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New Series 249: It is important that you learn your TRUE HERITAGE with the “Bird Tribes”, and “The Star People”, so that the coming STAGED INVASION FROM SPACE ALIENS, utilizing cloned and mutated “monsters”, come to eat your flesh and drink your blood, does not fool you-the-people! This is Lucifer’s last stand, BEFORE God and the Christ Being, “Jesus” returns to reclaim His people and His planet! May truth and the gift of reason guide your every action and next step(s).

8/20/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns249)


“Air quakes”, sonic booms and mysterious tones from the sky.  How will YOU perceive Gabriel’s Horns and Trumpet Calls, when they finally come?

You are in the “End Times”, as prophesized in thy Holy Scriptures.  Do you know if it is the first trumped call, or “The Final” trumpet call?  If you are prepared, or are preparing, then it matters not, for you will be ready when the Lord cometh.

Why do we of the Heavenly Hosts speak in parables?  So that you will THINK upon these things, and KNOW THAT THE TIME OF GOD IS AT HAND!  And not rely on another “man” to tell you on the “Evening News”.

You will never be given truth of the mysterious happenings.  The lie is what Satan dishes out best, chelas, even when truth might serve him better.  Therefore, ask the God within and you will be guided through the valley of darkness with His Holy Light—whatever may come.


Taking up again with snowflakes, let us continue.  What was originally described as “a carousel of bright icy particles” was revealed, however, by data to consist of chunks of ice ranging from boulder size to that of “big houses”.  You are seeing “a sea of sparkling ice” said JPL’s scientists.  The ice, at some primordial time, had been liquid water. By the way, these are the SAME scientists who tested the material left by Semjase and Pleiadians with Billy Meier and “lost” the samples. (She, Semjase, is the “Visitor” who came and landed her beam ship—“Flying Saucer”—in Switzerland, to give mankind the PROOF OF YOUR CELESTIAL BEGINNINGS.  This is WHY the so-called “Geneva Conventions” and Swiss Banking Privacy Treaties were established in that Nation.  And yet, the world was not allowed to know these FACTS of your world’s history.)

The several larger moons of Saturn at which the three spacecraft took a look, appeared to have much more water, and not only in the form of ice.  It was reported in 1979 that the group of inner moons of Saturn—Janus, Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, and Rhea—appeared to be “icy bodies consisting largely of ice”.  It was confirmed in 1980 that these inner satellites as well as the newly discovered moonlets were “spheres of ice”.  On Enceladus, which was examined more closely, the indications were that its smooth plains resulted from the filling in of old craters with liquid water that had oozed up to the surface and then frozen.

It was also revealed that Saturn’s outer moons were ice covered.  The moon Iapetus, which has puzzled astronomers because it showed dark and bright portions, was found to be “coated with water ice” in the bright areas.  Voyager 2 seemed to confirm in 1981 that Iapetus was “primarily a ball of ice with some rock in its center”.  The data, Von R. Eshleman of Stanford University concluded, indicated that Iapetus was 55 percent water ice, 35 percent rock, and 10 percent frozen methane.  Saturn’s largest moon, Titan—larger than the planet Mercury—was found to have an atmosphere and a surface rich in hydrocarbons.  But under them there is a mantle of frozen ice, and some sixty miles farther down, as the internal heat of this celestial body increases, there is a thick layer of water slush.  Farther down, it is now believed, there probably exists a layer of bubbling hot water more than 100 miles deep.  All in all, the Voyagers’ data suggesting that Titan is 15 percent rock and 85 percent water and ice.

Is Saturn itself a larger version of Titan, its largest moon?  Well, you could wait for future missions and see what they provide—or you can turn and study the Sumerian texts and KNOW NOW.  It’s up to you.


Jupiter was investigated by probes called Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, and by the two Voyagers according to your public information allowed sharing with you in some portion.  The results indicated that there were no differences then found at Saturn.  The giant gaseous planet was found to emit immense amounts of radiation and heat and to be engulfed by a thick atmosphere that is subject to violent storms.  Yet even this impenetrable envelope was found to be constituted primarily of hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia, water vapor, and probably droplets of water; somewhere further down inside the thick atmosphere there is liquid water, the scientists have concluded.

