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New Series 235: THE DEATH OF HILLARY CLINTON Let us not get beside ourselves in this discussion about Replicas, Synthetics, Robotoids, and “Doubles”. You have had functional duplicates of human beings since day, dawn one!

9/23/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns235)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present in light and in service to Holy God, and unto mankind.  Jonur, just allow the Christed energy—the Christ light—to guide and carry the Word.  Amen and Salu!


Let us not get beside ourselves in this discussion about Replicas, Synthetics, Robotoids, and “Doubles”.  You have had functional duplicates of human beings since day, dawn one!

The entirety of the human race is a collection of “clones”, if you will, from “the gods”, to give the human INTELLIGENCE.

Where DID you think you came from in this lovely garden of “Eden” of yours?  Did Adam and Eve really exist, or was mankind merely a result of ancient DNA/RNA replication to create a “slave race” to mine for gold?

Did not the “Black” African become known as the “slave race” of the planet?!  And, if you do a bit of research, did not the whole of the ancient slave trade rekindle out of the ruins of “Gold Cities”?  Egolie, a famous African city, where there are ruins of vast empires of slaves who were “created” by the “gods” to mine gold for their “off world” masters.

You see, all the beings who have visited your little planet were NOT godly and benevolent.  However, that is a so-called “sin” (def.: “error”), in the higher understanding—of “Heaven”, I suppose you label it—and the offenders are punished by not being allowed to return to “space”.

Your “Earth” or Shan, as you are known out among the cosmos, is A PRISON PLANET.  Or rather, you have allowed for it to become so.  For it did not have to be!  You have many millions of planets (or “mansions” as described in your Holy Bible and elsewhere) in thy father’s kingdom.  These are the “school grounds”, where you learn your lessons on how to behave in the Lord’s Paradise.

After all, you cannot very well fly a real 747 Jumbo Jet with hundreds of lives at stake, without practicing on a simulator first—can you?

So, “Earths” are the training ground for humans before you come back into oneness with God.  And one of the lessons that must be learned is that your Earth history is not like you are being taught!
The human race “began” in the above mentioned fashion.  Yes, it is disheartening on some aspects, mainly “religious” in nature, that you were not “created” by some lofty “god” who cared for your well-being.  However, YOU are not your body!  That is the lie of the Anti-Christ and Anti-God.  Man’s body IS NOT MAN!

It is the Spirit of Man that is the all-important thing here.  “Death” of the body is nothing.  It is the soul that is all important!

You have had many thousands and thousands of life-streams to get to where you are today.  All things grow from seeds and take many eons to come into perceived “perfection”. Minerals, rocks, plants, animals, chemicals, and even man have a MOTHER-FATHER aspect.  This is a sexed universe of MATED PAIRS, Mothers and Fathers, uniting to create more mothers and fathers.  That is the “abundance” of all creation.

Now, your Luciferian adversary to God AND MAN knows these “secrets of the creation”, and has kept these “occult” secrets to themselves.  Their thrust is to fool God’s people into believing in JUST THE PHYSICAL ASPECT OF CREATION.  And this is how you become trapped in the physical “reincarnation” of lifetime after lifetime, experiencing misery, pain, slavery, and “death of the body”.

Evil wishes to rule—on—earth, remember??  Not serve in heaven under the ONE God.  So, on Earth in these “last days” evil does rule for a time.  But God always wins in the end.  Even the bad guys know that.  However, if those dark energies can fool you (and they are allowed to try) into believing that this is it, this is all that life IS, then they’ve gotcha!


How can you murder someone on “national television”, and within hours (or minutes, if the attack is anticipated) have a “double” brought in as a replacement, without missing a beat??!!  Enter the secret “alien” technology of RNA/DNA replication!

The NAZI scientists (look up those so-called “Paperclip” Nazis, who were brought over to San Luis Obispo, California, to perfect your “space program”, and helped create your Central Intelligence Agency—before known as the O.S.S., or Office of Strategic Services.  You merely transplanted the Nazi apparatus of World War II Germany into your own military industrial complex!  Even the atomic bomb and jet aircraft were first perfected and made operational in Hitler’s Germany, well BEFORE America got a hold of the technology!

However, if the truth be told not only would your history books, all, have to be rewritten, but those involved would be lynched—come sunrise!  Even those famous “flying saucers” stories from the 50’s and 60’s of “invading aliens” come to drink your blood would take on new meaning, if you knew of Hitler’s “UFO Battalion” (as Hitler himself coined the phrase)!  And, we will once again revisit Nazi Germany’s anti-gravitational “discs”.  However, let us first deal with Hitler’s “other” secret program—“Clones”.
We have spoken of this many times, and we will continue to do so until all have a BASIC UNDERSTANDING of how such a thing could even be possible.  And, indeed simple, once you comprehend the seed principle of Mother Nature.  Then it becomes easy to see the genetic “puppets” marched out and paraded before you!


The killing of Hillary Clinton is not the shocker as it seems it should be.  This is not the first time.  These assassinations occur frequently, chelas, and the original is usually long since been “liquidated” and disposed of.

Even before this technology of manufacturing “replicas” was perfected, “doubles” were sought out for very deep covert operations.  Surgery on existing entities was necessary to make a viable replacement and extensive specialized speech and behavior training was mandatory.

However, today ONE CELL FROM A “DONOR” AND A GENETIC REPLICA OF A HUMAN BEING CAN BE REPRODUCED!  And this now can be done in a matter of hours!  And, remember those secret “UFOs” that Hitler had (And later, the Soviets acquired and perfected Nikola Tesla’s work—look him up!  He could build “UFOs” and Charged Particle Beam Weapons 100 YEARS AGO!  And today his papers are classified Top Secret!  Why?  Well, if you had craft that could travel from Los Angeles to New York in 15 minutes, or any place else on the globe, you can get politicians to places they are not supposed to be, without anyone knowing!

