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6/05/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns165)


“NEXUS” magazine, April-May 2013.

“When it stopped its horizontal movement, we were finally free of it.  I looked back at the cloud and was astonished at what I saw.  The cloud was still rapidly building and was enormous.  That small lenticular cloud that we had initially flown over had taken on the shape of an immense squall.”

Unlike most squalls, which form in a line, this cloud curved in a perfect semicircle, radiating out on either side of the Bonanza but miles away from the plane.  Gernon relaxed and continued on toward Bimini.  Then, a few minutes later, another squall appeared to be forming in front of them, and like its twin it was taking on a semicircular shape, its arms shooting toward the cloud that was pacing them.

Gernon estimated that the cloud towered at least 40,000 feet above sea level.  He also noticed something else unusual about it.  Typically, cumulus clouds have a base 1,000 or 2,000 feet above the surface.  But this one appeared to emanate right out of the ocean.

“We couldn’t go under the cloud or above it, and attempting to circumvent it would have taken us considerably off our flight path.”

The cloud didn’t appear too threatening, so after Bruce conferred with his father, also a pilot, they decided to fly into it.  They were about 45 miles east of Bimini when they penetrated the misty edges of the cloud formation.  Once inside, Gernon realized they might have made a mistake while the cloud was white and fluffy on the outside, its interior was as dark as nightfall.  Within seconds, bright white flashes lit up the interior of the cloud.  The deeper they penetrated, the more intense the flashes became.

Gernon realized it was too dangerous to continue on their present course, and he turned 135 degrees so they were heading due south.  All three men noted that it was 327 pm when they deviated from their course.  Upon takeoff, Gernon had engaged an electric-powered clock on the panel that included a timer.  It now indicated that they had been air borne for 27 minutes.  His father turned on the timer on his watch as they altered their course, and using very-high-frequency Omni Range (VOR) navigation equipment he calculated that they were 40 miles southeast of Bimini.  Gernon, meanwhile, contacted Miami Radio on the VHF and told them that they had altered their course to avoid a thunderstorm and were attempting to fly around it.

They reached clear air again, but within minutes realized they couldn’t go around the cloud because its arms were embracing the limbs of the cloud they’d encountered near Andros.  As far as they could tell, they were surrounded by an enormous ring of clouds, trapped inside a 30-mile-wide doughnut hole.


Gernon tried to remain calm as he puzzled over how they’d got into this predicament.  It almost seemed as if the unusual lenticular cloud they’d skirted near Andros had pursued and trapped them, as if it were consciously directed.

They’d flown about 10 miles from the point where they’d turned south when Gernon noticed a U-shaped aperture, a breach in the massive ring of clouds.  He figured it was where the two arms of the cloud formation had not yet joined together.  At the top, on either side, the clouds extended outward, creating the appearance of two anvils, a shape commonly seen in cumulonimbus  thunderstorms.  The top typically spreads outward for several miles at an elevation of about 35,000 feet.  Normally, Gernon would avoid such cloud formations, but their situation called for drastic action.  He turned the Bonanza 90 degrees and headed for the opening, the only way he saw of escaping the cloud.
As they flew toward the aperture, the two anvil heads connected, forming a tunnel, and when they neared it they realized its diameter was shrinking.  Gernon accelerated to maximum power but, by the time they were still three miles away, the tunnel had shrunk to a mere 1,000 feet across.  After another mile, the opening had shrunk to only 500 feet wide, and as they entered the tunnel it was barely 300 feet across.  But they could see blue sky in the distance.

Once inside the tunnel, Gernon was startled by strange spiraling lines along the entire length of the inside walls.  Moments before, the tunnel had appeared to be 10 miles long, and he had estimated it would take them three minutes to pass through it.  But now the tunnel had shrunk to just a mile in length.  Gernon figured it would take them about 20 seconds to pass through it.

“I had to remain right in the center of the tunnel because I was afraid that if the wings ran into the edges of the cloud, I might lose sight of the hole and the path to the clear sky.”

