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8/16/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns247)


Forever!  But what about this continental drift?  Was there a Pangaea or Pan?  Yes.  The breakup seemed to have begun about 600 million years ago.  Actually there were two “super” continents:  Laurasia to the north and Gondwanaland to the south.  But your scientists simply “don’t know for sure” what happened or exactly “when”.  So be it.
The important thing to note herein is that your modern science confirms the scientific notions that were expressed in the ancient Sumerian texts.  Is it so difficult to also accept the ancient answer in this instance:  that the waters covered the face of the Earth and—on the third “day” (phase)—were “gathered into” one side of the Earth to reveal the dry land?  Was the uncovered dry land made up of isolated continents or one super continent, a Pangaea?  Although it matters not as far as the corroboration of ancient knowledge is concerned, it is interesting to note that Greek notions of Earth, although they led to a belief that Earth was disk like rather than a globe, envisioned it as a land mass with a solid foundation surrounded by waters.  This notion must have been drawn on earlier and more accurate knowledge, as most of Greek science did.  You will find that the Old Testament repeatedly referred to the “foundations” of the Earth and expressed knowledge of the earlier times regarding the shape of Earth in the following verses praising the Creator:
The Lord’s in the Earth and its entirety, the world and all that dwells therein.  For He hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters. (Psalms 24:1-2)

In addition to the term Eretz which means both planet “Earth” and “Earth ground”, the narrative in Genesis employs the term Yabasha—literally “the dried-out land mass”—when it states that the waters “were gathered together into one place” to let the Yabasha appear.  But throughout the Old Testament another term, Tebel, is frequently used to denote that part of Earth that is habitable, arable, and useful to mankind, including being a source of various ores.  The term Tebel—usually translated as either “the Earth” or “the world”—is mostly employed to indicate the part of Earth distinct from its watery portions; the “foundations” of this Tebel were in juxtaposition to the sea basins.  This was best expressed in the Song of David (2 Samuel 22:16 and Psalms 18:16):

The Lord thundered from the heavens, the Most High his sounds uttered.  He loosed his arrows, sped them far and wide; a shaft of lightning, and disconcerted them.  The channels of the seabed were revealed, the foundation of Tebel were laid bare.

With what is known today about the “foundations of the Earth”, the word Tebel clearly conveys the concept of continents whose foundations—tectonic plates—are laid in the midst of the waters.  Is it not a thrill to discover the latest geophysical theories echoed in a 3,000 year old psalm?

The Genesis narrative states clearly that the waters were “gathered together” to one side of the Earth so that the dry land could emerge, this implies the existence of a cavity into which the waters could be gathered.  Such a cavity (cup), somewhat over half the Earth’s surface, is still there, shrunken and reduced in the shape of the Pacific Ocean.

Why is the crustal evidence that can be found not older than about 4 billion years, rather than the 4-6 billion years that is the presumed age of the Earth and the Solar System?  The first Conference on the Origins of Life, held in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1967, under the sponsorship of NASA and the Smithsonian Institution, dwelt at length on that problem.  The only hypothesis the learned participants could come up with was that, at the time the oldest rock specimens that have been found were formed, Earth was subjected to a “cataclysm”.  In the discussion of the origins of Earth’s atmosphere, the consensus was that it did not result from a “continuous outgassing” through volcanic activity but was, in the words of Raymond Siever of Harvard University, the result of “a rather early and rather large outgassing episode… a great big belch of the gasses that are now characteristic of the Earth’s atmosphere and sediments.”  This “big belch” was also dated to the same time as the assumed catastrophe recorded by the rocks.  With this kind of “knowledge” it is no wonder you are in total political and educational decay.

It becomes evident that—in its specifics—the breakup of the Earth’s crust, the process of plate tectonics, the differences between the continental and the oceanic crusts, the emergence of a Pangaea from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean—the findings of modern science have simply corroborated the ancient knowledge.  They have also led your own scientists from all disciplines to conclude that the only explanation of the way in which Earth’s landmasses, oceans, and atmosphere have evolved is to assume a cataclysm occurring about four billion years ago—about half a billion years after the initial recognized formation of Earth as part of the Solar System.


Mankind has possessed the Sumerian answer for some six thousand or more years:  The Celestial Battle between Nibiru/Marduk and Tiamat.

In that Sumerian cosmogony, the members of the Solar System were depicted as celestial gods, male and female, whose creation was compared to birth, whose existence was that of living creatures.  In the Enuma elish text, Tiamat in particular was described as a female, a mother who gave birth to a host of eleven satellites, her “horde”, led by Kingu “whom she elevated”.  As Nibiru/Marduk and his horde neared her, “in fury Tiamat cried out aloud, her legs shook to their roots… against her attacker she repeatedly cast a spell.”  When the “Lord spread his net to enmesh her” and “the Evil Wind”, which followed behind, he let loose in her face.  Tiamat opened her mouth to consume it; but then other “winds” of Nibiru/Marduk “charged her belly” and “distended her body”.  Indeed, “go and cut off the life of Tiamat”, was the order given by the outer planets to the invader; he accomplished that by “cutting through her insides, splitting her heart.  Having thus subdued her, he extinguished her life.”


For a very long time this view of the planets, and especially of Tiamat, as living entities that could be born and could die has been dismissed as primitive paganism—but the exploration of the planetary system in recent decades has surely, in fact, revealed worlds of which the word “alive” has been repeatedly used.  That Earth itself is a living planet has been forcefully put forth as the Gaia Hypothesis by James E. Lovelock in the 1970’s and great honor is due this man.  It has again been reinforced by him in a new work called THE AGES OF GAIA:  A BIOGRAPHY OF OUR LIVING EARTH.  It is a hypothesis that views the Earth and the life that has evolved upon it as a single organism.  Earth is not just an inanimate globe upon which there is life.  It is a coherent if complex body that is itself alive through its mass and land surface, its oceans and atmosphere, and through the flora and fauna which it sustains and which in turn sustain Earth.  “That largest living creature on Earth”, Lovelock wrote, “is the Earth itself.”  And in that, he admitted, he was revisiting the ancient “concept of Mother Earth, or as the Greeks called her long ago, Gaia.”
But, in fact, he had gone back in Sumerian times and to their ancient knowledge of the planet that was cleaved apart!

We shall next consider Witness to Genesis.


We must speak of the Photon Belt.  It is real, alright, and the antics going on and the conspiracy of compromise, threats, attending wars and such, are under full ploy.



