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New Series 149: Open thine eyes and see, for the Khazar Jews are trying to pull a fast one on you! The motion picture “Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight”, part III (This was the movie chosen to bring domestic terrorism to its final stages of removing American rights and liberties.) outlines the Zionist subplot of ACTUALLY MIXING THE EXPLOSIVES WITHIN THE CONCRETE—BEFORE CONSTRUCTION EVEN BEGINS!

1/17/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns149)

Good morning, Hatonn present in Holy Light to resume the lessons.  Pick up right where we left off, please, allow the flow of energy to establish itself.  You will be truly amazed at how much is accomplished, Jonur, as will our readers, for God sits with you at your workbench, the piano keys, or the canvas with your paint and brushes.  All worthy creations and works are God’s ANY WAY; those of the adversary do not endure.


Zionists & 9/11-
Connecting the Dots
By Douglas Herman, July 7, 2006, “UNCENSORED” magazine
December 2012-March 2013


Even more suspicious, regarding security, how exactly did Islamic terrorists ménage to gain access to the interior structure of WTC-7 [Hatonn:  This was the THIRD BUILDING WHICH COLLAPSED INTO ITS OWN “FOOT PRINT”, a “controlled demolition” that has been seen many times in such as the “raising” of old Las Vegas casinos, to make room for new, more extravagant ones.  This smaller structure also collapsed—AT “FREE FALL” SPEED—AND NO AIRCRAFT NOR FIRE TOUCHED IT!  Rosie O’Donnell was fired from her talk show for pointing that out to her audience.  Physics will not allow any building of modern city design to simply fall in on itself, straight down into its own disintegrating glass, concrete, and STEEL structure!  Open thine eyes and see, for the Khazar Jews are trying to pull a fast one on you!  The motion picture “Batman:  Rise of the Dark Knight”, part III (This was the movie chosen to bring domestic terrorism to its final stages of removing American rights and liberties.) outlines the Zionist subplot of ACTUALLY MIXING THE EXPLOSIVES WITHIN THE CONCRETE—BEFORE CONSTRUCTION EVEN BEGINS!  SPECIAL “STEEL-CUTTING” CHARGES AND THERMITE—AND SEVERAL OTHER EXOTIC DETONATION TECHNIQUES—USED IN ELABORATE, PRECISION—TIMED “CONTROLLED BURNS”—BROUGHT THE THREE TOWERS DOWN RIGHT ON QUE FOR THE “DIRECTOR”.  And just like in “Batman” the evil forces plan YEARS—EVEN DECADES—to bring about their goals.  In the theater massacre secret assassination teams picked this movie to “shoot up the place”.  You don’t know what really happened, however!  That is why you have “secret” and “semi-secret” societies like British Freemasonry, the Yale Skull & Bones Society, the Bilderberger Group, The Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Bavarian Illuminati, Majority-12, etc., etc., etc.  The ones at the top are International Bankers connected by FAMILY to the Rothschild Dynasty.  The regular “Mason” at the bottom hasn’t a clue as to who is doing what.  The Elite Globalists ARE the Anti-Christ, dear ones, and he comes from ALGERIA THROUGH ROME!  Look at your news this day with the oil-rig hostages; the British, French, Japanese, Mali, and other nations involved with the CIA/Mossad/MI-6 (British Intelligence) FAKE “AL-QAEDA” TERRORISTS.  There is no such group of Islamic extremists.  That is an intelligence agency fabrication to give the excuse to create a POLICE STATE—MARSHAL (MILITARY) LAW!  Do you honestly and truly believe a bunch of Arab “Camel Jockeys”, the degrading term that is used describing poor nomadic desert dwellers of little worldly ambitions about international finance and secret political intrigue—have the means to CONTINUEALLY OUTWIT—AT ALMOST EVERY TURN—YOUR WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED, HIGHLY-TRAINED, MILITARY AND CIVILIAN STRATAGISTS WHO RUN AND OPERATE:  THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, THE OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE, ARMY AND AIRFORCE INTELLIGENCE, THE NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE; NOT TO MENTION THE PROUD FBI, CIA, BATF, KGB, MI-6, INTERPOL, SCOTLAND YARD, AND VARIOUS FOREIGN INVESTIGATIVE AGENCIES????!!!  There is no need to continue to feel foolish, chelas, however, if you fail to “connect the dots” this time around, then shame on you!] , in order to place obvious demolition charges?  Wealthy real estate mogul and Zionist Larry Silverstein, the new lessee of the entire WTC complex, would have had final say in any security, wouldn’t he?  Additionally, the WTC -7 was, for all intents and purposes, a US government building.  How could an enormous building, housing office of the CIA, Secret Service and SEC [H:  Stock Market’s Securities and Exchange Commission, a major target of attack featured in “Rise of the Dark Knight”.] be left unsecured—unless the new landlord chose the “security” outfit.

