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New Series 166: Fireworks are the next target for confiscation, so you do not have the capability to make defensive weapons from gunpowder to protect yourselves from United Nations troops who invade your cities. Any and all manner to defend your family and community is being systematically taken from you. Right now America is AN ARMED POPULOUS, takeover by foreign “Communist” (Soviet, Chinese, Viet Cong, South American, etc.) troops is next to impossible, and therefore, your defenses must be neutralized. Keep in mind the Khazar goal to destroy you from within using “terror attacks” as the excuse to enforce more and ever-increasing restrictions.

6/08/13 from Hatonn/jonur (ns166)

Good evening Jonur.  Let us proceed straight away with the job at hand; the time element will correct itself.  For with God all things “happen” in perfect timing, regardless of what man tries to plan.  I come in the Radiance of our Creator SOURCE.  Amen.

Fireworks are the next target for confiscation, so you do not have the capability to make defensive weapons from gunpowder to protect yourselves from United Nations troops who invade your cities.  Any and all manner to defend your family and community is being systematically taken from you.  Right now America is AN ARMED POPULOUS, takeover by foreign “Communist” (Soviet, Chinese, Viet Cong, South American, etc.) troops is next to impossible, and therefore, your defenses must be neutralized.  Keep in mind the Khazar goal to destroy you from within using “terror attacks” as the excuse to enforce more and ever-increasing restrictions.


Everything is happening before your eyes.  PROOF of God’s existence and of the heavenly (“Sky” as mistranslated in your Holy Bible—the King James Version to be precise.)  Hosts are all around you.  Your evil Jewish adversary keeps you too busy to notice – that is THE plan.  Television programs the masses to have “tunnel vision” you no longer look to nature for your answers.  Only that which the Zionists place before you is of any importance, the Aboriginals, or Native Americans looked to Mother Nature.  The “UFOs” and “little Moon Eyes”, the little beings from the Reticulum Binary (two stars/suns) star system, and “The Pale Prophet (“Jesus”), were known to these ones as God Himself called “humans”.

The adversary knows that an AWAKENED POPULOUS is their number one enemy, for once you see the Dragon before you thy enemy is revealed.


The incidents happening in the United States that seem to be random attacks on groups—and individuals—which turn up the heat on gun control, are staged for that very purpose.  While your nation is distracted by mindless so-called “reality TV”, where women are PAID EXTRA to jump up on tables and pull each other’s hair, and tear at their tight-fitting little dresses, United Nations SOVIET troops are being moved around on U.S. soil and all over the place south of your boarder.

You will not see this on any of your news broadcasts, nor are your government representatives going to talk about it.  The people—American Citizens—will have to lead the way.  Then, your elected officials in city, state, and federal levels will stand with you.

The Zionists, who control your world through gold, run the planet through puppet leaders who are either in their pocket from bribes, or by blackmail.  And since you-the-people allow the silly antics of politicians who act immorally, they have no consequences to suffer when they themselves break the laws of your land.  THE CRIMINALS HAVE TAKEN OVER, JUST AS THEY HAVE IN MEXICO WITH THE DRUG CARTELS.  BUSH AND CLINTONS CIA DRUG IMPORT BUSINESS IS BIG BUSINES TODAY, AND NO ONE SEEMS TO EVEN BET AN EYELASH!  That is a Jewish controlled cartel, which uses U.S. bases and aircraft to haul in tons of illegal narcotics.

If the people of your nation woke up to that fact, and demanded a return of CONSTITUTIONAL Law back to the people, where it belongs—as a Republic of The People (Not a Democracy—that is a “Communist” term utilized falsely by the Bolshevik Khazar Jews to destroy Republics.)—then the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) would collapse overnight.

The trap has long been set to remove your basic freedoms and you know it not.  You have elected (again) a President OF the people, so you DO HAVE POWER OF CHANGE—USE IT!


The top African American representative of the United States of America—AS WELL AS THE TOP REPRESENTATIVE, PERIOD, and UNDER THE PRESIDENT—is the Honorable James E. Clyburn Majority Whip (meaning “the Whip” that leads the team), U.S. Congress of South Carolina.  In your Constitutional Republic the Majority Whip runs Congress, and Congress alone has the power to mint and coin money (gold and currency); AND ALONE HAS THE POWER TO DECLARE WAR!

