Monday, February 11, 2013

New Series 152: There always has to be the First, Dear Sparrow, for Aton never comes without sending/bringing those who are to prepare “The Way”. The majesty of A Second Coming of The Christ Being is without words and without measure. Man in the masses will not know who is who and what is what.

1/29/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns152)

Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.  Amen.

Valerie, The Father’s Lighted Christ Shield is always surrounding you—day and night.  Know that the trials and tribulations you and mine ones go through are because God walks WITH you at this hour.  Few there are who know what is coming.  Even fewer know what to do when IT arrives.

There always has to be the First, Dear Sparrow, for Aton never comes without sending/bringing those who are to prepare “The Way”.  The majesty of A Second Coming of The Christ Being is without words and without measure.  Man in the masses will not know who is who and what is what.  Therefore, the Angels—the Messengers—must prepare for the Lift Off and the welcoming of the Pilots of the Craft.  Rapture is not going to be like the people of Earth Shan have been told.  The lies of the Jews run very, very deep.  It will not be easy to awaken all the people, but that is not our job—just those who wish, with proper intent, to follow God and His Laws, and follow the Laws of the Creation.

Mine workers on the ground are in direct CONFRONTATION with the evil empire of Satanists and Jews.  You are the lightning rod that is the focus of Lucifer’s attacks.  Fear not, however, because the White Light of Christ cannot be penetrated by the thrust of evil, no matter who, or how many project the slings and arrows to stop the WORD.  Now is when our work is going to be valued THE MOST, for ones are beginning to see.
The Writings that compile these continuing JOURNALS are what all the fuss is about on the internet.  The Ancient Alien and Ancient Astronaut television broadcasts have been using our material since the beginning.  They (the Jews) utilize what they can and leave the conclusions alone, for they do not know, and yet, they dare NOT make reference to the coming, again, of God to thy place.

Tehachapi, California is where the Navigation/Communications Crystal is located, so fear not, Valerie, in an instant you will be summoned.  I am as close as thine inner most thought, as a communion with God must be.  The conduit of communication is unbroken with mine ones, and you, Valerie, have kept the circuits most clean and clear.  The Hosts of Thy Lord cherish and appreciate the attention to this Mission, and recognition is forthcoming and ongoing.

The adversary is shaken and in fear of the People finding out what the Jewish Khazars have been doing to the Trusting Christians, who let the “Serpent People” inside your nation’s city walls.  Americans now have enough background to put with these PHOENIX JOURNALS, AND THE TAPED MESSAGES TO KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE BEAST OF REVELATIONS IS.  The mask is coming off the devil, and God’s People will not stand for evil rule of a Christian Nation anymore!

Valerie, continue frequent and good fluid intake, much vitamin C, and KNOW the “rest” to supplement it with for enhanced immune shielding.  The adversary has released a strong flu strain upon the populous, in order to take out the very young and the elderly.  We of the Hosts have raised the vibratory frequency of your nation, because it is time to begin to experience the effects of your planet’s passage through the boundary fringes, and penetrate the so-named “Photon Belt”.  Two-Thousand years of Light comes in pretty handy in circumstances like this!  This is for ALL ones to have, what ever race, age, sex, or social standing—the time of the Sorting is upon you.

Jonur let us continue with the current JOURNAL topic, please.  Keep in mind, Super Bowl Sunday, is the perfect time to INFECT large segments of your population, America.  Also, while the game distracts the attention of you-the-people from world affairs, we will be on Alert to effort to counter the plans set up to do you in.  PRAYER, chelas, is a powerful OFFENSIVE WEAPON—use it!  For God will work with you, however, you must call upon The Lord thy Father for that assistance.  Never forget, also, to do YOUR part; faith without works is nothing, neither is works without prayer—BOTH MUST BE USED IN KNOWINGNESS OF GOD’S PRESENCE WITH YOU.  AHO!


“The Final Call”, newspaper, July 31, 2012.  Promoting PEACE, Farrakhan leads Fruit of Islam into streets in effort to work for peace, lessen conflict and inspire movement for progress.

‘A lifesaving movement’
Farrakhan leads peacemaking effort in the streets of Chicago, by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor


… Women in neighborhoods broke down and cried, happy to see the Minister and the F.O.I. [Hatonn:  “Fruit of Islam”, the young men in smart, gentlemen suits, which portray a different “Black Man” than the Zionist Jews created for young Black boys to emulate.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, this was how Black men dressed—BEFORE—the Jews used their control over major media (TV, motion pictures, the music industry, books and novels, BUT MOST ESPECIALLY TODAY—“RAP” MUSIC VIDEOS!) to inject THEIR IMAGE of what Black boys should look like, act like, and how they should talk!  Fits right in there with the “stereo-type” the Jews created—so White, and now, Black cops, have the  perfect criminal—right down to the “T-shirt” and sneakers—to go to war with NIGHTLY!  This allows for more measures to combat the problem the Zionists manufactured!  This leads to Gun Control Laws, Brute Force Police Tactics, and “shoot-to-kill” police mentality.  The same “inner city”, or “urban warfare”, you see now, is the same the Jews always use to split nations and people apart.  The Rothschild—Zionist rule is to “divide and conquer”.  Whether “North Korea” and “South Korea”, “North Vietnam” or “South Vietnam”.  Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Whites, men versus women, young people against their formerly—respected elders—whatever the focus of division---IT ALWAYS WORKS!  However, it does not have to; when you know the Jews caused the problem in the first place—you will finally put a stop to it.  And yes, the Jews set up the entire United States “Civil War”, to gain the wealth of the South (North versus South), and try to expand and maintain a race war to finally destroy America, once and for all!  The unity of the people of God, and a President OF ALL THE PEOPLE, threw a wrench into the machinery of revolution as a means of conquering nations.  For now the light is dawning on who the real enemy of Christ truly is.  The Anti –Christ/Anti-God Khazar false “Jews” of old—the very enemy of Jesus Himself!]

Children ran up to Minister Farrakhan, he hugged them.  Mothers presented youngsters saying:  “There’s Farrakhan and the brothers!”

Robbie Jones, 49, was in tears after meeting the Minister.  Through her tears, she told The Final Call her uncle was a member of the Nation of Islam and encouraged her to listen to the Minister.  She had never seen Minister Farrakhan in person.
“It was something great because we don’t really get people in our neighborhood that really care about people around here.  It’s just a blessing,” she added.

Erica Goree, an Auburn-Gresham resident, liked seeing the Minister in the area and called the sight of the men of the F.O.I. “a beautiful thing.”

“I was happy to see him,” said Ms. Goree.  “It’s a beautiful thing.  We need somebody else out here that’s going to help us because the police out here, they don’t care,” she said.

Both women said evident crime is getting worse but believe young Black men want honest work and recreation.  But, the women said, with no jobs and no place to go, they hang out, get harasses by police and get in trouble.

Keon has lived in Chicago for the entire 26 years of his life.  He called his neighborhood “a war zone” where rival factions of street organizations compete for dominance.  “I think it is a beautiful thing for the Minister to come on these rough blocks to show the support that he did—it might make a change,” said Keon.

Latasha Thomas, elder man of the 17th Ward, represents the area visited by the Minister.  She worked with the logistic team giving Minister Farrakhan information about danger zones.  Problem areas were communicated to the Minister, who went directly to trouble spots, she explained.
“It’s great to have Black men as an example to show these other young Black men that there is another way, and to have Minister Farrakhan leading to show other Black men and women that it’s another way, I’m ecstatic,” said Ald Thomas.  “I think they need to hear from someone they trust and that they will listen to, and the Nation of Islam are the people they will listen to.”

Ald Thomas watched Black youth respond to Minister Farrakhan’s presence and words as he spoke without condemning them.

“He makes them believe, and if we can get them to believe there is another way, that’s where it is,” she added.

