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New Series 212: HISTORY THE TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS! (continued)

2/20/15 HATONN/jonur (ns212)

Hatonn present to resume, Amen.  Jonur just pick up where we left off, please.  Thank you for your service.  Salu!



They also referred to the common language they all spoke as “Yiddish” also.  There are today in New York City as you know, my dear Dr. Goldstein, many “Yiddish” newspapers, “Yiddish” theaters, and many other cultural organizations of so-called or self-styled “Jews” from eastern Europe which are identified publicly by the word “Yiddish” in their title.

Before it became known as the “Yiddish” language, the mother tongue of the Khazars added many words to its limited ancient vocabulary as necessity required.  These words were acquired from the languages of its neighboring nations with whom they had political, social or economic relations.  Languages of all nations add to their vocabularies in the same way.  The Khazars adapted words to their requirements from the German, the Slavonic and the Baltic languages.  The Khazars adopted a great number of words from the German language.  The Germans had a much more advanced civilization than their Khazar neighbors and the Khazars sent their children to German schools and universities.  [Hatonn:  I repeat:  Khazars and the NAZI group are the same—HITLER WAS HALF JEWISH!  Ashkenazi, or “Nazi” Khazars, tried to kill off the few Hebrews who KNOW the truth.  Orthodox Jews will be the first killed.]

 The “Yiddish” language is not a German dialect.  Many people are led to believe so because “Yiddish” has borrowed so many words from the German language.  If “Yiddish” is a German dialect acquired from the Germans then what language did the Khazars speak for the 1000 years they existed in eastern Europe before they acquired culture from the Germans?  The Khazars must have spoken some language when they invaded eastern Europe.  What was that language?  When did they discard it?  How did the entire Khazar population discard one language and adopt another all of a sudden?  The idea is too absurd to discuss.  “Yiddish” is the modern name for the ancient mother tongue of the Khazars with added German, Slavonic and Baltic adopted and adapted numerous words.

“Yiddish” must not be confused with “Hebrew” even though they both use the same characters as their alphabets.  There is not one word of “Yiddish” in ancient “Hebrew” nor is there one word of ancient “Hebrew” in “Yiddish”.  As I stated before, they are as totally different as Swedish and Spanish which both like-wise use the same Latin characters for their alphabets.  The “Yiddish” language is the cultural common denominator for all the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in or from eastern Europe.  To the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in and from eastern Europe, “Yiddish” serves them like the English language serves the populations of the 48 states of the United States.  Their cultural common denominator throughout the 48 states is the English language, or wherever they may emigrate and resettle.  The English language is the tie which binds them to each other.  It is the same with the “Yiddish” language and so-called or self-styled “Jews” throughout the world.

“Yiddish” serves another very useful purpose for so-called or self-styled “Jews” throughout the world.  They possess in “Yiddish” what no other national, racial or religious group can claim.  Approximately 90% of the world’s so-called or self-styled “Jews” living in 42 countries of the world today are either emigrants from eastern Europe, or their parents emigrated from eastern Europe.  “Yiddish” is a language common to all of them as their first or second language according to where they were born.  It is an “international” language to them.  Regardless of what country in the world they may settle in they will always find co-religionists who also speak “Yiddish”.

“Yiddish” enjoys other international advantages too obvious to describe here.  “Yiddish” is the modern language of a nation which has lost its existence as a nation.  “Yiddish” never had a religious implication, although it used Hebrew characters for its alphabet.  It must not be confused with words like “Jewish”.  But it is very much.

Directly north of the Khazar Kingdom at the height of its power a small Slavic state was organized in 820 A.D. on the south shore of the Gulf of Finland where it flows into the Baltic Sea.  This small state was organized by a small group of Varangians from the Scandinavian peninsula on the opposite shore of the Baltic Sea.  The native population of this newly formed state consisted of nomad Slavs who had made their home in this area from earliest recorded history.  This infant nation was even smaller than our state of Delaware.  This newly born state however was the embryo which developed into the Great Russian Empire.  In less than 1000 years since 820 A.D. this synthetic nation expanded its borders by ceaseless conquests until it now includes more than 9,500,000 square miles in Europe and Asia, or more than three times the area of continental United States, and they have not stopped.

