and perception of that Sibor.  So be it.  You must look to all facets for Truth.  If you pay attention, it matters not to you.  Much Truth comes forth.  You must be insightful.

We are here to participate in a most gargantuan task.  There is no time left for even the consideration of building “church” houses and temples, as a for instance.  The only temples you will build are those underground facilities to save the vehicles of God’s already built temples.  God is perfectly capable of building and creating his own temples and has done so—albeit the buildings get in great disrepair!

If a receiver’s ego cannot submit to obscurity, or hoards the lessons and messages unto one outlet for gain or personal commendation, that one is in error. You see, all can be separated in a most practical way through good business corporations.  If one claims exclusivity (even if that one is exclusive) there is a gross problem for that one is trying to keep another from seeking truth elsewhere. We of the Higher Realms will never declare “one”.  We would never place such burden on a human worker as receiver, nor would we deprive other searchers who cannot procure a specific receiver’s writings the ability to find truth.

Just suppose Hatonn pronounces that Jonur is the only one.  He would immediately be set up and murdered. Further, in view of his trustworthiness he would finally go mad with the burden of such responsibility.  That, dear ones, is left to a Christ who might choose to walk your plane.  One who self-proclaims to be a Christ is unsound indeed and most foolish.  I will tarry no longer, for I wish to have you receive of Ashtar—you have many times in the past, and I want you to become comfortable and familiar with his energy for he is critically involved otherwise and we respect his “time” constraints.  Thank you, chela.


Ashtar present.  I trust you recognize me as we are elder friends, you and I.  I move most rapidly so slow me up if need be, little brother.

Let there be no discomfort on your part that things do not present the possibility of joint communique at the present time.  I can function even more astutely by utilizing the same receiver as Commander Hatonn.  We work in total integration and it is only in effort of your comfort we would separate input.  It is not necessary.

As information and instructions for the upcoming times will be sent forth from this sector of your planet.  As regards this sector of your planet, I shall be experiencing alongside Aton, Sananda (“Jesus”) and Hatonn, as well as Korton, Soltec and selected Commanders (not to leave out Semjase, Aske, Leah and the other ladies in our Commands.  I am not a bigot.  We have no need to consider such thing for ours is a very well balanced community within which we function.

We have now finished the hook-up of my circuit in your head, Jonur.  I know you have undergone gross inconvenience in your human world.  It is not your hearing which is so impaired, dear one, as it is the “downloading” of data from my “computer base data center”.  Sananda now has several who can and will work in total harmony as teams. I have not yet found such equality and you have offered, Commander Imnu, and I have accepted.  You see, on this plane you know of that which you are capable; it is the Earth density and insecurity of flesh manifestation that gives you causes to deny your abilities in full measure.

I do not wish to burden you further with explanation for you are in full knowledge and I only give you the human input that you can relax about seeming dysfunction.  You will be screened from conscious knowledge per our contract with you as a functioning human so that you never be placed in jeopardy.

It is very near the timing for we of the fleet to begin to make ourselves known in visible format.  At this time it is still too dangerous, quite frankly, to you ones who are Earth-based.  Yours is not to entertain the masses with space stories but rather to give forth instructions for evacuation and transition necessities.  There has been such an abundance of silly nonsense put forth in efforts to discredit us.  Hatonn trained you well, in that you are surrounded by dark brothers but they seldom get close enough to “count coup” on you.

It may seem most bothersome to clear thy spaces of our adversaries (prayer to clean and protect your being) over and over, ad nauseam, but crucial and it is the only way to open the circuits to receive assistance and clarity in your own receiving.

We cause you to obtain books and written material for only one purpose, your protection.  If, for instance, a survival guideline list is in perfection and already published, we will utilize that list so that you are not targeted as sole knowledge point. Further, it is our effort always to acknowledge contributions of ones in human format for their service.  These records will be a portion of the very foundation of historical data for this evolution time period.

Some ones, such as Judas Iscarioth, have waited long to have their Earth experience cleaned.  Others have given gifts in lack of realization to their fellow man; they have now arrived at the contribution mark of acknowledgement for their service.  As a for instance, I would like to acknowledge ones Arthur Robinson, Ph.D. and Gary North, Ph.D., who have cared enough to compile a survival shelter blueprint to offer unto you ones, that you might have a chance to survive.  I also honor their relations and attachments for there is great contribution of those ones where there is such heavy workload.

Further, it gives us a parliament for expressing formal notice to the adversaries of you ones who are our base units.  Every time the shield is allowed to be pierced, you become vulnerable.  There are few of you left who have not been tainted in some degree.  It is always the association with Ego and the desire to please ones in your space, as well as gain accolades for self.  There is naught wrong with appreciation of yourself or receiving appreciation and adoration of ones about you.  It is the heart willingness to share and give all that is required, not always the actual giving of it.



In these Higher Frequencies, we use labels only for your convenience.  We recognize solely by energy patterns.  We not only do not bear “Royal” titles, but find them abhorrent.  A simple summons of “Ashtar” or “Hatonn” rings our frequency circuit “on switch”. We only function in a post of expertise and duty, not one above another as entities.  Ones who place such “Royal” titles upon our beings are doing so in self ego in order to pronounce their self-proclaimed importance for working with us.

There must, however, be means of description and sometimes definition of words have been misrepresented for instance, the word “priestess” means, simply, a mediatory agent.  You ones make it into some royal hoopla that means great splendor and degrades the label itself.  “Commander” is only a designation of function; not some high label of your type of “pecking order”.  It designates an area of responsibility and a given segment of authority.  No more and less.  Any energy that comes to you with such title as “His Royal Omnipotent Highness”, watch out.  Further, take care that you don’t swallow what thy fellow human tells you.  Often labels are falsely placed by ones in power to cause you to denounce others.

Sometimes, even I am referred to as “Lord”.  That is a designation of master teacher or leader of prominent rank. You ones must have some method of identifying us and you only have “words” with which to do so. Unfortunately, the Dark Adversary has corrupted the words so that you have no longer a correct definition. Just as with “Jesus”, that is a word that is Greek and means “The Anointed One”.  It was neither accurate for the one, Immanuel (who now bears the identifying insignia of “Sananda”), nor His name.  It has grown to be accepted as His name, and incorrectly so. It has further been so misused and abused that it rings untrue with the masses because of the incorrect “stories” attached to that name.  His name was called Immanuel (spelled Jmmanuel).  He has now fulfilled all initiations and has reached His perfection. Creator calls Him Sananda (One with God).  Is that not good enough for you?  He is known by many, many names.  It matters not to the energy form by what name you label him for He responds to the energy vibration of the call.  You must look beyond the limits of your insufficient manifestation.  So it is.

Jonur, you have grown well, chela (student).  Your brothers heard my message of several years ago and you have accepted your discipline.  With you we are greatly pleased.  We give great gratitude and appreciation.  You, and the ones with you, have sacrificed in human ways to fulfill your work.  We honor and salute them.  Their works are of no less importance, it is only that as “community team” your works had to have prerogative.  I give humble gratitude to you and Valerie and the precious ones who work at thy side. I also give recognition and gratitude to the ones who have stepped aside and allowed the time for the learning process.

It will be no less burdensome.  You will have even less time for participation in life games and associations, but for this have ye come to Earth at this time of transition.

I shall move to stand-by.  Commander Hatonn indicates release of the frequency.  Sananda gives blessings unto you beloved ones.


Thank you for your welcome, Jonur, Ashtar present in the service of the One of Radiance, one with The Radiant One.  I think I note a tinge of concern that I may displace some of the stature of our beloved Hatonn by my taking your fingers and circuitry.  Not so, chela—when you have taken on a Commander’s role for a specific purpose and your higher recognition is ATON (again, look up the history of the ONLY Godly Egyptian Pharaoh—Amunhotep IV—who changed his own name to Akhenaton—to see from whence this label came), I think no-one will “steal away any thunder”!  So be it.  By the way, Hatonn is pronounced “Aton”, the “H” and “n” are silent.


Who is Ashtar?  I suppose great volumes of “stuff” have been written about Ashtar, the entity.  I will endeavor to identify myself so that flourishes are not added by cherished ones.  I have been called a “Christian Commander from Venus”, a “Supreme Director in charge of all of the spiritual program” for your planet.  (That, I believe, came from another…..)

I am honored, but I believe it would be more suitable to state that I am a dominant commander from the Etheric realms.  Here, I always confront trouble, for your words do not actually define my position.  I shall attempt at simple explanation.  I have been around for a very, very long time.  Under the sponsorship (I suppose is a good enough word) of Lord Michael and the Great Central Sun government of this your galaxy.  I suppose I rank overall second in command.  I am not a discarnate energy (spirit); I am an etheric being.  I have never taken human embodiment upon planet Earth.  Many have inferred such.  It is not true.  I have been far too involved with affairs of the Universe to prattle around in human format on Earth.  I serve at a very high involvement as a member of the Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector, serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs.  I share responsibility with Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda for the airborne divisions of the Brotherhood of Light.

