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New Series 117: Good morning; Hatonn present to continue in the Radiance and Light of God. CHAPTER 9 THE ENEMY WITHIN: ISRAELI MOSSAD STAGING “TERRORIST” ATTACKS ON U.S. SOIL!

8/25/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns117)

Good morning; Hatonn present to continue in the Radiance and Light of God.



Please, pick up where we left off, Jonur; thank you for thy service.  Salu!

Continuing with yesterday’s topic of “inside terrorist jobs” and the Israeli Mossad’s thrust to “communize” America, from “UNCENSORED” magazine!


False-flag attacks are always deep-black covert operations.  This means that the presence and composition of those controlling these special operations must be hidden from the public and all other government, military, and intel within that instigator’s country.

There are other operations which, although similar, are not false-flag attacks but which are used to produce the same end result, a strong motivation in the citizenry to wage war against another entity or nation-state.  One such was the long term provocation such as occurred with the Japanese which led up to the attack at Pearl Harbor where the top American Intel had full knowledge an attack was imminent and in fact had worked hard under a top secret long term plan to provoke the Japanese into making such an attack.  And those in power within the US government instituted business operations many years in advance to build up Japan as an aggressive military power, which would have to be stopped eventually by waging war against them, a goal which the war profiteers in control of the American government relished.

The plan goes like this:  build up your future enemy, and then suddenly cut them off from their supply chain [Hatonn:  Sound familiar?  That is why Saddam and Hitler were BOTH “TIME” magazine’s “Man of The Year”, just prior to each being labeled “Public Enemy #1”, in the Zionist-controlled—and owned—U.S. media!  Those “Gun-walking” scandals, where all types of weapons are given to Mexican, Soviet, Cambodian, and Chinese criminals and SOLDIERS which are used in killings of American citizens and Federal officers, IS TO ARM YOUR FUTURE ENEMY COMBATANTS!  These groups already infiltrate your nation and National Parks; they are along your southern borders and on BOTH SIDES of the Mississippi River.  The Great Lakes are their last target, and then you will be totally surrounded!  Open thine eyes and see the beast of Revelation before you!  It is never too late for God’s People, my friends, but you must do YOUR part.  God and His HOSTS from afar will assist—but not without you leading the charge!  This is YOUR battle, a situation that man created.  Therefore, man must change the circumstances and demand a return to God’s Laws and the Laws of The Creation.  Only then will you be in service to Godness/Goodness in total truth.  Come out of the lie and receive that which is thy inheritance, as promised by Jesus (Immanuel Esu, returning as SANANDA—remember, even your Holy Bible said “he will bear a new name”.), for are you not HIS PEOPLE?  What are you doing to deserve “salvation” and “rapture”?  Simply having faith, and no action, doesn’t cut the mustard, chelas; sorry about that!  The Khazar-Pharisee, Paul/Saul of Tarsus, taught the WRONG STORY in his travels all over the world!  Well, we are here to set the record straight!  We are bringing The WORD, so be it!  However, it is up to man what he will do with it!], which makes great provocation.  And part of the plan was to move all the aircraft carriers out of port away from the attack in advance, proving advance knowledge and illustrating how the plan involved losing only the older ships.  In addition, it is rumored naval intelligence officers took their staff and families to the mountain for a picnic [H:  That is true; Naval Intelligence and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) are run by British Intelligence and the Italian Mafia.  I know you didn’t think old Don Corleone and his “Godfather” cartel died out in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, did you?!  These organized criminal factions—especially the super-evil Anti God JEWISH, MISHPUKA, MAFIA—run this global empire of evil secret governments!  They are just vying for “top dog” while keeping it all out of view of you-the-people!], also suggesting advance knowledge.  And there are the top secret documents which prove a long term provocation plan in place long before the attack and the intel reports that the Japanese were on their way to attack Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese code had been broken and the top US military command was able to decipher the Japanese communications regarding their plans.

In the last ten years a great deal of evidence has come out that this is what actually occurred to get us into WW2.  Wall Street [H:  Jewish Pharisee Money-Changers, descendants of those same evil bastards of Christ’s sojourn 2,000 years ago.  The Banksters of Khazar—“Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception”!  And you thought they were JUST “nice Jewish boys” like they portray themselves on television and in the motion pictures!] and the defense contractors need big wars to make big profits, and most governments believe they need war to maintain control over their populace.  FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] and his top Admirals knew such an attack by the Japanese with at least 2,000 plus deaths of American servicemen would be necessary to sway the American public to enter the war between England and Germany and also enter into a war with Japan, since most Americans wanted to avoid any war.  And this same target number of 2,000 plus would be used as a necessary requirement in the 9/11 twin tower [H:  Actually three buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions, just like the HUDSON building in downtown Detroit, several years ago.  WTC Building #7 collapsed into its own “footprint”, and no plane crashed into it!  If no “hijacked” aircraft struck the other two buildings, they would have imploded or collapsed IN EXACTLY THE SAME MANNER as they did on camera (this was also set up in advance, so you had some nice pictures of those airliners diving into the glass and steel skyscraper, and bursting out the other side in an impressive billowing ball of orange fire and black smoke!  Kind of like a Hollywood movie, isn’t it!!???!!  Indeed it was—with you Americans playing live “extras” on the set!), with the push of a button.]  false-flag attacks, since it was an operational belief by the top US government officials (neocons) involved in the planning and execution of this attack.


The distraction grows great when the mission gets going, Jonur, I know.  Break, please, and return promptly.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu!   

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