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New Series 147: It is a known fact that the Jews do not like you Christians. What is equally true is that the “Jews” do not like the Judean Hebrew Judaists, either! ???? Confused? Well, stick with us, precious friends, and the Riddle of The Ages from Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 will crystalize into perfect understanding and comprehension. So be it!

1/15/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns147)

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton, leader of The HOSTS sent before, again, the returning of the Master Christ, the One you know as “Jesus”.  That is not His name, it is simply a label given by Saul (who changed his own label to “Paul”, so you would not realize he was a Khazar “Jew”—who never was “converted” to Christianity—and who continued right along, persecuting Emmanuel’s people to the very end).  However, it will surf ice.  It matters not what you call this Man of two-thousand years past, He KNOWS who you mean.  Now isn’t that nice!

Allow “the flow” to continue, Jonur, on the clarification of the difference between “Jews”, Khazars, Judeans, Hebrews, and Israelis.  A tangled web of intrigue and heinous lies, to be sure, however, if you just follow the clues in orderly fashion, truth will gradually dawn on you.  Be gentile with selves, for you have been told nothing but lies and half-truths from (what you consider) the beginning.  Just let it unfold and ALWAYS use REASON in everything you do from here on out.  You do your part, and God will take care of His end.  Good afternoon.


It is a known fact that the Jews do not like you Christians.  What is equally true is that the “Jews” do not like the Judean Hebrew Judaists, either!  ????  Confused?  Well, stick with us, precious friends, and the Riddle of The Ages from Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 will crystalize into perfect understanding and comprehension.  So be it!


Zionists & 9/11—Connecting the Dots
By Douglas Herman, July 7, 2006, “UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013


“The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neo-conservatives, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.”
-- Ari Shavit Ha’aretz News Service (Israel) April 5, 2003 Masterful Plan or Masterful Crime?

Was it only a coincidence that so many rich and powerful Jewish Americans played a pivotal role, or performed a supporting role in the alleged “terrorist attack” on September 11, 2001 and the “War on Terror” that followed?  Likewise, under closer scrutiny, why do we find so many Israelis, in the exact same locations as the alleged Islamic plotters and terrorists?  Curious coincidence or clever design?

For nearly five years we have been permitted a piecemeal glimpse, partial views of 9-11, but without seeing the bigger picture.  Is there a Big Picture, you ask?  This essay will attempt to connect the dots, identify some of the curious players, individuals and groups who, quite often, seemed to serve a dual loyalty.  The peculiar irony was the principle loyalty seemed to be to Israel.

Let us begin with what we know.  Later we shall speculate.  Still later we shall draw logical conclusions.

What does the masterful motto, “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”, mean to the average American?  Surprisingly, most Americans have never heard of the Mossad motto.

It means a war within a war, enclosed by a greater deceptive war.  If you understand the clever goals and can comprehend the tactics, one then might begin to grasp the bigger picture.  We might then begin to understand 9-11 and all that happened since and continues to happen.

The clues abound; the players still enjoy the spotlight; many have enriched themselves; others have been awarded honors, medals and lofty positions.  Almost all those lofty positions and awards were awarded by other[s] like themselves. 

 Those awards and accolades were paid for with the blood, sweat, toil and tears of others.

By Way of Deception

Wealthy Zionist Larry Silverstein built World Trade Center Building 7 in 1985.  The building was part of the WTC complex, owned by the New York Port Authority.  WTC-7, ostensibly a US government building, housed offices of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Secret Service, CIA and Security & Exchange Commission (SEC).  Late in the afternoon of September 11, 2001 Larry Silverstein, for all intents and purposes, had WTC-7 demolished.  [Hatonn:  J.P. Morgan, Sr., the same Jewish Bankster who had Nikola Tesla’s giant Magnifying Transmitter Tower in New York demolished in 1917—(This one invention of his would have given FREE ELECTRICITY TO AMERICA AND THE WORLD, and put up a “Force Field” around the United States 300 MILES HIGH, and made your nation totally invincible to any attack—by large invading armies, fleets of thousands of enemy planes, AND RENDERED EVEN ATTACK BY NUCLEAR WARHEADED MISSILES OBSOLETE!) Purposely SANK HIS LUXURY LINER, R.M.S. TITANIC in the deep waters of the icy North Atlantic, to collect the insurance money.  1500 souls were lost that night.  So, yes, the Khazar elite have NO PROBLEM killing God’s children like so many sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter.  If you are going to change your world, you MUST come into the truth of who you are really dealing with.  The Satanic “wolf” (or Beast from Revelations) in sheep’s clothing, is in secret control of your planet.  They number very few.  However, they wield great power.  That power is GOLD; and its manipulation over the masses THROUGH USURY (INTEREST)!  Remember, the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran explicitly forbids “charging thy brother usury” for gold/money loaned to him.  Why do you think Jesus was so mad at the Jewish Money Changers—International Bankers, called Pharisees back then—who had the nerve to set up shop in The House of The Lord?  When “Jesus” Immanuel Esu drove them out with a donkey’s whip, and again allowed the peoples to come back within the Temple/Church to be healed, HE WAS  CRUCIFIED THREE DAYS LATER BY THE JEWS FOR INTERFERING WITH THEIR “FLEECING” OF CHRISTIAN MONEY AND SOULS!!!]