[H:  These are the people who won our secret SPACE RACE.  Jewish spies gave your weapons and space technology to the “Soviets”.  That is why you have no way to get to space, except aboard Kremlin rockets.  But the RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS retook their nation from the “Soviet” Khazars (Lenin and Stalin were Jews, they had Christian Czar Nicolas and family murdered, and started calling Russia “Soviet Union”.)  DURING YOUR SO-CALLED “COLD WAR”.  The Soviets, the Russians kicked out, FLOCKED TO THE UNITED STATES—KISSINGER AND BREZINSKI—AND EVER SINCE, THE SOVIET KHAZAR JEWS (NOW CALLED “BOLSHEVIK JEWS”) HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET BACK AT THEM!  America SECRETLY has been trying to “Sneak Attack” (Pearl Harbor-style) Russia with a FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK.  Effectively bringing about a man-made Armageddon you don’t need God to destroy yourselves, any more!  So far, the reason World War III / Nuclear War I, has not destroyed your planet—LITERALLY—is because of those RUSSIAN COSMOSPHERES I TALK ABOUT.  America could have had these sophisticated craft, too, with their PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS AND ELECTRO GRAVITIC PROPULSION SYSTEM—Tesla gave this to your own government.  Since these Cosmosphere floating, hovering platforms LOOK LIKE “UFOs”, it will be an interesting time when the REAL SHOOTING STARTS!  Keep in mind, however, no man-made craft or weapon systems are any match to we of God Aton’s HOSTS FROM AFAR.  Our craft can neutralize and see-through any kind of shielding, and/or dissolve/deactivate their tinker toys.  Make sure you know God’s “UFOs” from Lucifer’s “fallen ones”.]

During the 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries the rapidly expanding Russian nation gradually swallowed up the Khazar kingdom, its neighbor directly to the south.  The conquest of the Khazar Kingdom by the Russians supplies history with the explanation for the presence after the 13th century of the large number of so-called or self-styled “Jews” in Russia.  The large number of so-called or self-styled “Jews” in Russia and in eastern Europe after the destruction of the Khazar Kingdom were thereafter no longer known as Khazars but as the “Yiddish” populations of these many countries.  They so refer to themselves today.

In the many wars with her neighbors in Europe after the 13th century Russia was required to cede to her victors large areas which were originally part of the Khazar Kingdom.  In this manner Poland, Lithuania, Galicia Hungary, Rumania and Austria acquired from Russia territory originally a part of the Khazar Kingdom.  Together with this territory these nations acquired a segment of the population of so-called or self-styled “Jews” descended from the Khazars who once occupied the territory.  These frequent boundary changes by the nations in eastern Europe explains the presence today of so-called or self-styled “Jews” in all these countries who all trace their ancestry back to the converted Khazars.  Their common language, their common culture, their common religion, and their common racial characteristics classify them all beyond any question of doubt with the Khazars who invaded eastern Europe in the 1st century B.C. and were converted to “Talmudism” in the 7th century.

The so-called or self-styled “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin make up at least 90% of the world’s total present population of so-called or self-styled “Jew”.  The conversion of King Bulan and the Khazar nation in the 7th century accomplished for “Talmudism”, or for “Judaism” as “Talmudism” is called today, what the conversion of Constantine and the western European nations accomplished for Christianity.  Christianity was a small comparatively unimportant religious belief practiced principally in the eastern Mediterranean area until the conversion to the Christian faith of the large populations of the western European pagan nations after the conversion of Constantine.  “Talmudism” or “Judaism” is known today, was given its greatest stimulus in all its history with the conversion of the large pagan Khazar population in the 7th century.  Without the conversion of the Khazar population it is doubtful if “Talmudism”, or “Judaism” as “Talmudism” is known today, could have survived.  “Talmudism”, the civil and religious code of the Pharisees, most likely would have passed out of existence like the many other creeds and cults practiced by the people in that area before, during and after “Pharisaism” assumed its prominent position among these creeds and cults in the time of Jesus.  “Talmudism”, as “Pharisaism” was called later, would have disappeared with all its contemporary creeds and cults but for the conversion of the Khazars to “Talmudism” in the 7th century.  At that time “Talmudism” was well on its way towards complete oblivion.