I personally petition for more “time” so that we can get more of our work done for we aren’t playing in the political arena—that is your bag, not ours.  We simply need to be present to get our people and finish our mission.  You have several years of confusion and turmoil ahead of you in any manner in which you can cut the pie.


All of you who call yourselves “religious”, in any manner whatsoever, should be in knowing of the expected three days of darkness—or, is it possible your “preachers” happened to miss a thing or two?
Let us look at some of the written words of prophecy.  For this little summary I thank one, Albert J. Hebert, S.M.:

“If I say, ‘surely the darkness shall hide me, and night shall be my light’—for you darkness itself is not dark, and night shines as the day.” (Ps. 139:11-12)

“He who survives those three days of darkness and horror will see himself as if alone, because the Earth will be covered with cadavers.” (St. Gaspar del Bufalo, founder of the Fathers of the Precious Blood, d. 1837.)

Father Nectou, a Jesuit provincial who was considered a saint and a prophet (d. 1777), spoke of the height of a terrible crisis, “like a little General Judgment”:

“When the moment of the last crisis has come, there will be nothing to do but to stay where God has placed us, lock ourselves indoors and pray until the wrath of Divine Justice has passed.”

From a woman saint, friend of prelates and of some persons who are now canonized saints, hear this:

“God will send two punishments:  one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on Earth.  The others will be sent from Heaven.  There shall come over the whole Earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights.  Nothing will be visible, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion.”  (Blessed Anna Maria Taigi-d.1837.)

Madaleine:  Lord, I was afraid because I thought I was going blind…”  CHRIST: “Tell them that everyone on Earth is like that—in darkness.”  (Revelations of the “Glorious Cross”, Dozule, France, January 4, 1974.)

“We began hearing people say, “Why is it getting dark at this hour?  What’s going on?”  And so, therefore, I know that this darkness that’s coming is going to be happening during the daytime when people are going to be confused at the hour in which it takes place.”

A refugee from Communism in Europe, an American scientist and seer, tells you:

“As I was prostrating myself in prayer a vista opened up in front of me.  It looked like a colossal inferno.  It was night (at least pitch dark), the ground was black, and what must have been the sky was a murkish reddish orange glow, like a fire, although I did not see any tongues of flames.  As I was looking, I saw the silhouette of two or three groups of angels hoisting upwards a few, three or four dead bodies.  Directly behind the angels the color of the red-orange was very intense.  ONLY A FEW!  Then the vision ceases.” (January 20, 1986)
“The judgement will come suddenly and be of short duration.  Then comes the triumph of the Church and the reign of brotherly love.  Happy indeed they who live to see those blessed days.”  (Father Bernard Maria Clausi, O.F.M.-d. 1849.)
“In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.  Russia will be converted, and there will be an era of peace.”  (Mary at Fatima, 1917.)

The above private revelations, prophecies and visions serve as an introduction to the subject within the framework of what is called the Great Chastisement or Great Cleansing (Purification) or “Minor Judgement” at its peak; and with the promise of an era of peace beyond it.

“We possess the prophetic message as something altogether reliable.  Keep your attention closely fixed on it, as you would on a lamp shining in a dark place until the first streaks of “dawn appear and the morning star rises in your hearts.” (2 Pet. 1:19)

God, who is Light and who dwells in unapproachable light, said on the first day of creation, “Let there be light.”  And on the last days His Son Jesus will say, “I am the Morning Star shining bright.”  It is then that we, together with the Holy Spirit, will cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus!”  And with that Jesus will lead us into the Splendor where dwells His Father and ours to rein with Him forever. (1 John 1:5.  1 Tim. 6:16.  Gen. 1:3.  Rev. 22:16.)

All this, if we but say, “Yes”.  For we can say “No”, though with what unspeakably terrible consequences!  To warn us against this most dreadful alternative, God has from time to time allowed humankind to experience what it is to be in darkness.  He did this when He turned three days and nights into one long total night in the land of Egypt (Ex. 10).  He did this when, for a similar length of time, He allowed Jonah to be buried in the black depths of the sea in the belly of the great fish (John 2).  Above all, He did this when He caused the face of the Earth to be blanketed in utter darkness during the three dreadful hours when His Son hung on the Cross (Mat. 27:45).

In these last days, God, whose love for us is unchanging and who ever wills that we be nothing but Children of Light, appears to be warning us yet once again of the dread consequences of  turning away from Him to the night of sin.

No one who reads this with an open mind and heart could doubt that this is so.  Take, then, and read!  (Archbishop George Pearce, S.M.)
*       *       *
Let him who has eyes to see—see and him who has ears to hear—hear!  Is this upcoming null-time in the Photon Belt these days of purification?  Well, it certainly will seem like it to you in the experience.  Chelas, it matters not if you are prepared—all will make the passage at any rate, be it sooner or later—ALL!  I suggest you all stop throwing stones at bringers of Truth and get with the program!  If you read something “twice” as you must to have personal knowledge of any duplication—then you must surely understand the value of the information—or do you?  Why do you study such works and words?  Be it for Truth or the game of “catcha” and “discountcha”?  What are YOU trying to prove?  Why?  “You are either for Me or against Me, sayeth the Lord”!!  Amen.  Seems to me that you have blundered around in total darkness for some generations now—is it not about time to walk again within the LIGHT? Ponder it.


I ask that, as we continue in discussions regarding days of darkness and days of “Light”, and then thousands of years of Light—that you refrain from predisposition to “outguess” me or to “outrun” me and jump into conclusions that have been erroneous from onset.  What we are speaking about is the evolvement of a planet and those which inhabit same.  Stop your wigging and wagging and let us look at what lies ahead. 


Many writers, always of “religious” origins, tell you horrid tales and, “Well, after all—it is good for us.”  But the terminology and prospects speak for themselves as does “It’s for your own good!”  It smacks of the old lie which says, “… it hurts me more than you,” then whack, whack, whack.

If your trust and actions are Godly then your assurance is that He will send ones (US) to make sure His people are safe.  That portion is UP TO YOU IF YOU ARE TO BE INCLUDED IN SUCH “LIFT OFF”.  So in that context then we must look unto those changes which come simply from the changes necessary as Earth orbits through its great cycles and encounters those regularly occurring impacts of a cosmic cycling.  Then the third scenario to consider is that which will come but can be impacted either by Creator or Earth beings through actions—or inactions.

