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New Series 113: Hatonn present in service and light unto God Aton. CHAPTER 5 Please, continue with “secret medicines”, Jonur, for I wish to cover these articles quickly and move on into daily “Watches” to each day’s news events.

8/21/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns113)

Hatonn present in service and light unto God Aton.


Please, continue with “secret medicines”, Jonur, for I wish to cover these articles quickly and move on into daily “Watches” to each day’s news events.


[ … ]  In ancient Tibetan literature it is known as Phowa.  However, in order to achieve consciousness transference on your own without any technology, you must have significant mystic training.

In the past, when the distractions we enjoy today such as all the electronic mediums did not exist, people had lots of free time to use for the development of their natural psychic abilities.  Today, they not only do not have the time, but are also simply not interested in making the effort.  However, they do want the results.

Modern consciousness transference devices have been compared to a pair of phone booths—one for the source and the other for the recipient.  They are said to be based on original concepts developed by Nicola Tesla.  He supplied the world with brilliant ideas, many of which, such as the theory of antigravity propulsion which have now been perfected and are in use, remain secret today.

The basis of the consciousness transfer device appears to have originated with Tesla’s experiments which used electrical fields to create a Star Trek-like transporter.  The problem was that living things always arrived dead, but dead things such as a brick—arrived just fine.

Tesla had not heard Robert Monroe’s favorite saying, “You are more than your physical body,” most likely because Monroe had not said it yet.  Anyway, transporting only the physical matter of a living body without also transporting the “more” resulted in a dead body.  Then someone suggested that the “more” which was not being transported included the consciousness.  So if the consciousness remained in the source “container”, would transporting a different physical form (stripped of the “more”) into the container result in the consciousness melding with the new form?  Clearly, they do not publish their research notes for ordinary people to read, but this was the basic “flow” of the research which led to the development of the devices in use today.

Spirit Recovery and Clones

As soon as government scientists heard about the concept of cloning, they made plans to create human clones.  Of course, they had to do some basic research and experimentation first.  In the beginning, they felt that genetic information only coded for a physical form.  However, when they cloned a dog, which just happened to be a show dog trained to respond to specific commands, and found to their surprise that the clone also responded to the same commands, they learned a secret which remains top secret today:  The genetic code also contains memories.  A clone is not just something that physically looks like the original.  It is the original, complete with memories.

Having discovered this secret, the next step was, logically, “bringing people back from the dead”.  If you had a good DNA sample from someone who was now dead, could you bring the person back to life by making a clone using that DNA?  The answer seems to be “sometimes”.

To understand “something”, you need a little basic knowledge of just where the dead are.  Most are on a lower astral plane and do not even realize they are dead because they had no mystic training and were convinced that death was “the end”.  Generally, you can get these people back.  However, if the soul has some mystic awareness and has accessed a higher plane, you cannot recover it as they have no desire to return to this place.  Fortunately for the government, the kind of people they relate to as important are educated atheists who have no spiritual knowledge and deny the existence of anything beyond ordinary physical reality.

Temporal Reversal Technology

Temporal reversal is the latest and most preferred life extension technology.  Basically, it is a gadget which reverses time.  You get in as old and come out as young—twenties is the preferred age.  How does it work?

Well, it is based on temporal science or the study and understanding of time.  This science also explains time travel techniques.  Never heard of it?  Well, you never will.  However, with some common sense, you should be able to conclude that it does exist.

Scientists are curious people.  They spend a fortune to get rocks back from the Moon and look at mud on Mars.  But, you never hear them talk about time.  Wouldn’t that excite your curiosity—unless, of course, you already knew the answer?  This technique has one flaw that could lead to its exposure one day.  That flaw is that the person’s DNA is unchanged.  Since no two people have identical DNA, if you located a young kid with DNA identical to a known deceased person, you would have physical evidence of this technique.


Jonur, break now and nourish the body.  Hatonn clearing frequency.


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