In the year 986 A.D. the ruler of Russia, Vladimir III, became a convert to the Christian faith in order to marry a Catholic Slavonic princess of a neighboring sovereign state.  The marriage was otherwise impossible.  Vladimir III thereupon also made his newly acquired Christian faith the state religion of Russia [H:  There you have it, Russia was founded as a CHRISTIAN NATION—LIKE YOU!  “Soviets” are Khazar “Jews”, Russians follow the Christ!  You have been deceived; yet again, your Russian “enemy” is Christian, too!] replacing the pagan worship formerly practiced in Russia since it was founded in 820 A.D.  Vladimir III and his successors as the rulers of Russia attempted in vain to convert his so-called or self-styled “Jews”, now Russian subjects, to Russia’s Christian state religion and to adopt the customs and culture of the numerically predominant Russian Christian population.  [H:  Russians are CHRISTIANS; “Soviets” are the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Khazar “Jews”.]

The so-called or self-styled “Jews” in Russia refused and resisted this plan vigorously.  They refused to adopt the Russian alphabet in place of the Hebrew characters used in writing their “Yiddish” language.  [H: How else can a PROTOCAL for the capture of a planet work if the people of God (Christ-ians) be told???!  “An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth; AND I’LL TAKE THE WORLD TOO WHILE I’M AT IT!”  Is how Jews think.  You ones think they are “the chosen people”, but they are really the serpent in the Garden (of Eden)!] They resisted the substitution of the Russian language for “Yiddish” as their mother-tongue.  They opposed every attempt to bring about the complete assimilation of the former sovereign Khazar nation into the Russian nation.  They resisted with every means at their disposal.  The many forms of tension which resulted produced situations described by history as “massacres”, “pogroms” [H:  Killing off whole races and the “Intelligencia” (Educated people)] “persecution”, discrimination, etc.

In Russia at that period of history it was the custom as in other Christian countries in Europe at the time to take an oath, vow or pledge of loyalty to the rulers, the nobles, the feudal landholders and others in the name of Jesus Christ.  It was after the conquest of the Khazars by the Russians that the wording of the “Kol Nidre” (All VOWS) prayer was altered.  The new altered version of the “Kol Nidre” (ALL Vows) prayer is referred to in the Talmud as “the law of revocation in advance”.  [H:  Translated:  My fingers are crossed behind my back!]

The “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer was regarded as a “law”.  The effect of this “LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE” obtained for all who recite it each year on the eve of the Day of Atonement divine dispensation from all obligations acquired under “oaths”, vows and pledges” to be made or taken in the COMING YEAR.  The recital of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer on the eve of the Day of Atonement released those so-called or self-styled “Jews” from any obligation under “oaths, vows or pledges” entered into during the NEXT TWELVE MONTHS.  The “oaths, vows and pledges” made or taken “with tongue in cheek” for twelve months.

The altered version of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer created serious difficulties for the so-called or self-styled “Jews” when its wording became public property.  It apparently did not remain a secret very long, although the Talmud states “the law of revocation in advance was not made public.”  The altered version of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer soon became known as the “Jews Vow” and cast serious doubt upon “oaths, vows or pledges” given to Christians by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.  [H:  Still think Jewish doctors, lawyers, police commissioners, judges, and government officials, REALLY promise to look after the Christian/”Goy” citizens???!!!] Christians soon believed that “oaths, vows or pledges” were quite worthless when given by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.  This was the basis for so-called “discrimination” by governments, nobles, feudal landholder, and others who required oaths of allegiance and loyalty from those who entered their service.


You see, there is A VERY REAL REASON the Christians and “civilized” people of the world, did not care for Jews in their nation.  You don’t know your own history, so the Khazar Zionists make you repeat theirs for you—over, and over, and over, again.  So be it!  If you do not learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it!
Hatonn moving to stand by, Salu!

New Series 211: HISTORY THE TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS! By Benjamin H. Freedman (continued)

2/20/15 HATONN/jonur (ns211)

Good afternoon, Commander Hatonn present to resume.  Jonur, please pick up right where we left off.  Thank you for your service.  Amen and Salu!


