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New Series 155: Hatonn: Indeed, Doris and EJ Ekker were also viewed by many as the “Great Warriors” in the WORLD FIGHT against the beast of the apocalypse that has all but consumed your nation. The Khazar Jews are at the foundation of all crime, drug addictions, and moral collapse of this civilization of man. Never lose sight of that, precious ones, for Satan never sleeps and he is after your very souls. The unifying force of you-the-people—Black AND White—is all that will save you. It must be ALL that wake up if you are to reclaim that which is the heritage of every American, who wishes to live under a country based on “In God We Trust”, and “Liberty For All”. The Jew wishes to get rid of God and have you live in sin (error) and evil ways, so that the ignorant masses have nowhere to turn for guidance, and the shackles of Global Slavery can be affixed so tightly that none can free themselves. After all, is that not what “Hell” means in the literal sense?

2/18/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns155)

Good evening, Hatonn present to commune in the Radiance of God.  Amen.


Continuing from “The Final Call”.


… “It represented a watershed moment in the Nation of Islam as well as America,” said Marcus Muhammad.  “The book of Isaiah says that ‘we will rebuild the wasted cities.’  Before the wasted cities can be rebuilt peace—Islam—and security must be established.  I think that we are looking at the initial phase of this awesome task,” he said.
“It was a small glimpse of our potential and a reminder of our duty.  The spirit was so high, it felt like a rebirth,” added Abel Muhammad.

TAKING it to the streets:

F.O.I. promote peace nationwide

It seems as if everywhere in the country, violent crime, murder and a general lack of respect for human life is increasing.  Muslim men mobilized nationally at the call of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to work to halt this tragic, troubling trend.

The Minister and the Fruit of Islam were on the move July 23 in three yellow busses that pulled out of the lot of Mosque Maryam in Chicago.  The work this Monday night would be local as Min. Farrakhan and the F.O.I. focused on the South Shore community, which includes the ward where the mosque is located.

The first stop was east of the mosque in a blighted area known as “Terror Town”, where crime has helped to propel South Shore to near the top of city statistics of violence.

Neighborhood residents told The Final Call that drug dealing is rampant, killing and robberies take place regularly, and although children were playing outside, today, no one feels safe.

Joanne Buchanan, 65, was robbed two months ago and had to have 18 staples in her head.  Her assailant cut her head “from the back to the front.”
“Drugs have taken over, the police don’t care, they don’t come,” said Ms. Buchanan.

Nilaja McDonald has lived in the neighborhood for the last 40 years.  When she was on the bus and all the cars turned, she knew right away it was the F.O.I.  She first thought something bad had happened, and then she noticed it was the Minister with the brothers.

“It was overwhelming,” said Ms. McDaniel.  “We need it in the community.  The Minister is a positive influence and a great warrior,” she added.  [Hatonn:  Indeed, Doris and EJ Ekker were also viewed by many as the “Great Warriors” in the WORLD FIGHT against the beast of the apocalypse that has all but consumed your nation.  The Khazar Jews are at the foundation of all crime, drug addictions, and moral collapse of this civilization of man.  Never lose sight of that, precious ones, for Satan never sleeps and he is after your very souls.  The unifying force of you-the-people—Black AND White—is all that will save you.  It must be ALL that wake up if you are to reclaim that which is the heritage of every American, who wishes to live under a country based on “In God We Trust”, and “Liberty For All”.  The Jew wishes to get rid of God and have you live in sin (error) and evil ways, so that the ignorant masses have nowhere to turn for guidance, and the shackles of Global Slavery can be affixed so tightly that none can free themselves.  After all, is that not what “Hell” means in the literal sense?]  Residents lined the street and one woman shouted, “Thank you, thank you in the name of Jesus!”  As the Muslims came down the street another woman pleaded:  “Please come get my son, he is out here shooting people.  He needs to be with you all in suits!”  [H:  Rap and Rock music videos TEACH CHILDREN to do this, while both parents are at work trying to keep the heat on and a little food on the table.  No one is at home to raise the babies and teach them properly.  Do you see how well the plan has been laid and the trap set?  The Jews have a protocol that calls for the step by step capturing of the minds of the Goyim (non-Jews or “sacrificial cows”).  Hollywood Jews program your “entertainment” to put the thoughts into the heads of the youth that this is how they are to behave, and that this is “normal”.  And after three generations that is all anyone knows.  Only opening your minds to the possibility of a massive, global conspiracy will halt this steamroller crushing humanity into extinction.  All is connected to all, the financial bankruptcy and the killing of your industry, by the Wall Street Khazars, is part of the PLAN.

