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New Series 114: Let us continue, please. I come in service to Holy God. Amen. CHAPTER 6 Jonur, resume where we left off, please, regarding “Top Secret Medicine”.

8/22/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns114)

Let us continue, please.  I come in service to Holy God.  Amen.


Jonur, resume where we left off, please, regarding “Top Secret Medicine”.


Top Secret Psychiatry

To illustrate top secret psychiatry and compare it against conventional psychiatry, we will use David Morehouse’s book Psychic Warrior which we have referenced in other books.  David Morehouse was in the military and so the psychiatrist he saw was a government psychiatrist.  Mr. Morehouse tells the psychiatrist about his “angel friend”, an invisible being only he can see.  The psychiatrist is thrilled.  He tells Morehouse, “Here, look over these top secret documents.  You appear [to] have psychic talents.  How would you like to become a remote viewer in our secret psychic spy program?”  OK, so we can say that the doctor’s response was positive.

Now, let’s speculate on what Mr. Morehouse’s fate would have been if he was not in the military.  Suppose he was just a regular guy and he walked into a conventional psychiatrist’s office saying, “Hi there.  I want to talk to you about my friend.  My friend is an angel.  He’s invisible.  He only talks to me.  No one else can see him.”  How many minutes do you think it would take for the guys in white coats with the straight jacket to haul David away?

History gives us a perfect illustration of the difference between conventional and top secret medicine in psychiatry.

As you can see, top secret practitioners focus upon the development and expansion of the human spirit, whereas conventional practitioners focus upon negative psychic development, decay, and death.  Conventional psychiatry has always focused on techniques to destroy the mind using brain surgery, brain damage caused by insulin coma, brain damage using electric stun devices developed originally to “pacify” livestock in slaughterhouses before they are killed (ECT), and drugs which cause brain damage and shorten the victim’s life expectancy by about 25 years.

Beyond the Manchurian Candidate

Here we want to get into some of the newer consciousness manipulation technologies.  We all know about the classic Manchurian candidates such as those used against Robert Kennedy and John Lennon.  These were “one way”, for want of a better phrase, programming techniques.  Once the “candidate” finished his mission, he lost memory of the event and, if he survived, was pretty useless and clueless.

We know that the US government has spent an incredible amount of money and effort researching and developing mind control technology.  Walter Bowart, in his book Operation Mind Control (1978; this out of print book can be found for free on the Internet as a .pdf file), describes the routine use of technologies to make enlisted servicemen forget what they had done once they were discharged.  These techniques were used on the subject without his knowledge.

Apparently this technology has now reached a high stage of perfection and is being used on government operatives who actually volunteer for this.  Legally, this kind of stuff is covered by what is called a “Human Use Agreement” which basically states that you give the government permission to use your body for its purposes as it pleases.  These new techniques are reversible and are claimed to be safe.  Here is how it is said they are used.

Traditionally, if you are planning some covert assignment, you would look for an operative whose natural personality was compatible with the assignment—like the Mission Impossible team leader looking through his agent files to pick who was suitable for the new mission.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if you did not need to look for a natural match but could, instead, program an agent with a new personality which was tailor-made for the job.  This is reportedly how the new technology works.

The agent is called in and agrees to do the mission.  He does not know what the mission is.  Then, his natural mind is suppressed and a new personality and life history is inserted.  He then proceeds with the mission which could be days, weeks, months, or even years.  When he completes the mission, he is programmed to return to base.  His “mission mind” is erased and his real mind is restored.  He collects his pay and gets some time off.  He never knows what he did.

This technique protects both the agent and the government.  The government does not have to worry that the agent might talk, and the agent, clueless about whatever he has just done, does not have any concerns about PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] or a troubled conscience.  The “lost memories” would be, however, recorded in the Akashic records.  [Hatonn:  The “Akashic Records” is the Tibetan Sanskrit term used to describe what “Westerners” might call “The Book Of Life”.  That “Book” that is opened on Judgment Day has each and every one of you laid bare before God.  Everything you have ever done or thought about is recorded in the “ethers”, if you will, and stored for all eternity.  It is actually God Aton’s DNA, His brain, and it is a record of the Creation itself!  That means ALL things are one WITHIN The ONE; ponder it!]  These records cannot be erased.


Break here, please, Hatonn standing by.  Salu!


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