By Benjamin H. Freedman

The Jewish population in the entire domain of the Chazars, in the period between the seventh and tenth centuries, must have been considerable … about the ninth century, it appears as if all the Chazars were Jews and that they had been converted to Judaism only a short time before … It was one of the successors of Bulan named Obadiah, who regenerated the kingdom and strengthened the Jewish religion.  He invited Jewish scholars to settle in his dominions, and founded synagogues and schools.  The people were instructed in the bible, Mishnah, and the Talmud and in the ‘divine service of the hazanim’ 

… In their writings the Chazars used the Hebrew letters … the Chazar languages predominated … Obadiah was succeeded by his son Isaac; Isaac by his son Moses (or Manasseh II); the latter by his son Nisi; and Nisi by his son Aaron II.  King Joseph himself was a son of Aaron, and ascended the throne in accordance with the law of the Chazars relating to succession … The king had twenty-five wives, all of royal blood, and sixty concubines, all famous beauties.  Each one slept in a separate tent and was watched by a eunuch …
This seems to have been the beginning of the downfall of the Chazar Kingdom …
[Hatonn:  The Khazar Empire—between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (then known as the Khazar Sea) with the CAUCASUS mountain range to the south—was a natural fortification.  All the various groupings—Vikings, Mongol Hoards, Arab Swordsmen—because until God began to filter into the hearts of man—you all were “barbarian”!  When “the light” began to move among the peoples of your “Old World” (The Americas were not allowed tampering by the pagans of Europe and Asia, the “discovering” of America was “okayed”—BY US OF THE HOSTS—SO THERE WOULD BE A CHANCE FOR YOU TO SAVE YOUR PLANET!  The “New World”—America—is God’s nation, and see what you let the Jews do to it!), those various pagan “tribes” ADOPTED A RELIGION.  The northern Vikings became “Christians”, the Asian Hoards and HUNS followed a “Buddha”, and the Arab invaders became what are now known as “Followers of Mohammed.  However, because of the natural terrain being such a good “hideout” (Like Butch Cassidy’s “Hole-In-The-Wall Gang”, in the American “Wild West” desert and canyons, Butch and the Sundance Kid, ran circles around the “Texas Rangers” who hunted the bank robbers.  Likewise, because of the rugged features of the terrain—of which the gang knew so well—it was easy to hide and defend themselves from the small army always in pursuit.  THE “CREAM OF THE CROP”, OF THOSE BARBARIAN TRIBES, WAS ABLE TO RESIST THE INFLUENCE OF THE COMING “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” PHILOSOPHY SPREADING ACROSS THE LANDS.


The Russian Varangians established themselves at Kiev … until the final conquest of the Chazars by the Russians … [H:  This is it, dear ones, the clash of the titans—Russia and the Khazars have been fighting each other bitterly for more than 900 YEARS!  All world conflicts, since then, have been these two trying to destroy each other—the citizens of the planet do not know that they—YOU—are the expendable pawns in all this!  The Christian Russians [Rus means “Blonds”] versus the satanic Khazars [Who are the southern Russia “cousins” of the Rus.  Remember, “Soviets” versus Russians?]  This is the “Armageddon” your Holy Bible is telling you about!  And the final bout is upon you!]  Four years later the Russians conquered all the Chazarian territory east of the Azov … many members of the Chazarian royal family immigrated to Spain … Some went to Hungary, but the great mass of the people remained in their native country.  [H:  The Sephardic (Spanish for Jew) Jews went to Spain—Hebrews; the Ashkenazi (German Jews) Jews stayed, and were the great bulk of what you think of as “Jews”.  You were not told that the majority are not Jews at all; they are the “false Jews” who are “of the SYNAGOGUE of Satan (REVELATION 2:9, 3:9)]

