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New Series 146: Israel has created the mass shootings and staged incidents, whether or not they even happened AS TOLD TO YOU—for you will not be allowed to look at the evidence to see HOW MANY SHOOTERS WERE PRESENT, nor FROM WHICH DIRECTIONS THE BULLETS CAME. The schools and other such sites are going to be ILLEGALLY torn down so no finger prints or logical “run-throughs” to see HOW one lone gunman inflicted so much carnage with such deadly accuracy.

1/15/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns146)

Good morning, Hatonn present to commune.  Salu!

The Sequence of Events of these end times, are categorized by one glaring FACT:  Satan is in control of the planet at this moment.

You ones in America have broken out of the trap, however, there is a great, great task in turning your world around, and exposing the JEWISH PROBLEM.  The Jews control every facet of your media, and they lie at EVERY opportunity!  The Godly peoples of your world must first unite en mass through what means of communications you have left available.

Let no hour pass without proclaiming God Aton of Holy Light as your constant companion.  Evil cannot stand in the Presence of God.  That is WHY prayer was outlawed in the schools of your babies—so they can become killers and baby-makers themselves!  The Jew needs to manufacture crime and criminals, so they can come in with a Jewish Israel Global New World Order Police Force (United Nations “Peace” Keepers).  This “Communist” Army—Nostradamus’ “Blue Helmets” of the Anti-Christ—will be the only armed forces allowed to carry fire arms.

Israel has created the mass shootings and staged incidents, whether or not they even happened AS TOLD TO YOU—for you will not be allowed to look at the evidence to see HOW MANY SHOOTERS WERE PRESENT, nor FROM WHICH DIRECTIONS THE BULLETS CAME.  The schools and other such sites are going to be ILLEGALLY torn down so no finger prints or logical “run-throughs” to see HOW one lone gunman inflicted so much carnage with such deadly accuracy.

So let us look at some interesting FACTS ABOUT “JEWS”, KHAZARS, ZIONISTS, JUDEAN HEBREWS, AND PLAIN OLD “BAD GUYS”—JEWS AND NON-JEWS ALIKE.  For, in the end “race” has very little to do with anything.  You are either a Godly person, or you are on the side of Lucifer.  There is NO MIDDLE GROUND in these last days of the closing of the cycle, chelas.  You are either for God and Goodness, or you are against God.  Period!  The time of the Sorting is upon you—RIGHT NOW!  Which do you choose?


Many Jews are speaking out regarding their hatred for what the “Zionist” affiliated Jews are doing to the world.  These “Niggardly Jews”, as Soviet “Communist” leader Joseph Stalin (and other Jews), call this bunch of conniving, sneaky thugs—of whom Stalin is one.  Again, “Nigger”, and “Ghetto” are terms originally created to label Jews, because they were known throughout Europe and the “Old World” as the evil trouble makers in human society.

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”—Voltaire

Breaking the Big Taboo
“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013.  A word from the editor, who is Jewish.


These days the British government is failing to put the lid back on the latest, biggest pedophile story ever, or at least recently, to see daylight.

With dozens of “high level” people, including former Prime Ministers, police officials, entertainment moguls, and religious figures being implicated, it is possibly no surprise that Rupert Murdoch—he of secret dossiers on just about everybody of status—may be having the last laugh at his former tormentors in high places.

But behind the scenes, as it were, there is a concerted push among the “elite” to “normalize” pedophilia, and other predatory forms of sexual deviancy.

Perhaps that’s because they’re coming out of the closet, as it were, and showing their power by casting off what remained of their trappings of “morality”.  [Hatonn:  Indeed, the signs of the times of where you are in the Armageddon
Script are neigh upon the lands!  THERE IS NO MORE EVIL THAT MAN CAN DO, THAN TO ABUSE AND RAPE AND MURDER GOD’S INNOCENT CHILDREN AND BABIES.  This is THE BIG SECRET         with the Luciferian and Satanic forces behind this New World Order.  What else do you expect from the Anti-Christ/Anti-God, dear friends????  When the mask comes off, do you not see the Devil for that which he IS???!!  This is the Sodom and Gomorrah of TODAY!  Now, what do you suppose the punishment is going to be—THIS TIME?!]

The iron fist is emerging from under the velvet glove of “constitutional government” with their fascism, enslavement agendas, illegal wars and “disaster capitalism” (making lots of money from “(un) natural” events like hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, droughts, famines—you name it.

The Satanists have long fed on human suffering and carnal indecencies (often combined) but have largely been “occult” or “hidden”.

So it is only natural, to coin a phrase, that they would now be getting tired of hiding and will be pushing for “normalization” and soon the legalization of sexual child abuse.

