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New Series 148: Represented by the Sun Disc, with 19 rays coming down to Earth, with each ending in human hands, reaching toward His children. The Aton. Amenhotep IV changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of that One God of The Creation. He build small, human-like statues of himself with his daughters and his beautiful wife, Nefertiti; which was in stark contrast to his predecessor kings, who build colossal, giant warrior gods of fear and absolute power over the peoples.

1/16/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns148)

Hatonn present to resume our work.  I come in the Presence and Radiance of Aton.  Indeed, God is known by MANY labels, however, we give honor unto the Godly Pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, who you will discover is of “The Star People”—genetically as well as in appearance.  Up until his day man worshipped many and varied gods, idols, and even gold itself; his insight and spiritual communion allowed the realization that you do not come from many gods, but were created by ONE God of pure Love.

Represented by the Sun Disc, with 19 rays coming down to Earth, with each ending in human hands, reaching toward His children.  The Aton.  Amenhotep IV changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of that One God of The Creation.  He build small, human-like statues of himself with his daughters and his beautiful wife, Nefertiti; which was in stark contrast to his predecessor kings, who build colossal, giant warrior gods of fear and absolute power over the peoples.

He was immediately popular with the citizens of Egypt and the world.  Because “he would wage no war” the soldiers came to him and offered their swords to the defense of this new dynasty.  For war is not of God—defense, however, is.  This was the “Golden Age” man had waited for peace now came to the world, since Egypt was master of the world.  Word had spread that God had truly reached down from “Heaven” to bring peace to a barbaric and pagan planet.

This is how it was SUPPOSED to begin, chelas, however, the tiny group of Lucifer’s SATANIC WARRING ANGELS did exactly what they are doing today:  Quietly infiltrate and tempt, with the apple, or whatever “forbidden fruit” you want to use, secretly murder—or publically crucify—the man of God, and go right back to “business as usual”.  And what is that “apple”?  It is Gold, my friends, that one thing Satan knows he can tempt any man with.  What is the saying?  Every man has his price.  And every nation has its price, also.  That is the very reason Man and Nation—BOTH—must be founded under God.  For The Love of Gold/Money Is the Tool of All Evil.  Having wondrous funds, even onto overflow, is not bad.   Because after all God IS abundance!  However, it is what you do with it, and if you “love” gold more than you love God and your fellow man, then you picked the wrong God, haven’t you?  By the way “Mossad” means MOSES WARFARE!  The Jews are trying to remove “In God We Trust” from your money.  Now you know why it was put there in the first place.

Let us continue, Jonur, pick up right where we left off, please.
Zionists & 9/11
Connecting the Dots
“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013, by Douglas Herman, July 7, 2006.


… The Underlings

The alleged Israeli art students in Hollywood, Florida (They sold cheap Chinese art) lived on the EXACT same street, only blocks from the alleged Islamic hijackers (who flunked flight school). 