Even more strange, flaming debris somehow scattered across a city block from the collapsing Twin Towers and set afire the 11th floor of WTC-7 where the SEC was located.  Why this floor?  What was located there?

“Odds are the SEC records in WTC-7 that were fortuitously destroyed when that building was ‘pulled’ included this bogus Brady Bond deal,” wrote Karl Schwartz.  “Our sources have informed us that there was a group of ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] working in this part of the Pentagon (that was destroyed) that were investigating the $120 billion Brady Bond scam I have reported on recently.”  A masterful crime or a diabolical yet masterful spy operation?  Probably both.  Instead of a terrorist attack, the crime begins to look like a huge scam with billions in profits and thousands dead.  [H:  Thousands of CHRISTIANS dead.  Mosaic Jewish Law in the Talmud bible—not the Judean Hebrew Torah bible—says to “kill Christians in any way possible”.  One Jewish life is like worth a thousand Christians.  Poison—as your sons become doctors—the Goyim (Christians, especially, and other non-Jews) and kill them in secret in great numbers!  Now, does this sound like “Holy Instruction” from a God of light to you ones?  It also says to make Jewish sons lawyers/esquires, so they can “steal Christian property, businesses, and homes.”  This is the reason why your nation and world were bankrupted.  The foreclosure of America is at the hands of the Money Changers Jesus threw out of the Lord’s Temple—FOR THAT VERY REASON!  It is not fathomable for you goodly citizens of God, that an entity or group of humans, could ruthlessly kill thousands—AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE—LOOK AT AFRICA—for the sake of simply making higher profits for your company.  But doesn’t the Jew “Love Money and Gold” more than anything?  And DO THEY NOT HATE “JESUS” IMMANUEL ESU WITH EQUAL PASSION AND FARVOR?  Are you ones, particularly WHITE AND BLACK AMERICANS, not the dear, dear, children and followers of Immanuel?  How much more, do you suppose, do the Jews hate you?]

If one were to examine this enormous evil iceberg further, and not just the tip, one might discover a monumental mass of icy Intelligence—connected players below the surface.  Very likely, the entire WTC operation was a combination insurance scam (Benefitting one wealthy Zionist), false flag “terrorist” op (benefitting various operatives from many branches of intelligence possibly).  [H:  Do not leave out the primary reason—TO FINALLY BRING IN UNITED NATIONS TROOPS AND ENSLAVE AMERICANS UNDER A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!  It is called the “New World Order”, and once your liberties and freedoms have been totally and permanently taken away, you will be killed off BY THE MILLIONS!  There are more than 6.5 Billion people—closer to 7—only 550 Million are going to be allowed to live.  That means AT LEAST 6 BILLION DEAD IN THE COMING MONTHS AND FEW SHORT YEARS!  That is Their PLAN for you Christians and the rest of the “Goyim”.  No Blacks, a few Latins and Asians for workers, no Native Americans, a tiny few Whites for “House Slaves” (so Christ’s people can kiss the feet of their new masters)—AND FIRST ON THE “HIT LIST”—ABSOLUTELY NO HEBREWS!!  For they are the ones who know WHO the Khazars are, and what they have been doing all these thousands of years!  The Native Americans, who are the Aboriginal Peoples, whom God, Himself, called “HUMANS”, which means, “Higher Universal MAN”, know the secret of the Khazar tribes BEFORE they were Khazars.  And Farrakhan and his Black Mohammedan Moorish (def.:  pertaining to the Mohammedan Arabs of northwest Africa) People, or simply “Moors” (def.:  any member of the dark-skinned North African Moslem people who formerly occupied Spain)—“Black Vikings”, if you will, who IDENTIFIED SATAN’S “KHAZARS” BY NAME!  And it was Farrakhan who told the world from the steps of the Capitol Building, in Washington D.C., at The Million Man March, WHO AND WHAT “THE ATON” (GOD) IS!  So, no way, are these above mentioned “enemies” of the Khazar Anti-Christ/Anti-God, going to be spared!  Jonur, reproduce a passage from the TRUE “Holy Bible”, that has been kept safe in its scroll-form, totally intact and preserved—BY SPACE COMMAND (WE OF GOD’S HOSTS); which was “found” with the “Shroud of Turin”, that had Immanuel SANANDA’S Spirit Energy “form” “burned” into it.  The Holy Light of Jesus’ Etheric Body (or “Ghost” body, as some might refer to it) was captured in that covering.  It was PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY to not only be genuine, but DNA from the blood has also been verified authentic!  The world has not been told THAT National Security Secret, either!  Quoting “And They Called His Name Immanuel:  I AM SANANDA”, BY Sananda & JUDAS ISCARIOTH.  (Not Juda IHARIOTH, the son of the Pharisee Khazar, who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver—just like the “Jews” of today—but had remorse and hanged himself in the field of the potter.  Immanuel told his disciples:  … WHEN JUDA IHARIOTH, THE SON OF THE PHARISEE, WILL TURN ME OVER TO THE PERSECUTORS, MY DISCIPLE, JUDAS ISCARIOTH WILL BE CONTRIVED THE TRAITOR.  This is so that the people will say: ‘Behold these confused people are divided among themselves and therefore one betrays the other.  So, how can the teachings of Immanuel be truth?’  SINCE JUDA IHARIOTH, THE SON OF THE PHARISEE, AND MY DISCIPLE, JUDAS ISCARIOTH, ARE OF ALMOST IDENTICAL NAMES, THE LIE OF THE HIGH PRIESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM THE BEGINNING…”  You see, even before The Last Supper the lie began.  This is what caused so many people, lo these entire Two-Thousand Years, to disbelieve the Teachings of “Jesus”.  MOHAMMAD PROPHECIED.  Immanuel was silent.  And they hit him again on the head and he moaned in pain and started to speak, “Verily I say to you, as you beat and mock me, you, too, shall be beaten and mocked.  The time will come in five times one hundred years when you shall have to atone for this day.  A new man will rise up in this land and whip and persecute you, and you shall have to pay with your blood.  He will create a new cult and have people call him a prophet, and he shall persecute you throughout all times.  Even though he will be a false prophet and bring you a new false doctrine, he has great power and will have your race persecuted throughout all time to come.  His name will be Mohammed, and his name will be, for your kind, horror, misery and death, which will be of your deserving.  Verily, verily I say to you, his name will be written with blood and his hatred against your kind will be endless.  But since he will be a false prophet and bring you a false doctrine, so will his cult eventually be finished, when your kind and his kind will put down the foundation for a bloody ending for this world.”  These words caused such fury that they got extremely excited and beat him so brutally that Immanuel collapsed.  When he had aroused somewhat, they pulled the purple coat from him and put his own garments back on his body and led him away to crucify him…  End quote from “And They Called His Name Immanuel…”  Let us continue, please.]

