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New Series 229:This is exactly what your Khazar adversary hopes you will do! By teaching you falsely about your own religion you fail to learn the Christ teachings laid down by your Master Teacher. Is this not how Satan would come at you? Would he not begin by molding your children’s brains to suit his needs??

3/18/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns229)

Good evening, Hatonn present to commune in the radiance of Holy God Aton.  Let us continue with the day’s lessons, please.  Thank you, Jonur, for your service unto God and your brethren.  Salu!


The hardest thing to teach God’s children is the natural order of how the universe (“One-Song”—“Uni-verse”) truly functions.  By falsely teaching you ones of “Earth” that you are “sinners” and “imperfect” in spirit, there develops a belief system that man is but mud/clay of Earth, and not capable of higher Godly (“Goodly”) thoughts and physical behavior.  Therefore, mankind can be easily encouraged to “fall-by-the-wayside” and say, “Well, I’m not worthy to begin with.”  Or, whatever excuse comes to mind.

This is exactly what your Khazar adversary hopes you will do!  By teaching you falsely about your own religion you fail to learn the Christ teachings laid down by your Master Teacher.  Is this not how Satan would come at you?  Would he not begin by molding your children’s brains to suit his needs??

And you thought he would present himself as a pentagram 5-star goat of Mendez, or, with a pointy tail, horns and a red pitch fork!  Evil will ALWAYS wear a clue.  And it will always be cloaked in that which is portrayed as “good”.  Lucifer is the prince of deceit and the father of lies.  The Khazar “Jews” know this well, for it is written in their “bible”—the Talmud!  This is NOT THE SAME as the Hebrew Judean (not spelled J-E-W) bible, known as the Torah, from which your own Holy Scripture is derived.

This knowledge is not “secret”, it is just that you have been trained and educated by the Anti-God and his wayward flock!  And, please understand it is your so-called “National Security”, and “Intelligence Apparatus” that run the show!  This IS the secret establishment hidden beneath the clandestine cover and cloak of your secret “spy network”.  By stamping everything from President Kennedy’s assassination to the “UFO” crash at Roswell, New Mexico, as “TOP SECRET”, you-the-people are never told the truth of the happenings!

This is WHY you must come into the understanding of where you are, and WHAT YOU ARE in the 3rd dimensional, physical HUMAN existence.  Therefore, we will speak of “aliens” among you; their incredible crafts, and the geometrical and SPIRITUAL ASPECT of your “sensed” reality.  You must KNOW what you are, and who your enemy is.  Otherwise, you cannot fix—anything—family or nation!


Death of the physical body is nothing—you are not your body!  However, through the eons of time, as you perceive it to be, you have been taught—nay, PROGRAMMED to believe that the physical YOU is all that matters.

If you are waiting for “Jesus” on Easter Sunday, then why do you prepare with colored eggs and fairy tale nonsense?  After 2000 years when the Master Teacher returns, by whatever label, He will be an energy form, will He not?  This “other world”, you all believe in, must come AFTER A DEATH OF SOME SORT of the physical body.  So, there must be some realization that an “invisible” (to you now) world (dimensions/worlds/placements) exists—somewhere.  What are you doing to prepare yourself for THAT?!

At the very MOST, you need to know HOW it works.

Reality, as you know it to be, is but an illusion.  There is no physical anything in all of Creation.  NOTHING is ever manifested into a physical form.  Be it the dust on a butterfly’s wing, or a giant spinning nebula containing billions of stars (“suns”), nothing is ever physically created.  The trick of the light (just like a motion picture camera in your cinemas) only SEEMS to manifest light and sound to express the invisible reality for your senses to enjoy.  Yet, instead of learning your lessons you are trapped in the “sensual” aspect of the physical experience.

Instead of using sex as the procreation act, God intended, you have made it the “end-all-and-be-all” of your entire existence.  This PRE-OCCUPATION with the sex act, is what voids your SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION.  “Divine Union” is a gift, a precious gift given by God, so that a man and woman married before the people might have and share in procreation—a family.