As with Saturn, the moons of Jupiter proved more fascinating, revealing, and surprising than the planet itself.  Of the four Galilean moons, Io, the closest to Jupiter revealed totally unexpected volcanic activity.

Although what the volcanoes spew is mostly Sulphur based, the erupted material contains some water.  The surface to Io shows vast plains with troughs running through them as if they had been carved by running water.  The consensus is that Io has “some internal sources of water”.

Europa, like Io, appears to be a rocky body, but its somewhat lower density suggests that it may contain more internal water than Io.  Its surface shows a lattice work of vein like lines that suggest to the NASA teams shallow fissures in a sea of frozen ice.  A close look at Europa by Voyager 2 revealed a layer of mushy water ice under the cracked surface.  At the December 1984 meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, two scientists of NASA’s Ames Research Center suggested that under Europa’s ice sheet there might exist warmer oases of lipid water that could sustain living organisms.  After a reexamination of Voyager 2 photographs, NASA scientists tentatively concluded that the spacecraft witnessed volcanic eruptions of water and ammonia from the moon’s interior.  The belief now is that Europa “has an ice covering several miles thick” overlaying an ocean of liquid water up to thirty miles deep, kept from freezing by radioactive decay and the friction of tidal forces.  Eee-gads.  Well, be glad Hatonn is presenting this information instead of Soltec (Senior Geophysical Authority, by another scribe/receiver/translator, of the etheric realm.) who sits to my right elbow and is about having a hemorrhage.  Never mind, chelas, you have to have the idiot blather and speculation so that you can better appreciate the TRUTH.

Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter’s moons, appears to be covered with water ice mixed with rock, suggesting it has undergone moonquakes that have cracked its crust of frozen ice.  It is thought to be made almost entirely of water ice with an inner ocean of liquid water near its core.  The fourth Galilean moon, Callisto—about the size of the planet Mercury—also has an ice-rich crust; under it there are mush and liquid water surrounding a small, rocky core.  Estimates are that Callisto is more than 50 percent water.  A ring discovered around Jupiter is also made mostly, if not wholly, of ice particles.

Modern science seems to have confirmed the ancient assertion to the fullest:  there indeed have been “waters ABOVE the Firmament”.


Jupiter is the Solar System’s largest planet (visible)—as large as 1,300 Earths.  It contains some 90 percent of the mass of the complete planetary system of the Sun.  I suggest that when you come into “visibility” you will suddenly discover you are surrounded by unseen planets and stars.  These ones would have been totally obscured by photons through which your vision was incapable of witness.  As the entire system “speed up” in frequency to accommodate these new “X-rays”, you will find a whole universe of wondrous new additions.

As stated a bit earlier, the Sumerians called Jupiter KI.SHAR, “Foremost of the Firm Lands”, of the planetary bodies.  “Foremost”??  From whose perception might that be written?  Saturn, though smaller than Jupiter, occupies a much larger portion of the heavens because of its rings, whose "disk" has a diameter of 670,000 miles.  The Sumerians called it AN.SHAR, “Foremost of the Heavens”.  “Foremost”??  From whose perception might that be written?  Ah, so!

Evidently these Sumerians knew what they were talking about?


When you can view the Sun with the unclothed eye, say, at dawn or at sunset it appears to be a perfect disk.  Even when viewed with telescopes it has the shape of a perfect globe.  Yet, the Sumerians (by the way, the ONE you label “Jesus” was NOT “Jewish”—He was SUMERIAN!  No one told you that, did they?!) depicted it as a disk with triangular rays extending from its round surface.  Why?

In 1980 astronomers of the High Altitude Observatory of the University of Colorado took pictures of the Sun with a special camera during an eclipse observed in a location in the country of India.  (In August a total eclipse of your Sun will occur and the opportunity is always utilized by Us to make a presentation that cannot be hidden by your evil adversary.  Since millions of you will focus your attention to “the heavens”, our presence will be made known for those wanting confirmation of God’s Hosts.)  The pictures revealed that because of magnetic influences the Sun’s corona (outer edge) gives it the appearance of a  disk with triangular rays extending from its surface—just as the Sumerians had depicted millennia earlier.