Certainly, in presenting this information, our intent is not to scare the living daylights out of anyone so that you can’t come out of terror long enough to LEARN but, rather, remain in your ignorance from sheer panic and fear.  If you get into total respect and reverence for God (fear the Lord—respect God), the attention turns unto that which, when accepted, brings a right will, a good life, and total confidence in God and true peace of mind and heart—regardless of circumstances.  We must balance the prospect of coming fearsome, even apocalyptic-like events with the reassurances from God Himself, from your own traditional scriptures and otherwise prophetical projections of His care and protection for those of His children who remain faithful to Him.  Under the shadow of His wings you can rejoice and not only feel but be absolutely secure.  In this security we can proceed about our own missions without total distraction.

Worry or anxiety and restless striving to figure out or anticipate future events, especially their exact “timing”, must be outgrown.  As you have been told and the “Lord” said to Julka:  “None of My creatures will fathom My thoughts and plans! None of the people on Earth will know the day and the hour of the punishment or the cleansing.  It will come suddenly!”  What is spoken of herein?  He is speaking of the final great circumstance cycle which is recognized as the “Chastisement”.  I personally deplore the word for it assumes meaning which is not exactly “on target”.  It simply means that the evil of the world shall be cleansed and the creations will be sorted and shifted.  It certainly is, however, THE time to get with the program and get that pathway straightened out and get on the journey up the right roadway for it is in this presentation of final knowledge have we been sent.  We are come to collect Creator’s beings—to bring in the flock, if you will, which belongs to the Lighted Source.  Those of Earthians who choose other direction are absolutely welcome to do so and will have no coercion from our Hosts.  It seems a very good time indeed to renew or reinforce that “friendship” bond with Creator.  Does worry and turmoil help?  Not that I note—as you will note this has been “imminent” to the point that many of the worst “worriers” are already departed from your place so their fears and worries were needless and changed nothing.  There is written, “Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof!”  When tomorrow comes God will give His graces then, but not for tomorrow—today!  If you are awake and KNOWING of the sequence of journey—then there is nothing to concern about—the journey continues and much for the better if you are in KNOWING of progression and have functioned in the physical plane as if—in goodness instead of evil practice.


“A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world.”

“The human race will have to go through a great storm that will sharpen divisions among men and reduce their plans to ashes.”

“There will be a great prodigy which will fill the world with awe.”

“I saw one of my successors taking a flight over the bodies of his brethren.  He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death.  The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of the sorrows which must take place before the end of the world.”  (St. Pius X)

“God will send two punishments.  One will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on Earth.  The other will be sent from Heaven.  There will come over the whole Earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights.”  (Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, 19th cent.)

Why do I utilize “religious” terms and speakers?  Because each began in purity and prophecies are valid if valid—regardless of who speaks them.  The “religions” of CHRIST and GOD began in purity and represented the opposite of EVIL.  It is MAN who has aligned himself with the corrupted concepts and allowed that which is Evil to take the very language of God and cause its destruction in worthiness of definition.

I wish to pass on by the obvious signs of spiritual “religious” signs such as bleeding and weeping statuary or the recognition of wars as being valid confirmation.  Let us look at that which is happening that can be related to Revelation and other seers in connection with projections of changing cycles and eras.

There are signs predominating which show a leading up through even a climactic period of increasing trials and tribulations and disasters of all types, to the peak finale of the Three Days of Darkness.  These signs are both natural and human—if you choose to put it that way—but also are spiritual and supernatural in observation according to your level of knowledge.  Among such “human” signs are the expanding categories of evil rampant in your world:  great apostasies from Faith in God and billions of people propagandized against God under the control of governments infected with atheistic Communism as a gross example—even nations calling themselves “Godly” are actually submerged in what is “called” Communism (but is not).  Gross “sins” of all kinds, especially those grouped against the sixth and ninth commandments, from lust connected with contraception, through fornication, adultery, sexual abuse of all categories, including the enslavement of women and children, active homosexuality and lesbianism, pornography, etc., to abortion, the murder of millions and millions of infants cut to pieces in the womb, sucked apart by vacuum instruments or scalded to death by salt injections.  Do I not have belief in “woman’s rights to choose”?  Indeed—BEFORE THE ACT WHICH PRODUCES THE PREGNANCY—I DO NOT SANCTION MURDER OF THE INNOCENT FOR THE SINS OF THE ACTORS.
Therefore, do I say I do not condone abortion?  Absolutely!  I do not condone abortion in any way, shape or form.  If irresponsibility precipitated the error then more irresponsibility will not cure it.  By the way—I care not what you think of my opinion about it.  Arguments will only reassure me that you are more ignorant than I could have even imagined!  I am here to tell you the facts of how it IS—not argue over opinions of how you think it ought to be!  I can only observe that your thinking has gotten you into the total downfall and overpopulation, and pure miserable existence of a planet full of humans and hapless creatures paying the price for your total lack of responsibility as a species and civilization.  When this happens—cleansing is always ahead for you!!  EVERY TIME!!


The pyramiding millions of abortions in the world today, including the annual million and a half plus slain in the United States alone cry out for the arm of God’s justice to fall if nothing else were amiss.

Besides all the hatred, revolutions, wars, religious divisions among mankind, violence, terrorism, we could list countless acts of rebellion against authority from those against paternal authority in the home, rebellion against civil governments and in the schools, to those directed against the head of the churches, the Magisterium and against God Himself.  Many of these evils represent a towering Babel of pride and they simply echo Lucifer’s (Satan) shout:  “Non serviam!”—“I will not serve!”  The result is a literal hell on Earth for both sinners and for the good they influence in the negative passage away from Godliness in behavior.  This is the total falling into the trap of the senses of the physical plane while defying and breaking all of the rules of God as to produce harmony and balance.
The “churches” as you recognize the clubs cry out in righteousness that it is a day of cleansing as with Noah and in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Can you not see that at this “crossing” you have populated and inhabited the entire planet and not just an area around the Holy Lands?  That was the only known place at the time of cleansing but was indeed a perfect advance warning of what would come—TODAY.

