Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Series 238:Our special readers have been with us from the beginning, and we welcome the sharing and correspondence, and look forward to answering the myriad of questions. New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and elsewhere upon your globe are those who want to join with your nation, in reclaiming your United States CONSTITUTION under God. For, as it is said, “so goes California, so goes the rest of America”—AND YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS KNOW, THAT SO GOES AMERICA, SO GOES THE REST OF YOUR WORLD! Indeed, a heavy burden upon thy shoulders—but if NOT you, then who?

1/09/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns238)



Thank you, Valerie, as always it is you, our “Miss Moneypenny”, as Jonur lovingly refers to you, who keeps it all together.  Your tireless dedication and hard work, attention to detail, and love for our Father, is what quietly drives us all of the “Ground Crew”.  Our special readers have been with us from the beginning, and we welcome the sharing and correspondence, and look forward to answering the myriad of questions.  New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and elsewhere upon your globe are those who want to join with your nation, in reclaiming your United States CONSTITUTION under God.  For, as it is said, “so goes California, so goes the rest of America”—AND YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS KNOW, THAT SO GOES AMERICA, SO GOES THE REST OF YOUR WORLD!  Indeed, a heavy burden upon thy shoulders—but if NOT you, then who?

I am Hatonn, come in the Radiance of the Lighted Source!  I come forth as truth-bringer and to awaken you, my brethren, from your lodges and beds.  I come, that you might be given to understand that which has been brought to you prior to this and mostly denied—while persecuting those who brought the truth unto you.  I come as one—no longer to simply “test the waters” but to actually participate in preparation for the returning of God to your placement.  I tend to want this job done well and, therefore, may appear a bit abrupt in the alarm clock ringing!  Remember that God is quite capable of doing that which He deems appropriate for, as Creator, His truth is manifestation.

I speak as a representative of those from your home galactic system, The Pleiades Constellation, also known as “The Wee Dipper”, or “The Seven Sisters”, 500 light-years from Earth Shan, you are the seventh orbiting star/sun from its central sun.  Resembling a miniature reproduction of the Big Dipper, Pleiades can be seen in the northern hemisphere in your winter months.  In November, this constellation is directly overhead at midnight, and is basically “home” for beings who are like you.  When you get into trouble, this is where you are relocated, when your placement becomes uninhabitable for human life forms.  Remember, “There are many mansions in my Father’s Kingdom.”  Life abounds in the universe, precious ones; you are just told there is no one out there!  We have now again come to help you through a time of transition and change for your planet has gone about as far as she can go without horrendous consequences.  I only ask audience for reason is a gift unto man from God.   SPACE COMMAND, as The Heavenly HOSTS of God, is not a difficult concept for you to grasp, dear hearts.  The “concept” of “Star Trek” is from NSA (National Security Agency) secret documents—“LEAKED”, if you will, from your own government.  I see and understand not why you find it difficult to believe God has others in such a magnificently ordered universe.  So be it, for it shall be outlaid and again, as with prior truth-bringers, you may accept or deny—but I suggest to you, THE STORY IS YET UNFINISHED AND YOU AS A SPECIES ARE IN GRAVE TROUBLE!  GOD WOULD NOT LEAVE HIS CREATIONS IN IGNORANCE AND WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.  GOD WILL NOT ABANDON HIS CREATIONS—EVEN IN ILLUSION—SO PERHAPS YOU CAN READ TRUTH WITH AN OPEN MIND AND THEN YOU SHALL BE ABLE TO FIND YOUR OWN LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND CONFIRMATION.  THANK YOU.

Some of you will have instant understanding of things I will briefly cover—others will have a complete blockage of perception.  I make no effort herein to do other than outlay a few “space brother” aspects for it is time to make known our presence and purpose as come from God, and there is no intention to mislead nor frighten your species.  Our wings are of the “silver clouds” of ancient reference, and we are come to help you find your way HOME!

The last Great Teacher to come upon your place, as way shower, went to prepare a place for you.  We are now come to prepare a place for His return upon Earth.  It is the time of sorting and separation.  May you be given understanding in your individual aspects to comprehend this which I give unto you.  We come in the open revelation and service unto the ONE GOD.

Some of the things I shall outlay for you will seem quite primitive for I speak to all, and some of your fellow creations may possibly not be able to think and treat with spirituality and understanding that which we bring.  At this time of awakening unto truth, most still lay captured too much in the issues of purely human inclinations of feelings, physical participation and indoctrinated “instructions” as given forth by other humans who would mostly set forth to control of him in some manner or another.
We do not force our way into the thoughts of another.  It is not even of importance to penetrate the thoughts of others than those who would find this truth, for truth IS and will stand on its own merits for infinity.

I make no objection to your perceptions that there are false speakers who claim contact from our brotherhood.  They have their intent to play games and cause you to disbelieve truth when it is brought unto you.  There must always be caution and concern when “UFO” contactees pretend their friends from the stars, among other things, communicate with telepathy!  If they pronounce any instruction that deviates from the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION—they do not bring forth total truth and, therefore, must be considered deceivers.  God will give only truth for your consumption.  These “speakers” do exist.  Their communication was either originally telepathic, or they simply allowed the flopping of their tongues in self-projection and/or entertainment.  Some of the so-called “speakers/channels”—whatever you label them—are simply deceivers and the facts can always be witnessed.  All of those could be contactees, who USE others, are but dupes and it is not for any of us to judge.

