Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Series 248: What are you going to do through those several days with NO ELECTRICITY AND NO RADIO AND/OR TV CAPABILITY?? I suggest you ponder this most closely this very day for your scientists (the same ones listed above) expect this very scenario to occur in late July of this year. WHY DO YOU NOT GO FORTH AND DEMAND THAT “THEY” TELL YOU HOW IT WILL BE SO YOU CAN PREPARE. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO “TEST” HATONN AND MY PEOPLE WITH YOUR INQUIRIES?

6/19/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns248)


I make no effort herein to do other than outlay a few “space-brother” aspects for it is time to make known our presence and purpose as come from God, and there is no intention to neither mislead nor frighten your species.  Our wings are of the “silver clouds” of ancient reference and we are come to help you find your way HOME!

The last Great Teacher to come upon your place as Way shower went to prepare a place for you—we are now come to prepare a place for His return upon Earth.  It is the time of sorting and separation.  May you be given understanding in your individual aspects to comprehend that which I give unto you.  We come in the open revelation and service unto the ONE GOD.

These are not hungry and thirsty for might and power and such.  They are happy to finally have some calm and order in their own worlds of experienced existence.  It can also happen that they, here and there, take communication with Earth humans, bring them within their craft and sometimes examine them very carefully.  But any being capable of coming a great space distance from out of your solar system is technically oriented indeed and would inflict no pain nor trauma.  The humans thus participating are, in every instance, released for there is no intent to harm you ones in any manner what-so-ever.  If ones coming from space at this time of planetary evolution and transition are able to reach your orb—they are allowed entry only through the absolute guidelines of the Cosmic Code of behavior.  In every instance—any visitor from “out there” is more humane than any upon your place in the form of human as you recognize the label.

There have been some quite barbarous creatures that have also traveled through the cosmos, and have come to Earth.  Too many being power hungry and quite wicked indeed.  How do you think evil was introduced upon your place—from a snake in an apple tree?  They have sometimes kidnapped Earth humans, as well as other planetary human beings from other systems, and abducted them away to their home planet.  There these poor creatures might then have been caused to be placed on exhibition, etc.—as you do with aliens who are captured voluntarily or involuntarily—by your governments.

It has now come to be, in these times of closing cycles upon your planet, that the evil is already perfected upon your sphere—working now in your own density of perception.  You are already infected and infested and you must awaken to your plight for YOU have let the demons within.  These ones carry great power in some instances and they are malignant in nature for they use the power of “feelings” and other physical human characteristics and movements which are often quite strange for them and thus, a life means very little to them for they do not abide by Cosmic Law—although now, they cannot get off your planet in these closing days of sorting and separation.  This is why I tell you again and again that this is what is already on your planet which you must attend—not we who come in these days of perception to assist you!

Many deceivers have come forth with their fantastic UFO tales and gained great publicity but there are MANY who do not deceive.  There are ones who have encountered our ships and even have made contact and physical radio contact with our craft or other ships from strange visitors.  These ones have been discredited and often simply “murdered” to stop the stories of truth, and ones sent from the CIA, etc. to start cover-up stories to denounce and spread panic and fear.  The worst scenarios are yet to come as your conspirators and One World Global Cartel set up actions which will be blamed on the space brotherhood.  I ask you to mark my words NOW for it shall be in the coming.

Earth human is very difficult to convince of anything and you are so focused and centered on the false projections that you no longer know which is false and which is truth—so you cling to the physical elements—but I remind you that life-span is only averaging about 75 years of counting seasons and I suggest that there is something of which you are not aware, afoot.  If it is not of the physical plane as you know it, does it not stand to reason that it might perhaps come from the Heavens, as you refer to the Cosmos?  If you are EXPECTING A RETURN OF GOD, AND YOU HAVE BY MAJORITY PROJECTION STATED YOURSELVES THAT IT IS “SOON” OR “NOW”—WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND?  WHY WOULD YOU DENOUNCE THE VERY TRUTH BRINGERS WHO WOUILD BRING YOU INTO TRUTH AND BRING ABOUT THE RETURN OF GOD WHICH YOU EXPECT?  HOW LONG WILL HU-MAN OF EARTH DENY GOD?  HOW LONG WILL YOU CHOOSE RIDICULOUS FABRICATIONS WHEN THE TRUTH OF THAT WHICH IS COMING IS SO MUCH MORE PERFECTED AND WONDROUS?  ALL OF YOU WISH TO TAKE YOUR HUMAN FORMS; WOULD IT NOT BE MORE CREDIBLE TO SUGGEST TAKING THEM TO PLACES PREPARED FOR HUMAN FORM THAN TO RESIDE ON FLOATING CLOUDS WHERE HUMAN FORMS WOULD SIMPLY FALL BACK TO EARTH?  I SUGGEST IT IS NOT “OUR” TRUTH WHICH IS IN QUESTION, BROTHERS!


Most of the assistants from the cosmos are NOT super-beings, as Earth men like to call them in their imagination.  Most are not even teachers, missionaries, or way-preparers for that matter—only a few for, with God, it requires very few!  There is an obligation in duty to preserve the existing life already developing in this universe.  This means that we endeavor to keep order and maintain peaceful presence.

Now and then, especially we your Pleiadian brothers, make contact and open communication with inhabitants of different worlds, search out single ones and give explanations unto them that you might become informed of that which you perceive to be beyond you.  Most of your cosmic brothers are only “advanced” from your status and the contacts are for the purpose of allowing growth and the ability to realize that you are not the only thinking creatures in the universe.

I, Hatonn, come as an etheric being “leader”, experiencing in a format which can be better understood as the times of transition come and the higher beings make presentation upon your place.  Our roots, yours and mine, are in the Pleiades and therefore the fleet most involved with your evolution is from Pleiades—YOU ARE HUMAN (Higher Universal Man) AND THAT REQUIRES PHYSICAL CARE.
In the bringing of historical knowledge to fill in some of your missing links, I must point out that I have the information per scanner.  I am a Commander—not a historian and do not even wish to spend this time in contemplation of such, but the barrage of inquiries are great and I will share that which is most frequently under question.