You must remember all of the story, though, as you consider what happened.  The angels went to SAVE Lot, his wife and daughters and anyone else who would LISTEN—for the sake of Abraham, who claimed God as friend.  So, too, shall it be for the goodly people in your days.  At least your eternal salvation and continued experience is guaranteed.  The spiritual-minded will note these signs and developments and will prepare for the more trying times to come, which times many of them believe are very close, dear ones.  They prepare for what has been forecast as a “minor judgement”, a great “Day of the Lord” and a magnificent warning sign, if you will.  It is said that the Lord spoke to ones in Heede, Germany and called the days of the coming cycle by that label.  Then at about the same time from Madrid, in 1955, another message was given:  “This generation deserves to be annihilated, but I desire to show myself as merciful.  Great and terrible things are being prepared.  That which is about to happen will be terrible, like nothing ever seen since the beginning of the world.”  What makes you think that the “preparations” are of God?  Natural cycles are of Nature and God—intent to annihilate and blowup a world are destructive things and are of EVIL intent—not GODLY creation.


What do the people who will pass through this tribulation do?  Well, first of all they listen and become prepared for whatever will come.  They, many of them, will simply turn into that which they consider the “truth” of the doctrines of churches.  This will suffice if the doctrines are truly in projections of God’s laws.  But it requires more than that.  It requires physical response and action in protection and readiness.

I find it difficult to consider the various possibilities herein and project the probabilities in differing scenarios to those “possibilities”.

The warnings are so prevalent and current.  Even to such things as a statue of Mary shedding blood near Baguio City Airport in the Philippines.  Warnings will always be presented from higher truth unto you in those manners which you can be capable of seeing and hearing.  The point is to return to God so that you will be ready at the passage and/or “pick-up”—I care not what you call it.

What happens is that evil simply becomes more evil and, in so doing, the very perpetrators of horror deceive you and keep the security devices from you which would save the myriads of lives in the physical—through their own greedy control of circumstances.  They will then call it an act of God and the remaining few will believe it.  Why can you not see in advance and turn this from you?
No, it becomes more and more certain, despite the efforts of the goodly and the repentance of the many, that, because of the impenitence of the greater number, there will be increasing tribulations which will first culminate in what is prophesied as the Three Days of Darkness.  This will be more a thing of “coincidence” than a precipitated event whenever it happens.  The “divine” interventions in the form of “signs” such as apparitions, prophecies, wonders and prodigies, etc., are simply dramatic indications of the great danger of the present times for souls and “souls” is what it’s all about!  These are intended to get your attention and to help guide you, and to urge you to turn to higher possibilities and communicate with Us who are sent to assist.  But this also requires a turning from evil into lighted passage.  There will actually be a time of great increase of healings and cures, of miracles of various kinds—by God and not just the insipid spurious deceit of the few self- proclaimed priests of some denomination of club or another.  There will be new rising of true “religious movements” or reaffirmation of the truth of the catholic body—which means Universal Body by the truly Holy “Spirit” or Great Spirit, and whether or not you like it—by unusual prodigies from the outer reaches.

God reaches out to His People from the Heavens (“sky” as translated from the bibles BEFORE the so-called “King James Version”), and it will be from SPACE that the assistance will come!  Do not be longer fooled by man and his hidden technology!  Know that God and “Jesus” never left His people in ignorance!  You either turn toward God, or you turn from God.  All men will return to Me in their own time.  The agony of waiting, however, is theirs!  The Father awaits His children, and graduation—or a repeating of the lesson/grade—however, with the knowledge, thus given, is it not time to get on with thine evolution??!

Do not be fooled in the games of Satan’s illusion of the physical plane.  You are a SPIRITUAL BEING, playing in a game of physical manifestation!  Know the difference, and GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  And may insight and REASON guide you through this journey called “life”.  Amen and Salu!

New Series 246:I wonder how many of you realize that the “cup” and not the “cross” was the greatest symbol of Christendom. Do you realize it was Peter and not Paul (Khazar Pharisee—WHO WAS NEVER CONVERTED!) who kept the “Master’s” work and word going? (Not unlike Jonur with our writings of The WORD!) The Golden Sun Disc (Aton) was the symbol of eternal God.

8/16/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns246)


I wonder how many of you realize that the “cup” and not the “cross” was the greatest symbol of Christendom.

Do you realize it was Peter and not Paul (Khazar Pharisee—WHO WAS NEVER CONVERTED!) who kept the “Master’s” work and word going?  (Not unlike Jonur with our writings of The WORD!)  The Golden Sun Disc (Aton) was the symbol of eternal God.

The CUP was the beloved symbol left by the “Teacher” as reminder to His people.  The cup in point is of “clay”.  Mark was asked, and did so, to bring to the Teacher a cup of simple clay for his last supper with His people (The third “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.  “Raiders of the Lost Ark” motion picture featured this fact.)—to remind them of humility and that it is the “fruit” and not the things of physical (silver cups) which is in point.  The clay cup discovered within the Chalice of Antioch found later was not the original used by Esu (“Jesus”).

Mark took the cup from where it rested and returned it to his mother, to whom it belonged—as second-best table equipment.  Silver was the best and mark’s mother was a wealthy widow so the act was one of intent, not accident.  The intent was to use that which was of “Earth” substance of which all things are created.  The Cup, itself, represents spiritual truth or truth of faith.

Something strange happened to that cup, however.  Mark noted that in the dimly lit room where the cups were placed—this one glowed.  Therefore he took it to his room and put it away for safe keeping.  He kept it for some fourteen years—showing it periodically as ones would gather.

The Cup became recognized as the Chalice of Antioch but this was not so.  The cup was taken to Antioch by Barnabas and Paul (who had by now worked his way within the group of friends).  The Chalice was made of silver and “contained” a cup of clay of the same size.

Peter carried with him the cup he had used himself at the Last Gathering.  This he gave to Linus, the Greek artist who fashioned the magnificent chalice that held the humble clay cup.  The clay cup was replaced by the silver cup of Peter.

The point is not very big but the concept is most important for I am asked about the “Places of the Lion” and you ones seem to know very little about that which I speak of.  The stories are all entangled with Linus, Solomon, Rahotep, Akhnaton (Aton/Hatonn) and Peter—who were all considered and identified in the underground circles as “Lions” and the “Lion-throne”.

The point is that in the worship of “things” you are going to be most often misled.  The Chalice of Antioch, for instance, is authentic in that it ONCE HELD the cup in point, but it no longer holds that Cup any more than the Glastonbury Chalice holds it!  Therefore, ye who would worship and do reverence at the altars of decoration and ritual are very likely worshiping a replica—an idol of some sort, if you will.

