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New Series 138: Any reference to “Jews” doing ANYTHING is going to be labeled a “Hate Crime”, to deter investigators from learning the truth. Satan plans well ahead of his dirty deeds, and the orchestrated events are staged to allow Jews to defeat Christianity once and for all.

Continued from ns137 (ns138)

Any reference to “Jews” doing ANYTHING is going to be labeled a “Hate Crime”, to deter investigators from learning the truth.  Satan plans well ahead of his dirty deeds, and the orchestrated events are staged to allow Jews to defeat Christianity once and for all.


The 2012 Olympics held in London was a televised WORLD EVENT carried live for all to see; and yet, no one makes mention on your “non-news” about the two large craft that flew over the opening ceremonies.

Your MEDIA is totally controlled by the Zionist Jews and THEY tell you what you are to believe.  It is time to come into your own regarding what YOU believe about God, the Holy Bible, and the “Alien Question”.

Did Two UFOs Buzz The Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Not one but TWO separate UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS were spotted and filmed during the opening ceremony at the 2012 Olympics.  The excitement was palpable but rapidly dealt with by “official” statements that “it” was nothing other than the Goodyear blimp (there were two objects, one of which was apparently rotating; moreover, no navigational warning lights were seen on either of the two flying “objects” and this presented a potential navigational hazard.  The Goodyear company reportedly stated that their blimp was tethered (grounded) for the occasion—a statement that was apparently ignored by those claiming that the UFO in question was unquestionably, the blimp.

