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New Series 167: Zionist Khazar (“Jewish”) power structure: Israel, the genocidal killer of children, especially in its murderous attack on Gaza 2008-2009, has no hesitation to use banned weapons such as White Phosphorus bombs, unknown chemical bombs, cluster bombs, and many others without a simple whimper from the western governments, beyond expressing their “concern” or “regret”. In fact every bomb, rocket, or bullet that shreds the body of a Palestinian child is immediately replaced by occupied America.

6/30/13 from Hatonn/jonur (ns167)

Hatonn present to resume the Zionist Khazar (“Jewish”) power structure in your United States and worlds.  Salu!


… Israel, a Rogue Racist Apartheid Killing Machine.

Israel, the genocidal killer of children, especially in its murderous attack on Gaza 2008-2009, has no hesitation to use banned weapons such as White Phosphorus bombs, unknown chemical bombs, cluster bombs, and many others without a simple whimper from the western governments, beyond expressing their “concern” or “regret”.  In fact every bomb, rocket, or bullet that shreds the body of a Palestinian child is immediately replaced by occupied America.

In the cowardly, spineless Israeli American Congress, you have made your bed with the Zionist Jewish Oligarchy that feeds your campaign coffers and scares you to death should you oppose them lest your career—or even your life—end.  But Americans are gradually awakening to your Zionist-occupied souls and thus will exact harsh electoral revenge upon you, if not prosecuting you as war criminals.  An American song writer, Michael Heart, was so moved by the carnage of children in Gaza that he composed this most beautiful song for Gaza:

“We will not go down in Gaza Tonight”.
[Video link online anthem—for—Gaza]

You can also watch this video and read the lyrics [online].

While the Israeli-dominated US Congress is silent out of greed for Jewish money and abject fear, a Jewish member of Britain’s parliament, Sir Gerald Kaufman, member of the Labor Party arose to speak and condemn Israel’s genocidal unprovoked attack on Gaza 2008-2009.  In his speech he stated that “Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism.”

Please WATCH his short speech:  Courage and Compassion Absent in the U.S. Government [online].

On Anti-Semitism, the real weapon of mass destruction, and Holocaust Denial, this is what former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni said in an interview on Democracy Now:

“Well, it’s a trick, we always use it.  When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust.  When in this country (U.S.) people are criticizing Israel then they are anti-Semitic.  And the organization (Israel Lobby) is very strong and has [a] lot of money.  And the ties between Israel and American estab—Jewish establishment are very strong—and they are strong in this country as you know.  And they have power which is OK.”—Democracy Now Interview August 14, 2002, WATCH the Shulamit Aloni Interview [online].

So how and to what use has the “Jewish Oligarchy” in the U.S. used this unparalleled power?  Mainly for two purposes:

A Tribal Solidarity:  For Mutual Enrichment.

That ensures and promotes the wealth and power of fellow Zionist Jews in all institutions from the government, to academia, to the media, Wall Street, and Hollywood.  Hence the disproportionate presence and media exposure of Zionist Jews reinforcing their power to intimidate politicians and the public.  Because of this Americans believe that Jews are a greater proportion of the population when in fact they are <1.7%.

Support Israel at All Costs, Even if it Means Americans Pay and Die.

The Zionist Jewish Oligarchy has been the driving force for America’s war, its economic recession, its Arab and Islam—ophopia, media complicity to pressure the U.S. Government to adopt Israel’s agenda, the cleansing of anyone from any institution who dares question America’s blind support of Israel.  Ensuring that billions of American tax dollars go to Israel even at times of high debt and deficits, even if it means stealing the very food and milk from America’s school children.  [Hatonn:  The numbers are staggering—untold BILLIONS IN “INTELLIGENCE SERVICES” is being “charged” to the United States by your best buddy ally, Israel, for “services rendered”.  Now, what sort of ally would rob your nation for spy work that you knew nothing about—nor asked for????!!!  What sort of evil-minded entities would insist on trying to collect a king’s ransom many times over that would literally BANKRUPT YOUR NATION????!!!  On top of having a so-called blank check when it comes to all your latest aircraft and weapons systems—shipped straight to Israel—even at the expense of your own soldiers not having anything left to defend themselves!!!  And, in addition, Israel is given tens of millions of dollars annually—IN CASH—for reparations from the hoax of the holocaust—that YOU Americans saved them from!!!  (I repeat - there was a “holocaust”, just not anything like you’ve been told.  350,000 Judean Hebrews and German P.O.W.s, and interned German CIVILIANS were killed—not the 6-14 Million the Khazar “Jews” “remind you of” every single year, so you pay up!  How is it that the rescuers have become libel???  This is a lawyer (Jewish Khazar) trick to bilk Christians out of their life savings and their property, and eventually, your very lives!  Don’t your own citizens need YOUR MONEY for YOUR NATION and people???!!!  Do you not see the “Sorcery” being played out to destroy you, as your Holy Bible states, that the false Jews from Revelation 2:9, 3:9 will use???  Sorcery and “Pharmaceutics” are a reference in your Holy Book meaning DRUGS of all manner—“legal” and illegal—to “mesmerize” the masses into a stupor.  When an entire nation is thus poisoned in the mind, as well as the body, you can be conquered by thine enemy.  The Pharisee/Sadducee Khazar false “Jews”, pretending to be the Judean Hebrew people of the Book, have NEVER lost sight of THEIR goals—you have, however, and now the evil adversary is teaching you falsely about your own God!  Wake up Christians and Godly children of America—you are the last hope for a weary world!