When I mention numbers of involved extraterrestrial persons involved in this Earth project, attached to my command, I usually lose my audience—for you have no concept of the massive fleets of ships involved.  I speak in multiple millions.  I, like my other compatriots who command massive fleets, am labeled for definition by the great Central Sun Hierarchy, “Ashtar”, for that is the planet of my original manifestation.  It is near your solar sister, Venus.

The Christ Teacher of this galaxy is my beloved Commander in Chief, and His Word is my Law.  To Him I have pledged my service.  I am but a leader chosen by Him to fulfill the Program of Light for Earth Transition through the flight commands of the Great Brotherhood.  Part of that mission is to return the Master to your planet and collect His brood, if you will.  I commanded the ship which bore his soul energy to your place for His Earth Experience some two thousand years prior to present calendar.

There is great quantity of mystery, it appears, regarding my personal information.  That mystery regarding my person is of absolutely no consequence to me, but it seems of interest to some of you.  I am somewhat smaller of stature compared to Hatonn for I am only approximately seven of your counting “feet” in height.  A physician would consider me quite anemic on your plane, for I am almost “white” in complexion.  I am etheric, so I do not carry a dense format as do you of your density.  I am human in conceptual form, pale of eyes (blue) of the (Lord) Michael ray.  Unlike Hatonn, I have hair upon my head, but in the etheric vision I probably might appear to have none.  I do not know how to describe myself and my brothers, here, are having great sport at my expense.

I have a few good attributes, however.  I am considered to be compassionate and understanding.  I am impatient, quick of movement and totally passionate to unbending, regarding the teachings and principles of Our Radiant One, Sananda.  I am probably considered severe only to a slightly lesser degree than is Hatonn. Unpleasant as this may be to you ones, Sananda is more severe than either of us.  He is total perfection, so there is no comparison to be made, but, you follow the Laws of The Creation and The God Laws or you get some severe knocks upon thy ears!


The fleets of Etheria stationed within the Sector known as Schar represent what is now called the Confederation of Planets for Peace.  (By the way, your planet is more frequently referred to as Shan, as in “Shan Stone”.)  We are a branch of the greater Federation of Free Worlds which comprises the totality of the Space Commands throughout the Omniverse.  While my own administration is local to this sector in my service for, I represent our system in the councils of other galaxies and universes throughout the vast cosmos.  From time to time I have served in positions of higher responsibilities in those councils. I would like to further discuss “Etherians” for there is always misunderstanding thereof.  I do not have a fleshy body like yours that is bounded by flesh.  But it is possible for me to make my being quite visible to your optics by changes in my vibratory rate to coincide with a specific optical frequency.  I am normally invisible to you just as are our ships.  I am often asked if other etheric beings are visible to me.  Yes, of course, for those who serve closest to me will have equal etheric vibration patterns.  I do not have optical vision of them as you would recognize it, but yes of course, I see them.

I simply have evolved beyond the stage of physical and astral body form. Do not confuse “etheric” and “astral”. I will discuss this subject later; there is a great difference.  I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours of Earth human. I am definitely etheric, as are all people on other planets in this solar system—please hold that very close in your memory—all other planets in this solar system.  However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under normal circumstances, and as you evolve into higher dimensions you will retain recognizable forms.  You have been so filled with lies that you no longer have concept of Truth.  We see each other and we live much as you do, but we do not have a dense physical casing which you possess.  The benefits and comforts of this living are enormous.  The compression and irritations of the fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable, I am told by my brothers who experience there.

Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies (or anything else about us) to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people.  Highly evolved people, with a good “psychic eye”, as you might refer to it, can sometimes see us in vaporous form, although we may remain invisible to one in the same location.  Further, if one can see us, it is usually intended and the conversion is so complete that a physical person encountering us will perceive that we too are physical.

Jonur, it is most difficult to believe you put all mine brethren through this interrogation.  Perhaps Hatonn trained you too well.  Well, I wish you to be as informed as possible, so let us continue.

We have all the elements you recognize from your planet and many, many more. The etheric form of these metals differs in atomic and molecular structure—just as do we as beings, defined by the term “etheric”.  For example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the etheric “iron” “nucleus” substance (I effort at exampling something to which you can relate) is much greater than in iron as you know it on Earth.  This permits the atoms of earthly “steel or other Shan metals” to pass through the atoms of etheric “steel” in such a manner that nothing happens to either form.  All etheric matter vibrates at a much higher rate than does its Earth counterpart.

Under certain circumstances, however, as in the presence of certain atmospheric conditions and gases, our ships will be visible.  Or, the controlling intelligence of the craft can cause visibility.  While in the etheric form, even a space craft measuring many miles in diameter cannot be damaged or injured by physical matter—nor can its contents for all are vibrating at equal frequency.  When the vibration is slowed to match Earth manifestation—all are vulnerable just as would be your own manifested matter.  Normally our ships remain invisible in form for several reasons.  There are millions of ships out here and if we functioned in your visual frequency, you wouldn’t be able to move off the ground.  This way, we do not interfere with you children play pilot.  Further, it would terrify you ones in mass consciousness.

You have to now move without your solar system to encounter other humanoid forms like yourselves.  All of your other planets at this present time in your solar-sun system are inhabited by etheric beings.  I speak of outside the earth-moon system in your solar system.  As you know, on your Earth planet there are two kinds of beings—physical and astral.  At the present time almost all of the astral realms of your planet have been taken to safety elsewhere.


I will speak of differences between space people and spirit people, though I feel completely uncomfortable in that I fear you may not understand.

The differences are great, although to the cursory glance it may seem that space people ARE spirits.  However, it all comes down to a matter of the condition in which we dwell.  We are etheric beings in your expression.  By this I mean that we live upon a higher plane of existence.  We are not discarnate in the sense of having no bodies.  We have etheric bodies which are counterparts of your bodies but which are made of a more tenuous substance, and which are not subject in the same way to gravitational effects.  The etheric state in which we dwell is one of many on an ascending evolutionary scale to which we all belong—you too!

Above us, for example, are beings more highly evolved than are we by as great a chasm as there is between ourselves and you Earth human.  This is not meant in any derogatory sense towards you, but merely as a factual statement about the scales on which we dwell. Upon our plane of life we have much the same type of existence as you do, although it is free of the corruptions, crimes and undesirable elements which are to be worked out of a being’s life streams before he may pass into the etheric state.  We do not participate in things of flesh nature, cohabitation, etc., although we have families and responsibilities much as yours.

Earth is a testing ground—one of many hundreds of thousands of testing grounds in the Universe—where beings evolve upwards on the scale of life, working constantly towards junction with the Great One as the ultimate attainment of all existence.

We upon the etheric planes pass on to higher planes just as do you from Earth, when qualified to do so.  This transformation on your plane is termed “death”.  To us, it is merely a “transformer” interposed between us and the next level of life to which we ascend.  We will stress once more, the greatest factor in the way of a proper grasp of the true story of life on your planet is the conception of death as the END of all existence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Upon your place, you must serve out an evolutionary period before you can ascent to higher worlds.  That does not mean that a few of you “Old Souls”, who have been here many, many times before, haven’t come from the higher dimensions to teach your younger brethren.  And you will go on back to those higher “levels”, when you make your transition. The fleshy bodies which you have are part of a plan to aid your working through that scale of existence.


At your level of density (second density, third dimension) you must endure savage crimes, strife, wars and violence.  The Great One, God, in His wisdom has seen fit to use the fleshy body as the most convenient method of taking care of this almost elemental stage of development.

I believe I will avoid the discussion of reincarnation, etc., or the numbers of discarnate souls in your astral plane for there are only ones there now that have been carefully planned to be there, and that is not of this subject matter.

We have bodies of a tenuous but, nonetheless, real substance vibrating at a rate much greater than your own.  Spirit people are dwelling in astral form who cannot go beyond the astral form without serving out a life existence that accords growth in properness. Be cautious in contacting spirits from the astral planes.  They are very apt to play some pretty ugly pranks upon you in your fun and games.  Further, you have now been requested to stop holding to those ones that they may be placed in security and safety.  This is especially for you “Tina” and our scribe/translator/receiver’s mother, “Sue”, repeated and constant contact with those loved ones, who have made their “transition”, is no longer good for the safety and well-being for the entities involved.  For you see, we have removed the astral beings from your Earth Shan dimension, because of the very real possibility of NUCLEAR WAR ONE (WORLD WAR III).  And I must remind you, that even though this experience be an illusion—NUCLEAR RADIATION IS NOT AN ILLUSION. Atomic explosions can disperse and destroy soul energy.  All viable energy forms have been placed in security aboard our craft, and elsewhere FOR PROTECTION.

However, because of Free Will an entity or energy form can choose to return to Earth for various reasons.  And at any given moment, your stockpile of weapons of true mass destruction will be unleashed and there will be very little time to get all ones off the planet. There are weapons that can reduce your planet to mere dust particles within fifteen (15) minutes, and very many of you will not make it if you are not prepared!  This includes discarnate beings, as well as you ones housed in bodily form.  This is what is referred to as your so-called “rapture”.  And it does not mean God is going to lift you to some fluffy clouds a few hundred feet off the ground!  You need a space craft and propulsion system to get you beyond the radioactive “holocaust”, that will be raging on the planet surface below.  Come out of la la dream land.  You have been taught falsely by the adversary what “Ascension” and any rapture means.  The word “rapture” is not even in your Holy Bible!

