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New Series 236: Good afternoon, Hatonn present in service to Holy God. As we near these so-called “End Times”, it is important that you know that EVIL DOES RULE, for a time in these “last days”. However, remember, that God DOES WIN IN THE END. Even the bad guys know that!

9/25/16 from HATONN/jonur (ns236)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present in service to Holy God.  As we near these so-called “End Times”, it is important that you know that EVIL DOES RULE, for a time in these “last days”.  However, remember, that God DOES WIN IN THE END.  Even the bad guys know that!

Mothers are so very important in the world.  They nurture the young, they “hold down” the king, and they ensure that life continues—just as Mother Nature continues the life cycle on this orb as “planet” amongst God’s Infinite Creation.  (And, yes, “Tee”, it is known that the astrological sign of Cancer rules “Motherhood”.)  It is the “Woman of the House”, who keeps things in order.  The next seed for the next generation, of God’s children, is maintained and nurtured through a mother’s LOVE.

And LOVE is what the entirety of the Creation is founded upon.  This is not a “Give-and-take” universe.  God only GIVES and RE-GIVES.  It is man who “takes” without a thought or care for its repercussions.  This is what is wrong with your world today.  You now have among you a class of people, who are anti-God and anti-Christ-ness, who have laid a trap for God’s People.  These ones have been your adversary throughout your experience on Earth “Shan”.  And they have been written about in your Holy Bible as the evil “adversary”.  And yet, it is always the same people.

Through the eons of time, of course, they have different labels (names), however—IT IS ALWAYS THE SAME PEOPLE—OR “TRIBE”—THAT HAS BEEN THE BAD GUYS.  And now, they have usurpt your religion AND your government—FOUNDED UNDER GOD—and have become your secret masters!


Who was the adversary to Christ (Immanuel/”Esu”/SANANDA, commonly known by the label “Jesus Christ”, as Saul of Tarsus—who changed his own name to “Saint Paul” to hide his Khazar lineage—labeled the Master.), who would stop at nothing to kill a Godly man, who only brought TRUTH to the masses?  After all, would not only Lucifer himself be so bold, as to declare war on “God’s son”??!

Today, you recognize them as “Jews”, but this is not entirely correct.  “Jews” are NOT Hebrews or Judeans (followers of Judah).  They are not of the 12 tribes of Israel.  They are an imposter tribe, who make up a Thirteenth Tribe of Jerusalem.  And they do not follow the Hebrew Torah, they wrote their own “bible” called the Talmud, which is not even intended to be inferred by God.  And it is literally a blue-print manual for the taking of the world.  It had to be something THIS SERIOUS, wouldn’t you think?  For God and Jesus to be involved—it must be pretty important!


It is no coincidence that “Jews” control the media and entertainment industry.  For it is through control and manipulation that the masses of you Christians—of “Christ-followers”, or “followers of goodness—have been deceived!

“My People Are Destroyed Through Lack Of Knowledge!”… And so it is.  “The Serpent People”—as the Khazar False Imposter “Jews” call themselves—have world-wide physical control of your information outlets.  Be it television, phones, computers, movies, newspapers, radio, or school books—the anti-God/anti-Christ “Jews” (not Hebrew Judeans) have got you!


There is a common theme in Hollywood, that when the Mother manages a fledgling “star’s” career, they become a force to reckon with.  Mothers can see through the star struck rhetoric of an evil industry of greed, prostitution, and mass manipulation.

They innately KNOW the nature of human and tribal behavior.  Leave it to a man, as comic and former (or current) talk-show host, Arsenio Hall, quipped, “If it wasn’t for women, we’d be sitting around a fire in a dark cave in loin cloth—‘fire good’.”

The “nest” or home—sweet home—is her responsibility.  So, what has happened to all the Black singers and popular Blacks in Hollywood?  Why are they all dying, and the crazy rock metal, acid rock, and devil worshippers all still on tour, and still living in the lime light??!!

What really happened to Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, Prince, Bernie Mac, James Brown, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Alia, Ray Charles, Michael Clark Duncan, Rick James, Tina Marie, etc., etc., etc.?