Or, if one is killed “on camera” (Like what happened to Reagan and Brady—of the infamous “Brady Gun Bill”—and George Herbert Walker Bush at the State Department Dinner—where he died right in front of Lee Iacocca of Detroit motor car fame, and a room full of stunned quests!) the body can literally be dragged off stage, or out of the room, while a replica is flown in to take its place.

This is where you are now in your “Star Wars” world domination scenarios and it has come full circle, once again.  This is what happens to the planets that house the human.  When evil is allowed to enter and take over the “school room”, the planet itself is usually destroyed in global wars, utilizing weapons that can pulverize the very earth you stand upon.

Did not the Holy Scriptures tell you of that day?  When man destroys himself, and if God did not step in and say: “ENOUGH”!  There would not be one creature left alive?  Well, when you get to that level of evil, God shows up!

Those who are “On the Lord’s Side”, have their safe passage off the planet, should that become necessary.  This is what you think of as the “Rapture”.  It is not like you have been falsely taught in your Sunday school classes.  You will not ascent to some fluffy (radioactive by then!) clouds and have heavenly bliss!  The world will be literally on fire (“Fire and Brimstone”?), and the very air and atmosphere will ignite.  And keep in mind, man can do all this quite nicely WITHOUT GOD LIFTING A FINGER!

It is man of Earth who is out to destroy man, not God or His Heavenly (def.: “sky” not some mystic place “out there” somewhere) Hosts, come from afar.  But you have been falsely taught by Christ’s enemy—THE ZIONIST KHAZAR “JEW”—WHO HIDES IN THE HERITAGE OF THE TRUE JUDEAN HEBREW—TO RUN IN FEAR of God and His Angels (def.: “messengers”).  The adversary is planning for you to run in a panicked terror at even the sight of a “UFO”!

And what of all the strange alien beings come to devour you?  Well, in God/ Aton’s universe you have no such creatures.  However, remember those DNA Replication processes?  Any DNA can be “mixed” together to manufacture whatever you want to conjure and physically manifest.  And all things of creation have a DNA/RNA Blueprint.  Believe me a terrifying, winged creature with hundreds of fangs, a goat’s legs, a serpent’s tongue, horns and reptilian scales—is nothing to create!  After all, what DO you think they do in those secret underground facilities such as Area-51 and in Nevada???

The last terrorist for you to do battle with will not be other human brothers and neighbors across thy boarders.  It will be A STAGED EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASION OF GLOBAL MAGNETUDE!  This is serious, chelas, because at the same time God’s Hosts will also be present to assist God’s People.  But you are going to be shooting at the hosts on that day!  Is this an unfortunate set of circumstances, not worthy of the Prince of Lies!?


Your adversary is using “Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars”.  How can you assassinate Hillary Clinton right before your very eyes and no one see???  Where are the assassin’s bullets, like on JFK?  Where were the so-called “lone gunmen”, who are usually all set up and waiting to “take the fall”?

Today, instead of “hot lead”, the secret assassins have weapons THAT SHOOT ELECTRONS!  Microwave “Phasors” and Laser Flash guns right out of Star Trek and Star Wars, and with all the James Bond intrigue, straight from the files of Ian Fleming’s Bond “novels”, right out of British Intelligence—embellished a bit—so they wouldn’t “bump him off”!





Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 and 7, Pg. 14—Robotics.

Your top military leaders go forth to the “front”?  They basically go nowhere.  How is it that your military hierarchy is still in Washington in the war room?  They cannot get very far from Camp David is “WHY”.  Look at the evil cover-up—even calling the Camp of Evil replication, “DAVID”.

Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 and 7, Pg. 14—(Bush is now in his 30th replica.)
(Note: Also appears on Pg. 92-93 of “Shrouds of the Seventh Seal” (Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas)

Even a Robotoid, who comes within the lighted places of God Truth, shall be given soul by that Grace abounding.  An awakened humanity can SEE the robotic replicas as produced by satanic instruction.

Robotoids and genetic doubles, I REPEAT, have been around and steadily being perfected for four decades of public use right before your eyes.  They are a product of the Soviet Zionists and have been your puppet masters for a long, long time—a new twist of sick humors perhaps—“the puppet pulling the human’s strings!”

Phoenix Journal—The Sacred Universe, Pg. 192—(Robotics)

When I get opportunity to remind you about Russian Robotoids, you will perhaps stop calling us kooks and “your enemies”.  We outlined, in the 1970’s, the entire picture and availability of Russian Robotoids and Duplicates.  [Ah ha, you caught me!  Yes, we had some receivers as far back as that and one of the best, which I shall still leave unnamed a bit longer—was killed for his efforts.  Keep the Christed light around yourself, your vehicles, and your dwelling place.  Ask for God’s assistance until it becomes automatic.  This is thine only protection against the terrible weapons the adversary is going to use against His people.  However, you must ask for the lighted shield.]  If your leaders are of Russian control, dear hearts—you will come under the control of Russia, no more and no less—and, you already have placed in your councils—controlled substitutes.  These ones are further programmed by pulsed beams and will function according to the overall Global Plan 2000.  [I ask that someone in the group send R.S. copies of the tapes of our meeting… for I believe it was at that session I discussed Yeltsin/Gorbachev.  One reason that there is so much confusion in the Soviet Union this day is because Gorbachev is a many times replaced Robotoid and Yeltsin is NOT.  This infuriates the Khazar Elite and they will destroy the world along with Russia if that is what is required to gain control.  I shall not go into this further for it is like a death contract on my people.  I would hope that you ones can figure some manner in which we can make available some of our sessions such as the ones when “visitors” are in our midst.  I am vastly increasing output, as you can see. Valerie, please handle the problem of such quantities of material, for The WORD must go out.  Jonur and I plan to continue as fast as we can pour it out upon you.]