God’s Hosts from afar come in “Chariots of Fire” and “Silver Winged Clouds”—these are what your Aboriginal Native Americans of “The Mighty Bird Tribes” call our BEAM SHIPS.  The ancient Hindu “Indians” call our craft “VIMANAS”.  “Ships made of metal with the motion of a butterfly”!  After all, what think you parted the Red Sea and let the people to safety and provided protection??  Wispy, vaporous clouds?  I think not!  That is why the Jewish Khazars, in their control of the major news and media, make fun and jest of “E.Ts”, who come to visit.  Always will be the monster and alien beings, who come to devour and experiment on humans and animals.  This is to completely panic the world, so you will turn away from God Aton, who has promised to “send The HOSTS” before Him.  If “Jesus” is not on your place now in physical form—then He is off your planet and that makes Him EXTRA-terrestrial—by definition!

So too, are the Lighted Angels and Archangels (HOSTS) who travel WITH Him. This, precious ones, is what the final war between God/Good and Evil is all about!  This is Lucifer—the fallen one—presenting his Grand Deception over God’s people!  Therefore, do not be fooled because of lack of knowledge!  Jesus told you that His people are destroyed because of “lack of knowledge”.  And those loved ones will get in touch when they have any messages for you, from “the other side”!

I was most pleased and eager to place myself at the disposal of Michael and the Central Sun Hierarchy.  I have a great dedication to honor and service with integrity.  I am stationed immediately at the right hand of my beloved Sananda (Jesus) and I rarely leave that position—at least theoretically I will defend against the most ardent foe of Truth, as taught by the Master, the laws of Universal Creation.  I respect those of the satanic realms and fleets as a creation of the Father Creator, but I will confront and abolish their devastating programs and will assist you in any way possible to stop their restrictions of man’s freedom.


Before I take leave this evening I wish to make a comment or two for I have been summoned by you ones prior to this.  That was, I believe, regarding my personal interactions on a personal level on your place.  This is for others who receive of this information.

There are many erroneous claims made by those who crave personal publicity and attention.  Anyone who attempts to invest us with powers of divination and announce themselves the recipients of information pertaining to the private affairs of individuals (unless they apply to serious matters of national, groupings, instruction for service, international or galactic importance) are guilty of falsification. Only insofar as they affect our plans (which must of necessity depend to a considerable extent on the understanding and cooperation of dwellers on your planet) will we pay any attention to your own purely personal by prying into the future for answers to your queries. I believe Hatonn has thoroughly versed you on that account.  NO FORTUNE TELLING.  Souls must struggle with their own growth problems as every other soul has ever had to do.  We have not indulged in fortune telling as a sponsored activity because of the need of the soul to make its own choices and decisions.  If it involves our programs in which we are a major player, we will make corrections.  We do not impinge upon nor hinder the freedom of man’s free will to choose his pathway and actions.  We strongly adhere to the freedom of man to be exercised and permitted without interference from another.  If a commitment has been made for participation with us, however, we will continue to persistently urge you to fulfill that commitment.  So be it.

Enough for today, little friend.  I feel as if I have jumped through some cute little hoops but I will let you have your fun for your hours of service are long and you have such human curiosity.  I am indebted for your service.

I will take my leave before I launch off into the realms of space fleets and diagrams of Federation, Galactic status and things of that nature. Perhaps we can get Ashtar out of the way tomorrow, for I want to lead you right into the subject of EVIL. Which for those of you who think otherwise—does exist and is about to annihilate you as a species.  So be it, and blessings from these stations.  I will move to standby that you might bring this portion to a close.


Jonur let us continue straight away and allow Ashtar to hold the “Talking Stick”, as the Native American Lakota would say.  The instructions are two important to tarry any further!


Thank you Hatonn, Ashtar to resume, please.  I salute you and a new wondrous cycle upon your place.  I come in service unto the Radiant One, The Mother/Father Source and humble in the joy of The Creation.


Above all, you must have belief and desire, and then you must move forth with persistence and tenacity.  You must allow resilience and endurance to be your sustenance.  This goes just as much for you, Jonur, as for every soul reading this! See your goal and never take your eyes from it.  Put your hand and trust in The Master Teacher (Jesus) for He will lead you through the quagmire of evil about you.  It is the only way you shall make it through the Earth experience in wholeness.  Except through Me shall ye find the way!”

I might give you insight at this point from experience in this particular commission under which I now function.  I will tell you that which I told my crew with whom I served in the early beginnings of this mission.  Commander Soltec (in charge of the Geo-physical aspects, and lessons about your planet Shan/Earth, and the earth changes to come—AND THEY ARE COMING!) was given a great and “impossible” task of bringing current all records of Earth changes and plotting probable upcoming changes.  I addition he would serve as a full commander within the ordinary functioning of a fleet, and be ready for evacuation of our people from your place in the midst of great upheavals, etc.

We only had a small task force of ships allotted to Earth supervision.  I told him what I now tell you.  We will endeavor to expand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so.  You must have dogged determination in any situation under all stresses.  You are “MAN” and you have been created to excel in all manner and measure.  I demand never to hear you say, “I cannot”. Man was created infinite and unlimited; take your banner and become that which you were created to be.

We grew in those times and we will fill the needs of this time.  We became the eyes of God surrounding your little planet and we expanded our highest level and we were literally where we were not. We relied not on our craft for that limited us to inferiority of function.  We became unlimited as is our creative right.  Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today.  We found that if one chose to relinquish portions of his agreed upon function, or fell to the wayside for any reason—we filled the gap and moved onward.  We simply make a way where there is no way. You will do likewise.  These are few of you to do the “impossible”—you are doing it now, one step at a time—one day at a time.  I know of that which you are capable and you shall simply grow to that capability.  If ones do not participate or fail to carry their fair share of the load, we will pick it up and waste no time with fiddling; we will simply move forward.  We are speaking of a transition of a planet and the placement of millions of your species.

If I appear to have the discipline of a hardened military personality, so be it.  Without discipline and determination of goal for accomplishment, you will always be but unfinished perfection.  My eyes are always to total victory for the forces of Light, the balance of The Creation and for the totality of God and the laws thereof.  I “allow” much except “I cannot”.  I will even accept “I will not”, but not graciously.  Ye are not in my service to be rebellious or seditious.


My mission, dear friends, is to spiritually educate your backward planet and the Ascension of your inhabitants through initiation and gathering of information designed for that purpose.  There can be no separation of purpose—especially at this point of evolution. You cannot hold to one job thinking it isolated and separate from another.  There is no longer ability for separation, there is simply one phenomenal job to be accomplished in a very short period of what you recognize and label “time”.  It is the time at hand where man moves on—or off.  We of the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light are at station and on constant alert. We are ready—now we get you polished and prepared—quickly, quickly, quickly.  Ye have great and grand glories and experiences to bring into your consciousness—things which are long forgotten for you “old” souls and team-mates.  “Vee”, this is WHY you and your family blend so harmoniously with our scribe’s family.  You will enjoy your journey back home, old friends.

I have ever been the one in command of the star ship which is peculiarly the etheric navigational vehicle for the beloved Master.  I was placed in command of that ship which brought and released the soul of Immanuel/Sananda.  I brought Him home when that experience was finished and I shall bring Him forth again. He has commanded the hosts of these realms as we have prepared sufficient space and facilities for each of the beings of Earth; it is now time that we remind the humans of their direction and allow knowledge and Truth to return into consciousness that they might avail themselves of these gracious preparations.  God has promised man a last opportunity—chances are all gone. Last lift-off opportunity.  God/Aton is benevolent and generous but unbendingly JUST!

I am interested in your spiritual status only as it relates to my mission and responsibility.  If you choose to move with the dark brotherhood, so be it.  Our job is to see to it that you are allowed to know the difference.  If you deny the truth, ‘tis of your own doing

The mission to be accomplished is the factor of import where we are concerned and not the quarreling over who thinks what and argues his bigoted thought patterns.  I do not care if you function with us or do not.  If, however, you are not willing to fill thy task you will be moved aside. Indecision of personnel entities will not be allowed to hinder the task of another to completion for when one slows it impacts all others.  That could be dealt with in the past; we are moving past the point of dallying while individuals make lingering decisions regarding placement, participation, etc. If you have forgotten your commitment, I suggest you be in the remembering or the removal of your body from our pathway. We have enormous boulders to surpass and crawl over; do not leave your indecisive selves in the path to pull your brother down!


