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New Series 199:Because your world is in the grips of evil, as your end time prophecies told you. The laws have been purposely turned against you-the-people. The adversary to God, and the people, has taken over your nation and world. Only truth will allow you to reclaim thy heritage from those who wish to conquer and destroy you. The assault will always be to get your guns from you—registered or unregistered. Defense is of God, war is not.

6/06/14 from HATONN/jonur (ns199)

Hatonn present in service and light.  Welcome back, Jonur.  We will continue the lessons commissioned to do.  We all grieve in our own ways, and that is always a cleansing of the body AND SPIRIT; God never leaves His People in adversity and seemingly hard times.  It is man who abandons God.  However, you have all the “time” in the universe, in a universe of no time and no space, and, as always, all men will return to me in their own time.  The agony of waiting, however, is theirs!


You DO have Higher Beings among you who you do not recognize.  These ones can be known by their dedication to God, family, and nation.  Always their actions and destined “commissions” will be evident from the day they begin to walk as babes.  When you “re-incarnate” into the physical plane/world, the veil of forgetfulness causes a temporary forgetting of where you came from.  That is what the play of Creation is all about.  Each time you pass through that veil into the physical expression of life, you become smarter.  This IS the learning process for man.

Some of you have past through the cycles many, many times and are at “graduation”.  Others have come from the higher realms of God and The Creation to SHOW YOU THE WAY—BY EXAMPLE OF ACTION.  These are the Archangels and Way-showers promised by Aton (God) to bring you home.  That is what we of The Hosts From Afar are tasked with doing.  How else did you think it was to be?  God Energy is SPIRIT.  The Mind of God is all there is, the body of man is not his body—IT IS A VEHICLE FOR USE BY THE SPIRIT.

The higher beings of God experience with you, however, their work is still continued even in the dense, physical compression of Earth/Shan, as we of the Cosmos refer to this planet amongst billions of INHABITED PLANETS.  But you will note that they ALREADY KNOW why they are here, and what their “job” will be.  Just as “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA (by whatever name) The Christ knew His destined path to follow, so, too, did Sargent Andrew Clyburn.  As his family and close loved ones can attest to Sgt. Clyburn a United States Air Force Policeman, stationed at Selfridge Air Base outside of Detroit, Michigan, knew what he came here for as a child.


A nation founded under God, whose citizens are reared in goodly (Godly) values of national defense, and the strong sense of family and honor, is a nation of TRUE Christians.  God and Christ have been taken out of the schools and the courts; Christmas (Christ-mass) has been removed from even the mentioning of “Christ”, substituting “X-mas” instead.  Why not say “Christ-X”, if the issue was merely to shorten the word?

Because your world is in the grips of evil, as your end time prophecies told you.  The laws have been purposely turned against you-the-people.  The adversary to God, and the people, has taken over your nation and world.  Only truth will allow you to reclaim thy heritage from those who wish to conquer and destroy you.  The assault will always be to get your guns from you—registered or unregistered.  Defense is of God, war is not.

When you are raised in this Godly manner, by parents who share and understand this essential basic for a God-revering country becomes part of the foundation of the nation itself.  The dedication and Godliness is ONE with the very Founding Fathers themselves.  This goes for all ethnic groups.  The 82nd Airborne Division—America’s Guard of Honor, as President Eisenhower referred to U.S. Paratroopers, as chartered by the United States Congress—was formed out of ALL Americans.  Every race made up its ranks, from all 50 states, hence the “AA” All Americans patch and insignia.

Sgt. Clyburn’s father, a retired Jump Master, and his wife, instilled the qualities of a Godly and Goodly life to their children.  Just as Joseph Sr. and Brenda Sue had received from their parents.  This is how honor and respect is past-down through the generations, and is the strong foundation footing for nations.  The adversary is pledged to destroy that.

Growing up on military bases, and going to Selfridge Field every weekend, Sgt. Clyburn and his siblings (his sister Christina Angela Franziska, was one of the last babies born at Selfridge before the military hospital and old wooden buildings were torn down), got to experience integration the way the Founding Fathers meant in the drafting of the U.S. CONSTITUTION.  General George Washington was KNOWN as “The Praying General”!  His men saw him lead charges against a numerically superior enemy, “no one could have survived the barrages of musket fire directed at him”.  When Washington’s men saw these “miracles”, they knew that God was with the General, and the troops rallied with him and, against all odds, drove back and defeated the British army.