THE THINGS OF GOD ARE WITHIN THE HEART AND THE SOUL IS THE “CUP” OF GOD OF ETERNAL LIFE TO BE REFILLED BY PETITION.  AH, INDEED, ‘TIS THE CUP AND NOT THE CROSS UNTO WHICH YOU MUST TURN THAT YOUR CUP MIGHT BE FILLED TO OVERFLOW.  One day perhaps we shall find the time to write of these wondrous traditions.  This day, however, we shall move on with our story already underway.

Today we shall speak of Shan/Gaia—The Cleaved Planet—Earth.


Why do you suppose you call your planet “Earth”?  Ah so—I thought not.

In German, for instance, it is called Erde, from Erda in Old High German; Jordh in Icelandic, Jorde in Danish.  Erthe in Middle English, Airtha in Gothic; and going eastward geographically and backward in time, Ereds or Aratha in Aramaic, Erd or Ertz in Kurdish, Eretz in Hebrew and so on.  The sea you now call the Arabian Sea, the body of water that leads to the Persian Gulf, was called in antiquity the Sea of Erythrea; and to this day ordu means an encampment or settlement in Persian.  Why?


Well, a lot happened in that part of the world and the answer lies in the Sumerian texts that relate to the arrival of the first group of Anunnaki/Nefilim on Earth.  There were fifty of them, under the leadership of E.A (“Whose Home is Water”), a great scientist and the firstborn son of the ruler of Nibiru, ANU.  They splashed down in the Arabian Sea and waded ashore to the edge of the marshlands that, after the climate warmed up a bit, became the Persian Gulf.  Persia was that which is now recognized as “Iran”.  At the head of the marshlands they established their first settlement on a new planet; it was called by them E.RI.DU—“Home in the faraway”.  Don’t you think that is a nice appropriate name?

And so it was that in time the whole settled planet came to be called after that first settlement—Erde, Erthe, Earth, etc.  To this day, when you call your planet by its name, you invoke the memory of the first settlement on Earth; unknowingly, you remember Eridu and honor the first group of Anunnaki who established it.  Is history not getting to be fun?

The Sumerian scientific or technical term for Earth’s globe and its firm surface was KI.  It was depicted as a somewhat flattened orb crossed by vertical lines somewhat like modern depictions of meridians.  Earth does indeed bulge somewhat at its equator and therefore the Sumerian representation is more correct scientifically than the usual modern way of depicting Earth as a perfect globe. 

After Ea had completed the establishment of the first five of the seven original settlements of the Anunnaki, he was given the title EN.KI “Lord of Earth”.  But the term KI, as a root or verb, was applied to the planet called “Earth” for a reason.  It conveyed the meaning “to cut off, to sever, to hollow out”.  Its derivatives illustrate the concept:  KI.LA meant “excavation”, KI.MAH “tomb”, KI.IN.DAR “creative, fissure”.  In Sumerian astronomical texts the term KI was prefixed with the determinative MUL (“celestial body”).  And thus when they spoke of mul.KI, they conveyed the meaning, “the celestial body that had been cleaved apart”.  By calling the Earth KI, the Sumerians thus invoked their cosmogony—the tale of the Celestial Battle and the cleaving of Tiamat.


Unaware of its origin you continue to apply this descriptive epithet to your planet to this very time in place.  The intriguing fact is that over time the Sumerian civilization was two thousand years old by the time Babylon arose and the pronunciation of the term KI (ki) changed to gi, or sometimes ge.  It was so carried into the Akkadian and its linguistic branches (Babylonian, Assyrian, and Hebrew) at all times retaining its geographic or topographic connotation as a “cleavage”, a ravine, a deep valley.  Thus the biblical term that through Greek translations of the bible is real.  Gehenna stems from the Hebrew Gai-Hinnom, the crevice-like narrow ravine outside Jerusalem named after Hincrevice-like narrow ravine outside Jerusalem, named after Hinnom, where divine retribution shall befall the sinners via an erupting subterranean fire on Judgement Day.

If you were taught at all in school, you were taught that the component geo in all the scientific terms applied to Earth sciences—geo—graphy, geo—metry, geo—ology and so on—comes from the Greek word Gaia (or Gaea), their name for the godness of Earth.  You were not taught, however, where the Greeks picked up this term or what its real meaning might have been.  The answer is, guess what—surely enough—from the SUMERIANS—KI or GI.

Scholars all agree that the Greek notions of primordial events and the gods were directly borrowed from the Near East, through Asia Minor at whose western edge early Greek settlements like Troy were located, and via the island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean (nearby to Atlantis).  Incidentally, there is AN EIGHT-MILE DEEP CRATER just off shore of Crete where so-called “Ancient Technology” got out of hand, and your ability to control same.  The stories of catastrophe and destruction are rooted in man’s thrust for power and greed over his fellow man.  What caused the destruction of these once great ADVANCED civilizations??  You are now at this same point in your evolvement, in The Final Days, and, once again, man is playing with “toys” that are beyond your ability to control.  Therefore, it behooves you to come into the protection and laws of God and His HOSTS—who CAN CONTROL THE “BACK FEEDS” AND DEADLY “CHAIN-REACTIONS”!

According to Greek tradition Zeus, who was the chief honcho god of the twelve Olympians, arrived on the Greek mainland via Crete, whence he had fled after abducting the beautiful Europa, daughter of the Phoenician king of Tyre.  Aphrodite arrived from the Near East via the island of Cypress.  Poseidon, whom the Romans called Neptune, came on horseback via Asia Minor, and Athena brought the olive to Greece from the lands of the bible.  There can simply be no doubt that the Greek alphabet developed from a Near Eastern one.  (Jonur, please include the illustration I have for you, for it will give much confidence in this story.  Chelas, just as with any of your “Earth lessons”, you MUST DO YOUR HOME WORK!  God and “Jesus’s” teachings do not automatically wash over you!  Even a baby bird must learn how to fly—once its wing feathers have grown out, of course!) See illustration on next page.

There are many books which speak of these ancient times, not the least of which was the Iliad by one called Homer.  This line of historical mythology or “tradition” was handed down as regarded the creation of celestial gods—or visitors who came to stay, etc., of Heaven and Earth—out of chaos.  These tales, dear ones, are not greatly unlike your own biblical tales of the beginning:
Verily, as the first Chaos came to be, and the next—the wide-bosomed Gaia—she who created all the immortal ones who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus:  Dim Tartarus, wide-pathed in the depths, and Eros, fairest among the divine immortals.  From Chaos came forth Erebus and black Nyx; and of Nyx were born Aether and Hemera.

So what do we have here?

