Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Series 197: YOU SET-UP AND ASK FOR YOUR OWN ENSLAVEMENT! The crimes and bad behavioral attitudes that plague your cities as a result allow for the “Jews” (not Judeans) to then create and set-up A PRISON SYSTEM, whereby YOU-THE-PEOPLE become the criminals. Slowly, non-federal agencies creep up overnight, with sweeping un-Constitutional powers, and they treat YOU as the “bad guy”.

3/20/14 from HATONN/jonur (ns197)


Hatonn present in the Holy Service of God in and of His Radiance.  Let us rejoice in the “surviving” of another winter season.  Yes, it has been harsh and some did not survive in the physical format.  However, God (Aton) did not say that you would not be “cold” or “hot” when the cycles change.  For that is what LIFE is, as you evolve as Man you will grow, and change, and expand your beings.  Often it is the harsh and tough conditions of your experience, which gives you the greatest opportunity for growth.

Now comes the “Spring Cleaning” of not only your physical lives, but also of your infinite SPIRITUAL lives.  Each day you have been blessed with to learn gives you the chance to take one more step closer to God.  Man does not see the WHOLE of his infinite journey, nor does he perceive the impact of each ONE in the Father’s creation.  Everything you do, and every thought you allow to pass through your being, affects the entire universe.  Each of God’s children is a precious soul worthy of the love of the Creator.

The father and the mother share the role of teaching and rearing their own children in the light and responsibility of being a human (higher universal man).  That is WHY it is one of the laws (Commandments) given unto man by God.  And that “training” is how your societies and civilizations come about.  If you have “bad” training, you have a “bad” civilization.  The Khazar Anti-Christ has seen to it that you have bad training; this makes it easy to take over and destroy Christianity.


The crimes and bad behavioral attitudes that plague your cities as a result allow for the “Jews” (not Judeans) to then create and set-up A PRISON SYSTEM, whereby YOU-THE-PEOPLE become the criminals.  Slowly, non-federal agencies creep up overnight, with sweeping un-Constitutional powers, and they treat YOU as the “bad guy”.

It is sad but true that your enslavement is by your own doing.  Man has put his trust and eternal salvation in the devil.  And you know not who the evil one is.  Satan always wears a clue; yet, man continues to miss the handwriting on the wall. 

 JEWS” ARE NOT HEBREW NOR ARE THEY SEMITIC NOR OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.  They are the evil conspirators of our Holy Bible, known by many labels, who have ALWAYS persecuted God’s people.

“Homeland Security”, F.E.M.A., “Blackwater”, TSA, etc., are Soviet Zionist enforcement teams, ready to help the UN troops take your nation and world from you.  Crime is being manufactured and fanned, so greater restrictions on travel can be implemented, thereby keeping the citizenry SEPARATED AND HELPLESS.  All of your airlines have been merged, and the “surplus” planes “parked” in deserts, such as Mojave, California—so you cannot get at them.

The goal is to CREATE THE PROBLEM, THEN, “they” will PROVIDE THE SOLUTION to it.


This, dear ones, MEANS BOTH “REGISTERED” AND UN-REGISTERED FIRE ARMS; you are not to be allowed ANY MEANS for self-defense.  And, again, once your guns are confiscated by door-to-door seizures, there won’t be anything you can do about your plight—the play will be finished.  That Constitution is all that stands in the way of those who would conquer and slay you.  Therefore, hold to that document at ALL COSTS!  Your nation is birthed of God and founded under Godly laws and rules.  The corrections have been made, and there are still some things that can be corrected—BUT NEVER LET A “CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION” HAPPEN!  THAT IS FOR ONE PURPIOSE:  TO DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION COMPLETELY AND REPLACE IT WITH A UNITED NATIONS CHARTER!

Be not fooled into thinking and believing that “Communism” is dead.  That very group has infiltrated your CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, and State Department, and NASA and the Pentagon!  They WILL take your fire arms—if you do not put a stop to this insanity.  America will fall, just as Greece and Rome and Egypt, and every single one of your civilizations before you!  Is it not time for God’s people to “win one”???


Chelas, not even a rock tossed into space, if you could do such a thing, escapes your government’s NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE (NRO).  There is no way your newest Boeing luxury airliner simply “vanished” from the face of the Earth.  With that fact alone, you can KNOW that some very SERIOUS maneuvering is going on behind the scenes.  Everything from fake hijackers to “Aliens from space” will be tossed around for you to contemplate, as to the ultimate fate of the plane and its passengers and crew.  Pay attention to WHO was on the Malayan 777 bound for China, for ALL is connected to all—in every circumstance!

The elite conspirators of your planet, in these “last days” of the cycle closings of this play of mankind, plan to stage their take-over bid for your souls.  Did you think it would happen to someone else?  Some other civilization to come in the far away future of humanity?  Nay, it is upon you now this hour.

The technology alone which you possess will cause “Armageddon” to come to pass.  Look at the incredible weapons of MASS DISTRUCTION that you, and the other “Superpower Nations”, have at your disposal.  Giant particle beam-weapon installations, massive electromagnetic GRID NETWORKS encircling the globe, and unimaginable bacteriological warfare PLAGUES just waiting to be unleashed, at the push of a button, that can decimate the species of humanity within MINUTES through not only NUCLEAR POWERED ROCKETS, BUT THROUGH ELECTRICITY ITSELF, AS “CARRIER WAVE” FREQUENCIES THAT CAN WIPE OUT AN ENTIRE PLANET OF ALL ORGANIC LIFE FORMS!  “And man shall do greater things than God”.  Do you not see that YOU will bring about thy own destruction???

God does NOT bring these things upon His own beloved children.  However, the Anti-God does.  It is time to open thy eyes and ears to truth!

Like Doris Ekker (“Dharma”, bringer of Life Truth).  “Jonur” (Joseph, “Jo”—his first name, and “Nur”—bringer of new teachings of God, a label the people of the Asian world gave him.)  Like the name they gave the American Paratroopers:  ‘Rakkasan’ (Our scribe’s father, a jumpmaster so labeled him, of the 187 Airborne Regimental Combat Team in Korea)—is tasked with bringing the Truth AND THE WAY out of Satan’s grasp.  Knowledge and DEFENSE of that which is God’s is where you sit, this day, precious ones.  And mine “receivers”, “scribes” have been commissioned to bring it before the people.  Always the messengers (Greek for “angels”) come BEFORE the God to tell you what is coming.  Harken up!


Several things are going to come into play where aircraft are literally going to fall from the sky.  First, your adversary is going to stage a “hijacking scenario” where 10 or 15 or 20 fully loaded airliners will be commandeered—SIMULTANIOUSLY—just like the “trial run” of the so-called “9/11” attack, in which United States air travel was completely shut down.  THESE ARE “SOVIET” “COMMUNIST” (KHAZAR “JEWS”) MILITARY STRIKES, DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE “TERRORIST” HAPPENINGS BY NON-EXISTENT ARAB GROUPS.  You have been given a fake “Al Qaeda” imaginary enemy, in which to waste your resources on, while the REAL ENEMY is the “nice little Jewish boy” who OWNS EVERYTHING sits back and gains the world and watches as you Christians destroy each other.

