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New Series 230: The word “Christ” is a “state of being”. Not a name or proper noun. However, NOW that has become His assumed label of identification. It matters not what an entity be called. It is the energy form, ghost or spirit, if you will, that God responds to. Not those flapping lips! When the one you refer to as Jesus returns His “new name”, as your biblical scriptures told you, will be SANANDA. As I said before, it is the Egyptian label for “Christ”.

3/20/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns230)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present in light and service unto holy God, and man of “Earth”.  Let us pick up where we left off, please, Jonur, and simply allow the flow to continue uninterrupted.

Likewise, it can destroy the seed of any infectious disease if that ecstasy can be imparted to another, as Immanuel did when He made others to heal themselves through “believing in Him” even though they did not comprehend.  “Jesus”, the name given to Immanuel AFTER He left the Holy Land, and Greece.  Saul, or “SAUL” of Tarsus, a “Jewish” Khazar, who NEVER WAS CONVERTED and went right along persecuting Christians, gave Immanuel the label “Jesus”, a Greek word meaning “anointed”.  The word “Christ” is a “state of being”.  Not a name or proper noun.  However, NOW that has become His assumed label of identification.  It matters not what an entity be called.   It is the energy form, ghost or spirit, if you will, that God responds to.  Not those flapping lips!  When the one you refer to as Jesus returns His “new name”, as your biblical scriptures told you, will be SANANDA.  As I said before, it is the Egyptian label for “Christ”.

Healing is based upon increasing God-awareness and that awareness responds immediately to mental desire and the balanced rhythms which are an essential precedent to the joyousness which leads to ecstasy.  Such Joyous emotions increase the alkaline (exactly like an electric battery being RE-CHARGED) preponderance which builds the body and lowers its acid content.
Conversely, any cynical or unkind attitude which does not express the love nature of God lowers the power of every cell in the body and increases its acid content to a destructive percentage (DIS-CHARGING an electric battery).


God said, “Behold, I am in all things centering them and I am without all things controlling them.”

The nearer you can come to feeling your Self to be that center of stillness from which all things extend UNDER YOUR CONTROL, the more you can control your own body to its perfection of health, strength and beauty.

No matter what you must do in life, do it joyously.  Whatever work it is put love into it.  If you do put love into it, you will find love regiven to you by it.

Love given out from YOU vitalizes YOU as well as it vitalizes the one you give it to.

If you do not like your work, it does not like you.  It gives back to you what you give to it.  You become fatigued and devitalized.  Whatever situation in which you find yourself, master it by giving love out of yourself to it, for that is the only way to master it.  If you give naught but love, it will re-give naught but love.
There is no task which manifests God which is not beautiful if you make it so, for beauty is not in any task—it is in YOU.

If you have to sweep the floor, do it gloriously.  The floor must be swept.  If it falls to you to sweep it, do it perfectly with love and it will bless you!

A joyous attitude of Mind from love given out will prolong your data of maturing, lengthen your live and make your thinking more brilliant and keen to the day of your passing.  Joyousness is the great insulator from the toxins which arise from unbalanced thinking.


Someday the chemist will realize that the same unbalanced conditions which cause violent explosions in his elemental compounds cause violent explosions in the human body under similarly—unbalanced conditions.

The chemist and metallurgist know that when they find pure cube crystals in any elements, they find the stability of absolute balance in such crystals.   And when they find distorted cube crystals, they know full well that unbalance in interchange between opposite pairs is the answer to that distortion.

Learned men of science, especially in medicine, will have to come to understand that distortions due to unbalance in elemental bodies have the same basic causes that distortions in human bodies have.  Human bodies are composed of these same elements and both are light-wave (“electricity”) recordings of mind-thinking.  Therefore, both MUST obey the same inviolate laws of balance.  The medical world is being transformed because of these new beliefs.

This principle of unbalanced interchange is being manifested upon a world-scale by the greed, hates and fears of neighbor by neighbor, and nation by nation, which have been released into this thought –wave universe during the last decades.