At this point in the process of the formation of the “divine immortals”—celestial gods—“Heaven” does not yet exist, just as the Mesopotamian sources recounted.  Accordingly, the “Gaia” of these verses is the equivalent of Tiamat, “she who bore them all” according to the Enuma elish.  Hesiod lists the celestial gods who followed “Chaos” and “Gaia” in three pairs, Tartarus and Eros, Erebus and Nyx, Aether and Hemera.  The parallel with the creation of the three pairs in Sumerian cosmogony, nowadays named Venus and Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, should be obvious though this comparability has gone quite united.

Only after the creation of the principal planets that made up the Solar System when Nibiru appeared to invade it does the tale by Hesiod (DIVINE GENEALOGY)—exactly as in Mesopotamian and Biblical texts—speak of the creation of Ouranos,

“Heaven”.  As explained in the Book of Genesis, this Shama’im was the Hammered-Out-Bracelet—the asteroid belt.  As related in the Enuma elish, this was the half of Tiamat that was smashed to pieces, while the other intact half became Earth.  All this is echoed in the ensuing verses of Hesiod’s Theogony:

And Gaia then bore starry Ouranos—equal to herself—to envelop her on every; side, to be an everlasting abode place for the gods. 

Is it beginning to seep through why the ONE WORLD ELITE would call themselves OLYMPIANS?


Now split up equally, Gaia ceased to be Tiamat.  Severed from the smashed-up half that became the Firmament, everlasting abode to the asteroids and comets, the intact half which was thrust into another orbit became Gaia, the Earth.  And so did this planet, first as Tiamat and then as Earth, live up to its epithets:  Gaia, Gi, and Ki-the Cleaved One.

How did this Cleaved Planet look now, in the aftermath of the Celestial Battle?  It was now orbiting as Gaia/Earth.  On one side there were the firm lands that had formed the crust of Tiamat; on the other side there was a hollow, an immense cleft into which the water of the erstwhile Tiamat poured.  And again Hesiod put it nicely, “Gaia (now half equivalent to Heaven) on one side brought forth long hills, graceful haunts of the goddess—Nymphs.”  And on the other side “she bare Pantus, the fruitless deep with its raging swell.”


This is the same picture painted by the Book of Genesis:

And Elohim said, “Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.”  And it was so.  And Elohim called the dry land “Earth”, and the gathered together water He called “Seas”.

By this time the nice new Gaia was beginning to take shape.

Some three thousand years separated Hesiod from the time when the Sumerian civilization had blossomed out; and it is clear historically that throughout those millennia ancient peoples, including the authors or compilers of the Book of Genesis, accepted the Sumerian cosmogony.  Today you call it “myth”, “legend” or “religious beliefs”.  In those previous millennia it was “science”—“knowledge”, the Sumerians asserted, bestowed by the Anunnaki.  No, I did not say Pleiadians—so don’t get ahead of your own story.
According to ancient knowledge, Earth was NOT an original member of your Solar System.  It was a cut-off, “cleaved-off” half of a planet then called Tiamat, “She who bore them all”.  The Celestial Battle that led to the creation of Earth occurred several hundred million years after the Solar System with its planets had been created.  Earth, as a part of Tiamat, retained much of the water that Tiamat, “the water monster”, was recognized for.  As Earth evolved into an independent planet and attained the shape of a globe.  Dictated by the forces of gravity, the waters were gathered into the immense cavity on the torn-off side, and dry land appeared on the other side of the planet.  Please go back and refer to ancient maps depicting changes in the planet’s continental arrangements.  This, therefore in summary, is what the ancient peoples knew.  What do your modern scientists say about this?


The theories concerning planetary formation hold that they started as balls congealing from the gaseous disk extending from the Sun.  As they cooled, heavier matter—iron, in Earth’s case—sank into their centers, forming a solid inner core.  A less solid, plastic, or even fluid outer core surrounded the inner one; in Earth’s case, it is believed to consist of molten iron.  The two cores and their motions act as a dynamo, producing the planet’s magnetic field.  Surrounding the solid and fluid cores is a mantle made of rocks and minerals.  On Earth it is estimated to be some 1,800 miles thick.  While the fluidity and heat generated at the planet’s core (some 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit in the Earth’s center) affect the mantle and what is on top of it, it is the uppermost 400 miles or so of the mantle (on Earth) that mostly account for what you see on the surface of the planet—its cooled crust.  Of course the way it was actually formed—gave no hot crust to cool.

The processes that produce, over billions of years, a spherical orb—the uniform force of gravity and the planet’s rotation around its axis—should also result in an orderly layering.  The solid inner core, the flexible or fluid outer core, the thick lower mantle of silicates, the upper mantle of rocks, and the upper-most crust should encompass one another in ordered layers, like the skin of an onion.  This holds true for the orb called Earth—but only up to a point.  The main abnormalities concern Earth’s uppermost layer, the crust.


Since the extensive “probes” of the Moon and Mars in the 1960’s and 1970’s, geophysicists have been greatly puzzled by the paucity of the Earth’s crust.  The crusts of the Moon and of Mars comprise 10 percent of their masses, but the Earth’s crust comprises less than one half of one percent of the Earth’s land mass.  In 1988 geophysicists from Caltech and the University of Illinois at Urbana, led by Don Anderson, reported to the American Geological Society meeting in Denver, Colorado, that they had found the “missing crust”.  By analyzing shock waves from earthquakes, they concluded that material that belongs in the crust has sunk down and lies some 250 miles below the Earth’s surface.  There is enough crustal material there, these scientists estimated, to increase the thickness of the Earth’s crust tenfold.  Even if such nonsense were a possibility it would have given Earth a crust comprising no more than about 4 percent of its landmass—still only about half of what seems to be the norm if you are going to consider the Moon and Mars as the “norm”.  Half of the Earth’s crust will still be missing even if the findings of this group could prove to be correct.

This theory also leaves unanswered the question of what force caused the crustal material, which is lighter than the mantel’s material, to “dive”—in the words of the report in point—hundreds of miles into the Earth’s interior.  The team’s suggestion was that the crustal material down there consists of huge slabs of crust “dived into the Earth’s interior” where fissures existing in the crust.  But what force had broken up the crust into such “huge slabs”?