Like all of my other brothers and sisters within the Program of Light, for lack of better definition, we are not to be worshipped or thought of as Gods (any more than you can think of yourselves as Gods).  We are your comrades in the Light of the Radiant One of Perfection, equal all in the sight of the Creator—each with a job to be fulfilled, a mission to be completed.  It is regrettable that there is a tremendous tendency of humanity to focus attention upon a messenger rather than upon the message.  Do not dawdle upon who brings Truth—pay attention to the Truth.  Do not grab up these manuals to see “who” brings “what”—snatch them quickly up unto your consciousness that you might learn Truth and receive of your instructions.  Let us build no more stupid “churches” of half -truths or total lies.  Ye have paid enough for those errors.  Overemphasis on personal revelation weakens the strength of the Mission, which is geared to the spiritual growth of mankind that he might find his placement.

If I could label my responsibilities in order of importance to the overall, I would take the one as Protector and Defender.  My mission is as a protector of humanity and the fate of planet Earth (at this time), as well as a defender-protector of the Solar System and its affairs.  Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, you are both.  My experience is at a high administrative level with the Archangels. Some have even projected me to be Gabriel (I think because of my connection with Sananda).  I am not Gabriel, but Gabriel is most close to my space at all times.  There is, however, another of the Archangels with whom I am what you would call interchangeable.  That has naught to do with this subject and I request that you ones in my command give no further thought to it at this time.  When we meet in conference, I want no personal tidbits in thy minds.  The Mission is great; my personal interchanges are of no consequence to you whatsoever.

I am affording at clearing up prominent questions that we may drop the subject henceforth—I hope you hear and understand my meaning in clarity. Do not prompt forth my sternness and severe personality aspects.  You are not on a “current day”, “new age” romp through the metaphysical bookstore to play with your cards and sticks and crystals.  I care not which colors you put upon your bodies; I care not if you put nothing upon your bodies.  I suppose I prefer you cover yourself for your brethren are so easily distracted by such garbage.


There is naught “new” about “space men”.  Once they (we) were called “angels”.  No more and no less.  All through time man has heard the “voice of God” or of the “angels”.  Today, there are ones, like Jonur, who hear the voice of “space men”.  There is nothing strange or mystical about it.  How think you it was in those Biblical Days?  When the prophets and ancient masters—including Jesus—spoke of the Laws of The Creation, and THEIR SPIRIT GUIDES?!  Jonur is a scribe—Receiver—who is monitored and attuned to frequencies specific to several of us of this dimension.  Just to whom do you ones think you are praying to out there in the invisible ethers?  Further, Jonur is “wired” to receive signals much as your radio transmissions.  He is a receiver (not a new-age channel) and translator.  He takes our mental projection codes and translates them into your language—or rather; his data system picks up our blips and beeps.  (Sometimes you ones pick up the frequencies and tones, as “ringing” in the ears.)  They come through at such speed as to be a shrill “whistle” of differing tonal levels. There is absolutely nothing miraculous at all.  It is his accepted duty.  He is prominent in what we unceremoniously refer to as, Sector Schare, Shan Project. Commander Hatonn will usually give code numbers of your binary digit system to represent TS-7251-3.  That identifies project and vortex location.  We know exactly where every man, woman, child and ship is at all times—both on your surface and here.  I have often been referred to as a computer.  Well, I do have all the Akashic records stored in my own computer data banks. You refer to the Akashic Records as “The Book of Life”, which is a record of your entire life-stream that God reviews WITH YOU on “Judgement Day”.  A majority of that information is now being downloaded into Jonur’s data system whereby his terminal can be instantly accessed. He is what you ones would call, a CARRIER for he does not have knowledge of the codes to access the information on his own.  Just as a computer, he has agreed to make available information via our code signals.

We are your link to the higher celestial spheres and our own within the great network of “holy spirits”, whose primary function is to get mankind awake and receiving in order to become enlightened.  We are also given the responsibility of making sure your planet—and dear ones, your country remains in one piece until the physical universe as you know it, is transferred into ethereal form.  We come from the Divine Sources; do not mistake us for any of the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels who traverse the Universal space ways with defrocked Lucifer.  Lucifer managed to annihilate his own namesake planet and the one, Maldek, in your own solar system.  HIS ARE MOST TENACIOUS AND STALWART TROOPS.  YOU HAD BETTER BEGIN TO GET YOUR SHIELDS IN FUNCTIONING ORDER FOR ‘TIS OVER YOUR SOULS THE BATTLE IS FOUGHT.
You upon the orb who are of us have never tasted spiritual death, but you have experienced many physical passages.  You are now on assignment and it is time you each claim your command—you are sent forth as leaders, not tag-alongs.  Those who would be in your battalions cannot function and unify until you, the leaders sent forth, get your own duffel bag packed and remember your marching orders.  So be it—how many are YOU stopping?

Before this generation is through, you will observe the greatest celestial activity ever witnessed from your planet, as our so-called “clouds of heaven” (remember the silver clouds of the Aboriginal, or Original human oral tradition?) arrive in great numbers and defy your wind as they remain, or oppose it. When you witness those wondrous cloud formations, which look like distinct disc or saucer-shaped, majestic craft sitting motionless over a mountain landscape, or above the country side, regardless of the wind patterns, know that The HOSTS are ever present. That is why it is mentioned that Christ’s very return shall be on the clouds of heaven.  They are the vehicles when fully materialized.  You witness them in your spaces just above your surface, and you fail to recognize us.

Immanuel referred to us specifically when he said, “These come as My Angels to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My barn.  For I AM the householder who cometh at the end of the day for an account from His servants, and to give to all men justly in the manner given by them to Me.”


“Those who come IN MY Name (Sananda is the Egyptian label for Christ. This is The New Name“Jesus” returns with, which means ONE with God.) go from heart, sealing them against that day and marking them for deliverance and safety from all that would destroy.

“So, I shall call unto those who follow Me, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words nor practices.  Rather, lift up LOVE UNTO THEM AND DESIRE FOR THEIR COMING, FOR THEY ARE THE ANGELS OF THE HARVEST!



Ashtar to return.  I am not an “office” called “ASHTAR” (A sitter to hound thy reactors); I am a person even as you are a person, and not a title.  I exist and am not a myth.  I am not a non-entity, neither am I from the second density.  I am a being and not an influence, a soldier of the Light and not a ghost.  Yes, I have had many imitators, but strong hearted ones have not been deceived, for that is impossible.  Accusers have sought to bring reproach upon my name as a designed strategy, but I continue on faithfully doing my duty to God and His Creation.  I expect you ones to do likewise—if that is stern, then I am most stern.  We are busy in dedicated service and we have never been more occupied to the cause of Light. We have neither the time nor the energy to pause to waste on your ever-present critics and attackers.  You will waste no time on such either.  Do I make myself quite clear?  It does not and has not perturbed my department one iota when accusations have been formed to discredit my words or my person.  I expect no less from you.  You will be guided when you need to make personal statements to thy news press, etc.  Do not enter into doctrinal quarrels nor fabricated accusations—‘tis not of thy business what others think of you nor of us.

Discrepancy naturally enters when souls are quick to accept what another has said, even when that one has been proven incorrect, and to further enlarge and dogmatize the thought form.  Have your fun and jollies but do not take it with seriousness.  God is also humor and it will be all that will save your sanity on many an occasion.  If you are without something to do, enjoy your quibbling—BUT YOU OF MINE SHOULD NEVER BE WITHOUT SOMETHING TO DO OF GREAT PURPOSE!  Let me note about gossip or attitudes of any sort.  If the mind is closed upon a final version of a concept (without further personal research or openness to discussion), then any further explanation, clarification or understanding is rendered unsuccessful. When a false crystallization has therefore taken place, those who would otherwise attempt a clarification simply withdraw until further growth takes place.  Remember the beloved JONUR, GET THIS ONE; THOUGH HIS OWN CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD HIS PERSON, YET….ERE THE COCK CROWED THRICE…DID THEY DENY HIM!  JUST THE TINIEST OF REMINDERS, DEAR HEART.

As ridiculous as it may sound that some would say, “Ashtar didn’t and does not exist”, you can easily understand the mountain of opposition this would conceal if it could be made believable.  Well, and so it shall be.  The genesis is that those who do not know me can be bent by every wind.  Those who know me cannot be in the least swayed. To understand the Truth of the teachings of the Master Christos Teacher is to know the Truth of thy brethren in the other dimensions.  You cannot have of one without the other.  Ponder it.


I do not function alone, dear ones.  I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all.  Yours is a bless land—and I mean your country.  It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new.  What a blessed, blessed gift.  In your land, those voices that are raised in the interest of true freedom for all men, who have any influencing force of note are soon slain or removed.  Great ones of your dimension who have attempted to raise their voices in the cause of freedom eventually fall into the hands of their assassins.  When there was uniting, however, to a wondrous cause, ye ones rallied and joined into one force and then joined your commands with those of your allies and moved as an allied unit.  I take no note of individuals; I take note of the unity and what can be accomplished in unity for truth and wisdom.
During these times of your history organization, not chaos was predominant.  Ye must have “order” and deliberation of organized action to prevail.  If there were times upon your dense experience whereby ones could unite, can you not do of it for your own liberation?  Do you believe that we of the higher worlds are any less capable than ye of Earth?  So be it!  Would we not also disdain order and chaos, we who can see beyond what you can see, know beyond what you can know?  Would we not also see the value of joining our scattered energies into one united effort toward the goal of guarding and guidance of Earth?  Therefore as your Allied Command had its leaders so our Allied Command has its leaders.

