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New Series 151: You KNOW, however, that “Ghosts”, if you will, exist—somewhere! You KNOW that Jesus left Earth Shan to “prepare a place for you”—somewhere. And you know that life IS continuous, in some fashion, or dimension, or, or, or. As we increase these lessons, in preparation for your transition to those “other levels”, we will effort to make them easily understandable. Man has been taught wrongly by the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Khazar “Jews”, and if you, for instance, believed the world to be flat for generations upon generations, in your sequence of events of life; then it is going to be hard to just throw those wrong concepts out, without coming into knowing FIRST, that the Earth is truly a sphere.

1/25/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns151)

Good morning, Hatonn present in Holy Light.  We got a somewhat “early start” to the day’s writings, the Sequence of Events is still a new way of thinking to man at this stage of evolution.  All is continuous, at any rate; however, your limited range of perception will not allow you to see “360”—all the way around the electromagnetic spectrum of LIGHT.  Therefore, you cannot see that which is in the invisible realm.

You KNOW, however, that “Ghosts”, if you will, exist—somewhere!  You KNOW that Jesus left Earth Shan to “prepare a place for you”—somewhere.  And you know that life IS continuous, in some fashion, or dimension, or, or, or.  As we increase these lessons, in preparation for your transition to those “other levels”, we will effort to make them easily understandable.  Man has been taught wrongly by the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Khazar “Jews”, and if you, for instance, believed the world to be flat for generations upon generations, in your sequence of events of life; then it is going to be hard to just throw those wrong concepts out, without coming into knowing FIRST, that the Earth is truly a sphere.

That is what we are about here.  Those old concepts and false beliefs must first be removed from your thinking, and that can only be done by replacing them with FACTS.  This means A LOT of studying and the writings—by I, Hatonn, and the other SPEAKERS— on a continual basis.  The different hours of daily workload, will gradually conform to “regular” morning and evening schedules; however, what is of primary importance now—IS A CONTINUITY OF ENERGY FLOW FROM “THE INVISIBLE” TO THE PHYSICAL “VISIBLE WORLD OF TIME AND SPACE” PERCEPTION.  If ONE person can write it—produce it—THEN YOU HAVE TIME TO READ IT!  AHO!


On Monday, January 21, 2013, President Barack Obama, was, for the fourth time, sworn in to the Oval Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.  Only Franklin D. Roosevelt, a four-term President, was sworn in four times.  The original Inauguration date was the 20th, which fell on Sunday, which the President also did a short version of.
Monday also was the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.  “I Have a Dream Speech”, that was unrehearsed, and unscripted, which, if nothing else, proves what happens when you Let God Do the Talking!  And, in addition to that, it also happened to be the Official National Holiday of Dr. King.  When God wants to emphasis a point He knows how to get your attention!

The reason your Constitutional REPUBLIC is still standing, is because the world saw that your liberties and freedoms were intact enough to allow the election of an African American man to be the Leader of the Free World.  Those who would label your nation “the Great Satan”, and “Little Israel”, and who would gladly sacrifice their life to inflict as much death and destruction into “the belly of the beast” as possible.  NOW see America as a place of “Hope” and “Change” in a GODLY DIRECTION.

No longer is the U.S. looked at as an agent of the Anti-Christ bankers of Israel and the House of Rothschild in England.  No longer will America blindly bomb and raid the Arab world for its oil and lands, for the ancient Money Changers of Old.  Your nation is seen now in EXACTLY THE SAME LIGHT as when George Washington and the rest of your Founding Fathers, embarked on the Dream of a country founded Under God.  The peoples of “the world” harken up, dear ones, and they want to be on God’s side when The Father returns to Gather His People.

So goes America, so goes the world.  So goes California, so goes America.  And, so goes Michigan and Detroit, so goes the Middle Class.  These are the Corner Stones, if you will of your Republic, chelas, whether you know this or not.  The very foundation of a Godly civilization sprang from the ideal of ONE NATION UNDER JUST GOD, did it not?  And you ones are the inheritors of this nation of You-The-People; the oppressed peoples of the Earth have ONLY you to look to—to find inspired (in-spirit) dreams of a better life and future.