It is this spirit of defense of one’s nation and family—UNDER GOD—that you must have if you are to reclaim your sovereignty and freedom.  America is the last “hope” for your world, dear ones, and remember that:  So goes the United States, so goes the rest of the planet!

MAJORITY WHIP (2007-2011)

Just as you have other families who are known for being a motivating force in government, so too, is the Clyburn family recognized as a leading influence in the affairs of a nation.

The Clyburn Coat of Arms, a cherished and respected symbol that, in fact, comes from England, claims rights to the British royal family line of decent.  By British law the holders of heraldry are legally entitled to the gold stores, the city of London now controls.  THIS GOLD KEPT IN BASIL, SWITZERLAND, IS UNITED STATES GOLD!  ALL THE GOLD FROM YOUR FT. KNOX VAULTS—AND THE TONS OF GOLD YOUR NATION AQUIRED STHROUGH THE BIRTHING OF AMERICA TILL NOW—IS OWED TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE OF AMERICA!  You have been tricked out of your heritage, in that you do not realize that it is your wealth that your adversary is using against you.

South Caroline (as well as North Carolina) is an important state in our nation for MANY REASONS, not the least of which is that the highest representative of Black America (and representative of your government under your President, as the CONSTITUTION is structured to function) resides there.  The Honorable James E. Clyburn, Previously United States Congress “Majority Whip” (Derived from Jesus’ own dealings with these same Satanic Money-Changers, who today have made off with America’s gold in the guise of World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Bank of International Settlements—all in Switzerland.  Immanuel Esu “Jesus” SANANDA fashioned a whip from His donkey reins, and drove the money-changers (bankers) from the temple.  These “vipers and thieves” were fooling the people into believing that you have to pay or “tithe”, in order to get into heaven.  Immanuel was taken out and tortured and crucified THREE DAYS LATER!  Of all the “OTHER STUFF” Jesus did—remember, he was considered “a revolutionary”—THE INTERFERING WITH THE GOLD WAS THE BIG NO NO!  HOW ELSE CAN YOU ENSLAVE A PLANET—FULL OF GOD’s PEOPLE?!)

Jonur, insert the 13 pages regarding the scroll translation, after this 7 page document dated Monday, June 30, 2014, 2:33 A.M. EST, YEAR 27.

Thank you, Valerie for your effort and support to our scribe and his mother and the rest of his family.  We are back to work now with the Commander’s writings, and those of the Hosts.  Your prayers were most welcomed and cherished.

Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu and Aho!


Joseph became the spouse of Mary, the mother of Immanuel, who became pregnant by one who was a distant descendant of the Son of Heaven, Rasiel, who was the guardian angel of the secret.
When Joseph was in betrothal to Mary to be publicly married, he was informed of the secret insemination of Mary through a descendant of the Sons of Heaven, from the lineage of Rasiel, he was filled with wrath.  He denied her and yet, having been close unto her and most respectful of her purity from mating was given to confusion and bewilderment.  He made arrangements to take leave of her and denounced any responsibility unto her, and further refused to marry her in public before he peoples of the community—which was the way marriage was ordained and sanctioned in those days.

While Joseph was thus thinking in this manner, behold, a guardian angel of the Sons of Heaven, Gabriel, who had brought the seed unto Mary, appeared before him and said, “Joseph, Mary is betrothed to you and you are her spouse, do not leave of her, for the fruit of her womb is chosen for a great and wondrous purpose.  Marry her before the people, so that you may be man and wife before the people.  If ye choose to renounce her and deny of thy responsibility, thy name shall be stricken from the Book of Life and ye shall be as never having been.”

The impregnation of Mary occurred some eleven thousand Earth years after the creation of Adam through the Son of Heaven, Semjasa, so that the word would be fulfilled which God, the ruler of those that traveled from afar, had said through the prophet Jesaja who spoke as follows:

“Behold, an innocent child will be impregnated by a Son of Heaven before she is married to a man before the people.