Debunkers claim the UFO was a blimp.  Here are the differences between the “object” and blimps:
Many people are now maintaining that the UFO seen over the Olympic opening ceremony was in fact nothing more than the Goodyear blimp.
·       Goodyear Blimp lights up blue.
·       Object didn’t.
·       Blimp, cockpit below… larger above.
·       Object, larger below… smaller above with circular cockpit?
·       Blimp has fins.
·       Object didn’t.
·       Blimps are mostly made from polyester and PVC for the envelope containing the helium gas.
·       Object looks metallic and reflective.
As far as CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging) goes, that’s a possibility; however during a live recorded event?  And… what about the “no fly zone” enforced over the stadium for the opening ceremony?
And then, there was THIS:
[Internet photo of jetliner climbing out of airport sky, a craft is plainly seen in the background center.  Computer site reads:  “UFO OVER LONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT—AUGUST 2, 2012”.  Caption reads:  “Fast UFO captured with Samsung Mobil Phone over International Airport.]
[Next Internet photo is a close-up of one of the craft at the 2012 Olympics.  A metal reflective and luminescent object with no wings or tail.  Fireworks from the ceremony can be seen just below the large “oval shaped UFO.  A full-screen picture of the same craft shows it flying over the entire coliseum.  Computer site reads:  “Two Olympic UFOs Confirmed 2012 HD.  You Tube.]
[The third photo captioned:  “Two Olympic UFOs Confirmed?  2012 HD “UPDATED”.  You Tube.  Part of the site reads:  “Published on Jul 30, 2012 by Stephen Hanard ADGUK.  This puts to rest the theory that the Olympic UFO was the Goodyear blimp…”  The two craft and the spectacular fireworks, in a panoramic wide-screen, shot of the opening ceremony.  One at one end, and the other ship on the far end in a dramatic Fly-by—seemingly apart of the “show”.]
Continuing with the photos from “UNCENSORED” magazine, September-December 2012.
Many ones are now coming into the understanding that an ancient civilization once thrived on the planet Mars.  And yes, there was!  However, you destroyed that atmosphere and ecosystem just as you are trying to do on Earth.  As the eons passed, Mars again can sustain a habitable environment for man’s space missions and bases.
You have been grossly lied to about the true nature of the Moon and Mars.  There is a Russian Presence on Mars, and giant mining vehicles, that leave “stich-like” tracks on the surface.  There is a joint American, Russian, and Extraterrestrial base on the Moon—none of this is to be told to you-the-people.
Everything You Know about Mars… is Wrong
[Photo of Mars with white, snowy North Pole, clouds, and a terrain that looks like it supports organic vegetarian and liquid water.]
These NASA photographs of Mars were discovered by Joseph P Skipper who devoted untold hours of research looking for “anomalies” on Mars.  Needless to say, he was wildly successful and uncovered a systematic and concerted effort to hide the fact that Mars is habitable, and that most if not everything we have been told about Mars… is wrong.  Our profound appreciation to this incredible discoverer.
[NASA photo of a large lake. The information reads:  Redwater Lake.  Image for comparison purposes only.  The surrounding terrain supports the claim of the investigator.]
[Another shows smaller lakes with tree vegetation and clouds, and an island.  The water can be plainly discerned.  It reads:  MARS lakes and conventional looking forest.]
[The next shows “craters” with pools of water in the bottom of them.  Misty clouds and a little snow-ice around the edges of some of the ridges.  Site reads:  MARS water pits in the high mountains.]
[Earth-like canals and visible sediment in water pathways.  “MARS canals in sediment infused water ice.”]
[Water melting from ice flows, the “ripple” is clearly seen in the surrounding water.  “MARS ice fields subjected to melt water erosion”.]
[“MARS bio-life growth organized in rows”.  Rows of “Grape Vine” –like vegetation connecting with the “sandy” soil.  In between each are “paths” like fields of corn.]
[“MARS lakes & conventional looking forests“.  Larger view of more river and lake topography.  Clouds, “forests”, and peninsulas, just like Earth.]
[“MARS lake & forest on boundary line”.  Close-up of shape of another lake, various terrain features around its boarders.]
[“MARS unidentified forest bio-life growth”.  “Harry” looking forest-like trees surrounding desert.]
[“MARS swift turbulent clear mountain river”.  An amazing photo of water rushing around a bend, and then over a waterfall, and then continuing on.  Terrain is not dissimilar from Niagara Falls on Earth.]
[“MARS 90 degree corner of super clear water reservoir”.  A perfect square corner of terrain, vegetation, and clear water creating a “swimming pool” on the Martian surface.]
[MARS unidentified super dense bio-life growth”.  A thick forest growth like you will find in the Amazon Rainforest.]
The next page.
1.     Martian “tracks” must be pretty recent as otherwise they would have been obliterated by mars’ frequent dust storms.
2.     The object at the end of the arc and the near perfect arc itself.  How could this be a natural phenomenon?  How can a boulder ‘roll down’ in this manner?
3.     This boulder has moved uphill, towards higher ground of the te-entrant.  What is the object?  It seems to have moved under its own power, as there’s no way that this could have happened naturally.
4.     The ‘threads’ of the other two tracks are the same as those found on the Moon.  And these too are going uphill toward the darker brown area towards the left.  If the treads are similar, then it follows that a similar object has moved on both cosmic bodies.  And against the force of gravity!
5.     The ‘ramp’ which I’ve circled.  It leads on to the track.  Looks pretty suspicious.  What does it add up to?
6.     So is there more than a natural explanation to this phenomena?  Could they be some sort of intelligently controlled objects?
[Photo Image number one:  “Anomalous Martian Tracks”.  “Zipper-like” stitch marks going across a desert-terrain floor, and ending at an outcropping of low-lying, mountains or hills.  From about mid-way, another stitch track extends and connects with the first one—like a rail-way off track and switching terminal, it arcs perfectly and merges with the main track.  At the end of the merged track line, it ends with a “ramp-like” structure that goes up to a “dock” or level, flattening of the hill on that side.  The bottom of the image reveals another stitch track across an area farther down the desert plateau.  The ones on your Moon are IDENTICAL; several gigantic, tall mining vehicles have been photo imaged leaving these marks behind as they move.  Energy and reflective light was also captured, and they are metallic structures.]