What about longevity in the other experiences?  Man can become a thousand, or even hundreds of thousands of years old, in your mode of counting when he reaches a certain level of spiritual development and evolution.  BUT BEYOND THIS STATE THE SPIRIT NO LONGER NEEDS A MATERIAL BODY.  HE THEN DOES LIVE IN PURE SPIRIT AND WITHIN SUCH HIGH SPHERES THAT ONE CAN NO LONGER COMMUNICATE WITH HIM IN TYPICAL HUMAN MANNER.

I would give you some comparison at this point for your own historical research projects.  The 1,000 or so years of average experience of ones of Pleiades coincides with that reported for the average longevity of Earth humans PRIOR to that which is known as the “Great Flood”, when the dense vapor envelope surrounding the Earth came down in torrents everywhere for scores of days.  Loss of the vapor envelope reduced the atmospheric protection of Earth’s creature species from the harsh radiations of your sun, and the lifespans of all creatures decreased dramatically and rapidly to well under a century for humans.  Vegetable and plant yield were reduced accordingly.

Oh, you ask, “Well, how did the sun get through the vapor envelope?”  Very simply—your sun was young and easily pierced the veil.

Perhaps you could better understand the possibilities herein in considering the historical documentation and myths that your ancestors, when they were upon your place long ago, your 1,000 year biblical longevities might now take on more meaning and acceptance in perspective.  Loss of atmospheric protection has shortened your lifespans in great measure and you accepted this restriction, in concept, by limiting your own creative ability to have it otherwise.  You chose shorter lifespans rather than bring about natural evolutionary alterations which would give protection—then, in the perception of limitations of time and space—you forgot and accepted that which was thrust upon you.

You ARE having trouble with your ionosphere—but it is not that which the scientists of the Conspirators outlay for you.  What you are being told by the controllers upon your place is to intimidate and frighten you—what is happening in the ionosphere is of a magnitude and “cause” beyond your Earth projections and worse, your more learned scientists know what it is and what could be done to shore it up, and yet are not allowed to do so.

You will note through the ages that even drawings of space creatures appear and have protective coverings about their beings.  These are not in the form of bubble suits as you would recognize them relative to your astronaut uniforms.  From Pleiades, for eons there is ability to encapsulate both the craft and the person when out of the vehicles within energy fields, which give protection from your atmospheric environment which causes the same level of aging and damage as is done to Earth humans.  In Pleiades, for instance, to be some 500 “years” of age is but barely bordering an approaching mid-life and would more likely be still considered very youthful.  Furthermore, it might be advantageous for you of Earth to understand something about your brothers and sisters, who come from Pleiades most predominantly—they are beautiful in human form which surpasses your own physical stature and beauty.  It would be most advantageous to have them for ancestors for they are wondrous indeed, as relative to yourselves.  They are not unlike you—nor are they monstrous beings of mutant origins.  They are a more perfected reflection of your races.

Fear of monsters and mutants are thrust into your minds by those who would control you in fear and terror.  There is no basis in fact.


A perplexing aspect of  your unfolding truth unto you is your refusal to even look at that which contradicts in any manner that which you have been told—BY MAN, IN MAN’S NAME AND WITH AND THROUGH MANS TRANSLATIONS.  HOW CAN YOU LEARN IF YOU REFUSE TO LOOK?

Why does it disturb man so much to come into truth regarding extraterrestrial which means—not terrestrial; nothing more and no lesser.  Ones stand in the pulpits of your “Churches” and pronounce that his or her knowledge is directly from God or Christ.  Do you now denounce your own truth of the projection by discounting extraterrestrials and/or Jesus Immanuel are extraterrestrials as you define the term—both are etheric and “speak” to “receivers” in this same manner!  Why do you pronounce our words to be of evil, satanic content and methods?  Satan is a very physical, earthy worker, brothers—who is more apt to tamper with YOU OF EARTHBOUND WHO CAN STILL BE DECEIVED OR WE, WHO ALREADY KNOW HIM FOR THAT WHICH HE IS?  EARTH IS IN THE AGE OF CHAOS AND SATANIC RULE.  WHO DO YOU BELIEVE MIGHT BE GIVING YOU A SONG AND DANCE?

Extraterrestrials have had many experiences in events as outlaid in that which you call your bibles.  I again make reference to the scripture about Immanuel (Immanuel, Emmanuel, Isa, Essa, Esu, “Jesus”).

The scriptum is a document written by one, Judas Ischarioth, one of the few disciples with an education, my friends.  He could read and write.  The facts are such that his written words bear the truth and the projectors of the false history as projected upon you would be in great panic to have truth presented and blow away the lies.  Because Earth man doesn’t like the truth does not in the least change the truth of it for TRUTH IS!  EARTH MAN CONFUSES THE HISTORICAL TRUTH OF ONE, JUDAS ISCHARIOTH AND ONE, JUDA IHARIOTH.  Is this such a hard disclosure to accept that perhaps in 2,000 years someone might make translation and typographical errors?  Come now; allow him who is without error to cast of the first stone!  I can only suggest that you obtain and read carefully indeed—AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.  This is the Phoenix JOURNAL that will be illustrated as a graphic screenplay.  Tee would do a lovely job in bringing color and life to this most special project.  For the masses need to visualize some of the biblical presentations, kept from you by your Khazarian “Jewish” adversary.  “UFO’s” and “Angels” from afar is what your Earth history has covered up, in the name of Global Control.  Satan has indeed planned his takeover of God’s People—right from what you consider being the “beginning” of time.  And mankind needs to know WHO the enemy is, if you are to reclaim your planet.  The Master “Jesus”, as you label him, oversaw the translation of the Arabic scrolls.  There are some misunderstandings of projections in some instances due only to lack of common definition of translated words.  If you become enslaved to a point of record some 2,000 years past, you miss the point of the Christ’s manifestation at that time.  He came to teach, lead and show you the fact of immortality.  He experienced as a human and suffered as a human—YOU OF THE HUMAN MISSED THE POINT OF THE JOURNEY!