Do any of you honestly believe the stories of Whitney Houston and her daughter, dying the way they did???  That same evening Whitney was to come downstairs, and take the top Grammy honor, of MOST GRAMMY’S EVER!  And instead, you ended up with Adel’s British Intelligence—written music, and she conveniently slips into Houston’s freshly vacated slot on the music charts?!?

And to make sure the message was received, without any misunderstanding, Houston’s daughter—and heir—was disposed of in like fashion.  In the intelligence community everything is about “sending a message” to your “target group”.

Michael Jackson’s MURDER was no less sophisticated than that of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  What happened to the “Girl Groups”?  The Black ones were killed in mysterious circumstances, while the “chosen ones” move into the newly vacant genre, and take over that market.


Did Prince really die from flu? 
Or was it because of his outing the Chemtrail story?

By Katherine Frisk, April 22, 2016
“UNCENSORED” magazine
June-September 2016


Just over five feet tall, remarkably good-looking, incredibly talented, at the age of 57 Prince dies from flu?

There is a certain kind of spider in Africa, it bites you, you get flu-like symptoms and you are dead within a week.  Not so much in South Africa, but more further north.  At first nobody takes the symptoms seriously because they mimic flu with high fever and a headache, which is easily treated.
But it is lethal, and more often than not by the time the real cause is found it is too late.  I had a friend whose 12 years old son died this way, after returning from a bush camp up near the Botswana border.
The same goes for certain kinds of tick bites—also if undetected, you can be dead within a week.  In extreme cases, the organs of the body collapse, and the patient gets internal bleeding.  Blood comes out the ears, nose and eyes.

If Prince was bitten by one of these spiders or one of these ticks and had flu symptoms, he would have died within a week.  Some stories say he died from a drug overdose.  Amazing how many “troublesome” people who do not tow the line in the entertainment industry die from a “drug overdose”.

Heath Ledger comes to mind, as do so many others.  He died 22 January 2008 at age 28.  He blew the whistle on pedophile human trafficking, going on through orphanages in his last movie.  He never got to finish “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”!  Another great talent lost, or rather wasted.
Prince’s dying from an overdose of drugs sounds fishy to me.  And dying in an elevator?  As fishy as Michael Jackson’s demise.  I would have liked to see a proper autopsy. [Hatonn:  That just does not seem to be the case these days, does it?]

When concerts start being cancelled and performers start getting ill, especially performers who normally live reclusive lifestyles and are suddenly out in the open and in public, something is always very suspect.  Died in an elevator?  This AFTER being treated in a hospital?  What did Prince say in the months before he died?  What has he written in his first book yet to be published and is scheduled for a 2017 release?  And will it ever be published as he wrote it?  What was his last interview?  What beans was he going to spill?
Michael Jackson, in some of the last footage taken of him during a rehearsal before he died, warned:
“You are running out of time.”  In a previous interview shortly before that he said:  “Read your history, they are lying to you.” Or words to that effect.

Prince once gave an interview and talked about Chemtrails.  One of the few celebrities brave enough to do so.  This alone was enough to get him killed.

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016).


It is most difficult to believe, that these so-called self-styled Jewish Khazars seem to “take out” anyone they wish to, with impunity.

They ARE the “secret government”, chelas (students), and it will be through these writings that your satanic adversary is exposed.  Only truth will slay this multi headed beast from Revelation, sent to devour you.

Are there sinister James Bond plots being used against the masses of humanity?  Poison vaccines, giving the elders and children all manner of debilitating and deadly dis-eases?  Oh indeed yes!  The plagues brought upon you this day do not come from mosquitos or monkeys.  These are from genetically engineered viruses, the Jewish doctors will tell you are from natural occurrences.  They are not!

Break here, Jonur.  It is Labor Day, and some time should be spent with family today.  We will discuss how mothers manage the careers of “artists”, and a family shield of light can be put in place to thwart the constant barrage of attacks that can come from all sides.

Like I said, God wins in the end, and evil cannot stand against the light.  Darkness will never prevail, so long as the Christed Light is kept tightly about thy being.

May insight and revelation be your constant state of being.  You first must “seek the Kingdom of Heaven “WITHIN” and all else will be freely added on to you.

Commander Hatonn moving to standby frequency.  Thank you for your attention, chelas, and thank you, Jonur, for your service to your fellow man.  Salu!

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