Only months before, well-connected Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the New York Port Authority, which owned the WTC, leased the complex for 99 years to fellow Zionist Silverstein.  How or why that transaction took place was never discussed.  At the time, the WTC was considered, by many, as an architectural white elephant and less than desirable piece of real estate.  [H:  And so, too, was the ocean liner Titanic.  Which, in actuality, was really its sister ship, R.M.S. Olympic!  The names were secretly switched, and the hard-picked covert workers were forced to sign the British “Official Secrets Act” by Banker Morgan to keep them from talking.  The “Secrets Act” is like your own Top Secret Security Agreement or “National Security Act” papers—both carry 5-10 year prison sentences—OR FIRING SQUAD—for “spilling the beans”!  We will cover the entire sinking of the ship later in this JOURNAL, for the director, James Cameron, left out a few very interesting tit-bits in his multi-Oscar-winning epic.  Since it is heralded as “the most popular motion picture of all time”, you the public need to know WHY.  Cameron was supposed to make the “official” story look like a romantic masterpiece, to save face for J.P. Morgan and his Jewish gangster descendants.  However, it may take a hundred years—but truth ALWAYS OUTS in the end!]
Meanwhile, well-connected Zionists had attained top positions of power throughout the Bush administration, and within the three branches of the US government.  Many had signed a sort of Globalist Declaration of Independence.  The document mirrored an earlier Israeli manifesto. 

 The signers slowly consolidated power in America, unbeknownst to most Americans.

The PNAC-Project for The New American Century—was first written by Zionists in Israel as an Israeli policy papers, “A Clean Break:  A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” before becoming an important blueprint for foreign policy here.  Many of the same authors contributed to both papers.  On the surface both papers seem pragmatic, almost admirable, filled with diplomatic language. Yet, if we understand the motives and comprehend the methods—By Way of Deception—we may discern the Big Picture.

Douglas Feith ascended to power at the Pentagon, as did fellow Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim and Richard Perle.  [H:  Perle is the notorious Israeli spy CAUGHT selling out your nation in favor of Israel.]  Most, if not all, of these top military strategists curiously possessed dual passports:  Israeli and US passports.  [H:  That, in itself, is your “Red Flag” to look more closely into activities of these ones, supposedly working on behalf of American Foreign Policy interests!]

“He served Likud [Israeli government] interests”, said Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski of her superior, Douglas Feith, head of the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans (OSP).  “I don’t think those are the same as Israel’s interests, but instead those of a faction within Israel.  He engineered Likud (Right wing Israeli party) outlined and desired actions by the US and, in Feith’s mind, I think he did it for Israel.  I just don’t have any countervailing information that would suggest he has ever done anything for America.”