All sorts of “permission” (read:  encouragement) is being granted to the proletariat, the better to create more suffering and chaos.

They seem to thrive on things like chaos, acting, I suppose on behalf of their “god”—someone who certainly needs some therapy, to say the least.

 As I write this, war on Iran is looking increasingly less likely, as senior Israeli officials have reportedly told Mr. Netanyahu that they were not going to follow his orders to prepare to start World War III.  Thanks to Obama’s re-election (over the serious attempts of Mr. Netanyahu to interfere in the US election on Mr. Romney’s behalf) the US is even less likely to back more Israeli aggression again[st] Iran, though time will tell, of course.  Netanyahu is looking increasingly desperate, so we are not quite out of the woods.

Speaking of the Israeli Prime Minister, I would like to make it perfectly clear to those who might be wondering—I am Jewish.

Not “reportedly” Jewish, as one recent book on Jews in New Zealand said.  My mother, my father, my grandparents, their parents, and down the line into the mists of time were also Jewish.  One of my ancestors was the Chief Rabbi of Prague in the 16th century.  My great grandfather, Benjamin Fine, was a big deal in the American Zionist movement.  He helped to raise money in the US for the early 20th century Jewish immigrants in Palestine.  At the age of 13, I had my Bar Mitzvah at the Riverdale Temple in New York City.  Rabbi Charles Shulman was my rabbi at the time.  I studied Hebrew under Harold Bleich.

I loved it.  I loved studying and arguing with the rabbi and my fellow classmates over many things.  We used to say “two Jews and three opinions”.  It was fun.

But these days it is no longer fun, and many of my fellow Jews are under a lot of pressure from the Zionists.  [H:  These “Zionists” are the Khazar Ashkenazi’s (“Nazi”, like Hitler—looking Jews, who are really “Turks” by origin).  They converted to the religion of the Judaists in 740 A.D.  Today they call themselves “Jews”, so they can hide in the heritage of the Judean people.  They went back to their old religion as pagan PHALIC (PEMS) WORSHIPPERS, and, instead of following the Hebrew Holy Bible, called the Torah, they wrote their own “bible” and labeled it the “Talmud”.  The “Jewish” Talmud is not a book inferred to come from a God in Heaven.  IT IS A SECRET—SEMI CODED LANGUAGE (YIDDISH—WHICH IS NOT HEBREW) MANUAL OF INSTRUCTION—ON HOW TO CONQUER THE WORLD!  Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Maoism, Marxism, and all the other “isms” you can think of, that oppress the people through torture, MASS MURDER, and SLAVERY!  Do you see the difference?  One is a Godly religion of people waiting on a “Messiah” of some sort to give them a homeland—somewhere of God’s choosing.  The other is AN IMPOSTER RACE WHO TOOK PALESTINE FROM ARAB CHRISTIANS—BY FORCE WITH U.S. AND BRITISH MIGHT—and now continue to take, and take, and take.  “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—AND I’LL TAKE THE WORLD, TOO, WHILE I’M AT IT!”  That is the Khazar motto!]

That’s because they, like many other Jews raised in the ethical [H:  That is, JUDEAN HEBRFEW—NOT ZIONIST KHAZAR] tradition, are upset and angry that we have been sold down the proverbial river by our co-religionists who ignore all the great teachings of our past which teach us things like “Thou shalt not kill” (to take but one example).  [H:  Thou shalt not kill, indeed! It is the Ashkenazi—NAZI—Jewish Khazars, who murdered more than 350,000 of their so-called brothers in the Hitler Death Camps, along with German citizens and German P.O.W. at the end of World War II!  Don’t you see, the false Jews have to wipe out the Judean Hebrews BEFORE they can tell you this truth about the mystery of the ages:  “Those who call themselves Jews and are not… who are of THE SYNAGOGUE of Satan.”  Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  And to add insult to MASS MURDER—THE ASHKENAZI KHAZAR “JEWS” INFLATED THE NUMBER UP, AND UP, AND UP, 6-14 MILLION “GASED” (ANOTHER LIE, THOSE OVENS WERE CREMATORIUMS FOR THE DEAD FROM DISEASES LIKE TYPHOID.  LIKE YOU WOULD IN ANY CAMP, CONCENTRATED OF THAT MANY PEOPLE, SOME ARE GOING TO DIE, AND, TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF DISEASE, THE CORPSES MUST BE BURNED!) ; THEN CLAIMED TO THE WORLD THAT THEY—THE KILLERS—WERE THE ONES MURDERED!!!  Ah, Satan himself could only be the mastermind of such an evil plot against Hebrews and Christians alike!  That is why “Hate Laws” are being passed, not to protect the misbehavior called homosexuality, or race talk in anger—BUT SO NO ONE DARES QUESTION AND LOOK AT THESE HIDDEN FACTS!  “Anti-Semitism” is leveled at any and all who snoop too close, and I again remind you:  “Jews”/Khazars ARE NOT SEMITES!  Noah’s first born son was called Shem (the Khazars changed the Holy Bible to read “Sem”, to make you think “Semites” are the same people of the Book, they are not.  Noah’s THIRD SON—JAPETH—IS THE FATHER OF THE JEWS.  Shem/”Sem” is the father of the White race, and Noah’s second son, Ham, is the father of the “Black race”, for he married a Black woman—and they didn’t like it even way back then!  So, you have a lot of uncovering to do, precious ones, and much to “ATONE for”, as Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke unto you during the Million Man March on Washington.  A “peaceful” redress of grievances, followed by POSITIVE ACTION, is all it takes.  And never forget to take Aton/God in the arena with you, for it cannot be done without HIM!]