The silky white walls of the tunnel glowed with light from the afternoon sun.  The walls shrank and small puffs of grey clouds swirled counter clockwise around the plane, moving at a rate of several times a minute.  The diameter of the tunnel was now a mere 30 feet, and the tips of the plane’s wings scraped the edges of the cloud as they reached the far side of the tunnel.  The moment they exited the passage, Gernon and his two passengers felt as though they were weightless, that their seatbelts were the only things keeping them from levitating out of their seats.  “I felt the strange sensation of zero gravity and also a feeling that our speed was increasing.”

After about 10 seconds, the weightlessness vanished.  Gernon looked back and gasped.  The tunnel had collapsed in on itself and formed a slowly rotating slit.  He was relieved that they’d made it through, but was acutely distorted and asked his father to check their position.

His dad was an expert at using the aircraft’s state-of-the-art equipment to find their exact location on the chart.  However, this time he fiddled with the instruments far longer than usual.

“Then he told me something was wrong.  That was when I realized that all the electronic and magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning.  Even the magnetic compass was slowly rotating counterclockwise, as if the plane were making a turn.”

Gernon immediately notified Miami Air Traffic Control that he wasn’t sure of his position and would like radar identification.  The plane was equipped with a transponder, a new invention at the time that helped radar controllers pinpoint the location of aero planes.

“I told them we were about 45 miles southeast of Bimini and flying at 10,500 feet.  But the controller came back and said that there were no planes on radar between Miami, Bimini and Andros.  That’s when Dad snatched the microphone and yelled at the controller:  “What the hell do you mean you can’t find us on radar?”
The controller apologized, but said that the radar showed no blips in the area where they were flying.

“I wondered how this could be,” Gernon recalled.  “In the past they had always been able to identify us, especially when we were approaching ADIZ [the Air Defense identification Zone].”

His father was becoming more and more upset and kept screaming at the controller.  He and Chuck were starting to panic.  Bruce did his best to calm them down.  He told them that they were through the worst of it, that everything would be okay, and he struggled to believe it himself.

“Something very bizarre had happened.  Instead of the clear blue sky that we expected at the end of the tunnel, everything looked a dull greyish white.  Visibility appeared to be more than two miles, but there was absolutely nothing to see—no ocean, no horizon, no sky, only a grey haze.”

This stuff was darker than the common haze he often encountered on flights.  But the air was stable and there was no lightning or precipitation.
“We seemed to be in some sort of fog.  But unlike the usual fog where visibility is limited to a few hundred feet, we could see much farther.”
[To be continued …]

New Series 164: It is now time to believe and KNOW God is at the center of it all. No matter how far out a thing may seem that we explain in these PHOENIX JOURNALS, it is true. Your media tells you ONLY LIES, for you have become People of the Lie, and your world is thus controlled and manipulated by information that is literally made up to fool the masses.

6/04/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns164)

Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.

The preceding two articles from “NEXUS” magazine, April-May 2013 are two human examples of the BIBLICAL UFOs you read about, and the incidents of today that are passed off to you as “mysterious” phenomena that “can’t be explained”.

It is now time to believe and KNOW God is at the center of it all.  No matter how far out a thing may seem that we explain in these PHOENIX JOURNALS, it is true.  Your media tells you ONLY LIES, for you have become People of the Lie, and your world is thus controlled and manipulated by information that is literally made up to fool the masses.

God does not go around snatching bodies and kidnapping humans.  The aliens, who will be shown to the public soon, will be MANUFACTURED REPLICAS and “GENETICALLY MODIFIED entities.  They will say that your government is being “held hostage by Extraterrestrial Invaders from outer space.”  AIDS, Nuclear Disasters or/and Explosions, and Earth Changes, will be blamed on beings from space.

You have to know that the plan to scare you into submission is a very old one.  The so-called “bogeyman” is the proto-type for Satan’s favorite weapon/tool:  FEAR.  Once you are put into a position of fear—particularly of that which is considered “the unknown”—the adversary has you.

So, the thrust from this source is to give you knowledge to replace the fear and the lies with fact.  Freedom from the Zionist Khazar “Jews” can happen no other way!


