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New Series 120: THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) Resume with “UNCENSORED” magazine’s False Flag article, please. Thank you for your service, Jonur; as always, I come in the service and presence of the Creator SOURCE. Amen and AHO!

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Resume with “UNCENSORED” magazine’s False Flag article, please.  Thank you for your service, Jonur; as always, I come in the service and presence of the Creator SOURCE.  Amen and AHO!


Some who speculate who the controllers were for this operation note the fact that only Democrats and enemies of the neocons were targeted.

Anthrax War is a provocative new investigative documentary by filmmakers Bob Coen and Eric Nadler that examines the 2001 Anthrax Attacks and offers a frightening glimpse into today’s secret and dangerous world of germ weapons.  [Hatonn:  Just like the “Legionnaires Disease” that killed all those veterans attending a hotel convention a few years back.  The actual CAUSE was anthrax released into the ventilation system.  These men were meeting to address the New World Order plans that are set to destroy American liberties and freedom.  Bio-warfare is real, chelas, and when Gladio-style inside job false-flag attacks are instituted, often “cutouts” are used at the most visible or base parts of the operation.  Then, if the plan is uncovered, these folks can be blamed.  In the case of the 9/11 attacks, it is rumored that Israeli intel and assets were used as the cutouts so that if the plan was uncovered it would track back to them rather than to the high US Government officials who actually pulled the strings.  Are the cutouts ever innocent?  Of course not, but the senior planners and string pullers can remain hidden by directing any blame toward the cutouts if the operation is uncovered by the public, as it now has been in the case of the 9/11 attacks.  So it is best not to be fooled by focusing blame on the cutouts without tracing the chain of responsibility to the highest echelon of the super-elite controllers of the “shadow government”.  It is here that the greatest responsibility lies, and these folks are the big criminals who specialize in mass murder and crimes against humanity.]

Consider this famous quotation attributed to Hermann Goering:  “Why of course the people don’t want war ….  But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ….  Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.  That is easy.  All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.  It works the same in any country.”  The use of false-flag attacks provides strong public motivation to make war with an enemy in direct retaliation for the supposed “first blood” which was actually a “self-inflicted” wound.  It is, therefore, a well proven and effective method of instituting a PSYOPS against the populace of any Nation-State.  And as many researchers now realize, when the power of a regime is failing, either economically, or politically or both, then that regime often feels it must start a war in order to maintain power and rebuild itself economically.

The same principle used in false-flag terrorism may also be used to discredit protest groups.  In many recent important political gatherings, such as party conventions and meetings such as G-20 and other similar groups, agent provocateurs who label themselves as “anarchists” dress up as protestors and then institute mock violence against the police and often do vandalism.  These provocateurs can usually be identified by their wearing of black police-type shoes and being seen meeting with police the day before the events start.  And in Seattle, Washington, at one of these meetings, the police dressed up as provocateurs were caught red-handed and it was admitted in several local media reports there.

U.S. Foreign Policy
—Secret Wars of the CIA

And in fact, many of the current governments govern by the “provoke and punish” principal.  The government brings the illegal drugs in, distributes them as “controlled deliveries” to get “Mr. Big”, then busts any competition [H:  Heaven help you if you operate outside the CIA cartel!  Those are those drug busts you hear about here and there, involving “tons of” whatever.], and fills the jails with drug offenders that they have helped create.  This government based illegal drug trafficking has helped to build a very large private prison industry and has brought chaos to the inner cities, debasing the credibility of the minorities and preventing them from organizing and becoming prominent with a healthy societal role.  A people dirtied up and disorganized by the government’s illegal drugs is much easier to rule over than a politically informed, organized citizenry.


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New Series 119: Hatonn present to commune in God Aton’s Holy Presence. Good morning and Salu! CHAPTER 11 THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) As the evidence mounts daily now, you ones, particularly our new readers, will be able to recognize and KNOW thine enemy. So let us continue, uninterrupted, in the DAILY lessons. AHO!

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Hatonn present to commune in God Aton’s Holy Presence.  Good morning and Salu!



As the evidence mounts daily now, you ones, particularly our new readers, will be able to recognize and KNOW thine enemy.  So let us continue, uninterrupted, in the DAILY lessons.  AHO!

Pick up where we left off, please, from “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-Sept. 2012.


This “mad dogs of war” Faction in the US militarily allegedly wanted to use this as pretext to start WW3, and it is rumored that they planned to perhaps even shoot one missile at a major US city and blame it on Cuba and the Russians in order to use that as a basis to counter-attack with a full nuclear retaliatory launch.  Allegedly, cooler heads in the top military command prevailed and were able to prevent WW3, which they believed would result in complete devastation of all modern industrial civilization with no clear victor.

There have been many false flag attacks in history.  The Nazis were believed to have used one to start WW2 by disguising their special ops as Poles attacking a radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany, and this was used as a pretext for the Nazis to invade Poland.

And it is now well understood by researchers that the attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli jets off the coast of Egypt was a false-flag attack under authority of Lyndon Johnson to be used as a pretext to draw the US into a war with Egypt.  But due to the tremendous heroism of the crew and the top quality construction of the ship, it remained afloat and some of the crew survived to tell the story.  But they were threatened and told never to talk of the incident under threat of severe sanctions.  These survivors felt so threatened that only many years later did they start telling the truth publicly.  [Hatonn:  I have no words to describe the treachery of YOUR GOVERNMENT in helping the evil Jewish ISRAELI Khazar in killing those sailors and trying their damnedest to sink that ship—with all hands aboard.]  And it is a most disgusting story.  There is no statute of limitations on murder, and the perpetrators responsible should have been tried, convicted, and executed for treason and murder.