“They will name the fruit of her womb, Immanuel (Jmmanuel/Immanuel), which interpreted means “The God with Us” as a symbol and to give honor unto God through whose strength and providential care the Earth was made to bear intelligent human life, through the women of the Earth pairing with the Sons of Heaven, those that traveled from afar and bearing great wisdom and perfection from the universe.

“Behold, God and his followers from afar came from the depths if the universe saving themselves from a strong bondage, creating a new race and home with the early women of this Earth for they were in form much like the beauteous creation of Earth and transported great truth and knowledge bonded with unsurpassed wisdom.  However, upon birthing into the density of the Earth plane, the shroud of forgetfulness would be destined to fall upon the human form.


“Honor, by the man of Earth, is due unto God, for behold, He is the true originator of the white (lighted) generations of people on earth and to Him honor should be given.

“There is nothing in equal form besides Him, for this human race created by Him, therefore, man shall have no other Gods besides Him who created other human races in other parts of Earth.

“Besides God, there is nothing in equal form worthy of adoration.  Only the omnipotence of Creation reigns over Him and His celestial sons:  The Creation itself which is to be adored.

“Behold thus:  God reins over the Earth, the Lord of the Celestial Sons and men of this lighted race.  This particular grouping would be pale of countenance, bearing the predominant characteristics of the universal beings which came unto these particular peoples.

“God is the giver of the law of this human race, and therefore, His wishes shall be obeyed by all men and women.  God the Lord is generous in His love, but also, terrible in His anger when His laws are disobeyed.

“Thus, Mary’s pregnancy is the law of God, so you, Joseph, are to be her spouse in matrimony for it is so ordained.”  And thus did the Angel Gabriel speak unto Joseph.


Joseph was very God-fearing, that when he heard this presented to him from the brilliance of the angel Gabriel, he remembered the laws of God.  He brought Mary unto him and married her before the people in the acceptable manner of marriage.

It came to be at that same time; Emperor Augustus decreed that a census should be taken of all the world.  This was the first census of this kind and occurred at the time that Cyrenius was Governor of Syria.  It was decreed that each and every one would go to his particular town in order to be counted.
Joseph was of Galilee of the city of Nazareth, therefore, he went together with his wife, Mary, into the Jewish land, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, in order to be counted with his wife, Mary, who was pregnant and very near her time of delivery.  The journey was most difficult for Mary was in her late days of pregnancy and the riding on the beast of burden was most painful and tiring.  Therefore, most of the journey was afoot on the dusty, foot worn pathway.  Mary had begun her birthing constrictions by the time they reached the village.

There was little time to seek shelter and efforts at finding quarters were fruitless.  They were finally granted permission to rest in a stable where the silage and straw was stored and the animals tended, for Mary could go no farther.  Therefore, Mary bore her first wondrous babe on a mat of straw, wrapped him in a receiving cloth she had brought in the event the babe would be brought forth before their return journey, and put him into the cradle of a manger near the cattle, that he be warmed by their bodies while she could rest and recover her strength.  She was most weary and the babe would need be suckled and nurtured with no place for preparation nor cleansing.  Joseph continued to seek housing within the places of travelers but all the inns were filled.

Ones of the mothers of the village brought care and nourishment unto the new mother and showed her how to tend of the infant for Mary was young and had no knowledge.  The kind people brought what they could for comfort unto the parents and child and took them into their hearts and gave what they had of meager rations in sharing unto the gentle family.


As Immanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, at the time of Herodes Antipas Tetrarch of Galilee and Perea, and while Mary lay in recovery of the birthing in the days that followed, behold, there came wise men from the Orient to Jerusalem and spoke:

“Where is the newborn king of wisdom, of the Jews?  We have seen in the heavens a strong light, and from the light there was a voice which called unto us—each in our separate place, saying—“Follow the trail of the light, for the king of wisdom, of the Jews, is born and will bring great wisdom unto you.”

“Therefore, we have come a great distance, traveling day and night, that we might adore this new child of wisdom which comes as a promise of hope unto us.  For we have come as we were instructed from the Heavens and God provided us with a great orb of light with a great tail of light that came upon the Earth in front of our path that we could find our way.  Therefore, we know this is the child which has been promised unto us for the Celestial Sons of Heaven have told us thus.  This is surely a Son of the Celestial Sons of God for none other could it be.