The Jews, pretending to be Hebrew Judaists, flood your markets with every form of sexual deviancy, in order to destroy the spirit/soul of an individual.  

You cannot find “love” only wallowing in the physical “clay” of Earth.  If your minds are “in the gutter”, as it were, how can you also aspire to Holy Grace and Greatness?!?  EVERY DAY is the “Sabbath”—not just on Sunday.

All bodies are transient thought-wave-vibrations which come and go to give body forms to thought-vibrations.  Vibrations of motion extend from stillness.  The heartbeat of Creation is a two-way piston stroke of vibratory motion which extends from the still light of mind.  Mind-knowing is real.  Moving bodies simulate reality.

Again, we repeat that life and death are but opposite states of motion—CENTRIPETAL motion which is compressed toward gravity and CENTRIFUGAL motion which is expanded by gravity.

[Insert:  Imagine a child’s playground toy.  The spinning contraption that a handful of kids rotate until some fall off, but one makes it to the CENTER and is safe and secure.  He makes slow, smooth circles, while the other children are thrown off and away.

One force throws OUTWARD; the center of the pinwheel is calm like the eye of a hurricane.  There everything is INWARD toward the center.
This is God’s creation principle.  Everything in Nature is created in this way.  Be it the tiny, microscopic atom—or a massive, macrocosmic sun/star.]

This is why ALL spirals are shaped like this.  “Whirlpools” in your bath tub; or giant spiral galaxies with billions of stars/suns, both have the vortex pattern.  If you could see more of it, or the invisible part, the vortices would be shaped like a tornado.

[The “Right Hand” and “Left Hand” of God, two vortexes whose apexes meet to form a perfect sphere.  A big one is a giant star; a tiny one is the microscopic atom.]

LIFE is a fast winding up of light-waves (what man calls “electricity”) into bodies of visible matter.  DEATH is a balanced unwinding of light-waves into invisible matter.  I ask you to meditate upon this idea.  Your all-knowing Inner Voice will tell you many things if you will do this.

The supremacy of man is dependent upon the measure of his ability to live knowingly in the undivided Mind universe.  The Master makes use of the divided universe of sensed matter as he will—or dismisses it from his consciousness when he wills.  Until you become master of matter, it will master you.  The greatest aim of your life should be freedom from matter and to be able to control it which also means the control of gravity (which is an “electro-magnetic” affect and not that which you are taught in school).  That is why we stress the mechanics of the divided universe of sensed matter, which has made man its slave for ages, in order that knowing man can transcend matter and become its master instead of its slave.  For this reason, you must know the mechanics of it until it is automatically in you.  The small effort of study you give to knowing this principle in your heart is more than priceless to you.

That is exactly what is meant by the transformation which will lift the more spiritually advanced of the human race out of the ages of material man and into the age of cosmic man.  And that also is the reason why you should know the invisible universe of God’s still light even more abundantly than you can sense the lights of opposed pressures which constitute the vibratory wave universe of divided motion.  As with the “motion” of the actors on the cinema screen of man, motion in the physical is also, only seeming.  There is no substance or reality; it is only a SIMULATION of reality.


Or “the voidance principle” which reads:
      Every action is voided as it occurs,
        is repeated as it is voided, and is
              recorded as it is repeated.

All effects of time, dimension, sound, and sequences of night and day from which the illusion of time springs are, likewise, the result of seeming motion.

All this can be summed up in the simple reminder of previous lessons that this seeming universe of many things, which seem to have countless changing moving forms, is a ZERO universe of REST (the natural condition of the universe).  It takes “work” to wind-up “cosmic dust” into giant suns, or massive nebula of spiraling suns, creating galaxies consisting of billions of suns.  However, it takes NO EFFORT or FORCE at all to “expand”, radiate, and “die”.  Only to re-coalesce and become, again, a star or galaxy of stars (suns).  

When God Aton’s knowing mind at rest—thinks—motion, light, and matter SEEMINGLY come into being.  Even “time” begins when movement begins.  If there were no movement there would be no time.  We of the higher dimensions do not count as you do.  The higher energies (meaning higher learned energies and entities) measure in sequence of events which never exceeds zero in any of its effects but only seems to do so.