We come not as regards the “Christian RELIGION”.  We come in truth and knowledge of that which IS.  It bears on Christ-ness and perfection of the Sacred Infinite Circle, but we come not as “religious” anything.

Although many deceivers exist as “receivers”, there are many who have had and still have contact.  There are thousands who have witnessed and been given the privilege to actually photograph the presence of the brothers from the cosmos.  Only a very, very few have actually had personal, physical contact with the higher brotherhood—and they have been discredited and persecuted—so, personal appearances which all of you demand, did not work either.  It has reached the point that ones having personal contact have simply ceased to speak out and tell what they witnessed.  The misinformation troops have had a field day in the deception business.  Ones who have come from our domain are badly used and misprojected.

“Little Gray Aliens” indeed!  Come to dismember and terrorize you?  Hold your government hostage?  Dear ones—come, come!

Some of the cosmic brotherhood come from different worlds and systems than do we, for there is now a window of perception which allows participation and observation of your planet, but it is still cosmic law—KEEP HANDS OFF!  Some come from other races unto your place on expeditions and have collected different things which could serve their investigations.  Some have participated in conjunction with various earth people to research necessary information regarding evacuation of your place if need be, and to be ground crew at the arrival of the cosmic brotherhood.  Some “aliens” look exactly like you, for they are your ancestors.  Some are quite different in appearance having evolved into the “selection” of natural evolution to be best suited for their own experience and environment.  They have come to many recently, in our current generations, to bring truth of spirituality and work with you in silence of understanding until comprehension is full enough to be acceptable.  If one comes from and in service to God—he/she/it comes in total love.

Some of these members of the brotherhood are quite new at space travel, and so perform their expeditions to expand their knowledge and understanding.  Whereby, it also can happen that they come into contact with Earth humans quite unexpectedly, and then never return.

These are not hungry and thirsty for might and power and such, and are happy to finally have some calm and order in their own worlds of experience.



Light cannot be seen; it can only be KNOWN.  Light is still.  The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness.  That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be light is but wave motion (“electricity”) simulating the idea of light.  Like all things else in this electric wave universe, the idea of light cannot be produced.  Electric waves simulate idea only.  They do not become idea.

When man sees the light of the sun he believes that he is actually seeing light when the nerves of his eyes are but “feeling” the intense, rapid, shortwave vibration of the kind of wave motion which he senses as incandescence.  The intensely vibrant electric current mirrored into the senses of the eyes fairly burns them.  They cannot stand that highly rate of vibration.  The eyes would be destroyed by such a vibration, but light would not be the cause of that destruction.  Fast motion simulating light would be the cause.  It would be like sending a high voltage electric current over a wire so fine that the current would burn it out.  Man likewise cannot see darkness.  The nerves of his eyes which sense motion slow down to a rate of vibration which he can no longer “feel”.

Man is so accustomed to the idea that he actually sees light in various intensities illuminating various substances to greater or lesser degree that it is difficult for him to realize that his own senses are but acting as mirrors to reflect various intensities of wave motion.  But that is all that is happening.

Every electrically conditioned thing in nature reflects the vibrations of every other thing, to fulfill its desire to synchronize its vibrations with every other thing.  All matter is the motion of light.  All motion is expressed in waves.  All light waves are mirrors which reflect each other’s condition onto the furthermost star.  This is an electrically conditioned wave universe.  All wave conditions are forever seeking oneness.  For this reason all sensation responds to all other sensation.


A LOT OF CONTROVERSY HAS COME FORTH AS TO WHETHER LIGHT IS CORPUSCULAR, as Newton claimed it to be, or waves.  There is much evidence in favor of both theories.  It is both. Light is expressed by motion.  All motion is wave motion. (A “tornado” vortex, the surface of an ocean…)  All waves are expressed by fields of equal and opposite pressures of two-way motion.  The entire volume within wave fields is filled with the two opposite expressions of motion—the positive expression which compresses light into solids, and the negative expression which expands it into space surrounding solids.

All space within wave fields is curved.  Curvature ends at planes of zero curvature which bound all wave fields.  These boundary planes of omnipresent magnetic light act as mirrors to reflect all curvature into all other wave fields in the universe, and as fulcrums from which motion in one wave field is universally repeated.  The outstanding characteristic of waves is that they forever interchange.  Troughs become crests and crests become troughs.  Gravity pressure above and below their axis is equal.  So long as equality of interchange continues rhythmically, waves repeat their interchange.  When the sloping sand at the beach prevents this equality of rhythmic balanced interchange, the waves accumulate unbalance until they crash on the shore.

Every transaction in human relations either continues or discontinues, in accord with obedience of disobedience to this one law.  A man, who sells and gives less value for that given to him, lays the foundation for his own wreckage.  He finds it ever harder to sell and loses many purchasers by gaining their ill will.  He who gives equally for what is given to him multiplies his purchasers and prospers by gaining their goodwill.
The pulse beat, the swinging pendulum, the in-breathing and out-breathing of living things all exemplify God’s one law of rhythmic balanced interchange.  Any deviation from that law in the heart beat of a man would endanger his continuance, but when there is a rhythmic balanced interchange between the two compression and expansion opposites, man’s life continues to function at maximum.

Man has free right to choose his own actions, but he must balance those actions with equal and opposite reactions until he learns that God’s one law MUST be obeyed.  This God holds inviolate.