“We need all the support we can get out here to stop the violence and this is what everybody needs right here today, for this man (Min. Farrakhan) to come out,” said a longtime South Shore resident who only gave her name as Ms. Houston.  “He is a leader.  People are led by him everywhere and they honor him and look up to him.  This could change things.”

Arthur Reed, a 70 year-old business owner who also lives in the area, does not feel safe.  He closes his business every day at 6 p.m. because after dark is often when the real trouble starts.  He was glad to see the Minister and The Fruit of Islam.  It brought a greater sense of security and possibility.
Clara Coleman, 46, who has lived in the area for 20 years, agreed that the neighborhood has troubles.  But, she added, the issue is that these young men have no jobs.  [H:  Again, part of the Jewish “PLAN”]  Hopefully seeing the Minister and the Muslim men will show the youth another way besides gangs, she said.  “They see the brothers over here and they see what they could become, and it might change a little bit,” said Ms. Coleman.  “I sure hope so.”

“I think that Minister Farrakhan is the medicine that our community needs.  People are here reaching out to him, embracing him, it’s very emotional to see how people that are hurting and in pain are coming and asking for his help.  I think it’s wonderful that he came to meet the needs of a community that is really struggling with a lot of social issues and a lot of social ills—to embrace a community that really needs love,” said 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris.

“As a Black mother, I am outraged, but I’m more outraged because people are not upset about it, I’m outraged that people don’t want to get out here and beat the drum and say ‘hey what’s going on?’”

“This is amazing.  Just his presence in the community has just done wonders,” said 5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston.  “The way that people respond to him is something that has never been seen in the community before.”  [H:  And it is thus, when those few who are touched by The Christ Light re-inspire others with Godly wisdom and energy.  When Jesus went into the village the people in the entire village were uplifted—and many were healed—just from His PRESENCE alone.  They did not yet even know Immanuel was among them, and yet, His DIVINE RADIANCE touched the masses.  This is how it works, precious ones; when God is with you and His ESSENCE becomes YOUR essence, a Light that can be seen and felt—Soul to Soul—stirs your very being, and you KNOW the Lord is the SOURCE of that inspiration (def.:  “in spirit”).  The adversary wants to get rid of that by removing any reference to God and “Jesus” from your daily existence.  That is why you no longer have Prayer in schools, and all public places must remove Christian symbols such as crosses and the 10 Commandments, or “the Baby Jesus in the manger”.  Ah, but the Jewish 6-pointed star, and the menorah, are everywhere during so-called “Christ’s Birthday” aren’t they?  “Christ” is removed from “Christ-mass [s]” to just “X-mas”, hasn’t it?  Why not call it “Christ-X”, if the intent was to “shorten” the label???  “Happy Holidays” has now replaced “Merry Christmas” so the children do not even know WHY the celebration and gift-giving in the first place.  But, since December 25th was not Immanuel Esu’s birthday, why pick that particular date on the calendar?  Because it is the biggest day of the year for Satan and his Jewish bankers to get you to spend money AND CREDIT you do not have, at the end of another year of bankrupting an entire nation through USURY/INTEREST!  Wake up and see who it is that brings law suits to public parks for displaying Christian-themed scenes of Bethlehem and the Three Wise Men, along with Mary and Joseph, and a little drummer boy; giving praise and reverence and gifts to an infant Jesus.  The Khazar false “Jews” are indeed slick, however, when unmasked and exposed, they are as the sore thumb smashed with a hammer—all swollen and bandaged for the world to see!]

Ms. Hairston, whose ward includes the area surrounding Mosque Maryam, said members of the Nation of Islam live in the area and are always working to make a difference.  She believes the Nation’s approach is more effective than the tactics used by the police.

“The difference about the Nation of Islam is that they come in from a position of strength and they come in from a position of love,” she said.

Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam’s historic Muhammad Mosque No. 7, told The Final Call that in New York City the men of the Nation’s Fruit of Islam moved throughout the community July 16, the first Monday night the Minister called for the men to be in the streets. 