Phoenix Journal—BLOOD AND ASHES, Pg. 83 (Genetic Replicas of Humans)

In the late part of the 1970’s the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public.  The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed.  It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers.  [“Blade Runner”, the movie starring Harrison Ford, is important—especially the “director’s cut”.]  They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before your eyes.  You didn’t even blink at them—no sir, you just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

When first revealed to you they were referred to as “Synthetics” and in honor of the daring Truth-Bringers we shall continue to label them as such.  I request that herein you not ask me for details of the Replicas for they are not the point of my story and they will be covered at a more appropriate writing—just know that they DO exist and currently they are used continually to cover the shadow/parallel governments of your nations.  Suffice it here to simply state that they do exist and were utilized in the April Space Shuttle launch.  One reason the preparation time of early astronauts was so lengthy for public consumption was to facilitate perfecting duplication of all segments, including the astronauts.  Actually, the duplicates need not be perfect for plans are well laid in case of discovery an alteration can be instantly orchestrated if necessary.  People cannot describe a suspect if at the scene of a murder, on oath—you certainly are not paying attention to anything that would cause you to suspect illusion if it remotely resembles the real thing.

“Little Gray Aliens” in underground secret bases?  Oh, my friends, you have no conceivable idea what wondrous secrets are in your underground secret bases.  Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called “Synthetics” of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands [White Sands is a military base in New Mexico, USA, where secret space missions are launched.  All of your “Space Shuttle Missions” were a complete farce, and were really only secretly used to start a war with Russia.  There were many duplicate shuttles sacrificed in this Khazar World War III dooms day scenario.  The public was shown only those ones with labels Discovery, Challenger, Endeavor, but, even the so-called training shuttle “Enterprise”—a fully functional craft, with secret flight capabilities, not told to you-the-people—was being used by the Zionist-controlled military to begin Nuclear War I!]  They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training shuttle “Enterprise” which was mounted on top of the launched 747.  After rocket fuel was loaded for the shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic.  The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles.  [Anyone who has lived in the Edwards Air Force Base/Tehachapi area, and even Los Angeles, has heard the characteristic “double sonic boom” of space shuttles coming in from the Pacific to Southern California.  Well, you don’t have to be coming from near-Earth orbit to get that double sonic boom, chelas!  The Enterprise carried EXTRA FUEL TANKS in the cargo bay, so as to be able to fire the shuttles own engines, and reach supersonic speeds out over the Pacific, and MIMIC A RE-ENTRY FROM SPACE!  Just enough for the waiting cameras and spectators in the Mojave Desert!  None would be the wiser, that your very first shuttle flight was a secret military mission against Soviet Russia!  Ah, but Russia listened to Tesla, and was able to use “UFO’s”—Cosmospheres from Russia—to kill the astronauts, and disable the first shuttle flight, using Neutron Particle Beam Radiation—INVISIBLE “PHASERS”!  The shuttle “Columbia” was essentially shot down over Russian territory, and both sides covered up the truth from the citizenry of the world.  Even the two astronauts, Young and Crippen, were “replaced”, after the originals were killed over Russian air space.]  Then it turned back east toward the California coast.  On television you were told that the non-existent Columbia was re-entering from orbit.

Phoenix Journal—BURNT OFFERINGS AND BLOODSTAINED SANDS, Pg. 212 (Humanoid Robotoids/RNA, DNA Doubles (Genetic)

I have already written sufficiently, most recently, regarding how the doubles are created from holographic projection and DNA cellular reproduction.

I will, however, tell you when the Bolsheviks [“Soviet” Jews—KHAZAR ZIONISTS pretending to be Hebrew Judaists—who are NOT Russians!  Russia is a CHRISTIAN NATION LIKE YOU! “Jews” are ANTI-CHRIST-ION, remember??!!] use of these “doubles” became mandatory and proliferation blossomed.  Now, in addition, you always desire speaking of the “little gray aliens”—OK, get ready, for this is wherefrom came the technology for reproduction of the Robotoids.  It is NOT like the projections the UFO “crowd” pronounces, nor are the secret Majestic 12 uncoverings truthful (the documents are total fabrication).

When I tell you that the problem of “little gray aliens” on your place is not coming this day from the cosmos—believe it.  It is the evil on your own placement—now locked into your Earth density, which is your problem.  Your immediate perpetrators and expressionists are the Zionists in dispersement throughout the governments and financial communities along with, of course, the scientific.  The “Jews”—Zionist affiliated Khazar FALSE JEWS—are the ones who are your Anti-Christ/Anti-God, and they control the secrets of humanity.  And just as the Christ tried to warn you, they are your sworn enemy of God-ness, or “Goodness”!  When you break the laws of God, the punishment is your freedom to travel the cosmos is restricted BY GOD HIMSELF!  Evil shall not be allowed to have free reign over the vastness of The Creation.  If you break the Godly Cosmic Laws, the punishment is most severe!

Let us return to your connections with Pleiades for it is equally important that you come into truth about your relationship with those particular cosmic brothers—for they hold your ticket off your planet.  HOWEVER, only those who act in truth and within the Cosmic Laws shall be welcomed aboard for placement in the balanced places of their kingdoms.  You ones of Earth had best understand the truth of this changing time, and your alternatives.


We are continually questioned regarding the physical aspects of craft.  It is reaching the time where you ones are given visual understanding of that which has been prepared for you as was promised.  There is such distance between your cosmic brother’s progress and that of yours in even small detail—even unto the matter of the “glass” installed for viewing and light within our craft.  The glass itself is made of metal—impervious and unbreakable.

Further, the screens are coated with material which gives instant identification to outside atmospheric components and makeup of the atmosphere itself.  For instance, the outer side is coated and colors itself according to the atmosphere outside the craft by color spectrum changes.  The outside of the “windows” will appear to be one color, for instance—orange—and inside they are a yellow-green.