The greatest historian on the origin and the history of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe was Professor H. Graetz, himself a so-called or self-styled “Jew”.  Professor H. Graetz points out in his famous History of the Jews that when so-called or self-styled “Jews” in other countries heard a rumor about so-called or self-styled “Jews” in the Khazar Kingdom they believed these converted Khazars [H:  Saul changed his name to “Paul”, to hide his crimes and Khazar heritage!  And, by the way—HE WAS NEVER CONVERTED—HE KEPT RIGHT ON HUNTING AND PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS!]  to be the “lost ten tribes”.  [H:  Remember, there were only 12 TRIBES OF WHAT YOU NOW CALL “ISRAEL”, THE KHAZAR TALMUDIC “JEWS” ARE THE “THIRTEENTH TRIBE”;  THE TRIBE OF THE DEVIL, IF YOU WILL.]  These rumors were no doubt responsible for the legend which grew up that Palestine was the “homeland” of the converted Khazars.  On page 141 in his History of the Jews Professor H. Graetz states:

“The Chazars professed a coarse religion, which was combined with sensuality and lewdness … After Obadiah came a long series of Jewish Chagans (kings), for ACCORDING TO A FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THE STATE ONLY JEWISH RULERS WERE PERMITTED TO ASCEND THE THRONE … For some time THE JEWS OF OTHER COUNTRIES HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONVERSION OF THIS POWERFUL KINGDOM TO JUDAISM, and when at last a vague rumor to this effect reached them, THEY WERE OF THE OPINION THAT CHAZARIA WAS PEOPLED BY THE REMNANT OF THE FORMER TEN TRIBES.”

When the Khazars in the 1st century B.C. invaded eastern Europe their mother-tongue was an Asiatic language, referred to in the Jewish Encyclopedia as the “Khazar languages”.  [H:  And for those who are wondering—“Yiddish” is not Hebrew.  The followers of Juda spoke Heber’s tongue; the Khazars formed a “secret language” (a mixture of Latin, German, Hebrew, etc.) to speak among the “stupid Goy”—YIDDISH!]  They were primitive Asiatic dialects without any alphabet or any written form.  When King Bulan was converted in the 7th century he decreed that the Hebrew characters he saw in the Talmud and other Hebrew documents was thereupon to become the alphabet for the Khazar language.  The Hebrew characters were adapted to the phonetics of the spoken Khazar language.  The Khazars adopted the characters of the so-called Hebrew language in order to provide a means for providing a written record of their speech.  The adoption of the Hebrew characters had no racial, political or religious implication.

The western European uncivilized nations which had no alphabet for their spoken language adopted the alphabet of the Latin language under comparable circumstances.  With the invasion of western Europe by the Romans the civilization and the culture of the Romans was introduced into these uncivilized areas.  Thus the Latin alphabet was adopted for the language of the French, Spanish, English, Swedish and many other western European languages.  These languages were completely foreign to each other yet they all used the same alphabet.  The Romans brought their alphabet with their culture to these uncivilized nations exactly like the rabbis brought the Hebrew alphabet from Babylonia to the Khazars when they introduced writing to them in the form of the Talmud’s alphabet.

Since the conquest of the Khazars by the Russians and the disappearance of the Khazar Kingdom the language of the Khazars became known as Yiddish.  For about six centuries the co-called or self-styled “Jews” of eastern Europe have referred to themselves, while still resident in their native eastern European countries, as “Yiddish” by nationality.  They identified themselves as “Yiddish” rather than as Russian, Polish, Galician, Lithuanian, Rumanian, Hungarian, or by the nation of which they were citizens.  [H:  These above nations were the old stomping grounds of the Khazar tribe, after the “Christian” Russians helped the “Buddhist” Asians, and the Arab followers of “Islam”—TO CRUSH THE SATANIC KHAZARS, CAUSING THEM TO FLEE FROM THEIR CAUCASUS STRONGHOLD, BETWEEN THE BLACK AND CASPIAN (KHAZAR) SEAS.  Poland, Lithuania, Rumania, Hungary—is where the Khazars “regrouped”—THOSE FORMER “SOVIET REPUBLICS”.]


Break here, Jonur, for respite.  Hatonn to clear, Salu.    

New Series 210: HISTORY THE TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS! By Benjamin H. Freedman

2/18/15 HATONN/jonur (ns210)

Hatonn present to resume.  Amen



By Benjamin H. Freedman

[Hatonn:  Jonur, just describe or “sketch” the map and other images on the document; and you could use the practice for the “Graphic Screenplays” coming in April.]
Maybe you can explain to me, my dear Dr. Goldstein, the reason why and just how the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom was so well concealed from the world for so many centuries?

