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New Series 59: Background details of the Khazar Jews and Zionists of Satan

7/26/11 HATONN/jonur (ns59)

Hatonn present in God Aton’s Holy Light.  Let us continue with the background details of the Khazar Jews and Zionists of Satan and what led up to the incredible lie of the Holocaust of World War II.  We are setting the record to right for all the world to finally know the truth.



Zionism is not a religion or even an ancient sect of Judaism.  It is a political party bent on control of other nations, and war and deceit are their primary focus.  For this military-minded group of terrorists use all manner of trickery to get you ones of all creeds, races, and colors fighting each other—while they steal your assets from you and leave nations in ruin.  The ultimate goal is world domination through terror and economic collapse.

Social Security, Fort Knox, 401k’s, insurance companies—all these things are already dried up, and the real assets have been salted away.  The world bank, the Bank of International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund have stripped your world bare.  Now let us see the guilty party behind it all.

QUOTING JOURNAL #39, The Trillion Dollar Lie:  The Holocaust, Vol. I:

I serve aboard the Command Ship, Phoenix (The Bethlehem during Christ’s sojourn upon your planet.  “Jesus” Esu Immanuel SANANDA rides with me and He is my Commander.  I am the leader of The HOSTS of God told to you from Biblical times.  How else did you ones think your PHYSICAL BODIES would ascend to “Heaven”?  On fluffy white clouds???  Or, in Silver Spacecraft and “Chariots of Fire”?  The fairy tale is over, my friends and brethren; it is time for the reality of your existence to be known!  The Jews have lied to you long enough!), and I head the Fleet Command.  I am Commander of the United Federation Fleet, Intergalactic Federation Command.  I link with other Commands, i.e., the referenced “Ashtar Command”, only in time of imminent planetary destruction, at which point that Command will be in charge of any evacuation of a general nature.  Our Command will bring all of God’s people into security.  I have no responsibility to the “adversary” nor his followers, and no evil shall be brought into the places of Lighted God.  Evil is a manifestation of “human” and we do NOT allow evil within our orderly God-revering societies.  This does not, however, mean that ones who are in deciding will not be taken into a placement which can preserve “soul” survival.  (In other words:  You Have A “Lifeboat” Ready For Instant Use—Should That Be Necessary.)


By A.N. Other

The glaring error equating Zionism with Judaism has been gaining ground since the 1960s, and this erroneous belief, nurtured by those who stand to gain the most from it, has led to many attacks upon Judaism, which are often unjustified.

In the New York Times of January 29, 1970, the following advertisement appeared which went to the heart of the problem.  Under the caption “ZIONISM IS THE ENEMY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE”, the article stated inter alia that “Zionist propaganda is clever, sustained, and well-financed and has succeeded in misleading many American Jews and non-Jews alike.  We as Jews, therefore [Hatonn:  Keep in mind that we are not “telling” on one race versus another; it is the Jewish people themselves trying to show you what is happening inside THEIR ranks and secret synagogue meetings you are not allowed to witness.  Just as the secret agents from within the intelligence agency circles or community speak out against the injustices they see that are trying to bring your nation and world down, you-the-people would not know anything if it were not for the daring one speaking out.], find it necessary to declare solemnly (1) Jews do not need a state of their own in our time.  The very establishment of such a modern ‘Jewish’ state is a grave violation of Jewish traditions and law.  The greatest rabbis of the past two Jewish generations have condemned Zionism as a complete falsification of Judaism.

“Zionism aims at uprooting Jews in countries throughout the world in order to find immigrants for its nationalistic and militaristic state which usurps without justification the holy name of Israel.  Zionism has always endeavored to estrange the Jews from their observances of the laws of their faith and has offered instead the twin curses of atheism and National Socialism.”

Nowhere is this observation by the prominent Jews who signed the above advertisement more dramatically brought to life than through the statement by David Ben Gurion (a former president or prime minister of Israel—if not the very first one) who called The Irgunist who helped establish Israel “Vladimir Hitler” and a “fascist gangster”.  Unofficial history shows that Israel was indeed founded with the help of some well-known gangsters, notable among whom were Hamburg-hatted Meyer Lansky, Louis Boyer, and Sam Rothberg.  [H:  Indeed, it was the Jewish Mishpuka mafia that taught the Italian Black Hand mafia HOW to “organize” crime.  The saying in the underworld of the Mishpuka is that the “dumb Italian hoods had to have a Meyer Lansky to run the show for them—just like the U.S. government needed a HENRY KISSINGER to run your shadow government.]