In the blighted area of the South side known by many as “Terror Town” Minister Farrakhan again reached out and touched the people.

Shirtless young Black brothers, wearing baseball caps with pants sagging, one with a tattoo on his chest reading:  “Young God” talked for quite some time with brothers of the F.O.I. that were the same age.

“This might be considered a lifesaving movement, not only resulting in the reduction of crime, but saving the lives of men that otherwise would be cut down in their ignorance by members of the law enforcement community,” said Leonard F. Muhammad, longtime aide to Minister Farrakhan.  Leonard Muhammad worked with law enforcement, political and community leaders to coordinate the massive effort.

“It is said that “Islam comes after all else fails.  And the reason there is so much joy being expressed, not just in the community, but all across the country is because all else has failed,” said Leonard F. Muhammad.  The Chicago district police commander told him that there was no crime in any of the places the F.O.I. visited that evening, he said.

“The brothers of the F.O.I. brought new life back to the people in the community.  Our challenge now, as Minister Farrakhan has said, is to sustain the effort,” he added.  “I saw tears of hope and I saw joy for the first time after going into the communities and seeing the grim faces of hopelessness and pain.”

In the United Kingdom, Hilary Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s representative, regularly goes out with the UK edition of The Final Call.  It has always been Minister Farrakhan’s way to engage the people on the street, harking back to his days as a young student minister in Boston and New York, he observed.

“Our work from the moment we came I the Nation of Islam was the resurrection of the dead,” said Hilary Muhammad.  “Most of us were found in the street by a brother, someone inspired us, someone taught us, someone invited us to a meeting and the presence of the F.O.I. since I came in the Nation has always been in the street.”

Three buses filled with Muslim men rolled to different violent hot spots with members of the Student Ministry dispatched in pairs.

Abel Muhammad of Mosque Maryam, who is of Mexican descent, walked the streets with one group.  They didn’t encounter many Spanish speaking people, but were received with open arms.  None of the so-called Black-Brown tension was evident during the N.O.I. operation.

“If our young people can see us out in the streets together, then they have an example in our demonstration of a reality beyond what they currently are confined to experiencing.  I did not (hear) one negative comment, response or encounter,” said Abel Muhammad.  “The Black community saw us as the F.O.I.!  Their Brothers!  A lighter shade of skin, a different type of hair perhaps, but the love that the teachings give us for our people, that is authentic, and that is what I believe gained the respect, love and positive response of our people.”

Marcus Muhammad, a student minister and Nation of Islam coordinator in Benton harbor, Michigan, traveled to Chicago for the mobilization.  He called it “a watershed moment.”


Break here, Jonur, and begin another Chapter.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu

New Series 151: You KNOW, however, that “Ghosts”, if you will, exist—somewhere! You KNOW that Jesus left Earth Shan to “prepare a place for you”—somewhere. And you know that life IS continuous, in some fashion, or dimension, or, or, or. As we increase these lessons, in preparation for your transition to those “other levels”, we will effort to make them easily understandable. Man has been taught wrongly by the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Khazar “Jews”, and if you, for instance, believed the world to be flat for generations upon generations, in your sequence of events of life; then it is going to be hard to just throw those wrong concepts out, without coming into knowing FIRST, that the Earth is truly a sphere.

1/25/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns151)

Good morning, Hatonn present in Holy Light.  We got a somewhat “early start” to the day’s writings, the Sequence of Events is still a new way of thinking to man at this stage of evolution.  All is continuous, at any rate; however, your limited range of perception will not allow you to see “360”—all the way around the electromagnetic spectrum of LIGHT.  Therefore, you cannot see that which is in the invisible realm.

You KNOW, however, that “Ghosts”, if you will, exist—somewhere!  You KNOW that Jesus left Earth Shan to “prepare a place for you”—somewhere.  And you know that life IS continuous, in some fashion, or dimension, or, or, or.  As we increase these lessons, in preparation for your transition to those “other levels”, we will effort to make them easily understandable.  Man has been taught wrongly by the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Khazar “Jews”, and if you, for instance, believed the world to be flat for generations upon generations, in your sequence of events of life; then it is going to be hard to just throw those wrong concepts out, without coming into knowing FIRST, that the Earth is truly a sphere.

That is what we are about here.  Those old concepts and false beliefs must first be removed from your thinking, and that can only be done by replacing them with FACTS.  This means A LOT of studying and the writings—by I, Hatonn, and the other SPEAKERS— on a continual basis.  The different hours of daily workload, will gradually conform to “regular” morning and evening schedules; however, what is of primary importance now—IS A CONTINUITY OF ENERGY FLOW FROM “THE INVISIBLE” TO THE PHYSICAL “VISIBLE WORLD OF TIME AND SPACE” PERCEPTION.  If ONE person can write it—produce it—THEN YOU HAVE TIME TO READ IT!  AHO!


On Monday, January 21, 2013, President Barack Obama, was, for the fourth time, sworn in to the Oval Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.  Only Franklin D. Roosevelt, a four-term President, was sworn in four times.  The original Inauguration date was the 20th, which fell on Sunday, which the President also did a short version of.
Monday also was the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.  “I Have a Dream Speech”, that was unrehearsed, and unscripted, which, if nothing else, proves what happens when you Let God Do the Talking!  And, in addition to that, it also happened to be the Official National Holiday of Dr. King.  When God wants to emphasis a point He knows how to get your attention!

The reason your Constitutional REPUBLIC is still standing, is because the world saw that your liberties and freedoms were intact enough to allow the election of an African American man to be the Leader of the Free World.  Those who would label your nation “the Great Satan”, and “Little Israel”, and who would gladly sacrifice their life to inflict as much death and destruction into “the belly of the beast” as possible.  NOW see America as a place of “Hope” and “Change” in a GODLY DIRECTION.

No longer is the U.S. looked at as an agent of the Anti-Christ bankers of Israel and the House of Rothschild in England.  No longer will America blindly bomb and raid the Arab world for its oil and lands, for the ancient Money Changers of Old.  Your nation is seen now in EXACTLY THE SAME LIGHT as when George Washington and the rest of your Founding Fathers, embarked on the Dream of a country founded Under God.  The peoples of “the world” harken up, dear ones, and they want to be on God’s side when The Father returns to Gather His People.

So goes America, so goes the world.  So goes California, so goes America.  And, so goes Michigan and Detroit, so goes the Middle Class.  These are the Corner Stones, if you will of your Republic, chelas, whether you know this or not.  The very foundation of a Godly civilization sprang from the ideal of ONE NATION UNDER JUST GOD, did it not?  And you ones are the inheritors of this nation of You-The-People; the oppressed peoples of the Earth have ONLY you to look to—to find inspired (in-spirit) dreams of a better life and future.

Edwards Air Force Base, Tehachapi, and California; Selfridge Air Base, Detroit, and all of Michigan, with its Inland FRESH WATER sea; is the foundation deserving of DAILY PRAYER for the establishment of your Constitutional REPUBLIC in the Dawning Age of the Coming of The Light.  That means “Cosmic Consciousness Man”.  Man who is more concerned with the Whole instead of just a portion of humanity.  That is thinking like God thinks, precious friends, and this is how all those who wish to be “raptured” must learn to think and act.  The Word is coming from the above two locations, and our craft can be seen constantly in the skies providing the PRESENCE AND LIGHTED PROTECTION for that which manifests itself in action for our ground crew and workers never cease in their efforts.


You will see the Signs in the Sky as the Earth Changes come, and as your solar system and planet pass into the “Photon Belt” of higher frequency LIGHT particles (photons).  Another Ice Age is coming, and you have been grossly lied to regarding the glaciers of ice—they are NOT MELTING—they are in fact expanding.  You have no “Greenhouse Gas” and carbon emissions emergencies—as touted to you.  The “Carbon Tax” is Al Gore’s and Prince Charles’ way of grounding your aircraft and banning your cars, so you-the-people cannot gather together and outmaneuver the beast trying to devour you.