The whole purpose of life is to learn how to manifest God in Truth and the Law.  The lesson is a hard one but man, himself, makes it hard by his unknowing of the Law.  As man gradually knows his purpose and the Law by knowing God in him, life becomes more and more beautiful, and man more powerful in his manifestation of power.  Man’s power lies in giving.  He must learn to give as nature gives.  Each half of a cycle eternally gives to the other half for re-giving.  Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into one.  Each individual must manifest this universal Law.

The desire of some parents to run their children’s lives for them, often claiming that they have sacrificed their own lives for them, are taking from their children—not giving.  They are taking away the initiative children need to complete their own cycles; they must live their own lives for themselves.  Ah so, just as me with YOU.  If I live your lives and do this or that FOR you, I take from you your very right of passage.  Man must know the principle of Creation, giving between each interchanging opposite half of each cycle for the purpose of repeating its giving.


Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not given as an earned reward for this giving.  Where do you think your world is in this particular cycle?  Does look pretty bleak, eh what?


Without light all things perish.  Even in the greatest depths of the oceans wherein life seems to be resting—there is life and thus—there MUST be light.  To the human eye indiscernible but, nonetheless, it is there for God is there and with God goes and comes that which is projected as “Light”.

We speak of things great and small and, yet, ALL is tiny compared to the vastness of infinite universe—greater “ALL”.  Man comes forth and overlooks his most wondrous attribute—that he, too, is naught save Light and he, being “Light”, is as God for God IS LIGHT.  Man searches and searches, figures and calculates looking for that which is NOT in his hope to find God and Source for he longs to be with the ONENESS again.

It has been difficult to conceive light as being purely corpuscular, for light is presumed to fill all space.  Space is not empty.  It is full of wave motion.  Corpuscles of matter are one half of wave cycles of light.  Space is the other half.  Just like man, you have a compressed matter, or “physical” body; and an expanded “ghost”, or energy form.

There need be no mystery as to whether light is corpuscular (solid), or wave (invisible movement—a so-called “heat mirage” on a hot desert road is invisible, but you can still see it, can’t you), for waves of motion which simulate the light and darkness of space is all there is.  Just like man’s cinema—light and darkness SIMULATE life.  But when you turn off the light projection machine, which suns are, the motion picture of “Creation”, projected upon the Black Movie Screen of SPACE, ceases to be.  The light and motion of solid matter, and of gaseous matter of space, differs only in volume and condition.  Water of earth is compressed into small volume while water of the heavens is expanded thousands of times in volume.  Each condition is the opposite half of the cycle of water.


Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is light waves.  No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of earth and those of the heavens except a change of its condition from positive to negative preponderance.  This charge is due solely to a change of its direction in respect to its center of gravity.

All dense cold matter such as iron, stone, wood and all growing or decaying things are light.  We do not think of them as light but all are waves of motion, and all waves of motion are light.

Light is all there is in the spiritual universe of KNOWING, and simulation of that light in opposite extensions is all there is in the electric wave universe of sensing.  The simulation of light in matter is not light.  There is no light in matter.
The confusion which attends this idea would be lessened if you classify everything concerning the spiritual universe, such as life, intelligence, truth, power, knowledge and balance as being the ONE LIGHT of KNOWING, and everything concerning matter and motion as being the TWO SIMULATED LIGHTS of thinking.  Thought is “electric”, remember?  Thinking expresses knowing in matter but matter does not think, nor does it know.  Just like YOU are not the moving lights and sound upon the motion picture cinema screen.  It is only A SIMULATION of you.

Thinking also expresses life, truth, idea, power, and balance by recording the ideas of those qualities in two lights of matter in motion.  But matter does not live, nor is it truth, balance or idea, even though it simulates those spiritual qualities.

Man’s confusion concerning this differentiation lies in his long assumption of the reality of matter.  His assumption that his body is his Self, that his knowledge is in his brain, and that he lives and dies because his body integrates and disintegrates, has been so fundamentally a part of his thinking.  Contrary to the fact that matter is but motion and has no reality beyond simulating reality.

The light which you think you see is but motion.  You do not SEE light.  You FEEL the wave vibrations set up by the motion which simulates light, but the motion of electric waves which simulate light is not that which it simulates.


There is much confusion concerning the many kinds of particles of matter such as electrons, protons, photons, neutrons, and others.  These many particles are supposedly different because of the belief that some are negatively charged, some are positively charged.


For centuries man has been searching for the life principle in terms of matter.  He might as well cast his nets into the sea to search for oxygen.  This becomes the errors incorporated in affording to find matter frequencies of vibration for visibility, etc.  It matters not where vortices and grids are, if the only calculations are based on “material” “matter” locations and particles.  Granted, vibration is not such—however, in the earth calculations, half the equation is not even dealt with in any manner correctly.  If man deals not with the “One Whole” idea of Creation and comes into KNOWING of that which IS, he can find no whole solution.

There is no life in matter, nor is there death, for matter is but motion.  Motion begins and ends to begin again, but life is immortal.  It has no beginning.  It has no ending.  It cannot die.

