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New Series 228:It is the spiritual light of MIND-KNOWING that is the final “salvation”, that man-kind has been seeking—lo these many eons of “time”. “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.

3/18/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns228)

Good afternoon, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, present in the light of Holy God.  May wisdom and knowledge be as the sun and the sun’s rays upon thy body and mind, for the two concepts are the same.  It is the spiritual light of MIND-KNOWING that is the final “salvation”, that man-kind has been seeking—lo these many eons of “time”.  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.

Time, as you perceive it to be, in the physical three-dimensional form is fleeting, and we have much to accomplish.  However, periodically, as we acquire new readers to these PHOENIX JOURNALS (like TIME MAGAZINE or NEWSWEEK), it becomes necessary to go back and cover topics we have discussed in great detail many times before.  The new ones joining us require some “back story”, so they can put into perspective that which we bring.

Then we will move on to correspondence from our special readers, such as our old friend from New Zealand whose letter(s) is on the desk.

Now lets go right to it—the question of questions—UFOs and the Nature of Reality.  You want to know about the secret mystery schools?  Now you’re in one!  Let us continue with the lessons, Jonur (the “physical hands” of these spiritual transmissions or “translator”, if you will, of The WORD of God Aton and His Mighty HOSTS FROM AFAR.  Jonur is the label of this scribe who pens our work.  The label was given to him from the people of Asia.  “Jo” for his first name Joseph and “nur” meaning new bringer of life truths, and allowing the energy to flow as it comes through.  Once again, Valerie, thank you for tending the process that allows The WORD to go forth unto the “four corners” of the planet, and the farthest reaches of the universe.  Without processing and distribution, offering (for God never forces) the written material to the masses—this is merely a bunch of words on paper.

And what is the source? There is no scientific analogy, so I must use familiar labels for a proper conceptual comprehension.  The most literal translation of “Ghost Writer” fits quite nicely.  “Automatic Writing” is another.  How did you think John of Revelation, in your Holy Bible, or Nostradamus’s “Predictions”, did it??  God works THROUGH MAN to bring about positive CHANGE on Earth (“Shan”, as your planet, is known throughout the cosmos—your sun is called Shan, and your orb is simply the 3rd “habitable” placement out).  YOU are my hands.  And always keep forever upper most in your thinking:  There is only ONE, all else only seems to be.


Welcome aboard “V” and “Tee-Tee”.  When ones find themselves drawn together, as “re-discovered” family and mates of the soul, it is all by divine plan.  There are no “coincidences”, chelas (students), in this world (especially in politics!) and those “Soul-Mates” always find each other. That is how Creation works.  And when you learn your lessons, throughout the play called experience and life, you ALL come back into the ONENESS of all-knowing, which is God.

The first step is always comprehending and understanding the concept that ONLY GOD IS REAL, everything else is an illusion of reality.  The many “seeming” aspects of Aton (Aton is the label given to “the One God” by Amenhotep IV, an Egyptian Pharaoh, who changed his own name to Akhenaton to honor Aton.  Look it up!  An interesting story to say the least!  The old biblical story of “The Ten Commandments” (remember the Easter tradition of the Cecil B. DeMill film, starring Charlton Heston?  Heston, by the way, lived across the street from Jonur, when he was a child.  Ironically, precisely in front of Heston’s childhood home, even across the old red cobble stone street, energy forms—Ghosts—have been seen through the years.  Our scribe and his youngest brother witnessed “a family of ghosts”, and a “portal” opening revealing another dimension in the background!  We will retell the experience again to shed more light on the scribe, and his family experiences, that led to that which we NOW BRING.) is really the story of the heretic king of Egypt Akhenaton, and not the “Moses” you have been taught about in Sunday school!

You have two groups of so-called “Jews”.  There are true Judean HEBREWS, and there is an imposter group who call themselves “Jews”.  There is no relation between these two “tribes”, one represents God and light, the other is your long feared Anti-Christ/Anti-God.  “Jews” (J-E-W) who are Khazar Zionists (communists and socialists and fascists, etc.), are hiding in the heritage of the true Judean people.  The Khazars (look this up, too, it’s a dandy!) converted to the religion of the Hebrews in 740 A.D.  And ever since they have been passing themselves off as “The Chosen People”.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 tells you exactly who this “13th tribe of Israel is!  There were only 12 tribes—the 13th tribe is of the synagogue of Satan.  All throughout Revelation and elsewhere in your Holy Bible are references to evil, and “the children of the devil”, if you will.  But what you do not know is that it is and has always been the same people.

We will go into who your “ADVERSARY” is of biblical history in greater detail, once again, as we move along with the lessons.  The so-called good “Jews” are like Charlton Heston, and those Hebrews who faithfully and honorably practice their Godly beliefs.  They wear their traditional garb and pray earnestly for their God to help them.  