Lucifer’s children are a clever lot, are they not???!!  And they should be they have had many, many centuries of practice to get it right!  And all the while they have put God’s people to sleep—teaching you falsely about not only WHO they REALLY ARE, but also falsely about, who YOUR GOD really is!

Next, on your “no-fly” list of reasons to stay off the commercial aircraft, is an attack on the electromagnetic spectrum of the planet itself.  Your Earth’s grid system is now hooked up to a man-made frequency of HARMONICS in which ALL ELECTICAL POWER—EVERY WHERE ON AND ABOVE THE GLOBE CAN BE “SHUT OFF” INSTANTANIOUSLY!  That means those luxury Boeing 777s, etc., will suddenly be without all electronic equipment and back-up systems.  And, believe me when I tell you this—every aircraft, no matter how ultra- sophisticated, will fall out of the sky like tons of bricks.  And there will be no survivors.  The goal is a WORLD GOVERNMENT, my friends, that means no one, anywhere, will be able to travel “from state to state”, or nation to nation “without papers”, as the communists are fond of saying.

And thirdly, in case you haven’t noticed (for your media, which is totally Jewish Khazarian ZIONIST controlled) THE PLANET NIBIRU IS BACK!  EVERY 3,600 YEARS IT RETURNS IN ITS LONG ORBIT, WHICH IS INCLINED ON AN ANGLE FROM THE OTHER NINE PLANETS AROUND YOUR SUN.  MEANING, IT IS AT PRESENT VISIBLE AT THE SOUTH POLE OF THE EARTH—RIGHT NOW!  A “SECOND SUN” CAN BE SEEN AND HAS BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED, AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION.  This is an INHABITATED PLANET, and is responsible for the literal creation of the planet Shan/”Earth”, on which your human race now resides.  Where did you think “those who came from ‘heaven’ (‘sky’ in the Holy Bibles BEFORE the King James Version) came from anyway???  Always, great things happened during this CYCLIC crossing, in fact, “Nibiru” means “planet of the crossing”.  You see, you have a 10th planet no one told you about, did they?!

In your biblical and other ANCIENT WRITINGS AND TEXTS, when Nibiru comes around, that is where all the great happenings of floods, ice ages, GIANTS, Angels, and MIGRATIONS are from. 

 The Remnant writes about the happenings, just as we are doing now in these PHOENIX JOURNALS.  Much upheaval and Earth changes take place at this time.  This usually coincides with ANOTHER Cosmic happening:  A PHOTON BELT ENTRY.  Earth/Shan is part of the PLEIADES STAR CONSTELLATION known as the “Seven Sisters”, or the “Wee Dipper”.  Seen in the winter months in the northern hemisphere, your sun and planets are the seventh star orbiting system from Pleiades’ central sun.  This is where you basically come from as a humanoid species and life form.  A “photon”, or “light” band intersects the constellation of stars, including your own, and all the planets orbiting them.  This happens twice in every 26 thousand years, and is written about in your Bible as the millennium of darkness and of light.  You are now passing into that period of light again; and as you enter into the fringes of this light belt your planet and all the others in your solar system will experience 3-4 days of “NULL TIME” in which all electricity will be neutralized.  Again, all aircraft will suddenly loose electrical power.


This is what the big secret is about, dear ones, keeping the truth about your reality SECRET from God’s people!  If you KNEW the real history of your planet and where you come from—AND WHERE YOU ARE GOING FROM HERE—you can PREPARE for the coming Earth changes.  However, since you do not know the truth—you will panic—and depopulate your own planet.  God’s “Hosts from Afar” ARE EXTRATERRESTRIALS!  And, so are you!  Only God/Aton is not an “alien”, as you label your brethren as such.

Your evil adversary only allows you to know and hear stories of the “little Moon Eyes” (as the Native Americans labeled them), or “Ant People” (as the Australian Aboriginals called them), the tiny “Greys” with the big heads and the large wrap-around black eyes; or the tall, pale beings whose appearance frightens.  HOWEVER, THE BEINGS WHO ALSO COME FROM THE COSMOS, WHO LOOK JUST LIKE YOU, ARE NEVER SPOKEN OF!  These are killed outright by your Intelligence teams and their craft confiscated by your governments.  Any who try to tell you about the “Benevolent Aliens” are silenced immediately, by death, or locked away and the key tossed!  Chelas, who do you REALLY think the Prophets and “Angels” (“Messengers”) of old were/are???  Satan cannot let you find out that God comes from SPACE.  “Heaven” always meant “Sky” in all thy Holy Books—UNTIL 1609 when the telescope was turned skyward and you could see for yourself that the Moon was a place like our Earth!  Then, King (Khazar) James made all Bibles after replacing “sky” with “heaven” a mystical la-la-land of “milk and honey”.  That way, you can miss the boat (or space craft) when God shows up.


Is this not what YOU might expect from the Prince of Lies, the Master of Deceit??!!  Is this not the thing that makes the most sense to your God-given gift of reason???  To trick the masses of the planet into believing falsely about the coming of YOUR God?!?!  And it is working to perfection!
On that Day, instead of welcoming God and His Mighty Angelic Hosts, you will be shooting at “Hostile Aliens” coming to suck your blood and eat of your flesh!  All things coming from outside your atmosphere will be labeled EVIL and you will WAGE WAR UPON GOD HIMSELF!  Who, indeed, but Lucifer the fallen one, could be so bold!
Do you see my task, my brothers?  You have been PROGRAMMED to believe the lie.  How can we reach you?  God is not of force; we of the Hosts can only show you the way and tell you how it is.  YOU have to see what is coming down and refuse to accept evil as your guide.  However, we do provide you safe passage IF you do not put a stop to the nonsense.  God has prepared a place for His People.  And it IS NOT on a fluffy cloud a couple hundred feet above the surface of the Earth!  Your planet will become RADIO-ACTIVE and quite incapable of sustaining any life forms—provided anything remains solid enough to put a toe on!  If you go all the way—when God Himself finally is called in to put a stop to the insanity of self-inhalation—then all viable life forms (souled beings, for you see many among you are not souled beings—how else can you explain KNOWINGLY DESTROYING THE VERY PLANET YOU LIVE ON?!?) are removed (call it “Rapture” if you want to even though that word is not so much as even mentioned in your Holy Bible), and the planet is encapsulated in a plasma energy “bubble”, if you will, and it will become a gaseous “star”.  It will continue to hold its orbit and become part of a binary (twin) star system, like countless others in the cosmos.  Because by allowing you to blow away the planet, as is, the catastrophe will cause trouble in the balanced state of the universe itself.  And that is what we of the Hosts are for, to keep universal order in the vacuum of space itself.  You already played that game before, why do you think there is a ring of rubble and debris in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter, where another planet SHOULD BE???