In January of 1983 an author named ZECHARIA SITCHIN, born in Russia and raised in Palestine, an Economics/History professor brought this “enigmatic representation” which was on a Sumerian “cylinder seal” to the attention of the editor of Scientific American, a journal that reported the astronomers’ discovery.  In response, the editor, Dennis Flanagan, wrote to him on January 27, 1983:  “Thank you for your letter of January 25.  What you have to say is most interesting, and we may be able to publish it.”

In addition to the many puzzles posed by this depiction, he had written in his letter, “foremost of which is the source of the Sumerian knowledge is now their apparent familiarity with the true shape of the Sun’s corona.”

Do you suppose it is the need to acknowledge the source of Sumerian knowledge THAT IS STILL HOLDING UP PUBLICATION OF WHAT ‘SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’ HAS DEEMED “MOST INTERESTING”?  What would be your best guess?


As we move on to write of “messengers”, let it be remembered that always there have been the messengers sent.  As far back in your books of instructions, even unto Isaiah (who was a messenger), there have been signs of that which would come and messengers to tell truth that man might know that which to seek for protection and journey into the “unknown”.

Always too, the instructions have been to turn from your errors so that you would be worthy of acceptance into the places of the ones come to bring you into safety.  See Matthew 3 and Isaiah 42:19.  How can you recognize the messengers and signs, yea, even miracles if you know not for what to look?

Most of all you must respect life—all life—for you were sent as stewards and you have forgotten.
One of the most important of Creation’s Natural Laws is that all life is equal.  That’s a fact which must be acknowledged before man can expect to find balance and growth in any enlightened community.  You have to respect life—all life, not just your own.  The key word is “respect”.  Unless you respect the Earth, you will destroy it.  Unless you respect all life as much as your own life, you become a destroyer, a murderer.  Know too, that there is great difference in “respect” and “worship”.  Respect gives retention of control and power unto the giver—worship gives all control and power unto the worshipped.  Responsibility is the “key”—all must respect ALL if “self” is to flourish in wisdom among the higher brotherhood of human.


Ah, you expected me to speak of “people” who were sent as messengers?  People are most unstable and forgetful, chelas.  God nor Creation would entrust the signs and messages of unchangeable magnitude into the hands of humans.  In higher wisdom—HE will always send messengers—who cannot be cajoled, bribed or tampered with.


Of what am I speaking?  Example:  In 1986 mankind was given (evolved in proper sequence) an once-in-a-lifetime event.  The appearance of a messenger from the past, a Messenger of Genesis.  It was a comet which had been spoken of since Genesis.  However, in your latter accounting you decided to label it Halley’s Comet.  But I remind you—a rose by any other name is but a rose!

Halley’s Comet is unique in many ways as it differs from the many comets and other small objects that roam the heavens.  Among the differences is the fact that its recorded appearances have been traced to millennia past, as well as the fact that modern science was able, in 1986, to conduct for the first time a comprehensive, close-up examination of a comet and its core—or so it was claimed.  The first fact underscores the excellence of ancient astronomy; because of the second, data was obtained that once again corroborated ancient knowledge and the tales of Genesis.

In 1780 Edmund Halley became British Astronomer Royal.  He had postulated that the comet he observed in 1692 (and which came to bear his name) was a periodic one, the same that had been observed in 1531 and 1607.  There was a chain of scientific developments which led to this—during the years 1695-1705.  This involved the promulgation of the laws of gravitation and celestial motion by Sir Isaac Newton and Newton’s consulting with Halley about his findings.  By the way, it would seem worthy to again remind you that Esu (Jesus) Emmanuel was NOT born on December 25 but Isaac Newton WAS. Perhaps that would be a most worthy celebration and stop quarrels over Jesus and stars of David and candlesticks.