All Commanders work in unison and love throughout the Galaxy.  Thus do we strive as one, as do you who serve this Light from your dimension.  We are alone in purpose and unity for the incoming Kingdom of God on Earth.  I apologize for my vociferous response in abundance of words, which come only from the abundance of my heart.  I am abundantly proud of my Commanders and I am humbled to have them in my service.  I cannot give credit to each without writing another entire manual, but I am so indebted to a few, such as Commander Korton (He is our “Communications Commander”, and under whom Jonur honed his skills as a receiver/translator, that I must mention his label and give credit.  He has arranged the entire of the communications network in superb perfection against great odds.

There will come a day when men of Earth will rise up and understand each of our roles.  We salute you and all that we embody, as well as all that we shall accomplish for the fulfillment of the Will of God and in service unto The Creation.  Receive you these words with our blessings and benediction. I move to standby, Jonur, that you might have respite.  You are still healing from your trauma (s)!  You are not Superman, though you at times feel as much!  Thank you, chela.


Ashtar to resume, please.

We have millions of ships stationed in the skies above your planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your planet’s beginning to tilt on its axis.  When this occurs, we have only a very short time segment in which we can lift you from the surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines.  These waves can be as deep as five miles or more. They will subsequently cover much of your land masses.  Your melting polar ice caps are contributing greatly to the unequal balance of the orb itself.  Along with these changes there will be great earthquakes which will feed from one suture line (fault line) to the next to cause severe shifting of entire tectonic plates.  As these splits and grindings occur you will have massive volcanic eruptions over widespread areas of previously dormant cones.  In portions near your nuclear testing grounds you will experience probably spillage of radioactive material into your atmosphere.  You will also experience radiation leakage from your nuclear power plants as they are disrupted by land changes.  Portions of your continents will split and sink and in other areas this will cause thrusting upward of other masses.  You have had plenty of news about winds, etc. that will accompany these upheavals.  There will be upheavals and earthquakes for instance, that will not trigger evacuation, so I will speak of cataclysmic proportions.

We are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of planets!  It would be grand if these were not necessary to be true, but alas, it is not even all that uncommon for many various reasons. We will stick to yours and what you might expect.  We expect, and are practiced and prepared to complete the evacuation of Earth of the souls of Light in some fifteen minutes, regardless of numbers.  Further, we will rescue the souls of Light first.  (Not a bad idea to get on that Light List.)  Our computers are massive and self-updating. Each entity is entered into the system and all changes, to the minute details, are constantly updated.  The computers are locked onto the coordinates as designated by your arid ley lines and vortex intersections.  At the first indication that there may be need to evacuate, the computers lock on to the location of every energy entity instantly, no matter where might be the location of the human form.  Don’t concern yourself with that portion; just make sure you keep the signals attuned on an ongoing basis.


After the souls of Light have been evacuated, then the children will ALL be lifted off.  The children are considered to be non-accountable, so they will be evacuated to special ships to be cared for until they can be united with their parents or placed for indefinite care and tending.  We have ones well trained for the specific task of handling the children and their trauma.  Many may be put into sleep for a period of time to help them overcome their fear and anxiety.  Our computer system is far, far beyond anything ever used thus far on Earth in this age.  It can locate parents of specific children where ever they may be and notify one another of safety or status.  THE CHILDREN WILL BE LIFTED TO SAFETY DURING THE EVACUATION SO DO NOT GIVE UNDUE THOUGHT TO THEM.  DO NOT SEEK TO UNITE BEFORE LIFT-OFF—TEND YOURSELF AND WE WILL TEND THE CONFUSION. After the evacuation of the children, the invitation will be extended to all remaining souls on the planet to join us. However, this will be for only a very, very short time period, perhaps another fifteen minutes or so.  There is abundant space for all ones, but because the atmosphere by that elapsed amount of time will be filled with fire, flying debris, poisonous smoke, and because the magnetic field of your planet will be disturbed, we will have to leave your atmosphere very quickly or we, also, with our craft will perish.


THEREFORE, HE WHO STEPS INTO OUR LEVITATION BEAMS FIRST WILL BE LIFTED FIRST. ANY HESITATION ON YOUR PART WOULD MEAN THE END OF YOUR THIRD DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE YOU CALL THE PHYSICAL BODY. This brings us to the most serious and difficult part of the evacuation:  As mentioned earlier, souls of Light have a higher vibration frequency than do those who are more closely “tied” to the Earth and earth concepts and actions.  Well, since our levitation beams, which will be lifting you off the surface of the planet, are very close to the same thing as your electrical charges as you recognize them.  Those of low vibrational frequency may not be able to withstand the high frequency of the levitation beams without departing the third-dimensional body.  We will get as close as possible so the beam time span is lessened, but it must still be from quite a high altitude.

When a beam ship lands in “normal” times to invite ones aboard, it is customary to land the craft or hover quite close to your surface.  Then our own ones will accompany any entity aboard. It will not be thusly done at evacuation lift-off.  If the soul energy departs the third-dimensional body, there may be opportunity for resuscitation and reconnection, or the soul will be released to be housed in appropriate facilities according to agreement with God.  At any rate, you would not be left to experience the havoc on your planet’s surface.  If you do not decide to step into the levitation beams to be lifted up, you might be one of the few who survive the “cleansing” and changes.  However, during this period of cleansing, there will be great changes in climate, in land masses, for the poles of the planet will have a new orientation.  This alone will create untold hardship for the survivors.  In some areas of specific location it may be possible to have guides and assistants return or in some instances, remain as a support system.




After lift-off you will be taxied by the shuttle (lift-off) craft to our “mother ships” which are anchored even higher above the planet.  There you will be taken care of, depending upon your circumstance.  Some of you will need medical care, others will be quite wonderful, but hyper excited and agitated.  Some will be frantic over family members, etc.  We have expert medical staff that will be there to treat you with highly advanced equipment—some will simply be placed into a state of sleep until vital signs regain normal status.  You will be fed and housed until such time as transfer elsewhere is advisable.  Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained in advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth to start rebuilding.  This will all be determined by counseling or prearrangement.  Children will be reunited with parents and families, etc. Your wondrously beautiful planet is destined to be a most beautiful star within the universe.  For long she has waited to take her place of glory.  She shall be a beauteous planet of light. Here, you can rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly love and fellowship within the Lighted Brotherhood of Man with God the Creator.

Do not scoff at these words, people of Earth.  We are sent forth and come willingly and in love of you as our brothers in a great time of distress.  As surely as the sun shines from the east to the west, so shall these things shortly come to pass.  Let us be prepared, please.


The cataclysms will begin abruptly without warning!  Everything will happen so fast you will not have any time to THINK.  THINK CAREFULLY ON THESE THINGS NOW AND EFFORT TO COME INTO BALANCE BEFORE IT GROWS TOO LATE FOR CHOICE. THERE WILL BE ONES RUNNING ABOUT IN TOTAL CONFUSION, IN PAIN, INSURED—IT WILL BE AS IF THE WHOLE OF THE UNIVERSE IS FALLING IN UPON YOU—MUCH OF WHAT YOU PERCEIVE AS YOUR UNIVERSE WILL BE SO DOING, I ASSURE YOU. SO WHAT WILL YOU DO?  IDEALLY, YOU WILL PLAN NOW.  YOU WILL THEN REMAIN TOTALLY CALM AND WITHOUT FEAR AND AWAIT THE LIGHT BEAMS.  THEN STEP INTO THE LEVITATION BEAMS OR REMAIN STATIONARY THAT WE MIGHT AFFIX ONTO YOU. THE BEAMS FLOW FROM THE UNDERNEATH CENTER OF THE CRAFT AND FRANKLY, IT CAN BE MUCH LIKE A HUGE SUCTION CLEANER WHEREBY ALL HAPPENS VERY QUICKLY.  I suggest you do whatever you can to allow us to come into your sectors without hostility. It appears all probabilities of avoiding this untoward event are past.  We see no changes in magnitude of perceptions to such proportions that would alter the course of events.  So be it, we will continue to work diligently with that which we are given.


