Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Series 233: Prince Rogers Nelson WAS MURDERED by the Elite Zionist Khazar Mafia, to further the aims of the “Jewish” Anti-Christ against the Christian Brotherhood of God Aton (look it up, please). Prince is/was a Godly man no matter what you thought of his music and concerts. God ALWAYS figured first in his life. A lesson ALL OF YOU should take in your daily lives of coming home to the Lord! Whatever your contract with God, do it wondrously and in spirit—IN—SPIRED—IN SPIRIT—and you will be on the track! Don’t approach God—or your Self—in an attitude of begging supplication. You are not asking benevolence—nor is God dealing out patronage. God is Creator—and you are co-Creator—not a supplicant for favors.

4/21/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns233)

Good evening, Hatonn present to commune in the Radiance of Father/Mother Great Spirit, in that you of His children might find balance and inner peace on this morning.  Amen

Let us continue with today’s lessons.  “Tee-Tee” and “V”, we will get to the discussions about energy forms and “ghosts” in a moment.  And our dear, dear friends in New Zealand and South Africa, we will go over all the wondrous information that you have shared with us.  God’s Light will protect you, for it is you daring ones who will turn this world around so that your brothers and sisters will know the way home.

Prince Rogers Nelson WAS MURDERED by the Elite Zionist Khazar Mafia, to further the aims of the “Jewish” Anti-Christ against the Christian Brotherhood of God Aton (look it up, please).  Prince is/was a Godly man no matter what you thought of his music and concerts.  God ALWAYS figured first in his life.  A lesson ALL OF YOU should take in your daily lives of coming home to the Lord!  Whatever your contract with God, do it wondrously and in spirit—IN—SPIRED—IN SPIRIT—and you will be on the track!  Don’t approach God—or your Self—in an attitude of begging supplication.  You are not asking benevolence—nor is God dealing out patronage.  God is Creator—and you are co-Creator—not a supplicant for favors.

You must put aside your idea of separateness and find your universality.  Until you KNOW your attachment with the universe you are but one part of it.  As long as you feel yourself to be a separate individual person with no attachment, you will think of God as totally separate and apart from your Self.  Until you can think of your Self as the Person, or the Universal Self, God will be another being whom you may revere or worship, or ask favors from, or depend upon in the measure of your KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.

To have faith—or belief—in God implies separateness.  It implies that God is another of whom you cannot say, “I and My Father are ONE.”  That is why much deep communion with God is the most important thing in your life, for the more you lose yourself in the Universal Self the more you think of God and your Self as being of ONENESS.

When you plant corn you do it with KNOWLEDGE born of experience that the corn will grow and fill your granaries.  It does not grow because you have faith and belief that it will grow; it grows because of the perfect workings of God’s Laws.  Likewise, you put the seed in the ground by intelligent action—first making sure you begin with corn seeds.  You do not sit in the house and pray to God with faith and belief that He will plant it for you, for you KNOW that He will not.  God will work WITH you but not FOR you, and all of the faith and belief in the world will not give you a crop without you doing your part with God in the fulfillment of your desire.

Let us look at the faith and belief that just believing in “Jesus’s” death will save you and that you will be raptured away just for that believing.  NO.  You will not go anywhere unless you take action and do the things instructed for you to do in order to be suitable for the passage—REMEMBER?  IT IS TIME YOU ALL REMEMBER YOUR SUNDAY LESSONS—“EXCEPT THROUGH ME SHALL YE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF MY FATHER!”  And who was this bold speaker?  He was the “Christed” teacher, which means “the perfection of God” and therefore HE IS THE WORD, THE LIFE AND THE WAY.   EXCEPT YOU ACT WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WHICH HE IS, YE SHALL NOT ENTER IN.  Just remember the half of the lessons which you enjoy hearing and require nothing of your physical being—you seem to have selective hearing and much more selective actions.  You want to practice all the fleshy physical “things” without responsibility and then dump the load on a poor, unsuspecting scapegoat.  It shall not come to be!  “For except through the actions within the LAW shall ye enter in!”  Moreover, you won’t even get on board a silver craft with that attitude for the Cosmic Brotherhood live within the LAWS and ye who do not and deny them—are not welcome within to foul their order and balance.

Forests rise, corn grows in their majesty, vapors rise and storms rend without faith and belief, or even without knowledge—they follow the natural laws of the universe.  God’s Law is being fulfilled in them.  God’s law is also being fulfilled in you.  You may break your leg and God’s law will heal it just as God’s law grows the corn.  But if you ask God to do more for you than fulfill His law—in other words, if you ask Him to do something for you which is YOUR part of it—He will not do it, no matter how much you pray and no matter how much faith and belief you put into your prayers.

To exemplify our meaning a bit farther, suppose your broken leg is badly twisted out of line or the bones pass each other, and you ask God to reset the bones which you, yourself, should do or have done by a surgeon who KNOWS.  You will find that God will do His part by making His universal law work for you, but your twisted leg will be the evidence of your own neglect to do your part of the work that God is doing with you, and you will be a cripple for life—destined to suffer from your own disobedience to God’s perfect Law.

And therein lies most of the confusion regarding faith healing.  God’s Laws of growth are absolute.  They work automatically and they work whether you pray or do not pray.  Conversely, God’s Laws of decay and disintegration are just as absolute as His Laws of construction, and all the prayers which ask God to set aside His Laws as a special favor to you are more than wasted.

Again, another example.  A destructive fungus develops in a farmer’s corn field.  The farmer does not go to his chamber to pray with full faith and belief that God will care that blight while he sits by his fireside and does not do his part in working with God to reverse the destructive effect.  Nor does he reason with God by making such useless affirmations as:  “God made the corn perfect. 

  Therefore, there is no imperfection in it because there is no imperfection in God.  ”The farmer knows that he must do his part in checking the destructive growth or he shall simply have no crop.

