Monday, August 21, 2017

New Series 243: As you watch your “politics” unfold in front of you, as presented in the daily news reports, know that you are NEVER GIVEN TRUTH. Your Satanic Adversary is the “Father of Lies”, and the “King of Deception”, correctly recorded in thy Holy Bible. And know that “every trick in the book” is being utilized to enslave and destroy Christ-ianity— or Godly peoples. The Black People of your nation HAVE A PRESIDENT—he is not vanquished from the fray because he is no longer “in office”. Obama now has a so-called “FREE HAND”, to help and rally with “HIS” brothers and sisters to win the struggle. So too, do the White People of the United States of America HAVE A PRESIDENT NOW, one who is not in the pockets of the Anti-Christ Khazar “Jews”. This is WHY the fierce opposition by other seeming Whites against Mr. Trump. You have a Republic, finally, a government OF THE PEOPLE—and the Blacks showed the way!

6/17/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns243)


As you watch your “politics” unfold in front of you, as presented in the daily news reports, know that you are NEVER GIVEN TRUTH.  Your Satanic Adversary is the “Father of Lies”, and the “King of Deception”, correctly recorded in thy Holy Bible.  And know that “every trick in the book” is being utilized to enslave and destroy Christ-ianity— or Godly peoples.

The Black People of your nation HAVE A PRESIDENT—he is not vanquished from the fray because he is no longer “in office”.  Obama now has a so-called “FREE HAND”, to help and rally with “HIS” brothers and sisters to win the struggle.

So too, do the White People of the United States of America HAVE A PRESIDENT NOW, one who is not in the pockets of the Anti-Christ Khazar “Jews”.  This is WHY the fierce opposition by other seeming Whites against Mr. Trump.  You have a Republic, finally, a government OF THE PEOPLE—and the Blacks showed the way!


Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in them.

But love must be “allowed” and it must be “earned”.  The more you attempt to demand love, the more it eludes you.  There is no promising, pleading, bartering, cajoling or threatening which can secure love.  True love will only be GIVEN WHEN EARNED.

Love withers under constraint; its very essence is liberty; it is compatible neither with obedience, jealousy, nor fear; it is there most pure, perfect and unlimited, where its votaries live in confidence, equality and reserve.

Ah, but from the realms of God—all IS love, and awaits only your acceptance for it has no bindings or requirements for the “giving”—only discipline in the “learning” for love is the guiding force which will look unto your LIFE and not unto that which can be reaped from the return.  Blessed be the ones who learn the difference.


I think it’s time to repeat truth of historical data for you are going to be caught within its tentacles as surely as “death and taxes” as it re-evolves to confront you.  You are going to have to face the truth of your lineage and recognize from whence you came if there is hope in the returning into that truth.

As you will soon become bombarded with nonsense about “space aliens” and “blood suckers and abductors” from out there somewhere—look unto “reason”.  GOD WOULD NOT LEAVE YOU OF HIS CREATIONS UNATTENDED OR ALONE.  IF YOU LIVE AND ANTICIPATE WITHIN THE LIE, AWAITING FULFILLMENT OF THE LIE AND DEMAND THE CONCLUSION AS IN THE LIE—SO SHALL THE LIE DEVOUR YOU.

I must confront you firstly with your ancestors—it is certainly past time that you meet them.  You who have all the JOURNALS will remember this information as already given early on in the writings.  You who have not will likely find it still a totally controversial matter.  The point is to understand that your planet is in chaos and we have nothing to gain from you as a species trapped within your civilization as it has come to be—for ours has grown beyond the pressures of the density of yours.  I would only suggest that you read and perceive in open-minded flexibility of thought instead of slamming shut the door upon your own “journey home”.

