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New Series 88: From here on out, you will need to have the latest “Intelligence” regarding your enemy’s moves and the many counter-moves that are being readied against you.

 1/04/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns88)

Hatonn present to commune in this your new year.  You are 25 YEARS AND ONE-HUNDRED FORTY-TWO DAYS into the new millennium.  Not 1999-2000 as you erroneously calculate.  August 17th, 1987, is “The New Year”, chelas; everything is based on this date for the prophecies and predictions and whatnot.

And indeed, there is much taking place that is DESIGNED BY MAN to be pulled off “as divine prophecy”, but it will not be so.  The evil “Jew”, hiding in the heritage of the Hebrew/Judean peoples, wrote your stories so as to lead the world to this day—with them in charge of the planet!


From here on out, you will need to have the latest “Intelligence” regarding your enemy’s moves and the many counter-moves that are being readied against you.  This is tough, chelas, I know; my scribe feels it the most because he HAS studied The WORD and sees the “signs” coming to pass.  However, it is the family, friends, and loved ones that pain him.  Therefore, the truth must go out, since only then can others be “saved”.


“Murder on the train” is a good James Bond title of what happened to North Korea’s President. Heart attacks are standard causes of death when “Spy versus Spy” plays itself out and spills over unto your controlled media outlets.  And what of the youngest son, who passed over the two older boys—“playboys and party animals”—is he not a threat?

It does not matter very much who sits on North Korea’s throne; the adversary is BEHIND THE SCENES, precious ones.  The fact that the youngest boy is put in charge, and is viewed as a quiet “papa’s boy”, perhaps, is deceptive.  This young man will be the worst tyrant your world has seen IF your New World Order/Global Government uses Korea as the means for igniting the Asian end of the Armageddon script.  Because he will follow orders to do exactly as he is programmed—lest he end up like his father!


In addition to North Korea’s sudden change in power structuring, the Arab world has gone through a political “face-lift” the likes of which has never been seen in the entire history of the Middle East!  Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc., etc., have all been simultaneously attacked by the elite conspirators, thus making the final portion of the Armageddon script workable.

It will be no accident when the Saudi Arabian oil fields go up in a nuclear fireball.  Nor will it be “coincidental” that China’s 500 MILLION TROOPS begin marching WEST into the battle fields, and that North Korea “does something foolish” to provide the excuse.  The British Intelligence and Israeli Mossad terror squads are already in place, my friends; that is how they accomplished the domino-effect of the toppling of so-called “dictatorships”.  Not just in the Arab world, but look at Greece and Italy and the entire collapse of the European money system!  This is a JEWISH LUCIFERIAN PLAN to gain control And it is working!  The Rothschild patriarch is quoted much by the saying, “Permit me to control the printing/minting of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws”.


The silly models that are shown to the public are just radio-controlled toys.  The stealth technology that is really in use today is never allowed to be photographed and presented.  The covert maneuvering on such matters is to create a “credible” threat to allow Israel to use America or France (as in the war on Libya) to stage an air strike on Iran.  The saber-rattling is just what the Zionists want the Iranian government to do for it allows the justification—“To get them before they get us!”

The RQ 170 Drone was not the only “drone” or even aircraft shot down.  Throughout all your wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, South America—anywhere you are involved PUBLICLY—AND ESPECIALLY COVERTLY—PILOTS AND PLANES ARE LOST.  The technology involved, both in craft construction and in the weapons systems, ARE TOP SECRET AND ABOVE CLASSIFICATIONS.  So you will be given “cover stories” every single time.

The dead or captured pilots are hidden in a maze of “red tape” that is designed to cover actual KIAs (Killed In Action).  Never is the public to get the real numbers of the holocausts of the Jewish Harvest called “War”.  Families are informed piecemeal and spread out over time so the numbers remain “acceptable”.

Just like the prisoners of war from Korea and Vietnam—American soldiers in Russian jails!  And your press never speaks of it.  My, the secrets that need uncovering if you are to set this world to right!


Since the Russians have Cosmosphere (“UFOs”, if you will) bases on Mars and your Earth’s Moon, all the talk of Mars rovers and future missions to the red planet are B.S.!  The biggest cover-up known to man (or unknown, as the case may be) IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUTER SPACE.  Even though you cannot go to another star/sun like your own sun/star, you CAN AND DO VISIT THE PLANETS AND MOONS OF YOUR OWN ISLAND UNIVERSE.