You will see our craft “strobing” the colors of the spectrum of lights as “stars” near the horizon.  You will see them very low in the night sky like “an unusually bright Venus”, and all manner of sightings of “meteor-crossings”, to and fro.  Some are silver-white light, others, a “golden glow” with “tail” of glowing particulate particles in the friction-heated air.  And those of you away from the cities will even be greeted to a more “personal” experience.  Rejoice!  For the Hosts of God come FIRST!

The adversary is in panic at this hour because they KNOW that with our presence—GOES THEIR DOMINANCE!  Continue to follow with these DAILY WRITINGS, for that is how you will know who is who, and what is what!


With the Second Election of America’s first Black President, Black People know God has not forsaken them.  Since their beginnings in America, and both “Old” and “New” World Orders, Blacks of African descent have felt put upon and enslaved by all.

Through the centuries, the generation of Blacks genuinely believed themselves to be the lesser God’s creations of humans.  The laws, treatment, poverty, and death rate AND INCARCERATION NUMBERS—not to mention every portrayal in MOVIES AND TV—enforces this belief.  Police brutality, drug introduction and addiction by the Mafia Drug Lords, the Medical Profession under Khazarian rule, purposely giving the Black race AIDS and untold numbers of illnesses and diseases—for the express purpose of “cleansing” the world of the “dark race”, “colored people”.  This genocide of peoples was also a PSYCHOLOGICAL mass extinction, the minds of Black Africans—especially American Blacks—was nearing its final hours of life expression, also.

However, the ONE thing Black People did hold onto is their KNOWING that there is a God of Light, and that he does love “the least of His people”.  No matter how bitterly he was chained to the Earth, the Black man knew God had not forsaken him and his people.  The “Old Negro Spirituals” all attest to this.

Now, as the Ending/Beginning Cycle closes, and the new one begins, Americans of African heritage and descent can see God in the world before him.  The invisible soul of Black people has been uplifted to the high heavens of The Kingdom of The Lord.  And with it “The Soul of America”.  What a joyous and beauteous thing to be a part of!  Every Black person in the streets—male, female, old man and young child, Grandmothers down to their daughter’s daughters, ones with money and ones with none, educated or illiterate—all of them “see” the Light of God reflected in one another.  They silently know now they have not been forsaken.  For Black Brothers and Sisters hope and dreams have a profound meaning.  This upliftment transcends race and color, and encompasses ALL of America.  For it will be through a United America that Africa and the rest of the so-called “Third-World Nations” can rise up out of the death trap set by the Jewish bankers.

The Anti-Christ Jews mean to not only wipe out the indigenous peoples of such as Africa, to steal the gold, diamonds and other minerals there, but to do the same to the rest of the “Goyim” (non-Jews) and take the entire planet in the name of Lucifer!  Do you not see?  It is not a race “thing” at all to the devil; it is the conquest of a globe.  Which God of light gave you of HIS PEOPLE to live in peace and prosperity.

Satan has all but removed your references to even speak of God, chelas, can you not see that?!  No mention of Jesus—even at Christ-mass time!  No more praying to God in the schools of a CHRISTIAN nation!  And you are “surprised” at the youth crime and pregnancy rates that have shot off the charts since then?!?  The Jews call YOU—who are Semite yourselves—“anti-Semites” if you point out that Jews said “you Christians stop praying and teaching your kids about God”!

Wake up, dear friends, and see WHO is influencing your world to go down the wrong path!

Just as football players, such as “Tebow”, now show their faith and respect and reverence for God out in the open, and on the field (much to the horror and fear of the Jewish media!); all White Americans are beginning to see the dividing line:  Those FOR God and expressing your belief and FAITH in Him; and Those AGAINST god, trying to “snuff out” the light that inspires so many people the world over.  This alone is exposing the evil Jewish Khazarian hand!  For, who so ever is against God, is indeed the anti-Christ!


Farrakhan leads Fruit of Islam into streets in effort to work for peace, lessen conflict and inspire movement for progress.  “The Final Call” newspaper,     July13, 2012.


“A life-saving movement”, Farrakhan leads peace making effort in the streets of Chicago, by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor.

CHICAGO—Imagine sitting on your porch or apartment stoop and a caravan of several Black Chevy Suburbans and Hummers roll up.  A security detail and a group of 40 to 50 Black men in suits walk down your block.  As the group gets closer and closer, some men are carrying copies of “The Final Call” newspaper.  “How are you doing?” asks a man with a smiling face and outstretched hand.  The man speaking is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

Dozens of residents of the city’s Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on July 16 and South Shore neighborhood on July 23 had that experience as the Minister led the Fruit of Islam into South side streets and hundreds of other Muslim men fanned out across the country in over 100 cities in efforts to bring peace and hope to violence—plagued neighborhoods.

Minister Farrakhan greeted young men and women with words of strength and encouragement, while many have written off these people and their neighborhoods as problems society cannot solve.

Traffic ground to a halt on the busy 79th Street, as people showed genuine love for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.  Waves came from apartment windows.  Car horns honked approval.  Drivers gave thumbs up.  Teen girls stopped Tweeting and Face Booking for a minute to snap a photo with the Minister on iPhones.

The Muslims moved to the basketball courts in Foster Park.  The Minister had a long talk on the court with the men there.  The born warriors asked very thought-provoking questions and were given free DVD copies of Minister Farrakhan’s lecture “Justifiable Homicide:  Black Youth in Peril.”

Additional teams of F.O.I. visited other hot spots, greeting people, handing out copies of “The Final Call” newspaper, and speaking words of peace.  They also handed out copies of the 1995 Million Man March pledge [Hatonn:  Please, get a copy of the DVD of this historic March in Washington, D.C.  Our Command was in attendance, and many ones witnessed our presence on that very peaceful afternoon!  Much inspiration—not only for Black men, but women and men of all races should watch it!  Farrakhan spoke at length of The ATON, and Atonement, and the significance of the number 19.  His speech was powerful and, just as with Obama’s speech on Sunday and Monday, the light of God Aton can be “seen” and heard speaking through man of Earth.], which was an oath to be peaceful builders and to respect self, families, women and communities.  Words of peace and progress and an open invitation to visit Mosque Maryam, the Nation’s flagship worship center, were extended.

As the Minister did his work, the brothers, dressed in suits and trademark bowties, did theirs in other parts of the community.


Jonur, break here, please, and begin a new chapter.  Hatonn moving to standby.

New Series 150: In the RADIANCE of God, let us continue making absolutely clear that Israel, the stolen land in Palestine, and the evil Khazar Nazi-style “Communist”, socialistic fascism government there, is no friend of America. The False “Jews” of New Khazaria mean to destroy your nation and most of her people—very soon! Only exposing their heinous treachery brought by the nuclear fire storm. Good evening and, SALU!

1/18/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns150)

In the RADIANCE of God, let us continue making absolutely clear that Israel, the stolen land in Palestine, and the evil Khazar Nazi-style “Communist”, socialistic fascism government there, is no friend of America.  The False “Jews” of New Khazaria mean to destroy your nation and most of her people—very soon!  Only exposing their heinous treachery brought by the nuclear fire storm.   Good evening and, SALU!


Always you will find the Money Changers at the top, chelas, the same enemy of Christ in the temple, and the very same responsible for the crucifixion.  The International Bankers are ALL Zionist Jewish Khazars.  The Big Bad Boy of the bunch is the ring leader, Lord Rothschild.
“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013


Rothschild Zionism

Rothschild Zionism in its public expression is a political ideology based on a homeland for Jewish people in Palestine and a belief that the Jews are God’s chosen race with a God-given right to the ‘promised land’ of Israel (historically this is nonsense, as I show in my books.)