You are going to meet YOURSELF, so sit down if you must—get your “bracer” if you must but you ARE going to consider some possibilities of passage.  First, consider that this information is denounced by the indoctrinated (by man) religions, HALF given by the “New Age Destroyers” in their attempt to cover the need for truth in action acceptable to God and Hosts.  There is no controversy or confusion to be gleaned here from.  In fact, it would seem most wondrous to me to have my history evolve from truth of heritage instead of from fish or monkeys.  How dare you limit a God of Creation capable of ordering a universe and causing his most precious creations to be a mud sculpture and a rib-bone birthed in sin.  Please, children, let the lies go for they are destroying you.  You have reached the time of choosing in your awakening into LIGHT.  Are you awaiting your God’s return in fear, dread, or in excitement of the moment of freedom?  Think upon these things and with “reason” ponder the most logical scenario.  Puffy clouds and fantasy la-la land contortions will not do it—this time nor any time.

I would like to believe you are not so foolish in the lie as to fail to recognize your own birthright.
You ones who quote the Bible and then deny God’s place in the heavens and brothers from “space”:  JOB 38:31—“Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades or loose the bands of Orion?”  What might this mean?  Well, it appears that you are “banded” (caught) of Orion when you should be seeking the sweet truth of alliance with Pleiades.  This is in your own books, chelas—the very books they hold high at the pulpits of your own man-doctrined churches.

AMOS 5:8—“Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into morning, and maketh day dark with night.  That calleth forth the waters of the sea, and pours them out upon the face of the earth.  The Lord is his name!”

Throughout time thousands of cultures, religions, and beliefs have been introduced to this delicate planet you call home.  Many of these ideas and ideas conflict or contradict each other and existing in every single one is a positive/negative flow of information.  However, in all of the societies and civilizations that have been researched for this connection, one topic remains alluded to as a consistent “enlightening” force.  This singular common denominator, which can be found in the earliest texts and legends, is the mystifying cluster of suns which are THE PLEIADES.  Suns?  Ah, perhaps you will now begin to see a bit more clearly the possibilities and WHY ye shall be having quite a bit of LIGHT shed upon your beings as the coming months and years come to pass.

The ancients and the relatively recent citizens of truth recognize the Pleiades as the “Home of God” or “The Center of the Universe where God abides” and “the seat of immortality”.  Heaven must be “somewhere” if it be “out there” as you project.  Further, the parents of life must be somewhere out there also, if your projections are to have any valid meaning at all—even as with the most orthodox doctrines.  Perchance it never occurred to you?

In your late year about 2690 B.C., the “Yellow Emperor” of China, Huang-Ti, in whose reign miraculous progress was made (utensils of wood, clay and metal were manufactured; boats and carts were constructed and utilized, and the medium of currency was originated.  Provinces of the vast country were mapped, acupressure and acupuncture became sciences), acknowledged liberally that this rapid development came forth from conversations held in court with his consultants—BEINGS FROM THE PLEIADES.

The HOPI (“Indians”) named the “Choo ho Kan”, meaning those who cling together, and they, too, consider themselves direct descendants of the inhabitants of the cluster.  The Hopi, as well as the Navajo and Sioux, along with many other tribes and cultures dispersed around the world, used a calendar that allowed them to chart the seasons, special events and ceremonial rites with uncanny accuracy.  They used a system based on a 260-day “Sacred Round”, or minor cycle, and a 365-day year, a major cycle which equaled a period between the midnight culminations of the Pleiades.  Any day calculated on these cycles would not repeat itself for 18,980 days or 52 years.

In the “Kiva of the Mesas” (Sacred Temple of the Mesas) the Hopi ceremoniously “light the fire”.  This occurs every 52 years when the temple’s sacred points align with the stars, Choo ho Ka (Pleiades).  All fires are extinguished throughout the nation and rekindled from a sacred fire produced by the holy men.  The young men of the tribe learn the importance of the Pleiades early in life, for initiation into the spiritual ways takes place only when the cherished cluster is directly overhead at night.

The CREEKS claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form to become flesh and blood.  Each year a medicine man who has served the apprenticeship of seven years performs the “green corn dance” where he takes seven ears of corn from seven fields of the seven clans to insure a healthy harvest.

