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New Series 182: Holdren’s history, really infamy, includes promotion of forced sterilization of people, consistent with Nazi eugenicists, featuring drinking water additives for birth control. Pharmaceutical intoxications and vaccinations required by New World Order (NOW) elites, and their “emergency response” managers, according to Bill Gates, will reduce 10-15% of global populations. This genocide is endorsed by Holdren, who co-authored a textbook in 1977 called Eco-science, with German genocidalists Paul and Anne Ehrlich.

9/18/13 from Hatonn/jonur (ns182)


According to a senior U.S. intelligence official, Barack Obama’s chief science advisor, Dr. John Holdren, and his advisory board, decided to terminate federal data collection on earthquake and volcanic activity via satellites shortly before what might be called, “Japangate”.

Holdren’s history, really infamy, includes promotion of forced sterilization of people, consistent with Nazi eugenicists, featuring drinking water additives for birth control.  Pharmaceutical intoxications and vaccinations required by New World Order (NOW) elites, and their “emergency response” managers, according to Bill Gates, will reduce 10-15% of global populations.  This genocide is endorsed by Holdren, who co-authored a textbook in 1977 called Eco-science, with German genocidalists Paul and Anne Ehrlich.

The Paul Ehrlich institute in Frankfurt, Germany, birthed the “Marburg virus”, the mother of the most feared immune system-destroying virus in history—Ebola.

These rabies-type rodent-virus mutants threaten massive global depopulation.  They were first injected and mutated in lab monkeys giving rise to the Marburg/Ebola strains.

The Marburg virus first broke out in 1967 by way of Litton Bionetics’ colonized monkeys that were shipped from Africa to The Paul Ehrlich Institute.  Two years later, Bionetics was listed in the US Congressional Record as the US Army’s sixth leading biological weapons contractor.

This “reality check” on the vaccine industry’s origination of Marburg/Ebola viruses was issued by the world’s leading expert on laboratory “emerging viruses”, Seymour Kalter, during a scientific symposium in 1975.  (Read: Emerging Viruses—AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?).  This followed Henry Kissinger’s publication of National Security Memorandum 200 that called for massive population reductions.  Kissinger also selected the option to develop AIDS-like viruses, slow-kill most-profitable bioweapons, manufactured encase during the Special Virus Cancer Program, 1962-1978.  A leading supplier was Fort Detrick’s administrator, Bionetics.  Its President in the Nixon/Kissinger White House was Roy Ash, currently a leading Republican fund raiser.

More NWO Population Controllers in the US Government

Haldren and Ehrlich’s book calls for a “Planetary Regime” to ration resources and impose population controls.  These genocidalists published an essay in 1995 calling for a “world of zero net physical growth”, and the limiting of population.  The Catholic News Agency’s Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Director of Strategic Communications, Rick Weiss, defended Ehrlich by writing that Holdren “made clear that he did not believe in [the] coercive means of population control” expressed in the book, and they are certainly not endorsed by this [Obama] administration in any way.”

This is an obvious lie (i.e., damage control) [Hatonn:  The Kissinger program of “Population Reduction”, and getting rid of what he calls “Useless Eaters”, is FIRST AND FOREMOST A PLOT TO KILL OFF ALL THE BLACKS.  Not just Africa, so as to have the minerals and national resources of that continent—BUT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!  So, African Americans—even your President—are not going to be told what is in those vaccines.  The Luciferian Jews will not stop with the killing of the Black populations, the rest of you “Goy” races of non-Khazarian are next!  Again, this most certainly includes the true one labeled “Jew”—the Hebrew Judaist, for they KNOW that the imposters are false Hebrews (Khazar “Soviet” Communist Zionist Bolsheviks)—calling themselves J.E.W.]  based on patents for new sterilizing agents being added to vaccines including “Immunologic enhancement with intermittent interleukin-2 (IL-2) therapy” co-developed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the US National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The NIAID is overseen by the CIA, according to the Washington Post.  It is America’s chief AIDS agency with Fauci at the helm.Fauci received at least $45,072.82 in royalties when his group of government officials licensed the DNA-targeting “treatment” to Chiron Corp., manufacturer of the vaccine adjuvant (immune system intoxicating additive) MF59, containing highly toxic squalene.  Chiron combines Fauci’s IL-2 adjuvant with other toxic chemicals including nonoxynol-9, a spermicide and HIV-killer linked to spontaneous abortions.  They also add thimerosal that causes brain damage and is linked to wide spread autism in children denied by the pharma whores (medical drug companies).

Waging War on Humanity

There are numerous other examples of lucrative degenerative depopulation policies waging losing wars against AIDS, cancers, street drugs, crime, poverty, terrorism, religious fanatics, natural healing products, holistic practitioners, and more.

This pattern of official malfeasance relies primarily on media propagandists to impact human psychology and “herd behavior”.  This is how the masses are conditioned to accept whatever catastrophes the cartel wishes to administer; and rationalize whatever “medicines” or solutions the Illuminati prescribes.  This modus operandi serves economically precisely as prescribed in the Report from Iron Mountain, and the New World elite’s plan to attack humanity, as detailed in the original (pre-Nazi Germany) leaked Protocols of the Elders of [Z]ion.

Today, propaganda for the U.S. Govt. and military is spun by the CIA, with help from the FBI, following the Temple of Set/Church of Satan’s director, Col. Michael Aquino’s, protocols.  Aquino was tried and acquitted on charges of pedophilia, kidnapping, and murder.  In this context of demonic mind-control, the free press has fallen victim to The Protocols.  Stories heralded by the media never reflect the whole truth, leading people to false assumptions and deadly conclusions.