Another abnormality of the Earth’s crust is that it is not uniform.  In the parts you call “continents”, its thickness varies from about 12 miles to almost 45 miles; but in the parts taken up by the oceans the crust is only 3.5 to five miles thick.  While the average elevation of the continents is about 2,300 feet, the average depth of the oceans is more than 12,500 feet.  The combined result of these factors is that the much thicker continental crust reaches much farther down into the mantle, whereas the oceanic crust is just a thin layer of solidified material and sediments.

There are other differences between the Earth’s crusts where the continents are and where the oceans are.  The composition of the continental crust is relatively light; in comparison with the composition of the mantle in the average continental density is 2.7-2.8 grams per cubic centimeter, while that of the mantle is 3.3 grams per cubic centimeter.  The oceanic crust is heavier and denser than the continental crust, averaging a density of 3.0 to 3.1 grams per cubic centimeter; it is thus more akin to the mantle, with its composition of basaltic and other dense rocks, than to the continental crust.  It is noteworthy that the “missing crust”, the scientific team mentioned above suggested, had dived into the mantle and is similar in composition to the oceanic crust, not to the continental crust.

This leads to one more important difference between the Earth’s continental and oceanic crusts.  The continental part of the crust is not only lighter and thicker; it is also much older than the oceanic part of the crust.  By the end of the 1970’s the consensus among scientists was that the greater part of today’s continental surface was formed some 2.8 billion years ago.  Evidence of a continental crust from that time was about as thick as today’s is found in all the continents in what geologists term Archean Shield areas, but within those areas crustal rocks were discovered that turned out to be 3.8 billion years old.  In 1983, however, geologists of the Australian National University found in Western Australia rock remains of a continental crust whose age was established to be 4.1 to 4.2 billion years old.  In 1989, tests with new sophisticated methods on rock samples collected a few years earlier in northern Canada (by researchers from Washington University in St. Louis and from the Geological Survey of Canada) determined the rocks’ age to be 3.96 billion years.  Samuel Bowering of Washington University reported evidence that nearby rocks in the area were as much as 4.1 billion years old.


Scientists are still hard put to explain the gap of about 500 million years between the age of the Earth (which meteor fragments, such as those found at Meteor Crater in Arizona, show to be 4.6 billion years and counting) and the age of the oldest rocks thus far found, but no matter what the explanation, the fact that Earth had its continental crust at least 4 billion years ago is by now undisputed.  On the other hand, no part of the oceanic crust has been found to be more than 200 million years old.

Chelas, this is a tremendous difference!  No amount of foolish speculation about rising and sinking continents, forming and vanishing seas can explain these things.  Someone has compared the Earth’s crust to the skin of an apple (you people really like apples), where the oceans are, the “skin” is fresh—relatively speaking born yesterday—but, where the oceans began in primordial times, the “skin”, and a good part of the “apple” itself, has been shorn off.

The differences between the continental and oceanic crusts must have been even greater in earlier times, because the continental crust is constantly eroded by the forces of nature, and a good deal of the eroded solids are carried into the oceanic basins, increasing the thickness of the oceanic crust.  Furthermore, the oceanic crust is constantly enhanced by the upwelling of molten basaltic rocks and silicates that flow up from the mantle through faults in the sea floor.  This process, which puts down ever new layers of oceanic crust, has been going on for 200 million years, giving the oceanic crust its present form.  What was there at the bottom of the seas before then?  Was there no crust at all, just a gaping “wound” in the Earth’s surface?  And is the ongoing oceanic crust formation akin to the process of blood clotting, where the skin is pierced and wounded?

Is Gaia—a living planet—trying to heal her wounds?

The most obvious place on the surface of the Earth where it was so “wounded” is the Pacific Ocean.  Oh my goodness, could it be?

While the average plunge in the crust’s surface in its oceanic parts is about 2.5 miles, in the Pacific the crust has been gouged out to a present depth reaching at some points 7 miles.  If you could remove from the Pacific’s floor the crust built up there over the last 200 million years, you would arrive at depths reaching 12 miles below the water’s surface and between some 20 to nearly 60 miles below the continental surface.  This is quite a large cavity, chelas!!  How deep was it before the crustal buildup over the past 200 million years?  How large was that “wound” 500 million years ago, a billion years ago, and 4 billion years ago?  Suffice it to say it was considerably deeper.  What can your scientists say with some certainty?  That the extent of the gouging was more extensive, affecting a vastly greater part of the planet’s surface.  The Pacific Ocean at present occupies about a third of Earth’s surface; but as far as your people can ascertain regarding the past 200 million or so years, it has been shrinking.  The reason for shrinkage is that the continents flanking it—the Americas on the east, Asia and Australia on the west—are moving closer to each other, squeezing out the Pacific slowly but relentlessly, reducing its size inch by inch yearly.


These are the same “plates” which I continually tell you about in regards to the changes—specifically I refer mostly to the U.S. Pacific coastal area and “Ring of Fire”—i.e., the Pacific plate will smash under the western U.S. coast and raise the land of the Mojave Desert in the northern portions along with a BIG rise in the area of the location—Tehachapi—(Tejas Shape’, Tehachapi).  Look it up!

This science and explanations dealing with this process in point have come to be known as the Theory of Plate Tectonics.  Its origin lies, as in the study of the Solar System, in the discarding of notions of a uniform, stable, permanent condition of the planets in favor of the recognition of catastrophism, change, and even evolution—concerning not only flora and fauna (the so called “Big Foot” belongs to this grouping of “species”) but the globes on which they evolved as “living” entities that can grow and shrink, prosper and suffer, even be born and die.


To Alfred Wegener do you owe appreciation for this “new” science of plate tectonics.  Wegener, a German meteorologist, wrote all about this theory and published it a long time ago—in 1915 DIE ENTSTEHUNG DER KONTINENTE UND OZEANE.  His starting point (not a new concept) was the obvious “fit” between the contours of the continents on both sides of the southern Atlantic.  But before Wegener’s ideas, the solution had been to postulate the disappearance, by sinking of continents or land bridges.  The belief that the continents have been where they are from time immemorial, but that a midsection sank below sea level giving the appearance of continental separation.  Augmenting available data on flora and fauna with considerable geological “matches” between the two sides of the Atlantic, Wegener came up with the notion of Pangaea, a super-continent, a single huge landmass into which he would fit all the present continental masses like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.  Pangaea (Living Pan), which covered about one half of the globe, suggested Wegener, was surrounded by the primeval Pacific Ocean.  Floating in the midst of the waters like an ice floe, the single landmass underwent a series of riftings and healings until a definite and final breakup in the Mesozoic Era, the geological period that lasted from 225 to 65 million years ago.  Gradually the pieces began to drift apart.  Antarctica, Australia, India, and Africa began to break away and separate.  Subsequently, Africa and South America split apart as North America began to move away from Europe and India was thrust toward Asia; and so the continents continued to drift until they rearranged themselves in the pattern recognized today.