Until this time in point the theory regarding comets was that they crossed the heavens in straight lines, appearing at one end of the skies and disappearing in the other direction, never to be seen again.  BUT, based on Newtonian laws, Halley concluded that the curve expressed by comets is elliptical, eventually bringing these celestial bodies back to where they had been observed before.  The “three” comets of 1531, 1607, and 1682 were unusual in that they were all orbiting in the “wrong” direction—clockwise rather than counter clockwise; had similar deviations from the general orbital plane of the planets around the Sun—being inclined about 17-18 degrees—and were similar in appearance.  Concluding they were one and the same comet, he plotted its course and calculated its period (the length of time between its appearances) to be about seventy-six years.  He then predicted that it would reappear in 1758.  He did not live long enough to see his prediction come true, but he was honored by having the comet named after him.


Like that of all celestial bodies, and especially because of a comet’s small size, its orbit is easily perturbed by gravitational pull of the planets it passes.  This is especially true of Jupiter’s effect.  Each time a comet nears the Sun, its frozen material comes to life; the comet develops a head and a very long tail and begins to lose some of its material as it turns to gas and vapor.  This is an assumption based upon the best information which can be gleaned on your place.  It is close enough to serve the purposes herein.  All these phenomena affect the comet’s orbit; therefore, although more precise measurements have somewhat narrowed the orbital range of Halley’s comet from the seventy-four to seventy-nine years that he had calculated, the period of seventy-six years is only a practical average; the actual orbit and its period must be recalculated each time the comet makes an appearance.

With the aid of equipment now available to you, an average of six or so comets are reported each year; of them, one or two are comets on return trips, while others are newly discovered.  This does NOT mean they are not on return trips—only that they had not been discovered.  Most of the recognized “returning” comets are short-period ones, the shortest known being that of Encke’s comet, which nears the Sun and then returns to a region slightly beyond the asteroid belt in a period of a little more than three years.  (I will momentarily speak about that asteroid belt in relationship to what is coming down TODAY on your planet.)  Most short-period comets average an orbital period of about seven years, which carries them to the environs of Jupiter.  Typical of them is comet Giacobini-Zinner (named, like other comets, after its discoverers), which has a period of 6.5 years; its latest passage within Earth’s view was in 1985, etc.  On the other hand there are very long period comets like comet Kohoutek, which was discovered in March 1973, was fully visible in December 1973 and January 1974, and then disappeared from view, perhaps to return in 75,000 years.  By comparison, the cycle of 76 years for Halley’s Comet is short enough to remain in living memories, yet long enough to retain its magic as an once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

When Halley’s Comet appeared on its next-to-last passage around the Sun, in 1910, its course and aspect had been well mapped out in advance.  Still, the Great Comet of 1910, as it was called, was awaited with great oppression.  There was fear that Earth or life on it would not survive the anticipated passage because Earth would be enveloped in the comet’s tail of poisonous gases.  There was also alarm at the prospect that, as was believed in earlier times, the appearance of the comet would be an ill omen of pestilence, wars, and death of kings.  As the comet reached its greatest magnitude and brilliance in May of 1910, its tail stretching over more than half the vault of heaven, King Edward VII of Great Britain died.  On the European continent, a series of political upheavals culminated in the outbreak of World War I in 1914.  You see, the politicians already knew how to utilize your “mystical aspects” to their own cause.

The belief, or superstition, associating Halley’s Comet with wars and upheavals was fed by much that was coming to light about events that coincided with its previous appearances.  The Seminole Indians’ revolt against the white settlers of Florida in 1835, the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755, the outbreak of the Thirty Years War in 1618, the Turkish (remember, the Khazar false “Jews” are “Turks”, barbarians) siege of Belgrade in 1456, the outbreak of the Black Death in 1347 (bubonic plague—which the Khazars, themselves, spread to kill off you Christ-followers!)—all were accompanied or preceded by the appearance of a great comet, which was finally recognized as Halley’s Comet, thus established its role as the messenger of God’s wrath.


How interesting to note that still it is afforded to attach Nostradamus’ projections onto Halley’s Comet—when it is totally obvious that it cannot be Halley’s Comet of which he spoke.  If I were you I would look a bit further to that “BIG” one and begin to pay more attention to “September” rather than May and back it off about 9 years.  Do not be put off by “dates” and “exact time”!  Your adversary postpones his destruction PLANS, as we outlay them in front of the people.  However, these special dates are important to the elite, and they WILL RESCHEDULE ON THE FOLLOWING “ANNIVERSITY” OF SAID HAPPENING.