If you would not expect a farmer to heal his corn, disease by faith and belief only in prayer to God, why expect it of humans? Yet a blight does develop in a human—a blight such as cancer, tumors, wasted lungs, or any of the many things that can happen to any material growing body which came out of the ground through the constructive forces of nature and must return to the ground through the destructive forces which are always waiting to do their part in Nature’s work the instant they are called upon to do their part.  Many humans would not ask God to cure a corn blight nor condemn a farmer for curing it himself, but when they find that a blight has struck their own body, they pray that God will set aside His inexorable laws because of their great faith in Him instead of doing what the farmer does by working WITH God.

Those who believe this way makes certain affirmations upon which they base their beliefs regarding humans as being quite different from laws governing corn or potatoes.  Those believers say with much reverence:  “God made man perfect.  Therefore there can be no imperfection.  If you will but see yourself perfect, you will then be perfect.

The great fallacy of such a belief lies in the fact that man’s body is not man.  Man is Mind—an idea of Mind, an idea with a spiritual entity.  That is what God made perfect—and it is quite true that there can be no imperfection in the spiritual, eternal man.

But it is not the perfect spiritual man that has a cancer or tumor.  It is man’s body WHICH HAS THE CANCER OR TUMOR.  AND IT IS MAN’S BODY WHICH IS FOLLOWING THE INEXORABLE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT WHICH CONSTRUCT AND DESTROY ALL BODIES SEQUENTIALLY.  So, the Mind must be allowed in its own KNOWING and BALANCE to create that balance which allows the BODY TO BE HEALED.  It is not “faith” healing—IT IS SELF—KNOWING RE-BALANCING.


God made His Law perfect. Perfection of God’s Law means perfection of balance between two opposite forces, the force which builds bodies and the force which destroys them.  God made BOTH these forces and they are inexorable and unalterable in their workings.  God made the divided universe and the laws which govern it are perfect.

But God gave man KNOWLEDGE of how to control those forces by putting his knowledge into action.  The forces of Nature and the construction of bodies cannot be controlled by wishful thinking.  Do you think it wise to sit in front of an onrushing train and wish it would stop when all you have to do is get up and step out of the way?  The divided universe of bodies, which come from the earth and go back into the earth, is one of action—not inaction and wishful thinking.

The next time someone taunts you with “Why don’t you let God heal that”, if you have cut your finger and ask for antiseptic to cleanse the wound—ask him why he doesn’t let God eat, wash and toilet for him?  Why would you ask your guides, your teachers and/or God to do that which you know full well what to do to tend?

Funny thing—all along the way YOU have helped God to make your body.  God did his part perfectly for God has all knowledge and works in harmony with His Law, while you do your part imperfectly because of your perceived limited knowledge of and obedience to the Law, such as eating good food and observing the laws of cleanliness and exercise.

If you eat poison food you will poison your body—why blame God?


If you put decaying or poisonous food into your growing body and then ask God in full faith and belief to set His Law aside for you, you are but expressing ignorance of God’s way of working with you instead of knowledge of your co-Creatorship with God.  You do not realize that you are asking God to reverse His Law and make the destructive force which you have put into your body become a constructive force. 

 What you should do is KNOW that you are in a predicament and you had best ask for inspiration and IDEA as to how to tend the matter and then you will get guidance to either put the poison out, have an antidote, send your body’s own resources or something useful and you really should do it right away.


There is no imperfection.  If something is not to your liking then you are left with but one action—do something to make it otherwise.  The only thing you can do is work with God intelligently through action, just as God works with Nature through intelligent action.

The Law is always perfect, however, and imperfect bodies are a breech of Law.

A smallpox or typhoid epidemic cannot be stopped by all the prayers of all the world so long as man continues to build smallpox or typhoid into his own body through ignorance of the Law which he is breaking.  Instead of praying to God to stop the epidemic, man should pray for KNOWLEDGE of how to work with God in the elimination of it, just as he prayed and worked for the elimination of smallpox.  It was not faith and belief which conquered smallpox—nor will it stop the new strains deliberately developed by other men to reinfect you with more virulent smallpox.


Many who believe in healing by prayer alone without working with God through intelligent action vehemently condemn calling in a doctor or surgeon in cases where a purely mechanical action is needed to save a live, for instance, in childbirth where both child and mother die because of lack of a purely mechanical change of position of the borning child which otherwise could not be birthed.

Refusal to make use of the knowledge of one to whom God has given such knowledge is as much a commission of murder by the one who refuses as though he killed the mother and child with a revolver.

The same with seatbelts which go unworn.  If you do not use the IDEAS God gives for your security—then why blame God if your car crashes and you are maimed?  There are some things which can only come from higher resource but mostly humans simply ignore those things which are made available through their refusal to act WITH GOD.

If you encounter ones who refuse surgery and transfusions because God will heal or take according to His choice—I have a question for you to ask.  “Would you recommend that a hundred surgeons and doctors be withdrawn from the battle fields and replaced with men of your belief to save the lives of men whose legs have been shot off, skulls crushed and bones exposed to view men who are bleeding to death from terrible wounds or burns where flesh is half gone from the body?  (Preferably ask one who is ON HIS WAY TO THE BATTLEFIELD!)  Why would you not utilize the wondrous KNOWLEDGE which God has shared with the human to gain skills in medical treatment?  It is as much with Ascension instead of working and acting to change the path of destruction—HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU SEEN ASCEND???

If you feel everything should be ignored and left to some God somewhere out there—then you know nothing of the very basic principle of Creation and have no idea who and what is God.


THOSE WHO AFFIRM THAT GOD MADE MAN PERFECT—MEANING THE BODY OF MAN—DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE MAKING OF THE BODY OF MAN COVERS A PERIOD OF MILLIONS OF YEARS.  The man of the jungle, of the Stone Age, the Neanderthal man, or the man of the Carboniferous Age, is as unalike as the forest of today.  At which one of these many stages was man perfect?

If God made man of today perfect, could we not also say that the Neanderthal man was perfect—or that the cosmic-illumined man of the future is also perfect—when neither one resembles the other either mentally or physically?