Let us speak a bit of the administering of this program.  As Commander for this solar system and its various volunteer units from many areas of space, it is my responsibility to coordinate efforts of the many fleets as they touch into the mission of Shan/Earth.  When these various factions of force are not thus involved then, of course, they are self-regulatory and guided under their own supervision.  They only come under the jurisdiction of the Interplanetary Confederation if they are here on a specific assignment, correlated to the overall Hierarchical mission to the planet.  Let me assure you that I understand the doubts regarding credibility—that is a superb success of our dark fragments causing ridicule and outrageous press.  I realize there are ones out there claiming to be goddesses and rainbow caped freaks of mammoth personality and ego breakdown.  It is for you to look beyond and into Truth.  It is why you of our co-workers must not be other than professional and credible.  Continue as you are, except clean up your attitudes.  You will get nowhere by “JUST BEING”.  No one of our busy workers needs another iota of responsibility—tend of yourselves.  Quit your silly games.  Who can possibly give credibility to one with purple satin capes blowing in the wind, purple hair with sage bushes stuck hither and yon, and chanting unintelligible garbage.  THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT US THAT IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND AND GOD NEEDS ONLY THEE AND HE. ALL ELSE IS BAGGAGE YOU WILL LEAVE BEHIND AT ALL CIRCUMSTANCE.  WE JAVE SUPPLIES FOR YOU.  WE WILL TAKE YOUR ANIMALS AND FEATHERED PETS AND PLACE THEM IN SAFETY.  WHEN GOD PREPARES A PLACE FOR YOU, HE DOES A MOST EFFICIENT JOB OF IT.  ALL THE REMAINDER OF THIS “NEW AGE” NONSENSE IS EXACTLY THAT—NONSENSE, AND WILL MOST SURELY HINDER YOUR PROGRESS.  SO BE IT!

There are many from other places in the cosmos who will come simply of their own volition and their own purposes.  To these, we merely extend our hospitality and our accord.  The exception to the rule would be any of those who come for reasons that would be harmful to the planet or its inhabitants. These ones are carefully policed and if deviant, are escorted beyond the system and sent about their other affairs. Those remaining close are expected to participate if needed and stay completely clear of interference at any evacuation alert.  There are often replacement fleets that come to relieve others of their tour of duty. Some of our brothers have been on alert at Earth station for a very, very long time and are weary and ready to return to their own homes.  There is a continuing turnover of fleet participation in the many patrol units involved.  Those tours of duty are not of an indefinite nature, but have a set period of time in which to begin and end, with others of relief coming to replace and rotate duty stations.  Many of the assignments given to these many volunteer fleets are done on a “need of circumstance” basis.


Strong representative ground units necessitate the contacts in keeping with the frequencies of the fleet and its representative.  Thus, one representative will primarily always be in contact with its own Interstellar Command, even though the crew may be replaced occasionally, but always by their own members.  There are other earth-based personnel who are representatives “at large”, who may make contact and be at the disposal of any Command units in the area. For instance, if there is need for communications in this sector, Jonur would respond instantly.  There would rarely be need of such for all craft would first be instructed to contact our fleet ship, and thus the sequence of information.  Remember that each base or unit does at all times have its personal craft hovering within its vortex for personal immediate relaying of messages to or from that unit. This station or platform never changes, although the persons involved might be removed temporarily for rest and relaxation to return later.  All of our signals, beams, and contacts are relayed to our messengers through the medium of these individual platforms of contact.  Sometimes the terminals are aboard command ships, as in this case.  In the atmosphere, assuming the craft or platform to be within the atmosphere, there is an identifying beam projection for identification to those who patrol the flight paths.  The beam projection identifies the particular command sponsoring the base unit.  Because of the crystal communication center located in Tehachapi, California, there is constant action in your heavens.  Valerie sits atop our “Air Traffic Control Center”, if you will!  The entire sector of this portion of your universe, including craft communication and navigation is centered within the Tehachapi Mountain. A two-mile large, flowering crystal is “the heart” of this magnificent system, and it is protected at all times. This is WHY your secret aerospace contractors are all housed out there in the so-called “high desert” area, for they too utilize on a limited basis the navigation communications crystal.

If I have need for additional support units for any reason, I can reach further out for assistance to the Federation and I will be sent whatever assistance is necessary.  It is no coincidence that we are similar to television’s “Star Trek” series.  As a matter of State Department and National Security Agency FACT, the show is a dramatization of “LEAKED” communications, top secret security tapes, between your government AND OUR SPACE COMMAND!  So when they tell you there is “just nobody out there”—know that they knew about us from the beginning.  Your President Eisenhower met with our craft at one of your desert airfields, with full diplomatic presentation—the event was even filmed. However, you-the-people were not “ready” for First Contact.  So we were told.  I wonder why!

Hitler’s Germany was also approached by a different group of beings, and made a Treaty with them.  This is why Germany had such advanced aircraft, and fantastic “weapons of the future”, including the first atomic bombs (forget what you’ve been told), ballistic missiles, jet aircraft—AND OF COURSE WHAT ALLIED PILOTS OF WORLD WAR II CALLED “FOO FIGHTERS”, OR “FLYING SAUCERS”!  We will revisit why Hitler did not kill himself, and how Germany transferred their “UFO BATTALLION” to secret underground bases in the Antarctic, at another sitting.  Suffice it to say, you have quite a bit of hidden history to catch up on!

Back to God’s HOSTS sent from afar.  If I have need for additional support units for any reason, I will be sent whatever assistance is necessary.  The 60s “Star Trek” series is a good place to start, regarding the basics for what Space Command is about.  Of course, the story is embellished, and you were given a silly Captain Kirk to obscure the realism a bit.  However, the “Star Trek” feature motion picture, “FIRST CONTACT”, is pretty much right on as to space capabilities, and robotoid beings being “the bad guys”!  Enjoy the concepts presented, and KNOW that your pictures and TV presentations are tame, compared to the REAL capabilities of your government secret controllers!


Enough of that.  I also feel you know of my devotion to the Master Teacher and that Earth is going to have to find balance for survival of the species.  To understand the Light Forces you must understand the evil forces. I do not speak of “good” vs. “bad”—I refer to evil vs. Godness.  For those of you who have twiddled about and have come up with the notion that there is no such thing as evil, I assure you that you are incorrect in your assumption. I am going to do a brief dissertation of evil and its presence and then, I will utilize prior lessons given on that subject, and integrate within this journal.

There are those who come who are not from our allegiance and who have no part in it.  They come as observers and for their own ends.  They are often highly scientific geniuses and their material to their contacts can be highly impressive—indeed, almost always is most impressive.  However, beware, for it comes with a most expensive price tag.  They have come for the purpose of collecting data for their own personal ends and to give of themselves for the good of the planet.  They care little for your spiritual advancement—they care very little about you one way or another—you represent a curiosity of primitive life form. These ones are not considered portions of the “dark forces”, which is another allegiance, but are simply a neutral force when it comes to assistance to Earthman in higher principles and laws contributing to his soul growth.  There are many worlds out there, dear ones, many galaxies with individual solar systems and within other universes.  You will experience with ones most similar to your species.  But the others travel the pathways among the stars and planets. They are under universal law and will not interfere with your transition although many will be drawn for the experience.

The so-called DARK FORCES are those of our own galaxy who are openly opposed to the Brotherhood of Light, its principles and standards and goals for mankind and the planet Earth.  They would seize the planet if that were a possibility.  They would bring it under control for their own purposes, which would destroy the freedom of man.

The bands of renegades that patrol the terrestrial realms are immediately dispatched to their proper level when overtaken in trespassing activities. The fleets of the heavenly commands are prompt to transport such intruders on their way elsewhere.  IT IS ON YOUR PLANE IN YOUR OCTAVE WHEREIN THE ENEMY MUST BE MET AND DELT WITH FROM A PHYSICAL STANDPOINT.

There are dark forces who are evil in their intent.  We maintain very close surveillance of them.  Most have been removed from the Earth atmosphere, but there will be a great redistribution of dark energies as this planet shuts down activities, so we have an enforced truce.  I am most troubled by those ones who seem convinced that there is no such thing as evil.  It seems this reasoning goes along with the idea that God is somehow dead and that Satan is some kind of false myth.  Brothers, a rule of thumb:  Anything which deliberately hurts and hinders another individual is evil, and when it is willfully and maliciously designed to do so, it is even MORE EVIL.  We of the Federation surround and defend the Earth as much as is possible, but you have all you need right on board to destroy you in total.  Just as Sananda/Jesus has a fleet, so does the Satanian Empire.  Watch closely as you contact any of these space brothers. A “positive” man will always quickly identify himself and broadcast thoughts of Light and goodwill.  You will KNOW that this is God-Lighted man.  A Satanian will not identify himself in a satisfactory manner, or not at all.  He, further, will flee if one directs Light at him and demands he depart. Never approach a craft until you are sure that it is MAN’S.  ALWAYS USE “THE LIGHT” IN YOUR GREETING.  MAN WILL WELCOME IT.  A SATANIAN WILL REMOVE HIMSELF FROM A GREATING IN THE LIGHT.  Further, you will not be taken by force by either side.  It is up to you to accept or deny.  The agreement is usually made on a much higher dimension than at pick-up point.  Refuse to go in the name of the Light and you will be left alone.  It is a law which is not broken.

I am not going to give you descriptions of craft of which to beware for as you move close to the transition there are ones from galaxies far distant from Earth whose ships are quite different.  Most of the Lighted Galactic Ships are spherical in shape and easily identified.  Most of Hatonn’s Command of Pleiades and almost all of my immediate command ships have brilliant rotating red, green, yellow and white lights.  We are easily identified at night for we station between you and orbiting stars and planets that we have constant surveillance.  Most will appear no different than a star.  We effort at showing our presence to our Earth-based workers for confirmation of our presence.  We will soon be moving into your visible consciousness.