I wish to here-in refer to the asteroid belt as already expected to affect Earth and has the politicians running nuts in total fright.  THEY KNOW YOU ARE APT TO BE HIT, AND POSSIBLY DESTROYED by things from the “asteroid belt”.  This is what SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative—or “Star Wars” Weaponry) is about, chelas.

Your president Reagan gave it away in a massive slip of the lip.  He suggested that you had better team up with all your enemies AGAINST INVASION FROM SPACE.  The massive amounts of money spent was for a comprehensive satellite system to hook up the globe to computer monitoring systems to nail every man, woman and child into the system—FOR THE BANKERS’ ELITE.

The “STAR WARS” portion was to set up a defense system, not against Soviet missiles, but to hopefully be able to blast oncoming asteroids before they could reach Earth.


So what else is new?  You can’t seem to believe most things I tell you until you get confirmation from some author or “inside reporter” on your terra firma.  So be it—you WILL get it, I promise you that much.  Why don’t you read the paper and watch the news?  Even though you don’t get any truth, the lies are sprinkled with truth if you know that for which to watch.

NASA continues to announce in the major news media and in scientific journals (which I doubt you-the-people access) that there is a probability of large meteors or asteroids striking the Earth with calamitous results.  They have even suggested some possible dates of impact.  NASA has, further, stated that “It was a good thing that Ronald Reagan had the perception and foresight to build up the Strategic Defense Initiative—“Star Wars”—because now SDI can be used to destroy these asteroids before they strike the Earth.”  This is partially incorrect for SDI was NEVER intended to be an anti-missile defense system.  If anything, it was intended to be an “asteroid defense system”.  (This according to your own “scientists”!)  The telescopes that “were not launched” but retained in White Sands, are now launched and working just fine—they are covering possible asteroid invasion.  This is just another ploy to NOT tell you what the governments are doing—all of them in conjunction via their Elite coalitions and Security Councils in secret meetings with secret agendas hidden under things such as “National Security” and “Executive Privilege”.

The “Communist Threat” and the “Soviet Nuclear Attack”, as have been presented for your consumption, was a pretty sick joke on the people of the world.  These were fabricated to keep you working hard and paying taxes (Remember, since biblical times, the Jews must collect and heavily TAX you Christ-followers—IT IS WHAT THE KHAZAR ANTI-CHRIST/ANTI-GOD DOES BEST!) to finance the “New World Order”.  The Soviet “War Machine” has been financed and subsidized by the American taxpayer since 1917 (When the Bolshevik Jews took over Christian Russia—slaughtered 100 MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS—and renamed Russia “Soviet Union”.  The Russians are not your enemy—the Soviet Bolshevik Khazar false “Jews” are!!), through such organizations as “The American International Corporation” on whose board of directors sat George Herbert Walker, the grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush.  This has been known for YEARS, chelas.  Eustace Mullins wrote all about it in his book THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION.

I think you must become aware that, in addition to the major underground facilities in the United States which I presented to you, there are at least 50 new ones which I am reminded to mention to you.  And this was 1992!  So you can imagine what you have today in 2017!

One of the major ones I saved to speak about at a later date (and will still reserve for a bit longer) is one well known in San Luis Obispo County, California.  This is where your TOP SECRET—“OPERATION PAPERCLIP” NAZIS—were secretly transferred to, when you WERE TOLD that World War II came to an end!  The transplanted German intelligence apparatus was uprooted and planted in San Luis Obispo County, California.  YOU HAVE BECOME THOSE WHOM YOU FOUGHT IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR!  AMERICA WOULD NOT HAVE A CIA/CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, IF IT WERE NOT FOR GERMAN KNOWHOW AND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING TECHNIQUES!  The Bush Family/Rockefeller Family Cartel is wholly based on Hitler’s NAZI scientists and top spies.  The Soviets also took an even LARGER NUMBER of German Scientists for their KGB and Secret Space Program.  However, the UFO scientists were never found.  Hitler and his “Last Battalion” escaped to Hitler’s fallback base—IN THE ANTARCTIC—in submarines.  Remember, Hitler himself coined the term “UFOs” for his “Wonder Weapon”—“Flying Discs” or “Saucers”.  So, during the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, who might have been in those mysterious ships buzzing Washington D.C., and the American countryside!?  And, could it be that the conspirators did not want you to know that, because of the traitors in your own government, the United States LOST THE SPACE RACE??  It is the AT&T Pacific Long Lines Facility off a road recognized as Los Osos Valley Road.  I only give this as identification for ones who would recognize the location.  The we-the-people would NEVER be allowed entry for this one is a major “Elite” refuge and belongs to one of the most massive factions in your global conspiracy.  Since the touting is all toward “peace” and no more threat from the Soviets—it means that there is full expectation of massive asteroid blasts.  This means that there must be heavy construction at depths deeper even than for atomic bomb protection.