Edwards Air Force Base, Tehachapi, and California; Selfridge Air Base, Detroit, and all of Michigan, with its Inland FRESH WATER sea; is the foundation deserving of DAILY PRAYER for the establishment of your Constitutional REPUBLIC in the Dawning Age of the Coming of The Light.  That means “Cosmic Consciousness Man”.  Man who is more concerned with the Whole instead of just a portion of humanity.  That is thinking like God thinks, precious friends, and this is how all those who wish to be “raptured” must learn to think and act.  The Word is coming from the above two locations, and our craft can be seen constantly in the skies providing the PRESENCE AND LIGHTED PROTECTION for that which manifests itself in action for our ground crew and workers never cease in their efforts.


You will see the Signs in the Sky as the Earth Changes come, and as your solar system and planet pass into the “Photon Belt” of higher frequency LIGHT particles (photons).  Another Ice Age is coming, and you have been grossly lied to regarding the glaciers of ice—they are NOT MELTING—they are in fact expanding.  You have no “Greenhouse Gas” and carbon emissions emergencies—as touted to you.  The “Carbon Tax” is Al Gore’s and Prince Charles’ way of grounding your aircraft and banning your cars, so you-the-people cannot gather together and outmaneuver the beast trying to devour you.

You will see our craft “strobing” the colors of the spectrum of lights as “stars” near the horizon.  You will see them very low in the night sky like “an unusually bright Venus”, and all manner of sightings of “meteor-crossings”, to and fro.  Some are silver-white light, others, a “golden glow” with “tail” of glowing particulate particles in the friction-heated air.  And those of you away from the cities will even be greeted to a more “personal” experience.  Rejoice!  For the Hosts of God come FIRST!

The adversary is in panic at this hour because they KNOW that with our presence—GOES THEIR DOMINANCE!  Continue to follow with these DAILY WRITINGS, for that is how you will know who is who, and what is what!


With the Second Election of America’s first Black President, Black People know God has not forsaken them.  Since their beginnings in America, and both “Old” and “New” World Orders, Blacks of African descent have felt put upon and enslaved by all.

Through the centuries, the generation of Blacks genuinely believed themselves to be the lesser God’s creations of humans.  The laws, treatment, poverty, and death rate AND INCARCERATION NUMBERS—not to mention every portrayal in MOVIES AND TV—enforces this belief.  Police brutality, drug introduction and addiction by the Mafia Drug Lords, the Medical Profession under Khazarian rule, purposely giving the Black race AIDS and untold numbers of illnesses and diseases—for the express purpose of “cleansing” the world of the “dark race”, “colored people”.  This genocide of peoples was also a PSYCHOLOGICAL mass extinction, the minds of Black Africans—especially American Blacks—was nearing its final hours of life expression, also.

However, the ONE thing Black People did hold onto is their KNOWING that there is a God of Light, and that he does love “the least of His people”.  No matter how bitterly he was chained to the Earth, the Black man knew God had not forsaken him and his people.  The “Old Negro Spirituals” all attest to this.

Now, as the Ending/Beginning Cycle closes, and the new one begins, Americans of African heritage and descent can see God in the world before him.  The invisible soul of Black people has been uplifted to the high heavens of The Kingdom of The Lord.  And with it “The Soul of America”.  What a joyous and beauteous thing to be a part of!  Every Black person in the streets—male, female, old man and young child, Grandmothers down to their daughter’s daughters, ones with money and ones with none, educated or illiterate—all of them “see” the Light of God reflected in one another.  They silently know now they have not been forsaken.  For Black Brothers and Sisters hope and dreams have a profound meaning.  This upliftment transcends race and color, and encompasses ALL of America.  For it will be through a United America that Africa and the rest of the so-called “Third-World Nations” can rise up out of the death trap set by the Jewish bankers.