The Dakota Ehanni stories (tales of the world previous to the Dakota emergence) speak of the Tayamni, the home of their ancestors, and the reason for the seven tribes… the Pleiades.  The Seven Sisters play a major role in their history as well as their present day culture.  In May, the month of Hanblaceya, the Dakota/Lakota communicate with the spirits.  Astronomy tells you that the Pleiades rise with the sun in May and the Lakota oral history tells you that the home of the spirits is the Pleiades.  The older Dakota/Lakota say that when you die, your spirit goes to the Milky Way and turns south…south to the Seven Stars!  I suggest you think upon this most sincerely.

Perhaps you will now understand better why there will come the writings from the Sacred Hills Within as projected by the appointed Lakota speaker, Little Crow, and Wamblesha from Wakan Tanka Aton, shall be putting the Oral Truths forth for your confirmation.  You of our beloved brothers come from us, with us and are of us—of Pleiades.

I prefer to label this brother/father “Wamblesha” for he represents the White Eagle of the Fire-Bird, the higher wisdom keeper for the Oral Tradition from which will be rebirthed truth in action in conjunction with the Sky People (Hosts).  Wamblesha means “Red Eagle” but remember, in the native tongue—it is the “red” road which is the path of truth and this is WHY it would be a “Redman” who would bring unto you the oral truths of the generations of civilizations.

The NAVAJO named the sparkling suns of the Pleiades, the “Dilyehe”.  The OSAGE believe their society was once pure of spirit and journeyed from those stars to the Earth.  The IROQUOIS believe the twinkling orbs represent seven young people who guard the holy reed throughout the night.

The Hohokam, a Pima word meaning “that which has vanished”, disappeared from the arid Arizona desert they had so successfully irrigated and tamed.  No one seems to know for certain why they vanished or where they went; legend claims they returned to their home in the stars.  Truth is far stranger than fiction, chelas.

Your years 1980 and 1981 witnessed Native American exodus to the lush green hills of Canton Zurich.  Tribal leaders and medicine men from across the continental U.S. had caught word of the on-going experiences and sought out the contactee.  They came to congratulate him for his courage and to compare their histories and prophecies to those of the visitors from the Seven Stars!  Astounding as that might seem to you doubtful ones, the majority of concepts were a unified thought shared by “Earth-humans” and Pleiadians alike.

I can only heartily suggest you stop picking at this information and pay attention.  The time is at hand for you to learn of these things for it is the cycle of the times which shall bring you home again.  I believe you must be getting a glimmer of where “home” might be and how you are going to get there.

HERMES:  “Listen to your inner selves and look into the infinity of space and time.  There reverberate the songs of the stars and the harmony of the spheres.”

“Each sun is a thought of Creation, each planet a mode of that thought.  In order that you may know divine thought, oh souls, you painfully descent along the paths of the seven planets and their seven heavens and ascend once again.”

“What do the stars do?  What do the numbers say?  What do the spheres revolve?  Oh souls that are lost and saved, they relate, they sing, they revolve your destinies.”

PROFESSOR THOMAS GOLD, Cornell University:  “Life on Earth may have started when space men landed here billions of years ago.”

LUCRETIUS, 99-55 B.C.:  “All this visible universe is not unique in nature and we must believe that there are, in other regions of space, other beings and other men.”

DR. FELIX ZIGLE, Moscow Institute of Aviation:  “The UFO phenomenon is a challenge to mankind.  It is the duty of scientists to take up this challenge, to disclose the nature of the UFO, and to establish the scientific truth.”

JAVIER GARZON, National Astronomical Observatory, Mexico City:  “UFOs really exist and apparently come from other planets.”

VON PAPST JOHANNES XXIII, Pier Carpi, 1935, (German translation):  “The signs are increasing.  The lights in the sky will appear red, blue, green, rapidly.  They will grow.  Someone is coming from very far and wants to meet the people of the Earth.  Meetings have already taken place.  But those who have really seen have been silent.”  SO BE IT.

Why would it traditionally be that the Ring Nebula of Lyra is referred to by Pleiadians (you) as “The Eye of God”?