Many years afterwards, it was later admitted by Robert McNamara and others that the Gulf of Tonkin attack did not occur as reported.  It is now reasonable to assume that it was fabricated by American Intel and used as a pretext for war in Vietnam and was a false-flag attack.  So it is now clear that millions of needless combat deaths and related civilian deaths often occur due to the evil, deep-black covert operations of governments.  When wars are started on false pretexts by use of covert, black operations, those directly responsible are actually mass murderers and evil monsters who evade justice by misuse of secret laws and practices.  “National Security” is often invoked as a false cover for some of the most evil, horrendous crimes against humanity and the populace of citizens imaginable.

It has been proven beyond any doubt in court documents, depositions, and testimony that the FBI set up the first World Trade Center attack [H:  Again, this was an Israeli Mossad operation, carried out under cover of your FBI.  Exactly like it is with the CIA, you have more foreign Soviet/Mossad spies in the Federal Bureau of Investigation than Americans.  The first World Trade Center bombing, by the way, was A NUCLEAR DEVICE THAT DID NOT DETONATE PROPERLY!  By whatever means, you gained more time in New York; however, that city is the new capital of Israel, and nothing is going to prevent it from being destroyed.  Nostradamus told you that!] and insisted on real explosives being used with a barrel of cyanide stolen from Champon Natural Flavoring Co. in Boca Raton, Florida.  It is also now known that the US Government instituted a false-flag attack at the Murrah Building to wrongly smear the American private militia movement.  It is suspected that the reason Chandra Levy was murdered was because she was given a job at the Bureau of Prisons due to connections of her boyfriend Rep. Gary Condit and found out too much about McVeigh.  Some researchers believe that McVeigh was a mind kontrolled intel agent and that his execution was faked.  [H:  You are going to find that the Jews use representatives from each grouping to stage “events” that point the blame at a particular group they want to get rid of.  Be it “White Supremacist” groups, “Black Muslim” groups, “Asian Immigrant Student” groups, etc., etc., the shooting, bombing, AND HATE LITERATURE are to make new laws removing EVERYBODY’S FREEDOMS.  And your hands will be tied through “Hate Crime” legislation.  But they have to get rid of your Constitution first.  So hold onto it for dear life—because your life DOES depend on it!  Incidentally, ones like Timothy McVeigh are expendable.]

It is also believed by some astute researchers that the American Anthrax attacks in Florida and DC were instituted by a secret deep-cover black op group which “took” the weaponized, aerosolized anthrax from Fort Detrick Army Biological Weapons Lab where it was secretly manufactured.


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New Series 118: Good morning, Jonur; let us continue. Salu! Hatonn present in service and light. CHAPTER 10 THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED)

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Resuming “UNCENSORED” magazine story on “false-flag” operations.


Take the example of Panama.  Noriega was recruited as an intel asset and Iraq was built up by massive weapons sales from the U.S. and European weapon manufacturers, which included bio-weapons, all authorized by the highest echelons of American government.  [Hatonn:  A Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) of Khazar Jewish operatives and long-term agents of the New World Order.]  Then it appears that Iraq was set up to invade Kuwait, according to rumors that American Ambassador April Gillespie admitted to Saddam Hussein that Santa Fe drilling was cross drilling Kuwait into his main oil field.  [H:  True!]  And it is also rumored that Ambassador Gillespie told Saddam that, if he attacked Kuwait, it would be considered an inter-Arab conflict and the US would stay out of it.  Iraq had been built up by American and European countries [H:  Rockefeller/J.P. Morgan and Rothschild respectively.] and their weapons manufacturers to wage a strong battle against Iran as a geopolitical counterforce, preventing Iran from getting too powerful.  Then after this geopolitical goal was obtained, it became necessary to knock Iraq back down to size, and that is where the cross drilling provocation is alleged to have been used.  And don’t ignore Big-Oil’s part in all this with its never ending quest to limit production and control distribution, which includes control over pipelines and their location and ownership.

Operation “Gladio” Has Killed
Thousands, Of Innocents Over
Many Decades

During the second Iraq invasion by the US military and some of its NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] partners, a group of British special forces operatives [H:  The same guys “Alfred” worked for in the reference to “The Dark Knight” Batman film.] dressed up as Arab terrorists, were caught by Iraqi security forces with a carload of bombs, and were attempting to instigate a false-flag terrorist attack.  [H:  Still think all those Arab suicide bombings are just Arab extremists?!  Try missile strikes and the above “hit team”, and you will be right on as to WHO is the central cause!]  They were taken to an Iraqi security forces jail where they were incarcerated, until another British special forces group attacked the jail and broke them out.  There was another incident in Afghanistan where a US-employed very well known mercenary group was caught bringing a helicopter load of arms to the Taliban.  [H:  Michigan-based “Blackwater” “military contractors”, perhaps?!]  When asked what they were doing, they stated that, if there is going to be a war, we need a viable enemy.  Recently Geraldo Rivera of Fox News was featured in a special video report from Afghanistan interviewing a US Army officer in front of an opium field.  This US Army officer, a Colonel, claimed that the US Army had to protect the Afghan opium crop, otherwise they would be siding with the Taliban.  [H:  What???!!  Open your eyes and ears and you will see this evil before you, unclothed from his “sheep’s clothing” disguise, no less!]  Of course this was misinformation since the Taliban are against any opium growing and nearly eradicated it when they were in control.  May view this report as first hand direct evidence that the US invaded Afghanistan to revitalize and capture the distribution of the 550 Billion dollar (US) opium business.