All vegetable and animal bodies are mechanical instruments which are made for the sole purpose of manifesting God THROUGH ACTION.  That is all that bodies do.  They do nothing else than express the reactions of their centering Mind which motivates their actions.

Bodies are composed of light waves.  One half of every wave is concentrative and centripetal.  It is thus polarized in the positive direction of increasing vitality.  It is the builder of bodies.

Positive polarity multiplies power in the measure of desire of Mind to express action.  Positive polarity expresses LIFE.

The other half of the wave is decentrative and centrifugal.  It is thus depolarized in the direction of decreasing vitality.  Depolarization expresses death.

Jonur, have a break, please.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  SALU.


4/19/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns232)

Good afternoon, Commander Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God/Aton.  Amen.




Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
 Galactic Federation Fleet Command
Pleiades Sector; Earth Project


Let us go over this “Jewish thing” for a moment.  Understand I do NOT speak of the Godly Hebrew Judean or followers of Judah.  I am only referring to KHAZAR ZIONIST BOLSHEVIKS (“SOVIETS” not RUSSIANS, WHO ARE CHRISTIAN, LIKE YOU).

It is the Jews [not spelled J-U-D-E-A-N, J-U-D-A-I-S-T—but “J-E-W” of Turkish origin who are the impostors of history.  These are the Luciferian banksters of the Temple, during Esu Immanuel “Jesus”—returning as SANANDA—the Egyptian word for “Christ’s” time 2000 years ago.  Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 tells you that.

These transplanted “Soviet” “Jews” or Bolsheviks, in 1917 Russia, became “American Jews”.  The real Hebrew Judean (no matter if Spanish, Ethiopian, etc.) people themselves who most of all are the unwitting victims of Zionism.  It is they who are becoming uneasy as they watch Israel throwing off all restraints.  It was they who had to watch in confusion at what Israel did to Lebanon.  And, it is they, the mass of Jews [Keep in mind this term never existed BEFORE the 1700’s.  Neither did the PROPER NOUN—“Israel”.  Before the 16th Century “israel” always meant “Godly people” or “Followers of God”.  Now it is a center for global war starting in the Middle East, as the “Jews” scripted it to be!] in America, who will begin to suffer for the actions of the Zionists.


Let us look at the relationship between the two political forces known as Zionism and Bolshevism and let us look at them from the aspect of the early 1980s.  You must have this background if you are to follow these groups through into today’s events.

Both were forged into living entities in the crucible of World War I.  Both have common roots which claim to be Jewish but are not and both of those political forces use the community of all Jews as a cover for their own activities.  The Bolsheviks, with headquarters in America, work hand in glove with their Zionist brothers who control Israel.  THEIR JOINT GOAL IS ABSOLUTE DOMINATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.

We have, in the past, discussed the deadly competition under way in early 1980 in the U.S. between the Bolsheviks and the Rockefeller Cartel.  Against all odds, the Rockefeller group was succeeding in regaining total control in many economic areas—and the economic power was intended to translate quickly into political power.  If the Rockefeller interest could have their way, America was on the road to Fascism.  Their pattern for America was that of Hitler’s Germany.  That was their alternative which they were pitting against the drive toward Marxist dictatorship in the U.S. by the Bolsheviks.

Remember, Adolf Hitler (half “Jewish” Khazar himself!  However, he did not like his Jew heritage over the German Christian nation he loved.  We will talk more of Hitler—AS WELL AS HIS SELF DISCRIBED “UFO FLEET”, when we move into those “E.T.” lessons.), was brought to power in Germany.  It was done through the power of giant industries secretly controlled by the Rockefeller combine.  The governmental structure set up by Hitler was Fascism (big business in partnership with government), in which big industry was a privileged partner.  The Corporate Socialists were working feverishly to repeat that pattern, only more so, right in the U.S.  This time they intended for their corporate empire to be so powerful as to be beyond control by the government—and, through their own agents within government, they planned to have their own way against the Bolsheviks.

The so-called Reagan Administration was beginning to show its Fascist colors in domestic affairs.  Anti-trust laws had effectively been shelved.  Instead, the U.S. Attorney General had given a clear green light for all-out corporate mergers and acquisitions.  Meanwhile, the Administration was rapidly building the walls to contain you all within the prison which America was to become.

Under the guise of immigration control more and more detention centers were opening up.  Likewise, the issue of prison overcrowding had been made into an overnight excuse for an enormous prison-building program.  (Created by the Clintons!  Go back and check THEIR voting record on these very sensitive, racial issues!)  When the time would come they would all be ready for their real intended use—AS CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

The Rockefeller Corporate Socialists were looking forward to rounding up and silencing their opposition.  In doing that they believed they would ultimately be helped by the Bolsheviks and Zionists themselves.  The Rockefellers had always made a practice of studying the psychological profiles of their enemies and, in studying the Bolshevik/Zionist mentality; they had found an Achilles heel—a fatal weakness.  That weakness lay in the exercise of power itself.  Whenever they have a free rein the Bolsheviks and Zionists always go too far.  One of these persons once stated, “We are becoming extremely powerful, so powerful that it is a danger to us.  The more power we acquire, the closer we come to the surface.  We have left a trail and, as we come closer to the surface, the danger is that someday someone will start following that trail.  And yet we cannot stop; we will continue to gather more power, coming ever closer to the surface until we destroy ourselves with our power.”

The Rockefeller group believed that it was starting to happen.  In Israel the Zionists (and the “place” “Israel” was not created until 1947!  That is not even close to biblical times!  Palestine is STOLEN PROPERTY—KHAZARS WERE NEVER IN BONDAGE IN EGYPT—AND JERUSALEM IS NOT THEIR HOMELAND, AND NEVER WAS!) were casting off all restraints in warfare, creating revolution worldwide in the process.  Is that not what “ISIS”, etc., is today?  Khazars pretending to be Moslem Arabs—so the Jews can bring about their PLANNED ARMAGEDDON.

