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New Series 58: Today we will discuss the lies and history of the Khazar tribe and THE HOLOCAUST

7/25/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns58)

Good morning; Hatonn present to commune with you in the light of Holy God.  Amen.

Today we will discuss the lies and history of the Khazar tribe and THE HOLOCAUST.  The Jewish Khazar has used many a dirty deed to keep the truth away from the masses of you the people.  And in the process STOLE ALL THE WORLD’S MONEY (GOLD!).  It is time for Americans to know the secret of “Israel” and what really happened in Germany when the Ashkenazi—not Sephardic—“Jews” were there during the closing years of World War II and the events leading up to the start of the war.

Not only were massive lies given to you about gas chambers and so-called “death camps”, but the financial cost—TO YOU—is beyond your comprehension.  And it is still going on now!  Where do you think all that money you owe to yourself is ending up!?!

Who is holding the heavy taxes you paid and the deeds to all those homes and farms and buildings that got foreclosed on????  Obviously, it ain’t the American people, is it?  Well, let us go through a little bit of history and see if we cannot follow the trail of breadcrumbs and name the guilty party!  As man comes into realization of just who the enemy is that is causing all the chaos in the world—BY DESIGN—it will be discovered that the Turkish Khazar sits behind the veil pulling all the strings.



This is the big one, people; this is the truth the Khazar false “Jew” does not want the world to know about!  Many high ranking military and political leaders (particularly from World War II) have been murdered for trying to tell you ones in America that THE JEWISH “HOLOCAUST” DID NOT HAPPEN THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD AND TAUGHT.  “Accidents” and “Suicides” have a funny way of occurring to those who have a different version of events than those sanctioned by the Israeli Zionists.

Please understand that the Norway attack, the Chinese Bullet Train crash (by particle beam surgical strike—remember, lightning looks like the blast from one of these Star Wars weapons), Black so-called “Master Terrorists” planning infrastructure disasters in America (no matter how many Black boys they flash on the television screen—Black people KNOW that these beautiful-looking young men are not capable of the things the Khazars are telling you they are), and all the so-called “Home-grown” White Supremacists said to plot overthrow of America and blowing up buildings—ARE ZIONIST SUBVERSIVE OPERATIONS DESIGNED TO MAKE AMERICA A POLICE STATE:  BY TAKING AWAY ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND ALLOWING HIDDEN UNITED NATIONS TROOPS TO MATERIALIZE OUT OF NOWHERE TO “RESTORE ORDER”.  EMERGENCY REGULATIONS—INCLUDING AN ECONOMIC “EMERGENCY”—WILL BE THE CATALYST THE LUCIFERIANS WILL USE!

I will give you a bit more FACT from a prior JOURNAL so you can have the information needed to decide for self.  Then I will go back and give you some detail of the above recent news items of the past few days, and answer a letter that was sent to me.

                                                *          *          *

An Arab chronicler states:

“As to the Khazars, they are to the north of the inhabited earth towards the 7th clime, having over their heads the constellation of the Plough.  Their land is cold and wet.  Accordingly, their complexions are white, their eyes blue, their hair flowing and predominantly reddish, their bodies large, and their natures cold.  Their general aspect is wild.”

Georgian, Armenian, and Arab scribes long, long ago wrote about these ones from your Holy Bible who were known, by the great prophets in Biblical times, as “Gog from the Land of Magog”.  This is the area described in Ezekiel 38 and 39, and it is this group or “Tribe” that suddenly CONVERTED TO JUDAISM—THE RELIGION OF THE HEBREWS.  They are of Jephath’s lineage, not from Noah’s son Sem/Shem, whose nephew was Heber.  Heber’s people became known as “HEBREWS”.

Isn’t this fun?  The unraveling of the mysteries is what we, here, are all about.  For it is the LACK of this information, or the lack of knowledge, that my people are destroyed.


It is obvious that, after a century of warfare, this Arab writer had no great sympathy for the Khazars.  Nor had the Georgian or Armenian scribes, whose countries, of a much older culture, had been repeatedly devastated by Khazar horsemen.  A Georgian chronicle, echoing an ancient tradition (PAY ATTENTION!), WITH THE HOSTS OF GOG AND MAGOG—“WILD MEN WITH HIDEOUS FACES AND THE MANNERS OF WILD BEASTS, EATERS OF BLOOD”.  (J. Edgar Hoover of the F.B.I. and Committee of 300 World Controllers, was poisoned in his bathroom for causing the many THOUSANDS OF MISSING AMERICAN CHILDREN to be focused upon, by putting pictures on the backs of milk cartons.  Chelas, those children were ritually sacrificed by Jews, their blood used in Passover bread in the U.S. and Israel!  Charles Lindbergh’s baby was kidnapped and murdered in this fashion.  THIS IS SERIOUS—THE KHAZAR ZIONISTS SERVE SATAN, PRECIOUS ONES, AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS IF YOU ARE TO PUT A STOP TO WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING.)  An Armenian writer refers to “… the horrible multitude of Khazars with insolent, broad, lashless faces and long falling hair, like women”.  (Radio personality Howard Stern and the Hungarian Jew Gene Simons of the rock music group KISS—which stands for, appropriately enough, “Knights In Service to Satan—seem to fit that description even today!  Do they not?!)  Lastly, the Arab geographer Istakhri, one of the main Arab sources, has this to say:  “The Khazars do not resemble the Turks.  (“Turk” also means a certain class or behavior of “a” group of peoples.  Khazars belonged to this classification—historically.)  They are black-haired and are of two kinds, one called the Kara-Khazars (Black Khazars) (Not meaning African “Black”), who are swarthy, verging on deep black as if they were a kind of Indian, and a white kind (Ak-Khazars) (Ashkenazi) (And yes, “nazi” and Hitler’s Nazi Party is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to Ashkenazi Jews of Germany.  Remember:  Sephardic “Jews” are from places in Europe like Spain and are Hebrew.   Ashkenazi “Jews” are considered GERMAN JEWS.), who are strikingly handsome.”  (Movie stars and politicians, perhaps?)