I am speaking of Pleiadian perspectives at this time.  I speak of more spiritual matters in depth elsewhere—for we serve differing purposes and missions of your Pleiadian brothers and myself!  We are from two different levels of dimension and I believe we will clarify that matter by the ending of the writings.

Another sarcastic projection thrust at this scribe and other receivers is, “How is it that these extraterrestrials always speak the exact and proper language?”  Simple indeed—THEY DO IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY—THEY LEARN THEM!  Most can speak or understand “universal language” but many cannot decipher clearly in Earth dialects, and when contact is made it is with ones whose language is studied and communication can be clearly translated.  I, on the other hand, being etheric in experience need no language and as I communicate, as with Jonur, I utilize frequency beams and “pulse” information which his mind is programmed to receive and place into English and sometimes into Native American—specifically Lakota Sioux extraction because the ancient truths shall come forth onto paper from a Lakota Sioux receiver of the oral teachings and the documents must be compatible.  Jonur does not speak native language in any manner what-so-ever—nor any other language save English.

Pleiadian extraterrestrials must learn languages.  They possess all Earth languages, present and past that were ever spoken and/or utilized.  They have detailed knowledge of them in most different ways.  From them language training courses are given.  This work is performed by language “scientists” and machines, similar to what you call computers.  Machines of similar sort serve then to transmit the desired language and instill it into the student—directly.  This is performed in a machine—induced in hypnotic like state, and by this method the language terms and senses become implanted and registered.  The processing of a new language requires about 20-30 days.  Then there is allowed another week or so to practice correct usage—in all, a new language can be quite well perfected in about a month of your counting.
Is this so difficult to comprehend?  For several years now, on your own place, language institutes are using recorders and sleep learning techniques.  These techniques are in great use in the training of your so-called surveillance (spy) groups and are called programmed learning.  Further, you have developed Robotoids who are totally programmed with imitation memory banks and are constantly manipulated by pulsed beam mechanisms for ongoing control of input and manipulated actions.  Why would it be difficult to believe that higher societies than your own would have perfected the technology?


We have often spoken of your connection with Pleiades and for a while we shall write about these attachments for your brothers from the stars have great insight which they willingly share with you ones who are still grappling with the dark corners of memory.

Your brothers from Pleiades have witnessed those of you who were and are unable to determine the truth or were frightened when confronted with it; this serves no purpose for terrestrial man or themselves.  The fear should never be present in any manner as all men hold the truth within them and must only know this to find it.  A human may deliver himself from all manner of ignorance if he generates the will to seek truth and then does so.

Wisdom is the light and wherever the light flashes upward there darkness and ignorance disappear.  Ignorance is the essential darkness and can only be overcome by the light of wisdom.  Further, little brothers, wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of spirit and works with, according to the creational laws, for wisdom and the spirit are two factors which react as one, much in the same way as the sun and light of the sun.  Both give warmth and both give light.  Wisdom is the mark of the existence of the spirit and disguises itself in the qualities of truth, knowledge, love, beauty, grace, harmony and peace.

You ones of Earth desire to remain bound to passing “time” but you cannot measure “age” by that which you perceive as passing years.  The “human” may be very old as witnessed by the exterior perception, but this is only a passing state.  A century ago human was not old and a century from this present moment he will not be old—only the physical body can age in any manner what-so-ever for the spirit only renews and grows in knowledge and experience.  The spirit remains forever young and is never subjected to the appearance of age, for age is like youth and every other experience, it is only a passing state of being.


You ones of Earth-bound attachments dream and ponder and wonder about your brothers of space.  You ponder about whether or not they are “out there” and if so, how can they reach you and how can you reach them.  You want ideas you can understand and yet, there is no mysticism regarding these states of actions and being but only mystery—until the puzzle is accomplished.
You want to know about propulsion systems and physical elements of construction of ships and be reminded of how it is where you came from so that you might be reminded of that which makes you lonely and homesick.  You want to remember the “why” and “how” and you are impatient to move on and yet you lock yourselves into the cement of that which you have created to shackle you to the physical experience.

I can speak of the general of hat which you consider “physical” for you brothers move about in a most physical manner, for the most part, having learned to overcome the compression of the dimensions as they differ.  We, of the etheric presence move by the projection of intent through thought so I shall not go into that deeply at this writing for we need to speak of your connections with your kindred.

Let us consider propulsion for the largest number of questions come forth as “how can you travel such distances—how do your craft function?”  For traveling through cosmic space, a drive is necessary which surpasses the speed of light by millions of times.  But this propulsion can only come into action when the speed of light has already been achieved.  From what follows is that a further drive is necessary, regulating normal speed up to that of light.  This means that a star craft, or beam ship as referred to by the Pleiadians, requires two drive mechanisms; first the normal which accelerates up to the speed of light, and then a second for the hyper drive, as you might refer to it.  A drive then which generates a million-fold and even billion-fold the speed of light, thus producing the hyper-speed by which hyper-space is pierced and penetrated.  This is a space in which the mass seems to increase in relationship to the speed attained.  So time and space simply collapse, and they become zero time and zero space.  This actually means that time and space ceases to exist.  Thusly, distances of numerous light years are traversed in a mere fraction of a second—with no lag of time.

The actual “time” required to make a journey, say, from Pleiades to Earth is in the speeding up to light speed and the slowing down again at destination.  In thought transference there is no time involved what-so-ever except the split seconds required for disassembly and reassembly.  The actual time of physical transference by craft is less than ten minutes of our calculations for such a distance.