Man has long believed his body to be his self, the person, the being.  Man’s body is but motion.  It can have no being.  God dwells in man.  The Person, the being in man is immortal.  Life in him is God in him.  The body of man manifests God in him by manifesting life in life—death—resurrection sequences, as all creating—de-creating—recreating things in nature likewise do.
The body of man is a part of the One Whole Idea of Creation.  All Creation is but an expression of the One Idea, part by part, each being a part of the Whole.  God gives an eternal repetition of bodies to all parts of His idea to manifest that idea in wave cycles of the divided light of His thinking.  One half of each cycle unfolds the idea into the form of that idea and gives it action for producing that form.  The other half of the cycle refolds the idea to give it rest in the light of its source for the purpose of repeating the manifestation in a repetition of that body.

A return to rest in the Light is not death; it is a return to Life for the purpose of rebirth to again manifest Life in a renewed body.

You do not say that Man is dead when he rests in sleep to partially renew his body.  You know that he will awaken with new parts of his body to replace those which have served their purpose and disappeared.

When man’s whole body wears out and needs replacement, he likewise rests in a longer sleep. Man’s body is but patterned waves of light in motion.  Waves disappear into the ocean’s calm but then reappear.  The ocean is a part of the idea of Creation.  Waves express the idea of the power of the ocean but the power and the idea are in the calm of the ocean whether expressed by waves or not.

The turbulence of the ocean springs from its calm just as the movement of the lever springs from its still fulcrum.  All motion is a two-way extension of stillness.  You do not think that the ocean is dead while it is at rest in its calm, for you know that it will again manifest its power by waves of motion when desire is strong enough in it for manifesting it by motion.

Waves of light which give transient form to a man’s body are but his body.  They are not the man, nor the man-idea.  The body of the man is an extension of other waves of father-mother light in the sun, and the idea of man exists in the still Light which centers the sun.


Man can never die for he is omnipresent Light and he exists everywhere.  Likewise, man’s body cannot die for man’s body manifests immortal man, and immortal man always has a body in which to manifest.

This body which extends from the earth disappears into the heavens and the earth, but that which disappears to sensed man of earth has not ceased to be, for its pattern has been recorded for repetition.  It still IS and will reappear.

The senses of man are not attuned to the rest of the cycle of man’s bodily journey from disappearance to re-appearance, but man’s knowing reaches out over the entire cycle and man can know eternal repetiveness of his body when he knows God in him.

When water disappears beyond the senses as water vapor and gases, you know they will reappear as water when they have completed their cyclic journey.  As man knows the Light in him he will as surely know that he will return for eons to complete the purpose of manifesting his Creator as one part of the whole idea.  That purpose cannot be completed in one life cycle, nor in ten times ten million life cycles.  Man has but begun to express the Man-Idea on your planet.  He still has a long way to go, and the body he needs in which to manifest will return to him as surely as the light of day reappears from the darkness of night into which it has disappeared.


The unanswered mystery of “where do you go when you die” needs a comprehensive answer.  Abstractions and theories are not satisfying.  Nature’s processes are simple and are all alike.  What happens to one thing which disappears happens to all things.  There are no exceptions to this process of nature.

All things in your solar system come from the sun and return to it!

The “life germ” for which man is seeking is in the sun.  The idea of man is in the sun.  Likewise all idea of all things is in the sun awaiting birth into form.  The pulsing light of polarity borns all idea into its form, when conditions are favorable for each idea to be mothered by an extension of the sun.

Everything in nature is a moving extension from a still point of the One Light.  The center of the sun in your solar system is the point of still light from which everything in the entire solar system radiates spirally, and toward which it gravitates spirally for its resurrection into another cycle.

The sun is the seed of your solar system from which all manifestation of idea in the entire system extend, and to which they return.

Motion is for the sole purpose of manifesting idea.  All idea springs from a state of rest in its seed.  As it unfolds from its seed, it refolds into it.  It therefore follows that motion is a seeming two-way extension-retraction from and to a point and has no existence save which sense but the extension, and not the voiding simultaneous retraction.

All the suns of all the heavens are centered by the still points of omnipresent light from which all idea extends and returns.  Suns are seeds of idea.  From those seeds all form emerges. To those seeds all form returns.  The earth has been extended from the sun for that very purpose.  Organic life is part of God’s One Whole Idea.  Organic life cannot be expressed in form in the sun although the idea of it is there.  Everything which appears on earth as form of idea is in the sun as concept of that idea in the seed.  The seed is the Father-light which extends its idea of man and other creating things out into far space where its children, the planets, have sufficiently cooled to manifest the Man-Idea in organic form.

Suns are crucibles which born their children, the earths, and set them out to cool in order that God’s idea which is in the formless suns, can manifest form in the sun’s extensions.


The Creator scatters his seeds of light throughout all space to father and mother all borning imaged forms of His imagining.  In the still center of suns is all idea for borning into the images of God’s imagining, but in the oneness of the light of suns they are without form and void.  All seeds are without form and void even though the pattern of all idea is in them.

The oneness of incandescent suns must be divided and extended to cooling earths before the ideas of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms can sequentially unfold to prepare the way for man’s unfolding from his seed in the sun.

All expression of idea of earth is likewise in the sun and must be extended to earth for manifestation.  Mountains and oceans are in the sun but also all things else, the crying sound of a newborn babe, the roar of an avalanche or the street noises of a city.  All of these are light, and such expressions of the light are possible only through division and extensions of the One Light into the two which manifest as ONE.

Millions of years ago, your planet became sufficiently far from the sun for the water idea to be expressed as pairs of opposites and organic life appeared upon the earth in lowly forms.  These forms gradually complexed until the Man-Idea began to be expressed, not by a germ, but by the polarization of light itself, as manifested in the interchanging heartbeat of the father-mother light of the universe.