They also believe that the real boarders of Israel must encompass what is now Israel, including Gaza and the West Bank still officially owned by the Palestinians, plus Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Jordan, or, as Genesis puts it:  ‘…from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates’.

That’s the public expression of Zionism, but at its inner core it is a secret society created and controlled by the House of Rothschild.

They have sought to sell the ‘Zionism-means-all-Jewish—people’ lie so that they can condemn as ‘anti-Semites’ [Hatonn:  Remember, Jews are not Shemites/”Semites”.  They come not from Noah’s first born son, Shem, they come from Noah’s other son, Japheth, who is the father of the Ashkenazi Khazar Jewish Tribe.  There were only TWELVE TRIBES OF HEBREWS; the “13TH Tribe” is the imposter that Satan tried to sneak in there so you wouldn’t know!  Now you do, look it up!  Your Holy Bible, tampered as it is, still holds PROOF of these things we bring you about the Jews, Extraterrestrial “Ancient Aliens”, etc.]  and ‘racists’ anyone who exposes the truth about Rothschild Zionism and its agents in government, banking, business, media, military, etc. [H:  I repeat—the manufactured homosexuality of thousands of young boys and men, is a secret program by Zionist “Think Tanks”, to overrun your nation with the physical misbehavior of sodomy in your churches, in Hollywood, and where ever they can influence young minds.  AIDS spreads as fast as the “Common Cold”; you are not told that the filthy habits of homosexuals cause the disease to run rampant and totally unchecked!  Stock up on your COLLOIDAL SILVER, GOLD, COPPER, AND TITANIUM, if you can get the later ones, and on 35% FOOD-GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to put a few drops (12 or more) in a gallon of water, milk, etc.  These things will keep you alive and well.  The 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide (not the 5% used as an antiseptic, it has stabilizers and such and is topical only) is being taken from public use under the guise that, mixed with ammonium nitrate (fertilizer), “Domestic Terrorists”, like Timothy McVeigh, might use it to make “truck bombs”, and blow up Federal Buildings!  Which it did not, in the manner told to you, as I wrote about recently.  But the real reason homosexuality was especially “created” and pushed—IS TO CREATE “HATE LAWS” SO YOU CANNOT SPEAK OF THE JEWISH PLOT TO TAKE THE WORLD AND DESTROY CHRISTIANITY!!  Don’t fall for the trick—you are not “racist” nor “anti-Semitic” anything, because you refuse to be robbed and murdered by the same evil crooks who crucified your Lord!!!]

This is why most researchers won’t go there even if they are aware enough to know that they should go there.  To uncover and expose what is happening in the world we need all the ‘bees’-brain, back bone, balls—and never more so than now.

Oh yeah, and add consciousness if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes beyond five-sense reality.

Racism is the ultimate ignorance in that it relates ‘self’ to the body instead of the Consciousness—Awareness—animating and experiencing through the body.  It is like judging a man by his spacesuit instead of the person inside it.

So racists are ridiculous, juvenile and silly [H:  And has to be taught.], but no way is the threat of being branded as one (they have already tried and failed) going to stop me exposing what must be exposed if the Control System is to fall.  [H:  Is it clear why the “Holocaust” is pushed year, after year, after year?!  The lie of this TRILLION-DOLLAR HOAX has been proven to not have happened the way they are presenting it to you!]

The world’s most extreme racists are, after all, the Rothschild Zionists, anyway.  Israel is an apartheid state every bit as much as were apartheid South Africa and apartheid America.                                                    – David Icke

[Portrait of Nathan Rothschild, during the era of the Napoleon Wars, when Nathan, first used conflict to gain control of nations, in this case—all the money of France and Britain!  Stuffy white rap around neck collar, black coat, bald on top, emotion-less pale facial features.  Caption reads:  I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets.  The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply. –Nathan Rothschild]

[Second image is a photo copy of the cover of “TIME” magazine.  Another portrait, this one, more modern day, a descendant of Nathan Rothschild.  Very smut, receding hairline, dark suit, black with red tie, “regal” design behind him.  An eyebrow slightly raised, as if to be saying, “Yeah, I own all you stupid Goys”, with a bit of a smirk.  The magazine cover reads in italic script across the corner of the word “TIME”:  The Rothschild’s today.  Down at the bottom is printed:  GUY De ROTHSCHILD.]



Netanyahu needs the 9/11-triggered 100-years-war on Islam to continue for the very good reason that if it does not, the State of Emergency still in place in the US will be lifted, and Americans, unencumbered by the national Security restrictions of wartime, will quickly learn what really happened on September 11, 2001.  That possibility poses a very real existential threat to Israel—and to Netanyahu.

As Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College, told Press TV:  “I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters of Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation.  Period.  If Americans ever know that Israel did this, they are going to scrub them off the earth.”

And even if Israel were “scrubbed off the earth” peacefully through a one-state “nation” with the Arab nations solution, Netanyahu would certainly hang for his role in the 9/11 attacks.

Unfortunately for Netanyahu and Zionism, Dr. Sabrosky isn’t the only US National Security insider leaking the truth about 9/11.  A very large number of military and intelligence people have come forward.  [Online:]  [H:  Emphasis added!]

The two biggest recent leaks are revelations by CIA asset Susan Lindauer that the CIA had detailed foreknowledge of 9/11 and attributed the controlled emollitions of the three NYC skyscrapers to “those goddamed Israelis”; and the assertion by Gwenyth Todd, who worked beside Richard Clarke on the National Security Council, that Clarke (who was publicly fired from an earlier job for being an Israeli spy) is the top suspect as hands-on controller of 9/11 from the US end.  Yes, you heard that right: Richard Clarke’s colleague on the National Security Council, Gwenyth Todd, suspects Clarke of masterminding and running the 9/11 attacks.  If Todd and other high-level sources are right about this, Clarke’s book title[d] “Your Government Failed You” is an understatement.

Some of the same high-level sources who point to Richard Clarke as the US boss of the Israeli-instigated 9/11 false flag operation also claim that President Obama, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey, and other powerful Americans are considering exposing the truth about 9/11 during a second Obama term.  In other words, Obama’s re-election could put Israel out of business, and get Netanyahu hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

No wonder Netanyahu is “over playing his hand” by doing everything he can to get rid of Obama.  And no wonder Netanyahu is desperately trying to throw gasoline on the “clash of civilizations” fire and trigger war with Iran.  A huge Middle East war, no matter how destructive, would maintain the wartime State of Emergency in the US and impede the inexorable revelation of America’s biggest state secret:  The American traitors, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld [H:  Condoleezza Rice], George W. Bush, Richard Myers, and others, helped Israel blow up the World Trade Center, bomb the Pentagon, and kill 3000 Americans on 9/11.  SOURCE [online:]


Former Marine Indefinitely Detained in Psychiatric Word
Over 9/11 Facebook Posts
Washington’s Blog
August 21, 2012