When the colonies on Atlantis and Lemuria finally broke up (all verified by laser enhanced sonar and video by specially outfitted U.S. and Soviet submarines and craft), some of you sailed to the Pyrenees, others to the Yucatan peninsula, and many remained in the places which would preserve the treasures of time passage such as parts of Peru, the Western points of the U.S., Australia, etc., with the central system of navigation and communications remaining intact in a location in California, U.S.A., and the central storehouse in the Philippines.  Never have these places been left unguarded.  There are MANY places which are now again operational in preparation for the “coming again”.


May I please REPEAT?  It is not the little gray men from space that are here to getcha—it is the grey men right on your placement!  Those grey business suits that are the standard “uniform” of the evil international banksters—THIS IS THE SIGN OF THINE ENEMY.  And it represents The Serpent People; the Khazar false “Jews” called themselves by this label!  They are the reptilians, and it is they who have taken over your worlds’ governments!

Yes, there are bases there on your place.  There are some dastardly beings within those bases mostly; however, they are flesh and blood “good old boys” of the conspiracy or the conspirator’s tools.  There are no body-snatchers, however, who fly around in space craft nailing unsuspecting bodies.  Those are planned and orchestrated abductions to scare the living daylights out of you people so you will be terrified of all space men who might venture into your places.

Earth became a prison planet some eons ago.  The head of the dark energies was sent there, for goodness sake, as punishment for those things perpetrated elsewhere in the cosmos.  What do you ones expect—he pulled all his thugs along with him and he most certainly will not fold his tent easily and fly into the bright morning skies—for one very good reason—he cannot for he has nowhere to go and be accepted.  The Grey Conspiracy has been trying to locate an achievable placement to “escape” unto.  In exchange for technology they promised much to several races of space dwellers.  These ones, however, came in good intent and honestly felt there could be a working relationship with man of Earth who is in terrible circumstance.  Ah yes, the Grey Men of the Conspiracy can get off your planet but they don’t have a desirable place, totally self-sustaining when they get there.

There is an objective in point in this coalition—at onset—but as usual the Adversary Plan ripped off these visitors also.  Some of the travelers came in hopes of bringing some insight and assistance to Earth brothers only to be utilized and actually technology taken to advance a whole army of robotoid replicas utilizing DNA reproduction methodology.  The only thing the Adversary (your own “Grey Men”) had to offer the ETs is control, money, and worldly goods—but these things are not of value to anyone in the cosmos who has achieved Truth and the ability to travel intergalactic.

Remember that you as a civilization of thought forms of the Creator source were given this place on which to EXPERIENCE.  We of the higher brotherhood work firstly within the Laws of Creation, the Laws of God secondly and we are bound by constraints beyond that which you in your awakening cannot yet remember.  We do not intervene.  When we do come, even to your surface to get you or our own brothers, we will have special dispensation.  We are bound by cosmic law to keep out of your business.  Those who break those laws shall pay most dearly.  They have already done so—they forfeited their right to return to the universal skyways—they are bound to your dying planet.  Those who came in peace and as a portion of the cosmic plan do their work in research through prior agreements with the entities involved.  They do not harm, they do not mutilate animals or humans and they do wondrous good for your species.

There is no way that you can “drift up to some cloud of fluffy vapor and somehow just fly around with a Master Christos”.  You will be picked up by space craft and beamed through a high frequency light beam—if you qualify and request same.  God went to prepare a place for you at the end of Earth journey and HE did so.  We are prepared to receive you of God who await His coming and do so in intent of justice and effort of living within the Laws as given.  You are experiencing in a manifested form of physical coalition and density.  That is not something that can be “both” ways.  You either must give up the flesh or you must learn to manage it properly—there is no magic.  God provides for alternatives in sequence to cover your needs of transition and would not leave you stranded on a fluff-bed (clouds, as your Holy Scripture tells you) within range of radioactive blasts from hell.  “Fire and Brimstone” perhaps as written about in your ancient texts?  We have untold eons of experience in the mode of transition in security and with as little detrimental impact as can be given—but you ones are going to have to come into understanding of the connection in brotherhood so that we can work together.