Valerie, during the “Deep Freeze” our place may have been missed as to where we left off, however, as we continue with our place on the correspondence document, it should integrate properly as the energy flow is shored up.  Thank you for your efforts and management, the cold was debilitating and most difficult.

I hear the call to answer questions regarding the terrible mess of New Zealand and of the illegal Federal Reserve monster that is the Beast which has destroyed your world.  And of President Obama to “tell the people the truth”.  Our dear friend in New Zealand cares greatly for his own nation and people, and for the citizens of the world.  Please, do not regard “delays” as denials for your petitions of truth.  My appreciation for your correspondence and reference material is of GREAT VALUE to your brothers and sisters who know not of Hatonn, or these JOURNALS.  I will not say more of this Special Friend in that security be maintained. 

 However, he and his people of New Zealand are under the protection of My Command, and are like the people of America:  Totally in the grips of Revelation’s Anti-Christ/Anti-God.  Only by informing ALL you can, will bring the Beast out into the open.  TRUTH IS THE WEAPON THAT WILL SLAY THE DRAGON.


When Presidents speak out against the Jews, and specifically their hijacking of governments through the money system, they are immediately targeted and slain.  It is as simple as that.  Just as your early truth-bringers are locked away permanently, and/or killed for trying to open the eyes of the public, so too are the leaders of the people.  Always remember that the biggest Mark of the Beast of all is standing up on the pedestal and loudly proclaiming:  “I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE MARK!”  That then becomes the “Red Flag”:  YOU BECOME THE TARGET OF THE EVIL ADVERSARY.

“Jesus” Immanuel Esu (SANANDA) REALLY got into trouble when he confronted the money-changers (Jewish Bankers) within the temple.  He was seized and dragged out and tortured 3 DAYS later, for this would have meant the end of the Anti-Christ’s control over God’s people through gold (money).  That is what all the fuss is about.  Permit me to control the money supply and the nations and people can, likewise, be controlled.
Kennedy, Lincoln, and a hosts of other leaders since that time, were slain out right for tampering where Jesus had his last stand, as you know it.  If you are going to go for the throat of the dragon, you must be as the fully ARMED KNIGHT IN IMPENETRABLE CARBON STEEL!  For merely wounding one of his MANY HEADS will only insure your own total destruction.  YOU MUST not engage this terrible enemy alone.  To counter the many dragon heads, with the many crowns, you must have what Jesus did not have 2000 years ago—AN ARMY OF NUMBERS OF THE MULTITUDES STANDING WITH YOU—SHOULDER TO SHOULDER—IN BATTLE!  When ALL take a stand against evil, and FOR Christ/God, then you will slay the Beast of Revelation.

The reason the Jew INSISTS on total and complete control of all media (newspapers, books, magazines, TV, cable networks, movies, plays, etc., etc.) is so you don’t assemble en masse to “redress your grievances”, as your U.S. CONSTITUTION states.  That is why that precious document is the focus of EVERY ATTACK on your nation since BEFORE America’s founding!  YOU ARE A GODLY COUNTRY BASED ON THE “ASSUMPTION” OF GODLY AND GOODLY PRINCIPLES! Do you not suppose an UN-Godly/UN-Goodly enemy would master his resources to destroy said document?!  Indeed!  And so he has!

Your air travel is coming to a screeching halt, so you cannot join and mobilize God’s people against this enemy of man.  Truth of the “Kryptonite” and “Silver Bullet” that will drain the power, and pull the teeth of the evil Jew, IS KEPT FROM YOU THROUGH CONTROL OF THE PRESS (MEDIA)!  That information is forbidden, they do NOT want you to know HOW to kill them.  And the secret is in NUMBERS, dear ones, so that ONE becomes the GREAT MANY!

Use the weapons you have at your disposal—the Internet, the Post, your telephone, your voice—any and all means of human interaction and communication.  Do not remain silent at thy own execution hearings!

Speak out, as our dear friend from New Zealand is doing.  He SEES THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL.  Imagine if all ones were so concerned as this ONE.  Would not mountains be moved?  This is the Light God presses you to seek.  Truth IS Light, therefore, be as the beacon of “Hope” and shine forth the light.  In that others may gather it to their own dwindling embers and tiny flame.  Remember, a “light in every mind”?  That is a literal translation, chelas, think upon that for a long moment.


They are all around him!  Who do you think those old Soviets were/are—who now have taken up residence in Washington?  All those Zionist “Lobbies” in your State Department?  The F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) structure?  The Homeland “Security” apparatus?  These were put in place long before there was an Obama—or anything else you Americans knew was “Communism”.  THIS IS A GLOBAL TAKE OVER THAT HAS BEEN IN DETAILED PLANNING FOR MANY, MANY CENTURIES!  The Zionists call it “Global Plan 2000”.  Ever since the Master Teacher (Sananda, the “new name” Jesus is returning with) exposed the Pharisees (“Jews”, remember Jesus was a JUDEAN HEBREW—not a J-E-W) 2000 years before they put all of their evil resources—(and they have amassed A GREAT DEAL once they got rid of your Christ that Easter weekend—didn’t they?!  Those money-changers/bankers were not about to let THAT HAPPEN AGAIN, EVEN IF THEY HAD TO FEED EVERY CHRISTIAN [“CHRIST-FOLLOWER”] TO THE LIONS!  They could not chance that you “ones” MIGHT see the light and follow Christ’s EXAMPLE!)—to ensure that the generations to come would misunderstand and not realize WHY it was so important to not have the money-changers (Jews) controlling your economy.  Now, 2000 years since—right along with Prophecy—you SEE WHY.  Your nations and world have gone bankrupt!  You have become slaves in your OWN COUNTRIES!!!

But how could that be???  How has someone been able to take EVERYBODY’S MONEY (GOLD)???  And, WHO has it?  AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY—WHY?  Now do you begin to see THE BIGGER PICTURE of the crucifixion?  Look at Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ”, again, keeping this upper most in mind.  WHY were the Jews, really now, THAT MAD at Jesus for bringing attention to their little table with YOUR bits of silver and pieces of gold?
[To be continued ….]

[Editor’s note:  The following is a “Refresher Course” and Introduction to New Readers about the presence of Space-capable craft and occupants.  It is also proof that the governments KNOW ABOUT THEM.  It is from “UNHOLY ALLIANCE.  PRIESTS, RABBIS AND CONSPIRATORS WITHIN THE TEMPLES OF DOOM:  Modern Medicine is but a religion based on empty faith in priests and rabbis (doctors) within temples (hospitals) which are dangerous to your very life.  The conspiracy is with the Elite.  The conspiracy is against Man and Nations.”  By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN/ATON—a Phoenix Journal—translated by “dharma”, the receiver before “jonur”.]


It is time I confirm and explain the presence of massive underground systems throughout your globe—which are very “human” oriented and occupied.