Former marine Brandon Raub was carted off by Feds and locked in a psychiatric ward for his Facebook posts questioning the government’s version of 9/11.  [H:  And you think the Jews can’t figure a way around your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH?  Think again!  This is also how the Zionist Khazars plan to collect your firearms—ALL OF THEM!  By any Jewish “doctor” saying you are “mentally INCOMPETANT”—FOR ANY REASON he so chooses—you not only will be denied the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, guaranteed in the Second Amendment, but armed police (BATF of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, which is an illegal and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL FOREIGN AGENCY!) will kick you door down and take you, and ANY GUNS they find—working or not—into Federal Custody!  Worse, the United Nations has been granted, by secret law (little-known might be more appropriate, however, the way it was brought about… with your Congress on Christmas vacation—four or five Jews voted it into LAW—and you-the-people were never told!), to legally (but unlawfully—it may be against the law, but because they have the gun, it becomes “LEGAL”!  And remember, also, the “Golden Rule”:  He who has the gold rules, however, HE WHO HAS THE GUN CAN JUST TAKE THE GOLD!) go door-to-door and confiscate all firearms in AMERICAN HOMES!  How do they know which homes to raid?  Easy—YOU GAVE THEM YOUR ADDRESS WHEN YOU “REGISTERED” FOR THAT GUN PERMIT AND/OR CCW (“CONCEALED WEAPONS” CARD)!  Do you see the plan more clearly NOW??  So be it!  Tell the world any way you can.  Stop the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG!) from stealing your nation and making slaves of you all—at the point of your own gun!  President Obama IS NOT trying to take your guns from you.  He, and you, are playing chess with the Devil, and you must out smart that evil beast at every turn!  Your President told you in the very beginning:  “I cannot do it for you; however, I will stand WITH YOU while WE do it!”  As it also is with God and the HOSTS:  God will not do it for you, but He will work WITH YOU to save your Nation and your very Souls.  Amen! ]

Raub isn’t the first person who has suffered this fate.  Claire Swinney was also held in a psychiatric ward in NZ and called “delusional” for claiming government liability for 9/11.  Others have been committed for the same reason over the last decade.

Surely the Feds are right … that kind of talk is crazy, right?

Maybe.  But many of the 9/11 Commissioners themselves don’t buy what the government says about 9/11, they say that the government has covered up the state sponsorship of the 9/11 hijackers, and Al Qaeda flying planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon was entirely foreseeable.

Indeed, while they obviously haven’t said that the government was involved, 9/11 Commissioners have said we need further investigation and that the American people should question 9/11.  Does that mean they should be committed to psych wards like Mr. Raub and Ms. Swinney?  Of course not.  Some people believe that 9/11 was wholly unforeseeable.

Others believe that government personnel were criminally negligent in letting 9/11 happen, and then obstructed justice to cover it up.  See this, this, this, and this.  Still others believe that rogue government personnel allowed 9/11 to happen, or even played a role in the attacks themselves.

Whatever one believes about 9/11 isn’t our society built on freedom of speech?  And if someone has kooky theories, won’t the scientific method and free debate defeat the baseless theories?  Isn’t that what modern society is all about?

Raub’s attorney—the head of the non-partisan civil rights law firm The Rutherford Institute—points out that Raub is being indefinitely detained, and says:

“For government officials to not only arrest Brandon Raub for doing nothing more than exercising his First Amendment rights but to actually force him to undergo psychological evaluations and detain him against his will goes [-] goes against every constitutional principle this country was founded upon.  This should be a wake-up call to Americans that the police state is here.”

What Do Mental Health Professionals Say About Those Who Question 9/11?

Many sociologist and mental health professionals say that those who believe the official version without any questioning are the ones suffering from psychological defense mechanisms.

Sociologists say that fear of terrorism has made people blindly accept false justifications for war—including the false claim that Saddam had a hand in 9/11—when even the 9/11 Commission says he didn’t.

And the following mental health professionals say that questioning the government’s cut-and-dried version of 9/11 is the sane thing to do:

·       Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Lester Grinspoon, MD
·       Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, as well as Radiology, at Duke University Medical Center D. Lawrence Burk, Jr., MD
·       Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Rutgers University Barry R. Komisaruk
And many, many others … - Ed.


Break here, Jonur, Hatonn clearing frequency.  Salu!

New Series 149: Open thine eyes and see, for the Khazar Jews are trying to pull a fast one on you! The motion picture “Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight”, part III (This was the movie chosen to bring domestic terrorism to its final stages of removing American rights and liberties.) outlines the Zionist subplot of ACTUALLY MIXING THE EXPLOSIVES WITHIN THE CONCRETE—BEFORE CONSTRUCTION EVEN BEGINS!

1/17/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns149)

Good morning, Hatonn present in Holy Light to resume the lessons.  Pick up right where we left off, please, allow the flow of energy to establish itself.  You will be truly amazed at how much is accomplished, Jonur, as will our readers, for God sits with you at your workbench, the piano keys, or the canvas with your paint and brushes.  All worthy creations and works are God’s ANY WAY; those of the adversary do not endure.


Zionists & 9/11-
Connecting the Dots
By Douglas Herman, July 7, 2006, “UNCENSORED” magazine
December 2012-March 2013


Even more suspicious, regarding security, how exactly did Islamic terrorists ménage to gain access to the interior structure of WTC-7 [Hatonn:  This was the THIRD BUILDING WHICH COLLAPSED INTO ITS OWN “FOOT PRINT”, a “controlled demolition” that has been seen many times in such as the “raising” of old Las Vegas casinos, to make room for new, more extravagant ones.  This smaller structure also collapsed—AT “FREE FALL” SPEED—AND NO AIRCRAFT NOR FIRE TOUCHED IT!  Rosie O’Donnell was fired from her talk show for pointing that out to her audience.  Physics will not allow any building of modern city design to simply fall in on itself, straight down into its own disintegrating glass, concrete, and STEEL structure!  Open thine eyes and see, for the Khazar Jews are trying to pull a fast one on you!  The motion picture “Batman:  Rise of the Dark Knight”, part III (This was the movie chosen to bring domestic terrorism to its final stages of removing American rights and liberties.) outlines the Zionist subplot of ACTUALLY MIXING THE EXPLOSIVES WITHIN THE CONCRETE—BEFORE CONSTRUCTION EVEN BEGINS!  SPECIAL “STEEL-CUTTING” CHARGES AND THERMITE—AND SEVERAL OTHER EXOTIC DETONATION TECHNIQUES—USED IN ELABORATE, PRECISION—TIMED “CONTROLLED BURNS”—BROUGHT THE THREE TOWERS DOWN RIGHT ON QUE FOR THE “DIRECTOR”.  And just like in “Batman” the evil forces plan YEARS—EVEN DECADES—to bring about their goals.  In the theater massacre secret assassination teams picked this movie to “shoot up the place”.  You don’t know what really happened, however!  That is why you have “secret” and “semi-secret” societies like British Freemasonry, the Yale Skull & Bones Society, the Bilderberger Group, The Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Bavarian Illuminati, Majority-12, etc., etc., etc.  The ones at the top are International Bankers connected by FAMILY to the Rothschild Dynasty.  The regular “Mason” at the bottom hasn’t a clue as to who is doing what.  The Elite Globalists ARE the Anti-Christ, dear ones, and he comes from ALGERIA THROUGH ROME!  Look at your news this day with the oil-rig hostages; the British, French, Japanese, Mali, and other nations involved with the CIA/Mossad/MI-6 (British Intelligence) FAKE “AL-QAEDA” TERRORISTS.  There is no such group of Islamic extremists.  That is an intelligence agency fabrication to give the excuse to create a POLICE STATE—MARSHAL (MILITARY) LAW!  Do you honestly and truly believe a bunch of Arab “Camel Jockeys”, the degrading term that is used describing poor nomadic desert dwellers of little worldly ambitions about international finance and secret political intrigue—have the means to CONTINUEALLY OUTWIT—AT ALMOST EVERY TURN—YOUR WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED, HIGHLY-TRAINED, MILITARY AND CIVILIAN STRATAGISTS WHO RUN AND OPERATE:  THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, THE OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE, ARMY AND AIRFORCE INTELLIGENCE, THE NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE; NOT TO MENTION THE PROUD FBI, CIA, BATF, KGB, MI-6, INTERPOL, SCOTLAND YARD, AND VARIOUS FOREIGN INVESTIGATIVE AGENCIES????!!!  There is no need to continue to feel foolish, chelas, however, if you fail to “connect the dots” this time around, then shame on you!] , in order to place obvious demolition charges?  Wealthy real estate mogul and Zionist Larry Silverstein, the new lessee of the entire WTC complex, would have had final say in any security, wouldn’t he?  Additionally, the WTC -7 was, for all intents and purposes, a US government building.  How could an enormous building, housing office of the CIA, Secret Service and SEC [H:  Stock Market’s Securities and Exchange Commission, a major target of attack featured in “Rise of the Dark Knight”.] be left unsecured—unless the new landlord chose the “security” outfit.