Within an atmosphere suited for us and you, the material is the color orange and casts the yellow-green light inside the craft and registers instantly on instrumentation to infinite spectrum deviations.
When the outside color becomes, for example, green, blue, red or yellow then the light inside changes instantly as well.  Without further analysis, the crew is informed whether or not there is need for protective dress and other special needs for travel or visitation outside the craft.  This is what we refer to as a “fail-safe” measuring instrumentation and in this manner of determining the atmosphere it is impossible to err in judging needs for the life forms involved.

Everything regarding contact with the outside atmosphere is controlled through automatic indicators.  For instance, the automatics give complete outlay of necessary caution and dress.  Then, and only then, after completion of necessary sequence—again determined by scanners (i.e. unless a crew member is properly dressed in protective gear—the automatic exit and intake systems will remain locked).  Assuming that the scanners approve, and then the conduit systems open and only then, after the locking of the conduit doors, do the outside hatches open or unlock.  The costume itself has sensors woven within the fabric of the gear in order to disallow error.

If ones wish to disembark in unsuitable atmosphere, then this is only possible with the use of protective dress suitable for the atmosphere in point along with breathing apparatus, heat-shielding, and cold-shielding, etc.

As the craft reaches the stratosphere of a given “world”, where the atmosphere vanishes, then the outside of the onboard screens and “windows” become totally transparent and differ visually hardly from your own clear glass windows.  The screens also automatically shield out all radiations, resulting in no danger from this source of hazard unto the crew.
For purposes of observation, we have our control mechanisms which allow us much better observation than looking out through the onboard windows, because the pictures will likely be unclear, especially during the time the screens may be colored by atmospheric conditions.  We have very sophisticated dimensional view scanners constantly projecting on surrounding screens—any portion of which can be broken down into microscopic visibility.


We are continually amused by the pictures projected by your so-called space vehicles with your crews all floating around like bobbing corks.  Much of what shows, you must understand, is for your visual benefit to mislead you and those particular pictures are taken, usually, within the vacuum training systems.  Our craft are pressurized, etc., to allow for same stability anywhere we are, just as would be present in our home environment.  I fear many, many tricks are played on your senses to delude you to truth of even that which is available on your placement.

We have given great detail regarding the outlay of a typical Mother Ship which houses people for a large period of time as in a city.  We have well prepared fully self-contained living facilities which have gardens, fields, parks, living quarters, food preparation centers, etc.  All needs are provided for from survival needs to schools and thus and so.


The contacts are meticulously trained and groomed, and the information monitored constantly and accurately.  We respond to personal queries and exchange much personal conversation, but we are most careful to not allow misperceptions to go forth in documented format for our thrust is for accuracy and truth—while maintaining security, privacy and respect.  This requires special training and a long working relationship with a receiver so that our intent can be relayed as nearly in meaning as your language translation allows.

All personal and other matters of inquiry, if utilized, are so stated for much knowledge is learned through the questions of your brothers and insight into the training sessions.  As the receivers grow in knowledge it is often that their own questions become a better gauge of the level of input of information for which the masses are ready to receive.  For instance, Jonur holds all this knowledge, for anything passing through his data system is contained.  However, he is not allowed access to that information except as you are basically receiving it.  If he is better informed, it is because he has been exposed to thousands of hours of audio and written input.  In other words, even if he chooses to not read the documents after the writing, he still has the data stored.  We do not allow him access to any information which would represent “fortune telling” information dangerous to his security, and/or anything prior to occurrence in physical projection regarding governmental or military substance—this, obviously, is for security.  He bears no information and, therefore, there is no point in trying to get it from him.  This is well understood by technicians in your government and military placements.  He is simply a scribe of that which we give.  That does not mean that he does not have the overall picture nor fails to see that which will be.  Some of you call it prophecy—it is simply “knowledge”.  Once you understand the mechanism of your passage and experience you all will come to understand that which is projected herein regarding “prophecy”.  He can in no way be considered either a prophet or a psychic.  He receives directly and, therefore, you MAY consider the author of the speeches, i.e. me, a prophet if you choose.

There are safety measures built into our system of communications, whereby, should he be utilized as hostage or blackmail against me or our brotherhood—our scanners would automatically be shut down in that I could not give forth security information at any rate.  This becomes an obvious necessity.  Now, there is other that you all should now be made aware.  In these latter days of the cycle of transition God WILL bring forth truth upon your place—period!  It is known by all energies involved in the confrontation and, therefore, there are ones, places and things which are a no-no with which to tamper, and offenders are not handled with great generosity, or gentleness.  It has been a while in reaching such “understanding” but we draw ever closer to perfection in the shielding.


“In 1962, President John F. Kennedy ordered what became known as ‘The Report from Iron Mountain’.  He was interested in finding out if there is anything other than war that could stimulate the economy to the extent that war could.”
“We’ve always had a war to stimulate the economy—always had one.  In recent years we had Vietnam and Saddam Hussein—which was all manufactured.  I flew for an airline—we used to take the troops, American troops in there—Green Berets—to train Saddam for the two or three years before that war.”

“They created the crisis.  So, the Report from Iron Mountain said, really there was nothing that could stimulate the economy as well as war.  And they had considered medical research, and space research.  They said there was one thing that would stimulate, and that was a threat from an extraterrestrial species, real or imagined…
----John Lear
CIA SR-7 1 Pilot and World Class Aviator


1.  The existence of an accepted external menace is essential to social cohesiveness as well as to the acceptance of political authority.
The menace must be believable, it must be of a magnitude consistent with the society threatened, and it must appear to affect the entire society…

2.  It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer “the last best hope of peace”, by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by “creatures” from other planets or from outer space…

3.  However, unlikely some of the possible alternate enemies we have mentioned may seem, we must emphasize that one MUST be found of credible quality and magnitude, if a transition to peace is ever to come about without social disintegration.

