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New Series 102: Khazar brainwashing of your military is what it’s all about! If they can get you non-Jews—GOYEM—to fight and war upon brother, and neighbor against neighbor, and nation against nation, then you can be destroyed and economically broken

5/13/12b from HATONN/jonur (ns102)

[Continued from ns101-rev.] … talked about reducing prisoner rations.  Churchill asked for an agreement on the scale of rations for prisoners because he would soon have to announce cuts in the British meat ration and wanted to make sure that the prisoners “as far possible … should be fed on those supplies which we could best spare.”  Eisenhower replied that he had already “given the matter considerable attention”, but was planning to re-examine the whole thing to see “whether or not a further reduction was possible.”  He told Churchill that POWs had been getting 2,200 calories a day.  (The U.S. Army Medical Corps considered 2,150 an absolute minimum subsistence level for sedentary adults living under shelter.  U.S. troops were issued 4,000 calories a day.)  What he did not tell Churchill was that the army was not feeding the DEFs at all, or was feeding them far less than those who still enjoyed prisoner-of-war status.

Rations were reduced again soon after this:  a direct cut was recorded in the Quartermaster Reports.  But indirect cuts were taking place as well.  One was the effect of extraordinary gaps between prisoner strength as given on the ration lists and official “on-hand” counts, and between the on-hand counts and the actual number of prisoners in the camps.

The meticulous General Lee grew so worried about the discrepancies that he fired off a challenging cable from his headquarters in Paris to SHAEF headquarters in Frankfurt:

“This Headquarters is having considerable difficulty in establishing adequate basis for requisitioning rations for prisoners of war currently held in Theater ….  In response to inquiries from this Headquarters … several varying statements of number of prisoners held in Theater have been published by SHAEF."

He then cites the latest SHAEF statement:

“Cable … dated 31 May states 1,890,000 prisoners of war and 1,200,000 disarmed German forces on hand.  Best available figures at this Headquarters show prisoners of war in Com Z 910,980, in Com Z transient enclosures 1,002,422, and in Twelfth Army GP 965,135, making a total of 2,878,537, and an additional 1,000,000 disarmed German forces in Germany and Austria.”

The situation was astounding:  Lee was reporting a million more men in the U.S. Army camps in Europe than SHAEF said it had on its books.  But he was wrestling with the wind:  he had to base his issue of food on the number of prisoners on hand supplied to him by SHAEF G-3 (Operations).

Given the general turmoil, fluctuating and inaccurate tallies were probably inevitable, but more than 1-million captives can actually be seen disappearing between two reports of the Theater Provost Marshal, issued on the same day, June 2.  The last in a series of daily reports from the TPM logs 2,870,400 POWs on hand at June 2.  The first report of the new weekly series, dated the same day, says that there are only 1,836,000 on hand.  At one point in the middle of June, the prisoner strength on the ration list was shown as 1,421,559, while on Lee’s and other evidence, there were probably almost three times that number.

Spreading the rations thinner was one way to guarantee starvation.  Another was accomplished by some strange army bookkeeping during June and July.  A million prisoners who had been receiving at least some food because of their nominal POW status lost their rights and their food when they were secretly transferred to the DEF status.  The shift was made deliberately over many weeks, with careful attention paid to maintaining plausible balances in SHAEF’s weekly POW and DEF reports.  (The discrepancy between those “shifted” from POW status during the period from June 2 to July 28, and those “received” in the DEF status is only 0.43 per cent.)  The reclassification to DEF did not require any transfer of men to new camps, or involve any new organization to get German civilian supplies to them.  The men stayed where they were.  All that happened was that, by the clatter of a typewriter, their skimpy bit of U.S. Army food was stopped.

The effect of a policy arranged through accountancy and conveyed by winks and nods—without written orders—was first to mystify, then to frustrate, then to exhaust the middle-rank officers who were responsible for POWs.  A colonel in the Quartermaster Section of the advance U.S. fighting units wrote a personal plea to Quartermaster General Robert Littlejohn as early as April 27:  “Aside from the 750 tons received from Fifteenth Army, no subsistence has been received, nor do I expect any.  What desirable Class II and IV (rations) we have received have been entirely at the sufferance of the Armies, upon personal appeal, and have been insignificant in relation to the demands which are being put upon us by the influx of prisoners of war.”