In America the Bolsheviks were riding higher and higher.  On all sides the self-proclaimed “Big Jews” were beginning to flaunt their power instead of using it surreptitiously.  In the news media, in entertainment, in education, in government, on all sides it was beginning to happen.  In all positions of power in America, Jews were becoming conspicuous by their numbers.  Up to then, this was still a phenomenon which millions of Americans were telling themselves they did not see—not good neighbors of Jewish background but powerful Zionists in control of all other segments.  You never hesitated to count up the other ethnic groups you found in powerful positions—be they Japanese-American, Chicanos, Blacks or whatever, but many Americans are made to feel vaguely anti-Semitic if they dare to count up Jews in the same way—a planned attack, of course.  Millions of others see it but talk about it only in their parlors or country clubs.  Politically, it is disaster to even mention the term.

What it came down to was this:  The Bolshevik/Zionist elements in America had acquired so much power that they were going too far.  They surfaced in spite of themselves, and the Rockefeller Cartel intended to use that mistake to destroy them.  The Administration would be forced to turn increasingly Fascist on the domestic front; and as the echo of Adolf Hitler would grow wilder and louder, there would be a rebirth of what used to be called “The Jewish Question.”

Well, the “Little Jews” blame the “Big Jews” because “they went too far”.  They had taken over all the reins of power in Germany.  There was nothing they did not control, so the good apples had to suffer with the bad.  This is the very reason the German government went after the Jews.  They had taken control of the business and bought up the property and were suppressing the German natives.  It is indeed sad for a group to be shattered by those they thought to be their own.  The Zionists, I remind you, are NOT original Jews!

Let us continue were we left off, please.  Thank you.

No matter what the cause of any disintegrating or depolarizing effect, the remedy for it is to restore balance.  The restoration of balance in any machine can be accomplished through action.  It is just as reasonable for one to expect God to repair his typewriter because of his faith and belief as it is to expect Him to repair a human machine which man has damaged.

The restoration of balance through any mental unbalanced condition is purely mental.  A change of thought from negative to positive will cure any mental ailment.  A physically unbalanced body condition requires a physical action to restore its balance and this can actually only be truly accomplished through first balancing the Mind.

Mind healing has no relation to faith and belief in actuality.  It is purely CAUSE and EFFECT working in accordance with God’s established law.  It is desire for a right condition followed by intelligent action to restore that condition.  Purely physical abnormalities, whether a broken bone, a cancer, a cut upon the head, a gunshot wound, paralysis from blood clots on the brain, misshapen bodies or other deformities can be “cured” only by physical action.  One might just as well ask God in all faith and belief to mend a broken spoke in an automobile wheel as to ask Him to cure a deformed foot without intelligent action.

Can God do it?  Yes!  However, if it be your foot and it is malformed—why would He override your input?  If you wish it healed (if in fact you perceive it in need of “healing”) you will do it yourself through the proper physical attention (although the physical action may very well be totally mental in projection).  For instance, if one has indigestion from drinking Martinis—would it not be wise to stop the Martinis?  If you have so little care as to healing of self then it is assumed that the misery is enjoyed for some unrecognized reason and when the person is ready to release the illness—he will do so.


Creation is a play of CAUSE and EFFECT.  The CAUSE is undivided.  CAUSE is always balanced.  It is always ONE.

EFFECT is divided.  Instead of one balanced condition, it is a division into two unbalanced conditions.

The play of life is to keep the two unbalanced conditions of EFFECT in balance with each other.  When CAUSE and EFFECT are in balance with each other, the spiritual and physical manifestations of either man or nature manifest harmony, unity, growth and normalcy in all parts.  It is impossible to keep one’s body in perfect balance always.  To say that God made man’s body perfect, as well as man, does not mean that man can keep his body from being damaged.  He must go to a dentist when his teeth wear out, or to an oculist when his eyes grow old—or put up with the inconveniences for the avoidance.

It is in consistent for one to believe that God will set a broken bone and, therefore, refuse a surgeon’s help, but will go to a dentist to have his teeth filled.

God’s law of CAUSE and EFFECT always works.  When anything goes wrong with you, or with civilization, it is you who are at fault, not God.  If men steal from each other for ages they harvest hate and fear which culminate in wars.  The seeds of fear, hate and greed will not yield harvests of love, prosperity, happiness and peace.

Men pray to ask God to protect them from their enemies, instead of praying to ask God to so enlighten them that men can practice the love principle in their human relations and, thereby, not make enemies.  As long as man continues to violate God’s law, he will hurt himself.  All the faith and belief in the world will not alter the Effect of any Cause whatsoever.  Try it.  Try putting your finger on a red hot stove while praying reverently with full faith and belief that God will cancel the law as a favor to you—and see what happens.  Your finger will burn!

Can you override that result?  Yes, but it requires preparation of the body responses in direct effect of orders from the Mind to make those changes—I see almost none who can successfully do this.  To walk across a bed of coals, say, is not proving much of anything but is fooling the people around you as well as your- self.  If mentally prepared properly, the Mind can cause the body to react in directed conditioning—but this takes a lot of attention and work.

Therefore, we again say to you that when you ask God for anything, never ask Him to fulfill His part, for He has already done that, but ask Him, rather, to show you what you should do to fulfill your portion.  Everything that is wrong with you is of your own making.  Therefore, ask that you be enlightened.  Perhaps it will be as simple as putting an asbestos finger mitten on before touching the hot stove!  The answer will always be quite simple and always most reasonable.

Let us say, for example, you want a roof for your church or perhaps, as with Little Crow, the gathering office needs paint—and your people pray in full faith and belief that God will give it to you and you then rely solely upon your prayer.   Your church will not get a roof and the walls will not be covered with new paint.  If, however, you ask God to give you knowledge to guide your actions in giving service for regiving of money for the roof and/or the paint and to have someone splash the paint on the walls, your knowledge will find the way to accomplish both.  In Little Crow’s instance, he simply asks his gathering for contributions.  If that does not do it then he will have to decide how badly he needs new paint—and leave it alone or do it himself.  Do you get the point?  This is the law and you will as surely have your desire fulfilled as the farmer’s desire is fulfilled when he does his part by tilling the soil and planting seeds.

