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New Series 204:The Jews have taught the world to believe in wars (the Jewish harvest—their own words—not mine.), and evil practices, and they have hidden the true meaning of God, and the true nature of the Universe.

12//08/14 from HATONN/jonur (ns204)

Good morning, Commander Hatonn present in service and Radiance unto God.  Amen and Salu!


Chris, the Zionists (Khazar “Jews”) are an ancient tribe.  They wrote down their history AND their plans.  Those plans were written by “SCRIBES”.  The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, this is a true document.  The Jews cry out that it is “forgery”.  But Tina, a forgery is a copy of something that already exists.  This is how people come to believe things.  The Jews have taught the world to believe in wars (the Jewish harvest—their own words—not mine.), and evil practices, and they have hidden the true meaning of God, and the true nature of the Universe.

So you see, by programming the enemy into a thought pattern of self-destruction, the people will automatically depopulate their own planet.  Why do you think the combined nations of the world do things that will kill off an entire race of God’s Children?  That is why “jonur” and “dharma” are not “scribes” as such, or “channelers”, they are my RECEIVERS—a translator of my language.  If you do not speak Russian, for example, then you have to have a translator, don’t you?  God’s language is a language of light.  It must be translated and RECORDED, so man can study The Word of God.  Lucifer figured that out long ago, and taught his children—Jews—to attack the Christian, by attacking Christians.  And the “church” is the first place.


They can’t let you have a voice.  Tina, Bill Cosby was doing his own—OWN (Oprah’s network), and the Khazar Jews who own Hollywood put a stop to it.

Here is something you asked about that all need to know.  The technology on your Earth is unknown to you that is why they can fool you.  Government “Psychics” are the TOP RANKS of your military and world HIGH COMMANDS.  They are scribes.

The following is very important for your spiritual development.


By Elana Freeland, 2011-14.

I will comment in my usual manner:  [Hatonn:]
While the military-industrial complex has been creating ever more despicable wars to control us through the electromagnetic environment, we have bought into this nightmare with our increasing reliance on personal communications technology to the detriment of our health and freedom.

This edited article was originally composed as a talk for the Carnicom Institute Webinar of Thursday, 31 March 2011.



Like nuclear radiation, the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) technology in which we’ve become so enmeshed will require a painful learning curve.  We’ve engaged in a giant worldwide experiment in which electro pollution, biological stress, mental health and even judicial systems demand serious rethinking.  It might be comforting to believe that ignorance of the impact on human health here and now and in future generations lie behind the present proliferation of cell towers and Wi-Fi technology, but the truth is that the dangers inherent in non-ionizing, non-thermal electromagnetic technology have been well known to at least military-funded scientists since Project Pandora in the mid-1960s.

There’s No Doubt We’re Being Pulsed by Our Environment.

In the era of radar, radar operators’ symptoms of sterility, baldness, and cataracts behind the lenses, white blood cell proliferation and chromosome changes pointed the way, as did their children with Down’s syndrome.  The military response was to create yet more secret classifications and to make sure that thermal power density norms ignored non-thermal effects.  The Cold War [Hatonn:  When you and Russia were in the [crew-shell] SECRET space race, when you created all your nice little toys.  In reality, however, the United States of America and Russia are the closest of friends—and always have been.  The incredible farce of the two of you being “enemies”, has been maintained all these years, this was during your 1950s and 60s, by the Jewish Khazar Elite.  Remember, if the Jew can keep you Christians at war with each other, you will wipe yourselves out!] and EM open-field research was to be protected at all costs, biological health be damned.
In the mid-1990s, the American National Standards Institute adopted the safety levels of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):  for frequency, 300 KHz to 100 GHz, with everything in North America, Western Europe and Japan set for 50-60 Hz field; for power, the 10-100 mill watts per square centimeter (mW/cm2) standard was a far cry from that of Soviet Russia.  [H:  Russians are Christians, like yourselves, “Soviets” are Jews—Khazar Zionists.  But in Russia, the Jews were known as “Communists” AND BOLSHEVIKS—go look it up!]  Indeed, if the Soviets’ limit of 1.0 microwatt to 10 microwatts in the workplace were adopted in the USA, 90 per cent of FM radio stations would have to be shut down.  For specific absorption rate (SAR) standards for cellphones and towers, the Federal Communications Commission relied on the IEEE again, as well as on the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements, and then garnered legitimacy from the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, none of which backed the standard with scientific research, choosing instead to believe the IEEE story that the effects of non-thermal EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) are not dangerous, despite repeated evidence of biological effects following from non-thermal power densities of 1,000 to 10,000 microwatts.