Rumours of conditions in the camps ran through the U.S. army.  “Boy, those camps were bad news,” said Benedict K. Zobrist, a technical sergeant in the Medical Corps.  “We were warned to stay as far away as we could.”  In May and early June of 1945, a team of U.S. Army Medical Corps doctors did survey some of the Rhineland camps holding just over 80,000 German POWs.  Its report is missing from the appropriate section of the National Archives in Washington, but two secondary sources reproduce some of the findings.  The three main killers were diarrhoea and dysentery (treated as one category), cardiac disease, and pneumonia.  But, straining medical terminology, the doctors also recorded deaths from “emaciation” and “exhaustion”.  And their data revealed death rates eighty times as high as any peacetime norm.

Only 9.7 per cent of fifteen per cent of the prisoners had died of causes clearly associated with lack of food, such as emaciation and dehydration and “exhaustion”.  But the other diseases directly attributable to exposure, overcrowding, filth, and lack of sanitation were undoubtedly exacerbated by starvation.  As the report noted, “Exposure, overcrowding of pens, and lack of food and sanitary facilities all contributed to these excessive [death] rates.”  The data, it must be remembered, were taken from the POW camps, not from the DEF camps.

By the end of May, 1945, more people had already died in the U.S. camps than would die in the atomic blast at Hiroshima.

On June 4, 1945, a cable signed “Eisenhower” told Washington that it was “urgently necessary to reduce the number of prisoners at earliest opportunity by discharging all classes of prisoners not likely to be required by Allies.”  It is hard to understand what prompted this cable.  No reason for it is evident in the massive cable traffic that survives the period in the archives in London, Washington, and Abilene, Kansas.  And far from ordering Eisenhower to take or hold on to prisoners, the Combined Chiefs’ message of April 26 had urged him not to take in any more after V-E Day, even for labour.  Nonetheless more than 2-million DEFs were impounded after May 8.

During June, Germany was partitioned into zones of occupation, and in July, 1945, SHAEF was disbanded.  Eisenhower, reverting to his single role as U.S. commanding general in Europe, became military governor of the U.S. zone.  He continued to keep out Red Cross representatives, and the U.S. Army also informed American relief teams that the zone was closed to them.  It was closed to all relief shipments as well—until December, 1945, when a slight relaxation came into effect.

Also starting in July, the Americans turned over between 600,000 and 700,000 German captives to the French to help repair damage done to their country during the war.  Many of the transferees were in five U.S. camps clustered around Dietersheim, near Mainz, in the section of Germany that had just come under French control.  (Most of the rest were in U.S. camps in France.)

On July 10, a French army unit took over Dietersheim, and seventeen days later a Captain Julien arrived to assume command.  His report survives as part of an army inquiry into a dispute between Julien and his predecessor.  In the first camp he entered, he testified to finding muddy ground “peopled with living skeletons”, some of whom died as he watched.  [Hatonn:  It is these scenes, and others from OTHER WARS, that the Jews of Ashkenazi Khazar lineage, “doctor up” and play for you during their continual “Holocaust presentations” on television.  Lies must be continually re-enforced least the people uncover the truth!]  Others huddled under bits of cardboard which they clutched, although the July day was hot.  Women lying in holes in the ground stared up at him with hunger oedema bulging their bellies in gross parody of pregnancy; old men with long grey hair watched him feebly; children of six or seven with the raccoon rings of starvation looked at him from lifeless eyes.  Two German doctors in the “hospital” were trying to care for the dying on the ground under the hot sky, between the marks of the tent that the Americans had taken with them.  Julien, who had fought against the Germans with his regiment, the 3ème Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens, found himself thinking in horror:  “This is just like the photographs of Buchenwald and Dachau.”  [H:  All the so-called “death camps” were on the SOVIET KHAZAR “JEWISH” SIDE of the partitioning of Germany at the closing days of the war.  This is why American generals were angry about Eisenhower leaving Germany for the communists/Khazars to control the “Eastern” half.  And this is also where all the terrible things that DID HAPPEN took place.]

There were 103,500 people in the five camps round Dietersheim, and among them Julien’s officers counted 32,640 who could do no work at all.  These were released immediately.  In all, two-thirds of the prisoners taken over by the French that summer from American camps in Germany and in France were useless for reparations labour.  In the camp at Sainte-Marthe, 615 of 700 captives were reported to be unable to work.  At Erbiseul near Mons, Belgium, according to a written complaint, twenty five per cent of the men received by the French were “déchets”, or garbage.