When Lansky arrived in Tel Aviv [H:  Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1952, is WHERE the AIDS virus was created in a test tube.  So, as the pieces of the puzzle come together, the finger always points back to the Khazar false “Jews” and their Global 2000 Plan of world conquest and massive depopulation.], there was uproar among religious Jews across America who wanted him sent back to the U.S.  However, thanks to the power of his money, Lansky was able to remain where he was.  It was this kind of thing that Ben Gurion earlier had protested and to which the signatories to the New York Times advertisement of January 29, 1970, also objected.

The advertisement went on to say (2) “Jews are enjoined by their religion to be loyal to the country of which they are citizens—in this case the U.S.  (3) Jews who are loyal to their faith and traditions have nothing to do with Zionist-sponsored boycotts against individual enterprises or against entire nations.  Zionist protests about conditions in certain countries are not meant to bring about positive changes, but rather to aggravate conditions there to the point where Jews will be forced to leave, presumably for a Zionist state."

Again, unofficial history records this as fact.  The agitation by Germany against Jews did not begin until after the secret negotiations between Himmler and his deputy Adolph Eichman [H:  Another nice Jewish surname.  The Zionists and the Nazis were best buddies because they are one and the same!  A coin with the German Swastika on one side, and the Star of David on the other, proves that.  This was legal tender in Hitler’s government right at the end, chelas; the Khazar “Jews” tried to kill off the Hebrew “Jews”, but were interrupted.  The orthodox, or genuine one labeled “Jew”, knows all this stuff we and others have been efforting to present to you.  Naturally, the Khazars want them silenced before they spill the beans!] were completed.  In the “Memoirs of Yitzak Ben-Ami” the writer, a former Zionist Irgunist, tells of the visit to Germany by a high-ranking delegation of Irgunists who reached an agreement with Himmler and Eichman that, for a consideration of providing Germany with the names and locations of all British and American intelligence agents in Western Europe just prior to the war, the Germans would begin to attack Jewish businesses and homes, and harass individual Jews, which would have the effect of forcing them to leave Germany for Palestine—exactly as the above mentioned advertisement later claimed.

The advertisement closed with the following words in big, bold letters:  “Zionist politicians and their fellow travelers do not speak for the Jewish people; indeed, the Zionist conspiracy against the Jewish tradition and law makes Zionism—and all of its activities and entities—the archenemy of the Jewish people today.”  The advertisement bore the signatures of scores of the most influential Jewish people in the New York area, and although this was 1970, the fact is that orthodox Jews are still strongly opposed to Zionism and its state of Israel.  Clashes and confrontations between such Jews and the Israeli police and military are a weekly occurrence in cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

On August 27, 1969, there occurred a most astounding radio broadcast over Radio Station WBAI-FM New York by an American member of a Jerusalem-based Jewish organization “Friends of Jerusalem” as an affiliate of the world wide Jewish Neturei Karta anti-Zionist movement.  Having obtained the transcript of that broadcast, which is too long to include in its entirety, only the highlights can be published here:  “… In commenting on Jewish affairs, no topic is more vital today than a clarification of the differences between Judaism and Zionism.  All too many Americans are still under the impression that these terms are more or less synonymous—that being a Jew means automatically to be a Zionist, and this also implies a certain loyalty to the state of Israel.

“Let me therefore state right at the beginning that Judaism and Zionism are completely incompatible and mutually exclusive.  If you are a good Jew, you cannot be a Zionist.  If you are a Zionist, you cannot be a good Jew….  [H:  READ THE ABOVE UNTIL IT SINKS IN—KHAZAR “JEWS” ARE NOT HEBREW JUDAISTS!]  The written and oral law, the Torah [H:  The Hebrews follow the Torah; the Khazars follow A NEW BIBLE their Elders of Zion wrote that is not inferred to have come from God, called the Talmud.  The Communist Manifesto, Marxism, Socialism, the New World Order—AND HITLER’s TWO BOOKS HE WROTE.  “Mein Kampf” and “New World Order”—all are based on the Talmud!  Why?  Because it is a secret instruction manual for oppressing the people AND TAKING OVER THE WORLD!  This is the history course you are never to be taught in school, dear hearts.  This is Lucifer’s secret doctrine distributed to his followers and flock!], is the eternal constitution of the Jewish people, which may be interpreted by those properly qualified, but which can never, in essence, be abrogated, changed, or amended.  Through thousands of years Jews have lived under these rules ….