I do not tell you these things to ruffle your feathers, precious ones—I CAN EASILY DIVERS ANYTHING FROM YOUR LOCATION SO STOP THE “FRIGHT-NIGHT” RESPONSE.  Look at your Moon, and the planets and moons in your Solar/Sun System.  They are full of impact craters—why, then, does your Earth seem to be spared—the rock storm??  What do you think WE do in God’s massive “UFO” Fleet in the Heavens???  So be it!

By the way, this specific installation belongs to “The Gehlen Organization” (A top NAZI Operative) and is called “Eagles Nest”.  This information is right out of California Specialized Training Institute files.  By the way, call a law firm by the label of Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut, and Bagett in San Luis Obispo and maybe you can make your reservations—if you live in the area—for everyone should be prepared!  Also, at the time, No. 2:  Judge William P. Clark and Mrs. Clark (von Braun—Werner von Braun was the German rocket scientist that launched—the successful—U.S. rocket program that finally got your nation in space, and accomplished your Moon landings.  I am speaking of the “public” space program you were “allowed” to witness!), were major VIP’s in charge—you know, The Clark that was behind the bombing fiasco of flight KAL 007!  This was one of the first, of the mysterious disappearances of airliners, in mid-flight, seemingly, without a trace.  And since then, you have had many airliners that vanished.  Keep in mind, chelas, that your evil adversary will bring down an entire plane-load of people—TO GET RID OF ONE PERSON WHOM THEY CONSIDER TO BE A “THREAT” to their plans of a One World Global Government.  We will cover some of the recent airliner disappearances, in detail, in a later writing.  Chelas, you simply MUST get with the program!  Stay off the airlines, unless you HAVE TO get somewhere!  Many more MULTIPLE incidents are in the planning stages, as Marshal-Military-Law is brought down upon you-the-people!


Well, it doesn’t matter.  The coincidence of the comet’s appearance in conjunction with major historic events seems to grow the more you go back in time.  One of the most celebrated appearances of a comet, definitely Halley’s, is that of 1066, during the Battle of Hastings in which the Saxons of England, under King Harold, were defeated by William the Conqueror.  The comet was depicted on the famous Bayeux tapestry, which is thought to have been commissioned by Queen Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror, to illustrate his victory.  The inscription next to the comet’s tail, Isti mirant stella, means, “They are in awe of the star”, and refers to the depiction of King Harold tottering on his throne.

The year 66 A.D. is considered by astronomers to be one in which Halley’s Comet made an appearance.  They base conclusions on at least two Chinese observations.  That was the year in which the Jews of Judea launched their Great Revolt against Rome.  The Jewish historian Josephus Wars of the Jews, Book VI blamed the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of its holy Temple on the misinterpretation by the Jews of the heavenly signs and preceded the revolt:  “A star resembling a sword which stood over the city, a comet that continued a whole year.”

Until recently the earliest certain record of the observation of a comet was found in the Chinese Chronological Tablets of Shih-Chi for the year 467 B.C., in which the pertinent entry reads, “During the tenth year of Ch’in Li-Kung a broom-star was seen.”  Some believe a Greek inscription refers to the same comet in that year.  Modern astronomers are not sure that the 467 B.C. Shih-Chi entry refers to Halley’s Comet; they are more confident regarding a Shih-Chi entry for the year 240 B.C.