In July and August, as U.S. Quartermaster Littlejohn signaled to Eisenhower in due course, the Army food reserves in Europe grew by thirty-nine percent.

On August 4, a one-sentence order signed “Eisenhower” condemned all prisoners of war still on hand in the U.S. camps to DEF status:  “Effective immediately all members of the German forces held in U.S. custody in the American zone of occupation in GERMANY will be considered as disarmed enemy Forces and not as having the status of prisoner of war.”  No reason was given.  Surviving weekly tallies suggest the dual classification was preserved, but for the POWs now being treated as DEFs, the death rate quadrupled within a few weeks, from .2 percent per week to .8 percent.

Longtime DEFs were dying at nearly five times that rate.  The official “Weekly PW & DEF Report” for the week ending September 8, 1945, still exists in the U.S. National Archives in Washington.  It shows an aggregate of 1,056,482 prisoners being held by the U.S. Army in the European theatre, of whom about two-thirds are identified as POWs.  The other third—363,587 men—are DEFs.  During that one week, 13,051 of them died.

In November, 1945, General Eisenhower succeeded George Marshall as U.S. Army chief of staff and returned to the U.S.  In January, 1946, the camps still held significant numbers of captives, but the U.S. had wound down its prisoner holdings almost to zero by the end of 1946.  The French continued holding hundreds of thousands through 1946, but gradually reduced the number to nothing by about 1949.  During the 1950s, most non-record material relating to the U.S. prison camps was destroyed by the Army.

Eisenhower had deplored the Germans’ useless defense of the Reich in the last months of the war because of the waste of life.  At least ten times as many Germans—undoubtedly 800,000, almost certainly more than 900,000, and quite probably over 1-million—died in the French and American camps as were killed in all the combat on the Western Front in northwest Europe from America’s entry into the war in 1941 through to April, 1945.

*        *          *

Eisenhower’s death camps:

A US Prison Guard Remembers

By Martin Brech

In October 1944, at age eighteen, I was drafted into the US Army.  Largely because of the “Battle of the Bulge”, my training was cut short, my furlough was halved, and I was sent overseas immediately.  Upon arrival in Le Havre, France, we were quickly loaded into box cars and shipped to the front.  When we got there, I was suffering increasingly severe symptoms of mononucleosis and was sent to a hospital in Belgium.  Since mononucleosis was then known as the “kissing disease”, I mailed a letter of thanks to my girlfriend.

By the time I left the hospital, the outfit I had trained with in Spartanburg, South Carolina, was deep inside Germany, so despite my protests, I was placed in a “repo depot” (replacement depot).  I lost interest in the units to which I was assigned and don’t recall all of them:  non-combat units were ridiculed at that time.  My separation qualification record states I was mostly with Company C, 14th Infantry Regiment, during my seventeen-month stay in Germany, but I remember being transferred to other outfits also.

In March or early April, 1945, I was sent to guard a POW camp near Andernach along the Rhine.  I had four years of high school German, so I was able to talk to the prisoners, although this was forbidden.  Gradually, however, I was used as an interpreter and asked to ferret out members of the S.S.  (I found none.)  In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire.  The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later.  The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets.  Many had no coats.  They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement.  It was a cold, wet spring, and their misery from exposure alone was evident.

Even more shocking was to see the prisoners throwing grass and weeds into a tin can containing a thin soup.  They told me they did this to help ease their hunger pains.  Quickly they grew emaciated.  Dysentery raged, and soon they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded to reach the slit trenches.  Many were begging for food, sickening and dying before our eyes.  We had ample food and supplies, but did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance.

Outraged, I protested to my officers and was met with hostility or bland indifference.  When pressed, they explained they were under strict orders from “higher up”.  No officer would dare do this to 50,000 men if he felt that it was “out of line”, leaving him open to charges.  Realizing my protests were useless, I asked a friend working in the kitchen if he could slip me some extra food for the prisoners.  He too said they were under strict orders to severely ration the prisoners’ food and that these orders came from “higher up”.  But he said they had more food than they knew what to do with and would sneak me some.