The Zionist Bolshevik (”Soviet” Anti-Christ MILITARISTIC Khazar Jews—not Russian Christians, who are your friends) High Command, that has taken over your National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), and your PENTAGON defense department, has usurped your Constitutional Government and is using all your resources to foster global terror.  The public is unaware that “the drug” war, terrorism, and the economic collapse of Europe and the rest of the Western World—IS COVERTLY DONE BY ISRAEL THROUGH AMERICA!  THE SINISTER AND UNHOLY ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE ISRAELI MOSSAD AND BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, SECRETLY USES YOUR NATION TO FUND ALL THE WARS IN THE WORLD—WHILE SUPPLYING YOUR NATION’S ENEMIES WITH BULLETS, GUNS, PLANES, MILITARY SECRETS, YOUR GRAIN SURPLUS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE THEY ASK FOR!  Your cities are broke, and yet, the Jews have purposely bled your citizens of their money through Constitutionally ILLEGAL FEDERAL TAXATION!  Not one dime, not one red cent, goes to paying for roads, buildings, or operational government!  Nothing goes to beautifying and maintaining your parks, aquariums and museums—you have been had!

Even your multi-billion dollar “lotto” scam, that is for schools and books for your children, is a complete farce!  Your schools are the WORST IN THE SO-CALLED “CIVILIZED” WORLD!!  And you call yourselves an enlightened culture??!  Do you not see that all that wealth and POWER America had has been secretly funneled into Israel?!  Your schools are closed, no money for teachers, no money for street lights, firemen or ambulances, and EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT has taken over your planet!  This is what Jesus was trying to tell you back at the Temple when he drove out the “Jews” (not Hebrew Judean—like himself and you) with A DONKEY’S WHIP!  The Money Changers are the enemy of God AND God’s People!

This is from where “Majority Whip” comes from:  Drive out the evil hypocrites and steer the people’s government in a GODLY DIRECTION!


God Aton stands with His servants, and the one or two who serve God while serving the people are among His favorite!  Miracles are made manifest and nations are founded in Christ-ness, when such men come into the world.  For behold, that is what the Creation called “MAN” is all about.

Justness for your fellow man in Just (ness) government is manifesting God upon your Earth.  How can you possibly dream and hope and pray, for Heaven and “a better life of milk and honey”, if you allow this planet and this nation founded UNDER GOD, to be given over to the evil Anti-Christ/Anti-God???  I you cannot “save” your own little world, what makes you think you would be welcomed with open arms elsewhere????

You must make a stand for God-ness and a return to Constitutional Law that puts AMERICAN INTERESTS FIRST!  Not Jewish Zionist policy—which leads to bankruptcy, nuclear war, and U.S. concentration and DEATH CAMPS!

Write to your Majority Whip; tell him you KNOW that this is a NATION of THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  Americans have the constitutionally protected right to Redress their Grievances.  South Carolina is an important State in your Union, especially so, for the former slaves who were brought there on THE JEWISH OWNED SLAVE SHIPS IN CHAINS.  Now the Jew intends on enslaving ALL the races of your America—Whites, Native, Asian, Hispanic, and otherwise!  The Spirit of freedom is strong in South Carolina, and it will be from that place that it is born again.

In August, the month Immanuel “Jesus” SANANDA was birthed, the ending/beginning of the ancient calendar cycle; as well as the counting of these PHOENIX JOURNALS by daily, dated headings; is a time of SPIRITUAL RENEWAL.  Therefore, if you know a Clyburn, send Prayer and Blessings unto them, and make known your support for that which we all are striving and endeavoring to accomplish.  A RETURN OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC TO THAT WHICH THE FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED.  RECLAIM GOD’S NATION IN THE NAME OF GOD, AND THROW OUT THE DEN OF ZIONIST THIEVES WHO HAVE STOLEN THY HERITAGE AND PATRIMONY!  Jesus was crucified by the very same Pharisee Khazar Jews who, even now, plot to genocide His people—you of America!