Difficult to believe the CIA and Secret Service—not to mention Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management—had NO prior knowledge of the impending destruction of their offices.

According to the London Times:  “The Comex metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange kept 3,800 gold bars—weighing 12 tons and worth more than $100 million (70 million English pounds)—in vaults in the building’s basement.  Comex also held almost 800,000 ounces of gold there on behalf of others, with a value of about $220 million (worth more than $560,000,000 today).  It also held more than 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million (Worth $1.5 billion today).  The Bank of Nova Scotia, which kept gold in the Comex vault, reported $200 million of gold lost in the wreckage (Lost--!).  Comex also held precious metals for Chase Manhattan Bank, the Bank of New York and Hong and Shanghai Banking.”

Not surprisingly, one massive gold-filled truck was discovered, crushed, in the tunnels below the WTC complex.  Perhaps, in the eight hours, between 9 AM and 5 PM, when WTC-7 was demolished and Americans were glued to televisions, horrified, masterful planners heisted hundreds of millions in gold bullion.  Before Silverstein finally “pulled” the US government building, that is.

Which leaves us only THREE final questions:  Who leased the building only months before?  Who hired security at Logan and the WTC?  Who covered up the subsequent crime in the US media, not only in New York City but the nation?

Still not convinced that key, dual-citizenship “Zionists” played a pivotal part?  Perhaps THE pivotal part?  The final footnote, indicating overwhelming involvement in the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent power to cover up any involvement, occurred 18 months later.  That signature event was the War with Iraq, launched with wholehearted White House, US Media and Congressional support on March 18, 2003.

On Purim, a significant Jewish holiday, a day signifying destruction of Israel’s enemies.  Masterful.  [H:  It is time to see who the Anti-Christ is before you, dear hearts, do not let their satanic New World Order plans be completed.  This information will expose the imposter Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, and allow you of God Aton’s CHOSEN PEOPLES to put a stop to this insanity.]

About the Author:  USAF veteran, Amateur historian and student of Spinoza and Thoreau, Douglas Herman questions authority.  Shouldn’t you?


Thank you, Jonur, the session has been long, but the people need to get this information NOW!  The Zionists have a schedule to keep regarding your destruction.  Stand with your President and your “Majority Whip” Congressman Clyburn, for the evil Khazar tribe from biblical past is, indeed, a mighty foe!  However, the Kingdom of The Lord is pure LIGHTED TRUTH, administered by an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God (All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and everywhere)…  Nothing evil can stand in the Presence of The Light, therefore, go nowhere, do no thing, without FIRST making sure The Father’s Love and PROTECTION is forever with thee.

I salute you of Aton’s People, and your military patriots, who give everything to serve a Nation Under God.  For these ones will be the ones who will turn it all around.  I once again repeat:  “War is not of God—Defense is!”


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