You will be told that these installations are headed and run as a hostage situation—by aliens.  Reptilians and Little Grays.  BS! Are there Reptilians and Little Grays present?  Indeed!  There are massive numbers of them—all cloned, replicated and terrifying.  You will further be told that they hold your government hostage.  More and deeper heaps of lies—they are produced by the good-will dedication and greedy money grubbing governments at the control of the Elite Committee of 300 who operate out of Switzerland and headed by the Royal Crown of England.  These are the Satanic British Zionists originally known as the Serpent People.  This is exactly why the Reptilians will be presented to you as the ones in control.  The Serpent is the symbol of Satan and these ones have never even bothered to lie to you about their label.


Sit quietly for a minute and consider numbers with me, for as these underground facilities are coming to finished status there are a lot of suddenly available unemployed.  You are showing increased numbers of unemployed NEW sign-ups of half a million a week.  You are talking now of millions out of work—from where?  [Keep in mind this was December 1991] Yes, from all over, but WHY?

How many people, say, in the area of Lancaster/Palmdale, California, might you personally know who work in the aerospace industry wherein groups work on items which are isolated and secret with penalty of death as reward for tattling?  

[The scribe/receiver, Jonur, and his father, knew of one such man.  We will refer to him as “P”.  He has since passed from this plain, however, he will always be loved and missed for the Airborne Paratrooper, and caring husband he was.  “P” worked on various projects around the complexes surrounding Tehachapi, California, after his military service, before settling in Michigan.  The scribe and “P” enjoyed deep conversations about the patriotic duty of the Airborne soldier, and the reclaiming of American sovereignty back to you-the-people. 

 Without getting into any details, “P” and our scribe discussed and compared notes of their experiences regarding The New World Order and Above-Top-Secret Projects being used AGAINST U.S. citizens and American Patriots.  The secret Aurora TAV (Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle), which replaced the CIA’s SR-71 Blackbird supersonic “spy plane” (it was not a march 4 + faster than sound craft, but a march 15 shuttle that required the “driver” to wear a military 0.0 (Olive Drab) green astronaut space suit.  The wings on his chest are the same as NASA space travelers.  We will talk more of this “Blackbird” craft at another writing.  It was NEVER “retired”, they just “parked” one and told you ones that.  The modified versions have a second seat behind the pilot, it is used to shuttle politicians, like George Herbert Walker Bush, to secret meetings overseas, without anyone realizing he was gone.  The Gulf War was preceded by one such trip during a Paris meeting now infamously known as “October Surprise”; and they discussed the Tesla technology and super-conductors, all of which P had worked with.  So you DO have ones who KNOW WHAT WE OF GOD’s HOSTS BRING YOU IS TRUTH!]  

Almost all is done on “need to know” basis and ones are going to realize they have been working on projects which were so unworldly as to shock Spielberg.  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “E.T.:  The Extraterrestrial”, “War of The Worlds” movie director.  Spielberg works with his fellow Khazars TO DECIEVE YOU Christians about space aliens and God.  Never will you see human or human-looking “people” in silver “flying saucers”, only blood sucking, hideous creatures coming to invade and destroy humanity, and take your planet from you.  As I’ve said before, only the 1960’s television drama “Lost in Space” dared depict “regular people” in silver flying discs.  “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, the black and white (original version, not the latest remake) film with a sophisticated Michael Rene’, as a civilized alien, with his giant robot “Gort” also portrayed human-looking beings in this famous saucer-type “UFO”.  But, other than that, ONLY “REPTILIANS” and THE LITTLE “GREY” BEINGS, WITH THE BIG BLACK RAP-AROUND EYES (Of which your Native Aboriginal Americans—“Indians”—called “Little Moon Eyes”), or some other non-human creature, are allowed to be presented floating around in a “flying saucer”.  And why IS that????  Because if you knew that Jesus SANANDA, your Christed being, also was ferried about in “Silver Clouds” and was often accompanied by “Angels” in space ships, the Jewish Khazar’s game of panicking the world, and announcing an invasion from space aliens, would fall apart.  This so-called Orson Well’s (also a member of the elite deceivers) War of the Worlds PANIC PROJECT is the very means by which Lucifer’s Jews intend to usher in their New World Order/Global Government.  Knowing the truth will save your nation and world!  Spread the WORD!  Worse than what appears on the surface, they are subjected to mandatory testing, physicals, etc., where they are totally programmed “to forget” what they have seen and heard.

I am going to name some names and places (locations) so that you can check them out as to authenticity and then you will find it easier to accept truth as it is unfolded to you .

We will start in the local area of Southern California in the Edwards Air Force Base area [Jonur has been to the base many times] extending in a large triangular shape which includes all the way to Pasadena, Long Beach, Palmdale, Lancaster, Tehachapi, Mojave, Edwards and China Lake [Naval Weapons Proving Grounds, there are tunnels from the Pacific Ocean that go right under the desert into the base and great distances inland—FOR SUBMARINES!  The Chinese have vast technology AND SPACE CAPABILITY TOO!  The “Mongols” are invading your nation—NOT JUST BY TAKING GREAT PORTIONS OF YOUR BUSINESS—WHY DO YOU THINK THIS MASSIVE FACILITY IS NAMED “CHINA” LAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!  By the way, Khazars are Mongols also, in case you didn’t know!]—just for starters.

We have spoken often already about the areas of “51” [The famous Area 51, located on the “gunnery range” behind Nellis Air Field military base, about 110 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada], “72”, Dulce, etc., in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona so we will leave it to suffice that duplication is present in those places as well.  Ones who have had the “privilege” of tourist rides into Yucca Mountain to check out the tunnels for planned nuclear waste sites will  not be as shocked as the rest of you unsuspecting ones.  At Yucca Mountain alone there are over 35 major tunnels which totally catacomb the mountain at all levels as deep as several miles.  There is only one tunnel open for public eyes and it is impressive enough to stun the eyes and minds of hardened engineers.

In the Palmdale area beneath a “hanger” type building, which actually is movable on tracks, is a multilayer technology center over eight levels in depth and the size of a massive city.  The workers are mostly manufactured robotoids and synthetics [“clones”] made for labor with computer intelligence.  Human participants are of the “Ultra top-secret clearance” personnel.

At Edwards launch area in a bluff (butte) called Haystack, there is an even larger installation underground with incredible beam pulse systems, aircraft launchers, stealth equipment in coalition with the Soviet Cosmosphere program—[Russia’s “space shuttle”.  This is one of their Master Secret Weapons, chelas; “Cosmospheres” are “UFOs”, utilizing Tesla technology, in the hands of human controllers.  Lucky for you, the Christian Russian element in the Kremlin has control over those cute electro-gravity weapons platforms.  The “Soviets” are their enemy.] —with total capability of destroying the planet in some 15 minutes.  Keep “right” with God and you have your Lift-Off if that becomes necessary.  That is what your so-called “Rapture” was all about.  Not some fluffy clouds a few hundred feet above the ground, but a fleet of silver craft, operated by God’s HOSTS FROM AFAR.  We do not need a vehicle in which to move around in—you do!