  Mosque No. 7 had 98 F.O.I. and Brooklyn Mosque No. 7C had 68 F.O.I. greetings, imparting guidance and offering good news, and hearing the thoughts and experiences from Black people.

The F.O.I. covered areas in Central Harlem were Mosque No. 7 is located and in East New York where Mosque No. 7C is located.  Both areas have seen an increase in violence.

[To be continued…]

New Series 154: Hatonn present in the Light of Aton (God). Finish the urgent document on the Jews versus Judeans, Jonur, then go back to Minister Farrakhan’s “Final Call”. The distinction between the set up race war, as PLANNED by the Zionist Khazars, must be made clear before we proceed. For that is the next “war” the Jews are trying to set off.

2/12/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns154)

Hatonn present in the Light of Aton (God).  Finish the urgent document on the Jews versus Judeans, Jonur, then go back to Minister Farrakhan’s “Final Call”.  The distinction between the set up race war, as PLANNED by the Zionist Khazars, must be made clear before we proceed.  For that is the next “war” the Jews are trying to set off.

It also should be obvious that the “fired” L.A.P.D. cop and the connected killings is an ISRAELI STAGED INCIDENT to go after more gun control legislation.  None of the points add up as to why this man supposedly shot the victims, how he was able to retain his badge, and the silliness of the wreaked and abandoned vehicle that supposedly was to throw searchers off track.  RACE plays a MAJOR ROLE in this particular case; again, trying to make it look like Blacks are “master terrorists”.  More and more of these Mossad/CIA killing are set to take place, however, the African American population is not buying what is presented on the news.

Just as with the STAGED shooting of the firemen called to put out a fire, the entire scene is A MAJOR SPY/INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OPERATION!  Crazed, White Supremacist gunman lets loose on local government.  Or, “kidnaps little innocent child in fortified underground bunker”!  Booby trapped with explosives and sophisticated trip-wires and such.  This is so that if any of you try to build a safety shelter in your yard to protect your family, you will immediately be investigated as a “domestic terrorist” by Homeland Security or/and BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).

The Jews are trying to start a nuclear war.  Americans do not have shelters for their people—like Russia, China, the Swiss, the Vietnamese, and Israel—have for their population.  That is why the Jews want to first take your guns, and then leave you bare as naked for atomic blast and fallout.  It will be much easier for the Israeli-Blue United Nations “SOVIETS” (“Soviets” are Godless Khazar, mercenary troops who are waiting to invade—once your guns are rounded up; Russians are Christian allies, who drive those cute, floating, electro-gravitic weapons platforms—or “UFOs” called Cosmospheres.  Lucky for you they hate the Khazar Jews too!) to put you in those CONCENTRATION CAMPS HIDDEN IN YOUR NATIONAL PARKS!  You see, the Jews are masters at lying, while smiling in the face of their “friends”.  The Soviet Jews, or “communists”/socialists said they would “take America without firing a shot”, and you will “sell them the rope they will hang you with”.  So be it.  Now you know.





… This persistent secrecy makes it difficult to obtain an accurate picture of how the crypto-Jewish population in the Southwest lives.

Rabbi Isaac Celnik of Congregation B’nai Israel says only a handful of conversos have attended temple services during his two decades in Albuquerque.  And he has, on occasion, been invited to lead prayers in their homes.

He categorizes today’s crypto-Jews as those who identify themselves as Jews; those who “have one foot each” in the Jewish and Catholic communities—“they call me father”—and those Catholics with some Jewish heritage.

Celnik says family pressure and fear of retribution from the community make the path difficult for those who are choosing to revive ties to Judaism.

“It’s more than name-calling; there are people who can’t talk to their mothers and fathers,” says Celnik, who vigilantly protects the identities of his crypto-Jewish congregants.  “There are people literally afraid for their lives.”

The phenomenon is not exclusive to the American Southwest.  Researchers say there is evidence of the survival of crypto-Jewish communities throughout Latin America and beyond.

Last year the 300 Jews of Belmonte, Portugal, cautiously began to discard their Catholic veneer.  The Community, which dates to the late 15th century, also was formed by those who fled the Inquisition.  After centuries of clandestine meetings, the community has begun praying openly in a house off the village’s main square.

It is difficult to estimate the number of those New Christians in Spain or Portugal who remained faithful to Judaism or secretly clung to some Jew rituals.  An estimated 10,000 met their deaths at the hands of the Inquisition.