That is what I mean by the prayers of men who tell God what they wish Him to do instead of asking God to tell them what they should do.  How many times do you think of something only to put it aside and later say, “I thought of that but didn’t do it.” You have to listen when God tells you for it will always be through IDEA.

This is the great misconception of the power of prayer.  The cause of that misconception lies in the fact that people who ask God for fulfillment of their desires forget that requests for material things are created only through two way action.  Material things are not created by rubbing an Aladdin lamp or through wishful thinking.  They are created through balanced action and reaction.

Let us put a hard example on this.  Say now that certain guns and rifles need registration and you have one but have not registered it.  It lays atop the gun case.  Now you can pray until you drop dead to have God remove that gun and place it in security and you are going to become arrested at some point for having the gun.  You know what to do with that weapon and if you want something done with it you better get at it.  God will allow you to be incarcerated if that is the penalty to allow you to know the difference.  He will warn you in time if you have asked for guidance—but YOU WILL DO IT.  This is a good lesson for today for many of you are going to be caught in this plight as gun controls come down on your nation.  If you are one with one of these banned guns—here is your warning—GET IT TENDED!  GO WITHIN AND ASK FOR GUIDANCE AS TO WHAT TO DO AND LISTEN FOR THE ANSWER—THEN ACT.  IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET RID OF THE EQUIPMENT THEN YOU HAD BETTER TEND OF IT SOMEWAY.  SURPRISE SEARCH AND SEIZURES ARE GOING TO BEGIN AT ANY MOMENT!  THEREFORE, IF YOU ARE NAGGED BY MALCONTENT OVER THE TENDING OF IT—DON’T TEASE AND QUIP ABOUT IT—TEND IT!

When a mechanic fixes your broken car through KNOWLEDGE of its workings, or a surgeon fixes your broken body through KNOWLEDGE of its workings, those operations are as much Mind-healings as the elimination of toxic poisons from your body by thoughts of love is a Mind-healing.




When man fervently asks God to fulfill desires, he forgets that he is asking God to do what he, himself, should do.  God’s part has already been done.

Man asks God to stop wars, forgetting that wars are man-made, not God-made.  They are a breech of God’s law.  Wars are effects of the disunity, greed and selfishness of man.  Man has free will to manifest the spirit in him or his senses, as he wills.  It is all a part of the play of Cause and Effect.  The play must go on until man learns by experience that he must someday manifest the love principle upon which the Universe is founded.


Sorry about this, but you know that the fulfillment of any desire, whatsoever, comes only through intelligent action.  You guide your car through busy streets by intelligent action, not by faith or belief unsupported by knowledge of the right actions which are necessary to take.

Faith and belief are wonderfully consoling for a wishful thinker who is willing to believe in miraculous happenings or who is quite ready to evade effort on his part, but it should be erased from the lexicon of those who tout that it is fine to just “BE” are lying to you and to themselves for “just being” entails that someone do for them, that which are considered NEEDS.  If all in the same group are “just being” and sitting on their duffs “wishing”—not a thing will get done except you will get hungry and have to go to the bathroom.

God creates what He KNOWS by thinking it into divided forms.  Man should do likewise, but he must first KNOW that which he desires to think into form.

You may have faith, belief and also HOPE in regard to others but not in God.  You must KNOW that God will give you your desire if you WORK WITH HIM to fulfill it but not otherwise.  Others may have to justify your faith and belief in them but God should NEVER have to prove Himself to you.

If you ask a builder to build a house for you, you KNOW that he can do it and, also, he knows that he can do it—or you will choose another builder.  If he answered your inquiry as to whether he could build a house for you by saying, “I sure hope I can” or, “Well, I have faith and belief that I probably can”, your own faith in him would be tinged with deep doubts, for your very belief in him is founded on confidence in his knowledge or you wouldn’t have contacted him in the first place.

YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF based upon your KNOWLEDGE for knowledge is your power; not faith, belief or hope.  Those are but the stepping stones to come into KNOWING THROUGH ACTION.

Therefore, I say to you; whenever you desire to do anything, for which you do not feel yourself equipped, do not start doing it with doubt in your Mind or with blind faith that God WILL DO IT FOR YOU, FOR YOU MUST NOT BEGIN THAT WAY.

Stop, rather, and talk WITH God.  “Seek Him, know Him, be Him” in deep meditation and communion.  Seek knowledge through INSPIRATION.  That is the only way to build omnipotence into your desire.  Never start anything without inspired knowledge which puts love into your giving—for that which is called WORK should be only joyous giving.

Your weakness lies in asking God to fulfill your desire instead of asking Him to give you the knowledge to work WITH Him in the fulfilling of your desire.  You render yourself weak in so asking—and you double your weakness by the very thought of having “faith in God”.  You must have KNOWING in God.  Somehow, by just having “faith in God” implies a doubt of the certainty of His promise, and places God on His honor to grant you your request.  He already granted you your request through His grace—all you have to do is accept the gift and regive by achievement.  You must learn to approach any achievement with an attitude of certainty for, when you have instilled the certainty of the goal accomplished, the God within will provide the “how” in the form of inspired IDEA—you add the action.

Jonur, break here, please.  There is passing of one in the entertainment industry, who is near and dear to your family, and you, as well as many others in your nation and world.  Have respite, and great peace and solace, and we will speak of those who have “made their transition” from the physical to that which is “unseen”, in thy perception at this time.  And yes, “Tee-Tee”, we will speak of the energy forms (“ghosts”) going up and down the stairs!  Salu!

Hatonn moving to standby frequency.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Series 231: Science has not yet discovered that there are four pairs of poles in a wave and not just the two which it calls positive and negative on opposite ends of a bar “magnet”. That is because it has never yet related the octaves of the elements of matter to optics as we will do in the last lessons.