Locked into that installation is a massive underground facility near Tehachapi called The Anthill (Northrup).  [Northrup Aerospace Company].  There are open silos wherein light laser systems are tested and cosmos-drones sent out like marching armies to probe electronically.  They are like little basketballs of light running usually to blue and sometimes golden/orange.

These particular installations are carved out with digging equipment which melts the mind as to possibilities as nothing stops them—not rock nor metal.  They are drills tipped with diamond bits and carve a 40 ft. tunnel in mere hours.  Interconnecting these installations are high-speed transit rails with “trains” which “fly” on an electromagnetic system off the ground at incredible speed.  There has been a lot of “blasting”, also, but covered by the stories of aircraft moving through the sound barrier and after a while it simply became that no-one paid any attention.

I don’t even like to speak much of the Reptilians because they are dramatically for fear effect.  Some are simply beings with leathered type of covering for protection purposes and are no more than humans in costume.  The Little Grays fit into a different type of category and if not selectively handled get completely out of control.  These are both comprised of manufactured (soul-less) beings without compassion or feelings of any type.  They are very “strong” physically and the “Grays” can literally infiltrate into the substance around them, i.e., they can “float” or disperse or through a wall or door, etc.

There is a third type of replicated being made in the form of that which is presented to you on television as an “Orange”.  These are computer-bright but basically clone laborers.  These are very human in appearance but too synthetic to fit in with your citizenry.


I hope you are beginning to get the picture, chelas.  These are the adversaries OF GOD and of we, the Hosts.  They neither have the technology to traverse the cosmos nor are they even allowed into the space beyond the Earth orbiting system at best.

These ones are led and controlled by the entities who would Rule the Earth and they are the reflection of hybrid, emotionless beings who serve the World Order “Elite”.  They are basically satanic tools and act on direct orders of the controllers.


We don’t speak of “Gods” as such, but the idea fits.  It is the time of sorting and separation of the participants (players) on the physical orb called Shan (Earth).  It is the time of retrieval of God’s children who are experiencing on the place for all sorts of varying reasons in soul growth progression.  Evil intends to rule the globe and all things thereon.  But, he has already destroyed the bountiful wonders of the globe and it cannot continue as is.  Therefore, the plan is to take control through whatever means available—preferably leaving a remnant of Godly slave laborers and annihilation of other souled beings.  This will be accomplished in two ways.

1.  He will simply convince the souled being that God is not who and what He claims to be.  Those unthinking masses will simply be led down the “primrose” paths through the mire of lies and disbeliefs of truth.  These, for the most part, will be called Christians (by any other label).  These ones will be side-tracked into a belief system which revolves around the human physical being of, say, a Jesus Christ or Buddha, as adequate examples.  They will set their intent upon denying and “proving” the non-presence of God, Hosts, Goodly Aliens, etc.—anything of the spiritual realms of Light.  Their whole intent will claim infinite experience but will be entrapped in total physical and material matter.

2.  He will simply enslave physically those who stand against him and as ones are no longer useful, they will be slain and/or used for testing, etc.  Disease will wipe out multitudes and then wars will annihilate millions.  Famine and exposure will get more and in the interim, all dissenters will be interned in compounds if they are thought to be dangerous to “the cause”.

Ones who go about their business without great confrontation will be basically left alone if they are in areas wherein they are no bother.


There is full understanding between the higher “commands”.  Our people are not to be harmed.  This does not mean that ALL know this even though ones who attempt bodily harm are usually taken out a.s.a.p. by their own group.  The adversary will not risk encounter with my Command.  God’s people are “off limits”.  I suggest you be making very, very sure as to whether or not you are one of God’s people.  Don’t ask ME!  If you don’t know then you better get awfully worried.

Does this mean that God’s people will not be caught in anything nasty or negative?  No, many of you will perish and no place, as such, is safer than any other.  I can assure you that you will have colds and flu, get cold and get hot, hungry and tired just like everyone and anyone else.  You WILL be allowed to fulfill your mission whatever it might entail and you WILL BE RECLAIMED AND BROUGHT INTO SAFETY AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME.

There is time left for action in almost unlimited manner if you utilize that time well.  Things are not in order to the point of desirability on the part of the Planners so you will simply work within that circumstance in which you find self.  There are still some methods of assisting selves with security in ability to barter, etc., if you use intelligence.  Violence will simply get all of your workers killed and it will not be tolerated—if I have to tell you that point then you are going to harm more than serve good.  You will be sly as the serpent and gentle as the dove—dead martyrs serve no one.  Your job is not to fight the war—yours is to bring Truth, put it to press, assist wherein you can by example without force or undue nagging for each will have to know for self.  We must have a “remnant” and that means that you of my command will not act in foolishness or you will be put to the side lest you endanger the entire lift-off program.  You will be given to know your task when appropriate and he who acts in greed will be put to last.  Know that we can beam you up into safety from Mars if need be.  I can get you aboard the Phoenix—[formerly the Bethlehem “star”.  This craft is larger than your Earth, and “Jesus” (Immanuel Esu Sananda—remember Paul/Saul of Tarsus gave Him that label in Greece) rides WITH ME, AND SANANDA IS MY COMMANDER.  “The Golden Radiance ‘Star’” can be seen at present, in your evening sky, above the area of the Orion constellation, with Pleiades’ “Seven Sisters” (also known as the “wee dipper”) constellation nearby.  Pleiades is where most of you come from.  ALL of your ancient tribes and civilizations will tell you as much, if you will but take the time to look it up.]—for instance, which is far outside your orbiting place.


There are massive bases in Canada but some of the more important strategic centers are, of course, around (under) Atlanta and Arkansas.  In some of those areas there were already an underground “alien” race and massive tunneling complex.  There are also ancient tunnels under Tehachapi, for instance.  The military has now tunneled right to the side of the crystal in Tehachapi and we have now blocked their entry into that portion of their system.  [The Crystal is a communications/navigation “device”.  It is a 2-mile large “flowering” crystal formation that is used by space craft to navigate this sector of the universe.  It is not allowed to be tampered with by man, and the entire crystal can be shielded and removed if need be—along with Tehachapi itself!]  Only a tiny portion of the crystal in point is allowed the use of Earthians.
 What I am going to reprint herein is material which can get a lot of people very “dead”.  I don’t even see a way to acknowledge source without undue focus.  For the present I will simply thank “knowing” ones.  There WILL come a day of acknowledgment and appreciation unto you daring ones—but alas, it is not this day.

I have written recently regarding beams, and beam bases—flying craft and “proclaimed aliens”.  I have drawn pictures for you which are so outrageous that even in the local sector there is total disbelief.  Well, what I have given you is true, ultra-top secret, and very much REAL.

We will first speak of the hidden hands on the switches and the military uses of the electromagnetic spectrum.  I will not complicate the lives of ones herein by giving minute detail but I will give you enough to support Truth and, hopefully, cause you to think and stop hiding in the sand-bucket.