The crypto-Jews, those who secretly remained faithful to Judaism, were called “marranos” in Spain, a term believed to originate from a word for swine.  Nearly all marranism died out by 1770, but British historian Cecil Roth said he discovered marrano families in Spain and Portugal this century.

Ray Padilla, director of the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University in Tempe, says the conversos here belong to a rich American Tradition of immigrants surviving against all odds in a foreign land.

“They didn’t just come to the Americas and disappear,” says Padilla, 46, who suspects he is of crypto-Jewish background.  “Their influence may be stronger than we might have expected.”  “After all, he says “Spanish history has been influenced by Jewish culture and Jewish people for the last 1,500 years.  Why wouldn’t the greatest enterprise of that empire’s encounter with the Americas also have a Jewish side to it?”

END OF QUOTING [from article]

Note that we are speaking here of what is generally referred to as Sephardic Judaists.  Dear ones, these have nothing to do with Zionist, basically Ashkenazi, self-styled and self-named “Jews”.

Now, if you want to hear about class distinction and the putting down of one group beneath another—GO TO ISRAEL.  These “new Jews” who founded Israel, as is told by the elder Judaists—treat the Sephardic Judaists as scum and unworthy of even housing.  Believe me, the housing being built in Israel or in Palestine—IS NOT FOR THE SEPHARDIC OR “TRUE” JUDAISTS.

Hatonn has given you all this prior to now but a thing or two bears reminding for we continually get many, many letters regarding “Jews”.  If the “Jewish” community cannot sort of itself, then how can you ever take a stand in your own behalf?  You of Judaism in Truth are top of the list for the Zionists to get rid of.  You MUST come into KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH OF IT.


Israel (State of) is a Marxist socialist/communist country from appearances but it goes further than that.  Israel has three faces:  Communism, Fascism and Democracy.  (Do not confuse Democracy with Republic.)

The Ashkenazi Jews migrated to Israel from Russia and brought with them the ideology of Socialism/Communism and have put into practice much of that ideology.

The Ashkenazi Jews, who migrated to Israel from Germany, while sympathetic to communism and support it, tend to favor the practice of Nazi-style fascism.  During World War II, in Germany these elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked closely with Hitler’s Gestapo in persecuting the lower class German Jews and delivering them to concentration camps.  Now living in Israel, these elite Zionist Jews, who were well trained in Nazi-style fascism and favor it, have imposed many facets of fascism on Israel.

To give the impression that Israel is a democracy, members of the Knesset (Israel’s Congress) are elected—an odd type of election.  This is where Israel’s so-called democracy stops.  It doesn’t make any difference which party wins an election, the LIKUD or LABOR, the elite Zionist Jews rule in a dictatorial manner—giving favors to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent.

In the Zionist/Communist scheme of world domination, it is Israel’s role to continually stir up trouble in the Mideast.  Since wars are a big part of this scheme of aggression, it is only natural that, from early childhood on, Israeli youth are trained mentally and physically for war.  For instance:

Israel has its equivalent of Hitler’s youth group.  It is the Gadna; and ALL high school and junior high students are required to participate—both boys and girls.  Like Hitler’s youth group, the youth in Israel’s Gadna are dressed in Khaki uniforms.  They take training and engage in para-military exercises.

I am not going to go further with for it has been outlaid for you before.  The point we must make is that you are people of the lie in every grouping.  To stop this thing come upon your planet—all must wake up, not just one or two or one group—all of you must see that which has been brought upon your own people.  For instance, it is obvious that the Protocols were originated by the Zionists who are not at all Judean Judaists and do not pretend to be.  They only pretend to be that which they conjured up to fool the “Jews” and bitterly hate and persecute the Hebrew Judaists.  If you ones would win this battle against the evil which devours you—you will rise above the lies, join in brotherhood and slay this dragon.


I wish to say something else which takes in this group of Zionists for all are desirous of “Globalism”.  The globalists—an astute generation of internationalists—have targeted three groups for elimination:  the God revering, the family structure and the youth.  The globalists wield almost limitless power because of their wealth and position.  The real power they possess comes through the fact that so few in the general public know that they exist.

God said in Hosea 4:6:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  So be it.

The objective of this global initiative is control.  Although the desire to rule the world is hardly a new ambition, the control sought by this present generation of global-imperialists is more than government, wealth and resources.  They control these already.  What the globalists want in order to complete their plan is control of population.