Just as one individual destroys his body by depriving it of the balanced polarity which love gives to bodies, so can nations or worlds destroy their civilization by the various kinds of cancerous disintegrators which hatred breeds.  With such hatred come miscegenation, licentiousness, sadism and infinite cruelties.  The consequent loss of the best blood of all nations degenerate entire nations.

During these last fifty years, even the morale of nations has decreased as their national unbalance has increased.  The whole human race is facing its utter destruction as a whole, just as countless thousands of individuals are, likewise, destroying themselves by preferentially practicing the principles of greed for their own selfish ends.

The world is not supporting great men in the arts, great statesmen in governments, or great leaders in any of the fields of human endeavors.  The geniuses are often suppressed and starve for need of recognition and patronage.  A Caruso or Beethoven finds it difficult to compete with the rowdy talent which receives high salaries and honors today.  Morality, integrity and culture are at a low ebb and honor is selling out to materialistic power seekers in every great nation of the world.

This sick and unhappy age of man is what man made it.  Whatever it is, man’s thinking has made it so.  Today’s civilization is the record of man’s thinking.  It is the record of sensed desires not spiritual ones.  It is the record of fears and hatreds in mankind, not of love.

Much of the world may be self-destroyed but not all of it.  The first Cosmic Age of man is about to dawn into the light of its new day.  Millions of bodies have been sacrificed and many millions more will follow them into the grave, but love will come into the hearts of men and the world will be transformed by love into another stage of its unfolding.

That is why God sent His message into the world for man’s new day.  And that is why God timed the delivery of the messages to this period of man’s great self-chastening.

This is why even SOME of you are ready to receive the Truth—and further the planting of the seeds in the hearts of legions of men so that they, in turn, will bring into being this Cosmic Age of Love and understanding of the Truth of God and Creation.


The precious lesson is devoted to the greatest mystery which man has to face—the mystery of life and death.  The greater of these two is death.  It is necessary that man fully comprehends what death means, for it has been stated in past ages that the last thing for man to conquer is death.  That is very confusing for it is often interpreted that man shall somehow conquer death AND LEARN TO LIVE IN THE BODY AS PRESENTED—FOREVER.  Its meaning is that death is conquered by knowledge and comprehension of the fact that there is no such thing as death.

These lessons are written in as simple a language as we can conjure for every layman.  It is necessary, however, that you fully comprehend them from the light wave principle, for your body consists solely of light-waves.  We, therefore, follow this lesson with a more scientific approach in order that you may fully conquer death by your full knowledge of its dynamic meaning.

We are aware that you will not completely absorb the full meaning of all at one reading.  You will absorb enough of it, however, to grow like seed in your thinking process.  You will soon be amazed at your increasing mastery of the principles used by the Creator and you yourself will “unconsciously” begin to think that way.

All new knowledge comes slowly.  Be patient—and be masterful.  But study the information for it will not seep all over you by the closed book—EVER.  Your own destiny is of too great importance for you not to know that which you should know to control it.  Read the following lessons many times because it will be a real foundation upon which to build and then open up.  
 You will find the information not only emotionally philosophical but also equally satisfying from a very practical viewpoint as well, for it will give you the wisdom of a Sage—as well as an intellectual—and that alone is well worthwhile.


To know our universe it is absolutely necessary to know SELF.  A philosophy teaches you how to live, but you must live in an environment which is filled to the brim with laws and conditions which will control you if you do not have the knowledge to control them.  For that reason, we devote as much earnest endeavor to give you knowledge of your universe as we do to give you knowledge of your spiritual zero-Self and physical body of motion.

The more you become aware of the two universes of Mind and Motion which you constantly interchange with every second of your life, the more you will reach that high estate which all mankind must someday reach, which is God’s intent in the very creation of man.

The more knowledge you acquire of Creation’s secrets, the more you will comprehend what Immanuel meant when He said, “My Father and I are One.”

The textbooks tell you that there are two kinds of electricity.  I have laid this impossibility out to you prior to this but let us consider this a “workbook” course and “work” through the information more “hands-on” as we go more carefully through the explanations.