You will not be given statistics of detail as to function because you ones have enough toys beyond your ability to control without bringing them into outer limits of the cosmos.  It is not in the best interest of the cosmic brotherhood that Earth humans be given the ability to penetrate the cosmic spaces—you have all you and we can handle right on your orb and solar space.  To great extent, however, many of the problems have been overcome by some of your Earth scientists and the Soviets, as you call them, have developed great technology in space flight and solar exploration.  The U.S. has done very well, also, but you all utilize the wondrous technology to produce wars and not grow in grace, peace, exploration for knowledge and brotherhood in love.  In time, you will be given to solve the problems yourself—when the sequence of growth becomes safe for the universal existence.

Your thrust systems, of course, will work on the basis of light pulses from light emitting drives.  Light emitting drives work for normal propulsion and move the beam ships to nearby planets and a safe distance away from an orb; and then another drive is activated when the distances are great.  We could refer to this second drive mechanism as a hyper-propulsion system, which surpasses time and space.  It is a bit hard to describe these systems in Earth terms, for your language is different and so are the labels given to such minerals as mercury, which is utilized as well as the various programming crystals necessary for craft apparatus.  We refer to things such as “tacheons” which are generated and harnessed in both drive systems with only differing magnitude and attitude.

Pleiadians predominantly utilize disc-shaped craft, especially for long distance travel, because of the aerodynamic qualities.  Once in motion we ride a “boundary layer’ much similar to the principle applied to Tesla’s bladeless turbine/pump.  The boundary layer, for brief explanation, is the tiny distance, let us say, between the wing of an aircraft and the atmosphere passing across the surface—there is a totally static area untouched by the atmosphere itself to the surface.  Once in motion there is nothing that touches the skin surface of the vehicle.  The disc-like form, therefore, vouches the least resistance and also offers the largest surface which rides the energy currents to enable the drives to be most efficient.


This is a bit easier to discuss, and further is no longer a secret to Earth scientists.  The beam ship is completely surrounded by a protection-beam-girdle (excuse me, ladies).  This allows every interference to simply glide away without pushing.  The same also occurs in the cosmos which swarms with particles.  Therefore, the beam-protection screen functions to protect the ship against all influences and resistance with anything contacting the screen becoming pushed aside or disintegrated—as the boundary layer spoken of above.

All things which would otherwise penetrate or are resistance-offering are simply diverted without evoking pressures in any manner.  Resistance must be eliminated to reach sufficient speeds for distance travel.

Removal of this protecting screen brings into play another very important effect which is of great importance—especially to passengers and crews; the glide-away effect of the beam-protection-screen diverts the gravity and attractive forces, and the beam ship in effect becomes a micro-planet which can travel at near light speed through any atmosphere without any risk at all.

The gravity of a planet does not influence the beam ship.  The passengers feel nothing abnormal and there is no force levied against their beings—just as if they were on a home planet where the balance is adjusted by natural selection and where the planetary gravity is in accordance with their anatomical capabilities.

In the beam ship itself the gravity, of course, is balanced to the passengers and is completely controlled.  When passengers on space craft from other bearable gravity and atmosphere, they must utilize controlled environment coverings, light “aura” shields, and transportable instruments and apparatus to measure, maintain and produce protection for the beings.


gggIf you were to sell your character today would you get full retail price, or would it go for a bargain-basement price?  How about wholesale?
It would seem most wise in view of our response to hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you and therefore there need never be excuses.

And—always remember the great man shows his greatness by the way he treats the little man.  How do you treat your brother?  Your enemy, your neighbor, your spouse? Your child?  How GREAT are you?

This CHAPTER is dedicated the Jumpmaster (Airborne Special Operations Command, “America’s Guard of Honor”, as chartered by U.S. Congress, 82nd Airborne Division, under President Eisenhower).  Happy Birthday to our scribe’s father in whose giant footsteps Jonur follows.  May you continue to inspire your family and the world—“Airborne”!  Amen.


Such a ridiculous statement can be challenged only by explaining that the information of how things began, indeed, did not come from the memory of the Assyrians, Babylonians, or Sumerians but from the knowledge and science of the Anunnaki/Nefilim.  This includes the Creation of Man.  They too, of course, couldn’t “remember” how the Solar System was created or how Nibiru/Marduk invaded the Solar System, because they themselves were not yet created on their planet—just like any other story projection such as your own perceptions of Genesis.  But  just as your scientists are getting a pretty good notion of how some of the things in the Solar System came about, through something they call “Big Bang”, the Anunnaki/Nefilim capable of space travel over 450,000 years ago, surely had some capacity to arrive at sensible scenarios of creation.  Much more so since their planet, acting as a space craft that sailed past all the outer planets, gave them a chance at repeated close looks that were undoubtedly more extensive than your Voyager window-peeping.  I ask you again, “What is a space ship, star craft?”
For you, inquiring minds, several updated studies of the Enuma elish, such as The Babylonian Genesis by Alexander Heidel of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, have dwelt on the parallels in theme and structure between the Mesopotamian and biblical narrative.  Both indeed begin with the statement that the tale takes its reader Core listener, as in Babylon, to the primordial time when the Earth and “the heavens” did not yet exist.  But whereas the Sumerian cosmogony dealt with the creation of the Solar System and only then set the stage for the appearance of the celestial Lord (Nibiru/Marduk), the biblical version skipped all that and went directly to the Celestial Battle and its aftermath.
With the immensity of space as its canvas, here is how the Mesopotamian version began to draw the primordial picture:

When in the heights Heaven had not been named and below Earth had not been called, naught but primordial Apsu, their Begetter, Mumu, and Tiamat, she who bore them all.  Their waters were mingled together.  No reed had yet been formed, no marshland had appeared.