The Khazar Zionist, FALSE “Jews” make WAR TO FURTHER THEIR AIMS FOR GLOBAL CONQUEST!  War is NOT OF GOD!  Defense, however, is!  The “Jewish Harvest” is WAR; this comes out of their own mouths!  As we continue, you will begin to quickly realize that all the world’s conflicts, mass shootings, downed airliners, and “lone gunmen”, are planned and orchestrated attacks on American civil liberties.  You are at war America, and it has always been the enemy from within who has been thy biggest and most deadly foe!  The wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing or, more accurately—the Khazar in Gentile’s clothing!


This is where you ones of Earth (by the way, “Earth” is a “generic term” meaning “a habitable placement” for humanity to learn its lessons until you come back into the ONENESS that is God.  You have no understanding of REALITY, and the ones who now are your jail-house wardens (the Luciferians) can construct a false reality for you to believe in and follow.  This is the so-called “EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONNECTION”.  By causing the masses of humanity to run in fear and panic from beings from space who have come to kill and devour you, IS the New World Order Plan!

What enemies can the false “Jews” (which is a curse word to the true Hebrew Judean Judaist!) bring upon humanity for true world control—if not from the heavens above?!  The Earth-based “terrorists” and “bad guys” have been exhausted, to say the least.  How many “Arab” and “White Supremacist/Neo-Nazis”, and “Gang-banger” types, along with the “Communists”, can you fight before you realize that someone or something is directing your American foreign policy initiatives?!

There are no more “just wars” in the world.  Every single war your nation has been involved in, since your declared victory over the British Imperialists (just like “Star Wars’ ” Empire Imperialist “Storm Troopers”, trying to control their galaxy with the dreaded “Death Star”, your British overlords want to keep you enslaved and in bondage to the “Emperor”, or “Queen”, or “King, of their British/Israel empire.), who you fought against for YOUR INDEPENDENCE, has been set up by these ELITE KHAZARIAN ZIONIST “JEWS”!  Why did “Jews” kill and crucify “their own” Messiah???  What is REALLY wrong with this picture?  Khazars HATE Christians.  Period!  Yet, they pretend to be a “chosen” people who will lead you “home”—to your God!

However, as the Khazar bible, the Talmud, tells their followers to kill Christians at every opportunity—lo and even be their doctors and lawyers to steal their lives and their property.

How many “African-Zulu-Americans” realize that all these negative portrayals and stereo-types do not originate, nor do they apply to “Black People”?  “Ghetto” refers to “Jewish” compounds, and blocked off, and gated communities (“communes”), so the secretive and conspiratorial Khazar tribe could infiltrate and influence gentile communities and cities.  THIS IS NOT CONJECTURE, dear hearts—THIS IS UNITED STATES, STATE DEPARTMENT DOCUMENTED FACT!  Only you-the-people are kept in the dark about how your world REALLY functions!

Jonur is a U.S. Government TOP REMOTE VIEWER.  (Ask African American, Detroit/Grosse Point Super-star, singer—“The Queen of Love”—Anita Baker (Baker is also related with the Clyburn/Helm Family through Hazard County, KY.) If you want to understand this Above-Top-Secret Military Program—a “REMOTE VIEWER” is simply a “government psychic”.  Paratroopers were recruited for this program, and the Central Intelligence Agency’s portion is called “The CIA’s Star Gate: Jedi Knight Warrior Program”.  The NSA (National Security Agency), NASA (National Astronautics Space Administration), and the Russian Space Command have a tiny corp of “Psy Corp” to function as your nation’s top SPIES.  Who are YOU—that it shouldn’t be you!?!  “V” once told our scribe, Jonur, that she “came out kickin’.  You all have a Divine Purpose in life.  “V’s” is/was to protect family, nation, and God.  She told Jonur, that the reason the property (formerly in dispute) was acquired in the first place, was to secure the property around her own dwelling, and the property belonging to her family.

Like-minded individuals create and maintain a family.  Jonur’s mother always said, “It takes a village to raise a family.”  The Hosts agree.  Life’s “coincidences” are not by happenstance.  The Spirit controls and directs ALL—even before you arrived you made your contract with the Lord.  That is what your so-called “Gifts” are about.  Why did you choose this family, and these neighbors!?!  There is a great deal more to this physical existence than that which you see before you!

[Editor’s note:  Because of certain “legal” attacks on the possession of “truth”, from our prior works, I shall just comment on the JOURNALS (and Journal is like what the captain of a “Star Ship” would keep, such as “Star Trek”—“V” you would understand this most especially, since you have dedicated your life to protecting and maintaining your nation’s boarders!) in point, and apply the documentation relevant to the discussion at hand.]

Jonur, break here, please, while you “patrol the hood”, and return promptly to resume our important works.

Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency. Salu

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