It is totally impossible to have TWO kinds of electricity and we will show you how “out” of keeping it is with nature to project such a foolish thing.  The light-waves, which science erroneously calls electricity, do only ONE THING; they COMPRESS divided pairs and force them into collision, then they cease to compress and expand to their zero beginning.

It does not require two forces to compress or expand anything.  If you wish to compress air into your tire, you compress it with a force exerted in one direction which is inward from the outside—the same as with a child’s balloon.  The greater the force that you use in that direction, the greater the multiplication of pressure within your tire as compared with the pressure outside of it.  That is the way God creates all matter.  His force is exerted from the outside-in to create matter, which then returns to zero by an inward-outward expression of the same force without the aid of another kind of electricity to help it escape from its bondage.  It will seek its equilibrium level without another kind of force to help it.  The universal vacuum is that universal equilibrium.  Any departure from that state is a forced departure which causes a tension or strain.

The zero universe is without strain or tension.  All of the wave universe of motion is under constant strain.  All matter is imprisoned by compressed motion.  It is exactly the same condition as your tire is which you have compressed into a strained tense condition from which it constantly exerts its own strength of desire to escape from its prison into the universal equilibrium.

It will help you to better comprehend our meaning if you stretch a piece of elastic from its normal equilibrium condition of rest.  It takes force for you to stretch it but it will return to its normal condition without another kind of force being necessary.  In stretching the elastic, you have the created strains and tensions of an abnormal, unbalanced condition.  The zero universe is balanced.  Everything in Nature which becomes unbalanced by the exertion of any force will eventually find balance because of the force of vacuum which is the one normal balanced condition of space.

If you fully comprehend this, you can now comprehend the great mystery which Einstein thought to be insoluble, the mystery as to how matter emerges from space and how space swallows it up again, which will be explained in the last lessons of this subject in point.

You may wonder how it was that earlier investigators decided that there were two opposite kinds of electricity instead of one.  It was because the two opposite conditions of living and dying—growing and decaying—heating and cooling—polarizing and depolarizing, and all other effects of motion are expressed in opposite directions by seemingly opposite forces.

Their thinking was influenced by their senses.  They did not take into account the fact that motion is an abnormalcy which has been created by a disturbance of stillness.  Motion is a creation which emerges from the Creator’s vacuum and returns to it.  Likewise, life is a creation which emerges from the Creator’s eternal life condition and returns to it.  So, also, heat emerges from the eternal cold, and sound emerges from eternal silence and returns to it without any aid from an opposite kind of force.  The return journey to zero is a relaxation of the compressive force.

Let us make sure that you understand this vital fundamental of nature which has so grossly deceived the greatest minds of centuries.  We will return to the tire that you compressed, by using force into a much higher pressure than that of its environment.  That pressure is held in the tire by a sealed casing, but it is difficult to entirely seal it against slow leakage from some part of it.

That leakage is the same effect as radiation from matter.  Your tire is sealed by a casing, but all matter is sealed by freezing.  Every particle of matter is either solid or liquid because it is frozen by the vacuum of space.  To be frozen means that it must first be compressed into dense solids or liquids, and compression heats.  Heat helps matter escape from its prison just as heat helps air to leak from your tire.

Your tire wants to explode outward.  That you know.  So does the battery in your car.  It also wants to explode outward.  We do not use the word “explode” for that effect, however, for we now use the word “discharge”.  Leaking, radiating, discharging, depolarizing and exploding are all the same effect.  So, also, are decay, death and combustion.  So, also, are radioactivity and fission.

When you compress your tire, you at once begin to create an explosive condition, for you are creating rings of motion (and we will reproduce diagrams to help you VISUALIZE the concepts in point, for it is ESSENTIAL that you comprehend, even if not in full understanding, the simple geometry of “space”, which IS the Mind of God, around a resisting hole.  The increasing pressure is first collected together on the inside surface of the casing, just as a wave current (“electricity” or “light waves”) does likewise when compressed into a wire.  The more you compress the tire, the more you close up the hole.  The resistance to that compression causes heat, so if you compress long enough, and fast enough to close up the centering hole, you will generate enough heat to explode that tire even if it were made of steel.