It is now generally believed among citizen researchers, including many retired government, military, and intel personnel, that the attacks on 9/11 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were a false-flag attack, that is, an “inside-job” instituted by the US Government as a “self-inflicted wound”—apparently with a little help from the Mossad.  [H:  Real “Americans” would not blow up their own nation, but the “Jews” pretending to be your best buddies are trying to do just that!  You are a Christian Nation, and the Zionist Jews do not like Christ nor His people, remember???!]  Astute researchers quickly discovered evidence that false-flag attacks have been used in the past, such as the Gladio attacks in Italy that were so thinly disguised that those responsible were actually caught.  And astute researchers quickly discovered the recently declassified “Operation Northwoods” plan of the US military to stage numerous false-flag attacks against the USA bearing a false-flag against Cuba.  This was a sinister plan that involved blowing up an American airliner [H:  Try ten!] and other grotesque murders.  The actual plan can be viewed by searching it out on the web.  [H:  Keep uppermost in your minds that, yes, you can glean much from the internet and Freedom of Information Act (FOI) declassified documents, but come now, chelas, the adversary to God (and you) is not going to hand over all the clue answers on a silver tray!  You are not going to find the Russian Cosmosphere plans of construction there, nor video “live-streaming” (I believe you call it) of Extraterrestrial Alien “Angels” (Greek for “MESSENGERS”), at all your high-level world government summits!  I, Hatonn, personally attend most of these meetings!  Your world leaders know me well!  THE SECRET OF GOD AND HIS HOSTS IS THE VERY LAST SECRET MYSTERY LUCIFER WANTS YOU TO DISCOVER!]  The military was convinced it was a good idea and wanted to institute it, but President Kennedy just wouldn’t go along with it.  [H:  Time to check out the movie ©“JFK” again—your government was overthrown by a MILITARY COUP—and the secret dictator is still in charge!  Nixon thought about putting his foot down—he was made to resign after a secret top secret communique was flashed to the Military High Commands of the Army, Navy, and Air Force:  “On receipt of this message—YOU WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY ORDERS FROM THE PRESIDENT!”  Fortunately, President Obama has God resting squarely upon his shoulders, and my Golden-silver Wings of Divine Light as a protective shield.  Black America is not so easily fooled by the serpent in sheep’s clothing as are the other races that have been so divided by the adversary’s plan of “Divide and Conquer”.  The America of today is as united as the fledgling America first founded by your Founding Fathers:  British-Israel and the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Bankster Elite are the enemy of your liberties!  You are all in the same boiling, “melting pot” now; it must be a UNIFIED EFFORT to reclaim a UNITED states in America!  The false dickering and attempts to deny Obama the obvious support of you-the-people and the world is falling on deaf ears.  The spirit that is within him is the spirit of God that is within all Americans.]

And some researchers believe that a certain part of the US Military intended to use the JFK Assassination as a false-flag attack on the US from Cuba and Russia by setting up Oswald as an assassin working on behalf of Castro and the Russians.


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New Series 117: Good morning; Hatonn present to continue in the Radiance and Light of God. CHAPTER 9 THE ENEMY WITHIN: ISRAELI MOSSAD STAGING “TERRORIST” ATTACKS ON U.S. SOIL!

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Please, pick up where we left off, Jonur; thank you for thy service.  Salu!

Continuing with yesterday’s topic of “inside terrorist jobs” and the Israeli Mossad’s thrust to “communize” America, from “UNCENSORED” magazine!


False-flag attacks are always deep-black covert operations.  This means that the presence and composition of those controlling these special operations must be hidden from the public and all other government, military, and intel within that instigator’s country.

There are other operations which, although similar, are not false-flag attacks but which are used to produce the same end result, a strong motivation in the citizenry to wage war against another entity or nation-state.  One such was the long term provocation such as occurred with the Japanese which led up to the attack at Pearl Harbor where the top American Intel had full knowledge an attack was imminent and in fact had worked hard under a top secret long term plan to provoke the Japanese into making such an attack.  And those in power within the US government instituted business operations many years in advance to build up Japan as an aggressive military power, which would have to be stopped eventually by waging war against them, a goal which the war profiteers in control of the American government relished.