There are also “other” beings with their own civilizations LIVING RIGHT INSIDE YOUR LITTLE SOLAR ORBITING SYSTEM AROUND YOUR YELLOW STAR.  Saturn has beings who populate one of the moons—who gave Hitler most of the technology to build his “flying saucers”.  Indeed, your governments do make treaties with more than just the “Indians”, chelas, I promise you that!

The Russians control space with their very sophisticated Hovering Weapons Platforms—Cosmosphers, or “Super Heavies”, as they call the larger craft.  In the daytime, if you look high in the air and they are not running the invisibility field that “cloaks” the craft, these Russian “Space Shuttles” look like soft, white balls or pearls.  They are either stationary or moving gently, but quickly, through the clear blue sky.  They are frequently seen in various formations, easily mistaken for birds with a causal glance.  At night they pose a different kind of threat, ONE CRAFT SITTING ON THE HORIZON, OR LOW IN THE EVENING SKY LOOKS AS BIG AND AS BRIGHT AS THE PLANET VENUS!  That is the brightest object seen at night, other than your Moon!

Jupiter, too, is big and bright, and when the Panic Project is loosed on you unsuspecting people, The Stars are going to “Fall From The Sky”.  Is that not part of your Biblical Prophecy?  Since the stars will not literally be falling to or from anywhere, might this be what the witnesses (prophets) are trying to describe?


The only reason the Russians are way out front of the rest of your nations is because they got the higher ground!  Through Rockefeller/Zionist back-stabbing, and the selling AND GIVING!!! of American secrets to the then-“Soviets”, America lost the secret space war with Russia!  That is why you suddenly stopped going to the Moon.

Russia then picked up where you left off and has been sending rockets, with great haste, into space ever since!  The massive blackout of news coming from the Kremlin’s space program is due to that, but also the Russian Space Command and the KGB do EVERYTHING IN SECRET—THEN DEPLOY SUDDENLY AND IN GREAT NUMBERS!  That is why the technology of real Star Wars weaponry and craft capabilities is more recognized as “magic” to the civilian and military populations who might witness something.

So, when you wonder HOW the camel-riding Arab in the hot desert shot down your “most sophisticated spy drone”, know that Russia pulled the trigger.  Keep in mind, however, that the Zionist “Soviets” (Khazar “Jews”) are Russia’s most bitter enemy and have been for more than 900 YEARS!  More history lessons the Jewish professors do not teach you in YOUR!!! Christian schools!


Virginia is the home of your Central Intelligence Agency, and it is the home of MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA, Project PHOENIX (not to be confused with our Phoenix JOURNALS or any of God’s “projects”—the enemy loves to use goodly names and things to hide their evil schemes!), Project MONARCH (as in butterfly), and any other MIND-CONTROL PROJECT THEY COULD CONJURE UP!

2007 was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.  33 people were killed (this is not lost on the Freemasons and their use of 32nd and 33rd Degree Masonic Levels—CIA and this fraternal order are hand-in-glove tight!)—AND NOT BY A LONE, DISGRUNTLED STUDENT.  Just as with the mass killing in Norway, the evil adversary is readying the world for a global take over through FALSE ATTACKS BLAMED ON A SINGLE PERSON “GONE MAD”, the reason being to get Americans to surrender their firearms.

In other nations, the protestors throw rocks at the tanks and armor that have stolen the people’s rights.  Don’t you think the occupying forces would think twice if the citizens were armed FOR DEFENSE like you are?  The usurpers know just how far to push YOUR citizens who have no jobs and are losing EVERYTHING to the evil Jews.  So little excuses have to be employed to chip away at The CONSTITUTION AND THE CITIZENS’ RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.  Gun registration is the beginning—so they know WHERE you are.  Then, gun restriction, so they can tell you which guns you are allowed to own—the ones used by the “lone gunmen” ALWAYS MAKE THE LIST!

And finally, confiscation.  Whatever reasons are dreamed up, the United Nations now has LEGAL—BUT UNLAWFUL—RIGHT TO FORCIBLY ENTER YOUR HOME AND TAKE ANY GUN ON THAT LIST—WORKING OR NOT!  And of course, if you are found in violation, ALL weapons are removed and you go to prison for a MANDATORY 5-YEAR TERM!

Let us break here, Jonur, and see if we can keep our New Year’s resolution of daily writings—unbroken, from here on out.

Gyeorgos Hatonn moving to stand-by.  OUT.


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