 What were the odds of that happening?  Was there a shared connection, a common link, a series of dots perhaps (strip clubs)?  Or was it simply a massive coincidence that a team of possible Mossad double agents posing as art students, lived blocks away from alleged Islamic fanatics who just happened to train next to US military bases?
What about those dancing Israeli furniture movers in Liberty State Park?  [Hatonn:  Satellite surveillance from the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office—your most top secret agency) and NSA (National Security Agency), show Israelis on rooftops WAITING FOR THE PLANES TO HIT THE TWO WTC TOWERS!!  When they crashed through the sky scrapers, the ISRAELIS BURST INTO ECSTATIC CHEERING—DANCING AND CELEBRATING—AS IF THEIR FOOTBALL OR SOCCER TEAM MIRACULOUSLY CAME FROM BEHIND AND MADE AN AMAZING GOAL IN THE VERY LAST SECONDS OF THE GAME—AND WON THE SUPER BOWL!!  THE “CHEERING FANS” EVEN HAD ISRAELI/UNITED NATIONS BLUE-PAINTED FACES AND WORE “TEAM COLORS”!!!  ISRAELI FLAGS WERE VISIBLE IN THE SATELLITE TRANSMISSIONS!!]  They filmed the event from atop their white van, while celebrating the successful attack.  Later, two other vans were stopped in key access points to Manhattan.  [H:  come now, chelas, do you REALLY think those nice, perfectly framed “action shots”, from different angles, with “key eye witnesses” who showed up on the news, just happened to be placed in those camera positions?  How about the one at “ground zero”, perhaps a block or so away, with the Jewish guy in the frame—a head shot basically—and the plane dramatically zooms into the scene past his head!  The impact is a billowing, orange ball of raging fire that turns to thick, black smoke, and raining bits of debris.  The man turns and looks up, the “cameraman” is EXPERTLY careful to keep EVERYTHING centered “just so”.  That is a staged incident with movie teams stationed at every possible vantage point—for maximum PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT for the American people.  Pearl Harbor was done exactly the same way—THE ISRAELI OFFICERS AND THEIR FAMILIES WERE IN THE HILLS HAVING A “SUNDAY PICNIC”, AS THE JAPANESE PLAINS ATTACKED!  ONCE AGAIN, THE MOVIE PHOTOGRAPHY WAS IN PLACE TO DRAMATICALLY CAPTURE A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY.  That is why the new technology color film was available to get images so clean and clear, that in subsequent motion pictures, such as “Tora, Tora, Tora” (Attack, Attack, Attack).  You cannot tell which scenes are “Hollywood re-makes” and which are the real thing!  The trail of secret governmental cover-up, and massive conspiracies started, for this scribe/receiver, with his father.  He was a paperboy who was accidently given the bundle of newspapers that announced the JAPANESE ATTACK PEARL HARBOR—before the attack actually happened!!  The young paperboy and the man who drops the bundle off were required to turn them back in right away.  When they were given the “corrected” next edition, the mistake was corrected.  And as for UFO cover-ups, the scribe’s mother, at 17 years old, saw a “penny-colored” “flying saucer”, just sitting there over the tree line.  When she got to the top of the hill, in her home town in Kentucky, she “felt something looking at her”.  When she turned and saw the craft floating, or hovering very low in the sky, it tarried a few moments—as if to acknowledge her presence, then gently moved away up into the sky out of sight.  I have related Jonur’s parents’ stories before.  However, they bear repeating some times to remind you the readers and this scribe that that which we bring to you through these JOURNALS is truth.]  The FBI kept these Israelis for weeks before eventually releasing them.  In the horrific days following 9-11, other vans were stopped.  Other Israelis were arrested.  Dogs detected traces of explosives in the vans.  If not for the vigilance of local law enforcement officers in several states (unlike the FBI) [H:  You have more “Soviet” (different from Russian) KGB in the FBI and CIA than Americans.  Just like Judean “Jews” are not Khazar “Jews”, Soviet Union “Russians” are not Russian “Russians”.  “Soviets” are Jewish Khazar BOLSHEVIKS—or militaristic, revolutionary Jews—they took over CHRISTIAN RUSSIA in the 1917 RED OCTOBER REVOLUTION that murdered the Czar and his family (Russia’s “Royal Family”, if you will).  The Czar and the Russian people came to the aid of a fledgling (“baby bird” of a nation) United States—AND PREVENTED BOTH BRITISH AND FRENCH NAVIES FROM INTERFERING IN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF YOUR NEW CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  Russia was the most powerful nation on Earth at the time—because the Czar and the Russian people became Christians and refused to be under the Rothschild Jews and their “Old” World Order.  The International Bankster Cartel of the Jewish Anti-Christ would have the biggest enemy it would ever have to fight! Without the Christian Czar, America The Beautiful would have been quickly squashed, and divided up by the British and French, never to have been.  So the Jews quietly took over the New York banks—which became the evil WALL SREET CROOKS—and imported JEWISH GANGSTERS into the Kremlin.  By 1905-1917 the Revolution was set, and the Russian nation was all but wiped off the face of the Earth.  100 MILLION CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS WERE KILLEDNOW THAT IS A TRUE HOLOCAUST, DEAR ONES!  And the Kremlin became the “COMMUNIST” (which means birth of Jews—look it up!) state:  “Soviet Union”, something or other, “Socialists Republic”.  Ah, but that was not the end of it!  The Christian Russians and the “Soviet Khazars” are the two most bitter, mortal enemies on Earth!  They have been constantly at war for almost ONE THOUSAND YEARS!  Christians versus Anti-Christ and now the final battle between the two world titans is coming to a close.  And nobody even knew, did you?!!  Well, we will have plenty of opportunity to cover this in greater detail, as we continue outlay of this material.  But for now, suffice it to say THE RUSSIANS LISTENED TO TESLA, AND WHEN THE Khazars demolished his Magnifying Transmitting Tower in New York—where America would have been the first nation in your world with this fantastic “Star Wars” technology—the Kremlin now has thousands and thousands of COSMOSPHERE “UFOs”.  Each is equipped with CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS, AND CAN BLAST ANYTHING YOU HAVE OFF THE MAP.  RUSSIA CONTROLS SPACE, MY FRIENDS.  HOWEVER, THE KHAZARS CONTROL THE PRISON PLANET OF EARTH!  Is it becoming clear just how much trouble you are ACTUALLY IN?!  So be it.  Let us continue, please.] how many other targets in America would have been destroyed?