The plan goes like this:  build up your future enemy, and then suddenly cut them off from their supply chain [Hatonn:  Sound familiar?  That is why Saddam and Hitler were BOTH “TIME” magazine’s “Man of The Year”, just prior to each being labeled “Public Enemy #1”, in the Zionist-controlled—and owned—U.S. media!  Those “Gun-walking” scandals, where all types of weapons are given to Mexican, Soviet, Cambodian, and Chinese criminals and SOLDIERS which are used in killings of American citizens and Federal officers, IS TO ARM YOUR FUTURE ENEMY COMBATANTS!  These groups already infiltrate your nation and National Parks; they are along your southern borders and on BOTH SIDES of the Mississippi River.  The Great Lakes are their last target, and then you will be totally surrounded!  Open thine eyes and see the beast of Revelation before you!  It is never too late for God’s People, my friends, but you must do YOUR part.  God and His HOSTS from afar will assist—but not without you leading the charge!  This is YOUR battle, a situation that man created.  Therefore, man must change the circumstances and demand a return to God’s Laws and the Laws of The Creation.  Only then will you be in service to Godness/Goodness in total truth.  Come out of the lie and receive that which is thy inheritance, as promised by Jesus (Immanuel Esu, returning as SANANDA—remember, even your Holy Bible said “he will bear a new name”.), for are you not HIS PEOPLE?  What are you doing to deserve “salvation” and “rapture”?  Simply having faith, and no action, doesn’t cut the mustard, chelas; sorry about that!  The Khazar-Pharisee, Paul/Saul of Tarsus, taught the WRONG STORY in his travels all over the world!  Well, we are here to set the record straight!  We are bringing The WORD, so be it!  However, it is up to man what he will do with it!], which makes great provocation.  And part of the plan was to move all the aircraft carriers out of port away from the attack in advance, proving advance knowledge and illustrating how the plan involved losing only the older ships.  In addition, it is rumored naval intelligence officers took their staff and families to the mountain for a picnic [H:  That is true; Naval Intelligence and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) are run by British Intelligence and the Italian Mafia.  I know you didn’t think old Don Corleone and his “Godfather” cartel died out in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, did you?!  These organized criminal factions—especially the super-evil Anti God JEWISH, MISHPUKA, MAFIA—run this global empire of evil secret governments!  They are just vying for “top dog” while keeping it all out of view of you-the-people!], also suggesting advance knowledge.  And there are the top secret documents which prove a long term provocation plan in place long before the attack and the intel reports that the Japanese were on their way to attack Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese code had been broken and the top US military command was able to decipher the Japanese communications regarding their plans.

In the last ten years a great deal of evidence has come out that this is what actually occurred to get us into WW2.  Wall Street [H:  Jewish Pharisee Money-Changers, descendants of those same evil bastards of Christ’s sojourn 2,000 years ago.  The Banksters of Khazar—“Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception”!  And you thought they were JUST “nice Jewish boys” like they portray themselves on television and in the motion pictures!] and the defense contractors need big wars to make big profits, and most governments believe they need war to maintain control over their populace.  FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] and his top Admirals knew such an attack by the Japanese with at least 2,000 plus deaths of American servicemen would be necessary to sway the American public to enter the war between England and Germany and also enter into a war with Japan, since most Americans wanted to avoid any war.  And this same target number of 2,000 plus would be used as a necessary requirement in the 9/11 twin tower [H:  Actually three buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions, just like the HUDSON building in downtown Detroit, several years ago.  WTC Building #7 collapsed into its own “footprint”, and no plane crashed into it!  If no “hijacked” aircraft struck the other two buildings, they would have imploded or collapsed IN EXACTLY THE SAME MANNER as they did on camera (this was also set up in advance, so you had some nice pictures of those airliners diving into the glass and steel skyscraper, and bursting out the other side in an impressive billowing ball of orange fire and black smoke!  Kind of like a Hollywood movie, isn’t it!!???!!  Indeed it was—with you Americans playing live “extras” on the set!), with the push of a button.]  false-flag attacks, since it was an operational belief by the top US government officials (neocons) involved in the planning and execution of this attack.


The distraction grows great when the mission gets going, Jonur, I know.  Break, please, and return promptly.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu!   

New Series 116: Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance of God. Amen. CHAPTER 8 THE ENEMY WITHIN … CONT’D Pick up right where we left off, please, Jonur. Thank you for your service this day.

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Pick up right where we left off, please, Jonur. Thank you for your service this day.


[ … ]  The US Government actually obtained opinions from its own legal counsel during the Bush 2 administration that measures were legal and justified.

Also approved was the use of illegal, “extraordinary renditions” where suspected terrorists or dissidents labeled as such are kidnapped (even from American soil and even some US citizens), bagged over their head, tagged, hog-tied, and taken to a black site secret prison or ghost ship in a foreign country to be incarcerated, tortured, and in some cases murdered, all done under the false cloak of protecting “national security”.  When such renditions are made within the US or its territories, it is considered illegal by the government perpetrators for neighbors of families or any witnesses to contact media or anyone else about this (as they are so informed), and the victims are not allowed an attorney or any legal representation at all.  They are considered “enemy combatants” by the government, stripped of all their rights, and treated outside the Geneva Convention with no state of war having been declared against any other nation. The so-called “war” is an imaginary war waged against a convenient, phony construct that exists only as a conjured deep-cover black ops intel entity disguised as “the enemy”, minimally comprised of mind kontrolled deviants who have been trained, motivated, financed, and actuated by the highest echelons within the shadow government.

And now some of the most senior US Senators are attempting to pass new laws making it legal to remove anyone’s citizenship if the state suspects them of being a terrorist (no proof will be required, just the opinion of the state or state department, and only a Congressional ruling would then even allow their abduction to be acknowledged and their location of imprisonment revealed.  These laws, if passed, will allow these criminal, unconstitutional acts of kidnapping and other related crimes against humanity by government to continue and even increase in frequency across a wider spectrum of society and will permit the mass seizures of anyone who opposes the newly emergent tyranny of government, even if such opposition is completely Constitutional and within the usual rule of law.  This, of course, suggests that the USA is now being Nazified and following a similar course to what occurred in Germany in the 1930s.  Many of the phrases now being used in the newly emerging structure of government, including the gun control laws being passed having been extracted from Nazi Germany, such as “homeland security”.  In fact, some of the gun control laws have been translated and extracted almost word for word.

