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New Series 143: Blessings unto mine ones—on Earth and in Heaven—the hour is at hand, chelas (students), and the Cohans (Teachers) have returned. The cleansing of the planet is neigh upon the lands. And man, himself, must be in the choosing of WHICH side he truly serves. Goodness (God-ness) or evil intention… it solely lies in your own hands. For thy salvation is, if it be in this life-stream, of thine own making. Ponder that daily, in the year you have been given by Grace, there is only the Forever Now. What will you do “Today”?

 1/07/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns143)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present in radiance and light.  As always, we have a great deal to cover, and very little “time” as you ones perceive the sequence of events.  There is correspondence to catch up on and other matters of business for this your New Year.  Valerie, you are doing wonderful.  Your love and dedication is what holds it all together.  You have been the main, underlying thread seam for the whole “show”. 
 Now let us allow The Father to take it from here.  When man lets God do the driving, and your motto is “Thy Will Be Done—Not Mine”, everything takes care of itself!  Blessings unto mine ones—on Earth and in Heaven—the hour is at hand, chelas (students), and the Cohans (Teachers) have returned.  The cleansing of the planet is neigh upon the lands.  And man, himself, must be in the choosing of WHICH side he truly serves.  Goodness (God-ness) or evil intention… it solely lies in your own hands.  For thy salvation is, if it be in this life-stream, of thine own making.  Ponder that daily, in the year you have been given by Grace, there is only the Forever Now.  What will you do “Today”?



Far from being non-coding and useless, so-called “junk” DNA can interact with zero-point energy and the morphic field, affecting our consciousness and also responding to changes in our states of mind.  It is even responsible for the emergence of language.

By Brendan D. Murphy, 2012, “NEXUS” magazine, August-September, 2012.


…the primacy of bioenergetic consciousness in the sound domain (time-space/aether) in healing and transformation, whereas “Era I1” epigenetics was primarily restricted to the light domain of our space-time, and “Era I” was myopically based solely on physico-chemical considerations—a boon for Big Pharma.

As the Gariaev group has shown, sound and light can be utilized to rewrite the genetic code.  The group even went so far as to be able to turn frog embryos into salamander embryos by electronically recording one species’ DNA informational patterns and then re-transmitting them to the other species.  The resulting salamanders could even mate and produce baby salamanders.

[Image of a person sitting cross-legged in a “Tibetan Monk” lotus position.  Energy vortex centers going from the “root chakra” all the way up to the “crown chakra”, plus one more chakra over the head of the body are depicted.  Concentric circles overlay one another and encompass the entire torso.]

Figure 1.  The transformed octave-based human bioenergy blueprint five months after Potentiation.  According to this model, at this stage a ninth out-of-place vortex above the eighth vortex/chakra above the head has descended and “sealed” an energy drain in the second center, referred to esoterically as the “fragmentary body”.  The result is a balanced octave of eight vortices/chakras.  (Image credit:  Sol Luckman, Conscious Healing, 2006, 1st edition, p. 61) Specific sound frequencies:  herein lies the power of Luckman’s DNA activation method.  Some of you may be aware that our mathematically structured DNA is “tuned” to the ancient solfeggio scale; it is resonant with it.  According to mathematicians Marko Rodin and Victor Showell, this scale constructs the entire universe.  Len Horowitz, DMD, comments that the “creationistic dynamics of matter have their source in pure acoustic spirit”, which is vividly demonstrated (analogically) by the work of the late Dr. Hans Jenny.  By vibrating a mass of solid particles on a metal plate at certain frequencies, Jenny caused those particles to arrange spontaneously into specific geometric forms.

Alternatively, the vibration of these loose particles suspended in a fluid could be seen to create nested geometric figures—the Platonic solids, in point of fact.  Hence Horowitz’s point about matter being created by “sonic” frequencies in the “spiritual” domain.  Because reality is a fundamental ground that is holographic, it assembles the manifest universe fractally in a self-referencing manner in which geometric forms can be nested within one another.