The school shootings, the Mother’s Day shootings, the prison warden and top prosecutor murders, these are staged “hits” on innocent people in order to get you to turn your guns in.  British Intelligence still runs the show, and they are after you.  Those “surveillance” cameras that are now EVERY WHERE are British-made.  The guns that were shipped to Mexico are Israeli-made.  Now, the criminals will come from your Southern border—and if you are disarmed—they will turn your nation into a killing zone overnight.  Always know that the Zionist Khazar “Jews” are behind all the troubles in your world.  These are the Anti-Christ Bankers—the so-called Elite One Worlders.  It did not stop with the crucifixion of Jesus Emmanuel Esu SANANDA; the false Jews of Revelation have been plotting and planning the demise of Christianity since the beginning.


The entire world has been fooled by the Luciferian Khazar tribe, who go back past Biblical days in their thrust to control—AND DEPOPULATE A PLANET.  The sugar coating and soothing words the controlled major media, spoon fed to you of the ignorant masses, tell you nothing of the insidious programs the Jew has in place to destroy you.

It is now “common knowledge” that “a flying saucer” landed or crashed on your planet.  It should be common knowledge that “Jesus” flew around in “a metallic light orb”, or that the Bethlehem “Star” was a wondrous and majestic craft of great beauty, or even that Pharaoh’s chariots fought with an “UFO” at the Red Sea. 

 Ah, but those Jews who now control your publishing houses for ALL school text books, conveniently removed any references to God Aton/Hatonn’s HOSTS FROM AFAR, called ARCHANGELS.  Now you only think of these historic events as myths and legends handed down through the centuries by pagan peoples, who did not know what they were talking about.

No, it is you of today who are the pagans now.  You ones who consider yourselves an enlightened civilization with advanced technology, you are just now catching up with ancient “gods” and their machines!  And I speak only of your “secret science”; the masses remain completely in the dark as to the capabilities of your world governments.


You are controlled by the Anti-Christ/Anti-God by your lack of knowledge of, not only your Earth/Shan’s history, but of the true nature of space (which is the Mind of God) and the beings who “patrol” the Cosmos in “Beam Ships”.

The physical aspect of your adversary has craft that appear wondrous and great.  However, they are mere toy airplanes to God and us of the Hosts. 

  For example, you may see a craft shoot out into space past your space station, or beyond your Moon, but it has to come back.  You of the physical cannot get very far out from your own tiny solar system of planets—you are stuck there.
This particular “earth” (a generic term meaning planet that supports human or humanoid life—of which there are countless billions) is your school ground.  You were placed therein to continue your lessons as “little gods”, if you will, learning to be responsible so you can finally join your higher brethren out in the vast universe of time and space.  Since there really is no “time” nor “space”, as such, the Creator has fashioned you a 3 Dimensional “Reality” in which you can perceive a SEQUENCE OF EVENTS in order to experience “life” in a physical manifestation.

That is why it is referred to as a school room.  Your reality is merely a cosmic play with a script to see what you will do with what you have to play with.

Or, will you bring your world back into balance and brotherly love?  Man was meant to be caretakers of Earth (s) and the other creatures put here for your use and enjoyment.  And look what you have allowed to happen.  The rape and pillage of this blue-green emerald and all its resources. 

  You have over populated your human species by at least 6 BILLION PEOPLE, on a planet designed for 500 million.

 This is the Luciferian influence.  “Safe sex”, homosexuality, “Baby Daddy’s”, prostitution, child molestation, the constant barrage of music videos and TV, and movies that teach your children nothing but promiscuous and lascivious behavior.  AIDS is not stopped by those latex condoms!  AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease!  It is exactly like the common cold—it is a SOCIALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE!  AIDS is a military biological weapon created in a test tube in Tel Aviv, Israel for the express purpose of decimating the Black and homosexual community, before “suddenly” infecting the entire world population.  And yes, the cure was manufactured BEFORE the plague, but that is only for the elite.  There are cures still available to you the people, but they are quickly (and quietly) being removed from general circulation.  We will cover these again at a later time.  Go back and study the JOURNALS, please.  For now—stop doing that which is against the Laws of God and the Creation, and utilize your colloidal silver!