4/13/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns231)

Jonur, let us continue on from where we left off with the prior document, thank you.  The continuity is the most important issue here.

Now it so happens that the early concept of electricity provided for a one-way flow which compressed to multiply potential which simultaneously produced heat.  The opposite flow was theoretical but a necessary one, for there are two poles and two opposite conditions in every wave effect.

Science has not yet discovered that there are four pairs of poles in a wave and not just the two which it calls positive and negative on opposite ends of a bar “magnet”.  That is because it has never yet related the octaves of the elements of matter to optics as we will do in the last lessons.

The sex-divided condition did not occur to these early observers.  Such an idea never entered their thinking.  To them sex was a function of organic life only and not of atomic life in the elements of matter.  Nor did the red and green divisions of the spectrum ever become a part of their considerations.

Nor did the idea of spectrum tensions ever enter into their thinking in relation to the electric current—the tension of the spectrum division which desired unity by the disappearance of the colors of motion into the White Light of universal stillness, or the tensions of sex division of Father-Mother hood into father and mother bodies which desired unity in sexlessness.  Nor did they take into consideration that the two opposites of compression and expansion coincided with concentration and decentration—growth and decay—life and death—or the polarization and depolarization principle.

Then at the turn of the century, Rutherford and Bohr conceived the idea of atomic construction being based upon the firm belief in the Coulomb Law which says that matter attracts oppositely “charged” electrical matter and repels similarly “charged” matter.  Nothing could be more convincing for one pole of a magnet “attracted” its opposite and “repelled” its like.  It never occurred to them that gravity, not “electricity”, is the divider of sexlessness into sexed pairs.  If so, they would have realized that two like males do not mate for procreation, nor do two like females.  If the sex idea in relation to “electricity” had occurred to them, there never would have been a Coulomb’s Law nor a nucleus in an atom.  Nothing could be more convincing to sense-reasoning than the very self-evident fact that there must be two kinds of electricity—even if the electric current did run only one way, but with an unproved suspicion that it ran two ways.

Then some new and important discoveries were made which proved that the current ran two ways and that fact was misinterpreted as being proof only of their theory.

I will recite a discovery which clinched the belief in two kinds of electricity—one kind for each way, in case you ones don’t remember it from a prior writing:

“T. Edison observed the passage of electric current in one direction from a hot filament to a cold metallic plate in an evacuated enclosure, as if ‘negative electrical’ particles were emitted from the filament.”

This is from the Encyclopedia Britannica under the heading “Electron Tube”.

Let us see how this fact was misinterpreted.


There was nothing in the above experiment which merited the attention it received.  The electric current Edison observed was the radiation from a heated condition seeking the cold equilibrium of space.  It did not need to be in an evacuated tube.  It is the same effect which your hand feels from the rays of the sun, or which your body feels from a hot stove in a room.  It has always been known under the name of RADIANT ENERGY.  Radiation creates “electric” current.  Radiation is deduction.  So does generation.  Generation is induction.  One compresses, the other expands, but it is the same light-wave current, even the movement of your little finger.

A hot iron at one end of a room and a block of ice at the other end will cause a current to flow both ways until the iron, the ice and the room are all equal in temperature.  That will also happen if you put two red hot irons or two blocks of ice at opposite ends of a room.  Warm water rising into cold space creates a flow of current, but that does not mean that there is one kind of “electricity” to make the water rise and another to make it fall.  One might as reasonably say that there are two kinds of water, one kind which rises and another which falls.

Such a claim is like saying that one kind of electricity makes a man live and another kind makes him die.  All motion is centripetal when it multiplies its potential by increasing its speed, and it is centrifugal when it decreases its potential by decreasing its speed; but centrifugal force is but an escape valve for centripetal force.


Waves are motion—any kind—or stage of motion.  When motion ceases, waves cease.  When you breathe in you cause an increase in the speed of centripetal motion.  When you breathe out, you decrease the speed of motion.  It is then centrifugal.  Motion is the same kind of motion whether it is fast or slow.  Air is the same air whether it is hot or cold.  Likewise, force is the same kind of force whether it is compressing or expanding.

A charged body is still a charged body until the last vestige of motion leaves it.  Your car battery may be discharged to the last mile, but as long as it can produce motion it is still charged.  You might properly say it is then in a negative—or negated—or voided condition, but one cannot properly say that a discharging body is negatively “charged” under any possible condition.  The same thing applies to life.  As long as a man is alive and can move even one finger, he is still alive.  There are no such conditions in nature as negative electricity, negative charge, silent sound, or dead life.


Gravity is the force used by the Creator to create bodies.  Bodies are disturbances in a vacuum.  Gravity causes those disturbances, for gravity both compresses and expands.

The principle of electronics is a miniature example of what the gravity cycle does in a vacuum.  A vacuum tube with no wave motion dividing it is the normal rest condition of the universe.  It is the condition from which matter emerges—matter being the light-waves which science calls the electric current.

“Electricity” emerges from the omnipresent vacuum.  It does not return to it.  It merely seems to do so.  When an electronic tube is evacuated, it means that the electric commotion and tensions which have been pumped into it by nature have “escaped” out of it, leaving it in its normal state of rest.  Two wires are then attached to it to cause the kind of patterned commotion within it which it records from outside of it.  The vacuum condition insulates the new pattern of motion which is caused within it from any other patterns of motion which would otherwise occupy the tube.

That tube is a correct miniature zero universe of stillness which is creating a multiple universe of motion.  If you will but study that effect, you will learn more of nature’s processes.  The more that science develops this principle of creating its own patterns by starting from zero without interference from other pressures and patterns, and then multiplying them buy gravity control within them, the more progress you will make in science.

The practice of electronics will grow to enormous proportions as electronic engineers begin to know more about light, and the relation of its pressures to the spectrum divided universe which controls those pressures.

The one great lesson that you can now learn from electronics without being technical, is the fact that whatever patterns you put into those tubes in the way of sounds, pictures or movements, come out of them in the same patterns as those you put into them.  THAT APPLIES TO YOU ALSO.