The objective of global control is simple, but its implementation is complex and convoluted.  It is mind-boggling when one attempts to unravel it—truly a tangled web of deception.  Their control of population is in their ability to manage the thoughts and behavior of the masses:  the key being consensus; the motivation, survival.

If the struggle were a physical one, you could identify your enemy more readily and recognize the dangers coming against you.  Like the serpent in the garden, the sophistication and refinement of the psychological weaponry are so subtle that you are now in the final stages of the conflict with only a few awakening to the conflict’s existence.

As a measure of the effectiveness of these new techniques you need only recall the unfenced concentration camps during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.  Due to psychological intimidation the captured American military did not try to escape.  The same behavioral control exists today, but everyone is a prisoner, the Earth is the concentration camp and the globalists are the stalag commandants.

Well, in the past you nice “Christians” have always been too late with too little.  You cannot afford that mistake this time.  You are already on your way out and I speak of true “Christ” followers along with the ritual “Christians”.  Your right to live and worship freely is quickly being taken from you and you Americans are losing your national identity.  To regain it you are going to have to stop indulging yourselves in the luxury of fighting each other and direct your energies against the real enemy.


The Jewish (not Judean) plan for global control has been around for a very long time in your counting, but only now are you beginning to wake up.  The Illuminati is an Anti-Christ organization whose aim is to usher in Luciferian standards which destroy civilizations.  It has been done before, and happens over and over in history.  Only this time you have reached the end of the cycle.

It will either come back into God or, many, many people are not going to make it in the physical form.  You ones of the Light have your ticket off here, in any event, however, your mission is to show as many as will listen that you have to participate in your own salvation.  For God will not do it in your stead.

Just as you had miracles in the sky in Jesus’ day, so too will you have them now.  Only don’t be fooled by man’s “light show” and tell—know the difference!

End this Chapter, Jonur, and finish the Farrakhan “The Final Call” document.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  Salu.

New Series 153: Good morning, Hatonn present in Radiance and Holy Light. Jonur, let us continue with Farrakhan’s message to Black Youth, but first I want to clarify the distinction between WHO IS A JEW AND WHO ISN’T. “Jew” does not mean the same thing it did during Jesus’ day.

2/05/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns153)

Good morning, Hatonn present in Radiance and Holy Light.

Jonur, let us continue with Farrakhan’s message to Black Youth, but first I want to clarify the distinction between WHO IS A JEW AND WHO ISN’T.  “Jew” does not mean the same thing it did during Jesus’ day.



Jonur, quote from one of the JOURNALS, I shall leave which one “off the record”, however, it was one of the PLEIADIAN series.



Germain to take up the thread of our subject at hand.  But first, since Hatonn has shared quite a bit of material that will probably need EXPRESS attention, though with editing for urgent content, I will take time to speak on the “Jews”.

I am going to speak on the subject at hand—“Jews” coming out of the closet—as it were.  Please, brothers, come forth and let us stop this heinous thing oppressing you and your heritage in glorious historical wonder.

I am going to ask Dharma to copy from a document which expresses more between the lines than any paper I could write.  It will also give understanding to you who are not in understanding of that which has come upon your people and show you that the adversary has long been destroying your heritage and has stolen your inheritance.

The article comes from The Hanford Sentinel, Friday, July 19, 1991: 


Secret Jews’ pursue heritage; Editor’s Note:  Thousands of Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago sought refuge in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in Europe.  Recent research shows that significant numbers of them also reached the New World, where they took on the trappings of Catholicism while secretly clinging to their Jewish traditions.  Across the American Southwest many of these crypto-Jews are now trying to recover their heritage.

Article by Nancy Plevin, Associated Press.

Albuquerque, N.M. (AP)—Carlos Velez-Ibanez, a former Roman Catholic altar boy and graduate of parochial school, was astounded that day 30 years ago when his only sister died and his mother leaned over to whisper in his ear:

“I’m going to tell you a secret that has always been passed on through the women of our family.  But now I must tell you.”