The idea of all things is omnipresent in the One Still Light.  The expression of all idea is extended to the two lights of white suns and black space surrounding suns which manifest the Creator’s two desires.

Desire for expression is manifested by the electric action-reaction sequences of interchange between the two opposing white and black lights of suns and space.  It is this interchange which polarizes the still seed of idea into unfolding form of that idea.  To polarize means to divide stillness into opposing pulsing extensions.


Who were these Sumerians?  The future is only the past again, entered through a different door.  How could Sumerians know?  Now guess what!  There are some old texts from the Sumerians which spoke extensively of these places.  How could this be if there are no space men, no ancient astronomers, no higher intelligence and no technology in place before now to PROVE such a thing?

So, let’s look further now that you have some backup from that which you labeled “Voyager 2”.  Let us attend Uranus.  This jewel is only about two billion miles distant so we should be able to study it “closely”.  Unfortunately it lies so far beyond Saturn that it cannot be seen from Earth with the naked human eye.  It was discovered in 1781 by Frederick Wilhelm Herschel, a musician turned amateur astronomer, only after the telescope was perfected.  At the time of its discovery Uranus was thought to have been unknown in antiquity for it had been held that the ancient peoples knew and venerated the Sun, the Moon, and only five planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which they believed moved around the Earth in the “vault of heaven”.   Nothing could be seen or known beyond Saturn.

But the very opposite has proven to be true—the ancients knew all about Uranus and about Neptune, and even about the more distant Pluto!  So now, Earthling—where do you go to hide?

Ah, and Uranus has some wondrous moons as well.  Uranus is interesting, for it just “lies there” on its side after being struck by a very large celestial object yet to be identified by you ones.  Now here is another interesting thing—ITS WINDS MOVE IN RETRO GRADE DIRECTION.  Moreover, the side of Uranus which lies away from the Sun has the same temperature as that which faces the Sun.

And what shaped the unusual features and formations on some of the Uranian moons?  Especially intriguing is the moon called Miranda which is now accepted as one of the most enigmatic objects in the Solar System, in the words of your own NASA astronomers, where an elevated, flattened-out plateau is delineated by 100 mile long escarpments that form a right angle (a feature nicknamed “the Chevron” by astronomers) and where, on both sides of this plateau, there are elliptical features that are like racetracks ploughed over by concentric furrows.

Two phenomena stand out regarding Uranus, distinguishing it from other planets.  One is its color in living color on your own television screens.  It is greenish blue—a color totally different from that of all the previous planets seen to date in your vision.  The other different factor is what Uranus is made of.  It, too, was assumed that Uranus was gaseous—but nay, nay—it is covered with WATER!  BUT—it is HOT!  Thousands of degrees of heat from radioactive elements.  This too, was EXACTLY as the Sumerians described it to be.  In their texts from millennia ago the ancient Sumerians had not only known of the existence of Uranus but had accurately described it right to its greenish-blue color and as having water.

What does this mean?  It means, little ones, that in 1986 modern science DID NOT discover what had been unknown; rather it rediscovered and caught up with ancient knowledge.  In the ancient texts, Neptune was listed before Uranus, as would be expected by someone coming INTO the solar system and sees first Pluto, then Neptune, and then Uranus.  In these texts or planetary lists Uranus was called Kakkab Shanamma, “Planet which is the Double” of Neptune.  Uranus is indeed a lookalike of Neptune in size, color, and watery content; both planets are encircled by rings and orbited by a multitude of satellites, or moons.  Further, the magnetic fields of both have almost identical characteristics.  Both have an unusually extreme inclination relative to the planets axes or rotation—58 degrees on Uranus, 50 degrees on Neptune.  The two planets have similarly length of the “day” cycles—each about sixteen to seventeen hours long.  Does it not occur to you at this point that it just might be an interesting thing to witness a Photon Belt which is pure light and invisible to sight perception.  Further, if you do not even know there is a “Photon Belt” present, how can you assume that you are NOT an orbiting system around a sun cluster with the power of Pleiades??  We will discuss the Light Barrier, that your solar/sun system passes through every so often, once again, later.  You will find it interesting, that this Photon Passage coincides with all your epic events in recorded and now SCIENTIFIC human history.  “The Great Flood”, “Chariots of the Gods” visiting mankind, ICE AGES…  And you are presently entering this great barrier, as we speak.

The ferocious winds on Neptune and the water ice slurry layer on its surface attest to the great internal heat it generates, like that of Uranus.  In fact, Neptune’s temperatures are very similar to those of Uranus even though Uranus is more than a billion miles closer to your Sun—oops!

It may be interesting to note that even your NASA scientists made an announcement regarding the similarity of the ancient texts and what you have now seemingly “proven”.  They state:  “”Planet which is the double”, the Sumerians said of Uranus, in comparing it to Neptune, its size and other characteristics make Uranus a near twin of Neptune.”  Not only the described characteristics but even the terminology—“planet which is the double”, “a near twin of Neptune”—is similar.  But one statement by the Sumerians was made circa 4000 B.C. and the other by NASA in A.D. 1989, nearly 5000 years later.  There are your valid reasons for letting your Detroit Public Schools FAIL AND CLOSE!  The adversary does not want you, nor your children, to wake up from this stupor.