By utilizing just a 528 Hertz solfeggio tuning fork and the correct vowel chanting techniques (as detailed in Luckman’s book Potentiate Your DNA), some of your mobile genetic elements can be activated to harness greater amounts of torsion energy in time-space/aether (With the Regenetics method, the activation of potential DNA occurs incrementally as one goes through the different stages of Potentiation, Articulation, Elucidation and Transcension.)  Potentiation—the first phase of the Re-genetics technique—specifically employs the “mi” note of 528 Hz, which has been used by molecular biologists to repair genetic defects and is also known simply as “Love Hertz”.  The result of this total process (the Re-genetics Method)—which unfolds over a minimum of 27 months—is a gentle and progressive kundalini [root chakra or energy center, represented by a coiled serpent holding stored spiritual power] awakening and healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies/layers of the psyche (see figure 1).  Allergies disappear, old injuries repair, serious diseases vanish, the body detoxifies, emotional baggage is purged, and a sense of peace and wellbeing develop.  Some people can even begin to sense their fundamental interconnectedness with creation.

For my part, immediately following my own Potentiation, I noticed my damaged rotator cuffs felt subtly different.  Within a few weeks, they had improved very significantly.  Seven months later, I experienced virtually no pain in them and could comfortably lie on my side to sleep at night—something I had not been able to do for about 12 years previously, no matter how positive I tried to be or how determined I was to heal them myself.  I am convinced that this is not a placebo effect.  [Hatonn:  Ah, but it is!  The mind, when fully functioning can heal the body in an instant!  You have been taught, through the centuries and eons of time, to disregard the creative God-Spirit within each of you.  It is now time to re-awaken that Holy Essence that dwells inside.  THAT IS GOD, CHELAS, and only through His Grace can you find freedom.  Therefore, commune daily—moment by moment—until you learn to recognize the Light of all knowing and universal power that is thine inheritance.  The Zionist Khazar “Jews”, false Judean Hebrews, are your enemy and the enemy of goodness.  They know these things already; they hope YOU never figure it out.  For with TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE goes their dominance over the Christians!]  Before doing my own Potentiation, even swinging my arms back and forth across my chest caused sharp, stabbing pains in my shoulders—but no more.  As I type, I am experiencing a detox process (primarily through my sinuses), and my food allergies show signs of eventually disappearing.

With the DNA acting like a tuning fork and resonating with the solfeggio frequency [H:  The entire universe is like unto a symphony of musical octave tones, vibrating in total balance and complete harmony with each other.  Uni—ONE, and Verse—song, that is why man cannot come out here into the Cosmos and disrupt the order Aton has set into being.  The stars/suns and planets and giant nebulas, can be calculated in their rhythmic dance to the split second, OVER MANY MILLIONS AND EVEN BILLIONS OF YEARS.  Does that not prove the existence of a Supreme Being who Himself is wholly MIND?  Does the creation and unfolding of a microscopic cell into an embryo,  which develops into an infant, who matures into a fully developed human being, with dreams and thoughts and desires to, again, find its Creator “one day”, not prove God’s existence, also?  All you have to do, precious friends, is to desire to find God, once more, and that alone will set thy feet upon the path.  And as you DAILY SEEK communion in the still silence of your God/Mind-Self, you will gradually become aware of your oneness with our Father.  Then you CAN move mountains, you can turn your world around and bring justice and prosperity back to your lands.] , the “errors” in the sonic torsion field blueprints (in time-space) for our biology are corrected.  At the biological level, the jumping DNA shift to rewrite the gene code for the better, as previously dormant codons are switched on to improve healing mechanisms and so on.

Consciousness researcher Stephen Linsteadt has reported that, at this 528 Hz frequency, “the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon”—meaning that you are apparently generating your own internal cymatic effect as you perform your own Potentiation!

“In theory,” writes Horowitz, “phase-locking your body to [the] 528 Hz frequency sends the most powerful healing energy in the universe to your DNA”.  DNA’s amino acid sequence, which vibrates in a glycoprotein matrix of structured water, depends heavily on the 528 Hz frequency not just for its physical structure but also for its bioelectrical and bioacoustic functions.

A New Kind of Human?

Microbiologist Dr. Colm Kelleher has studied “junk” DNA for years.  He states that transposons are known to be engines of evolution, explaining that the most plausible mechanism for initiating a rapid, large-scale change in physical structure—even the emergence of a new species—is a “simultaneous transposition burst”.  He speculates that similar mechanisms might also be involved in a kundalini experience.