[The next image is of a “non-natural” looking structure on the surface of Mars in black and white.  “Anomalous ‘Building’ on Mars”!]
[“Martian ‘Tubes’—Another Unsolved Riddle”.  “Source:  NASA-JPS-MSSS…  Mars Location:  Longitude 27.08 W.  – Latitude  39.12 N. … Lower mid area of Mars Chart 04:  Mare Acidalium … 0% Zoom … Wide area a view of Ridge Forms at left previously & in error reported on as ‘The Tubes’.    Discovered at R. Hoagland website.  The Real Smoking Gun As To Life On Mars.  More [online:].  This image shows “Earthworm” structures lining one side of a crevice or ridge.  The lines running vertically go the length of these three or four tunnels, as each extends into the surrounding ground.]
[“WTF:  Heart shaped “craters” on Mars”.  Ten images taken from very high up depicting heart-shaped, shallow craters.  These various “hearts” are exactly as you would draw in the sand with your finger.]
Mars was inhabited at one time by human-kind before the same silly games at war and global conquest destroyed the atmosphere.  The structures that can be seen from space, and through your great telescopes, are purposely done to remind man not to repeat the mistakes that caused cataclysms to this world.  When humans get too big for their britches and slow in spiritual understanding, their greed and wars destroy the planet.  Sometimes, as with Mars, you can return after many eons and reclaim the orb.  This is what We call “Rapture” and “Lift-Off-Evacuation”.  If Earth is getting ready to blow itself to pieces, or you set your atmosphere on fire, then God’s Hosts move in and pull your bacon out of the fire.
I remind you that the Egyptian word “Cairo” means “Mars”, and that the exact longitude and latitude coordinates for the pyramids and sphinx “Face” on Mars corresponds with the pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza on Earth.
WTF:  Mars, Lunar “Anomalies”.
By now most people ought to have realized that neither “science” nor “medicine” is particularly objective; much is obfuscated, and/or distorted; much more is kept “secret”—and remains so, often for millennia.  Orthodoxy is bequeathed to the masses, who argue for centuries over the finer details without once realizing that the fundamentals have been, well, fundamentally distorted.  We really know very little about the moon; there are many who contend that it is an artificial construct—a statement that is bizarre on the face of it, until one begins to come to terms with the fact that it does, indeed, seem to have been placed “just so” and “rings like a bell”—according to some astronauts.  Recently, a whole “industry” has grown up around the close study of lunar anomalies—of which there are many—and these are but two of some of the fascinating photos gleaned from NASA.
[A comparison photo image of a pharaoh rock carving on Mars that is almost a carbon-copy of giant, throned pharaoh’s in the Valley of Kings in Egypt.  “Egyptian Statue on Mars?”]
[Moon photo number one:  Many craft can be seen sitting on the Lunar surface, just inside the shadowy regions of the picture.  Round and “cigar”-shaped craft, and other shapes, are illuminated white, bright objects.  They are large, as the distance is great.  In the craters, groups of “purposely placed” craft or objects, align along portions of the rims.  Pairs, groups of three’s, a cylindrical craft of large size in a shallow crater or “base”—there are dozens and dozens of objects (craft and facility bases) in this one large picture.  “Google earth” “Image NASA/USGS…“]
[Second Moon photo:  “Structure inside the crater Vitello”.  A ringed crater with “construction site” grooves inside and around the rim.  Completely “man-made” as compared to the natural terrain surrounding it.]
It does appear as though these many anomalies bespeak at least one other civilization that has colonized the Moon, and has been monitoring developments on Earth for a long time.  If our “science” and “education” systems cannot come to terms with at least a credible hypothesis that leads from an objective analysis of these anomalies, well, it seems as though it is time to bypass them and develop our own hypotheses.
To continue on with the spiritual aspect of what you are, science and the unseen quality that is soul essence must be merged in your thinking.
Spirit is Mind, your mind and God’s Mind are ONE.  Science can now prove the existence of God.  That is the only way you can comprehend that which is happening on other planets in your solar system.  By realizing man’s true potential, and knowing your inheritance, you CAN, INDEED, CHANGE A WORLD!  However, you have to know HOW to do so.  Just “guessing” won’t cut it.
Science can prove the existence of God and the SPIRITUAL geometric structure of space itself.  It is the PROOF of GOD that ultimately sets the children of God free.
While you read the following, imprint the cyclone or tornado into your conscious, this twisting vortex shape holds the key to The Hands of God which created ALL THINGS.
Giant Suns and super microscopic ones are the same; except for size, and duration of life-span, they are identical creations.  Spiraling vortexes (two pairs) creates them both.
By Brendan D. Murphy, August-September 2012, “NEXUS” magazine.
Far from being non-coding and useless, so-called “junk” DNA can interact with zero-point energy and the morphic field affecting our consciousness and also responding to changes in our states of mind.  It is even responsible for the emergence of language.
Something that is not particularly widely known about the mind-body connection today is that, since the early 1940s, a genuine microbiological framework for understanding the power of suggestion, intention and belief has been developing.  In this short essay based on my forthcoming book series The Grand Illusion:  A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (volumes 1 and 2), we will look at some of this work as it relates to previously unexplainable “spontaneous” alterations to the genomes of living people—and the physiological and psycho-spiritual transformations that often accompany them.
[Hatonn:  The “science” behind people who change after having a “never-death experience”, and premonition dreams which seem to come true, these are the beginnings for learning the spirit-mind world.]
If We Don’t Understand It, Then It’s “Junk”.
As most NEXUS readers would know, the vast majority of our DNA “text” is not used in the coding of proteins and enzymes—it is non-coding—and scientists generally don’t have any idea what its purpose is.  Thus, in their infinite wisdom, they initially dubbed it “junk DNA”.  How much of our DNA is junk?  About 95-98 per cent—rather a lot of waste for Nature to hang onto, I think you will agree (some scientific estimates go as high as 99 per cent).  Since it is not responsible for constructing our basic physical form, its purpose remains mysterious to conventional mindsets.
[To be continued…]

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