We know that you who struggle and wait are lonely and often feel deserted.  You are not.  We are here and some of us are working right among you in full operation.  We can only work in this manner.  So be it with the dark energies, also.  They work exactly like we, except they had a great head-start and all of you help them get in control for they deal with the “physical” senses and we must deal with that which they have caused to become “invisible” and thus “doubted”.


You now have information from apparatus traveling out from your planet which has focused your attention on the importance of “collisions”.  It becomes obvious to your scientists as they study data that these cosmic “crashes” are potent sculptors of the Solar System.  But are they actually? Are they careless coincidental collisions, intended encounters, hap-hazard planning and/or supposition with no basis in fact?

The Sumerians (Southern Iraq, or MESOPOTAMIA—THE LOCATION OF THE SUMERIAN TEXT TABLETS AND SCROLLS—AND THE REAL REASON FOR THE WAR AGAINST SADDAM HUSSEIN!  The Dead Sea Scrolls are nothing compared to these Texts, and your Elite Adversary tried to bomb them out of existence!) made clear, 6,000 years earlier, and the very same fact in question.  Central to their cosmogony, world view and religion was a cataclysmic event that they called the Celestial Battle.  It was an event to which references were made in miscellaneous Sumerian texts, hymns, and proverbs (go look them up)—just as you find in the Bible’s books of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, and various others.  But the Sumerians also described the event in detail, step by step, in a long text that required seven tablets.  Hm-m-m, seven tablets?  Of its Sumerian original only fragments and quotations have been found; the mostly complete text has reached us in the Akkadian language, the language of the Assyrians and Babylonians who followed the Sumerians in Mesopotamia.  The text deals with the formation of the Solar System prior to the Celestial Battle and even more so with the nature, causes, and results of that awesome collision.  And, with a single cosmogonic premise, it explains puzzles that still baffle your astronomers and astrophysicists.

Even perhaps more important, whenever these modern scientists have come upon a satisfactory answer—it fits and corroborates the Sumerian one!
Prior to instrumental discoveries recently the prevailing scientific viewpoint considered the Solar System as you see it today as the way it had taken shape soon after its beginning, formed by immutable laws of celestial motion and the force of gravity.  There have been odd balls, to be sure, meteorites that come from somewhere and collide with the stable members of the Solar System, pockmarking them with craters, and comets that zoom about in greatly elongated orbits, appearing from somewhere and disappearing, it seems to nowhere.  But these examples of cosmic debris, it has been assumed, go back to the very beginning of the Solar System, some 4.5 billion years ago, and are pieces of planetary matter that failed to be incorporated into the planets or their moons and rings.  A little more baffling has been the asteroid belt, a band of rocks that forms an orbiting chain between Mars and Jupiter.  According to Bode’s Law, an empirical rule that explains why the planets formed where they did.  There should have been a planet, at least twice the size of Earth, between mars and Jupiter.  Is the orbiting debris of the asteroid belt the remains of such a planet?  The affirmative answer is plagued by two problems.  The total amount of matter in the asteroid belt does not add up to the mass of such a planet, and there is no plausible explanation for what might have caused the breakup of such a hypothetical planet; if a celestial collision—when, with what, and why?  Your scientists simply had no answer.

The realization that there had to be one or more major collisions that changed he Solar System from its initial form became inescapable after the Uranus fly-by in 1986.  That Uranus was tilted on its side was already known from telescopic and other instrumental observations even before the Voyager (space satellite) encounter.  But, was it formed that way from the very beginning or did some external force—a forceful collision or encounter with something, such as another major celestial body—bring about this tilting?

Let us consider.  The fact that these moons swirl around the equator of Uranus in its tilted position—forming all together a kind of bull’s-eye facing the Sun—made scientists wonder whether these moons were there at the time of the tilting event, or whether they formed after the event, perhaps from matter thrown out by the force of a collision.


If the moons formed at the same time as Uranus, the celestial “raw material” from which they agglomerated should have condensed the heavier matter nearer the planet.  There should be more of heavier, rocky material and thinner ice coats on the inner moons and a lighter combination of materials (more water ice, less rocks) on the outer moons.  By the same principle of the distribution of material in the Solar System—a larger proportion of heavier matter nearer the Sun, more of the lighter matter (in a “gaseous” state) farther out—the moons of the more distant Uranus should be proportionately lighter than those of the nearer Saturn.