In short, this Oligarchy is running and ruining America for the sake of a foreign nation, Israel, whose interests in the region usually run counter to America’s interests.

Thus, not only Palestine is occupied by Jewish Zionists, but the United States itself.

Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard, co-authored the book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, a must read for anyone interested in how American foreign policy is hijacked in the Middle East to serve Israel’s interests.  In his article “The Greatest Elected Body that Money Can Buy” in Foreign Policy, he highlights how Congress submits to Israel rather than to the American people.  In it he writes of how a large delegation of Congressmen and women flew to Israel to assure the Zionist state that they will not cut a dollar from aid to Israel while at home they are cutting programs to feed and educate American children.

They would rather send money and weapons to kill Palestinian children then save America’s hungry, homeless, uninsured, and unschooled children.

The question is not simply the power of the Jewish Oligarchy but is a question for all humanity.  How long will the Gentile world of 7 billion remain silent, subordinate, and submissive in the face of Israel’s genocidal wars against defenseless children in Palestine and Lebanon?  Are we Gentiles created only to serve Jews as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said?
Forget the paralyzed governments, forget the U.N., forget the Arab League, forget the European Union, forget America’s superpower—it is WE THE PEOPLE—who should arise in an “International Spring” to free Palestine from the evil folk of Israel and its “Jewish Oligarchy” in the U.S. and Europe.
I our collective silence every one of us is complicit in such evil.  NO MORE.


The Zionist Story:  A good background to Israel’s founding and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the continuing conflict.

U.N. Report:  Summary of Zionist Terrorism in Palestine—1944-1948.

Watch Al Nakba.  The “Catastrophe” of Israel’s founding and Theft of Palestine.  Very Important to Watch:  A Danish Documentary on the power of the Israeli Lobby in the U.S.; starts in Danish then English:  The Israel Lobby.  Portrait of a Great Taboo.

Federal Agencies and Think Tanks Dominated by Jews.

Important Jewish Led Federal Agencies:  Providing Cover & Support to the “Jewish Oligarchy” [Hatonn:  “Government in the hands of a ‘Few’.”]

SEC:  Securities and Exchange Commission—Mary Schapiro, Chairman.

FDIC:  Federal Deposit Insurance Commission—Martin J. Gruenberg, Acting Chairman.

FDA:  Food [and] Drug Administration—Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner.

CDC:  Center for Disease Control—Director Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH.

FTC:  Federal Trade Commission—Chairman Jon Leibowitz.

SBA:  Small Business Administration—Karen Mills, Administrator.

IRS: Internal Revenue Service (tax collection)—Douglas Shulman, Commissioner.

Jewish Led Think Tanks:
There are literally hundreds of think tanks in Washington D.C. alone.

These thoughtless, heartless think tanks are the primary source for domestic and foreign policies for the President, Cabinet Officers, and Congress.  They provide position papers, talking points, sound bites, and interview advice that ensures a staunch pro-Israel agenda.

Council on Foreign Relations:  Richard Hass, President.

American Enterprise Institute:  Arthur C. Brooks

Washington Institute for Near East Policy (formed by AIPAC)—Robert Satloff, President.
Trilateral Commission—Joseph Nye.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace—Jessica Tuchman Matthews.

Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs—David Ganz, President.

Center for Security Policy—Frank Gaffney, President

Foundation for Defense of Democracies—Clifford May, President.

California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism”.

By Tom Carter—Global Research, September 4, 2012.

Last month, the California State Assembly passed a resolution urging state educational institutions to more aggressively crack down on criticism of the State of Israel on campuses, which the resolution defines as “anti-Semitism”.  The anti-democratic [H:  Again, “democracy” is a communist – Marxist conjuring, foisted off on you-the-people to make you “forget” that you have a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC FOUNDED UNDER GOD.  The “Protocols” of Khazarian “Zion”, and its 100-year successors, added that to “communize” a nation, first… create a “democracy”… which leads to the destruction of any Republic.] resolution is the latest step in the broader campaign to stifle and suppress dissent on California’s increasingly volatile campuses.

The California State Assembly is the lower house of the state legislature, consisting of 80 members.  The resolution—H.R. 35:  “Relative to anti-Semitism”—was passed by a vote of 66 to 8, including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats in the Assembly.

The resolution was drafted Republican Linda Halderman and passed without public discussion.  The vote on the resolution came when most students were between semesters and away from their campuses.


Break here for Chapter, please.  Hatonn to standby.  Salu!   

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