The slur against the Japanese government made by American officials, for instance, as published by the New York Times, noted a rift between these governments at this critical time in economic history synchronous with the nuclear catastrophe.  Japan’s crisis and media responses demonstrated two governments spinning the same story to engineer different and divisive public attitudes.

Economically, the “natural disaster” and “nuclear accident” in Japan was predictable by weeks of business news reports about the inadequacy of the yen/dollar exchange rates, and Wall Street’s woes over robust Asian economies.

Prior to the alleged “earthquake”, on March 11, 2001, financial strategists bemoaned the imbalance of trade endangering America’s might from the economic growth of Asia’s super-powers Japan and China.
Larry Kudlow expressed on CNBC his gratefulness that the human toll in Japan was worse than the financial response on Wall Street.  Crisis capitalists welcomed the entire affair as Kudlow promoted anti-American sentiments worldwide.  His comments, best ignored, were instead broadcast internationally by the cartel’s world press.

Crisis capitalists always fuel fear, hate, terrorism, and defense spending, generating managed chaos and leveraging every engineered catastrophe benefitting exclusively coldhearted greedy opportunists.
From the viewpoint of intelligence agency analysts and officials that control the media and messages reaching WE the People, the gross deceptions and illusions are psychosocially disabling.  Dumbing people down to the max, the collective trance provides precisely the form of human slavery prescribed in the Report from Iron Mountain.

In this vein, cosmic, atmospheric, and/or extraterrestrial threats were intentionally manufactured and heralded to promote “space-based defense systems” featuring lasers and frequency generators (e.g., “atmospheric heaters” such as HAARP [an antenna array in Alaska using Tesla technology]) that impact weather, geophysics, and even human behavior through technetronics and psychotronics.  This was referenced in “The Space Preservation Act of 2001 and 2002”, sponsored by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and grossly neglected by the majority of political prostitutes serving crisis capitalists.

The risky technology called the High Altitude Auroral [Radiation] Research Project, HAARP, is reportedly capable of causing earth and weather changes.  This has [given] rise to much speculation that HAARP “caused” the earthquake and tsunami that precipitated Japan’s nuclear disaster.  Alternatively, considering this possibility diverts attention from the most likely use of nuclear explosives to trigger the tsunami.
Propaganda and “Controlled Opposition”.

Propaganda is pivotal.    How else do you think people are persuaded, really hypnotized, to swallow poisonous pills prescribed by medical deities, MDs?

Why are doctors granted license to kill by lethal injections of bio-chemical weapons, claimed to be “immunizations”?

How do you get people to accept the wealthiest drug companies should get away with mass murder?
Why are people generally unaware that Big Pharma is now completely indemnified against liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, courtesy of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who hunts game with Dick Cheney, hangs with the Bushes, Kissinger, and Rumsfeld at Bohemian Grove, and prays with 6 of 9 Roman Catholic Chief Justices and Knights of Columbus officials?

How are We the People made to tolerate the ongoing mass killing and incapacitating of our closest friends and relatives, sickened and economically enslaved by sky rocketing rates of autism, autoimmune diseases, and cancers linked by solid science to intoxication reactions following vaccinations?

The answers to these questions are always the same:  COINTELPRO PROPAGANDA and CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

“Controlled Opposition” is a critical propaganda component a ploy to always accompany crisis capitalism.
In order to establish One World Government, the powers that be recognized that controlling opposition to their plans would be vital.  Opposition forces must be neutralized and their voices squelched, if the Illuminati’s plans to conquer the world are to reach fruition.

How can leaders arising out of the deceived masses be prevented from speaking out against the New World Order plot, in favor of freedom?

The diabolical clan understood the only way to accomplish this primary objective was to create the perception that someone was already fighting the battle for liberty for the masses.  Someone who supported the plan yet spoke out against it.  [H:  Do you now see the IMPORTANCE AND USEFULNESS OF THE KHAZAR ZIONIST “JEWS” KOL NIDRE or “VOW OF ALL VOWS”!?!  The Protocols of those “Elders” state very clearly that every and any method to do away with Christian lives is to be called upon!  Jews take a yearly vow, which supersedes all other oaths and offices and promises FOR THE COMING YEAR!  IN OTHER WORDS THEY TAKE AN OATH TO LIE FOR ISRAEL, IN ORDER TO DESTROY CHRISTIAN NATIONS—AND THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE (GOYIM)!  JEWS ARE THE EVIL SPIES IN THY MIDSTS, CHELAS, AND THEY PLOT CONTINUALLY AGAINST GOD’S CHILDREN, JUST AS THEY DID AT THE TRIAL AND MURDER OF BELOVED IMMANUEL.  Open thine eyes and ears and witness the TRUTH of these Words from Aton!]  People in the media who would gain trust among the masses, then employ divisive tactics, leading nearly everyone into chaos and tyranny.

“Controlled opposition” is now advancing in many forms, organizations, and causes.  Agents populate academia, religious pulpits, and public offices.  Several are broadcasters.  All are deceivers.  All are practitioners of a manipulation process called the Hegelian Dialectic.  [H:  This is merely the Zionist/Bolshevik practice of setting up all aspects of a situation that they want Christian people and nations to blunder into.  They create the solution to the problem—that they also created—then, guide the outcome of the problem(s) to a goal already established, unbeknown to the fooled masses.  This, dear ones, is the illusion of reality Satan’s Jews have manifested for you this day.  To stop “Armageddon”, God’s people must awaken from the trap.  You must begin to “see” how things REALLY ARE, not simply follow what you are being told by “talking heads” on television.]


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