The two brothers accused of using a “pressure cooker” packed with nails and “fireworks”, stuffed into a backpack, was an Israeli Mossad (the Khazar murderous secret service) terrorist attack.  By staging these events the evil Jew is making your America, land of the free, into a PRISON.  Just as you have lost your “Fly the Friendly Skies” airlines to prison-like check points, body searches, “no fly lists”, and DEADLY DNA-DESTROYING AND CANCER-CAUSING SCANNERS.  It is being set-up to be such in all your cities.

The streets coming into and going out of cities, towns, and public places are to become prison check points—just like your numerous prisons the Jews are continuing to build to house the “trouble makers”.  Meaning all those who can stop them.  Blacks are a very spiritual people, and Mohammad hated the Anti-Christ Jews—and Jesus told them as much.  The Jews know that by targeting African American youth, their enemy can be put out of commission.  In the meantime, Jews PRETEND to be the Black man’s best friend in Hollywood, on the football field, and in basketball and in music, giving them all the money they ask for—to keep them from seeing the devil standing before him.

However, on the OTHER HAND, the Jew gave the Black man AIDS, decimated his African homeland, destroyed his family structure, put his youth on drugs flown in by the CIA/Mossad to all the inner “urban cities”, and created a “profile” that the police and military (United Nations specifically) can single out to “SHOOT-ON-SIGHT” when the time comes.  Is this not the “silver-tongued devil” in action?!

But all the other races are now being targeted as well.  Germany and the Holocaust Hoax (yes, people were murdered but no more than 350,000, and these were JUDEAN HEBREWSNOT Khazar false Hebrews, called “Jews”!), Anglo-Saxon “Whites”, and Russian Christians.  However, since the Kremlin regained control of their nation from the “Soviet” Khazars, they will retaliate when the Jews try to blame them and try to make the world think they are terrorists.

Missiles fired from high-flying aircraft (manned or not) can and are blamed for many, many “suicide attacks”.  And when they strike from a great distance, they drop down on the target—such as a crowded market place, or Boston Marathon gathering, with SUDDEN, LEATHAL ACCURACY.  The victims do not hear it coming, just as an FA-18 Super Hornet doing public fly-bys over a neighborhood for the Hydroplane races on a river IS SILENT WHEN TRAVELING FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF SOUND.  But whatever covert method is used, the OFFICIAL STORY is already drawn up and ready to be passed on to you through the Jewish/Mossad/MI-6 (British Intelligence) media.  Complete with family histories, “mug shots”, and PSYCHIATRIC RECORDS, etc.  The “fall guy” is never the one who did it, and he is either conveniently “taken out” (self-inflicted or killed in a hail of gun fire), or quickly gathered up and locked away without you ever hearing HIS SIDE OF THE STORY.

Russian Cosmosphere (UFOs) beam weapons detonated the explosive contents in one of our nation’s grain elevator plants, sending a clear message to our (and their) evil adversary:  "Cease and Desist"!  This is how the covert world plays the game in front of you-the-people.  You are kept in the dark and fed nothing but sugar coated lies.


The task of saving your world is NOT insurmountable.  The power of the false “Jews” of Khazaria is non-existent in the face of the Lord.  Remember that, always.

As the problems of everyday life seem to be unbearable, know that God never gives you that which you are incapable of handling.  And, no one has it any harder or easier than anyone else. 

Valerie, you are precious unto me and thy commitment is the inspiration to all involved in our mammoth task.  Know, however, that your achievements are reaching the populous that it was intended for.  You are the universal hub that everything revolves around, for you represent that which God Aton bids all men to become in this earthly existence of lessons learned and goals to make.

Hold fast to thy Spirit, which is Mine Spirit, and we shall see the coming of the Glory of Christ-ness pour forth unto this human race.  AHO and SALU!

Hatonn moving to standby.