“Political Zionism started in Europe more than seventy years ago under the impact of anti-Semitism ….  The leading figures in Zionism from the very beginning have always been men and women who rejected the obligatory nature of these Jewish religious laws ….  The aims of Zionism are to give the Jewish people a country of its own, to revive Hebrew as its everyday language, to give it a government of its own, a parliament, an army, navy and air force and all of the paraphernalia of nations like all others ….  Zionists considered it a great day when THEY declared the state of Israel and when the flag of THEIR state was raised on a flagstaff in front of the U.N.  [H:  Indeed!  Since the United Nations is also a Khazarian Zionist creation—designed to enslave all other nations under Jewish control!] among the banners of all other nations.

“This creation of a secular so-called Jewish state is treason to the Jewish people ….  It would also do the following:  (1) Free the Jews as a people from their religious obligations ….  (2) Subject the Jews to the ordinary laws of national existence ….  (3) It would automatically and inevitably—the State of Israel now being a nation like the others, but CLAIMING a special relationship to Jews everywhere—force these Jews in cases of conflict to face and decide questions of their primary loyalty.  It is hardly necessary to add that this problem of loyalty has already been posed in a number of countries during the past twenty years.

“In this short presentation it would be impossible to deal with the IMPACT OF ZIONISM ON THE UNITED STATES, although this would be a very interesting topic, or with the danger that it creates in other countries.  We are tonight concerned only with the difference between Zionism and Jews who are loyal to their faith.”

We ourselves can fill in somewhat on that “very interesting topic” by looking at several aspects of how the United States under the influence, domination, and control of international Zionism—which, when all is said and done, is no more and no less than the guiding force and the driving force behind communism—is slowly but surely bringing the United States into the position of becoming its satellite state, existing only to carry out its every command, finance it, and fight its battles and wars against all who would seek justice from its ruthless actions.

In order to give itself some semblance of representing the Jewish people, certain splinter groups and minor quasi-religious political parties were created in Israel to act as a pretext and a smoke screen to cover Zionist activities in a false mantle of Judaism.  These small parties often hold the balance of power, their sole function being to throw sand in the eyes of the world and make it believe that the Judaic religion plays a large role in political decision making.  This is entirely false and misleading.

The Jewish Neturei Karta movement has roundly denounced such Zionist deceptive practices, and calls those “who try to combine the traditional practice of the Jewish faith with Zionist activity, but by its very nature, this is a hopeless cause.”  Remember this deception the next time you see on America’s Zionist-dominated television stations, Prime Minister Shamir huddling with what are termed “Jewish religious party members” seeking a solution to this or that or the other problem.  It is all a charade.  Traditional Jews have themselves so stated.

“By accepting the leadership of irreligious or anti-religious Zionists, who under Jewish law are not qualified to exercise any leadership or occupy any position of trust within the Jewish community, and also by subjecting matters of faith and religious law to parliamentary and other major votes, they actually admit the priority of the secular national Jewish state over the special nationhood of the Jewish people.”

So there we have it.  Begin, Shamir, Sharon, Ada Eban, Moshe Arens—Zionists all [H:  And top leaders of the Israeli government and military!]—do not speak for the Jewish people, notwithstanding their claim to have religious Jewish political parties holding the balance of power in the Knesset.  Such an arrangement is nothing but a political scheme and nothing Judaic should be attached to it.

The broadcast continued with the narrator detailing the most often-asked questions and providing answers:  Question (1) “Isn’t it very beneficial for the self-respect of Jews that they now have a country of their own and a highly efficient and dependable army?”  Answer:  “… The prayers for the Holy Land have been said for thousands of years, but they have nothing to do with the atheists who founded the state of Israel or with their state ….  And the fact that during the past twenty years more Jews have been killed in the Israeli wars than anywhere else on earth and that more non-Jews have been killed there by Jews than anywhere else is not a source of pride but one of deepest regret to all Jews WHO HAVE NOT BEEN INFECTED BY THE POISON OF ZIONISM.”

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Jonur, have a break and return promptly, please.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  Salu. 




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