What secret mysterious power has been able for countless generations to keep the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom out of history textbooks and out of classroom courses in history throughout the world?  The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom are certainly incontestable historical facts.  [H:  Didn’t learn about THIS in your history classes, did you?]

These incontestable historic facts also establish beyond any question of doubt the origin and history of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe.  The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom and their relationship to the origin and early history of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe was one of history’s best kept secrets until wide publicity was given in recent years to my research on this subject.  Do you not think, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that it is time this whole subject was dragged out of its hiding place?

In the year 1948 in the Pentagon in Washington I addressed a large assembly of the highest ranking officers of the United States Army principally in the G2 branch of Military Intelligence on the highly explosive geopolitical situation in eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Then as now that area of the world was a potential threat to the peace of the world and to the security of this nation I explained to them fully the origin of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom.  I felt then as I feel now that without a clear and comprehensive knowledge of that subject it is not possible to understand or to evaluate properly what has been taking place in the world since 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  It is the “key” to that problem.

Upon the conclusion of my talk a very alert Lieutenant Colonel present at the meeting informed me that he was the head of the history department of one of the largest and highest scholastic rated institutions of higher education in the United States.  He had taught history there for 16 years.  He had recently been called back to Washington for further military service.

To my astonishment he informed me that he had never in all his career as a history teacher or otherwise heard the word “Khazar” before he heard me mention it there.  [H:  That in itself should shock the daylights out of you scholars and educators!]  That must give you some idea, my dear Dr. Goldstein, of how successful that mysterious secret power was with their plot to “block out” the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom in order to conceal from the world and particularly Christians the true origin and the history of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe.

The Russian conquest in the 10th – 13th centuries of the little-known-to-history Khazars apparently ended the existence for all time of the little-known-to-history 800,000 square mile sovereign kingdom of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe, known then as the Khazar Kingdom.

Historians and theologians now agree that this political development was the reason for the “IMPORTANT CHANGE IN THE WORDING OF THE ‘KOL NIDRE’ [H:  This is how the Khazar Jew does it, chelas, the “Vow of all Wows” oath!  A secret pact which allows Jews to lie in court, as your doctor, and your elected officials!  Lawyers are not asked to “swear to tell the truth”—it is already understood that they are GOING TO LIE ANYWAY!  At the beginning of the yearly cycle, the Kol Nidre is literally having fingers-crossed behind the back, as Jews “accept” the responsibility of watching over you flocks of sleeping sheep.  That means they are lying in your Christian faces as they “swear to uphold” your American way of life.  The Enemy of The State is the “Jewish Enemy Within!] by Meir ben Samuel in the 11th century and for the policy adopted by the so-called or self-styled “Jews” that ‘the law of revocation in advance was not made public’.  Will you be patient with me while I review here as briefly as I can the history of that political emergence and disappearance of a nation from the pages of history?

Prior to the 10th century the Khazar Kingdom had already been reduced by Russian conquests to an area of about 800,000 square miles.  As you can see on the map from the Jewish Encyclopedia on the next page, territory of the Khazar Kingdom in the 10th century was still by far the largest of any nation in Europe.

The population of the Khazar Kingdom was made up for the most part of Khazars with the addition of the remnants of the populations of the 25 peaceful agricultural nations which had inhabited this approximately 1,000,000 square miles before their conquest by the invading Khazars.  [H:  This is the area on the map that is “Southern Russia”, a natural fortification or “fortress”, whereby anyone who lived on that arid plane, would not only have two large bodies of water, and a mountain range protecting them; but would control all traffic linking Europe and Asia.  It was not an accident that this satanic bunch ended up where they did.  Your own Holy Bible tells of the “Fallen Ones”, and this is where they landed!

In the 1st century B.C. the Khazars had invaded Eastern Europe from their homeland in Asia.  The Khazars invaded Eastern Europe via the land route between the north and of the Caspian Sea and the south end of the Ural Mountains.