Even more strange, flaming debris somehow scattered across a city block from the collapsing Twin Towers and set afire the 11th floor of WTC-7 where the SEC was located.  Why this floor?  What was located there?

“Odds are the SEC records in WTC-7 that were fortuitously destroyed when that building was ‘pulled’ included this bogus Brady Bond deal,” wrote Karl Schwartz.  “Our sources have informed us that there was a group of ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] working in this part of the Pentagon (that was destroyed) that were investigating the $120 billion Brady Bond scam I have reported on recently.”  A masterful crime or a diabolical yet masterful spy operation?  Probably both.  Instead of a terrorist attack, the crime begins to look like a huge scam with billions in profits and thousands dead.  [H:  Thousands of CHRISTIANS dead.  Mosaic Jewish Law in the Talmud bible—not the Judean Hebrew Torah bible—says to “kill Christians in any way possible”.  One Jewish life is like worth a thousand Christians.  Poison—as your sons become doctors—the Goyim (Christians, especially, and other non-Jews) and kill them in secret in great numbers!  Now, does this sound like “Holy Instruction” from a God of light to you ones?  It also says to make Jewish sons lawyers/esquires, so they can “steal Christian property, businesses, and homes.”  This is the reason why your nation and world were bankrupted.  The foreclosure of America is at the hands of the Money Changers Jesus threw out of the Lord’s Temple—FOR THAT VERY REASON!  It is not fathomable for you goodly citizens of God, that an entity or group of humans, could ruthlessly kill thousands—AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE—LOOK AT AFRICA—for the sake of simply making higher profits for your company.  But doesn’t the Jew “Love Money and Gold” more than anything?  And DO THEY NOT HATE “JESUS” IMMANUEL ESU WITH EQUAL PASSION AND FARVOR?  Are you ones, particularly WHITE AND BLACK AMERICANS, not the dear, dear, children and followers of Immanuel?  How much more, do you suppose, do the Jews hate you?]

If one were to examine this enormous evil iceberg further, and not just the tip, one might discover a monumental mass of icy Intelligence—connected players below the surface.  Very likely, the entire WTC operation was a combination insurance scam (Benefitting one wealthy Zionist), false flag “terrorist” op (benefitting various operatives from many branches of intelligence possibly).  [H:  Do not leave out the primary reason—TO FINALLY BRING IN UNITED NATIONS TROOPS AND ENSLAVE AMERICANS UNDER A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!  It is called the “New World Order”, and once your liberties and freedoms have been totally and permanently taken away, you will be killed off BY THE MILLIONS!  There are more than 6.5 Billion people—closer to 7—only 550 Million are going to be allowed to live.  That means AT LEAST 6 BILLION DEAD IN THE COMING MONTHS AND FEW SHORT YEARS!  That is Their PLAN for you Christians and the rest of the “Goyim”.  No Blacks, a few Latins and Asians for workers, no Native Americans, a tiny few Whites for “House Slaves” (so Christ’s people can kiss the feet of their new masters)—AND FIRST ON THE “HIT LIST”—ABSOLUTELY NO HEBREWS!!  For they are the ones who know WHO the Khazars are, and what they have been doing all these thousands of years!  The Native Americans, who are the Aboriginal Peoples, whom God, Himself, called “HUMANS”, which means, “Higher Universal MAN”, know the secret of the Khazar tribes BEFORE they were Khazars.  And Farrakhan and his Black Mohammedan Moorish (def.:  pertaining to the Mohammedan Arabs of northwest Africa) People, or simply “Moors” (def.:  any member of the dark-skinned North African Moslem people who formerly occupied Spain)—“Black Vikings”, if you will, who IDENTIFIED SATAN’S “KHAZARS” BY NAME!  And it was Farrakhan who told the world from the steps of the Capitol Building, in Washington D.C., at The Million Man March, WHO AND WHAT “THE ATON” (GOD) IS!  So, no way, are these above mentioned “enemies” of the Khazar Anti-Christ/Anti-God, going to be spared!  Jonur, reproduce a passage from the TRUE “Holy Bible”, that has been kept safe in its scroll-form, totally intact and preserved—BY SPACE COMMAND (WE OF GOD’S HOSTS); which was “found” with the “Shroud of Turin”, that had Immanuel SANANDA’S Spirit Energy “form” “burned” into it.  The Holy Light of Jesus’ Etheric Body (or “Ghost” body, as some might refer to it) was captured in that covering.  It was PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY to not only be genuine, but DNA from the blood has also been verified authentic!  The world has not been told THAT National Security Secret, either!  Quoting “And They Called His Name Immanuel:  I AM SANANDA”, BY Sananda & JUDAS ISCARIOTH.  (Not Juda IHARIOTH, the son of the Pharisee Khazar, who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver—just like the “Jews” of today—but had remorse and hanged himself in the field of the potter.  Immanuel told his disciples:  … WHEN JUDA IHARIOTH, THE SON OF THE PHARISEE, WILL TURN ME OVER TO THE PERSECUTORS, MY DISCIPLE, JUDAS ISCARIOTH WILL BE CONTRIVED THE TRAITOR.  This is so that the people will say: ‘Behold these confused people are divided among themselves and therefore one betrays the other.  So, how can the teachings of Immanuel be truth?’  SINCE JUDA IHARIOTH, THE SON OF THE PHARISEE, AND MY DISCIPLE, JUDAS ISCARIOTH, ARE OF ALMOST IDENTICAL NAMES, THE LIE OF THE HIGH PRIESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM THE BEGINNING…”  You see, even before The Last Supper the lie began.  This is what caused so many people, lo these entire Two-Thousand Years, to disbelieve the Teachings of “Jesus”.  MOHAMMAD PROPHECIED.  Immanuel was silent.  And they hit him again on the head and he moaned in pain and started to speak, “Verily I say to you, as you beat and mock me, you, too, shall be beaten and mocked.  The time will come in five times one hundred years when you shall have to atone for this day.  A new man will rise up in this land and whip and persecute you, and you shall have to pay with your blood.  He will create a new cult and have people call him a prophet, and he shall persecute you throughout all times.  Even though he will be a false prophet and bring you a new false doctrine, he has great power and will have your race persecuted throughout all time to come.  His name will be Mohammed, and his name will be, for your kind, horror, misery and death, which will be of your deserving.  Verily, verily I say to you, his name will be written with blood and his hatred against your kind will be endless.  But since he will be a false prophet and bring you a false doctrine, so will his cult eventually be finished, when your kind and his kind will put down the foundation for a bloody ending for this world.”  These words caused such fury that they got extremely excited and beat him so brutally that Immanuel collapsed.  When he had aroused somewhat, they pulled the purple coat from him and put his own garments back on his body and led him away to crucify him…  End quote from “And They Called His Name Immanuel…”  Let us continue, please.]

Difficult to believe the CIA and Secret Service—not to mention Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management—had NO prior knowledge of the impending destruction of their offices.

According to the London Times:  “The Comex metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange kept 3,800 gold bars—weighing 12 tons and worth more than $100 million (70 million English pounds)—in vaults in the building’s basement.  Comex also held almost 800,000 ounces of gold there on behalf of others, with a value of about $220 million (worth more than $560,000,000 today).  It also held more than 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million (Worth $1.5 billion today).  The Bank of Nova Scotia, which kept gold in the Comex vault, reported $200 million of gold lost in the wreckage (Lost--!).  Comex also held precious metals for Chase Manhattan Bank, the Bank of New York and Hong and Shanghai Banking.”