The Sumerians are the first “known” and historically recognized civilization.  It seemingly appeared suddenly out of nowhere some 6000 years ago.  It is credited on your place with virtually all the “firsts” of a high civilization.  Inventions and innovations, concepts and beliefs, which form the very foundation of your own western culture and indeed of all other civilizations and cultures throughout the Earth as you presently can recognize them or find historical documentation.  Didn’t ALL of you KNOW this?  Entertaining as it might be, the wheel and animal drawn vehicles, boats for rivers and ships for seas, the kiln and the brick, high rise buildings, writing and schools and scribes, laws and judges and juries, kingship and citizens’ councils, music, dance and art, medicine and chemistry, weaving and textiles, religion and priesthoods—and even temples.  They are all thought on Earth Shan to have begun there, in SUMER, a country in the southern part of today’s IRAQ, located in ancient Mesopotamia.  Remember, “Iraq” was not known to you BEFORE the war against Saddam!  So, why did you REALLY go???  To keep these Sumerian texts secret from you-the-people!  That is why those war planes—against Geneva Convention—and the stated purpose of a brief land battle at the BOARDER OF KUWAIT—instead flew straight to those museums in BAGDAD!  Your adversary is trying to keep your own PAST from you!  There are only a handful of Khazar Zionist “Jews” [imposter Hebrew Judaists, or followers of Judah], who run your planet.  Wake up!

Above all, knowledge of mathematics and astronomy were believed to have begun there.  Surely enough all the basic elements of modern astronomy are found in Sumerian origin.  The concept of a celestial sphere, of a horizon and a zenith, of the circle’s division into 360 degrees, of a celestial band in which the planets orbit the Sun, of grouping stars into constellations and giving them the names and pictorial images that are called the “Zodiac” today.  Of applying the number 12 to this zodiac and to the divisions of time, and of devising a calendar that has been the basis of calendars to this very day.  I would say the Sumerians made a small contribution to your present society.


The Sumerians recorded their commercial and legal transactions, their tales and their histories on clay tablets; they drew their illustrations on cylinder seals on which the depiction was carved in reverse as a negative that appeared as a positive when the seal was rolled on wet clay.  In the ruins of Sumerian cities excavated by archaeologists in the past century and a half, hundreds, if not thousands of the texts and illustrations that have been found dealt with now, since some of the depictions are a bit different than are yours and perhaps they represent errors?  Perish the thought, for these are not errors or misinformation; on the contrary, the differences—two of them—are very significant.

The first difference concerns Pluto.  It has a very odd orbit—too inclined to the common plane (called the Ecliptic) in which the planets orbit the Sun, and so elliptical (oval shaped rather than round) that Pluto sometimes (as at present and until 1999) finds itself not farther but closer to the Sun than Neptune.  Astronomers have therefore speculated, ever since its discovery in 1930, that Pluto was originally a satellite of another planet.  The usual assumption is that it was a moon of Neptune that somehow—no one seems to be able to figure out how—got torn away from its attachment to Neptune and attained its independent, though most bizarre, orbit around the Sun.

This is confirmed by the ancient depiction, but with a significant difference.  In the Sumerian depiction Pluto is shown not near Neptune but between Saturn and Uranus.  And Sumerian cosmological texts, which we shall consider here at length, relate that Pluto was a satellite of Saturn that was let loose to eventually attain its own “destiny”, its independent orbit around the Sun!  Oh heresy!  Could it be?  I would ask Mr. D. to explain this to me in detail which is understandable to a “child”, as is required of me regarding Pleiades and Photons (light).

I would point out that the ancient explanation regarding the origin of Pluto reveals not just factual knowledge but also great sophistication in matters celestial.  It involves an understanding of the complex forces that have shaped the Solar System, as well as the development of astrophysical theories by which moons can become planets or planets in the making can fail and remain moons.  Pluto, according to Sumerian cosmogony, made it; YOUR Moon, which was in the process of becoming an independent planet, was prevented by celestial events from attaining the independent status.

Modern astronomers moved from speculation to the conviction that such a process had indeed occurred in your Solar System only after observations by some of your space probes.  It is now determined in the past decade that Titan, the largest Moon of Saturn, was a planet-in-the-making whose detachment from Saturn was not completed.  The discoveries at Neptune reinforced the opposite speculation regarding Triton, Neptune’s Moon that is just 400 miles smaller in diameter than Earth’s Moon.  Its peculiar orbit, its volcanism, and other features indicate that Triton was an “object sailing through the Solar System” several billion years ago when it “strayed” too close to Neptune, came under its influence and began orbiting the planet.

So what do the Sumerians say about this?  It will become quite evident that not only is much of modern discovery merely a rediscovery of ancient knowledge but that ancient knowledge offered explanations for many phenomena that modern science has yet to figure out.  Like how it is the Hosts know so much!  My, my, just HOW COULD those ancient ones have known all about these things so long ago—even at the dawn of civilization?  What kind of proof do you want, Mr. D.?  You haven’t liked us since we brought forth AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL (This is the JOURNAL about the life of the One you call “Jesus of Nazareth”.), have you?  I do not mind honest inquiries for man should question and search.  I object to the inference that my people (crew) are less than even intelligent.  I believe it is not “our” intelligence in question, sir.


