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New Series 152: There always has to be the First, Dear Sparrow, for Aton never comes without sending/bringing those who are to prepare “The Way”. The majesty of A Second Coming of The Christ Being is without words and without measure. Man in the masses will not know who is who and what is what.

1/29/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns152)

Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.  Amen.

Valerie, The Father’s Lighted Christ Shield is always surrounding you—day and night.  Know that the trials and tribulations you and mine ones go through are because God walks WITH you at this hour.  Few there are who know what is coming.  Even fewer know what to do when IT arrives.

There always has to be the First, Dear Sparrow, for Aton never comes without sending/bringing those who are to prepare “The Way”.  The majesty of A Second Coming of The Christ Being is without words and without measure.  Man in the masses will not know who is who and what is what.  Therefore, the Angels—the Messengers—must prepare for the Lift Off and the welcoming of the Pilots of the Craft.  Rapture is not going to be like the people of Earth Shan have been told.  The lies of the Jews run very, very deep.  It will not be easy to awaken all the people, but that is not our job—just those who wish, with proper intent, to follow God and His Laws, and follow the Laws of the Creation.

Mine workers on the ground are in direct CONFRONTATION with the evil empire of Satanists and Jews.  You are the lightning rod that is the focus of Lucifer’s attacks.  Fear not, however, because the White Light of Christ cannot be penetrated by the thrust of evil, no matter who, or how many project the slings and arrows to stop the WORD.  Now is when our work is going to be valued THE MOST, for ones are beginning to see.
The Writings that compile these continuing JOURNALS are what all the fuss is about on the internet.  The Ancient Alien and Ancient Astronaut television broadcasts have been using our material since the beginning.  They (the Jews) utilize what they can and leave the conclusions alone, for they do not know, and yet, they dare NOT make reference to the coming, again, of God to thy place.

Tehachapi, California is where the Navigation/Communications Crystal is located, so fear not, Valerie, in an instant you will be summoned.  I am as close as thine inner most thought, as a communion with God must be.  The conduit of communication is unbroken with mine ones, and you, Valerie, have kept the circuits most clean and clear.  The Hosts of Thy Lord cherish and appreciate the attention to this Mission, and recognition is forthcoming and ongoing.

The adversary is shaken and in fear of the People finding out what the Jewish Khazars have been doing to the Trusting Christians, who let the “Serpent People” inside your nation’s city walls.  Americans now have enough background to put with these PHOENIX JOURNALS, AND THE TAPED MESSAGES TO KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE BEAST OF REVELATIONS IS.  The mask is coming off the devil, and God’s People will not stand for evil rule of a Christian Nation anymore!

Valerie, continue frequent and good fluid intake, much vitamin C, and KNOW the “rest” to supplement it with for enhanced immune shielding.  The adversary has released a strong flu strain upon the populous, in order to take out the very young and the elderly.  We of the Hosts have raised the vibratory frequency of your nation, because it is time to begin to experience the effects of your planet’s passage through the boundary fringes, and penetrate the so-named “Photon Belt”.  Two-Thousand years of Light comes in pretty handy in circumstances like this!  This is for ALL ones to have, what ever race, age, sex, or social standing—the time of the Sorting is upon you.

Jonur let us continue with the current JOURNAL topic, please.  Keep in mind, Super Bowl Sunday, is the perfect time to INFECT large segments of your population, America.  Also, while the game distracts the attention of you-the-people from world affairs, we will be on Alert to effort to counter the plans set up to do you in.  PRAYER, chelas, is a powerful OFFENSIVE WEAPON—use it!  For God will work with you, however, you must call upon The Lord thy Father for that assistance.  Never forget, also, to do YOUR part; faith without works is nothing, neither is works without prayer—BOTH MUST BE USED IN KNOWINGNESS OF GOD’S PRESENCE WITH YOU.  AHO!


“The Final Call”, newspaper, July 31, 2012.  Promoting PEACE, Farrakhan leads Fruit of Islam into streets in effort to work for peace, lessen conflict and inspire movement for progress.

‘A lifesaving movement’
Farrakhan leads peacemaking effort in the streets of Chicago, by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor


… Women in neighborhoods broke down and cried, happy to see the Minister and the F.O.I. [Hatonn:  “Fruit of Islam”, the young men in smart, gentlemen suits, which portray a different “Black Man” than the Zionist Jews created for young Black boys to emulate.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, this was how Black men dressed—BEFORE—the Jews used their control over major media (TV, motion pictures, the music industry, books and novels, BUT MOST ESPECIALLY TODAY—“RAP” MUSIC VIDEOS!) to inject THEIR IMAGE of what Black boys should look like, act like, and how they should talk!  Fits right in there with the “stereo-type” the Jews created—so White, and now, Black cops, have the  perfect criminal—right down to the “T-shirt” and sneakers—to go to war with NIGHTLY!  This allows for more measures to combat the problem the Zionists manufactured!  This leads to Gun Control Laws, Brute Force Police Tactics, and “shoot-to-kill” police mentality.  The same “inner city”, or “urban warfare”, you see now, is the same the Jews always use to split nations and people apart.  The Rothschild—Zionist rule is to “divide and conquer”.  Whether “North Korea” and “South Korea”, “North Vietnam” or “South Vietnam”.  Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Whites, men versus women, young people against their formerly—respected elders—whatever the focus of division---IT ALWAYS WORKS!  However, it does not have to; when you know the Jews caused the problem in the first place—you will finally put a stop to it.  And yes, the Jews set up the entire United States “Civil War”, to gain the wealth of the South (North versus South), and try to expand and maintain a race war to finally destroy America, once and for all!  The unity of the people of God, and a President OF ALL THE PEOPLE, threw a wrench into the machinery of revolution as a means of conquering nations.  For now the light is dawning on who the real enemy of Christ truly is.  The Anti –Christ/Anti-God Khazar false “Jews” of old—the very enemy of Jesus Himself!]