It is more probable, in our judgement, that such a threat will have to be invented, rather than developed from unknown conditions.
--- 30 Sept. 1966
Civil War coming to America?

By Paul Joseph Watson
Arms build-up continues as Congress demands answers.

While the Department of Homeland Security (A SOVIET KGB OCCUPYING ARMY!) continues to ignore members of Congress demanding to know why the federal agency (the Department of Homeland Security IS NOT of your Federal government—IT IS A SO-CALLED “COMMUNIST” POLICE FORCE OPERATING WITHIN THE BOARDERS OF YOUR NATION!) is engaged in an apparent arms build-up.  The DHS has just announced it plans to purchase another 360,000 rounds of hallow point ammunition to add to the roughly 2 billion bullets already bought over the past year.  The DHS has now purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo.

A solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities website detail the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) plan to purchase 360,000 rounds of “Commercial leaded training ammo (CLTA) Pistol .40 caliber 165 grain, jacketed hollow point.”  The bullets are to be delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, the same destination for 240,000 hollow point rounds which were purchased only last month.

Although the DHS has attempted to explain its mammoth purchase of ammunition by claiming the bullets are being acquired in bulk to save money and that they are for training purposes only.  This has been disputed by reputable voices such as former Marine Richard Mason, who told reporters with WHP-TV News in Pennsylvania earlier this month, “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a hail years in the Marine Corps.”

Hollow point bullets are almost twice as expensive as full metal jackets; therefore, the DHS’ (Department of Homeland Security) explanation that it is buying huge quantities in bulk to “save money” doesn’t make sense.

As we reported yesterday, concerns about the apparent arms build-up are growing, with retired United States Army Captain Jerry M.  Hestilow sending a letter to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) warning that the ammo purchases represent “a bold threat of war by that agency (DHS), and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America.”

Questions from members of Congress about why the federal agency is buying up ammo, exacerbating shortages across the country, have been met with silence.

Kansas Congressman Timothy Huelscamp said last week that threats should be made to withdraw funding from the DHS if it didn’t explain why it was purchasing so many bullets, remarking, “They have no answer for that question.  They refuse to answer that.”

Earlier, New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance said, “Congress has a responsibility to ask Secretary Napolitano as to exactly why these purchases have occurred,” signaling his intention to get answers.

California Congressman Doug LaMalfa and 14 of his House colleagues have written a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, asking if the purchases are “being conducted in a manner that strategically denies the American people access to ammunition.”

Although members of Congress are treating the matter with the seriousness it deserves.  The mainstream and leftist media have attempted to ridicule the entire issue as a conspiracy theory, with Atlantic Wire even suggesting that the story had its origins in a debunked email, a report that completely failed to even mention the admitted fact that the DHS had purchased around 2 billion bullets.

Any time you have these seeming attacks against Cops or civilians, you must understand that the bomber, or shooter, is NOT THE ASSASSIN!  Always, you will have the “Lee Harvey Oswald “Patsy” to cover the real, trained military and “mafia” assassins.  Let us look, once again, into your government—UNDER ZIONIST KHAZAR OCCUPATION—and your CIA mind control programs.  Oh, I jest about such “X-files” things in your Pentagon, and NASA “space” circles?  You can look up the Central Intelligence Agency’s C.I.A. STAR GATE JEDI KNIGHT WARRIOR PROGRAM.  This was a federally funded program that spent millions of tax dollars, before going underground.

Let us gather some Earth sourced information, regarding the evil and satanic use of mind control, and the rule of your nation by Luciferian “OVER LORDS”, if you will, who desire to first enslave and then destroy the human species.  Did you really expect anything less from the enemy of God?


By Jack Heart and Orage, 28 January 2016
Biological and chemical weapon agents developed in university and military laboratories, and were tested on unwitting civilian populations and armed forces personnel in the USA, the UK and elsewhere with no concern for their toxic effects.

Mad Scientists

Edgewood Arsenal, part of Aberdeen Proving Ground, is one of the most secret military bases in America and has been for a very long time.  The high and foreboding fence stretching around its approximately 13,000 acres (5,260 hectares) attests to that, right from the first impression.  Located in a secluded area on Chesapeake Bay, 20 miles (32 kilometers) out of Baltimore and about 70 miles (112 km) from Fort Detrick, it’s the playground of the US Army Chemical Corps.

All through the late 1940’s and into the 1950’s, Edgewood through operation Paperclip [Hatonn: The super-secret transfer of captured NAZI Germany scientists during what you THOUGHT was the close of World War II.  As a matter of fact, your entire CIA and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency is a German NAZI “spy transplant”, from Germany to America!  These Soviet, German, and even Chinese “UFOs” have aligned themselves with the Luciferian New World Order “conspiracy”!] , was the destination for an eclectic assortment of the Reich’s most malevolent mad scientists.  Much of the human experimentation for MK Ultra was taking place there under the orchestration of Dr. Ray Treichler, assistant to the director of Edgewood’s Medical Research Laboratories and an employee of the CIA’s Technical Services Staff (TSS).  Harold Abramson, MD, the allergist who is on record as being Olson’s “therapist” in New York City and, as it would turn out, flight instructor, was working out of Edgewood.

The late Philip Coppens, renowned researcher of Ancient Aliens Fame, claimed that Ira Einhorn—finally convicted and imprisoned for life in 2002 for Holly Maddux’s murder—stated that Puharich, his one-time mentor and benefactor was Gottlieb’s go-to guy on hallucinogenics and involved up to his neck in Olson’s terminal pre-dawn flying session.