The answer lies partially in the second difference between the Sumerians’ depiction of the Solar System and your own present knowledge as it has unfolded.  It is the inclusion of a large planet in the empty space between Mars and Jupiter.  You aren’t aware of any such planet; but the Sumerian cosmological, astronomical, and historical texts insist that there indeed exists one more planet in your Solar System!  Let’s call it the “twelfth” member.  They included the Sun, the Moon (which they counted as a celestial body in its own right for reasons stated in the texts), and ten, not nine, planets.  It was the realization that a planet the Sumerian texts called NIBIRU (“Planet of the Crossing”) was neither Mars nor Jupiter, as some of your scholars have debated, but another planet that passes between them every little old 3,600 years.  All right, this is for The Jumpmaster, “Tee” and “Vee”.  THIS IS THAT MYSTERIOUS “PLANET X”, that your scientists are speculating about, as of late!  It is called comet “Wormwood” in your Holy Bible, and has been prophesied to return to your place every 3,600 years—IN ALL OF MAN’S RECORDED HISTORY!  It can be seen in the Antarctic, or South Pole, and it rises barely over the horizon—WITH YOUR OWN SUN—APPEARING AS TWO SUNS, ONE SMALLER!  Your Naval Observatory, build down there for this express purpose, tracks this ancient visitor’s return.  This is how the prophets predicted those “End Times”.  It is not mystical, nor magic “Harry Potter” nonsense.  These are the so-called “National Security” secrets, kept from you-the-people, dear ones.  Your satanic adversary knows all these things.  For the plan is to use your lack of knowing—against YOU.
It was from that planet, in fact, that the Sumerian texts repeatedly and persistently stated that the ANUNNAKI came to Earth.  What in the world does that mean?  THOSE WHO FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH CAME!”  IN YOUR BIBLE THEY ARE SPOKEN OF AS THE ANAKIM and in Chapter 6 of Genesis are also called Nefilim, WHICH IN HEBREW MEANS THE SAME THING:  “THOSE WHO HAVE COME DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS TO EARTH!”

AND—it was from the Anunnaki, the Sumerians explained—as though they had anticipated the question today—that they had learned all they knew.  Isn’t it fun, learning about our own history?  The advanced knowledge found in Sumerian texts is thus, in effect, knowledge that was possessed by the Anunnaki who had come from Nibiru; and theirs was a very advanced civilization.  Where do you REALLY think all those fancy electronics and aircraft came from, since 1917, and the Wright Brothers’ “Wright Flyer”??  Now your telephones are like those “Star Trek” hand held “Tri-corders” and “Communicators”!  Someone had to show you HOW to do this!  A master has to show you the way!  The Anunnaki came to Earth about 445,000 years ago, give or take a month or two.  Way back then they could already travel in space.  Oh my goodness.  Their vast elliptical orbit made a loop—this is the exact translation of the Sumerian term around all the outer planets, acting as a moving observatory from which the Anunnaki could investigate all those planets.  And so, dear ones, this is how everything was and is already know by your elders.

All revolve around your Star/Sun but Nibiru orbits on a much wider orbit, or circle around the sun.  And Nibiru’s angle is lower than the planets you see normally.


Why anyone would bother to go to your little speck of matter, called Earth, not by accident, not by chance, not once but repeatedly every 3,600 years or so, is also answered in these Sumerian texts and doesn’t longer have to be “wondered” about for the inquiring minds of today.  On their planet, the Anunnaki/Nefilim were facing a situation which you on Earth may also soon face.  Ecological deterioration and life was increasingly difficult.  There was need for protection of their dwindling atmosphere, and the solution was to suspend “gold” particles above it as a shield.  How many of you realize that you coat the windows of your “spacecraft” with a thin layer of gold to shield the astronauts from radiation?  Guess what, these Anunnaki had discovered this rare metal on what they called the “Seventh Planet” (counting from the outside inward), and they launched Mission Earth to obtain it.  At first they tried to obtain it effortlessly from the waters of the Persian Gulf; but when that failed they embarked on toilsome mining operations in southeastern Africa.
Some short 300,000 years ago, the Anunnaki assigned to the African mines mutinied.  It was then that the chief scientist and the chief medical officer of the Anunnaki used genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization techniques to create “primitive workers”—the first Homo sapiens to take over the backbreaking toil in those gold mines.

The Sumerian texts that describe all these events and their condensed version in the Book of Genesis have been extensively dealt with in other writings available today.  The scientific aspects of those developments and of the techniques employed by the Anunnaki are the subject of which wondrous speculations can be made, and perhaps my projections of “replicas” and “robotics”.  What you think of as “clones”, however, Synthetic Replicas and Biological Robotoids ARE NOT CLONES!  It takes decades to reproduce your “double”, as a “copy” of “you” at your current age.  Just as you were born from the womb, so too, would a re-growing of the “seed” that is YOU have to be aged to the desired “age”.  SYNTHETIC REPLICAS AND BIOLOGICAL ROBOTOIDS CAN BE MANUFACTURED IN A MATTER OF HOURS!  Now, you think your adversary does not have some horrendous plans for those who are NOT in the know!??!  Perish the thought!  They are counting on your ignorance for their “New World Order, “Global One World Government” to succeed!  “My People are destroyed from Lack of Knowledge!  And so it is!  Salu!  Is it not time to wake up out of thy slumber?  Won’t seem so far-fetched to the inquiring minds.  Modern science, as you call it, it will be shown, is blazing an amazing track of scientific advances—but the road to that “future” is replete with signposts, knowledge, and advances from the past which can no longer be ignored.  These Anunnaki have been there before and as the relationship between them and the beings they had created changed, as they decided to give mankind “civilization”, they imparted to you some of their knowledge and the ability to make your own scientific advances.