“He shall have the wisdom of God and shall be a Son of the Celestial Son, Gabriel.  His wisdom shall be boundless and his power will rule the spirit of men so that they may learn and serve The Creation.”
When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all of Jerusalem, for they were afraid that the new born child might hold and then exercise cruel power.  Therefore, Herod Antipas called together all the high priests and scribes among the people and demanded to know of them where this Immanuel was to be born.

They responded to him, saying:  “In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it is written by the prophet Micah, ‘And you in the Jewish land, Bethlehem, are by no means the least amongst the towns in Judea, for out of you shall come the King of Wisdom who shall bring great knowledge to the people of Israel, so that they may learn about and serve The Creation.’”

Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly, and diligently inquired of them, when the strong light with the long tail had appeared in the sky.  Then he sent them out to Bethlehem saying, “Go and search diligently for the young child, and when you find him, let me be informed that I can come and also revere him.”

When they had heard Herod Antipas, they set out.  And behold the light with the tail of light, which they had also seen in the Orient, went ahead of them, and there was singing until the light came and stood directly above the stable in which the young child was birthed in Bethlehem.  And when they saw this they were extremely filled with joy.

They went into the stable and found the child with his mother, Mary, and Joseph the father.  They fell down and worshipped him and also delivered treasures which they had brought with them, of incense, myrrh and gold.

At this time there again sounded the voice from the light above saying that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil for the child.  So they returned to their country by another route.


When the wise men had departed, behold, the Celestial Son, Gabriel, appeared to joseph, saying:  “Rise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, with you and flee to Egypt, and stay there until I shall tell you, for Herod Antipas is planning to seek out the young child to kill him.  He fears that the young child might wield terrible power and sorcery.  While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas to inform him of the truth.”

Joseph rose and took the young child and his mother, at night, and they escaped under the guidance of the Celestial Son, Gabriel, towards the descending light which fled along with them into Egypt.

They found safety and shelter and remained there until Herod Antipas had been given information which changed his heart and his fear was abated.  As it came to pass Herod Antipas saw that he had nothing to fear from the young boy, and that he was only “said” to be endowed with great wisdom and knowledge.  He ceased to feel threatened in his realm, and he said to the messenger of the Celestial Son Gabriel, that Mary, Joseph and Immanuel would no longer be pursued nor would they be in further danger.

At this change of events, Gabriel came again to Joseph, saying, “Arise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, and move to the land of Israel; all those who wanted to harm the child will now leave the babe unharmed.”

Joseph rose and took the child and his wife, Mary, and returned to the light that had again appeared and which then led them into Israel.  The Celestial Son Gabriel, brought them back into Galilee, where they lived in the city named Nazareth, so that what had been said by the prophet would be fulfilled, “THE NAZARENE SHALL BE CALLED JMMANUEL.”


Let us speak, firstly, of the one in thy Book referred to as John the Baptist.  None knew then, nor now, from whence came the one, John the Baptist, for he was brought there to prepare the way for the young Immanuel who would achieve his Mastery.  The whole land was laid throughout with evil persecution.  Beloved friends who read of the words this day of your year 1989 can have no conception.  Ye look upon thy picture Christmas cards and see whatever ye wish to see—it was a sordid and cruel time in the world at the coming of the Christos Master.  Ye can find of “good” in little pockets of existence in any time format in history.  Ah, but back to the scrolls:

The next few years of young Immanuel were spent in and about, Nazareth while he grew in his physical way, with his family which also grew in number during those years.  I will effort at keeping to the facts in point of discussion, however, so will not, at this time, enlarge upon other than effect of circumstances which related directly to Immanuel in a major magnitude that differs to great degree from what ye have been told.

At that time there came one, John the Baptist, who went about the country teaching and preaching.  He preached mostly in gatherings along the banks of the Jordan River, at the edge of the desert.  No one knew from where he had come nor when he had arrived. He did, however, begin to draw rather large crowds for he preached the “baptism” according to the old laws of God, in the way according to which the path to knowledge was to be prepared, and he preached that the laws had to be followed because He (God) was the only ruler for the human race, but, that above God was The Creation, creator of the worlds, the universes and all things alive.  He also preached that all things are alive.