All of this seems incredible, we know, but as you gradually replace old conceptions of what constitutes REALITY, you will more and more comprehend that the Light of Mind is the only reality.

You and every moving thing in nature are walking constantly into a mirror of yourself.  As you appear you simultaneously disappear, but the sequences of it deceive your human senses by giving a feeling of continuity which is not justified.

There is no material universe.  Matter and motion do not exist, nor does the visible light of suns exist.  They appear to exist, but that appearance of existence is the great cosmic illusion.  Even the senses which tell you that matter exists do not exist, for they are motion and motion is merely the wave record of thought imaginings.

If the Creator suddenly stopped thinking and imagining, this entire universe of matter would suddenly disappear; for all motion and form are mind imagined and all bodies are but thought pictures of mind imaginings.  The effect would be like the ending of a motion picture play where all physical effects cease when the creator of the play stops thinking them into form and motion.

This universe is entirely spiritual.  God alone IS.
This universe is a mind universe from which thought imagined bodies extend to simulate the idea of mind.

This is a universe of REST from which motion seemingly springs.

God’s knowing is undivided and unchanging.  God’s thinking seemingly divides the ONE IDEA for God’s knowing into many moving forms which seemingly change as God’s thinking seemingly changes.


All bodies in all the universe are but waves of motion which in themselves only seem.  There is no such thing as motion or substance.  There is but illusion which you sense as motion and substance.

So, you all understand that the illusion of motion in the cinema picture is caused by sequences of “stills” superimposed upon each other, each succeeding one being of a different pattern (like your DNA is a “pattern” of you).  If the patterns were all alike, there would be no illusion of motion.

God’s cinema changes pattern constantly because God’s thinking changes constantly, but as changing only seems, likewise, motion only seems.  When you stop thinking the patterns of your imagining also cease.  Can you not readily comprehend that Creation is but a record of continuous thinking?  Can you not also see that everything which seemingly happens “unhappens” simultaneously to coin an expressive word for better understanding?


Your body appeared from YOU.  It appeared because YOU desired to manifest YOU.  It appeared because you imagined it.  God’s body—Nature—appears and disappears likewise.  When you can knowingly say “I and my Father are ONE”, you will then know that your mind imaginings are creating your own body in your own image.

You will then know that your body is but a moving manifestation of desire in you and, whatever it is, it is what you caused it to be.  To the extent that you know God in you, your body is a manifestation of God’s balanced rhythms which are absolutely under your mind control.  So, likewise, are all of your creations under your mind control.  To the extent that you know God’s oneness with you, you can extend your balance to other minds and give them control over their bodies and the bodies they create.


The  purpose of revealing these unknown facts of Nature to you is to free you from the bindings of matter so that you will know it for what it is and not what is seems to be, and control it—instead of it controlling you.

In previous lessons, we have stated that one single thought or emotion could upset the chemistry and polarity of your body so completely that from being well you could become very ill.  You need no further proof than that to convince you that your body is the wave record of your thinking.

If you work all day at something you very much dislike, you become very tired.  The vitality of your body weakens in its power to polarize your body cells.  Even a little depolarization of all cells degenerate your bodily vitality, whereas you could work all day with intense joyousness and feel even more vitalized at the end of the day.

The reason for this is because ecstasy is the continued, normal unchanging state of God’s mind, and the more you can reflect that ecstasy the more you can keep the vitality of your body at its maximum generative power.

Likewise, the divisions of desire for action followed by an equal desire for rest, if properly balanced in your thinking and emulated in your body will multiply your vitality tremendously.  Multiplied vitality through the manifestation of love brings with it the fullness of physical expression.  Every deviation from balanced expression of the love principle destroys bodies in the measure of that deviation.

Violent anger, for example, can sow its deadly seed of cancer in a perfectly healthy body.  A complete expression of the love principle, one which has in it the ecstasy of the Light of Mind, can destroy that seed and make the body whole.

Jonur, interrupt here and begin the next chapter, please.  Thank you for your service.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  SALU

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