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New Series 145: Let us close out this lesson on Spirit and Science—combined, Jonur. The evolvement of man is at hand, who will take the path of the Christed ONES in earnest, dear hearts?

1/13/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns145)

Commander Hatonn, Leader of Aton (God)’s HOSTS from afar, come to reclaim the Lord’s People of Light.  May the Blessings of Christ’s People be honored this hour as the Cyclic Closing comes to an end, which is a New Beginning to the Birthing of God’s Truly Chosen Race of enlightened beings.  Salu.

Let us close out this lesson on Spirit and Science—combined, Jonur.  The evolvement of man is at hand, who will take the path of the Christed ONES in earnest, dear hearts?



Thanks to innovative work of researchers in fields as diverse as NDI research, psychiatry, molecular biology, hypnosis [Hatonn:  A godly and Divine tool that has been lied about and misrepresented to the people, for it is THE communion method for reaching all thy goals of salvation and Self-Illumination], kinesiology, occultism and more.  We may have identified four major ways to activate our latent jumping DNA to effect dramatic personal transformation:  hypnosis, DNA activation [H:  Cell phones and “body scanners” at Airports, thanks to the false Detroit “Underwear Bomber” scam, which caused the new machines to be installed in U.S. Airports.  We will cover that in much scientific detail as we move along in our uncovering of the Jewish New World Order plot to wipe out Christianity.  However, keep in mind that the Christ Light will protect you from anything—ANYTHING—but you MUST ask for it.] with Solfeggio [music or sound tones and frequencies] frequencies, kundalini awakening, and NDEs [Near Death Experiences.

With the extinction of bottom-up Darwinian “DNA primacy” [H:  In other words:  You DID NOT evolve from monkeys and apes, you evolved AS MAN.  Jewish Khazars will always endeavor to keep you in the dark about your Godly heritage.] , we can and must relinquish the moribund notion that our genetic inheritance is a done deal which we can no more change than the Earth’s orbital pathway around the Sun.

The lines of research discussed herein reveal that in using sound and language deliberately to change our genetic expression in a controlled fashion, we can also change our consciousness—and vice versa.  We can change our consciousness and, in turn, alter genetic expression (permanently, it seems).  No longer can a human be conceived of as a powerless little Darwinian “meat computer” at the mercy of “natural selection”.  Thank goodness for the “junk” that Nature didn’t throw away!

About the Author:

Brendan D. Murphy is the rising Australian author of the forthcoming science-meets-metaphysics non-fiction epic The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (volumes 1 and 2, and a contributing writer for several popular alternative magazines and websites.  While [] is under construction, NEXUS readers are warmly invited to visit The Grand Illusion (TGI) fan page on Facebook for more articles, information and free book excerpts (as well as updates on Brendan’s obscure musical proclivities).  Go to [ Grand Illusion Books.


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It is time for man of the masses to come into the understanding that he has been manipulated on high, by a tiny group of Elite Satanists, bent on destroying a planet.

This does not make sense to hear of it thusly spoken, however, since the “wardens” of your prison world ARE SYNTHETIC REPLICAS OF HUMAN BEINGS—WHICH MEANS THEY ARE SOUL-LESS AUTOMATIONS PROGRAMMED FOR SELF-DESTRUCTION—THE PLANS FOR NUCLEAR WAR ONE (WORLD WAR III) WILL BE CARRIED OUT!  Only recognizing that there ARE ROBOTOIDS (ERRONIOUSLY CALLED “CLONES”), can you put a stop to this global suicide.

Those who think they can just “ride out the storm”, have no understanding of that which they tinker.  Nicola Tesla told you that he could “split the Earth like an apple”.  Well, that is exactly what will happen, if you allow a chain-reaction of those types of beam frequencies get out of control.  Human kind has NO CAPABILITY TO CONROL A TOTAL BACKFEED WHEN THOSE CAPACITORS START EXPLODING.  Only OUR SHIPS can bring these systems back under control—IF WE ARE CALLED IN TIME TO STOP THEM!  The Russian Chernobyl nuclear disaster was one such example—and we lose craft every time!  The debt you owe to your space brothers is great, chelas, but you are all most out of time.

When the Christ told you the signs would be there for you to read on the walls, if you will, He meant that man would be able to tell WHEN the great prophecies would come to pass.

Just as you know when winter is coming, when the leaves begin to change, the days grow shorter, and the harvest is over.  When the temperature no longer reaches the top of the thermometer, and the winds blow the Autumn-colored leaves off the branches, you KNOW snow is coming—soon.

Look at all the Biblical Cycles and the telling of wars, rumors of wars; famines and great droughts; cyclones and massive waters overtaking towns and cities, many thousands perish in the night; AND ECONOMIC CATASTROPHIES the likes of which have never been seen, these are your Signs of The Times you are in.

Is it too late to do anything about the coming plagues, the moral corruptness of your youth, and the LEAVING OUT OF GOD in your schools and public institutions?  It is NEVER too late for God, dear friends.  But why wait until the final hour, when many will perish because they had no time to prepare?  Why wait TOO LONG when it could have been stopped BEFORE the point of so-called “no return”?


It does not have to end up “Brimstone and Fire”, the Armageddon story does not have to go down like that.  If millions of people believe it will—then—they will see to it that it happens EXACTLY LIKE THAT—Right on cue!

Khazars (Hollywood Jews”) are writing your REALITY today.  They hate your God, and they despise you Christians as “human cattle”, or sacrificial animals fit only for the slaughter.  You need look no farther than the crucifixion to prove my point.  To beat, mock, stab, spit on a Godly Lamb, and release a crazed murderer, instead???  Then make Jesus carry a heavy, wooden cross through the streets to the hill top—to be NAILED TO A CROSS—when the common practice was binding with rope?!

Does that not show you how Khazar “Jews” REALLY feel about you Christians and followers of your God?  The Jewish lawyers, international bankers (money changers from the temple, same ones Jesus was up against), and “DOCTORS” and “PSYCHIATRISTS” of today, remember your God Aton and His Lamb Immanuel Esu (“Jesus”, returning as SANANDA, like your Holy Bible told you, “He will bear a new name…”).  They fully intend to “finish the job”, dear hearts, because you represent goodness/Godness, and the Khazars are, indeed, a sinful lot!

What they did not count on was you waking up in time to see just who it is who is trying to murder Christianity.  The teaming of Black America with White America—particularly in the embodiment of your (once again) new President—is the Army of Light they did not see on the horizon.  The soul of America is God’s Soul, founded under God, and in God you “TRUST” your money.  The Jews have all the gold and left you with worse than worthless paper, and a handful of copper slugs (coins).  Not much, however, with God, you don’t need much.  Just as the mighty oak comes from a small seed PROPERLY PLANTED AND TENDED, so too, will America The Once Great, rise from the seed you-the-people planted this day.  Good evening and Salu.

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