Kundalini—a real physical energy, as I show in TGI 1—has always been held in high esteem by mystics and seers because of its ability to awaken higher consciousness and vivify and restore the physical body.  It upgrades the bioenergy system.  The principal function of kundalini in occult development is reputedly to pass through the etheric chakras and vivify them so that they bring astral experiences through into the physical consciousness.  An enhancement of the chakras at the etheric level will naturally have positive physical side-effects, as the etheric body is an energetic duplicate of the physical and in fact is considered to be of the “physical” density in its own right (unlike the astral/mental/spiritual energies).  [H:  I, Hatonn, for instance, am an “etheric being”.  I can clothe myself in “matter particles” to cause myself to become visible to you.  A “ghost” is what you might refer to energy forms of the “astral world”.  You, yourself, are actually TWO BEINGS IN ONE:  A PHYSICAL, FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN, AND, AN INVISIBLE ENERGY ENTITY, SURROUNDING AND CENTERING THE BODY YOU.  When you have worn out the physical body, or decide to “move on”, or, even, take the body with you, you take on the etheric form.  When you think of “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA, and His “Second Coming”, you have to come into the realization that this is AN ENERGY FORM YOUR TALKING AND CONTEMPLATING ABOUT.  That is the reason why the Khazar “Jews” (I repeat once more for this is the most confusing topic—“Jewish” is NOT Judean.  Nor is “Jew” Hebrew.  The word “J-E-W” is a created term, coined in the 1700’s, to confuse the world about the Zionist Anti-Christ/Anti-God, who has stolen the heritage of the Judean Hebrew people.  The “Jews”, who are really TURKISH KHAZARS (not Czar), know this, and so, too, do the true Judean Hebrews.  That is why “Israel” hates Palestine, and why there was a “Holocaust”—to get rid of Hebrews, but mostly GERMAN P.O.W.s where slain—not 6-14 million “Jews”.  The Khazar “Jews” killed the Judeans, but then INFLATED THE CASUALTIES to cause you ones to believe that Hitler (Half Khazarian “Jew” himself!) exterminated the Khazars.  Since this DID NOT HAPPEN, and you THINK IT DID HAPPEN, the Khazars can now CLAIM persecution, and call ANYONE “Anti-Semitic” (Remember Judeans are Semites/Shemites, not Khazars).  Who dares to point out this lie.  Mel Gibson and his father are well aware of the Khazar scheme to take your world in the name of Lucifer.  So were Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Marlon Brando, Al Capone, Charles Lindberg, and even your very first American President, General George Washington.  That is WHY Washington stood behind the only document that could save Christianity from the Devil.  And why you must never lose it!]

Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami states in Physics of the Soul that the raising of the Kundalini seems to unleash the dormant capacities of consciousness for making new representations of the vital (etheric) body onto the physical body.  “There is evidence.  People in whom Kundalini has risen [H:  The “natural way” for you “Westerners” is STUDY THESE JOURNALS!  Knowledge—KNOWING—will not just spill out all over you.  Man must put his eyes or ears on The WORD, if you are to wisely follow God’s Laws, and follow the Laws of The Creation.  This is not “mysticism”, chelas; God is only a “mystery” until you learn Truth.  No more and no less.  Jesus said, “You are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  Period.]  and been properly integrated undergo extraordinary bodily changes (for example, the development of nodules on the body that [form] the figure of a serpent).” 

 Kundalini experiencers also often describe an incredible white light enveloping their consciousness—as the plasma-like kundalini rises up the spine and explodes into the head and the crown chakra.  The result inn the moment is often a state of expansive bliss.

One salient point to any researcher of these topics has to be that there are similar elements in the aftermath of DNA and kudalini activation as compared to the near-death experience (NDE). 

 Aside from biophysical alterations (an effect shared by all groups), many near-death experiencers (NDEers) have reported that they experience a deeper sense of connectedness with all things, higher levels of empathy, decreased competitiveness and egotism, elimination of the fear of death, and a greater sense of peace and contentment.


Jonur, break the chapter here, please.  Let us begin the next and complete this subject in timely fashion.  Current events and “Today’s Watch”, need catching up.

May God Aton walk with you ones of Earth “Shan”, in your private alone time of meditation and contemplation, of that which we are affording to bring to a weary world.  Salu

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