The Anti-Christ Jews mean to not only wipe out the indigenous peoples of such as Africa, to steal the gold, diamonds and other minerals there, but to do the same to the rest of the “Goyim” (non-Jews) and take the entire planet in the name of Lucifer!  Do you not see?  It is not a race “thing” at all to the devil; it is the conquest of a globe.  Which God of light gave you of HIS PEOPLE to live in peace and prosperity.

Satan has all but removed your references to even speak of God, chelas, can you not see that?!  No mention of Jesus—even at Christ-mass time!  No more praying to God in the schools of a CHRISTIAN nation!  And you are “surprised” at the youth crime and pregnancy rates that have shot off the charts since then?!?  The Jews call YOU—who are Semite yourselves—“anti-Semites” if you point out that Jews said “you Christians stop praying and teaching your kids about God”!

Wake up, dear friends, and see WHO is influencing your world to go down the wrong path!

Just as football players, such as “Tebow”, now show their faith and respect and reverence for God out in the open, and on the field (much to the horror and fear of the Jewish media!); all White Americans are beginning to see the dividing line:  Those FOR God and expressing your belief and FAITH in Him; and Those AGAINST god, trying to “snuff out” the light that inspires so many people the world over.  This alone is exposing the evil Jewish Khazarian hand!  For, who so ever is against God, is indeed the anti-Christ!


Farrakhan leads Fruit of Islam into streets in effort to work for peace, lessen conflict and inspire movement for progress.  “The Final Call” newspaper,     July13, 2012.


“A life-saving movement”, Farrakhan leads peace making effort in the streets of Chicago, by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor.

CHICAGO—Imagine sitting on your porch or apartment stoop and a caravan of several Black Chevy Suburbans and Hummers roll up.  A security detail and a group of 40 to 50 Black men in suits walk down your block.  As the group gets closer and closer, some men are carrying copies of “The Final Call” newspaper.  “How are you doing?” asks a man with a smiling face and outstretched hand.  The man speaking is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

Dozens of residents of the city’s Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on July 16 and South Shore neighborhood on July 23 had that experience as the Minister led the Fruit of Islam into South side streets and hundreds of other Muslim men fanned out across the country in over 100 cities in efforts to bring peace and hope to violence—plagued neighborhoods.

Minister Farrakhan greeted young men and women with words of strength and encouragement, while many have written off these people and their neighborhoods as problems society cannot solve.

Traffic ground to a halt on the busy 79th Street, as people showed genuine love for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.  Waves came from apartment windows.  Car horns honked approval.  Drivers gave thumbs up.  Teen girls stopped Tweeting and Face Booking for a minute to snap a photo with the Minister on iPhones.

The Muslims moved to the basketball courts in Foster Park.  The Minister had a long talk on the court with the men there.  The born warriors asked very thought-provoking questions and were given free DVD copies of Minister Farrakhan’s lecture “Justifiable Homicide:  Black Youth in Peril.”

Additional teams of F.O.I. visited other hot spots, greeting people, handing out copies of “The Final Call” newspaper, and speaking words of peace.  They also handed out copies of the 1995 Million Man March pledge [Hatonn:  Please, get a copy of the DVD of this historic March in Washington, D.C.  Our Command was in attendance, and many ones witnessed our presence on that very peaceful afternoon!  Much inspiration—not only for Black men, but women and men of all races should watch it!  Farrakhan spoke at length of The ATON, and Atonement, and the significance of the number 19.  His speech was powerful and, just as with Obama’s speech on Sunday and Monday, the light of God Aton can be “seen” and heard speaking through man of Earth.], which was an oath to be peaceful builders and to respect self, families, women and communities.  Words of peace and progress and an open invitation to visit Mosque Maryam, the Nation’s flagship worship center, were extended.

As the Minister did his work, the brothers, dressed in suits and trademark bowties, did theirs in other parts of the community.


Jonur, break here, please, and begin a new chapter.  Hatonn moving to standby.

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