But the findings revealed a situation contrary to these expectations.  In the comprehensive summary reports on the Uranus encounter published in 1986 it was concluded that the densities of the Uranus moons (except for that of the moon Miranda) “are significantly heavier than those of the icy satellites of Saturn”.  Likewise, data showed again contrary to what “should have been”, that the two larger inner moons of Uranus, Ariel and Umbriel, are lighter in composition (thick, icy layers; small, rocky cores) than the outer moons Titania and Oberon, which were discovered to be made mostly of heavy rocky material and had only thin coats of ice.

These findings were not the only clues suggesting that the moons of Uranus were not formed at the same time as the planet itself but rather sometime later, in unusual circumstances.  Another discovery that puzzled the scientists, was that the rings of Uranus were pitch-black, “blacker than coal dust”, presumably composed of “carbon-rich material, a sort of primordial tar scavenged from outer space”.  These dark rings, warped, titled, and bizarrely elliptical were quite unlike the symmetrical bracelets of icy particles circling Saturn.  Pitch-black also were six of the new moonlets discovered at Uranus, some acting as shepherds for the rings, if you will.  The obvious conclusion was that the rings and moonlets were formed from the debris of a violent event in Uranus’s past.  Your scientists thought it a likely possibility that an interloper from outside the Uranus system came in and struck a once larger moon sufficiently hard to have fractured it.  Would this not cause havoc on a planet or orb of any type?

The theory of a catastrophic celestial collision as the event that could explain all the odd phenomena on Uranus and its moons and rings was further strengthened by the discovery that the boulder-size black debris that forms the Uranus rings circles the planet once every eight hours—a speed that is twice the speed of the planet’s own revolution around its axis.  This raises the question, how was this much higher speed imparted to the debris in the rings?

Based on all the preceding data, the probability of a celestial collision emerged as the only plausible answer.  It was projected that in all probability the moons in point were created as a result of the probable collision of some sort that knocked Uranus on its side.  In press conferences your NASA scientists were more audacious.  “A collision with something the size of Earth, traveling at about 40,000 miles per hour, could have done it,” they said, speculating that it probably happened about four billion years prior.  In London, Astronomer Garry Hunt of the Imperial College simply proclaimed that “Uranus took an almighty bang early on.”

But neither in the verbal briefings nor in the long written reports was an attempt made to suggest what the “something” was, where it had come from, and how it happened to collide with, or bring into—Uranus.


Before we turn from knowledge or data acquired in the late 1970’s and 1980’s to what was already known over 6,000 years earlier, one more aspect of this puzzle should be scrutinized and pondered.  Are the oddities at Neptune the result of collisions, or “bangs”, unrelated to those of Uranus—or were they all the result of a single catastrophic event that affected all of the outer planets??

Before the Voyager 2 fly-by of Neptune, the planet was known to have only two satellites (moons), Nereid and Triton.  Nereid was found to have a peculiar orbit.  It was unusually tilted compared with the planet’s equatorial plane (as much as 28 degrees) and was very eccentric—orbiting the planet not in a near-circular path but in a very elongated one, which takes the moon as far as six million miles from Neptune and as close as one million miles to the planet.  Nereid, although of a size that by planetary formation rules should be spherical, has an odd shape like that of a twisted doughnut.  It also is bright on one side and pitch-black on the other.  All these peculiarities have led some to conclude that Nereid accreted into a moon around Neptune or another planet and that both it and Triton were knocked into their peculiar orbits by some large body or planet.  Imagine, one investigator boldly noted, “that at one time Neptune had an ordinary satellite system like that of Jupiter or Saturn; then some massive mystical body comes into the system and perturbs things a lot…

It was presumed that the dark material that shows up on one side of Nereid could be explained in one of two ways—but both require a collision in this supposition.  Either an impact on one side of the satellite swept off an existing darker layer there, uncovering lighter material below the surface, or the dark matter belonged to the impacting body and “went splat on one side of Nereid”.  That the latter possibility is the more seemingly plausible is suggested by the discovery announced by the JPF team on August 29, 1989, that all the new satellites (six more) found by Voyager 2 at Neptune “are very dark” and “all have irregular shapes”, even the moon designated 1989N1, whose size normally would have made it spherical.