Remember that every action you perform causes motion—and all motion is wave interchanging which moves spirally—and every spiral is a series of rings around holes.  Remember, also, that you cannot cut a section through any wave current anywhere without producing rings which spin spirally around holes.

To prove this to yourself pass a current through an evacuated tube with sufficient air or vapor in it to aid visibility and you will see the rings which the current creates.  You will see them as rings of light spinning around black holes.  Those rings you see are the “ultimate particles” of Creation, for there is no other form in nature than opening and closing rings.  They are the basis and the substance of all form.  When they appear, matter appears.  

 When they multiply, form appears.  When they disappear, matter disappears as do all effects of matter with them such as sound, color, heat, form, density and dimension.  When compression is maximum the holes close and incandescent suns appear.

Once again I repeat that this universe of motion consists entirely of light waves which thrust outward from their fulcrum in pairs.

They do not pull inward from within.  Again I say, “electricity” does but one thing—it compresses to divide into pairs for the purpose of manifesting the control of gravity, and all that it does is perform against the resistance of the universal vacuum which finally conquers every effort of compression to simulate cohesion in matter.

Remember, also, that every action which is recorded in nature, like the growth of a tree or the throwing of a stone into water, produces rings with holes in them.  The young tree starts that way, as a tube, but it closes its holes by compression to become a solid, and every solid is a series of ring layers which eventually open to let “space” in gradually until space becomes all and the tree disappears entirely into it.

Cut your own body into sections and you will find it is composed of rings around holes—your chest—your skull—your bones, arteries, heart, windpipe, nerves and every cell of your body. 

  Light-waves work that way.  They try to close up the holes but very few out of millions of effects succeed in doing so.  Organic life has not one example of body building which has succeeded in becoming a solid, not even the ivory of an elephant’s tusk.  It is centered by a hole and its cells are porous.

All nature, everywhere, cries out its protest to such an unnatural and impossible concept as the nuclear atom which holds itself together by a force exerted from within.

These words all tell of the way compressed matter tries to escape from its compressed imprisonment.  Every one of these many named but similar effects expresses the demand of the eternal vacuum to cease moving and become still.

In order to become still, they have to expand.  The one force of nature has to be unwound like a watch spring which is in a tense condition from being wound up tight.  Every molecule in that tense watch spring desires to be relieved of its tension.

These are conditions which attend the return journey from sound to silence, from heat to cold, from motion to stillness, from polarization to depolarization, from compression to expansion, and from generation to radiation.  You know that they cannot prevent their conditions of compression from expanding.  They just cannot hold their heat nor their compressed conditions.  If you will demonstrate our meaning by trying to hold your compressed breath in your body, you will find that it will explode outward in spite of every effort that you can exert.  That compression of your inbreathing has heated your body beyond its average normal.  It would explode outward if for no other reason.  This effect of expansion which we have just pictured is what science erroneously terms negative charge instead of radiative discharge.  Briefly, it covers all expanding bodies.

It would be well to examine the reasoning process which led observers and research workers to determine that there must be two kinds of electricity.  The idea of a universal vacuum never entered into the thinking or reasoning of early observers of EFFECTS of motion.  Lacking that concept they lacked their first essential premise.  Secondarily, they conceived heat to be the reality which caused motion, and considered cold to be less heat.  Instead of that, cold is the eternal unchanging reality from which heat emerges and into which it returns, just as sound emerges from eternal silence and returns to it.

Jonur, I am needed elsewhere, for  your Khazarian “Jewish” Adversary to God and The Creation (Nature), are planning very dastardly things this day in the skies and “space” above thy heads!  Break here, please, and continue in thy mission of bringing truth to the masses who would hear.  “Tee-Tee”, thank you for the inspiration to our scribe, for even a “SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE” needs a muse.  Salu!

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