And they have wallowed in their power and wealth, in the process inflicting great suffering on millions of people in the Middle East through wars, and “ethnic cleansing” (they are very big on this one)—stuck as they are in the trappings of empty tribalism and “racial hubris”.

Rabbi Shulman used to teach us that Jews were “chosen” but only to be examples of the highest ethics—and were not racially, intellectually or religiously better than anyone else, and he was right.  [H:  And so he is right, is that not the ideal and motto of all Godly peoples?  Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, etc., do you all not aspire to adhere to those lofty goals of a goodly civilization of man?  In point of fact, “chosen of God Aton” meant ALL GODLY PEOPLE, not, as the Khazars have usurped the term to mean “a chosen race”.  The United Nations has condemned the Israeli Khazars as being “racist” in their behavior and practices on the world stage—and especially in the stolen lands of Palestine.  Is it becoming a bit clearer who the REAL ENEMY of you-the-people is?  These next couple of CHAPERS to this Phoenix JOURNAL will endeavor to make it perfectly clear the confusion between Judean Hebrews and Khazar “Jews”.]

He and my great-grandfather Ben would be aghast at what the Israelis and their followers (both Christian and Jewish) are doing as they go about conquering, raping and pillaging.

Just like they did in the Old Testament.  I thought the world had grown out of this sort of carry on.  I was wrong.

The Old Testament prophets were not only right two thousand years ago, but that they are still right today.

But the house of Israel is unwilling to listen to you, because they are not willing to listen to me, for the whole house of Israel is hard-headed and hard-hearted.—Ezekiel 3:7

The Zionists these days are extremely powerful, controlling as they do central banks virtually the world over (including the US Federal Reserve), a huge chunk of the media, [H:  ALL of the major media, no matter if it says “BET” (Black Entertainment Television), or “Christian Broadcast Network”, or Ted Turner’s CNN, these radio, movie, TV news, and Cable (Don Barton, a Black cable television “Ted Turner”, if you’ll allow the comparison, was MURDERED and gotten out of the way so the Jewish “Comcast” could take over that huge, emerging market.) outlets are 100 PERCENT in the hands of Khazar Jews.  That includes all the motion picture studios, such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios, Disney, etc.; and all the TV stations, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., etc.  How else can you keep a “conspiracy” going on for this long, without the Christian world waking up IN ARMS!!! And slaying the evil beast that has robbed, raped, pillaged, plundered their nation and peoples?!] many politicians, [H:  65% of your Congress!] and thus entire countries.  But they have not used this power wisely, but only to accrue more power and more influence, using more oppressive techniques for bringing to heel those who would oppose their hegemony.

The problem is that it’s not only the “common people”—Jewish and non-Jewish alike—who suffer at their hands.

It’s also the truth and the entire heritage in which I was raised that also suffer.
Welcome to Issue 30.
                                                            -- Jonathan Eisen, Editor

Thank you, Mr. Eisen.  I myself could not have done a better job of explaining the world plight of who is a Semite and who is not.  Blessings be onto you, Sir, and may you continue to share with the world your “uncensored” truths as they come to you.  God walks with you and sees your efforts.

Jonur, close this CHAPTER and let us move right into the next.  The enemy of God-ness must be shown CLEARLY, least man not recognize the graveness of the situation in time to reverse and stop the march towards doom and destruction.

Hatonn, Commander of the Phoenix, formerly called the Bethlehem “Star”, traveling WITH mine own “Commander” (which simply means Higher Teacher), the One labeled “Jesus”.  Salu.

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