Enough for today, Jonur.  You are weary for you have moved at this pace for several weeks now, and we must not have short circuits and “burn out”.  Go in peace and renew for we have much to accomplish.  In appreciation and love I salute you, chela.  




You, as mortals, can only understand that which your fellow man can understand.  Your job is basically to save yourselves from yourselves and we are commissioned to bring you assistance.  You play with toys which can now annihilate your planet in all manner of ways, from detonation chain reaction to thrusting your selves into a different orbit and re-definement of your polar axis.  Or “Earth Changes”, such as the North Pole becoming the South Pole, and ANOTHER ICE AGE! Forget Al Gore and Prince Charles’s “Climate Changes”—they are getting ready for the big freeze, while they all tout the opposite.  When Planet-X—OR NIBIRU RETURN, and it is already visible from your South Pole with the naked eye—it will coincide with your solar system’s passage into the Photon Belt.  These events are cyclic, and correspond to all the Great Events in biblical times. More history kept from you Christians by the Jews!  When the polar ice caps—at each pole—descent down to  a latitude of about 40, only a small area around the Earth’s Equator will be warm enough to provide fertility for an entire planet of starving and freezing humanity!  By not telling You-The-People these FACTS, the Elite Conspirators plan for you to automatically depopulate your planet!  We therefore are warning you now—GET PREPARED!

Some years past, in your sequence, your nuclear physicists penetrated the “Book of Knowledge” and discovered how to explode the atom.  That knowledge was reduced to atrocious results, but that was not your pitiful downfall.  Your demise as a functioning planet was written with the explosion of the hydrogen as in bomb element.  This element is life-giving, along with some five other elements in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in the composition of your physical self.  In much of your material planet is this life giving atomic substance, hydrogen.  For you see EVERYTHING is composed of the basic same things, assembled to a different DNA blueprint.  And once you again learn how to master the elements, you can fly, or anything can pass through you, or you can pass through anything.  It is not mystical and magical; it is that you do not understand true physics.  It is only a mystery because you do not KNOW! Jesus Immanuel Esu told you that everything He could do, and more—YOU CAN DO! “When you learn what I learn, and know what I know.”

Efforts in this field of science have been most successful, to the extent that they are not content to rest on the accolades of a power beyond their use, not content with the entire destruction of an entire city at a time. They must have something even more destructive.  Well, now they have it!  They now have ability to extinguish lifeon your planet.  They are actually destroying a life giving element of the Creative Intelligence, tinkering with a formula they do not comprehend.  We have made every effort to be heard and accepted by your government, for it would appear man’s desire is to continue war on this planet, Shan.  We are convinced that there is deliberate determination to extinguish humanity and turn your planet into a burned out cinder or a gaseous ball of energy.  It has happened elsewhere; we are, thereby, determined it will not happen again.


Our missions to your Earth are peaceful and have been since early input in your late 1940s and early 1950s.  We have maintained this contact from that calendar timing.  The governments on your planet have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence.  They must also concede that we are of a higher authority.  We do not need enter your buildings to know what is going forth. We further have the formula they would like to use.  It is not intended for use in destruction.  Man tends to use the gifts given for evil purposes.  For example, of the genetic replication process, instead of utilizing it for repair and replacement of limbs and severed body parts and organs—MAN HAS, INSTEAD, MANUFACTURED DNA/RNA SYNTHETIC REPLICAS OF HUMAN BEINGS, TO USE AS A BIOLOGICAL ROBOTOID ARMY, TO RULE OVER HIS FELLOW HUMANS!  All functioning persons of importance—ESPECIALLY IN POLITICAL, MILITARY, AND FINANCIAL (SUCH AS ROCKEFELLER), AS WELL AS TOP NEWS MEDIA—ARE NON-HUMAN ROBOTIC ENTITIES—PROGRAMMED TO DECEIVE THE MASSES! This is why you are not allowed to PUBLICLY do much with so-called “cloning” technology.  This remains your government’s Top Intelligence secret. The Russians, and the British Rothschild family, also utilized Man-made Humanoid Synthetics—however; the Kremlin has two more Secret Intelligence weapons that surpass even this unbelievable technology.  This involves their Super-Secret SPACE TRIAD of manned Killer Satellites, incredibly powerful CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS—EQUIPPED WITH PHYSIO-ENERGETIC RANGE FINDING (WHICH ALLOWS THEM TO SEE THROUGH AND TARGET ALL YOUR “INVISIBLE” SHIPS AND PLANES AND OTHER REAL STEALTH CRAFT, THAT ARE INVISIBLE TO NOT JUST RADAR, BUT THE HUMAN EYE AS WELL!)—OR P.R.F. AND THEIR COSMOSPHERE “UFO” CRAFT.  There are very sophisticated hovering weapons platforms that literally control all of space, as far as the rest of your planet is concerned.  Now your Jewish Khazar Elite Anti-Christ element is powerful, too.  However, the Christian Russians (who expelled the evil Luciferian “Soviet” Khazars—who flocked to your country and took over America in the late 1970s), will not allow them to gain a toe hold in space.  Therefore, these Soviet Khazar “Jews” teamed with their brethren, now running your nation—collectively they are known as BOLSHEVIKS.  Look this up for extra credit “homework—and together they have been trying to trick America into LAUNCHING A NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE to get back at the new Christian Russians who defeated the Bolsheviks.  This is the entire, insane, satanic push for World War III/Nuclear War One—your “Final War of Wars”.  Now, isn’t forbidden history fun?!  We are now granted interventionin some categories of experimentation.  You are most critically in constant danger.  You are such a tiny portion of the Universe that you cannot perceive that which you do.

There are countless wondrous worlds that are in the universes—countless, for they are continually in change and formation.  Your sun, as you call it, is but one of the smaller stars in the heavens. So far distant are the many of the stars of even your own specific universe that their light takes some 300,000 years to come to you.  The light from your sun takes some 8 minutes of your counting to reach to your Shan. The light from your moon takes but a second and three quarters.  Can you perceive 300,000 years?  Going around these stars in orbits greater and smaller are many, many planets where there dwell beings often as you, yourselves.  Remember, “There are many mansions in my Father’s Kingdom”.  I speak only of your universe!  Beyond these are many universes and even more wondrous than that which is your own.

How great is the Almighty Source who created all these wondrous places, planets and suns, for all become one in the magnificent workings of The Creation. Can you imagine the power and the glory of Him who made all things, when you realize that the light of the star nearest to your sun takes at least four and a half years to reach you?  I, my dear children, pray and revere the Almighty beyond all else save The Creation itself.  HE IS ALL OF ALL AND HE HAS GIVEN UNTO EACH OF YOU A SPARK OF HIMSELF, JUST AS HE HAS GIVEN UNTO ALL OF US A FRAGMENT.  How magnificent and how wonderful!  How desirable it is that you should make this spark that He has given to you evolve to such a wondrous extent, that it can eventually be taken again unto that Eternal Light.  Cycled back once again unto itself.  Your sun, as you know, is of incredible energy mass and of great power, and the electricity which comes forth from it is very great.  The rays that come to you could be most injurious, but the Almighty surrounded your planet with a wonderful envelope which you call an “Atmosphere” so that the dangerous energy rays could not pass through.  I would like to describe it as a birthing process in which you now find yourselves involved.  Let us say the world fetus is grown unto birthing.  The surrounding container walls have thinned.  The uterine structure is stressed to bursting; the cervix is thinned and effacing.  You are no longer resting in security and safety.  Further, you have just about used up all the available life sustaining substances within your container—the birthing is at hand!


Mankind must chose his own pathway; it is his decision to make individual by individual and then as a whole.  He will either join the Christ forces or the dark forces; there is no in-between.  Mankind must be informed of evens to come.  It will be required that they be understood.  Much of what happens in the physical since will dependent upon how well man can come into understanding and where he will place his energy input.  It is apparent at this moment that most are moving into the dark recesses.  That, however, can be changed most quickly and much relief brought to bear. The tremendous battle is for the minds of men on earth.

We come from the etheric realms, because of the job we must do on your plane in helping to prepare you and others like you for the days of change ahead of you.  This tie must remain and it must be ever strengthened.  We of Space are bound to no one but Christ, our Lord, Commander of all Light, Wisdom and Love.

You must be aware of all the negativity of man around you; now you must be aware of the negation which is being released through the fourth dimension which will burst forth to confound and confront the mind and body of man upon the third dimension.  The masses are not prepared for this in any measure.  It will rest upon your shoulders to bring as much understanding as is possible to those you know who will be stricken with panic and terror.

This is not the lower astral sphere of which I speak; this is a far more gruesome aspect of life than is that aspect of astral placement.  The knowledge of the Christ-Light and the protection it gives is of major importance, as it is the only real protection a third dimension being has against attack.  Doors of matter with all the looks you can conjure mean nothing to this rampaging evil that in itself knows no laws.  I care not for your creed or color.  As for the Ancient of Ancients, they have known the Christed path though it might be called by other labels.  Ye shall not escape by claiming ignorance—IT IS CONCEPT.