Children ran up to Minister Farrakhan, he hugged them.  Mothers presented youngsters saying:  “There’s Farrakhan and the brothers!”

Robbie Jones, 49, was in tears after meeting the Minister.  Through her tears, she told The Final Call her uncle was a member of the Nation of Islam and encouraged her to listen to the Minister.  She had never seen Minister Farrakhan in person.
“It was something great because we don’t really get people in our neighborhood that really care about people around here.  It’s just a blessing,” she added.

Erica Goree, an Auburn-Gresham resident, liked seeing the Minister in the area and called the sight of the men of the F.O.I. “a beautiful thing.”

“I was happy to see him,” said Ms. Goree.  “It’s a beautiful thing.  We need somebody else out here that’s going to help us because the police out here, they don’t care,” she said.

Both women said evident crime is getting worse but believe young Black men want honest work and recreation.  But, the women said, with no jobs and no place to go, they hang out, get harasses by police and get in trouble.

Keon has lived in Chicago for the entire 26 years of his life.  He called his neighborhood “a war zone” where rival factions of street organizations compete for dominance.  “I think it is a beautiful thing for the Minister to come on these rough blocks to show the support that he did—it might make a change,” said Keon.

Latasha Thomas, elder man of the 17th Ward, represents the area visited by the Minister.  She worked with the logistic team giving Minister Farrakhan information about danger zones.  Problem areas were communicated to the Minister, who went directly to trouble spots, she explained.
“It’s great to have Black men as an example to show these other young Black men that there is another way, and to have Minister Farrakhan leading to show other Black men and women that it’s another way, I’m ecstatic,” said Ald Thomas.  “I think they need to hear from someone they trust and that they will listen to, and the Nation of Islam are the people they will listen to.”

Ald Thomas watched Black youth respond to Minister Farrakhan’s presence and words as he spoke without condemning them.

“He makes them believe, and if we can get them to believe there is another way, that’s where it is,” she added.

In the blighted area of the South side known by many as “Terror Town” Minister Farrakhan again reached out and touched the people.

Shirtless young Black brothers, wearing baseball caps with pants sagging, one with a tattoo on his chest reading:  “Young God” talked for quite some time with brothers of the F.O.I. that were the same age.

“This might be considered a lifesaving movement, not only resulting in the reduction of crime, but saving the lives of men that otherwise would be cut down in their ignorance by members of the law enforcement community,” said Leonard F. Muhammad, longtime aide to Minister Farrakhan.  Leonard Muhammad worked with law enforcement, political and community leaders to coordinate the massive effort.

“It is said that “Islam comes after all else fails.  And the reason there is so much joy being expressed, not just in the community, but all across the country is because all else has failed,” said Leonard F. Muhammad.  The Chicago district police commander told him that there was no crime in any of the places the F.O.I. visited that evening, he said.

“The brothers of the F.O.I. brought new life back to the people in the community.  Our challenge now, as Minister Farrakhan has said, is to sustain the effort,” he added.  “I saw tears of hope and I saw joy for the first time after going into the communities and seeing the grim faces of hopelessness and pain.”

In the United Kingdom, Hilary Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s representative, regularly goes out with the UK edition of The Final Call.  It has always been Minister Farrakhan’s way to engage the people on the street, harking back to his days as a young student minister in Boston and New York, he observed.

“Our work from the moment we came I the Nation of Islam was the resurrection of the dead,” said Hilary Muhammad.  “Most of us were found in the street by a brother, someone inspired us, someone taught us, someone invited us to a meeting and the presence of the F.O.I. since I came in the Nation has always been in the street.”

Three buses filled with Muslim men rolled to different violent hot spots with members of the Student Ministry dispatched in pairs.

Abel Muhammad of Mosque Maryam, who is of Mexican descent, walked the streets with one group.  They didn’t encounter many Spanish speaking people, but were received with open arms.  None of the so-called Black-Brown tension was evident during the N.O.I. operation.

“If our young people can see us out in the streets together, then they have an example in our demonstration of a reality beyond what they currently are confined to experiencing.  I did not (hear) one negative comment, response or encounter,” said Abel Muhammad.  “The Black community saw us as the F.O.I.!  Their Brothers!  A lighter shade of skin, a different type of hair perhaps, but the love that the teachings give us for our people, that is authentic, and that is what I believe gained the respect, love and positive response of our people.”

Marcus Muhammad, a student minister and Nation of Islam coordinator in Benton harbor, Michigan, traveled to Chicago for the mobilization.  He called it “a watershed moment.”


Break here, Jonur, and begin another Chapter.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu

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