Let it be fully understood what I mean in this respect.  The sounds and motion you make do not go into the tube.  It is not necessary to tell you that, for you know that nothing goes into that tube but the wave recording of the patterns of light and sounds of the events which waves record.  Now here comes your lesson.  You can hear and see what you put into that tube coming out of it again as many times as you wish to turn on the current.  That means that light waves are the recording principle of nature.  The electronic tube might well be likened to a seed of man.  The pattern of man is in the seed but the man is not in it.

That also means that all matter is but thought recordings, for all matter is wave motion.  It necessarily follows that your body is but a thought record of your mind thinking which is operating within the cosmic vacuum tube just as long as you can keep it vitalized sufficiently to create the image of you which your thinking is making.  That means that matter is but pure thought, for all matter manifests idea.

That includes every creating thing and its pattern as being thought recordings which act for a while, then refold into nature’s little electronic tubes, which you call seeds, for intervals of rest.  When you turn the generating current of the sun’s rays onto those electronic tube seeds you can see and hear the record all over again and change it if you like, whether it be your selves, a tree or a solar system.

Is not that a lesson of immortality?  Within the eternal electronic vacuum of nature, every thought and action that has ever taken place during all time lies enfolded there in non-dimensional space.

There is one more lesson that the electronic tube might clarify for you—the lesson of dimension.


Some day during your spiritual unfolding of inner sensory perception, you will become aware of the fact that dimension is but an imagined effect.  It might help you to take the first step in gaining this awareness if you will but realize that when you look out upon a fifty mile expanse of land, buildings, people and events, you see it all within a dimensionless pinpoint of space within your eye.  The whole universe is thus reducible to the non-dimension of mind-knowing which has caused the imagined universe to be extended from its eternal zero which never exceeds zero in CAUSE but seems to exceed it in EFFECT.  God did, in fact, create His universe in His image, but dimension is as much a part of His imaginings as form and events are a part of it.

Yes—the above is a wonderful lesson for one who is mystified by the vague idea of immortality, but a still greater lesson of universality awaits deep meditation by you upon the thoughts above given.
You have undoubtedly wondered much about the unfolding of a tree, or a human body, from a microscopic seed.  Many years are consumed in the process after you have put the seed in your own yard to generate a wave current for again unfolding the record contained in that patterned electronic tube.  The electronic tube seeds of nature have their film patterns enfolded within them.  Man has to carry his patterns separately—also his projection machine—whereas nature’s projection machine is the womb of earth.
Now give thought to that little seed which you call the electronic tube which is planted in Africa, ten thousand miles away from your yard.  Within that seed a terrific conflict is being enfolded, a conflict between men, planes and guns.  It is taking place NOW—this instant—and is being simultaneously unfolded from its recording seed into another seed in your very room.  You ones just experienced this very example within only the past few days.  You can see and hear what is happening ten thousand miles distant.  You can see their activities against their African setting of desert, palm trees and a broiling sun.  You can hear the agonized and frenzied shouting of people who are ten thousand miles away from you. Likewise, fifty million people like you can hear and see the same events from fifty million different pinpoints of space upon your planet.  Does not that teach you a lesson in the universality of all things?  Where, therefore, is dimension or time?  If that event is happening within your room right now as an unfolding from an electronic seed, and that dimensionless seed is almost simultaneously unfolding in fifty million rooms, how can you say that it is ten thousand miles and weeks of time away from you?  If you place a yardstick upon a mighty oak and measure its many dimensions, and then the oak withdraws those dimensions into its concept as recorded in the seed, how can you say that the dimensions you measure with a yardstick and weighing scales have a reality in a universe in which the reality you believe in disappears before your very eyes.

We find it interesting to note that in the contacts of the brothers (“space”) with Billy Meier there was a tree which was photographed with the ships—many times.  Switzerland using 8 millimeter movie film and still cameras.  The one “Beam Ship” circling the tree is astounding.  Since then, fakes and “hoax” assaults against Meier have ruined the validity of the VALAD contact.  The brothers then reversed the process and folded the tree within its seed which removed the standing tree into the seed and thus was thought to have been removed.  Moreover, ones who could not account for the absence of the tree simply stated it had never been there!  This is exactly what happens when you demand miracles and magic to “prove” a thing.  We die and it didn’t, over and over again.


Where, then, is REALITY?  Is it the Idea which forever appears and disappears in the motion picture universe every time the current is turned on to reproduce it from its invisible storehouse, or is it in that eternal zero which is its Source?

How long will it be before man seeks that reality which is eternal within him?  How long will it be before he even begins to comprehend the meaning of that command to seek the kingdom of heaven within?

As we look out upon your world of strife, seeing fear in the Soul of man instead of love and happiness, and seeing greed there for worthless quantities of moving matter, and seeing also desires for body sensation rather than mind inspiration, we can but conclude that man as a whole is still far from knowing that Light within him which One Man, whom man crucified, knew when He said, “I and My Father are One.”


It is time that you learn that you live within a cosmic electronic vacuum tube of invisibility as Mental Beings who project actions from that vacuum condition to manifest your creative desires.
Look within a television vacuum tube for a moment.  All you can see there are flashes of light which COME and GO.  They COME only because of a Mind-desire to manifest invisible IDEA into visible form.  They GO when the invisible IDEA has been expressed and the desire for further expression ceases for a while.

Ask yourself this question:  Will those light flashes remain in that tube unless forced to remain there by a power outside of their own light, or have they the power within themselves to hold their units together?

You have but one answer.  Those light flashes have been created to manifest Mind-Idea in action.  They have no energy of their own.  They will cease when Mind ceases to desire manifestation by action.  What has happened within that vacuum?  Mind-thinking has been visibly embodied.  That is all that has happened.  That is all that CREATION IS.  That is all that GRAVITY IS.  That is all that light-waves ARE.  And that is all that they DO.