Even in the traditional King James version, readers, the biblical opening is more matter-of-fact not an inspirational religious opus but a lesson in primordial science, informing the reader that there, indeed, was a time when Heaven and the Earth did not yet exist, especially in the perceptions of anyone and anything around at the time within the arena in which this particular “Play” would be transformed into seeming reality.  It, further, stated that it took an act of the “Celestial Lord”, his “Spirit” moving upon the “waters”, to bring Heaven and Earth about with a bolt of light—or something like it.


The progress in biblical and linguistic studies since the time of King James has moved the editors of both the Catholic The New American Bible and The New English Bible of the churches in Great Britain to substitute the word “wind”—which is what the Hebrew ru’ach means—for the “Spirit of God”, so that the last verse now reads “A mighty wind swept over the waters”.  They retain, however, the concept of “abyss” for the Hebrew word Tehom in the original bible; but by now even the theologians acknowledge that the reference is to no other entity than the Sumerian Tiamat.  Oops!  Proof of tampering, changing and editing?  I suggest you consider same most carefully.

Let us move on with this understanding, the reference in the Mesopotamian version to the mingling “waters” of Tiamat ceases to be allegorical and calls for a factual evaluation.  It goes to the question of the plentiful waters of Earth and the biblical assertion that when the Earth was formed it was completely covered by water.  You will soon realize this to be correct.  If water was so abundant, even at the moment of Earth’s creation, then only if Tiamat was also a watery planet could the half that became Earth be watery!!

The watery nature of Tehom/Tiamat is mentioned in various biblical (yours) references.  The prophet Isaiah (51:10) recalled “the primeval days” when the might of the Lord “carved the Haughty One, made spin the watery monster, drained off the waters of the mighty Tehom”.  The psalmist extolled the Lord of Beginnings who “by thy might the waters thou didst disperse, the leader of the watery monsters thou didst break up”.

What was the “wind” of the Lord that “moved upon the face of the waters” of Tehom/Tiamat?  Not the divine “Spirit” but the satellite of Nibiru/Marduk that, in the Mesopotamian texts, was called by that term!  Those texts vividly described the flashes and lightning strokes that burst off Nibiru/Marduk as it closed in on Tiamat.  Applying this knowledge to the biblical text, its correct reading emerges:

When, in the beginning, the Lord created the Heaven and the Earth, the Earth, not yet formed, was in the void and there was darkness upon Tiamat.  Then the Wind of the Lord swept upon its waters and the Lord commanded, “Let there be lightning!” And there was a bright light.

The continuing narrative of your Genesis does not describe the ensuing splitting up of Tiamat or the breakup of her host of satellites, described so vividly in the Mesopotamian texts.  It is evident, however, from the above quoted verses from Isaiah and Psalms, as well as from the narrative in Job (26:7-13), that the Hebrews were familiar with the skipped-over portions of the original tale.  Job recalled how the celestial Lord smote “the helpers of the Haughty One”, and he exalted the Lord who, having come from the outer reaches of space, cleaved Tiamat (Tehom) and changed the Solar System:

The hammered canopy He stretched out in the place of Tehom.  The Earth suspended in the void.  He penned waters in its denseness without any cloud bursting…

His powers the waters did arrest, His energy the Haughty One did cleave.  His wind the Hammered Bracelet measured out, His hand the twisting dragon did extinguish.

The Mesopotamian texts continued from here to describe how Nibiru/Marduk formed the Asteroid Belt out of Tiamat’s lower half:

The other half of her He set up as a screen for the skies; locking them together as watchmen he stationed them.  He bent Tiamat’s tail to form the Great Band or a bracelet.

Genesis picks up the primordial tale here and describes the forming of the asteroid belt thus:


Realizing that the Hebrew word Shama’im is used to speak of heaven or the heavens in general, the editors of Genesis went into some length to use two terms for “the heaven” created as a result of the destruction of Tiamat.  What separated the “upper waters” from the “lower waters”, the Genesis text stresses, was the Raki’a; generally translated “Firmament” literally meaning “Hammered-out Bracelet”.  Then Genesis goes on to explain that Elohim then called the Raki’a, the so-called Firmament, Shama’im, “the Heaven”—a name that in its first use in the bible consists of the two words Sham and ma’im—meaning literally “where the waters were”.  In the creation tale of Genesis “the Heaven” was a specific celestial location where Tiamat and her waters had been where the asteroid belt was hammered out.

That happened, according to the Mesopotamian texts, when Nibiru/Marduk returned to the Place of Crossing—the second phase of the battle with Tiamat “Day Two”, if you wish, as the biblical narrative does.

Are there scholars on your placement who have this information deciphered correctly and in presentable form?  Indeed, but they are not allowed coverage and books are removed from the libraries as soon as they are placed there.  I won’t aid and abet our enemies by giving that information at this time, and if some of you research historians find same—PLEASE DO NOT RELAY THE INFORMATION ON TO US—YET.  THIS IS THE MOST CRITICALLY OPPOSED INFORMATION WITHIN YOUR POLITICAL ELITE CIRCLES—LET US NOT ENDANGER THE VERY WRITERS WHO CAN GIVE YOU FREEDOM THROUGH TRUTH.


The ancient tale is replete with details, each of which is amazing in and of itself.  Ancient awareness of them is so incredible that is the only plausible explanation, readers; the one offered by the Sumerians themselves—namely that those who had come to Earth from Nibiru were the source of that knowledge.  Modern astronomy has already corroborated many of these details and can no longer be actually hidden.  By doing so, it indirectly confirms the key assertions of the ancient cosmogony and astronomy.  The Celestial Battle that resulted in the breakup of Tiamat, the creation of Earth and the asteroid belt, and the capture of Nibiru/Marduk into permanent orbit around your Sun.

Let’s just look at one aspect of the ancient tale—the “host” of satellites, or “winds” that the “celestial gods” had.