The theories regarding Triton and its elongated and retrograde (clockwise) orbit around Neptune also seem to cry out for a collision event.

My gosh, it was postulated and presented in a “study” that “Triton was captured from a heliocentric orbit”—from an orbit around the Sun—“as a result of a collision with what was then one of Neptune’s regular satellites.”  In this scenario the original small Neptune Satellite would have been devoured by Triton, but the force of the collision would have been such that it dissipated enough of Triton’s orbital energy to slow it down and be captured by Neptune’s gravity.  Another theory, according to which Triton was an original satellite of Neptune, was shown by this same study to be faulty and unable to withstand critical analysis as is most often the case in the Light of true knowledge.  How about a game of “catch” or “ten-pens” or “Pick-up-sticks”?

Data collected from the fly-by of Triton supported this theoretical conclusion, it would seem.  It also was in accord with other studies that had shown Triton’s internal heat and surface features could perhaps be explained only in terms of a collision from which Triton was captured into orbit around Neptune.

But, where could and did these impacting bodies come from?  Unanswered as well is the question of whether the cataclysms at Uranus and Neptune were aspects of a single event or were unconnected incidents.



The Sumerian Texts speak of a single but comprehensive event.  Their texts explain more than what modern astronomers have been trying and trying to bring into some kind of explanation regarding the outer planets.  The ancient texts also explain matters closer to home, such as the origin of the Earth and its Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and THE PHOTON BELT, and the comets.  The texts then go on to relate a tale that combines the credo of the creationists with the theory of Evolution (gosh, do we have to get along also?), a tale that offers a more successful explanation than either modern conception of what happened on Earth and how man and his civilization came into being.
As regard to the Photon Belt, “The Days of Darkness”, etc., I shall have to take them in order of projection.  Once again, if you do not know what IS, how could you possibly deal with that which MIGHT be as a result of same?

What do the Sumerian texts tell you?  It all began when the Solar System was still quite young.  The Sun (APSU in the Sumerian texts, meaning “One who exists from the beginning”), its little companion MUM.MU (“One who was born”, our Mercury) and further away TI.AMAT (“Maiden of Life”) were the first members of the Solar System.  It gradually expanded by the “birth” of three planetary pairs, the planets you call Venus and Mars between Mummu and Tiamat, the giant pair Jupiter and Saturn (to use their modern names) beyond Tiamat, and Uranus and Neptune further out.
Into this original Solar System, still unstable soon after its formation billions of years ago, an Invader appeared.  The Sumerians called it NIBIRU!  This is the so-called “Planet X”; your scientists have been trying to keep secret from you-the-people.  It has now returned—AND IS VISIBLE FROM YOUR SOUTH POLE!  It is a “second sun” that rises above the horizon with your Sun.  When “Planet X” returns from its 3,600 year orbit around your Sun, it coincides with all of your ancient scrolls and BIBLICAL EVENTS!  THIS IS ALSO, CHELAS, WHEN YOUR PLANET GOES THROUGH “THE ICE AGE”!!  Your adversary is ready—they think—when the big freeze comes; you however are not!  Also the presence of Planet X, or Nibiru, is when your space brothers make themselves known to the world.  The Master “Jesus” also returns with We of The HOSTS—FROM—AFAR to reclaim His people!  Isn’t it wise to learn all these TRUTHS, so the Luciferians cannot pull a “fast one” on you unsuspecting followers of the God of Light in Christ-ness??  The Babylonians renamed it Marduk in honor of their national god.  Anyone getting goose-bumps and squeamish twitters?  It appeared from outer space from “the Deep”, in the words of the ancient text.  But, as it approached the outer planets of your Solar System, it began to be drawn into it.  As expected, the first outer planet to attract Nibiru with its gravitational “pull” was Neptune (“He whose house is water”) in Sumerian.  Remember, you did not know Neptune and Uranus were “water-ice” blue planets until you sent a probe/satellite out there in “modern times”!  “He who begot him was Ea”, the ancient text explained.