As we write a bit more on this subject, I think you will find it interesting to simply realize the truth about something so CLOSE to you as the planet “Nibiru” and its influence on your species and civilization, and then perhaps you can more openly look at other possibilities as you head into this incredible time of destruction and chaos.  The “HOPE” is The WORD of God, through these Phoenix JOURNALS.  WE ARE YOUR ONLY PASSAGE OFF THE PLANET, SHOULD “THE END” COME, AS IT IS PROJECTED TO BE!  You are in the time of SORTING. THOSE WHO ARE WITH GOD AND THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST GOD—AND THERE IS NO SITTING ON THE FENCE THIS TIME AROUND.  YOU ARE EITHER WITH GOD OR AGAINST GOD—PERIOD!

The Sumerians were correct in what they were recording and I suggest that you pay close attention to the “discoveries” of “new” planets and “unseen before” planets and, and, and---.  Chelas (students), you HAVE CONFIRMATION that there ARE intelligent beings “out there”—people so advanced that they could get to your place, almost half a million years ago, through travel (space) and people who were coming and going between their planet and Earth Shan every 3,600 years on a regular round-trip basis.

So what is the worry?  Well it is the WHO that is out there that shakes existing political, religious, social, economic, and military orders on your planet.  ONLY YOU DO NOT KNOW!!  “My People are destroyed from Lack of Knowledge!” And so it is—BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!
This is all B.S?  Come now—let’s look at gold mining.  There is absolute evidence that mining took place, in southern Africa, during the Old Stone Age.  Your own archaeological studies prove it.

Realizing that sites of abandoned ancient mines could indicate where gold could be found, South Africa’s leading mining corporation, the Anglo-African Corporation in the 1970’s engaged archaeologists to look for such ancient mines.  Published reports in the corporation’s journal Optima detail the discovery in Swaziland and other sites in South Africa of extensive mining areas with shafts to depths of fifty feet.  Stone objects and charcoal remain established dates of 35,000, 46,000, and 60,000 B.C. for these sites.  The archaeologists and anthropologists, who joined in dating the finds, believed that mining technology was used in southern Africa “during much of the period subsequent to 100,000 B.C.
In September 1988, a team of international physicists came to South Africa to verify the age of human habitats in Swaziland and Zululand.  The most modern techniques indicated an age of 80,000 to 115,000 years.

Regarding the most ancient gold mines of Monotapa in southern Zimbabwe, Zulu legends held that they were worked by “artificially produced flesh and blood slaves created by the first people.  These slaves, the Zulu legends recount, “went into battle with the Ape-Man” when the Great War star appeared in the sky (see INDABA MY CHILDREN, by the Zulu medicine man Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa).

I certainly hope that perhaps we have kindled a spark of curiosity.  You certainly do not have to listen to me or believe a word I give you—but it seems the better part of wisdom to do so.  May the Truth rest gently upon you, for the burdens you shall be bearing are going to be most heavy about thine heads and shoulders in the next years of counting.


I think it’s time to repeat truth of historical data for you are going to be caught within its tentacles as surely as “death and taxes” as it re-evolves to confront you.  You are going to have to face the truth of your lineage and recognize from whence you came if there is hope in the returning into that truth.

As you will soon become bombarded with nonsense about “space aliens” and “bloodsuckers and abductors” from out there somewhere—look unto “reason”.  GOD WOULD NOT LEAVE YOU OF HIS CREATIONS UNATTENDED OR ALONE.  IF YOU LIVE AND ANTICIPATE WITHIN THE LIE, AWAITING FULFILLMENT OF THE LIE AND DEMAND THE CONCLUSION AS IN THE LIE—SO SHALL THE LIE DEVOUR YOU.

I must confront you, firstly, with your ancestors—it is certainly past time that you meet them.  You who have had all the JOURNALS will remember this information as already given early on in the writings.  You who have not will likely find it still a totally controversial matter.  The point is to understand that your planet is in chaos and we have nothing to gain from you as a species trapped within your civilization as it has come to be—for ours has grown beyond the pressures of the density of yours.  I would only suggest that you read and perceive in open minded flexibility of thought instead of slamming shut the door upon your own “journey home”.

You are going to meet YOURSELF, so sit down if you must—get your “bracer” if you must—but you ARE going to consider some possibilities of passage.  First, consider that this information is denounced by the indoctrinated (by man) religions, HALF given by the “New Age Destroyers” in their attempt to cover the need for truth in action acceptable to God and Hosts.  There is no controversy or confusion to be gleaned here from.  In fact, it would seem most wondrous to me to have my history evolve from truth of heritage instead of from fish or monkey.  How dare you limit a God of Creation capable of ordering a universe and causing his most precious creations to be a mud sculpture and a rib-bone birthed in sin.  Please, children, let the lies go for they are destroying you.  You have reached the time of choosing in your awakening into LIGHT.  Are you awaiting your God’s return in fear, dread, or in excitement of the moment of freedom?  Think upon these things and with “reason” ponder the most logical scenario.  Puffy clouds and fantasy la-la land contortions will not do it—this time nor any time.

I would like to believe you are not so foolish in the lies as to fail to recognize your own birthright.  You ones who quote the Bible and then deny God’s place in the heavens and brothers from “space”:  Job 38:31—“Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?”

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