It was stated by the Library of Congress, in a letter to Thomas Dodd of Nuremberg Trials fame after WW2, that they had received a copy of the Nazi gun control laws and were proceeding to translate them word for word, as he had requested.  Interestingly, much of what was then translated has later been included in American gun control legislation.  [Hatonn:  Nazis and Zionists are two sides to the same coin.  That is how Hitler rose to power in the first place.  Being half-Khazar himself, he did not like the Zionist thrust to destroy his beloved Germany, a people whom he admired as a superior race.  HITLER WROTE TWO BOOKS, “MEIN KAMPF” and “NEW WORLD ORDER”, surprise!  However, the plan is an ancient Zionist “Jewish” plan of world domination, which Hitler adopted for himself and would later use against the Jews (Khazar and Hebrew Judaists as well) to get them out of Germany.  The Russians also were attacked by the Zionist Khazar Jews; after killing off the Christian Czar’s family (as the story goes), these SOVIET JEWS took over Russia and murdered Christians by the tens of millions.  Russia took back their nation, too, just like Hitler did; however, THEY BOTH KEPT THE ZIONIST PLAN FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER!  So, German and “Soviet” terms HAVE been transferred to the United States—the Bolshevik Jews of Soviet making are after YOU CHRISTIANS AS WELL!  Don’t forget it!]  It has also been known for years that various police and intel groups have taken guns seized after arrests and resold them to gangs and inner city criminals in several major cities in the USA.  This of course is perhaps just another aspect of the corruption that has become endemic to the American government at every level, but also suggests a more sinister motive than greed, such as another means to generate chaos in inner cities and create a need for more government and greater police power.

The Secret Government, PBS 1987

It is well known in the highest circles of government that, if a government increases the fear of the populace of crime, terrorism, attack or invasion by any foreign power or entity by any means, including the use of false-flag black ops, the populace will support an increase in the size of government, police, and the military with larger budgets, and will allow more draconian measures to be taken which restrict important societal freedoms.

These actions, regardless of the laws passed are completely unconstitutional and therefore illegal, and further constitute crimes against humanity.  The Nuremberg trials clarified these issues for all future times, and now are being ignored by the American government.

The Internet has been the catalyst and the vehicle for the near complete uncovering of some of the darkest secrets of how wars are truly started and how the public is motivated by psychological operations (psyops) to go along, which is the real reason “false-flag” attacks are used by governments.  The use of the “false-flag” attack is one of the darkest, most closely guarded secrets of government.

A “false-flag” attack occurs when a government uses an elite special operations cadre to attack that nation-state, while falsely bearing the flag of another country or group.  [H:  AND IF THE ONE DOING THE “FALSE LABELING” IS NOT EVEN FIGHTING ON BEHALF OF HIS SUPPOSED COUNTRY—BUT A THIRD, HIDDEN FORCE (ZIONISM AND THE STOLEN LAND NOW CALLED “ISRAEL”)—THAT IS A TREASON OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!  WHEN YOU ARE GLOBAL IN INTENT, ANY “FALSE-FLAG” TERROR STRIKES—ANYWHERE—MEAN YOU “JUST WANT TO SEE THE WORLD BURN”; QUOTING A LINE FROM “BATMAN:  THE DARK KNIGHT”, FORMER SPECIAL OPS VETERAN, “ALFRED”, TELLS BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN, REGARDING A CRIMINAL TERRORIST FROM ALFRED’S PAST AS A SOLDIER.  I repeat, the scenes from “Rise of The Dark Knight”, the third Batman film with Christian Bale, show you what the New World Order will look like.  WAR is the central theme—AND KNOWN AS “THE JEWISH HARVEST”!  Do you see WHY history hates the Jewish people????  Do you see WHY Jesus did not care for Jews????  Is it obvious to you now WHY God calls them, “Ye are of your father, the Devil … he is the Father of lies and there is no truth in you.”????  What else would qualify as the behavior of the Anti-Christ against humanity and Aton’s people, dear ones????!!  Did you forget that YOUR God was crucified by the Pharisees (Khazar Jews) for bringing you the truth about these “Serpent People” (by their own labeling!), the greedy Jewish gold thieves and MONEY CHANGERS—BANKERS—who thrive and live off of “Universal Wars” stirred up among God’s people.  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.  Now you know!  So let’s get busy saving your selves and the nation, for the Jew intends to destroy both, if you do nothing to stop him!]  It is a “self-inflicted wound” and is used as a psychological operation (psyop) to process the group mind or “conscience-collective” of the populace, thereby providing a base of support and a powerful motivation for that country to attack and/or declare war against the country which the attack has been set up to appear to have been instituted by.


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New Series 115: Precious chelas, Hatonn present to converse about these Truths that have been kept from you-the-people. Good morning. CHAPTER 7 Let us conclude this document topic this day. Pick up where we left off, please; thank you for your service, Jonur.

8/23/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns115)

Precious chelas, Hatonn present to converse about these Truths that have been kept from you-the-people.  Good morning.


Let us conclude this document topic this day.  Pick up where we left off, please; thank you for your service, Jonur.


Philosophy and Ethics

There are many good arguments for government secrets.  You could say, for example, that ordinary people should not know how to launch bombs.  That’s reasonable.  However, is it reasonable to argue that some people should have perfect health because they are “important”, while ordinary people should live at the peril of a host of preventable and curable diseases because it is convenient for the ruling elite to have it that way?

A long time ago—and who knows why, maybe they were smoking funny cigarettes or something—the future designers of the United States wrote that they believed all men were created equal and were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights which included the right to life, liberty and pursuit of property (later changed to “happiness” as the two were seen as identical).

