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New Series 116: Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance of God. Amen. CHAPTER 8 THE ENEMY WITHIN … CONT’D Pick up right where we left off, please, Jonur. Thank you for your service this day.

8/24/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns116)

Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance of God.  Amen.




Pick up right where we left off, please, Jonur. Thank you for your service this day.


[ … ]  The US Government actually obtained opinions from its own legal counsel during the Bush 2 administration that measures were legal and justified.

Also approved was the use of illegal, “extraordinary renditions” where suspected terrorists or dissidents labeled as such are kidnapped (even from American soil and even some US citizens), bagged over their head, tagged, hog-tied, and taken to a black site secret prison or ghost ship in a foreign country to be incarcerated, tortured, and in some cases murdered, all done under the false cloak of protecting “national security”.  When such renditions are made within the US or its territories, it is considered illegal by the government perpetrators for neighbors of families or any witnesses to contact media or anyone else about this (as they are so informed), and the victims are not allowed an attorney or any legal representation at all.  They are considered “enemy combatants” by the government, stripped of all their rights, and treated outside the Geneva Convention with no state of war having been declared against any other nation. The so-called “war” is an imaginary war waged against a convenient, phony construct that exists only as a conjured deep-cover black ops intel entity disguised as “the enemy”, minimally comprised of mind kontrolled deviants who have been trained, motivated, financed, and actuated by the highest echelons within the shadow government.

And now some of the most senior US Senators are attempting to pass new laws making it legal to remove anyone’s citizenship if the state suspects them of being a terrorist (no proof will be required, just the opinion of the state or state department, and only a Congressional ruling would then even allow their abduction to be acknowledged and their location of imprisonment revealed.  These laws, if passed, will allow these criminal, unconstitutional acts of kidnapping and other related crimes against humanity by government to continue and even increase in frequency across a wider spectrum of society and will permit the mass seizures of anyone who opposes the newly emergent tyranny of government, even if such opposition is completely Constitutional and within the usual rule of law.  This, of course, suggests that the USA is now being Nazified and following a similar course to what occurred in Germany in the 1930s.  Many of the phrases now being used in the newly emerging structure of government, including the gun control laws being passed having been extracted from Nazi Germany, such as “homeland security”.  In fact, some of the gun control laws have been translated and extracted almost word for word.

It was stated by the Library of Congress, in a letter to Thomas Dodd of Nuremberg Trials fame after WW2, that they had received a copy of the Nazi gun control laws and were proceeding to translate them word for word, as he had requested.  Interestingly, much of what was then translated has later been included in American gun control legislation.  [Hatonn:  Nazis and Zionists are two sides to the same coin.  That is how Hitler rose to power in the first place.  Being half-Khazar himself, he did not like the Zionist thrust to destroy his beloved Germany, a people whom he admired as a superior race.  HITLER WROTE TWO BOOKS, “MEIN KAMPF” and “NEW WORLD ORDER”, surprise!  However, the plan is an ancient Zionist “Jewish” plan of world domination, which Hitler adopted for himself and would later use against the Jews (Khazar and Hebrew Judaists as well) to get them out of Germany.  The Russians also were attacked by the Zionist Khazar Jews; after killing off the Christian Czar’s family (as the story goes), these SOVIET JEWS took over Russia and murdered Christians by the tens of millions.  Russia took back their nation, too, just like Hitler did; however, THEY BOTH KEPT THE ZIONIST PLAN FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER!  So, German and “Soviet” terms HAVE been transferred to the United States—the Bolshevik Jews of Soviet making are after YOU CHRISTIANS AS WELL!  Don’t forget it!]  It has also been known for years that various police and intel groups have taken guns seized after arrests and resold them to gangs and inner city criminals in several major cities in the USA.  This of course is perhaps just another aspect of the corruption that has become endemic to the American government at every level, but also suggests a more sinister motive than greed, such as another means to generate chaos in inner cities and create a need for more government and greater police power.

The Secret Government, PBS 1987

It is well known in the highest circles of government that, if a government increases the fear of the populace of crime, terrorism, attack or invasion by any foreign power or entity by any means, including the use of false-flag black ops, the populace will support an increase in the size of government, police, and the military with larger budgets, and will allow more draconian measures to be taken which restrict important societal freedoms.

These actions, regardless of the laws passed are completely unconstitutional and therefore illegal, and further constitute crimes against humanity.  The Nuremberg trials clarified these issues for all future times, and now are being ignored by the American government.

The Internet has been the catalyst and the vehicle for the near complete uncovering of some of the darkest secrets of how wars are truly started and how the public is motivated by psychological operations (psyops) to go along, which is the real reason “false-flag” attacks are used by governments.  The use of the “false-flag” attack is one of the darkest, most closely guarded secrets of government.

A “false-flag” attack occurs when a government uses an elite special operations cadre to attack that nation-state, while falsely bearing the flag of another country or group.  [H:  AND IF THE ONE DOING THE “FALSE LABELING” IS NOT EVEN FIGHTING ON BEHALF OF HIS SUPPOSED COUNTRY—BUT A THIRD, HIDDEN FORCE (ZIONISM AND THE STOLEN LAND NOW CALLED “ISRAEL”)—THAT IS A TREASON OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!  WHEN YOU ARE GLOBAL IN INTENT, ANY “FALSE-FLAG” TERROR STRIKES—ANYWHERE—MEAN YOU “JUST WANT TO SEE THE WORLD BURN”; QUOTING A LINE FROM “BATMAN:  THE DARK KNIGHT”, FORMER SPECIAL OPS VETERAN, “ALFRED”, TELLS BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN, REGARDING A CRIMINAL TERRORIST FROM ALFRED’S PAST AS A SOLDIER.  I repeat, the scenes from “Rise of The Dark Knight”, the third Batman film with Christian Bale, show you what the New World Order will look like.  WAR is the central theme—AND KNOWN AS “THE JEWISH HARVEST”!  Do you see WHY history hates the Jewish people????  Do you see WHY Jesus did not care for Jews????  Is it obvious to you now WHY God calls them, “Ye are of your father, the Devil … he is the Father of lies and there is no truth in you.”????  What else would qualify as the behavior of the Anti-Christ against humanity and Aton’s people, dear ones????!!  Did you forget that YOUR God was crucified by the Pharisees (Khazar Jews) for bringing you the truth about these “Serpent People” (by their own labeling!), the greedy Jewish gold thieves and MONEY CHANGERS—BANKERS—who thrive and live off of “Universal Wars” stirred up among God’s people.  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.  Now you know!  So let’s get busy saving your selves and the nation, for the Jew intends to destroy both, if you do nothing to stop him!]  It is a “self-inflicted wound” and is used as a psychological operation (psyop) to process the group mind or “conscience-collective” of the populace, thereby providing a base of support and a powerful motivation for that country to attack and/or declare war against the country which the attack has been set up to appear to have been instituted by.


Jonur, break here, please.  Hatonn moving to standby.  AHO!          

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