Not even the joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, charged during Paperclip and Project 63 with bringing National Socialist scientists to America at all costs, could get Dr. Kurt Blome in.  Hollywood could not have invented a better Nazi evil genius.
Blome actually bragged to Alsos agents about how he had intended to let the Soviets have it with the bubonic plague under a 1943 directive from Heinrich Himmler that planned to ignore Adolf Hitler’s moratorium on biological and chemical weapons in the Third Reich.  The Soviets overrunning Blome’s lab before he could get it going was the only thing that stopped him.

It was a matter of public record and still is that Blome directed all manner of atrocities against the Poles while experimenting with biological warfare behind Hitler’s back on the Eastern Front.  Blome’s method of treating Poles capacitated by tuberculosis was to kill them.  At times, he had even used the plague to “euthanize” those who were too sick to work in the camps.

Yet, Blome was acquitted of all charges at his 1947 Nuremberg trial, and two months later four representatives from Camp Detrick and the CIA’s biological warfare program showed up in Germany to interview him.  What he told them about biological warfare no doubt made them swoon, but because of the statements he’d made to Alsos he was judged as “inadmissible for immigration” to America.  Instead, after all legal wrangling failed Blome was put to work in 1951 for the US Army Chemical Corps as the lead doctor at Camp King near Frankfurt, Germany.

To this very day, the CIA routinely gives the “Glomar response” to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for documentation about what Blome told the agents from Camp Detrick and exactly what he was overseeing for the Army Chemical Corps at Camp King.  The term “Glomar response” was coined in 1976 when, after lengthy legal battles, the US District Court of Appeals upheld the CIA’s right to answer journalist Harriet Philippi’s FOIA request for information about the research ship Glomar Explorer by simply saying that “it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the requested documents.”  The CIA now makes standard use of this sentence to legally brush off FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests with which it doesn’t want to comply, without invoking Exemption 3, Section 102 (d) (3) of the National Security Act.  [Hatonn: Keep in mind, that ANY LAW, not specifically naming the NSA or National Security Agency, that does not name the NSA in its written language—DOES NOT APPLY TO THE NSA!  How convenient!]

It’s known from an 18 April 1944 entry in the diary of the executed Wolfram Sievers, Reichsgeschaeftsfuehrer or managing director of the Ahnenerbe that Blome was carrying out experiments in neutron radiation.  A 26 April 1944 entry shows that Blome was also contemplating human experimentation with bacterial pathogens, although it doesn’t say which pathogens; nor does it give any details as to exactly what Blome was doing with the neutron radiation.

However, it is known that during his interview with the agents from Camp Detrick, Blome recommended the use of Serratia Marcescens—an Enterobacteriaceae, as is Yersina Pestis, the bacterial pathogen that causes the bubonic plague, a perennial favorite in Blome’s toy chest.

In September 1950, a US Navy minesweeper drifted silently a couple miles off the coast of San Francisco for six days.  It sprayed clouds of Serratia Marcescens into the city’s fabled fog; both mingled together and rolled inland to saturate its unsuspecting residents.  Dubbed Operation Sea-Spray by the navy and labelled a “vulnerability test”, this first recorded excursion into madness by America’s armed forces is little known to this day.  A week later, 11 patients were being treated in the then Stanford University Hospital for severe urinary tract infections resistant to all known antibiotics.


Since about your mid 70’s there have been well over 10,000 reported incidents and most of them were in the Western United States.  This is because in the West there are wide ranges where cattle are not so closely guarded.  For instance, any disturbance in a dairy herd being milked and tended daily makes it not very propitious to utilize the bovine (cow) research.  Most “mutilations” and bloodletting within dairy herds are related to satanic rituals and strictly for the “fear” element.  Further, in almost all cases of utilization of bovine incubators, the animals which are sacrificed are picked up and dumped in various locations away from the site of research so that there will be no clues to track.  Most evidence is never found because much terrain is inaccessible except by helicopter.  Some of the cattle are taken into bases and then flown to various locations where they are sure to be found!  Unless you can terrify the people you cannot control them.

There are several very large research bases but the ones doing the most research in the United States on replication and genetic mutations (Where else did you think these blood-sucking creatures/ALIENS would come from??  Of course, your Father/Creator would not give you a snake/serpent, if you asked for a fish sandwich!) , and bovine incubations are in New Mexico and Nevada.  There is a lot of research done in some of the bases where beam studies are being performed for pulse systems (And keep in mind—THE NICOLA TESLA EXPERIMENTS—100 YEARS AGO—IS THE LONG-RANGE WEAPONS SYSTEM OF TODAY, AND THE FUTURE!) and the lasers, as well as death rays are experimented on the animal models.  This is one major way to KNOW that the studies are of human origin—advanced travelers are far advanced of such primitive methods of experimentation.  A lot of evidence will be found in areas within Colorado and higher ranching lands of Utah.  But then, you know that one of the “Beasts” (incomprehensible computer center) is in Colorado and there is a large base within the Vimta Range of Utah.  There are others but these are major research centers—totally human with, now, a few replicas of aliens.  The reason for this is that you stupidly killed off or incarcerated the very hands and minds that served you.

You were not given the research information which would allow you interstellar transference, and therefore you were stuck with atomic thrust systems which can be deadly and not at all efficient.  Any information host with achievement at the level of interstellar travel can also control all sensory functions and therefore torture to obtain information is a rather wasted commodity.  But as the primitives were incapable of understanding beyond that which they practiced—so too, were the original contacts unable to do anything other than that which they were trained to do—torture and mutilate to obtain information and it simply does not work.  Therefore the would-be controllers of Earth place were only allowing sufficient information unto the Earth bound practitioners to suit their needs at any given time.

This is where I take great exception to the conclusions drawn by the so-called UFO researchers who conclude that somehow your government is helpless at the hands of these so-called alien beings—“held hostage” is Cooper’s (Bill) statement—in the assumption that your government and other governments are somehow the innocent dupes.  No, they are the perpetrators and at their hands thousands of alien “guests” have been mutilated and destroyed.