Not surprisingly, one massive gold-filled truck was discovered, crushed, in the tunnels below the WTC complex.  Perhaps, in the eight hours, between 9 AM and 5 PM, when WTC-7 was demolished and Americans were glued to televisions, horrified, masterful planners heisted hundreds of millions in gold bullion.  Before Silverstein finally “pulled” the US government building, that is.

Which leaves us only THREE final questions:  Who leased the building only months before?  Who hired security at Logan and the WTC?  Who covered up the subsequent crime in the US media, not only in New York City but the nation?

Still not convinced that key, dual-citizenship “Zionists” played a pivotal part?  Perhaps THE pivotal part?  The final footnote, indicating overwhelming involvement in the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent power to cover up any involvement, occurred 18 months later.  That signature event was the War with Iraq, launched with wholehearted White House, US Media and Congressional support on March 18, 2003.

On Purim, a significant Jewish holiday, a day signifying destruction of Israel’s enemies.  Masterful.  [H:  It is time to see who the Anti-Christ is before you, dear hearts, do not let their satanic New World Order plans be completed.  This information will expose the imposter Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, and allow you of God Aton’s CHOSEN PEOPLES to put a stop to this insanity.]

About the Author:  USAF veteran, Amateur historian and student of Spinoza and Thoreau, Douglas Herman questions authority.  Shouldn’t you?


Thank you, Jonur, the session has been long, but the people need to get this information NOW!  The Zionists have a schedule to keep regarding your destruction.  Stand with your President and your “Majority Whip” Congressman Clyburn, for the evil Khazar tribe from biblical past is, indeed, a mighty foe!  However, the Kingdom of The Lord is pure LIGHTED TRUTH, administered by an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God (All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and everywhere)…  Nothing evil can stand in the Presence of The Light, therefore, go nowhere, do no thing, without FIRST making sure The Father’s Love and PROTECTION is forever with thee.

I salute you of Aton’s People, and your military patriots, who give everything to serve a Nation Under God.  For these ones will be the ones who will turn it all around.  I once again repeat:  “War is not of God—Defense is!”


New Series 148: Represented by the Sun Disc, with 19 rays coming down to Earth, with each ending in human hands, reaching toward His children. The Aton. Amenhotep IV changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of that One God of The Creation. He build small, human-like statues of himself with his daughters and his beautiful wife, Nefertiti; which was in stark contrast to his predecessor kings, who build colossal, giant warrior gods of fear and absolute power over the peoples.

1/16/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns148)

Hatonn present to resume our work.  I come in the Presence and Radiance of Aton.  Indeed, God is known by MANY labels, however, we give honor unto the Godly Pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, who you will discover is of “The Star People”—genetically as well as in appearance.  Up until his day man worshipped many and varied gods, idols, and even gold itself; his insight and spiritual communion allowed the realization that you do not come from many gods, but were created by ONE God of pure Love.

Represented by the Sun Disc, with 19 rays coming down to Earth, with each ending in human hands, reaching toward His children.  The Aton.  Amenhotep IV changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of that One God of The Creation.  He build small, human-like statues of himself with his daughters and his beautiful wife, Nefertiti; which was in stark contrast to his predecessor kings, who build colossal, giant warrior gods of fear and absolute power over the peoples.

He was immediately popular with the citizens of Egypt and the world.  Because “he would wage no war” the soldiers came to him and offered their swords to the defense of this new dynasty.  For war is not of God—defense, however, is.  This was the “Golden Age” man had waited for peace now came to the world, since Egypt was master of the world.  Word had spread that God had truly reached down from “Heaven” to bring peace to a barbaric and pagan planet.

This is how it was SUPPOSED to begin, chelas, however, the tiny group of Lucifer’s SATANIC WARRING ANGELS did exactly what they are doing today:  Quietly infiltrate and tempt, with the apple, or whatever “forbidden fruit” you want to use, secretly murder—or publically crucify—the man of God, and go right back to “business as usual”.  And what is that “apple”?  It is Gold, my friends, that one thing Satan knows he can tempt any man with.  What is the saying?  Every man has his price.  And every nation has its price, also.  That is the very reason Man and Nation—BOTH—must be founded under God.  For The Love of Gold/Money Is the Tool of All Evil.  Having wondrous funds, even onto overflow, is not bad.   Because after all God IS abundance!  However, it is what you do with it, and if you “love” gold more than you love God and your fellow man, then you picked the wrong God, haven’t you?  By the way “Mossad” means MOSES WARFARE!  The Jews are trying to remove “In God We Trust” from your money.  Now you know why it was put there in the first place.

Let us continue, Jonur, pick up right where we left off, please.
Zionists & 9/11
Connecting the Dots
“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013, by Douglas Herman, July 7, 2006.


… The Underlings

The alleged Israeli art students in Hollywood, Florida (They sold cheap Chinese art) lived on the EXACT same street, only blocks from the alleged Islamic hijackers (who flunked flight school). 