The US media actually performed quite well for 24 hours following the attack.  Unbelievably, even Fox News.

“What is striking about Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron’s portrait of Israel’s spy network in the U.S. is the sheer vastness of his subject, “wrote Justin Raimondo in The Terror Enigma:  Israel and the September 11 Connection, “In the months leading up to 9/11, Cameron claimed Israel was waging a covert war against its principal ally and benefactor, the United States.”

But aside from smaller newspaper[s], like the Bergen Record, few reports of these obvious false flag-black operations by Israeli double agents appeared anywhere on cable news giants CNN, MSNBC or Fox in subsequent weeks.  Nor did they appear in the mainstream newspapers.  Why didn’t it?

A quick glance at the masthead of any daily New York newspaper reveals a preponderance of Jewish editors and publishers.  [H:  Indeed, yes!  You get no “news” at all, only that which the Khazar “Jews” want you to believe!]  What was most revealing, after 9-11, was not so much editorial reluctance but an overwhelming self-censorship, a stony silence by all the New York City newspapers.  They refused to mention—EVER—the probable connection of Israel to the 9-11 attack.  Even though seven prominent NYC steel scrapers were demolished under exceedingly suspicious circumstances, not ONE Judeo-centric newspaper launched even a semblance of an investigation.  Given the fact that Israel possessed the greater motive, means an opportunity to carry out the 9-11 attack, one had to wonder about the criminal complicity of the big New York dailies.

Other NYC periodicals went out of their way to debunk [ridicule or throw off the track] any attempt to get at the truth.  Periodicals like Popular Mechanics, edited by a cousin of US Homeland Security head, Michael Chertoff, mouthed the official (Zionist) version of events.  According to every New York periodical, Islamic terrorists hijacked the planes.  How they attained the means, not to mention the opportunity to attack, was rarely broached.

Compromise security and you can conquer a city, state or nation.  The Trojan horse [A giant, wooden horse given to an ancient city as a gift; only to have enemy soldiers sneak out at night to open the city gates for the invading army to come in and destroy the city.] being a good example; America being another.

If indeed hijackers somehow got past airport security cameras [H:  Like the utter impossibility of the little Black boy—“The Underwear Bomber”—accused of trying to blow up an airliner at Christmas time bound for Detroit!  He was poor, dressed in almost rags, hardly anything but the clothes on his back, no I.D., no passport, no ticket or even a boarding pass—and yet, he was a master terrorist, who ingeniously plotted the destruction of a plane-load of people?  Interestingly, no one questioned the well-dressed, wealthy “East Indian—looking man” (perhaps one of those Jewish “actors”?), who by-passed all security check points—even to the protest of the final boarding hostess, moments before passengers went up the jet way.  Afterwards, no trial, no public hearing, no lawyer, and he is locked away—no one gets to hear HIS SIDE of the story.  He has no idea what he is REALLY accused of doing.], wouldn’t the suspicion fall on the Israeli-owned security company at Logan airport in Boston?  [H:  Is it not also interesting that the Israelis were the “security EXPERTS” at the FOUR Japanese NUCLEAR  REACTORS, and in charge of the “new” special on-site security cameras, that look exactly like small, half-ton “GUN TYPE” nuclear bombs?  Those explosions—one after another, in each reactor—produced “mushroom clouds”.  Nuclear power plant meltdowns do not produce mushroom clouds.  Look at old footage of nuclear tests in the desert—the detonations ARE IDENTICAL!]  How would hijackers have access to gates and terminals otherwise?  No Mainstream news reports indicated hijackers got past airline employees working flight check-in counters.  Somehow this remains a minor detail to the US media.


Break here, please, and begin a new chapter, Jonur.  It is easier to digest the material in smaller, chewable bites.  Information does not become “knowledge” until it is thoroughly understood and contemplated on by the mind.  Just as food itself is not “nourishment” until it is completely digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hatonn moving to standby.  May the WORD of Aton and the lessons brought by His HOSTS from the deep Cosmos uplift those who seek salvation in The Lord.  Amen.

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