You know that Mars has two moons, Jupiter sixteen moons and several more moonlets, Saturn twenty one  or more, Uranus as many as fifteen, Neptune eight.  Until Galileo discovered with his telescope the four brightest and largest satellites of Jupiter in 1610, it was unthinkable that a celestial body could have more than one such companion—evidence Earth and its solitary Moon.

But here we read in the Sumerian texts that as Nibiru/Marduk’s gravity interacted with that of Uranus, the invader “begot” three satellites (“winds”) and Anu/Uranus “brought forth” four such moons.  By the time Nibiru/Marduk reached Tiamat, it had a total of seven “winds” with which to attack Tiamat, and Tiamat had a “host” of eleven—among them the “leader of the host”, which was about to become an independently orbiting planet, your eventual Moon.

Another element of the Sumerian tale, of great significance to the ancient astronomers, was the assertion that the debris from the lower half of Tiamat was stretched out in the space where she had once existed.

The Mesopotamian texts, and the biblical version thereof in Genesis, are emphatic and detailed about the formation of the asteroid belt—insisting that such a “bracelet” of debris exists and orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.  But your astronomers were not aware of that until the nineteenth century.  The first realization that the space between Mars and Jupiter was not just a dark void was discovery by Giuseppe Piazzi on January 1, 1801 of a small celestial object in the space between the two planets, an object that was named Ceres (Incidentally, dear friends, my full label/name is Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton, Commander and Leader of the Celestial Hosts!), and that has the distinction of being the first known (and named) asteroid.  Hmm-mm!  Three more asteroids (Pallas, Juno, and Vesta) were discovered by 1807, none after that until 1845, and hundreds since then, so that almost 2,000 are known by now.  Astronomers believe that there may be as many as 50,000 asteroids at least a mile in diameter, as well as many more pieces of debris, too small to be seen from Earth—which number in the billions.

In other words, it has taken modern astronomy almost two centuries to find out what the Sumerians knew 6,000 years ago.


Even with this knowledge the biblical statement that the “Hammered-out Bracelet”, the Shama’im—alias “the Heaven”, divided the “waters which are below the Firmament” remained a puzzle. Now, what could the “Bible” be speaking of?

You ones have known, of course, that Earth was a very watery planet, but it has been assumed that it is uniquely so.  Many will undoubtedly recall science fiction tales wherein aliens come to Earth to carry off its unique and life-giving liquid, water.  So even if the ancient texts had in mind Tiamat’s, and hence Earth’s waters, and if this was what was meant by the “water which is below the Firmament”, what water was there to talk about regarding that which is “above the Firmament”??
You know—don’t you—that the asteroid belt had, indeed, as the ancient text reported, divided the planets into two groups?

“Below” it are the Terrestrial, or inner Planets; “above” it the gaseous, or Outer Planets.  But, except for Earth, the former had barren surfaces and the latter no surfaces at all, and the long-held conventional wisdom was that neither group had any water—excepting, of course, Earth.

As a result of the missions of unmanned space craft to all the other planets except Pluto, you now know better.  Mercury, which was observed by the space craft Mariner 10, I believe in 1974/75, is too small and too close to the Sun to have retained water, if it ever had any.  There is no point of this JOURNAL to restructure all of your misperceptions.  Size and closeness to the Sun have NOTHING to do with whether or not a planet has water.  But—we shall go with what the scientists “think” they know and what is projected to you so that confusion is not the point instead of the tale unfolding.

Venus likewise is believed to be waterless because of its relative proximity to the Sun.  This one surprised the scientists for it was discovered by unmanned space craft, both American and Soviet that the extremely hot surface of the planet (almost 900 degrees Fahrenheit) was caused not so much by its proximity to the Sun as by a “greenhouse” effect.  The planet seems to be enshrouded by what is presumed to be a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide and clouds that contain sulfuric acid.  As a result the heat of the Sun is trapped and does not dissipate back into space during the night.  (Assuming, of course, that there is actually heat from the Sun—which there is not!)  Through this assumption, however, it would be recognized that an ever-rising temperature would have vaporized any water that Venus might have had.  But did it ever have such water in its past?  You see, as we travel along in the theories of “formation” and “what if’s”, it becomes more and more clear that man hasn’t ANY NOTION OF WHAT REALLY IS!  It is now pretty much speculated that Venus once had a lot of water.

Interestingly enough, “the lost oceans of Venus” can be traced in its rocks—telltale signs of water flow, in fact.  There was indeed water “below the Firmament”—not only on Earth but also on Venus as well.

The latest scientific discoveries have now added Mars to the list of inner planets whose waters corroborate the ancient statement.  There exist “canals” on Mars and they can be seen through the telescopic lenses.


*       *       *

Remember Jonur that the eye of prudence may never shut for a dram of discretion is worth a pound of wisdom if taken out of proper sequence.  Further, if you think twice before you speak once, you will speak twice the better for it and if you want the rose you must fully respect the thorn which abides with the rose.  But you must keep always in the top of your listing of actions that the prudent man does himself good; the virtuous one does it to other men.  In so doing, all within wisdom, it will become clear that if you never exceed your rights, they will soon become unlimited.  Be ever alert to the “small” things for, if you seem to be out of trouble, watch for danger.  When you live well, and then consider the most, your life, lest ruin take it unawares.
*       *       *

You ones must be in consideration of the investigations focused on others of your planets wherein you can see that things are not as were speculated upon as being only a short while in your past.

Let us consider findings of the Mariner 9 (these are Earth launched satellite “probes” which confirmed and augmented the results of the Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions launched five years later.  They examined Mars both from orbiters and from landers that descended to the planet’s surface.  They showed such features as evidence of several floods by large quantities of water in an area designated Chryse Planitis; channels that once held and were formed by running water coming from the Valise Marineris area.  Cyclical melting of permafrost in the equatorial region; rocks weathered and eroded by the force of water, and evidence of erstwhile lakes, ponds, and other “water basins”.