Nibiru/Marduk itself was a sight to behold; alluring, sparkling, lofty, lordly are some other adjectives used to describe it.  Sparks and flashes bolted from it to Neptune and Uranus as it passed near them.  It might have arrived with its own satellites already orbiting it, or it might have acquired some as a result of the “pull” of the outer planets.  The ancient text speaks of its perfect members… difficult to perceive—“four were his eyes, four were his ears”.


As it passed near Ea/Neptune, Nibiru/Marduk’s side began to bulge “as though it had a second head”.  Was it then that the bulge was torn away to become Neptune’s moon Triton?  One aspect that speaks strongly for this is the fact that Nibiru/Marduk entered the Solar System in a retrograde (clockwise) orbit, counter to that of the other planets.  Only this Sumerian detail, according to which the invading planet was moving counter to the orbital motion of all the other planets, can explain the retrograde motion of Triton, the highly elliptical orbits of other satellites and comets, and the other major events that are yet to be tackled.

More satellites were created as Nibiru/Marduk passed by that “Anu brought forth and begot the four winds”—as clear a reference as one could hope for to the four major moons of Uranus that were formed, you now know, only during the collision that tilted Uranus.  At the same time you learn from a later passage in the ancient text that Nibiru/Marduk himself gained three satellites as a result of this encounter.

Although the Sumerian texts describe how, after its eventual capture into solar orbit, Nibiru/Marduk revisited the outer planets and eventually shaped them into the system as you know it today.  The very first encounter already explains the various puzzles that modern astronomy faced or still faces regarding Neptune, Uranus, their moons, and their rings.

Coming in past Neptune and Uranus, Nibiru/Marduk was drawn even more into the midst of the planetary system as it reached the immense gravitational pulls of Saturn (AN.SHAR, “Foremost of the Heavens”) and Jupiter (KI.SHAR, “Foremost of the Firm Lands”).

As Nibiru/Marduk “approached and stood as though in combat” near Anshar/Saturn, the two planets “kissed their lips”.  It was then that the “destiny”, the orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was changed forever.  It was also then that the chief satellite of Saturn, GA.GA (the eventual Pluto), was pulled away in the direction of Mars and Venus—a direction possible only by the retrograde force of Nibiru/Marduk.  Making a vast elliptical orbit Gaga eventually returned to the outermost reaches of the Solar System.  There it “addressed” Neptune and Uranus as it passed their orbits on the swing back.  It was the beginning of the process by which Gaga was to become your Pluto, with its inclined and peculiar orbit that sometimes takes it between Neptune and Uranus.

Now, as I am bombarded with myriads of inquiries, I ask that you not expect me to reply for we will write of these things as quickly as possible, and you waste time in the “jumping” ahead to conclusions which are most often erroneous.  I would simply ask you to give me full definition (properly, not according to your dictionary) of “what is a starship”?  What IS a heavenly “body”?  “What in the dickens are we talking about?”  I suggest it will be increasingly interesting and fully backed up by data left as will be this data as we project it now.

The new “destiny”, or orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was now irrevocably set toward the olden planet Tiamat.  At that time, relatively early in the formation of the Solar System, it was marked by instability especially (you can see from the text in point) in the region of Tiamat.  While other planets nearby were still wobbling in their orbits, Tiamat was pulled into many directions by the two giants beyond her and the two smaller planets between her and the Sun.  One result was the tearing off her, or the gathering around her of a HOST of satellites “furious with rage”, in the poetic language of the text (named by learned scholars as the Epic of Creation).  These satellites, “roaring monsters”, were “clothed with terror” and “crowned with halos”, “swirling furiously about and orbiting as though they were celestial gods”—planets.

Jonur break here, please, and begin a new document.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.

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