He told that the Creation is without gender, neither male nor female, was THE Secret of all secrets, death and life, the Light and Darkness, Being and Non-Existence, and that God the Lord, the ruler of His human race and those who traveled from afar, the Celestial Sons, hold The Creation in most high esteem, above all other or all else.

All over Judea and the people of Jerusalem went to John acknowledging the ancient laws of God, and allowed themselves to be baptized by him in the river Jordan.  John told them it was not the ritual itself that made any difference but only that it represented cleansing and acceptance.  It washed the darkened energies from the auric field around the body that the positive energy field of light could establish itself.  (Water changes electrical patterns, brethren—ye must keep this uppermost in thy scientific activities.)

John came forth as a most simple being who wore a simple robe of woven camel hair and clutched it with a belt of camel leather about his loins.  His food was also simple for he ate little other than wild honey and locusts.  He explained to the people that as the locust did feed on the grain crops, the substance taken within the locust was converted to a most worthy food supply.  He showed them that the locust did not need represent a destructive pest but rather a food supply of great value which converted a simple food stuff into a body sustaining “whole” food.  He further told them that the honey gathered from the wild bees gave energy upon which the body could instantly draw strength and as the wild bees gathered the dust from the wild plants they brought forth a variety of worthy food supply into the honey.  Further, the unused dust brought forth into the hive was also a most wondrous food supplement.  As always is the case in history, man takes that which pleases him and discards that which he displeases.  Were man to come to balance and partake of the “pests” which abound, ye would not be plagued by famine and starvation.  Ponder it, brethren.

*       *       *

Break here with the scroll translation of the JOURNAL about Jesus.  This IS the Holy Bible according to HISTORICAL TRUTH, and until you learn the truth about your God, you are doomed to follow the viper’s path into destruction—as Lucifer wrote the script!

We will continue with “AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL:  I AM SANANDA”, BY SANANDA & JUDAS ISCARIOTH (Not to be confused with Juda Iharioth), when you are ready to sit and write.  The time is at hand to be reminded of the Christ and his teachings, once again, for whenever there is the transition (passing); ones need to know what “happens next”.
Thank you, Jonur, for your service, Salu.  Hatonn to clear.


Yngve Ericssson and Britta Forsman, “Fluoride Retained From Mouth Rinses and Dentifrices In Preschool Children”, Caries Research, Vol. 3, pp. 290-299 (1969); W.L. Augenstein, et., “Fluoride Ingestion In Children:  A Review Of 87 Cases”, Pediatrics, Vol. 88, pp. 907-912, (1991); Charles Wax, “Field Investigation Report”, State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, March 19, 1980, 67pages; George Waldbott, “Mass Intoxication from Over-Fluoridation in Drinking Water”, Clinical Toxicology, Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 531-541 (1981)

Other Facts

The contents of a family size tube of fluoridated toothpaste are enough to kill a 25 pound child.
In 1991, the Akron (Ohio) Regional Poison Center reported that “death has been reported following ingestion of 16 mg/kg of fluoride.  Only 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride could kill a 100 pound adult.  [Hatonn:  Do you REALLY BELIEVE they just want you to have “fresh breath” and “whiter teeth”?  Your adversary wants 6 BILLION PEOPLE DEAD BY YEAR 2000.  By my calculations, you are 14 years into this Jewish Khazarian New World Order!  Jonur, let us end the CHAPTERS at 20 pages, there is much to transmit to your place, and you do not have to figure out how many each chapter should have, and where the “breaks” should be.  Valerie, please be patient with how the flow comes through.  It is more work for you, however, your love and caring support to our scribe and his family, is appreciated more than you know.  I honor you and your dedication to God Aton and SANANDA in these final days of Migration and Transition.]  According to the Center, “fluoride toothpaste contains up to 1 mg/gram of fluoride.”  Even Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Crest, acknowledge that a family-sized tube “theoretically contains enough fluoride to kill a small child.”


Jonur let us end the session.  Summon me when you are ready to sit and receive/write.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  Salu.


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