The current military strategy of the United States does not rest on nuclear weapons or elite strike forces, but is instead based on a doctrine known as 3CI or C(3)I.  (This stands for command, control, communications, and intelligence.)  Through 3CI, the relative strength of your forces against those of the Soviet Union is constantly assessed, and the intent of the Soviets to deploy and use their forces against you is determined.  3CI provides intelligence to accomplish this task, as well as the means to communicate with and control your forces and to command them to counter perceived and actual threats.  The overall intent of this military doctrine is to know, instantaneously and at all times, the exact status of your forces and those of a particular enemy.  Weapons systems are simply the instruments that are used to deter or respond to an attack.

The military group provides powerful incentives for releasing forbidden impulses, inducing the soldier to try out formerly inhibited acts which he originally regarded as morally repugnant.

Your total military system has become an analog of a living organism, constantly sensing its environment, integrating information, and reaching decisions, and then acting on those decisions by using the appropriate weapons systems.  The “central nervous system” of your nation’s global military organization is based on information-carrying electrical impulses that are transmitted by electromagnetic fields.  Its sensory organs are microwave scanners, satellites, and sophisticated devices designed to listen to an enemy’s radio transmissions.  Instead of nerves, it uses radio communications with frequencies ranging from ELF (extra low frequency) to super high microwaves. 

 The muscles of the military organism range from ground troops to nuclear missile systems.  There are a number of “brains” in the organism, located both in the continental United States and in various overseas locations.  The organism is capable of operating on its own, with only the theoretical restraint of approval from the White House.  Every aspect of 3CI depends upon the unrestricted use of all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum at unlimited power densities.

Now, please, realize that this is not new information and we have written extensively about this system.  What is important this day is that you must realize you have now joined forces with “that enemy” and you have no control of anything you have in space.  The enemy has absolute and total superior capability.  The last of the network was hooked up and tested sufficiently on New Year’s Day.  Fortunately you are still present to ponder it for if the testing system had ignited the radioactive belt about your planet—you would really have a hot-foot by now.  [And total Blindness!!!] You-the-people will be brought into control and submission in a number of very sophisticated ways—through these systems which will send out instructions and everything from music to biological diseases.


This military doctrine evolved following the end of World War II and was then shaped by two factors.  The first was the practical experience of using electromagnetic fields for communications and sensing (primarily radar) during the Korean War.  Do you not find it interesting that Bush is in Korea this very day?  The second factor was the later availability of transistorized equipment and the development of exotic electronic sensing and communication systems, which occurred during the Vietnam conflict.

Vietnam was the proving ground for the basic concepts of 3CI, and it has been characterized as the first all-electronic war—from manipulation of individual personnel to misadventures with herbicides and mass control.  A number of advanced technologies were tested—for example, long-range reconnaissance patrols operating far behind Vietcong lines were equipped with solar-powered, high-frequency radios.  These devices enabled members of a patrol to communicate with one another via military satellites 200 miles up in space and to be in instantaneous communication with the White House.  Note that I did not say “President”.  The President at a given time is only a show-piece utilized by the Elite Planners and there are several replicas of the one you see moving about here and there.

Also, remember, that since that Vietnam War thousands of those Viet Cong have been shipped to Mexico, entered your U.S. nation, and stand ready, willing and able to blow every major dam and bridge in your nation—all the way to the Arctic.  They are special troops trained in demolition and will blow every strategic “crossing” facility of every major city, etc., on cue.  I have written extensively about this—in detail along with the Communist (Soviet) equipment and personnel already in Mexico and now crossing your borders—in full view now that you are such good “friends”—tanks and all.  You are going to have to get the JOURNALS IF YOU HAVE ANY DESIRE TO GET INFORMED AT ALL. You can “excuse” until doomsday but it won’t change an iota of your circumstance.  You can throw stones at Hatonn and denounce and deny—but if you want the Truth and how it IS—get the material we have furnished you!  There will never again be opportunity for such investment in your survival and passage.

This system, the doctrine of 3CI, has matured into a global scale based on maximum utilization of electromagnetic energy and pulse systems—mostly through the sophisticated testing on the military “soldiers” (troops) in that Vietnam War.  Two things happened; in the physicals and injections, etc., the soldiers were implanted with “receiver chips” whereby the instructions could be sent directly and individually as well as in group reception.  As other substances were “tested” the manipulation could be studied by differing experiments and enhancement of any transmission by direct control.

The only restriction ever placed on this military doctrine since its inception was derived from the period of time immediately following World War II and during the beginning of the “Cold War”.  In the early 1950’s, the Department of Defense recognized the need for some sort of “safe exposure standard” for microwaves. This led directly to the establishment of the Tri-Services Program, based in the Rome Air Development center in Rome, New York, which was given the task of determining this standard.  However, even before the Tri-Services Program began, the military eagerly adopted the concept that only thermal effects were damaging to living organisms.  Based solely in calculations, the magic figure of 10 milli watts per square centimeter was adopted by the Air Force as he standard for safe exposure.  Subsequently, the thermal-effects concept has dominated policy decisions to the complete exclusion of non-thermal bio-effects.

While the 10-mW/cm2 standard was limited to microwave frequencies, the thermal concept was extended to all other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Unless it heated tissue, electromagnetic radiation was thought to be harmless, so there were no limits placed on exposure to frequencies below microwave.


The military organism was designated on the 10-mW standard and, once in place, it had to be defended against the possibility of non-thermal bio-effects.  The recognition and validation of these effects would mean the collapse of the total organism and the death of 3CI.  By the early 1970’s it was fully apparent that scientists and engineers involved in the program were sucked into a massive conspiracy—especially in the early programs involving electrical control systems and the bio-effects of electromagnetic fields.  It was quickly seen that evidence for non-thermal effects was viewed as a total threat to national security.  Safety was not a consideration, because the military mind-set of the time held that despite the lack of actual hostilities, you were in a state of war with the Soviet Union—and dear ones, it has never before or since been otherwise.  It was known that your ability to prevail in that conflict required the virtually unlimited use of electromagnetic energy for all four facets of the 3CI doctrine.

This view led to the policy of denying any non-thermal effects from any electromagnetic usage, whether military or civilian.  To accomplish this policy objective, several specific actions were taken, as follows:

Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research funds in such a way as to ensure that only “approved” projects—that is, projects that would not challenge the thermal effects standard—would be undertaken.  Further, the natural reactionary tendency of science was capitalized upon by enlisting the support of prominent members of the engineering and biological professions.  In some instances, scientists were told that non-thermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge.  Many scientists’ goals were subverted by unlimited grant funding from the military and by easy access to the scientific literature.

The formal scientific establishments of the United States were mobilized.  When serious challenges to the thermal effects standard were raised publicly, eminent scientific boards, associations, or foundations were provided with lucrative “contracts” to evaluate the state of knowledge of bio-effects of electromagnetic fields.  These investigations resulted in the production of voluminous “reports”.

All of those reports shared certain characteristics.  Scientific data indicating non-thermal bio-effects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review.  Those examined were required to have much higher standards of possible validity than reports indicating no such bio-effects. 