Is not now the time to EARN YOUR INDIVIDUAL SALVATION?  What have YOU done thus far to warrant God stepping in on your behalf?  Think about that question most carefully, indeed, for you are living out the final hours of your Biblical Times you’ve been preaching about.  Are you just going to sit back and hope another does your part of the task?

What WILL YOU tell God when thy Judgment is upon you???  Remember, chelas, it will be just the two of you, when the Book of Life is opened for you.  What can you point to and say, “See, Father, I endeavored to do this….!”  Or, will you remain silent as you review all that you COULD have done, but refused to act?

One or two of Us will be there to give you a little support, but it is just you and God, friends.


Go within and ask for guidance, then ACT!  God will do His part automatically—but the Father will not do it for you.

Everyone has his or her own gift, a cosmic purpose set up in the grand scheme of the Creator source.  The universe will conspire to help you in all your dealings and projects of divine and lofty ambitions.  That is what the Play of Creation is all about.

Indeed, the Khazar Jews are powerful, but that power is a seeming power that you handed over to your adversary.  Only a handful of false Judeans calling themselves “Jews” control your world affairs.  Five men are the Elite of the Zionists who pull the strings of all the puppet masters themselves, and the great multitudes are enslaved, thusly.


Zionist Power:  Myth or Reality?

By Mohamed Khodr

Author’s Note:  This article provides a glaring window into how and why the American Zionist oligarchy enslaves a superpower to do Israel’s bidding.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013.


… From a Jerusalem Post article, “Abbas is evil, may the Lord strike him”, August 29, 2010, the leader of the Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, whose members are in Netanyahu’s government was reported saying:  “After mentioning the traditional New Year’s wish of “may those who hate us be finished,” Yosef reportedly said that God should send a plague to Abbas and the Palestinians, and they should be finished. …  [Hatonn:  Perhaps, like the AIDS PLAGUE unleashed upon the world to kill off the Black population, the homosexual community, and—as planned—the rest of you nice Christians of the globe?  Seeing that it was created in a test tube in Tel Aviv, Israel, through orders from the Bolshevik (Jewish) controlled Pentagon, as A MILITARY BIOLOGICAL WEAPON, I would say it is the same old “Serpent People” (what the Khazars labeled themselves) doing the same old tactics against Jesus’ children.]  Yosef also wished death on the Palestinian nation and prayed that “the Lord strike them down.”

According to a Ha’aretz article, Chabad rabbi:  “Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war.” [H:  Who do you suppose is the actual god of the Jews?!?] (June 9, 2009), Rabbi Manis Friedman said:  “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way:  Destroy their holy sites.  Kill men, women and children (and cattle).”  [H:  Keep in mind the Jewish label “Goy” or “Goyim” means “sacrificial HUMAN animal”, non-Jewish “beast”, that deserves to die by the slashing of the throat, and FREEMASON SACRAFICIAL CUTS (33, corresponding to the degrees of Masonry).  The mouth is bound and taped shut because Goys are lower than animals, and “they should be killed in silent and terrible anguish and pain”, whose cries should not have to be heard by  Jewish ears.  Just like the British Royal family’s “Jack the Ripper” murders in London, AND the O.S. Simpson murder trial (found “Not Guilty”, remember?  So, Constitutional Law was thrown by the way side, and he was tried again for the same crime!  That is called “Double Jeopardy”, and is ILLEGAL.  But by calling it a “Civil Trial”—allowing the Jews to rob you FINANCIALLY—the man was then found “guilty”.  As you have seen, drugs and mind control tactics, and secret agents fighting secret agents, finally DID get Simpson imprisoned.  Himself a CIA agent, the two factions—one for the Zionist New World Order, and the other against—always do their tit-for-tat covert intrigue partially hidden from public scrutiny.  However, once you KNOW, the façade is lifted.), the Jewish way to fight wars is “… By Deception” just like the Israeli Mossad—the Khazar secret service—mandates.]  Freedman wrote in response to the question posed by Moment Magazine for its ‘Ask the Rabbis’ feature.”


Jonur, break here for this chapter, keeping them to around 10 pages makes digestion of the information easier, and comprehension better.   Hatonn to standby. 

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