Let us remember from those recordings from the probes that water vapor was found in the thin Martian atmosphere.  Charles A. Barth, the principal scientist in charge of Mariner 9’s ultraviolet measurements, estimates that the evaporation amounted to the equivalent of 100,000 gallons of water daily.  Norman Horowitz of Caltech reasoned that “large amounts of water in some form have in past eons been introduced to the surface and into the atmosphere of Mars”, because that was required in order to have so much carbon dioxide (90 percent) in the Martian atmosphere.  Then in publishing results of the Viking project, it was concluded that “a long time ago giant flash floods carved the Martian landscape in a number of places; a volume of water equal to Lake Erie poured….scouring great channels”.

The final NASA report after the Viking missions Mars—The Viking Discoveries concluded that “Mars once had enough water to form a layer several meters deep over the whole surface of the planet”.

How did they actually come to conclusions in agreement?  They projected that this was possible because Mars, like Earth, wobbles slightly as it spins about its axis.  This action results in significant climatic changes every 50,000 years.  When the planet was warmer it may have had lakes as large as Earth’s Great Lakes in North America and as much as three miles deep.  “This is an almost inescapable conclusion,” stated Michael H. Carr and Jack McCauley of the U.S. Geological Survey in 1985.  “1985”?  How many years do you think there were up to 1985?  Please, chelas, be in reasoning—conclusions drawn in 1985 are like “finally” being drawn this day and still these are only “conclusions” and not proven points of fact.

What I am trying to reach through to your reasoning mind and say, is that you can’t have known very much after some cataclysmic happening occurred and caused a “dark age” aboard your own starship.  These things are only now flowing into your knowledge.  Worse, the information is now balanced against that which is KNOWN from other resources of controlled information and fed to you in erroneous bits and pieces, mixed with valid information.

When your televisions fail to function for any reason, say, in the afternoon—does the public demand retribution and squawk and complain about loss of “news” or a scientific program on CNN?  No—they complain and protest the loss of a soap opera.  They may also complain about missing Oprah Winfrey on the subject of whether or not white homosexuals should be allowed to marry (through the state legal system) white homosexuals and have children.  At the very most any way you can cut the subject—a legal state marriage is only a way for the state to gain fees for issuing you a worthless piece of paper.  Marriages are made in the heart between two people and the “commitment” is only valid if made unto each other with God as witness.  Only God can help the poor TV repairman if you blot out Super Bowl.

What are you going to do through those several days with NO ELECTRICITY AND NO RADIO AND/OR TV CAPABILITY??  I suggest you ponder this most closely this very day for your scientists (the same ones listed above) expect this very scenario to occur in late July of this year.  WHY DO YOU NOT GO FORTH AND DEMAND THAT “THEY” TELL YOU HOW IT WILL BE SO YOU CAN PREPARE.  WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO “TEST” HATONN AND MY PEOPLE WITH YOUR INQUIRIES?  I gave you exactly what the scientists have predicted—why would you have to obtain information from ME?
I actually have ones who have written and “given me one last chance”.  “If the Photon Belt (The band of light-photon-particles your entire solar/sun system passes through on a regular cycle.  This is also in conjunction with the biblical happenings of your Earth history.  We will, again, cover this in more and greater detail—FOR THIS, TOO, IS UPON YOU!), doesn’t come on time, I am through believing anything you tell us!”  So, what does this make ME?  Who is going to suffer from such a decision?  ME?  I have a nice space craft with comforts you only dream of.  WHO IS GOING TO SUFFER FOR LACK OF AN OPEN MIND?  SO BE IT.

Yes, indeed, I have compassion for you—to the point that we continue in the face of such assault, to inform you as best we can for so many of you are patient and do everything you can to prepare and assist your neighbor—but so often your neighbor has already been rendered “brain dead”—and most family offspring and immediate relations only think you have gone totally “bonkers”.  I understand your position; I simply can’t interfere with man’s free will choices.  I can offer the information—I cannot “kidnap” anyone and jerk them into safety.  In only a few very extreme circumstances am I allowed to do such—and then, if adults are involved, I have to release them after decisions are made.


What are these circumstances?  When an evacuation of the planet HAS TO BE MADE to salvage soul energy forms.  When annihilation is so imminent that the planetary chain reactions of the detonations set by man have no possibility of reversal—then, we have to get you off—as many as will come.  Most will be more terrified of us than the situation because you won’t recognize the totality of the event until too late.  In those instances, ones who serve—such as my scribes, etc., with permission of “them”, we are allowed to take up into safety all members of the family as requested and other ones of significant interaction.  Then confrontations with those adults involved will be honored as to choices.  Children will be kept in security at any circumstance on that day.  WHY this dispensation?  So that our workers can do their work without being pulled away to attend ones of their beloved relations, etc.  All hands will be needed with clarity of action and thought.  This is the promise in return for service.  Further, there will not be rightness of circumstance to simply blot consciousness from the workers for the service will be required in BOTH levels of understanding and physical expression.

So, what do you do?  I have told you.  But moreover, you have other access to documentation and instructions.  How many of you, even after my having told you so, realize your own government puts out documents every year on NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS—right from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In 1989, when we first began to write on the subject of “survival”, the point of your adversary is to “kill” you off, not “safe” you.  We will, again, review in detail your survival options with “Survival Is Only Ten Feet From Hell”.  In your Holy Bible and ancient Eastern Indian manuscripts, NUCLEAR ATTACK is regarded as “FIRE AND BRIMSTONE”!  And yes, indeed, atomic weapons also existed in eons past!  You need look no further than the sister cities of SODOM AND GOMORRAH (BABEDH DHRA AND NUMERAH), and your own “DEATH VALLEY”, in the American West!  Those locations are STILL so radioactive that, even today—nothing will grow there!  They are totally barren of plant and animal life.  They remain abandoned.  Powerful are the weapons of the “ancient aliens”, if you will!