Today our society has developed into a plutocracy where a few people have realized their “pursuit of property” right to the point that they now own almost everything and have developed the philosophy that they should also have exclusive access to “life and liberty” since they are somehow special, while the rest of us are not.

Actually, the authors of the Declaration of Independence wrote their document to defy the authority of a previous plutocracy and proclaim that they would no longer play that game and submit to tyranny.  So, has the time come for history to repeat itself, or has the desire for legitimate personal freedom been permanently extinguished?


The reason you must have this back history on your evil, satanic adversary is because you have to see what was done in the past—so you do not repeat your mistakes!


U.S. SOIL!!!

The Israeli spy agency Mossad (named after Moses) is behind the “terrorist attacks” in America.  In order to get you nice, law-abiding citizens to knuckle-under and accept a New World Order POLICE STATE, THEY SEEK TO CREATE A THREAT AND BRING IN THE “COMMUNISTS”, DISGUISED AS “THE TERRORISTS”, SO MORE RESTRICTIONS ARE BROUGHT AGAINST UNITED STATES CITIZENS!  You are not at war, and yet you are losing everything your Constitution stands for!

The enemy to Christ-ness is the Great Deceiver; Satan will pull you down from within and cause you to enslave selves under the guise of fighting a phantom opponent.  The Zionists create any enemy for you Americans to fight against—and they are that enemy—wearing his “uniform” or “flag”.

Jonur, reproduce Preston James’ analysis of “false flag” operations, from “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2012.


The Real Reasons Nation States Institute “False Flag” Attacks

By Preston James
May 19, 2010

Throughout history the existence and reasons for the use of “false-flag” attacks have been understood only by insiders within the highest levels of government, the military, and intel.  Recently, after the 9/11 attacks, the Internet (World Wide Web, WWW) has allowed citizen researchers to connect the dots and dig out and share information which previously would never have been so easily discovered and so widely available.

“False-flag” attacks provide a justification for a country’s leaders to use their military or special forces to attack or enter into a war or declare war on an enemy or enemy construct, thereby providing a convenient pretext for a war which would not otherwise be acceptable to the populace of a nation-state.  And some enemies are imaginary only, such as the “war on drugs” where the government itself brings in and distributes the illegal drugs; or take the current “war on terror”, where the US government has used its own disguised forces to pose as terrorists and at other times using “cutouts” they train, finance, and direct to commit terrorist acts, sometimes with these cutouts being mind kontrolled black [deep cover] operatives.

These self-inflicted, inside job terrorist attacks are then typically followed by the government then labeling any citizen that dissents as a “potential terrorist”, and then proceeding to pass highly restrictive laws that shred the US Constitution, take away Habeas Corpus, prescribe and allow torture even of young children, including the crushing of their testicles in young male children if the state deems this is necessary to gain useful intel.


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New Series 114: Let us continue, please. I come in service to Holy God. Amen. CHAPTER 6 Jonur, resume where we left off, please, regarding “Top Secret Medicine”.

8/22/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns114)

Let us continue, please.  I come in service to Holy God.  Amen.


Jonur, resume where we left off, please, regarding “Top Secret Medicine”.


Top Secret Psychiatry

To illustrate top secret psychiatry and compare it against conventional psychiatry, we will use David Morehouse’s book Psychic Warrior which we have referenced in other books.  David Morehouse was in the military and so the psychiatrist he saw was a government psychiatrist.  Mr. Morehouse tells the psychiatrist about his “angel friend”, an invisible being only he can see.  The psychiatrist is thrilled.  He tells Morehouse, “Here, look over these top secret documents.  You appear [to] have psychic talents.  How would you like to become a remote viewer in our secret psychic spy program?”  OK, so we can say that the doctor’s response was positive.

Now, let’s speculate on what Mr. Morehouse’s fate would have been if he was not in the military.  Suppose he was just a regular guy and he walked into a conventional psychiatrist’s office saying, “Hi there.  I want to talk to you about my friend.  My friend is an angel.  He’s invisible.  He only talks to me.  No one else can see him.”  How many minutes do you think it would take for the guys in white coats with the straight jacket to haul David away?

History gives us a perfect illustration of the difference between conventional and top secret medicine in psychiatry.

As you can see, top secret practitioners focus upon the development and expansion of the human spirit, whereas conventional practitioners focus upon negative psychic development, decay, and death.  Conventional psychiatry has always focused on techniques to destroy the mind using brain surgery, brain damage caused by insulin coma, brain damage using electric stun devices developed originally to “pacify” livestock in slaughterhouses before they are killed (ECT), and drugs which cause brain damage and shorten the victim’s life expectancy by about 25 years.

Beyond the Manchurian Candidate

Here we want to get into some of the newer consciousness manipulation technologies.  We all know about the classic Manchurian candidates such as those used against Robert Kennedy and John Lennon.  These were “one way”, for want of a better phrase, programming techniques.  Once the “candidate” finished his mission, he lost memory of the event and, if he survived, was pretty useless and clueless.

We know that the US government has spent an incredible amount of money and effort researching and developing mind control technology.  Walter Bowart, in his book Operation Mind Control (1978; this out of print book can be found for free on the Internet as a .pdf file), describes the routine use of technologies to make enlisted servicemen forget what they had done once they were discharged.  These techniques were used on the subject without his knowledge.