In April 1985, F.R. Stephenson, K.K.C.  You, and H. Hunger reported that a re-examination of Babylonian astronomical tablets that had lain in the basement of the British Museum since their discovery in Mesopotamia more than a century ago, shows that the tablets recorded the appearance of extraordinary celestial bodies—probably comets, they said—in the years 164 B.C. and 87 B.C.  The periodicity of seventy-seven years suggested to these scholars that the unusual celestial bodies were Halley's Comet.

Surely back in the year 164 B.C. and 87 B.C. these scholars who have been preoccupied with Halley’s Comet could not have realized the significance in Jewish and Near Eastern history, of such events.  It was the very year in which the Jews of Judea, under the leadership of the Maccabees, revolted against Greek-Syrian domination, recaptured Jerusalem, and purified the defiled Temple according to their traditions.  The Temple re-dedication ceremony is celebrated to this day by Jews as the festival of Hanukkah “Re-dedication”.
The 164 B.C. tablet number WA-41462 in the British Museum is clearly dated to the relevant year in the reign of the Seleucid (Greek-Syrian) King Antiochus Epiphanes, the very evil King Antiochus of the books of Maccabees.  The unusual celestial object, which the three scholars believe was Halley’s Comet, is reported to have been seen in the Babylonian month of Kislimu, which is the Jewish month Kislev and, indeed, the one in which Hanukkah is celebrated.  Now, can’t history be fun?  Truth is so much more fun and interesting than silly mythology and fairytales.


This is the description often attached to Halley’s Comet.  In another instance, the comparison by Josephus of the Comet to a celestial sword, as it also depicted in the Bayeux tapestry, has led some scholars to suggest that the Angel of the Lord that King David saw “standing between the earth and heaven, having a sword in his hand stretched out over Jerusalem” (I Chronicles 21:16—for you inquiring minds) might have been in reality Halley’s Comet, sent by the Lord to punish the king for having conducted a prohibited census.  The time of this incident, circa 1000 B.C., certainly coincides with one of the years in which Halley’s Comet should have appeared.

In an article published in your year 1986 by Zechariah Sitchin, he pointed out that the Hebrew name for “comet” is Kokhave shavit a “Scepter star”.  This has a direct bearing on the biblical tale of the seer Bilam.  When the Israelites ended their wanderings in the desert after the Exodus and began the conquest of Canaan, the Moabite king summoned Bilam to curse the Israelites.  But Bilam, realizing that the Israelite advance was divinely ordained, blessed them instead.  He did so, he explained (Numbers 24:17), because he was shown a celestial vision:

I see it, though not now; I behold, though it is not near:  A star of Jacob did course; a scepter of Israel did arise.

Mr. Sitchin has provided you with a chronology that fixed the date of the “Exodus” at 1433 B.C.:  The Israelite entry into Canaan began forty years later, in 1393 B.C.  Halley’s Comet, at an interval of 76 years or 77 years, would have appeared circa 1390 B.C.  Did Bilam consider that event as a divine signal that the Israelites (as they are NOW called.  Remember, there was no such PLACE OR PEOPLE called Israel!  Judeans and the Tribe of Juda is the heritage of the Hebrew people.  The false “Jews”, or “Serpent People”—KHAZAR ZIONIST BOLSHEVIKS—invented the new labels, so you ones will THINK—the barbarians are the so-called “Chosen Peoples”!  They are not!) advance could not and should not be stopped!  If, in biblical times, the comet called Halley was considered the Scepter Star of “Israel” (israel—God’s chosen), it could explain why the Jewish revolts of 164 B.C. and A.D. 66 were timed to coincide with the comet’s appearances.  Or, could it have been OTHER more important coincidences?  And not, after all, the “Sword Comet”!

Jonur break here, please, and let us move on to the next chapter.  It is important that you learn your TRUE HERITAGE with the “Bird Tribes”, and “The Star People”, so that the coming STAGED INVASION FROM SPACE ALIENS, utilizing cloned and mutated “monsters”, come to eat your flesh and drink your blood, does not fool you-the-people!  This is Lucifer’s last stand, BEFORE God and the Christ Being, “Jesus” returns to reclaim His people and His planet!  May truth and the gift of reason guide your every action and next step(s).

Commander Hatonn/Aton, to clear.  Salu!

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