  Scientists who reported the existence of non-thermal bio-effects were ridiculed and were portrayed as being outside of the mainstream, nuts and nit-wit troublemakers.  Actual disinformation was utilized and still is, to create a false impression:  For example, while a statement such as “There is no evidence for any effects of pulsed magnetic fields on “humans” would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects on laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans.  It was common practice to include an “executive summary” with the massive report.  These summaries never reflected the data that were actually hidden in the full report.

A group of “manufactured” experts was produced to serve as spokesmen and expert witnesses.  Does this all sound familiar?  How about a few “UFO experts” which are never backed-up and yet the public is always given the old “… there is no evidence to back up……”  Further, the reporters will give you this line immediately after giving you a report on present “evidence”.  It will all be mechanically “read” to you with a “new type of grasshopper found in South Africa” having just as much emphasis and importance as given a 10.6 earthquake in Indiana.

These were people with few qualifications for research in this (or any) scientific field related or otherwise, who were provided with magnificently large research grants and placed on many committees, boards, and international governmental commissions dealing with the bio-effects of electromagnetic energy.  Superficially, they appeared to be prominent researchers, until one discovered that the actual number of scientific papers they had produced was minimal or nil.  These “experts” were, and still are, used to testify in legal proceedings dealing with civilian installations such as power lines and microwave-relay systems.

Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, disposed of and/or literally “taken-out” or “adjusted”—whichever better serves the ongoing purpose.  An “adjusted” person can still be functionally active according to the “new programming”.


Of course—through the UFO disinformers, conspirators, etc.  But worse, they don’t really mind the information now flowing to you-the-people for early on it is recognized that most of you readers will simply deny it and throw it out.  Then, as proof is brought forth it will be used to show you how “trapped they were” and “had to cover it for your own good” and “after all, those nasty little aliens made us do it!”  In other words, there is such a mess going on that they don’t really know HOW TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN “COVER” AWAY.  THAT WILL NOT BE IN POINT A BIT LATER ON AFTER YOU HAVE NO GUNS!  In fact, chelas, much of the confirming information comes to us via undercover operatives of the government itself—hoping we use it to set up the uncovering scenario above.  It is simply one of the higher forms of deceit and insulting usage of your intelligence.  Despite the application of these measures, the question of harmful effects did not go away but instead increased in intensity.  The position of the government has thus been forced to change.  The government’s initial complete denial of any non-thermal effects was followed by acceptance of some non-thermal effects, although these were characterized as being unimportant and transient.  At present, the official position is that while there are some non-thermal effects that may be harmful, further study is required before any sudden action is taken.  These studies are going on, but all are under the aegis of either the Defense Department of the industry involved.  And, of course, this only includes the range of electromagnetic spectrum in point it does not include beam weaponry as such.

The policy objective as presented has been achieved, and the exposure of both civilians and military personnel to electromagnetic radiation continues.  You are not dying of cancers caused by sugar in your pop—you are a planet being radiated to death!  There has not been given you an exposure safe chart like your ideal weight charts.  That is because you are all in terminal contamination with no intent to change the thrust.  There is ample reason, chelas, to be pretty sure that it basically remains pretty fixed at the now discredited 10-mW/cm2 standard, or even higher in certain essential situations.

The reason given is the lead time needed for weapons-system development—in other words, the ends justify the means and disinformation.  After all, you are only servants and intended slaves for the Elite.  Also, there are too many of you anyway and that alone is a major problem—you are nothing except laboratory test animals to this group of would-be rulers.  Operation at lower power levels would materially degrade system performance, allegedly producing a situation hazardous to national security.  Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.


While there are many such weapons systems, the GWEN system is a particularly good example.  GWEN is a communications system which has now been connected and major construction completed (putting a lot more workers in the unemployment lines).  It operates in the very low frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz.  This VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground rather than by radiating into the atmosphere.  This is a dandy way to get across the Arctic regions and encircle the globe quite effectively and most easily—i.e., that touted “Woodpecker” system.  This also accounts for the “Wormwood” code—because it can burrow like an earthworm without interference by any substance—right through rock, water, etc.  It is a bit confused by large pools of oil and/or fat cells.  A chubby body is not always such a bad thing to have if you are in line of direction or a target for the individual take-out beams.  The only protection on Earth comes from the frequencies our Command can offer to physically disrupt the pulses.  I suggest you remember that when you denounce your higher brethren.  The signals drop off quite sharply with distance, and a signal GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles.  So now you have it—a need for repetitive relay stations—a full Grid, if you will.  This is now in total operation in conjunction with the Elite to every part of the globe.  In addition the Elite warriors have a total blanket of Cosmospheres (Russian “UFO” craft—spheres—and space “station” platforms, armed with powerful neutron and/or charged particle-beam weapons.  These are “parked” over all your dams, missile silos, military bases, and even your “hidden” MX missiles, shuttled around ON YOUR TRAINS THAT GO THROUGH YOUR CITIES.  Each and every missile is pinpointed for immediate blasting, when the “barn doors” and roof fly off, in case of a First Strike attack against Russia.  The beam blast, most likely, will detonate the rocket warhead (nuclear)—even if it is in the middle of downtown USA!)  and Platforms to insure control of that system.  These are NOT hostile “aliens” unless you call a “foreign person” an “alien”.

The GWEN system consists of stations, each with a tower 300-500 feet high and you won’t think anything about them other than “television”, “radio”, phone relays, etc.  The stations are spaced from 200 to 250 miles apart, so that a signal can go from coast to coast by hopping from one station to another.  The back-up is a total system which also bounces off satellites so that, as of now, 1992, the entire civilian population of the United States (and world) is exposed to these GWEN transmissions.

The rationale for the existence of this network is the government’s projected concept that nuclear war is winnable if a fail-safe communications system is available for use during and following a nuclear attack.  It is more deceit to make you fork up the manpower and money for the system without having to resort to the “black budget black-hole”.  Such a system, they will tell you, would permit the U.S. to order its nuclear-missile submarine fleet to launch an attack against the aggressor nation.  The physical nature of nuclear war requires that this system operate by ground-wave transmission.  Big Brother is really taking care of you little citizens!


One aspect of nuclear war that is not well publicized is the EMP phenomenon.  This becomes VERY IMPORTANT because you WILL experience it.  An electromagnetic pulse is a very short, intense burst of electromagnetic energy that is produced by the explosion of a nuclear weapon in space.  If an EMP were produced by a nuclear explosion 100 miles above Kansas City, for instance, its energy would be so intense that it would shut off ALL electric-power systems, destroy all computers and magnetic disks or tape records, destroy the guidance systems of missiles and the computer and communication systems of military and commercial aircraft, and shut down all radio communications—ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES!  The military organism would be decapitated.  In the military scenario, the United States would then be faced with capitulation or nuclear destruction.

Theoretically, ground-wave communications would still be possible.  However, the theory is tenuous.  The GWEN hardware is transistor based; even if placed in “hardened” bunkers, it would be vulnerable to an EMP.  In addition, the EMP would produce major ground currents in the path of the GWEN signals that could decrease their transmission capabilities.  Finally, the locations of all GWEN stations are known to the enemy and thus are vulnerable to attack.  Not such a good show, is it?