When I threw this food over the barbed wire to the prisoners, I was caught and threatened with imprisonment.  I repeated the “offense”, and one officer angrily threatened to shoot me.  I assumed this was a bluff until I encountered a captain on a hill above the Rhine shooting down at a group of German civilian women with his .45 caliber pistol.  When I asked, “Why?” he mumbled, “Target practice” and fired until his pistol was empty.  I saw the women running for cover, but at that distance couldn’t tell if any had been hit.  This is when I realized I was dealing with cold-blooded killers filled with moralistic hatred.  They considered the Germans subhuman, worthy of extermination, another expression of the downward spiral of racism.  Articles in the G.I. newspaper Stars and Stripes played up the German concentration camps, complete with photos of emaciated bodies.  This amplified our self-righteous cruelty and made it easier to imitate behavior we were supposed to oppose.  Also, I think, soldiers not exposed to combat were trying to prove how tough they were by taking it out on the prisoners and civilians.  [H:  Khazar brainwashing of your military is what it’s all about!  If they can get you non-Jews—GOYEM—to fight and war upon brother, and neighbor against neighbor, and nation against nation, then you can be destroyed and economically broken.  A handful of false “Jews” called Zionists have infiltrated the Hebrew Judean peoples, and now cause all the wars on your Earth.  These false “Jews” are not Godly, and it is their satanic influence from “the higher ups” that filters down to the foot-soldier following “orders”.  Plenty of Khazars were in key posts to set “the example” of how the prisoners were to be treated!]  These  prisoners, I found out, were mostly farmers and workingmen, as simple and ignorant as many of our own troops.  As time went on, more of them lapsed into a zombie-like state of listlessness, while others tried to escape in a demented or suicidal fashion, running through open fields in broad daylight towards the Rhine to quench their thirst.  They were mowed down.  [H:  War IS “Hell”, so know that God is not the one who sets these conditions up for man to fight and enslave one another.  The OPPOSITE of God rules here, chelas; therefore, know that the puppet master pulling the strings is the Luciferian influence, headed by the Prince of Evil himself!  The “Jews” profit tremendously from all the wars they trick you Christians into fighting—whatever the “cause” they make up to fool you!]

Some prisoners were as eager for cigarettes as for food, saying they took the edge off their hunger.  [H:  That’s the opium and cocaine—AND DOZENS OF OTHER “ADDITIVES”—in the paper and in the tobacco.  Afghan, “Golden Triangle”, and Red China narcotics, etc., are what those wars and conflicts are REALLY ABOUT!  You ones back home are told whatever story line gets you to support keeping your military in places your CONSTITUTION says you aren’t supposed to be.  And as President Obama efforts to get your fighting men back so you can protect your own nation from what is coming, the Zionists’ plans are stalled out.  I remind you that United Nations troops ARE the “communist” “Soviets”—AND YOUR DEADLY ENEMY—STILL!—and any staged incident will include these enforcers on U.S. soil.  Your soldiers will be all that stand in the way of a total invasion.  That is also why you have to keep your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms—PROTECTION FROM BRITISH-ISRAEL MERCENARY ARMIES!!  Do not forget that only the criminals and the adversary will have guns if yours are confiscated through registration and making them illegal to own because of some “list”.]  Accordingly, enterprising GI “Yankee traders” were acquiring hordes of watches and rings in exchange for handfuls of cigarettes or less.  When I began throwing cartons of cigarettes to the prisoners to ruin this trade, I was threatened by rank-and-file G.I.s too.

The only bright spot in this gloomy picture came one night when I was put on the “graveyard shift” from two to four a.m.  Actually, there was a graveyard on the uphill side of this enclosure not many yards away.  My superiors had forgotten to give me a flashlight and I hadn’t bothered to ask for one, disgusted as I was with the whole situation by that time.  It was a fairly bright night, and I soon became aware of a prisoner crawling under the wires towards the graveyard.  We were supposed to shoot escapees on sight, so I started to get up from the ground to warn him to get back.  Suddenly I noticed another prisoner crawling from the graveyard back to the enclosure.  They were risking their lives to get to the graveyard for something.  I had to investigate.

When I entered the gloom of this shrubby, tree-shaded cemetery, I felt completely vulnerable, but somehow curiosity kept me moving.  Despite my caution, I tripped over the legs of someone in a prone position .  Whipping my rifle around while stumbling and trying to regain composure of mind and body, I soon was relieved I hadn’t reflexively fired.  The figure sat up.  Gradually, I could see the beautiful but terror-stricken face of a woman with a picnic basket nearby.  German civilians were not allowed to feed, nor even come near the prisoners, so I quickly assured her I approved of what she was doing, not to be afraid, and that I would leave the graveyard to get out of the way.