Apparently this technology has now reached a high stage of perfection and is being used on government operatives who actually volunteer for this.  Legally, this kind of stuff is covered by what is called a “Human Use Agreement” which basically states that you give the government permission to use your body for its purposes as it pleases.  These new techniques are reversible and are claimed to be safe.  Here is how it is said they are used.

Traditionally, if you are planning some covert assignment, you would look for an operative whose natural personality was compatible with the assignment—like the Mission Impossible team leader looking through his agent files to pick who was suitable for the new mission.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if you did not need to look for a natural match but could, instead, program an agent with a new personality which was tailor-made for the job.  This is reportedly how the new technology works.

The agent is called in and agrees to do the mission.  He does not know what the mission is.  Then, his natural mind is suppressed and a new personality and life history is inserted.  He then proceeds with the mission which could be days, weeks, months, or even years.  When he completes the mission, he is programmed to return to base.  His “mission mind” is erased and his real mind is restored.  He collects his pay and gets some time off.  He never knows what he did.

This technique protects both the agent and the government.  The government does not have to worry that the agent might talk, and the agent, clueless about whatever he has just done, does not have any concerns about PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] or a troubled conscience.  The “lost memories” would be, however, recorded in the Akashic records.  [Hatonn:  The “Akashic Records” is the Tibetan Sanskrit term used to describe what “Westerners” might call “The Book Of Life”.  That “Book” that is opened on Judgment Day has each and every one of you laid bare before God.  Everything you have ever done or thought about is recorded in the “ethers”, if you will, and stored for all eternity.  It is actually God Aton’s DNA, His brain, and it is a record of the Creation itself!  That means ALL things are one WITHIN The ONE; ponder it!]  These records cannot be erased.


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New Series 113: Hatonn present in service and light unto God Aton. CHAPTER 5 Please, continue with “secret medicines”, Jonur, for I wish to cover these articles quickly and move on into daily “Watches” to each day’s news events.

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Hatonn present in service and light unto God Aton.


Please, continue with “secret medicines”, Jonur, for I wish to cover these articles quickly and move on into daily “Watches” to each day’s news events.


[ … ]  In ancient Tibetan literature it is known as Phowa.  However, in order to achieve consciousness transference on your own without any technology, you must have significant mystic training.

In the past, when the distractions we enjoy today such as all the electronic mediums did not exist, people had lots of free time to use for the development of their natural psychic abilities.  Today, they not only do not have the time, but are also simply not interested in making the effort.  However, they do want the results.

Modern consciousness transference devices have been compared to a pair of phone booths—one for the source and the other for the recipient.  They are said to be based on original concepts developed by Nicola Tesla.  He supplied the world with brilliant ideas, many of which, such as the theory of antigravity propulsion which have now been perfected and are in use, remain secret today.

The basis of the consciousness transfer device appears to have originated with Tesla’s experiments which used electrical fields to create a Star Trek-like transporter.  The problem was that living things always arrived dead, but dead things such as a brick—arrived just fine.

Tesla had not heard Robert Monroe’s favorite saying, “You are more than your physical body,” most likely because Monroe had not said it yet.  Anyway, transporting only the physical matter of a living body without also transporting the “more” resulted in a dead body.  Then someone suggested that the “more” which was not being transported included the consciousness.  So if the consciousness remained in the source “container”, would transporting a different physical form (stripped of the “more”) into the container result in the consciousness melding with the new form?  Clearly, they do not publish their research notes for ordinary people to read, but this was the basic “flow” of the research which led to the development of the devices in use today.

Spirit Recovery and Clones

As soon as government scientists heard about the concept of cloning, they made plans to create human clones.  Of course, they had to do some basic research and experimentation first.  In the beginning, they felt that genetic information only coded for a physical form.  However, when they cloned a dog, which just happened to be a show dog trained to respond to specific commands, and found to their surprise that the clone also responded to the same commands, they learned a secret which remains top secret today:  The genetic code also contains memories.  A clone is not just something that physically looks like the original.  It is the original, complete with memories.

Having discovered this secret, the next step was, logically, “bringing people back from the dead”.  If you had a good DNA sample from someone who was now dead, could you bring the person back to life by making a clone using that DNA?  The answer seems to be “sometimes”.

To understand “something”, you need a little basic knowledge of just where the dead are.  Most are on a lower astral plane and do not even realize they are dead because they had no mystic training and were convinced that death was “the end”.  Generally, you can get these people back.  However, if the soul has some mystic awareness and has accessed a higher plane, you cannot recover it as they have no desire to return to this place.  Fortunately for the government, the kind of people they relate to as important are educated atheists who have no spiritual knowledge and deny the existence of anything beyond ordinary physical reality.

Temporal Reversal Technology

Temporal reversal is the latest and most preferred life extension technology.  Basically, it is a gadget which reverses time.  You get in as old and come out as young—twenties is the preferred age.  How does it work?

Well, it is based on temporal science or the study and understanding of time.  This science also explains time travel techniques.  Never heard of it?  Well, you never will.  However, with some common sense, you should be able to conclude that it does exist.

Scientists are curious people.  They spend a fortune to get rocks back from the Moon and look at mud on Mars.  But, you never hear them talk about time.  Wouldn’t that excite your curiosity—unless, of course, you already knew the answer?  This technique has one flaw that could lead to its exposure one day.  That flaw is that the person’s DNA is unchanged.  Since no two people have identical DNA, if you located a young kid with DNA identical to a known deceased person, you would have physical evidence of this technique.