Nonetheless, the military mind has conceived of using the GWEN network to maintain communications following such a decapitating EMP attack.  This is not the place for a full argument concerning the values and options of nuclear war, but in my opinion the reason for the existence of this system is specious in itself as for between-the-lines assumptions.  Dear ones, nuclear war is not “winnable”.  All may not perish—but the war is NOT WINNABLE.  FOR THIS VERY REASON, YOU HAVE BEEN LEFT DEFENSELESS WITHOUT SHELTERS WHILE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN POURED INTO UNDERGROUND FACILITIES FOR SECURITY OF THE ELITE PUPPET-MASTERS.  You WILL wake up or you WILL perish.

The potential harm to the civilian population from the operation of GWEN has not been addressed.  GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population.  The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the various geological areas such as the United States.  Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location.  The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be “tailored” to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area.  This piece of information is well-known to the “Planners” of the network and, of course, is in full capability of operation NOW.

What of these various in-point frequencies?  Why doesn’t someone in our wondrous UFO community demand a bit of sharing with one frequency “expert” who is only annoyed with plagiarism (which objection will be more understandable now), etc.  Why don’t you check out the “frequency tables” of your beloved brother, Cathie (Bruce Cathie has been “taken out” as of late, however, you can research who he was, and his insight into the ELECTROMAGNETIC GRID which encompasses your Earth.  We have covered all of this in the JOURNALS many, many times; and have corrected errors in Captain Cathie’s conclusions. 

 Confirmation of what we have ALREADY brought you seems more readily acceptable when one of our own Earthly persons puts it to pen.)  Does he know all this?  Oh, chelas (students) spare me!  You have accomplished the sophistication of the newest in “killing fields”.

As we write on these subjects, especially regarding pulsing wireless forms of energy—ever comes the inquiry:  “Why can’t we seem to wireless transmit energy, etc., like Nikola Tesla projected?” 
(Remember Tesla did this A HUNDRED YEARS AGO!  J.P. Morgan—Rothschild bankster agent—stole all his inventions and poisoned Tesla in the same manner as your Pope.  This is HOW the “Soviets” got those cute Cosmospheres “UFOs” that you cannot touch, and WHY you are not allowed to go to the Moon, Mars, etc., anymore.  Fortunately for you, America, the Christian Russians overthrew the Khazar Zionist “Soviets”, and reclaimed Mother Russia—MILITARILY AND HER FANTASTIC SPACE CAPABILITIES. 

  Unfortunately for you, however, those ousted Soviet Khazar false “Jews” (not to be confused with Hebrew JUDEAN), set up shop IN YOUR NATION.  The Pentagon and NASA, as well as CIA, FBI, and State Department—ARE OVER-RUN WITH SOVIET SPIES WHO HAVE SOLD YOUR NATION OUT, AND YOU KNOW IT NOT.  F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency), “Homeland Security”, airport TSA guards, ATF (board of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) and I.R.S.—ARE NOT your federal government!  These are Soviet “Communist” forces waiting to declare a “state of emergency”, so they can take your guns REGISTERED AND UNREGISTERED, and haul you off to ALREADY FINISHED concentration camps, hidden in those parks you are not allowed to visit anymore!  This is doom and gloom, I know, however, it can be stopped by acting NOW.  After you lose your Right to Keep and Bear Arms it will be too late.  This is why you have the “Stand Your Ground” shootings, and people walking out to their car and coming back to kill, in cold blood, someone who accidently steps on their foot, or is talking too  loud at the movies, or playing music too loud at the gas station, or 12 items in the 10 item check-out lane…..  THESE ARE MOSSAD/CIA MIND CONTROL OPERATIONS—MK-ULTRA, etc., etc.—TO GET YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!)  

You can—you are just not allowed to do so.  Energy and transmission of electricity is the energy bondage method of a planet.  Do you actually think the Elite money-mongers would allow such a thing as free energy and/or allow healing methods utilizing free energy and magnetic frequency?  (Ever notice that the Elite don’t get sick and infirm with age?  They fly from place to place, and from nation to nation, and never get the flu or AIDS, do they?!)  Grow up, chelas, the world is big and mean and most nasty indeed.  A bit later after this writing I will see if there is time and energy left to simply ask Nikola (from “the other side”) to expound on the subject of wireless transmission and his own experience.  I believe you who doubt our presence and resources might be interested if not totally captivated by the access to these higher beings awaiting their ability to work with you when the time becomes feasible.  (How else did you think your “scribes” wrote down God’s WORD in thy Holy Books and Parchment Scrolls???)

Let us continue now, however, with the subject at hand and speak of the new killing fields:


While the military was vigorously denying the very existence of bio-effects from electromagnetic-field exposure, such bio-effects were actually being explored as potential weapons—weapons with the enormous advantage of being totally silent and imperceptible.  If you are a bit terrified at this point I suggest you are normal and quite rightful in your responses.  This is a most deadly game and you are the sitting targets this very day as you are being worn away and debilitated, totally controlled and manipulated almost beyond the point of recovery.  (Only by asking for God’s Lighted Shield of Protection AGAINST the beam and frequency attacks, can you make it through the barrage assault against your physical beings.)

The EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) concept has been extended through the development of devices that generate EMP pulses without the need for nuclear explosions.  Such devices can be deployed for use against enemy command and control centers or against aircraft in order to produced failure of electronic equipment.  This can also be directed against any civilian location or group.  A derivative of this program is HPM (High Power pulsed Microwave), a system producing intense, extremely short pulses of microwave.  Several types, ranging in frequency from 1200 MHz to 35 GHz with powers up to 1000 megawatts, are tested and ready for use.  These are also ready for use as weapons against humans and, against these weapons no gun can even be relatively compared.

There is a report which can (or maybe can’t be) acquired which deals with the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.  It states, “Microwave energy in the range of 1 to 5 GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and thus puts all organ systems at risk.”  Effects on the central nervous system are considered very important.  The testing program begun in 1986 is divided into four parts:  1) prompt debilitation effects; 2) prompt stimulation through auditory effects; 3) work interference/stoppage effects; and 4) effects on stimulus-controlled behavior.  The report goes on to state, “Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electrical stimulation unrelated to heat.”  It appears that HPM is capable of altering behavior in the same fashion as Delgado’s electrical stimulation (which we will not go into herein).

The production of cognitive and behavioral alterations produced by HPM is a sledgehammer effect in comparison to the subtle alterations produced by ELF fields.  According to a 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology, ELF has a number of potential military uses, including “dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches in security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare.”  The same report states, “Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation.  They are silent, and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop.”

Just know, readers, that a whole group and class of weapons, based on electromagnetic fields, has been pretty well perfected and added to the muscles of the military organism.  The 3CI doctrine is still growing and expanding.  The military can and is able to completely control the minds of the civilian population.

I make no attempt here to review in any detail the relationship between military considerations and the hazards of man-made electromagnetic fields.

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