I did so immediately and sat down, leaning against a tree at the edge of the cemetery to be inconspicuous and not frighten the prisoners.  I imagined then, and still do now, what it would be like to meet a beautiful woman with a picnic basket under those conditions as a prisoner.  [H:  How many of you reading these words have come across Angels in thy midst, and recognized them not?  Just as in the Biblical stories of beautiful beings appearing out of nowhere to help one of God’s people escape from a Den of Lions; or seen standing with one who emerged unscathed from a terrible furnace, which killed three guards manning the entrance; or to escort such as Lot and his family from a city to be destroyed by nuclear fire and brimstone because of great decadence by its inhabitants.  It is time to be aware of thine circumstances, dear ones; the story of the Khazar-controlled concentration camps, and the Soviet-Khazar-controlled DEATH camps in the Kremlin zone of the divided German nation (“East Germany”), is what is planned for America.  Hard as it is to imagine, this is a fact I cannot stress enough to your sensitive ears, eyes, and minds.  It is not a pretty picture.  Imagine your loved ones suffering through and slowly perishing in agony at the hands of Christ’s adversary.  If the evil Anti-Christ/Anti-God Bankers (“ABs”), or “Money Changers”, as “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA referred to them as, will go through such lengths to crucify and murder God, if you will, then so too will they relish doing the same and worse to you who believe unto Him.  Do not let these WORDS in these JOURNALS—from God Aton’s HOSTS from afar—go unheeded; this is TRUTH, and evil cannot function in the light of day.  It is halted by spreading the truth to the four corners of this world.  So be it.]  I have never forgotten her face.  Eventually, more prisoners crawled back to the enclosure.  I saw they were dragging food to their comrades, and could only admire their courage and devotion.

On May 8, V.E. Day [1945], I decided to celebrate with some prisoners I was guarding who were baking bread the other prisoners occasionally received.  This group had all the bread they could eat, and shared the jovial mood generated by the end of the war.  We all thought we were going home soon, a pathetic hope on their part.  We were in what was to become the French zone [of occupation], where I soon would witness the brutality of the French soldiers when we transferred our prisoners to them for their slave labor camps.

On this day, however, we were happy.  As a gesture of friendliness, I emptied my rifle and stood it in the corner, even allowing them to play with it at their request.  This thoroughly “broke the ice”, and soon we were singing songs we taught each other, or that I had learned in high school German class (“Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen”).  Out of gratitude they baked me a special small loaf of sweet bread, the only possible present they had left to offer.  I stuffed it in my “Eisenhower jacket” and snuck it back to my barracks, eating it when I had privacy.  I have never tasted more delicious bread, nor felt a deeper sense of communion while eating it.  [H:  A simple sandwich made with caring and love is much more nutritious and satisfying to the being and soul than a banquet thrown together in haste and without feeling.  Ponder that when you give to those whom you profess to care for and cherish.]  I believe a cosmic sense of Christ (the Oneness of all Being) revealed its normally hidden presence to me on that occasion, influencing my later decision to major in philosophy and religion.  [H:  And thus, it is always the case.  God speaks to each of His fragments of Himself—within each of you.  And when you truly commune with God, you are changed forever.  Your purpose is realized, and a sense of God-Self pervades everything you do and think about and talk about.  Is that not how it would work if God’s light is WHO YOU REALLY ARE?  Knowingness of your connection with God and your connection with The Creation—gives you your purpose.  And in these so-called ending days, you have the opportunity to do that which is needed to help your fellow man find his way out of the morass as well.  The Prophecies are coming to pass—whether or not YOU choose to see them!  Man himself can set off any or all of them with the push of a button—TODAY!  So let’s understand that your adversary (man) can cause the Biblical “Armageddon” to happen when he chooses—Aton will have had no part in it.  However, MAN WILL BLAME GOD FOR THE SUFFERING, DESTRUCTION, AND MASSIVE DEATH—and it will not be God’s doing.  Therefore, turn the tide on the adversary’s plan for you, and utilize God’s PLAN for you.  Which is love, life, liberty, peace, and a BROTHERHOOD OF MAN helping each other—because, remember the “Earth Changes”?  Remember the “Photon Band” entry?  And Heaven forbid—the “Radiation Belt Disaster” still looms on the horizon as a thrust to get control of you-the-people!  Open thy minds and hearts, and pay close attention to the lessons, lest you miss important clues of what is coming in the sequence of events of your life-stream.]