As time has passed in these last decades since before the midpoint of your century, many contacts were established and meetings set up at which time we offered assistance to counter that which was coming down on the planet.  What happened was that immediately the research flew into high gear and leaders that would responsibly meet with us, were replaced, killed or silenced in some manner.  Ones such as Byrd and Forrestal (Look up Admiral Byrd, and his naval battle over the Antarctic skies, WITH NAZI UFOs—when you THOUGHT Hitler shot himself!  World War II did not happen—or start—like you have been told!  And Forrestal was “suicided”, because he tried to tell you-the-people the truth about UFOs and your secret government.) were simply exterminated.  We had prearranged encounters and often the aliens were simply exterminated.  We had prearranged encounters and often the aliens were taken into custody and the ships confiscated—so, we got a little brighter, also, and began to send ones of higher etheric capability, such as myself, Korton, Soltec, etc., to make rendezvous.  We simply dissolve when “captured”—it makes it more interesting!  But many traveling with us have no capability to transport easily and once in manifested format are vulnerable just as is the human.  The ships become very vulnerable and we simply learned not to land and stall out the ships so that they can be encapsulated in a plasmic energy shield that cannot be penetrated by your crude means.


This will be of great interest to my scribe and those who were present in October, 1987, when we told you we were neutralizing a missile at Vandenberg AFB, California.  Most of your readers will recall it for it was a big splash of color and all sorts of stupid stories.  We were visible for well over half an hour and the final story was that there had been a successful launch of the Atlas missile, etc.  The facts were that we contacted the base, told them if they attempted to launch the missile we would destroy its capability of launch, for it had a beam weapon/hydrogen payload which we are allowed to stop at 150 miles from your surface or on the pad if intended for orbital range.  There were a total of six missiles to be launched within days of one another.  We allowed the first two to come into almost orbiting range and we neutralized the payload.  The third was a tracking device which was untouched but the game got worse and the payloads more and more deadly to the point of capability of “prana” (scalar) pulses, which can literally pulverize a planet if a chain reaction is created—no Earth team has capability of stopping that reaction once under way.  This is Tesla’s technology, and we will speak of him shortly.  Keep in mind, not only is Nicola Tesla’s “Star Wars” inventions more than 100 YEARS OLD—BUT IT IS ALSO ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY—USING SPIRITUAL ENERGY—YOU ONES ARE MERELY RE-DISCOVERING!  What WAS the Ark of the Covenant?  It could lay waste to entire armies, and even regions!  How DID those Walls of Jericho come tumbling down from Joshua’s march?!  And, chelas (students), “WHO” in heaven’s sake kept Pharaoh’s chariot army back, AND PARTED THE RED SEA, so that the people could escape their enemies??!!  And, Babedh-Dhra, the twin sister city of Numerah (better known as Sodom and Gomorrah) being destroyed by“Fire and Brimstone” raining from the sky???  What of Lot’s wife turning to look at the “blast”, and herself perishing for not listening to the warning not to look at it?  Sounds a lot like NUCLEAR WEAPONS, dear ones—AND THIS IS IN ANCIENT BIBLICAL TIMES, AND BEFORE!!  What of this “secret world” (Remember, everybody wants to be in the Secret Mystery School.  Well, hate to be the one to break the news to you—you’re in one!) , which can literally pulverize a planet if a chain reaction is created—and no Earth team has capability of stopping that reaction once under way!
So, on October 28, 1987, the launch of the next missile was planned—we were in constant contact with Vandenberg Base and warned them to not launch the missile.  They finally agreed to disarm it.  They idiotically played with it and when we told them we knew it was not disarmed—they agreed and said they would send up a test rocket instead.  So they took the standby missile—equally armed, and substituted it on the pad.  We warned them again that we knew it was armed, and the young man on the communications console was beside himself when the commanding officer said to launch anyway, that they “…would blow your asses out of the sky”.  So, they attempted launch and we simply fired a pulse beam which blew out the computer guidance system, and neutralized the payload weaponry.  The beam was visible for any to witness—which they later claimed was the launch trajectory stream.  Then we simply manifested the craft in full view of ones in several western states, finally, turning on the blue dome lights for some half hour.  During this time there was constant communications with the desk at the base warning them to shut down.  For that we got a heat-seeking missile fired at us—this being the most amusing of all.  We simply played with it for a while, and then blew it away.


As we proceed with this next chapter, I want to go over some very current events.  Thank you “T” for the muse you seem to provide my scribe, “Jonur” (The people of Asia gave him that label, meaning “Jo” from Joseph and “Nur”, meaning “New bringer of life’s truths”.)  It matters not from whence the inspiration (“In spirit”) comes that is important.  It is the desire in doing God Aton’s works that is ALLIMPORTANT.  Salu!
“Crash” course (pun intended!), or as we like to say…


“What luck for the rulers that men do not think.”
- Adolf Hitler
“I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
- Harriet Tubman
As we move along and to make things clear, we shall discuss the referred to “PROJECT Z” I mentioned in the previous chapter.  It is the new Bolshevik three-phase strategy for NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  However, since it didn’t come off on schedule I feel we will not be misleading if we stick with references to the area of the Antarctic.  The most skeletons to arise from the dead to getcha are all parading around “under” and “within” the Southern Hemisphere and that, after all, was the subject of this Journal.  I do have trouble keeping to one subject for all facets are so intertwined.

The plan in 1982 was that of an elite group of American Bolshevik military planners by which the U.S. would strike the first nuclear blow, followed by all-out thermonuclear war with Russia.

After having set off the holocaust, the Bolsheviks in the U.S. and in certain other countries planned to ride it out safely in comfortable war bunkers already in place and well stocked with luxuries.  Finally, after NUCLEAR WAR ONE fizzled out in stalemates, they planned to leave behind the ashes of the U.S. and her allies.  Activating Phase #3 of their grand strategy, they planned to unveil their secret weapons, especially their secret naval fleets.  With these they planned to conquer and rule what would be left of the world.  The United States as you know it would be long dead and gone; but in the eyes of the Bolsheviks themselves this outcome would constitute victory for many reasons.