“Samos Judios,” she said.  “We’re Jews.”  [Hatonn:  These are the Judean Judaist or HEBREW “Jews”.  Keep in mind that even the true Judaist, or member of the tribe of Juda, does not even know ALL of what I am bringing to thy attention.  The word “J –E-W” was not invented until the 1700’s!  That hardly goes back to Biblical Days, does it?  Nevertheless, the world has been fooled into believing the greatest lie ever told regarding the Hebrew peoples!  And it is this lie that has allowed the Anti-Christ/Anti-God to enslave an entire planet!  Khazar “Jews” are not Judean Hebrew Judaists.  But today, the Khazar “Jews”, who own all your publishing and media companies who write—AND RE-WRITE—your educational text books AND BIBLES—have caused you  innocent people of Earth to think Judeans and “Jews” are of the same tribe.  They are not!]

Initially stunned by the disclosure, the 54-year-old University of Arizona anthropologist says he now views his hidden ancestry as a family treasure.

For engineering student Daniel Yocum, the revelation came as he merged odd family customs with genealogical study and found a Jewish heritage:  Kosher food preparation, Friday night prayer, ritual circumcision and keeping the Sabbath.

“We went to Catholic Mass on Saturdays,” said Yocum, 23, who grew up in Albuquerque’s largely Hispanic South Valley.  But, he says, “If kids tried to do things on the (Jewish) Sabbath, they would get hit.”

Across the American Southwest, Hispanic descendants of Jews who fled the Spanish Inquisition are recovering remnants of their heritage some 500 years after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issued the 1492 Edict of Expulsion.  Under the edict, Jews and other non-Roman Catholics who would not convert to Christianity were ordered exiled or burned at the stake.  [H:  The Khazars have been around for a very, very long time.  In 740 A.D. the Khazar ruling class and the rest of their tribe CONVERTED to the religion of the Hebrew Judaists.  Never becoming followers of this religion, which they loathed and despised, they wrote their own “bible” which they called the “Talmud”.  This “instruction manual” was not inferred to even come from a god; it was the orders of the Zionist Men of Wisdom, or “Elders”, on how to take over the world.  Simply put.  The Torah is the book of the Judaists (Hebrews), and your Holy Bible is based on that.  In turn, the Judaists stole the story from the Sumerians; Jesus is from these peoples originally, before the revisionists went to work on re-writing the texts to suit their purposes.  So you see, man has been changing the Word of God since the beginning to better rule over you-the-people.  Now you will recognize TWO GROUPS of so-called “Jews”—the true Judean of Hebrew ancestry:  SEPHARDIC “Jews”; and the Eastern European:  ASHKENAZI “Jew”.  The first are the ones you hardly see, they pray, are peaceful, and are waiting on God to give them a homeland one day—when God sees fit.  The other is the “Jew” who makes war with everyone, has all your gold and property, is the doctor who is poisoning you by the millions through lethal vaccines, the lawyers who change YOUR nations’ laws to destroy civilization; and, of course, they owned the slave ships, the pornography business, Hollywood, and the BANK.  Do you see the difference now?  These are the ones Jesus threw out of the temple/church, and was Himself crucified for teaching you THE TRUTH.  The “Money Changers”, Sadducees and Pharisees of the “Den of Vipers”, remember?  Rothschild said if you let him control your money AND CHARGE USURY (INTEREST), he doesn’t care what king sits on the throne.  This is REAL LIFE MONOPOLY, chelas, and if you pay $200—instead of collect $200—every time you pass go, guess who wins the game—EVERY TIME?  So be it.]

 About half of the 200,000 Spanish Jews, called Sephardim after the Hebrew word for Spain, left the empire seeking more tolerant climates in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in Europe.  Those who remained became “New Christians”, or fell victim to the Grand Inquisitor.  [H:  Known also as “the Inquisition”, the “purging” of dissidents from the Spanish empire, and elsewhere in Europe, was because the Khazars long had been known to be “the serpent people” (the Khazars’ own label for themselves), who were an evil, God-less, parasitic cancer on “civilized” (and I use the term loosely!) society.  “Jews”/Khazars were the “Children of the Devil”.  Even your tampered-with Holy Bible repeatedly tells you that fact!  You just couldn’t figure out the age-old riddle of Revelation 2:9, and 3:9—now go look it up!]  

But recent research shows a significant number of Jews who left Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries made their way to the New World.

Later, pursued in Mexico by officials of the Inquisition when they prospered as New Christians or tried to live openly as Jews, they again sought refuge—this time alongside Spanish conquistadors exploring the farthest reaches of New Spain, now the American Southwest.