The split-up of Pangaea into several separate continents was accompanied by the opening up and closing down of water between the separating pieces of the landmass.  In time the single Panoramic Ocean separated into a series of connecting oceans or enclosed seas, such as the Black, Caspian and Mediterranean, and such major bodies of water as the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans took shape.  But all these bodies of water were “pieces” of the original of which the Pacific Ocean still remains.


Simple surmising will indicate that of the “original” placements of “MAN” and the “lost” continents all indicate some important locations.  Further, it must be evident that, geologically and historically, the upcoming catastrophic impact and “Armageddon” are suggested to be destined for the areas of the Holy Lands.  What might this mean?  It might very well mean that the expected impact of returning Tiamat might very well do the most impressive work on that particular ”side” of your globe.  It will mess up a lot of stuff everywhere but you can expect a massive removal of real estate if that returning object is allowed to connect with your planet.  From the direction of travel, already plotted by your scientists—it will pass on the opposite side of the globe on this go-about.

If your planet is “sucked out” again you will have a real jumble of confusion.

Wegener’s view of the continents as “pieces of a cracked ice flow” shifting atop an impermanent surface of the Earth was mostly received with disdain, even ridicule, by the geologists and paleontologists of the time—sound familiar?  It took half a century for the idea of Continental Drift to be accepted into the halls of science.  Is it possible that what we are assembling herein for you—MIGHT BE THE WAY IT IS?  What helped bring about the changed attitude were surveys of the ocean floors begun in the 1960’s that revealed such features as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that, it was surmised, was formed by the rise of molten rock, called “magma”, from the Earth’s interior.  Welling up, in the case of the Atlantic through a fissure in the ocean floor that runs almost the whole ocean’s length, the magma cooled and formed a ridge of basaltic rock.  Herein is Soltec’s (Pleiadian Commander Soltec:  Geophysics) major subject of expertise which he has previously shared with you regarding volcanos.  I honor him but feel it necessary to press on with my own outlay of information. My subject is not basically geology or geography but the Creation and Spiritual connections.

As one welling up followed another, the old sides of the ridge were pushed to either side to make way for the new magma flow.  A major advance in these studies of the ocean floors took place with the aid of Seasat, an oceanographic satellite launched in June of 1978 that orbited the Earth for some three months or so, its data were used to map the sea floors, giving you an entirely new understanding of your oceans and globe as a whole, with their rides, rifts, seamounts, underwater volcanos, and fracture zones.  The discovery that, as each upwelling of magma cooled and solidified, it retained the magnetic direction of its position at that time and was followed by the determination that a series of such magnetic lines, almost parallel to one another, provided a time scale as well as a directional map for the ongoing expansion of the ocean’s floor.  This expansion of the sea floor in the Atlantic was a major factor in pushing apart Africa and South America and in the creation of the Atlantic Ocean and its continuing widening.


OTHER FORCES, SUCH AS THE PULL OF THE Moon, the Earth’s rotation, and even movements of the underlying mantle, also are believed to act to split up the continental crust and shift the continents about.  These forces also exert their influence, naturally, in the Pacific region.  The Pacific Ocean revealed even more midocean ridges, fissures, underwater volcanos, and other features like those that have worked to expand the Atlantic Ocean.  Why then, as all the evidence shows, have the landmasses flanking the Pacific not moved apart, as the continents flanking the Atlantic have done, but rather keep moving closer, slowly but surely, constantly reducing the size of the Pacific Ocean?

The explanation is found in a companion theory of continental drift, the Theory of Plate Tectonics.  The continents, it has been postulated, rest upon giant movable “plates” of the Earth’s crust, and so do the oceans.  When the continents drift, when oceans expand, as the Atlantic or contract as the Pacific, the underlying cause is the movement of the plates on which they ride.  At present scientists recognize six major plates, some of which are further subdivided:  the Pacific, American, Eurasian, African, Indo-Australian, and Antarctic.
The spreading seafloor of the Atlantic Ocean is still distancing the Americas from Europe and Africa inch by inch.  The concomitant shrinking of the Pacific Ocean is now recognized to be accommodated by the dipping, or “subduction” of the Pacific plate under the American plate.  This is the primary cause of the crustal shifts and earthquakes all along the Pacific Rim, as well as the rise of the major mountain chains along that rim.  The collision of the Indian plate with the Eurasian one created the Himalayas and fused the Indian subcontinent to Asia.  In 1985, Cornell University scientists even discovered the “geological suture” where a portion of the western African plate remained attached to the American plate when the two broke apart some fifty million years ago, “donating” Florida and Southern Georgia to North America.

Almost all scientists today accept Wegener’s Hypothesis of an Earth initially consisting of a single landmass surrounded by an all-embracing ocean.  Could this be why the wondrous greenstone granite used in the Georgia Guide Stone Monument might have matched the green granite of the African planet in portions?  Further, it becomes obvious that the granite-gneiss terrains are remnants of ancient oceans.  Well, chelas, TODAY WILL BE “ancient” in 3.5 billion years!  Extensive rock records in virtually all the continents indicate that they were contiguous to oceans of water for more than three billion years.  In some places, such as Zimbabwe in southern Africa, sedimentary rocks show that they accreted within large bodies of water some 3.5 billion years ago.  Recent advances in scientific dating have extended the age of the Archean belts—those that include rocks that had been deposited in primeval oceans—back to 3.8 billion years.  Well, give or take a billion or so years doesn’t seem too important—but it is a LONG time.

Jonur let us break here, please, we have some URGENT correspondence to attend, and I wish to finish the outlay of your planet’s creation—AND THE PLANET NIBIRU—THAT IS BACK WITHIN YOUR SOLAR/SUN/STAR SYSTEM—also labeled “Planet X”!  Dear hearts, this is the “star” your entire recorded Earth History records as being the “messenger” of the ages!  The Ice Ages, the subsequent GREAT FLOODS, and the coming and the presence of “the gods” who visited mankind.  Do you not NOW SEE that you are living in those so-called “END TIMES”—ONCE AGAIN?  Always remember that thine help and assistance will come from the stars, from which you were birthed!

Hatonn moving to standby.