The outcome of the “joint” scientific studies between the Soviets and the U.S.A.  NASA regarding “Mars landings” concluded that some deep Martian canyons are probably still flowing water in their depths, or at least just below the dry riverbeds.  How quaint.

What had started out as a dry and barren planet has emerged, in the past decade, as a planet where water was once abundant—not just passively lying about but flowing and gushing and shaping the planet’s features.  Mars has joined Venus and Earth in corroborating the concept of the Sumerian texts of water “below the Firmament”, on the inner planets.


The ancient assertion that the asteroid belt separated the waters that were below the Firmament from those that were above it implies that there was water on the celestial bodies that are located further out.  We have already reviewed the later discoveries which confirm the Sumerian description of Uranus and Neptune as “watery”.  What about the other two celestial bodies that ae orbiting between those two outer planets and the asteroid belt, Saturn and Jupiter?  Saturn itself, a gaseous giant whose volume is more than eight hundred times greater than that of Earth, as described by scientists, has not yet been penetrated down to its surface—assuming it has, somewhere below its vast atmosphere of hydrogen and helium, a solid or liquid core.  But its various moons as well as its breathtaking rings are now known to be made, if not wholly then in large part, of water ice and perhaps even liquid water.  This is what your astronomers and scientific computer analysis say, so surely you can believe them?

They continue by telling you that originally, Earth-based observations of Saturn showed only seven rings; it is now known from space probes that there are many more, with thinner rings and thousands of ringlets filling the spaces between the seven major rings.  Altogether they create the effect of a disk that, like a phonograph record, is grooved with rings and ringlets.  The unmanned space craft Pioneer II established in 1979 that the rings and ringlets consist of icy material, believed at the time to be small pieces of ice a few inches in diameter or as small as snowflakes.  But what of invisible photon rings?  Whoever mentions these little perturbations?  What about these little invisible particles which can destroy your entire species in a period of time with no protection?  I repeat—what about those “holes” wherein already are pouring these photon waves upon you?  The government lies to you—you are moving into the Photon Belt right on schedule and they are giving you hogwash about “ozone holes” and nonsense about “skin cancers”.

Can man survive such a passage?  Indeed, if care is taken for you will be under the influence of multiple “suns”.  This is why we encourage “clusters” of domes over covered by large “shade” domes so that most activities can be done without full-time exposure to these elements.  Indeed, man can not only survive, but flourish in the presence of such Light if handled properly.  After adjustment and a period of “mutation”, plants and animals who dwell in the open will flourish incredibly well.  Because of your adaptation to luxury indoor climate control you are the ones at risk.  This is, however, why the prophets will tell you that the animals will be quite well adjusted “outside” during that period of “Light” which would blind and burn your human bodies.  Outdoor dwellers will also manage very well with a minimal eye protection.  This, of course, is IF the human interferers keep out of the equation.  If you ignite radioactive belts, etc., you will have other problems with which to contend.  Already a thrust for sunglasses which close out ultra-violet rays are marketed.  Why do you think this is so?  Human can easily evolve protective changes if given a bit of “time” to do so.  It is the suddenness which is devastating.  As with any x-rays, protection of minimal amounts will be more than adequate.  HOWEVER:


NEXT BUG A BOOS:  One of the major reasons why the government will not allow you to be told of the upcoming Photon Belt is because STERILIZATION OF THE SPECIES will occur through exposure to the rays for ones who are exposed without protection.  This will cause a massive drop in offspring in the immediate upcoming generation of population.  How better to snuff out the prospective “next generation”?  There simply will only be the “select” few who will be able to have children.

This is why the Revelation prophecies state that it will be most bad for ones who are with child.  The mutations will abound in the first birthing of already forming bodies and recently conceived babes.  There will be massive spontaneous abortions and malformed births, most of which will not survive and in the hardships upcoming, will perish.  There will be a massive annihilation of any surviving mutants.  Again, chelas, ye become angry with ME; do you think I make up these tales to give you a “scare night at the movies”?  The prophecies have been before you since the beginning of your planet.

This is, however, why I suggest that as you move into the Photon Belt, you must also have facilities for protection of your “bearing” cattle and fowl, etc.  Most will fare alright on their own but they, too, shall become sterile if left to exposure of great magnitude for a long period of time until adjustment can be accomplished.  This would be necessary, at any rate; for the planet would be overrun by animals and the species of human would be destroyed in time.


Next bugs-in-the Boo:   The rays will destroy the brain functioning if not protected.  If you cannot imagine a planet filled with dying, blind—and totally insane persons—I suggest you begin to do so NOW.  This is why the Jewish Khazarian “Hollywood” machine pushes the “Zombie Apocalypse” on your television and motion picture screens.  They know what is coming, and do not want the rest of you to learn how to protect selves, to PREVENT said “Apocalypse”!  Just as with continued radiation, the brain cells are killed off and you will surely be back to a planet of dying humanity who can function only at “cave-man” level—if that efficiently.  This is as much the reason for “dark ages” as anything that happens to a planet.  This is what would cyclically depopulate a planet in the natural order of things.  This is why man “could” save selves but will not.  Good news?  Bad news?  No, it just IS news.  It should not be “news” for it is as old, likewise, as the beginning of the planet.

As you can see, there is much hidden from you-the-people that can be your salvation in these, so-called, “End Times”.  However, we of Aton (God) of the Hosts of Heaven have come to see you through, that which is set before you as a trap.
Take heed to these “instruction manuals” (JOURNALS), for they are given by The Lord—to guide His People through the shadow of the valley of death.

Break here, Jonur, and let us begin the next CHAPTER, please.  Thank you for your service, and know that your loved ones—and your “Boo” – will be protected.  Salu!  And Amen!  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.

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