The latter is far more flattering, but ONLY adds to the confusion.  For it was customary among Turkish peoples to refer to the ruling classes or clans as “white”, to the lower strata as “black”, and thus you can see how “terminology” is of tremendous importance in deciphering truth.  Thus there is no reason to believe that the “White Bulgars” were “whiter” in color than the “Black Bulgars”, or the “White Huns” (the Ephtalites) who invaded India and Persia in the fifth and sixth centuries were of fairer skin than the other Hun tribes which invaded Europe.  Istakhri’s black-skinned Khazars—as much else in his and his colleagues’ writings—were based on hearsay and legend, and you are none the wiser regarding the Khazar’s physical appearance or their ethnic origins.

The last question can only be answered in a most vague fashion from historical documentations.  But it is equally frustrating to those who inquire into the origins of the Huns, Alans, Avars, Bulgars, Magyars, Bashkirs, Burtas, Sabirs, Uigurs, Saragurs, Onogurs, Utigurs, Kutrigurs, Tarniaks, Kotragars, Khabars, Zabenders, Pechenegs, Ghuzz, Kumans, Kipchaks, and dozens of other tribes of people who at one time or another in the lifetime of the Khazar Kingdom passed through the turnstiles of those migratory playgrounds.  (Keep in mind that this is at the base of the CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS of basically SOUTHERN RUSSIA, BETWEEN THE BLACK SEA, THE CASPIAN SEA—OR KHAZAR SEA, and northward along the River Volga.  While all this barbarian bloodshed was going on, The Hosts of God kept “The New World” and the Native “HUMANS”, as God called His people, HIDDEN from Europe and Asia’s “Old World”.  With its “discovery” in your current day, God gave man one more chance to salvage himself and turn his world around back unto the “Red Path” of balance and goodness, as the American “Indians” called it.)  Even the Huns, of whom you know much more, are of uncertain origin; their name is derived from the Chinese Hiung-nu, which designates warlike nomads in general, while other nations applied the name Hun in a similarly indiscriminate way (like “Turk” was applied to Khazar origin peoples) to nomadic hordes of all kinds, including the “White Huns” mentioned above, the Sabirs, Magyars, and KHAZARS.

Note that while the British at the time of World War I used the term “Hun” in the same pejorative sense, in Hungary school children were taught to look up to “our glorious Hun forefathers” with patriotic pride.  Attila (The Hun!) is still a popular first name in that area, and a very exclusive “rowing club” in Budapest was called “Hunnia”.

In the first century AD, the Chinese drove these disagreeable Hun neighbors (Close proximity to China is where the blackness of the hair and the “Mongol” influence of Ghengis Khan came from.  Remember Khan’s “Golden Horde” of terrible horsemen who raped, ravaged, and plundered all in their path?  As you are beginning to piece together from history—IT IS THIS “MELTING POT” OF EVIL HUMAN ACTIONS AND LASCIVIOUS BEHAVIOR THAT BOILS DOWN TO MAKE THE “JEW” WHO TERRORIZES YOUR ENTIRE WORLD THIS DAY.) westward, and thus started one of those periodic avalanches which swept for many centuries from Asia towards the West.  From the fifth century onward, many of these westward-bound tribes were called by the generic name of “Turks”.  The term is also supposed to be of Chinese origin (apparently derived from the name of a hill) and was subsequently used to refer to all tribes who spoke languages with certain common characteristics—the “Turkic” language group.  Thus the term Turk, in the sense in which it was used by medieval writers—and often also by modern ethnologists—refers primarily to language and not to race.  In this sense the Huns and Khazars were “Turkic” people (but not the Magyars, whose language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group).

The Khazars language was supposedly a Chuvash dialect of Turkish, which still survives in the Autonomous Chuvash Soviet Republic, between the Volga and the Sura.  The Chuvash people are actually believed to be descendants of the Bulgars, who spoke a dialect similar to the Khazars.  From this original language integrated into the more recently accepted Arab/Hebrew dialect—came “YIDDISH”.  Do you feel the trail getting hotter and hotter?

The origin of the original name “Khazar”, and the modern derivations to which it gave rise, came from the Turkish root gaz “to wander” (This is why TODAY’S KHAZAR JEW has no homeland; they believe “The whole world ought to belong to us!”  Israel belongs to the Palestinians.  There was no such “place” as Israel BEFORE 1947!! in all Biblical history!  As I have stated many times—“israel”, in lower case letters, means goodly and Godly followers of God.  No more and no less.  The Zionists CREATED THE STATE/NATION OF ISRAEL TO FOOL THE WORLD INTO BELIEVING THAT THEY—NOT THE HEBREWS—ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK!  And it has been the secret of the ages—in its confusion.), and simply means “nomad”.  And now, hold your breath:  the really interesting derivations from it are the Russian Cossack and the Hungarian Hussar—both signifying martial horsemen; and also the German KETZER—“HERETIC, I.E.:  JEW!”

I would herein say that this information has GREAT IMPACT on what is going on in your world this day!

                                                *          *          *

Jonur, break here, please, and have respite and nourish the body.  Return promptly in that we may continue with the true history of the Jewish holocaust.  Thank you for your service.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  Salu.        

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