You will call in the protection of the Higher Light Source to protect and surround you as a Plasmic Shield ten thousand times a day if required—and it is required!  Our help is directly balanced with your own effort—past that we cannot step; so do not be found asleep at your switches.  This is a WARNING to all to whom this message will contact.   I  Speak with URGENCY to all who stand with the LightedForces in this greatest of all confrontations.  The time for piddling about is coming to a halt.

The lower levels of the astral plane have been swept clean.  This cleansing will cause sharp upswings in crime and perversion of all types and natures.  Confusion and fear shall rule man of earth.  The masses will need to rearrange energy fields, and they do not by nature know how to do this or even that a re-balance must take place.  Your position within the Light is only as secure as is your desire to remain therein; so cling to the Light, and remember that we here are beside you on whatever path you may find yourself tomorrow, or a year from tomorrow, as long as your goal is spiritual understanding, knowledge in Wisdom and Truth.  You must be in awareness of your Higher Self in order to reap the rewards of our participation. Millions will fail to recognize of their plight even after you have informed them.  ‘Tis their birthright of free will choice.  Take the hands of those who ask; pass the ones who deny and weep not for their choice is but their own.  You must not wallow in the deprivation of their refusal to see nor hear.  Ye must learn to release of those ones unto their own itinerary, ‘tis not of your business.


I will speak now about our mission.  Your planet is in imminent crisis of cataclysmic upheavals because of disruptions in the magnetic field.  Vibration havoc is all about you.  Let us call it vibrational terrorism.  You are plagued by all the prophetic realizations of the ending great cycle.  You are over flowed with hatred one of another.  Wars, murder and your nuclear experiments have all but eliminated any balance in your vortices.  There is already a slow slippage of your poles and it will continue to tilt further on its axis.  This will cause massive changes and destruction to the surface of your planet through resulting earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes and windstorms of unprecedented velocities.  We are granted limited intercession to allow for “holding” in our energy networks your planet in somewhat stable support.  We were, however, required to withdraw the ring of energy generators (ships) from your mid belt back in your 1988, of March.  At the same time our commanders were required to remove constant stabilization of your major fault systems.  Local and isolated intervention is allowed on emergency status as with your San Andreas and other localized slippage points. This is to allow arrangements for placing foundations of survival placements outside the coastal areas. It is most complicated indeed. Further, it is not given to me the right to speak of these things in this document.

We have been encircling your planet for a long period of time.  We have hundreds of fleets of craft in your sector.  Some of our “mother ships” are more than a hundred of your counting miles in diameter, containing gardens, cities and accommodations for literally millions of people.  We represent a great Alliance for Peace through the Intergalactic Council whose authority comes from the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System. Sananda/Jesus is the highest Commander of the Alliance.

We represent a Confederation of Planets, all of whom have long given up wars, etc. as solutions to problems. Because we are of great number and variety, you get conflicting accounts of our descriptions when your people see us.  We are of many a spiritual design and come from a different dimension.  Just as you vary in specifics from location to location on your planet—magnify it by the universe and you shall begin to understand.  Of course, we could subdue you if that were to be our desire; it is not! Our technology is “awesome” and that might be a grossly understated fact.  All ones in The Alliance for peace from the Intergalactic Council are forbidden to interfere in the affairs of the souls of any planet and their evolution, without the approval of the government(s) of that planet.  The penalty for unauthorized interference is immediate annihilation of the interfering species.  A rather heavy penalty, I would suggest.  THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS WHEN THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE ARE VIOLATED; WE MAY INTERFERE WITH THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSE.  An example is nuclear powered war.  It will not be permitted except on a limited basis contained within your confines.  Nuclear detonations not only kill the human body, but also severely damage the soul energy matter and inflict tremendous drama to that soul energy.  As a matter of fact along with your games comes now the ability to KILL SOUL MATTER.  Atomic war is one of the three cataclysms which will trigger your evacuation from the planet Earth!
We have revealed ourselves to many various individuals on the planet. We attend your high level summit meetings.  INCIDENTLY, ALL MAJOR WORLD “SUMMITS”—REGARDLESS OF WHAT EVER THE TOPIC IS TOUTED TO BE, TO YOU-THE-CITIZENS OF THE PLANET—ARE ABOUT “THE ALIEN QUESTION”, WHAT TO TELL THE WORLD!  There is no bigger issue on any government agenda!  Because, with OUR PRESENCE GOES THEIR DOMINANCE!  So be it!  And hold it in your hearts, dear ones.  We have thousands of representatives walking, working and living among you NOW!  Some of you may recognize them, most will not, until you come into harmony of circuitry.


We have worked with your government(s) in an effort to assist through advanced technology, but we are continually met with hostility.  Your would be kings and slave masters do not want to give up their power over you so easily.  We are often fired upon with your silly missiles—for your confirmation, Commander Hatonn’s ship was fired upon above Vandenberg Air Force Base on your night of October 29, 1987.  This was the year we began bringing you the PHOENIXJOURNALS—August 17, 1987, AND IS THE VERY REASON EACH JOURNALOR “CAPTAIN’S LOG” ENTRY IS SO DATED ON A DAILY BASIS.  YOU ARE IN YEAR 32, DAY 280 OF YOUR SO-CALLED “NEW MILLENIA”.  JANUARY 1, 2000 IS NOT THE BEGINNING—THE 21stCentury began in August 1987—YOU ARE MORE THAN 30 YEARS INTO THIS YOUR “NEW AGE”! It happens frequently, for we have been granted permission to stop all nuclear devices destined for our realms of space beyond one-hundred-fifty miles from your surface.  Funny thing, he manifested the craft, turned on the blue dome lights, projected the light beams to form a solar cross and still your television and government called him “ice crystals” and told you there was a perfect launch while you could even visualize the heat seeking zigzag missile trail.  Hatonn gave you a running account and the officer on the communications desk at Vandenberg came public with the story.  He was sanctioned by the military and we intercepted his transfer to place him in security.  Your military, which protects you, were going to do a little mind operation to insure he never speaks such “nonsense” again—most often it is called murder.

Well, for the most part in our manifested density to match yours, we can pass for any other human.  The truth is, most of us look and are just like you in appearance.  Most of us evolved from the same source eons and eons past.  However, unlike you people of Earth, we learned to live peacefully and to direct our energy and technology outward unto the universe in the spirit of Brotherhood of Man.  You continue to act like primitive idiots.  Our technology is based upon the natural physical laws of the universe which includes the Light which flows out from the Creator God and the energy of magnetism. Because of our knowledge of universal law, our very being consists of a higher level of “vibration” than does Shan humans.  You see, every particle of the universe consists of molecules whose center contains an atom around which electrons and protons revolve.  Each molecule of a differing molecular structure “vibrates” at a different frequency also.

You do have some major misconceptions about many things—for instance you think you are “drawn” into a given “span”.  No, you are compressed and contained.  For instance, if you remove or puncture your capsule of skin and muscle you will fly all apart and scatter helter skelter.  Further, all is a cycle of moving outward and returning in pulsating sequence.  But that is for another lesson, or three thousand.

Let us say a molecule itself is identical in makeup to the universe. Planets revolve around central suns; solar systems around galaxies; galaxies around a central sun.  Each molecule “vibrates” at whatever frequency is appropriate for that particular existence.  As one becomes more “spiritual” in nature, you will tend to thrust to the without, instead of sucking all into the within self.  As this happens the molecules of that being will vibrate at a tremendously higher rate of speed.  As we know in our dimension, it is possible for these molecules to vibrate so rapidly that the frequency becomes naught but pure light.  We depend totally upon the Light from the Source—The Creator, God for our very existence.  As to light and color frequency, I would make a point here.  If you wish a red light you might put over the light red filters for a moment.  As light (pure white or sun light, any white light) reflects or refracts through and off the crystal surfaces it is converted into color—the diamond changes not its color the light of total purity but is fractionated into color perceptions.  You cannot pick it up, but you most surely can see it.  Further, with proper instrumentation you can measure the frequency of the vibration.  That, for instance, is not mystery or magic, it is physical law.


We have come forth to fulfill the destiny of this planet which is to experience a short period of “cleansing” and then to usher in a new existence.  We are here to lift off the surface, yes, and the inner world during the period of cleansing those souls who are walking in the light on Earth and chose to move with us through the time of transition. The period of which I speak is imminent—even unto the midnight hour.  I will speak of those changes in a moment, but first I will speak of the Dark Brotherhood. There are beings from the lower realms whom we refer to as the Destroyers.  Evil is not given to “create”, but only to destroy.  These ones must be avoided.  I will speak at length later, regarding evil.

I request a break, Jonur, and then I will take up the subject of Earth changes and what you have to anticipate. It will be most familiar to you, precious one, as I will give the identical speech I gave to you at the writing of the first JOURNALmany years ago—before you ever consciously heard of me or my brothers.  Waters do flow rapidly under thine bridges.  Pay sharp attention lest you be swept away.

Ashtar to stand-by frequency.  Salu