There, historians now say, they survived on the remote frontier living openly as Roman Catholics while covertly maintaining Jewish traditions and beliefs.

In the past few years, dozens of gravestones have been found in old Christian cemeteries engraved with both crosses and Hebrew inscriptions, some bearing the Star of David.

Scholars and descendants of these “conversos” or “crypto-Jews” now are painstakingly trying to piece together this complex cultural mystery buried beneath 17 generations of secrecy.

In January, the first major international conference on the subject was held at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Valez-Ibanez, whose family comes from a region that encompasses southern Arizona and northern Mexico, says he now understands why family members lit candles on Friday nights, as is done on the Jewish Sabbath, and why they expressed a “strict aversion to pork”.

Yocum says he now knows why his grandmother became irate when her husband, a carver, fashioned what Yocum now realizes was a menorah, or traditional candelabra.

“My grandma used to call him a ‘Judio’, or Jew”, Yocum says, and say “leave the ways of the old men alone.”  When he made the menorah, she got really mad and made him keep it in the garage.

Third grade teacher Anna Rael Delay, 44, of Lewisville, Texas, is converting to Judaism after a lifetime of questioning her roots.  She is raising her 11-year-old son to go to temple.

“When I was young my grandmother used to light candles on Fridays and we took it for granted,” says Mrs. Delay who grew up in Santa Fe, N.M., and attended Catholic school.

She says in tracing her family to 1610 in New Mexico, she has found ancestors with the surname Yisrael.

Materials analyst Ramon Salas has, with the help of a computer, scrupulously traced his family tree back 14 generations.

Salas, 26, of Albuquerque, found a legacy rife with suspected conversos names and discovered he was related to Daniel Yocum.

He was raised Catholic and still sings in the church choir, but he is fervently exploring his Jewish heritage.  He is both exuberant and enraged by what he has learned.

“The fact that my ancestors were raped of their religion is something that I’d like to correct,” he says.

But collecting the complete history of the hidden Jews is difficult, researchers say.  As traditions were furtively passed through generations, the fear of exposure was handed down as well.

“We may never know the full extent because of their long-term fear of persecution” [H:  Now for the shocker—the REAL PERSECUTION IS COMING FROM THEIR SO-CALLED BROTHER JEWS!  THE ASHKENAZI (NAZI OF HITLER’S GERMANY, DEAR HEARTS.  DOES GOOD OLD ADOLF LOOK LIKE THE TALL, BLOND, BLUE-EYED, ARYAN “MASTER  RACE” TO YOU!?!?  The Khazar “Jews” are trying to kill off the Judean Hebrew “Jews”, so you won’t find out that the Khazars ARE NOT God’s so-called “chosen people”!  Those ones, who stole Palestine and NOW CALL IT “ISRAEL”, ARE THE IMPOSTER JEWS FROM REVELATION!) KHAZARS ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST, AND MAN IS NOW GETTING THE TRUTH FROM GOD!  Open thine eyes and unplug thy ears, for the Beast of Revelation if about to devour you!  Lucifer’s “Jews” are set to bring off ARMAGEDDON—ONLY SPREADING THIS TRUTH WILL STOP IT!  My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge.  Satan cannot function in the light of day (truth)!], says former New Mexico state historian Stan Hordes, co-director of a research project on the state’s crypto-Jews at the University of New Mexico’s Latin American Institute.

Hordes and UNM sociologist Tomas Antencio have been interviewing families and scouring official records dating to the 15th century in search of remnants of the hidden Jewish community in northern New Mexico’s isolated, rural villages.

Hordes and others believe direct knowledge of the hidden communities is in danger of disappearing with today’s grandparents, most of whom are reluctant to disclose what they know.

“Often in the interviews, they whisper or go to another room to talk about it,” says Melissa Amado, 25, a University of Arizona graduate student.  “You have no guarantee that the name is kept secret.  This is something very private to these individuals.”

But she says, “If the people don’t talk about it, it may die off.  It’s something that should be appreciated instead of hidden.”

Ms. Amado, who says she has found family evidence of Sephardic heritage, is interviewing family members and others for a master’s thesis on why crypto-Jewish families have stayed so long “in the closet”.

“You never tell,” she says.  “It is never discussed with people outside your immediate family.  Now, in the later part of the 20th century you have these instances where it is still kept as the deep, dark family secret.


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