Let us carry the example of that electronic tube a bit farther.  Consider that tube as a miniature replica of the Cosmic Vacuum [basically a glass tube—or, etc., with all the air and particles “sucked” or “vacuumed” out of it] ZERO of the Creator’s Mind.  Now consider it YOUR MIND.  Follow that up by realizing that there is no light in the tube because you are not recording your thought images in it.  That is the only reason.  The moment you connect the power of your thinking to that vacuum, it immediately begins to record your thoughts in light flashes which come and go as the light flashes of suns and stars of the cosmic vacuum come and go, like flashes of fireflies in the meadows.

If you will but think this through in your quiet hours of inner sensory perception, you will then fully comprehend that the light of motion, which matter is, has but one desire—to escape from the bondage of compression which keeps it forever moving to record idea instead of resting within idea.  It accomplishes this by regiving to ZERO that which Zero has given to it.

Every particle of matter in the universe, from microcosmic particle to giant sun, desires to explode.  The only way it can explode is to generate enough heat within it to explode instantly or to decay slowly.  Newton’s law of attraction has no place in nature.

The only thing which prevents the continual multiplication of heat is the uncreated cold of the omnipresent vacuum which not only surrounds it but interpenetrates its every part.  Cold freezes matter in space to jeep it from exploding, just as cold freezes matter in your deep-freeze to keep it from decaying.

Every particle of matter in the universe retains its appearance as a gas, liquid or solid only because it is frozen into the ice of itself.  A vast mass of absolute zero cold freezes your sun into its density and keeps it from exploding.  Some suns generate heat beyond their melting points and explode as novas, but some of them are conquered by cold before they expand beyond the limits of their heat exhaustion.  They are then subdued for a while until they generate enough heat to try it again.  This happens many times to many stars before they become permanently subdued.  Many, however, explode and disappear.

Compression alone creates density, but compression also creates the heat of resistance to tensions.  Vacuous cold takes the heat away, however, and leaves only the ice of that substance.  Iron, for example, is so closely compressed that it can generate 1500 degrees of heat resistance to that compression before the eternal cold subdues it.  It desires to explode, however, and will do so if you will help it by supplying 1800 degrees of heat from an acetylene torch.

Everything on your planet will also explode if it can generate enough heat to do so.  It has always been trying to do this through the internal fires of compression-resistance which sometimes reach the surface of the Earth through volcanoes.  The Earth is now so far away from the heat of the sun that cold has quite completely conquered it, but man is now attempting to create conditions which might make it possible to explode.

A full realization of the fact that matter is not held together by nuclear attractive action from within, and knowledge that your Earth is held together only by freezing a crust of stone around its internal heat, should deter humans from helping Earth to explode as a whole, as it is continually exploding in every little part which you call growth.  I mean by this, that when a small particle generates enough heat to explode the cold of its environment freezes it and causes it to refold into a cell of matter.  Gradually those cells take on patterns as tens of thousands of forms of animal and vegetable life appear.  That is the way things grow, and the only way they die is that they are enabled to generate more heat than their environment of cold is capable of freezing.

Living bodies are produced by compression.  Dying bodies are liberated by expansion.

This entire process is a photosynthetic one.  Growth is a synthesis of light particles and the patterns of growing things are photographic records of each pulsation of growth.
So what does this do to the theory of ones coming to your planet who revitalize through photosynthesis?  Yes, it IS interesting, isn’t it?  All things grow as a synthesis of light particles and the patterns are photographic records.  You believe you need food, etc., to live and grow—no, you are sensual by nature and desire, and food is pleasure of flesh indulgence.  Some 98% of what you need can be gleaned very nicely from the air you breathe—you have simply forgotten as much.


Almost every prayer which carries with it a request also carries with it the inference that God is overlooking something in the management of his universe and needs a reminder that things are not running smoothly enough to suit the petitioner.  Also, they carry the inference that requests are asked as personal favors from reverent and devout believers who believe that such favors will be granted if enough devout and reverent people join the weight of their petitions together to be heard by God and His interest in their personal requests is sufficiently aroused.  God is not heard of hearing and He is right there within, so what are you actually doing?  Such prayers carry an inference of intercession in someone’s interest—as though intercession is necessary with God—or would have any effect whatsoever upon Him.  They also carry an inference that God is a personal being, like a king on a throne, to whom petitions are submitted and favors asked upon a personal basis.

To those we say that God does His part always and needs no reminder.  His part of Creation is perfect.  His law is perfect.  HIS LAW ALWAYS WORKS.

You need not ask God to make His law of gravitation work.  Neither will He set it aside if you ask Him to do so.  If you fall off a cliff, the law of gravitation will cause your death whether you are saint or sinner and no prayer will set that aside.  God will tell you not to fall.  He has told you that in your very seed but if you disobey you will perish just like anyone else.  CAN GOD OVERRIDE THOSE LAWS?  YES.  WOULD HE!  NO, NOT VERY OFTEN—BUT HE MIGHT WELL OVERRIDE SOME OF YOUR ANTICS AND IN THOSE CASES THEY WOULD APPEAR TO BE MIRACLES.

God’s whole universe is in perfect balance.  He keeps it so.  You may depend upon it always.  If you want good crops, God’s law is there to give them to you IF YOU WORK WITH HIS LAW.  But if you ask God to do your part of the work as well as His, you will harvest nothing no matter how great is your faith.

A farmer does not ask God to cure a potato blight.  He searches for the cause of it, which may be his own lack of knowledge of the particular soil.  When, however, a blight strikes men’s own bodies they vigorously condemn anyone who suggests that they do what the farmer does who works knowingly with God, doing his part of the work together with God’s part of it.

What was the cause of the potato blight?  Was it too much moisture?  What was the cause of the human body blight?  Was it tight lacings generations ago?  A wrong diet?  Unbalanced emotional disturbances?  Frustrations?  Infection from a rusty nail?  Distorted seed pattern of ancestors’ unbalanced actions?

Jonur, break here, please.  Begin a new chapter when we next sit to pen.

Commander Hatonn to clear frequency.  SALU!