The Khazars were not “Semites”.  They were an Asiatic Mongoloid nation.  They are classified by modern anthropologists as Turco-Finns racially.  From time immemorial the homeland of the Khazars was in the heart of Asia.  They were a very warlike nation.  [H:  Those same nomadic (wanderers) “barbarians” now have YOU thinking they are the “Chosen People” of God!  How quaint!]  The Khazars were driven out of Asia finally by the nations in Asia with whom they were continually at war.  The Khazars invaded eastern Europe to escape further defeats in Asia.
The very warlike Khazars did not find it difficult to subdue and conquer the 25 peaceful agricultural nations occupying approximately 1,000,000 square miles in eastern Europe.  In a comparatively short period the Khazars established the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe and probably the wealthiest also.

The Khazars were a pagan [H:  Worshipping “many gods” – particularly favored is a phallic—the male reproductive organ.  It is BY JEWISH DESIGN that “sex sells”, and pornography is EVERY WHERE.  Elementary school children are now being taught “safe sex” HETEROSEXUAL AND HOMOSEXUAL!!] nation when they invaded eastern Europe.  Their religious worship was a mixture of phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship practiced in Asia by pagan nations.  This form of worship continued until the 7th century.  The vile forms of sexual excess indulged in by the Khazars as their form of religious worship produced a degree of moral degeneracy the Khazar king could not endure.  In the 7th century King Bulan, ruler at that time of the Khazar Kingdom, decided to abolish the practice of phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship and make one of the three monotheistic religions, about which he knew very little, the new state religion.

After a historic session with representatives of the three monotheistic religions King Bulan decided against Christianity and Islam and selected as the future state religion as the religious worship then known as “Talmudism”, [H:  Hebrew Judaists have their Torah and the Khazar Jews have the TALMUD.  Talmudic law is what “Communism”, the protocols, Marxism, etc., etc., IS BASED ON!  This Jewish “holy book” does not refer to “a god”—it is based on the teachings of the “Elders” – menIt is not even intended to infer that it comes from God.] and now known and practiced as “Judaism”.  This event is well documented in history.

King Bulan and his 4000 feudal nobles were promptly converted by rabbis imported from Babylonia for that event.  Phallic worship and other forms of idolatry were thereafter forbidden.  The Khazar kings invited large numbers of rabbis to come and open synagogues and schools to instruct the population in the new form of religious worship.

Judaism was now the state religion.  The converted Khazars were the first population of so-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe.  So-called or self-styled “Jews” in eastern Europe after the conversion of the Khazars the descendants of the Khazars converted to “Talmudism”, or as it is now known “Judaism”, by the 7th century mass conversion of the Khazar population.

After the conversion of King Bulan none but a so-called or self-styled [H:  Meaning they made it up] “Jew” could occupy the Khazar throne.  The Khazar Kingdom became a virtual theocracy.  The religious leaders were the civil administrators, also.  The religious leaders imposed the teachings of the Talmud upon the population as their guide to living.  The ideologies of the Talmud became the axis of political, cultural, economic and social attitudes and activities throughout the Khazar kingdom.  The Talmud provided civil and religious law.

It might be very interesting for you, my dear Dr. Goldstein, if you have the patience, to allow me to quote for you here from Volume IV, pages 1 to 5, of the Jewish Encyclopedia.  The Jewish Encyclopedia refers to the Khazars as “Chazars”.  The two spellings are optional according to the best authorities.  The two are pronounced alike.  Either Khazar or “Chazar” is pronounced like the first syllable of “costume” with the word “Czar” added onto it.  It is correctly pronounced “cos(tume)Czar”.  [H:  Khazar (“kazar”) is not to be confused with the Russian Czar (“zar”).]  The Hewish Encyclopedia has five pages on the Khazars but I will skip through them:

“CHAZARS:  A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia … driven on by the nomadic tribes of the steppes and by their own desire for plunder and revenge … In the second half of the sixth century the Chazars moved westward … The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in most of South Russia long before the foundations of the Russian monarchy by the Varangian (855) … At this time the kingdom of the Chazars stood at the height of its power and was constantly at war … At the end of the eighth century … the chagan (king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion …


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