So it should not be surprising that none of these standards is law.  The military-industrial complex continues to use the frequencies and power that it pleases, from everything running on a battery to electric trains, refinement plants, anti-theft systems, metal detectors, air and sea navigation, military communication, 500,000 miles of high-voltage power lines and their switching stations operating as gigantic antennae in the extremely low frequency (ELF) [H:  This is the frequency used in KILLING one of the Bush replicas (“clones”), during a dinner where Barbra Bush and former motor company president, Lee Iacocca, saw George Bush, Sr. throw up his food and die at the table.  A few hours later, a “double” was flown in via supersonic spy plane—the SR-71—and he recovered from the “flu” that same day.  How many of you were ever healed so miraculously from the debilitating effects of a major flu attack???  You must come into the understanding that diseases can be transmitted through carrier-wave signals, broadcast through the atmosphere.  When a neighborhood, town, or entire city comes down with colds and hay fever, know that your adversary is testing their “Quiet Warfare” weapons on the populous. Get your colloidal silver and vitamins to help maintain your physical bodies through these massive assaults.  God’s lighted shield of “Christ Light” will protect you, however, you MUST ASK for the protection.] band at 60 Hz, and on and on.

ELF fields bombard us everywhere, with the human body’s resonant frequency acting as an antenna or a tower.  In fact, ambient ELF systems overlap frequencies and pulse our bodies, interfering with our bio-cycle timing and thus undermining our immune systems.

Peak resonant frequency lies in the middle of the very high frequency (VHF) band (30-300 MHz) and includes FM radio, television, land mobile stations, long-range communication with radio modems, ham radio, marine communications, air traffic control, etc.

Super conducting cables increase the field strength around power lines by 20 times, and somehow its fine that microwave ovens leak up to 5,000 microwatts and that the cumulative density of radio waves around us is more than 200 million times the natural level from the sun, including the solar magnetic storms that affect the Schumann frequency—a fact reflected in the high level of psychiatric hospital admissions during solar storms.

Our Immune Systems Are Under Assault.

Despite corporate media disinformation, those of us who have been paying attention know that extremely low frequencies have a primary impact on all life forms and that lower power densities can do more damage than higher densities, particularly when it comes to radio frequency (RF) or microwave absorption.  In his 1985 book The Body Electric:  Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, Robert O. Becker, MD, stressed that we should be most concerned about extremely low frequencies:

“… The major problems come from extremely low frequencies, but higher frequencies have the same effects if pulsed or modulated in the ELF (Extra Low Frequency) range.  This is very often the case, for, to transmit information, microwaves or radio waves must be shaped.  This is done by interrupting the beam to form pulses or by modulating the frequency or amplitude (size) of the waves.  Furthermore, today’s environment is a lattice work of crisscrossing signals in which there’s always the possibility of synergistic effects or the ‘construction’ of new ELF signals from the patterns of interference between two higher frequencies.  Therefore, experiments in which cells or organisms are exposed to a single unmodulated frequency, though sometimes useful, are irrelevant outside the lab.  They’re most often done by researchers whose only goal is to be able to say, “See, there’s no cause for alarm.”  Many experiments have confirmed stress reactions to ELF magnetic and electrical fields and microwave exposures, stress being the precursor to a disease condition that calls upon the immune system to work its healing magic.  However, if stress never lets up, the immune system is under attack.  Dr. Becker noted:

“…  In his pioneering lifework on stress, Dr. Hans Selye has clearly drawn the invariable pattern.  Initially, the stress activates the hormonal and/or immune system to a higher-than-normal level, enabling the animal to escape danger or combat disease.  If the stress continues, hormone levels and immune reactivity gradually decline to normal.  If you stop your experiment at this point, you’re apparently justified in saying, “The animal has adapted; the stress is doing it no harm.  Nevertheless, immune levels decline further, well below normal.  In medical terms, stress decompensation has set in, and the animal is now more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant growth and infectious diseases.”

In 10 to 30 years, stress reactions of human beings living under high-voltage wires and over underground power lines have causally led to cancer or other internal diseases, including deep depression and suicide.  The adrenal cortex becomes exhausted, the endocrine system erratic.  In offices with their computers, lighting, telephones and fax machines, the EM (Electro Magnetic) fields force the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to emit subliminal distress signals.  Blood pressure and brain wave patterns change, and blood triglyceride levels go up—harbingers of stroke, heart attack and arteriosclerosis.  Stress response, desynchronized bio cycles, interference with cellular metabolism and growth process—the list goes on, culminating in genetic alteration of future generations.

Enter the Military Battlespace Now Everywhere.
Besides the crossfire of radiation from FM radio and television stations and cellphones bouncing from tower to tower, there are military applications as well.  Consumers have convenience and careers on their mind, while the military industrial complex is investing in weapons and control (Communications, Computers).  If you haven’t noticed this military presence, Dr. Becker explained why:  “Because industry and the military demand unrestricted use of electromagnetic fields and radiation, their intrinsic hazards are often compounded by secrecy and deceit.”

In my years of piecing together the “national security” non sequiturs surrounding EM technology, the lacunae and disinformation landmines, I have found secrecy and deceit to be true in spades.

[To be continued …]

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