Shortly afterwards, some of our weak and sickly prisoners were marched off by French soldiers to their camp.  We were riding on a truck behind this column.  Temporarily, it slowed down and dropped back, perhaps because the driver was as shocked as I was.  Whenever a German prisoner staggered or dropped back, he was hit on the head with a club and killed.  The bodies were rolled to the side of the side of the road to be picked up by another truck.  For many, this quick death might have been preferable to slow starvation in our “killing fields”.  [H:  Evil has to be taught, dear hearts, and the Zionist Jews are absolute masters!  This is why you have nothing but murder and death—DAY AND NIGHT—on your television screens for you and your children to watch.  Showing you what the New World Order/Global Plan 2000 is going to be like—if you lose your CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.  This is how programming and brainwashing works, chelas!  If that garbage is all you get—CONSTANTLY OVER THE AIRWAYS—then your subconscious mind will program your conscious mind to accept it.  A “police state” will then become the norm, and you will have slept too long, waking up in the Hell this prison guard is telling you about.  And my, my, your Zionist Occupational Government that secretly controls your nation fully plans to do much worse than you see here.  For the technology is much more heinous than anything you can imagine.  The Soviet Khazar Zionists (not the Christian Russians who control space and the Russian Top Military and Submarine Advanced technology) and the Israeli Mossad terrorists know all about killing and torture—the likes of which the world citizenry has not witnessed!  So make no false assumptions about who this evil Anti-Christ is or what they are truly capable of.  Satan rules for a time in the “Last Days”; how bad do YOU think it could get????]

When I finally saw the German women held in a separate enclosure, I asked why we were holding them prisoner.  I was told they were “camp followers”, selected as breeding stock for the S.S. to create a super race.  I spoke to some and must say I never met a more spirited or attractive group of women.  I certainly didn’t think they deserved imprisonment.  More and more I was used as an interpreter and was able to prevent some particularly unfortunate arrests.  [H:  You never know when God comes a calling, do you?!  That is why you must be in the frame of mind to RECEIVE His instructions, and then have the courage and strength to act!]  One somewhat amusing incident involved an old farmer who was being dragged away by several M.P.s.  I was told he had a “fancy Nazi medal”, which they showed me.  Fortunately, I had a chart identifying such medals.  He’d been awarded it for having five children!  Perhaps his wife was somewhat relieved to get him “off her back”, but I didn’t think one of our death camps was a fair punishment for his contribution to Germany.  The M.P.s agreed and released him to continue his “dirty work”.

Famine began to spread among the German civilians also.  It was a common sight to see German women up to their elbows in our garbage cans looking for something edible—that is, if they weren’t chased away.

When I interviewed mayors of small towns and villages, I was told that their supply of food had been taken away by “displaced persons” (foreigners who had worked in Germany), who packed the food on trucks and drove away.  When I reported this, the response was a shrug.  I never saw any Red Cross at the camp or helping civilians, although their coffee and doughnut stands were available everywhere else for us.  In the meantime, the Germans had to rely on the sharing of hidden stores until the next harvest.  [H:  This brings up the importance of using your land, at least a portion of it, to grow vegetables and fruit and nuts.  Get a few canning jars or a freeze-drying kit or whatever—because part of the PLAN is to starve you into submission.  A hungry people are the same as chattel slaves, and believe me, the Jews know just how to dry up your markets and empty out (or blow up!) your grain silos!  Again, a Root Cellar is a nice LEGAL way to store a few canned goods and some water and a few basic medical supplies.  IT ALSO IS A PLACE TO JUMP INTO IN THE EVENT OF A SUDDEN ATOMIC ATTACK!  Like I have told you before, you CAN survive a nuclear war or a radiation belt disaster!  But you must make preparations for same.  Three days of blinding light, or a few days protection from blast-fallout:  you have to be ready for it!]