 What were the odds of that happening?  Was there a shared connection, a common link, a series of dots perhaps (strip clubs)?  Or was it simply a massive coincidence that a team of possible Mossad double agents posing as art students, lived blocks away from alleged Islamic fanatics who just happened to train next to US military bases?
What about those dancing Israeli furniture movers in Liberty State Park?  [Hatonn:  Satellite surveillance from the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office—your most top secret agency) and NSA (National Security Agency), show Israelis on rooftops WAITING FOR THE PLANES TO HIT THE TWO WTC TOWERS!!  When they crashed through the sky scrapers, the ISRAELIS BURST INTO ECSTATIC CHEERING—DANCING AND CELEBRATING—AS IF THEIR FOOTBALL OR SOCCER TEAM MIRACULOUSLY CAME FROM BEHIND AND MADE AN AMAZING GOAL IN THE VERY LAST SECONDS OF THE GAME—AND WON THE SUPER BOWL!!  THE “CHEERING FANS” EVEN HAD ISRAELI/UNITED NATIONS BLUE-PAINTED FACES AND WORE “TEAM COLORS”!!!  ISRAELI FLAGS WERE VISIBLE IN THE SATELLITE TRANSMISSIONS!!]  They filmed the event from atop their white van, while celebrating the successful attack.  Later, two other vans were stopped in key access points to Manhattan.  [H:  come now, chelas, do you REALLY think those nice, perfectly framed “action shots”, from different angles, with “key eye witnesses” who showed up on the news, just happened to be placed in those camera positions?  How about the one at “ground zero”, perhaps a block or so away, with the Jewish guy in the frame—a head shot basically—and the plane dramatically zooms into the scene past his head!  The impact is a billowing, orange ball of raging fire that turns to thick, black smoke, and raining bits of debris.  The man turns and looks up, the “cameraman” is EXPERTLY careful to keep EVERYTHING centered “just so”.  That is a staged incident with movie teams stationed at every possible vantage point—for maximum PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT for the American people.  Pearl Harbor was done exactly the same way—THE ISRAELI OFFICERS AND THEIR FAMILIES WERE IN THE HILLS HAVING A “SUNDAY PICNIC”, AS THE JAPANESE PLAINS ATTACKED!  ONCE AGAIN, THE MOVIE PHOTOGRAPHY WAS IN PLACE TO DRAMATICALLY CAPTURE A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY.  That is why the new technology color film was available to get images so clean and clear, that in subsequent motion pictures, such as “Tora, Tora, Tora” (Attack, Attack, Attack).  You cannot tell which scenes are “Hollywood re-makes” and which are the real thing!  The trail of secret governmental cover-up, and massive conspiracies started, for this scribe/receiver, with his father.  He was a paperboy who was accidently given the bundle of newspapers that announced the JAPANESE ATTACK PEARL HARBOR—before the attack actually happened!!  The young paperboy and the man who drops the bundle off were required to turn them back in right away.  When they were given the “corrected” next edition, the mistake was corrected.  And as for UFO cover-ups, the scribe’s mother, at 17 years old, saw a “penny-colored” “flying saucer”, just sitting there over the tree line.  When she got to the top of the hill, in her home town in Kentucky, she “felt something looking at her”.  When she turned and saw the craft floating, or hovering very low in the sky, it tarried a few moments—as if to acknowledge her presence, then gently moved away up into the sky out of sight.  I have related Jonur’s parents’ stories before.  However, they bear repeating some times to remind you the readers and this scribe that that which we bring to you through these JOURNALS is truth.]  The FBI kept these Israelis for weeks before eventually releasing them.  In the horrific days following 9-11, other vans were stopped.  Other Israelis were arrested.  Dogs detected traces of explosives in the vans.  If not for the vigilance of local law enforcement officers in several states (unlike the FBI) [H:  You have more “Soviet” (different from Russian) KGB in the FBI and CIA than Americans.  Just like Judean “Jews” are not Khazar “Jews”, Soviet Union “Russians” are not Russian “Russians”.  “Soviets” are Jewish Khazar BOLSHEVIKS—or militaristic, revolutionary Jews—they took over CHRISTIAN RUSSIA in the 1917 RED OCTOBER REVOLUTION that murdered the Czar and his family (Russia’s “Royal Family”, if you will).  The Czar and the Russian people came to the aid of a fledgling (“baby bird” of a nation) United States—AND PREVENTED BOTH BRITISH AND FRENCH NAVIES FROM INTERFERING IN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF YOUR NEW CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  Russia was the most powerful nation on Earth at the time—because the Czar and the Russian people became Christians and refused to be under the Rothschild Jews and their “Old” World Order.  The International Bankster Cartel of the Jewish Anti-Christ would have the biggest enemy it would ever have to fight! Without the Christian Czar, America The Beautiful would have been quickly squashed, and divided up by the British and French, never to have been.  So the Jews quietly took over the New York banks—which became the evil WALL SREET CROOKS—and imported JEWISH GANGSTERS into the Kremlin.  By 1905-1917 the Revolution was set, and the Russian nation was all but wiped off the face of the Earth.  100 MILLION CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS WERE KILLEDNOW THAT IS A TRUE HOLOCAUST, DEAR ONES!  And the Kremlin became the “COMMUNIST” (which means birth of Jews—look it up!) state:  “Soviet Union”, something or other, “Socialists Republic”.  Ah, but that was not the end of it!  The Christian Russians and the “Soviet Khazars” are the two most bitter, mortal enemies on Earth!  They have been constantly at war for almost ONE THOUSAND YEARS!  Christians versus Anti-Christ and now the final battle between the two world titans is coming to a close.  And nobody even knew, did you?!!  Well, we will have plenty of opportunity to cover this in greater detail, as we continue outlay of this material.  But for now, suffice it to say THE RUSSIANS LISTENED TO TESLA, AND WHEN THE Khazars demolished his Magnifying Transmitting Tower in New York—where America would have been the first nation in your world with this fantastic “Star Wars” technology—the Kremlin now has thousands and thousands of COSMOSPHERE “UFOs”.  Each is equipped with CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS, AND CAN BLAST ANYTHING YOU HAVE OFF THE MAP.  RUSSIA CONTROLS SPACE, MY FRIENDS.  HOWEVER, THE KHAZARS CONTROL THE PRISON PLANET OF EARTH!  Is it becoming clear just how much trouble you are ACTUALLY IN?!  So be it.  Let us continue, please.] how many other targets in America would have been destroyed?

The US media actually performed quite well for 24 hours following the attack.  Unbelievably, even Fox News.

“What is striking about Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron’s portrait of Israel’s spy network in the U.S. is the sheer vastness of his subject, “wrote Justin Raimondo in The Terror Enigma:  Israel and the September 11 Connection, “In the months leading up to 9/11, Cameron claimed Israel was waging a covert war against its principal ally and benefactor, the United States.”

But aside from smaller newspaper[s], like the Bergen Record, few reports of these obvious false flag-black operations by Israeli double agents appeared anywhere on cable news giants CNN, MSNBC or Fox in subsequent weeks.  Nor did they appear in the mainstream newspapers.  Why didn’t it?

A quick glance at the masthead of any daily New York newspaper reveals a preponderance of Jewish editors and publishers.  [H:  Indeed, yes!  You get no “news” at all, only that which the Khazar “Jews” want you to believe!]  What was most revealing, after 9-11, was not so much editorial reluctance but an overwhelming self-censorship, a stony silence by all the New York City newspapers.  They refused to mention—EVER—the probable connection of Israel to the 9-11 attack.  Even though seven prominent NYC steel scrapers were demolished under exceedingly suspicious circumstances, not ONE Judeo-centric newspaper launched even a semblance of an investigation.  Given the fact that Israel possessed the greater motive, means an opportunity to carry out the 9-11 attack, one had to wonder about the criminal complicity of the big New York dailies.

Other NYC periodicals went out of their way to debunk [ridicule or throw off the track] any attempt to get at the truth.  Periodicals like Popular Mechanics, edited by a cousin of US Homeland Security head, Michael Chertoff, mouthed the official (Zionist) version of events.  According to every New York periodical, Islamic terrorists hijacked the planes.  How they attained the means, not to mention the opportunity to attack, was rarely broached.

Compromise security and you can conquer a city, state or nation.  The Trojan horse [A giant, wooden horse given to an ancient city as a gift; only to have enemy soldiers sneak out at night to open the city gates for the invading army to come in and destroy the city.] being a good example; America being another.

If indeed hijackers somehow got past airport security cameras [H:  Like the utter impossibility of the little Black boy—“The Underwear Bomber”—accused of trying to blow up an airliner at Christmas time bound for Detroit!  He was poor, dressed in almost rags, hardly anything but the clothes on his back, no I.D., no passport, no ticket or even a boarding pass—and yet, he was a master terrorist, who ingeniously plotted the destruction of a plane-load of people?  Interestingly, no one questioned the well-dressed, wealthy “East Indian—looking man” (perhaps one of those Jewish “actors”?), who by-passed all security check points—even to the protest of the final boarding hostess, moments before passengers went up the jet way.  Afterwards, no trial, no public hearing, no lawyer, and he is locked away—no one gets to hear HIS SIDE of the story.  He has no idea what he is REALLY accused of doing.], wouldn’t the suspicion fall on the Israeli-owned security company at Logan airport in Boston?  [H:  Is it not also interesting that the Israelis were the “security EXPERTS” at the FOUR Japanese NUCLEAR  REACTORS, and in charge of the “new” special on-site security cameras, that look exactly like small, half-ton “GUN TYPE” nuclear bombs?  Those explosions—one after another, in each reactor—produced “mushroom clouds”.  Nuclear power plant meltdowns do not produce mushroom clouds.  Look at old footage of nuclear tests in the desert—the detonations ARE IDENTICAL!]  How would hijackers have access to gates and terminals otherwise?  No Mainstream news reports indicated hijackers got past airline employees working flight check-in counters.  Somehow this remains a minor detail to the US media.


Break here, please, and begin a new chapter, Jonur.  It is easier to digest the material in smaller, chewable bites.  Information does not become “knowledge” until it is thoroughly understood and contemplated on by the mind.  Just as food itself is not “nourishment” until it is completely digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hatonn moving to standby.  May the WORD of Aton and the lessons brought by His HOSTS from the deep Cosmos uplift those who seek salvation in The Lord.  Amen.