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New Series 112: Old news—Kissinger, Brezinski, Rockefeller, to name a few, have been replicated and downloaded scores of times! These “clones” run your world for the Rothschild puppet masters, and are trying to ignite a nuclear holocaust in the name of a New World Order, run by British Israel!

8/20/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns112)

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Even though this may sound incredible, remember that this device is “old technology”.  We can hardly guess what the current state of the art in secret genetic knowledge might be.  [Hatonn:  Remember those manufactured “Extraterrestrials” and “Evil Bloodsuckers From Space” being readied for that staged Alien Invasion??!!!]  We know designer organisms are common and the ultimate product of this research will be a new race of laboratory-created designer people.  [H:  Old news—Kissinger, Brezinski, Rockefeller, to name a few, have been replicated and downloaded scores of times!  These “clones” run your world for the Rothschild puppet masters, and are trying to ignite a nuclear holocaust in the name of a New World Order, run by British Israel!]

Early Life Extension Technologies:

The early life extension technologies consisted of what may best be described as controlled reincarnation.  These technologies were based upon creating a subspace of the Creation using a Faraday cage.  [H:  Basically a “Ghost Busters” type of “prison cell” made of a wire mesh enclosure, that has an electric current running through it.  Your top military circles use them to keep Psychic Spies, or Remote Viewers, out of secret rooms or areas.]  Anyone can make this device which is simple and not a secret.

Basically, it is a cage made out of metallic mesh like screen wire.  It is electrically charged with respect to ground and can be any size.  The high voltage supply from any older tube TV will work just fine.  The secret part is that Robert Monroe, who could project astrally [H:  “Astroprojection” is what is commonly known as the process of your soul temporarily leaving your body.  Like when you sleep or in certain states of meditation.  YOU are wherever your thoughts are; you just left your body somewhere!  The so-called “Silver Cord” that keeps you in contact with your sleeping body is in actuality a radio frequency link or connection, and not a silver “string”.] at will, found and told researchers that he was unable to escape from such a cage in his astral body because the electricity, which was invisible in our dimension, was not only visible, but solid in the astral dimension.  He found himself trapped in this electrical “net”.

Working with psychics who understood the basics of reincarnation, a plan was developed which would guarantee that the spirit of a dying person would reincarnate in a specific new human baby.  Normally, spirits of the dead drift into the astral planes and eventually reincarnate back on Earth—somewhere.  However, “somewhere” is not much use if you are interested in a specific person.

So, the controlled reincarnation technology works like this:  You take whoever is expected to die and seal the person in a Faraday cage with a “freshly pregnant girl”.  The dead person’s spirit is trapped in the cage and there is only one reincarnation option, namely, the unborn child of the girl in the cage.

The problem with this technique is that the newborn child, like most people undergoing natural reincarnation, will not remember its previous life or who it was.  Solving this problem required development of a secret “wake-up technique” which was used at the age of about five to get the kid to remember who he had been before he died.  Although this technique was perfected, as you can see it had some extra complexities and the time delay problem of five years being “lost” and then having to put up with a juvenile body for another ten or so years.  These problems stimulated further research.


Basically, blanks are living human bodies with no souls.  Creation of and working with blanks is one of the projects attributed to the Dulce, New Mexico, underground base.  There are some very practical reasons for wanting a supply of blanks.  If someone who is considered important has lost his physical body in a way that makes recovery impossible (say, e.g., they were in a plane that exploded), you would want to get their spirit into a working physical form as soon as possible.  Ordinarily, bodies are occupied by souls and so they are not available.  Also, human bodies die when the soul permanently leaves and the silver cord breaks.  However, if you could figure out a way to remove the soul but have the body remain viable, you could train your important people to seek one of the blanks you have waiting on “stand by”, occupy the blank, and return to human life.

Consciousness Transference

Consciousness transference from one living form to another has always been possible.  […]


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New Series 111: Hatonn present in light. I will effort to keep the “Chapters” (breaks) frequent and in manageable format so as to facilitate ease of comprehension and understanding. Please bear with us as adjustments are being made.

8/19/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns111)

Hatonn present in light.  I will effort to keep the “Chapters” (breaks) frequent and in manageable format so as to facilitate ease of comprehension and understanding.  Please bear with us as adjustments are being made.

Hatonn/Aton is sometimes the heading as I am ATON of mine HIGHER SELF.  Either it is announced before or after the documentation—or not at all—however, you most certainly will discern the change in energy frequency.


As you learn to separate that which is evil from the Zionist lies, you will come into the understanding of why your adversary SEPARATED THE “CHURCH” FROM THE “STATE”. Your Founding Fathers of the United States of America were praying men!  They never intended to have a “nation under God” without God present every moment of your country’s existence!

Therefore, Satan had to circumnavigate your CONSTITUTION in order to pass UN-CONSTITUTIONAL legislation, which is illegal AND unlawful, however you look at it, and make you THINK it was their intent from the start.  The Khazar Jews will do anything they can to get God out of your courts, your schools, your life!  So don’t let them stand on the grounds of The ONE who created you, in goodness and light and truth.  Evil cannot stand against the light.  So be it!


You-the-people of America, have no idea of the technological breakthroughs in medicine and psychology that are used to control you in secret.  For if you did, you would rise up in revolution by morning!

Here is an article that briefly outlines some of the TOP SECRET PROGRAMS your Central Intelligence Agency uses to create such things as Mind Controlled Assassins (or “fall guys” for the real killers—covert operatives among the “Secret Police” you didn’t know you had!