Hunger made German woman more “available”, but despite this, rape was prevalent and often accompanied by additional violence.  [H:  This is why the Zionist Jewish thrust is to weaken and destroy your military by using women and homosexuals—particularly in combat roles.  There is no worse security risk than homosexuals, and women are not soldiers—mentally, emotionally, or physically.  However, the stirred up problems the adversary will use them for is to totally disunite the fighting spirit, if you will, of your defensive forces.  This leaves the rapes and plundering to those mercenary United Nations’ Soviet MEN to come in and ravage what’s left of you.  Am I, Hatonn, against homosexuals?  I am against the behavior that is against God and Nature (The Creation)!  Emotional caring for another—man or woman—is right and Godly.  However, THE PHYSICAL ACT OF SODOMY IS AN ABOMINATION TO THE BODY AND SOUL.  Your AIDS virus was manufactured to thrive in the exact same activity!  That is why, in addition to killings and murder on television, the Hollywood Khazar Jews ALSO PUSH SEX EVERYWHERE!  Condoms do not protect against AIDS/HIV, and the day will be announced when the entire nation will be infected, and you will be told to line up and get your “vaccine”.  And if you refuse, guess who will be among the first inmates in America’s secret concentration camps hidden in YOUR national parks, etc.????  So let us not play games about this; get your brothers and sisters informed NOW!  We will cover how to rid yourselves of these man-made viruses again later, but in the meantime:  Stop the actions that are causing the Dis-ease!]  In particular, I remember an eighteen-year old woman who had the side of her face smashed with a rifle butt and was then raped by two G.I.s.  Even the French complained that the rapes, looting, and drunken destructiveness on the part of our troops was excessive.  In Le Havre, we’d been given booklets warning us that the German soldiers had maintained a high standard of behavior with French civilians who were peaceful, and that we should do the same.  In this we failed miserably.

“So what?” some would say.  “The enemy’s atrocities were worse than ours.”  [H:  Of which you don’t know anything about what happened on either of the many sides that was World War II!  Our new readers are coming into the understanding that it obviously was not like you’ve been told! As we again unravel the truth of history from the lie of history, you will find that the Jew is in the middle, stirring up the bubbling, boiling cauldron of “Universal War”, as they refer to what will happen to any who try to interfere in their world domination scheme.]  It is true that I experienced only the end of the war, when we were already the victors.  The German opportunity for atrocities had faded, while ours was at hand.  But two wrongs don’t make a right.  Rather then copying our enemy’s crimes, we should aim once and for all to break the cycle of hatred and vengeance that has plagued and distorted human history.  This is why I am speaking out now, 45 years after the crime.  We can never prevent individual war crimes, but we can, if enough of us speak out, influence government policy.  We can reject government propaganda that depicts our enemies as subhuman and encourages the kind of outrages I witnessed.  We can protest the bombing of civilian targets, which still goes on today.  [H:  You had better believe it!  Ask the Israelis about that; their Bolshevik Military Rulers have painstakingly infiltrated the governments of the “West”, or “The Free World”, and civilian targets such as entire towns, cities, or villages ARE ROUTINELY WIPED OUT!  The people of your world do not hear of these genocides—particularly in America—because those same Bolshevik SOVIET Zionist false “Jews” have a “media blackout”, you cannot stop what you never hear about!]  And we can refuse ever to condone our government’s murder of unarmed and defeated prisoners of war.

I realize it’s difficult for the average citizen to admit witnessing a crime of this magnitude, especially if implicated himself.  Even G.I.s sympathetic to the victims were afraid to complain and get into trouble, they told me.  And the danger has not ceased.  Since I spoke out a few weeks ago, I have received threatening calls and had my mailbox smashed.  [H:  You can bet the ADL and other Jewish “Leagues” are behind the intimidation to  silence him and others who shine light on the crimes and continuing plans of these evil, elite conspirators.]  But it’s been worth it.  Writing about these atrocities has been a catharsis of feelings suppressed too long, a liberation that perhaps will remind other witnesses that “the truth will make us free; have no fear.”  We may even learn a supreme lesson from all this:  only love can conquer all.

About the Author:

Martin Brech lives in Mahopac, New York.  When he wrote this memoir essay in 1990, he was an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York.  Brech holds a master’s degree in theology from Columbia University, and is a Unitarian-Universalist minister.

This essay was published The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1990 (Vol. 10, No. 2), pp. 161-166.  (Revised, updated:  Nov. 2008)

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[End Quoting.]

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