Likewise what role did Wolfowitz play?  And Perle?  And Zakheim?  All Pentagon top officials.  How does one hold a foreign passport—Israeli—while holding Top Secret US security clearances?  Does anyone see a conflict of interests here?  One could argue these men were great patriots—but for which country?  Philosophically they all shared the same goal:  Strengthen Israel; weaken the tyrannical Islamic states; hasten US hegemony of scarce resources for key global players and multinationals.
And they all worked at the Pentagon.  If America was ever to be attacked—perhaps by a team of Islamic Fanatics—what better symbolic target than the Pentagon?  [H:  Or, attacked by Israelis posing as “Islamic fanatics”.  Keep in mind that Israeli secret Mossad agents operating in Arab-speaking nations, PASS EASILY FOR ARAB CITIZENS—SIMPLY BY SPEAKING FLUENT ARABIC!  Moreover, the Jews are THE MOST RACIALLY MIXED PEOPLE ON YOUR PLANET.  This is not by accident.  Their Talmud bible tells them to do just that!  By so doing, they get their foot into the most tightly locked circles and families.  “Do not hinder our men from marrying Goyim (non-Jews) women, for they allow us entry into their homes.”  And, “Seek marriage into Goy society of our women, for THE CHILDREN OF A JEWISH MOTHER ARE OURS!”  And what better cover for practice of blending with, and intermingling with, Christians than the Jewish Propaganda Industry of HOLLYWOOD.  The television situation comedy of the 1970’s, “Sanford and Son”, portrayed by Lamont Sanford’s best friend, “[Who-Lee-Oh]”, as a Puerto Rican fellow junk dealer who lived next door.  Perfect Hispanic accent and all.  When this actor was featured on another sitcom during the same era, “All in the Family”, he played a Jewish revolutionary “terrorist”.  This time he bore no resemblance to being Latin.  In the movie comedy, “Police Academy”, Penny Torres’ new husband at the time (whom this scribe knew because he was responsible for getting him fired, and also for helping to steer Penny, who was “channeling” Mafu, down the wrong path and alienating her from those who were on her side—including retired Los Angeles police officer, and Vietnam Veteran Tony Torres, who was married to her during the affair) was Andrew Rubin.  Rubin immediately infiltrated and completely changed Penny’s focus and that is when all credibility with Mafus’ teachings went out the window.  But, back to the topic in point—Rubin was an actor, not even a very good one.  However, the varsity of his switching “ethnic roles” is clearly evident.  In “Police Academy” he played a Hispanic playboy-type with lots of girl “groupies”.  During the movie, he confesses to one of the main characters that he isn’t really a Latin lover, as the other character notices that his accent slips a bit.  “I’m really just plain ol’ George Martin (not Martez, or whatever), 4th generation American.”  And then, when you see Rubin in reruns of the 70’s sitcom, “The Jeffersons”, he plays Tom and Helen Willis’ bi-racially mixed (Tom is White and Helen is Black) son, not as convincing a performance, but, you get the picture!  Almost all Arab actors in Hollywood are really Jews speaking with Arabic accents, so now, it is easy to make YOU THINK “those dirty Arabs” are stirring up trouble.  Or, Islam is a fanatical terrorist religion, when the exact opposite is the truth.  Mohammed is a Godly Prophet, just as Christians and Buddhists have their men of God.  The Jews and their Moses (which is really the hidden story of Amenhotep IV of Egypt—Akhenaton—the son of MURDERED BOY KING AND HIS FAMILY TUTANKHAMEN—KING TUT.  Another bit of OMITTED HISTORY we will cover again as time and space permit.  The same old Khazar tribes are behind this crime, as well.  For Akhenaton is the first person in recorded human history to speak of one omnipotent God—Aton.  And exactly as Immanuel Esu “Jesus” SANANDA was crucified for telling you THE TRUTH about God, and who the Serpent People [Khazar Zionist Pharisees who label themselves that—look at the “Physician’s Staff” with the two intertwined snakes, or go all the way back to the serpent/snake who tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden] are, so was AkhenAton/Amenhotep IV killed, along with his wife Nefertiti [whose name means “The Beautiful One Has Come”] , for moving the capital of the Egyptian Dynasty of Pharaohs AWAY FROM the pagan worshippers of many gods, and human sacrifices [which the Jews still do today with goats, chickens, and lambs in the back alleys of such as New York City and elsewhere!  THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO IN ISRAEL WITH THE BUILDING OF SOLOMON’s TEMPLE ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT.  THIS IS THE MOST SACRED SPOT ON EARTH FOR THE ISLAMIC PEOPLES!  AND YOU KNOW THAT WHEN THE ISRAELIS INVADE THAT PLACE—ARMAGEDDON WILL BEGIN IMMEDIATELY THEREAFTER!  The truth of the matter is that neither The Dome of The Rock, Nor King Solomon’s Temple were ever on that spot!].  So you have a whole other side of historical FACT that is not given to you.  But you had better be in the finding out, for this is what “The End of the World Prophecies are all about, precious ones.  You had better find out.  Do not follow the Satanic, Luciferian forces into “a bloody end to this world”, like the Christ was trying to warn you about.] … Curiously, only a year before, the Pentagon had war-gamed just such an attack.  You would have thought someone would have been prepared.  [H:  They were!  You just don’t realize WHAT the “preparations” were for!  You are going to find that the Khazars are ALWAYS prepared for these attacks.  As in the World Trade Center CONTROLLED DEMOLITION (with the remotely piloted aircraft providing “cover” for the crime), the Oklahoma Federal Building NEAR-IMPLOSION (for the explosives AND THE HELICOPTER HOVERING HIGH OVER HEAD FIRING A BEAM WEAPON—OR D.E.W.—DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON—MORE TESLA TECHNOLOGY OVER A HUNDRED YEARS OLD YOU ARE NOT TOLD ABOUT.  The timing was not perfected and missed its mark.  That is why a circular gauge was present, as if someone took a giant “bite” out of the building.  The Ryder truck blast was used for “cover” only, just like the two jetliners in New York.  To prove the point, the truck bomb didn’t even break windows across the street—which were CLOSER TO BLAST THAN THE FEDERAL BUILDING!) ; and the Pentagon MISSILE STRIKE (video and EYE WITNESS STATEMENTS PROVE THE PLANE DID NOT CRASH INTO THE STRUCTURE—IT FELL FAR SHORT OF THE PENTAGON!  In addition to video surveillance fragments were positively identified by military personnel WHO CERTAINLY KNOW WHAT A MISSILE STRIKE LOOKS LIKE!) ; the Jews had prior knowledge and forewarning—none of them were killed in ANY of the above described attacks!]

Pause Quote.

Jonur, have a brief respite, nourish the body and resume promptly.  Hatonn clearing frequency.  SALU     

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