Up to Aril of 1982 the nuclear war timetable was still on track.  They were still shooting for nuclear war to begin by September of that year.  Actually this continued right to the date set for September 17, 1982.

What saved you is that the Bolsheviks were running as fast as they could toward war; but the Bolsheviks are not the only runners in the race.  They have two deadly enemies, both of whom are equally determined to trip up the Bolsheviks.  One enemy of the Bolsheviks in the U.S. is the Rockefeller cartel; the other enemy is the new anti-Bolsheviks ruling class in Russia.  And now these two mutual enemies of the Bolsheviks are pooling their efforts in certain ways.

The new anti-Bolshevik coalition is now much more firmly established, but in 1982 it was still quite new and was working between the Rockefeller cartel and the Russians.  The January 26, 1982 meeting between Haig and Gromyko in Geneva, Switzerland, was a turning point in the formation of this coalition.  It is now a reality, and is responsible for the so-called “Falkland crisis” which dominated the headlines in April and May of that year.  It should be emphasized that the new relationship between the Rockefeller cartel and Russia fell far short of a true alliance, at least at that time.  They have very major disputes to be settled between them, but they called a truce between themselves to deal with the mutual deadly enemy—the Bolsheviks in America.

The first priority of the Russians and the Rockefellers is to slow down the Bolshevik preparations for imminent nuclear war.  If they could do that, time would be on the side of the Rockefeller cartel in certain political movements.  A slow-down in the nuclear war timetable will also give more breathing space for additional anti-Bolshevik actions to be implemented.

The joint Rockefeller-Russian planners decided by mid-February of 1982 that military action against the Bolsheviks was essential very quickly.  No other type of action had any hope of taking effect fast enough to prevent nuclear war by the end of the summer!

The exact details of the “PROJECT Z” (The “Z” stands for the “Last Project” the Jews need to pull-off to take the world, and destroy Christianity—once and for all!  A First-Strike nuclear attack against Christian Russia—AND OF COURSE YOUR NATION WOULD BE DESTROYED IN THE RETALIATORY STRIKE.  The Jews, who started the war in the first place, think they can ride it out in nice little underground facilities, while you Christians and Godly people perish in a MAN-MADE “Armageddon”, exactly as scripted for you to follow.  After the “holocaust” the elite hope to return to the surface, not too long after, and take over the planet.  The Illuminati goal (and I speak not of your false movie star “Illuminati” “In Crowd”—this is Jewish Khazarian control under Adam Weishaupt and Lord Rothschild!  Look it up!) is to kill 6.5 Billion people in these, so-called “last days”.  ONLY 500 MILLION are to be “saved”.  This is what the cosmic fuss is all about.  ARE YOU GOING TO DESTROY, YET, ANOTHER PLANET? The good news is we can get all of our people off the orb and into safety.  How many others however, will be shooting at us and run in fear.  There will be two in the field, and one will be left.”  Your Holy Bible told you that Christ went to prepare a place for you.  My Father’s Kingdom has many mansions.” You think God/Aton created only this one pretty emerald-blue planet?  There are MANY, and your enemy plans to keep that a secret and cause great fear on the day “God shows up”!  This is WHY we do this, so you can know what is happening around you, and perhaps do something about it.) , war plans were not known to either the Rockefellers or the Russians, but the general outlines were known to be pretty well outlined and set-up.

It was decided that military action should be devised that would undermine Phase #3 of the Bolshevik war plan—that is, the Bolshevik-controlled secret naval installations and fleets in the Southern Hemisphere should be attacked and crippled.  By working together, the Rockefeller cartel and the Russians were able to devise an attack plan which neither could have carried out alone.  The Rockefeller group, who built and originally controlled these bases, provided detailed intelligence about the best way to attack them.  The Russians with their enormous military machine provided the muscle to actually carry out the attack.

It was essential to devise a scheme that would enable both secret fleets in the South Atlantic and South Pacific to be attacked.  Survival intact of either fleet would leave the Bolshevik war plan still workable.
Military analysts concluded very quickly that a direct assault on the New Zealand facilities was out of the question.  There was no combination of commandos, frogmen, or other military which could possibly keep an attack secret from the outside world.  Any attack on the New Zealand bases would set off the very war which the Rockefellers and Russians wanted to prevent.

Two major factions were struggling for control over your United States—the Rockefeller cartel and the Bolsheviks.  They differ in style but both seek to control you through fear.  If you are ever to rise above their trickery, it must be through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, your only hope.  As the recognized scriptures pronounce unto you, your Lord “….has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.”  You must learn to wage peace.  For your Lord declared long, long ago—“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.”  Peace can only be found through the knowledge of TRUTH THROUGH THE WORD!  FURTHER, IN REVELATION:  “THEN I SAW HEAVEN OPENED AND A WHITE HORSE STANDING THERE; AND THE ONE SITTING ON THE HORSE WAS NAMED ‘FAITHFUL AND TRUE’—THE ONE WHO JUSTLY PUNISHES AND MAKES WAR.  HIS EYES WERE LIKE FLAMES AND ON HIS HEAD WERE MANY CROWNS.  A NAME WAS WRITTEN ON HIS FOREHEAD AND ONLY HE KNEW ITS MEANING.  HE WAS CLOTHED IN GARMENTS DIPPED IN BLOOD, AND HIS TITLE WAS ‘THE WORD OF GOD’.  THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN, DRESSED IN FINEST LINEN, WHITE AND CLEAN, FOLLOWED HIM ON WHITE HORSES—(AND SILVER CLOUDS)!

Jonur, break here, please, and let us get this document off, and we will just continue with the next chapter.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency. Salu!