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New Series 178: Syria is where the Khazar false Jews are now planning to set off World War III/Nuclear War I. It matters not from which “Arab” nation the spark is struck, the PLAN is to have NUCLEAR WAR and take ALL LANDS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. The Jews make their fortunes from causing all the wars in your world.

9/15/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns178)

Hatonn present in service unto Holy God, Amen.  Let us continue straight away, please, Jonur, time is of the essence in these final hours.  May we inspire and bring truth to those who are in the searching thereof.

Syria is where the Khazar false Jews are now planning to set off World War III/Nuclear War I.  It matters not from which “Arab” nation the spark is struck, the PLAN is to have NUCLEAR WAR and take ALL LANDS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  The Jews make their fortunes from causing all the wars in your world.  They are the evil money changers from Jesus’ day, and He was murdered for trying  to tell you the truth of it.  So let us look at the PLAN the money changers have conjured up to destroy Christianity, and then, ultimately, the planet itself!


“The Goyim (Gentiles) are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves.  And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?”

In this Protocol they go into further detail about destroying the last vestiges of our type of government and replacing it with their Jewish world order which will come in the form of a revolution of the State.  As a precondition to this new world order, many combinations of concepts which we now accept, such as freedom of the press, right of association, freedom of conscience, the voting principle, and many others must disappear forever from the memory of man.  The Jews want to make sure that when such victims must recognize once and for all that they the Jews are so strong, so super-abundantly filled with power, that in no case will they take account of any protestor will they pay any attention whatsoever to the opinions or wishes of the Goyim, and they want to impress upon us that they are ready and able to crush with irresistible power all expressions of such protest at any moment and at every place.  In fear and trembling the Goyim will close his eyes to everything and be content to wait and see how it will all end.  In the meantime, the Jews will keep the Goyim Gentiles pacified by promising to give back to them all the liberties they have taken away as soon as they have quelled “the enemies of peace”.  [Hatonn:  Like, perhaps, the promising to pay back those gifts and loans and how about only keeping the Executive Orders and Emergency Regulations in place ONLY until the emergency is over!  Somehow neither ever gets done!]

Why are they doing this?  In order to obtain in a roundabout way that which their scattered tribe would be unable to obtain by direct methods.  That is why they have organized an army of Masonic lodges—to throw a smoke screen over their real aims which are not even so much as suspected by “… these Goy cattle”.

“God has granted to us, His Chosen People, the gift of the dispersion, and in this, which appears in all eyes to be our weakness, has come forth all our strength, which has now brought us to the threshold of sovereignty over ALL THE WORLD.”

Literature and journalism are regarded by the Jews as the two most important educative forces and therefore they want to make sure that their government will become the sole proprietor of the majority of all journals.  They regard freedom of the press or, freedom as such, as the right to do ONLY that which the law allows.  Since they are going to either create or abolish such laws as are desirable to them, all freedom will be in their hands.

Propaganda and the press which creates it are therefore regarded as a key to control over the Goyim.  We shall saddle and bridle it with a tight curb:  we shall do the same also with all productions of the printing press:  anybody in the printing business will be required to have a stamp tax and deposits of caution-money.  If anybody attacks the Jews, if such is then still possible, we WILL INFLICT FINES WITHOUT MERCY.”  They intend to so straddle the press that no one shall with impunity lift a finger on the correctness and infallibility of their government.

They will also establish magazines and papers of their own that will make phony attacks upon their Jewish establishment but, of course, they will be limited to such trivial points that will cause them no problem.  They will belabor a hundred sides of every point but never bringing up any real issues until they have the public so confused that they won’t know where they stand or what a valid opinion even is.  In any case, not a single announcement will reach the public without going through the colored spectacles “… which we are setting astride their noses.”  They brag that even now and this was written over 70 years ago [H:  now published nearly a century ago (1991)] there is no State secret that the Jews don’t have access to.  Now, all these years later, we can imagine how much further they are in control.  [H:  Can you, America?  About a century after these things were made public and KNOWN to you—what do you do?  Where do you stand?  These adversaries of God tell it EXACTLY the way it IS and have all but finalized their ages-old plan—to the letter!]

The future despotic Jewish State will have three classes of journals that they will control.  

In the front rank will stand organs of an official character.  These journals will always stand guard over the Jewish interests and they admit that, therefore, their influence will be comparatively small.  In the second rank will be semi-official organs (newspapers, publications, etc.) whose part it will be to attract the tepid and indifferent Goyim.  In the third rank they will set up their own papers, but to all appearances they will be in opposition to their regime.  This will (a) trap their real opponents to accept this simulated opposition as their own.  (b) They can lead the opposition opinion into the very channels to which they then desire, and thereby neutralize them.

In this way they will carry on their own sham fights which will confound and confuse the Goyim.  At the same time the Goyim will still be under the illusion that he is enjoying freedom of the press.

Even at the time that the Protocols were placed in writing the Jews bragged that with the French press all organs of the press are bound together by professional secrecy.  No journalist would venture to betray this secret, because not one of them was ever admitted to practice literature unless his past had some disgraceful episode with which the Jews could thereby blackmail and control that member of the press.  When the Jews have finally accomplished their world goal and have the despotic regime in full control, they intend to make sure that there will be no revelations by the press of any public dishonesty.  The new regime must be thought of to have so perfectly satisfied everybody that even criminality will seem to have disappeared.


This chapter is rather long and deals with the tremendously important role the Jewish-created Masonic Orders and Masonic Lodges play in control of the press, government and the Gentiles as a whole.

Masonic interpretation of the word “freedom”.  Further of the press in the Masonic Kingdom.  Control of the press.  Correspondence agencies.  What is progress as understood by Masonry?  More about the press.  Masonic solidarity in the press of today.  The arousing of “public” demands in the provinces.  Infallibility of the new regime.


The need for our daily bread will be the most powerful club the Jews intend to wield over the head of the Goyim to keep him in silence as their humble servant.  They will use their Gentile agents of the press to discuss those issues that are inconvenient for their official journals to mention.  The Jewish controlled regime will then simply take them to the public as an accomplished fact.  Once done, no one will dare to demand a change in the matter, and all the more so, since the Jewish press will then represent their new measures as a great improvement.  Immediately thereafter the press will distract the current thought towards new and frivolous questions.

As the Goyim people become more and more enslaved, the Jews intend to further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces and many other distractions such as competitions in art and sports of all kinds.  The Jewish controlled press alone will guide the people to any and all forms of opinion which the people will then regard as their own, because they, the Jews, will have all monopoly in offering them any new directions for thought. 

Liberals and Utopian dreamers will play their part in wrecking the remnants of the Goy government until the Jews take over.  After that these liberals will be of absolutely no value to them.  In fact, they may even be dangerous and they have to be set aside.  Although they will upset our whole “other” civilization and turn society up-side-down, their orators will expound at great length on how they have now brought us a wonderful, benevolent regime, though in reality they have enslaved us.  “Who will ever suspect then that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries?”


When the Jews have established their despotic kingdom they intend to make sure that no other religion will exist than their religion, the so-called religion of Moses, in which they will stand out as the “chosen people”.  All other forms of belief will be swept away.  They will then delude the Goyim that in their religion there exists a mystical rite on which all educational power is based.

After they have enslaved all the peoples of the world and imposed their tyrannical regime upon them they will then at every possible opportunity publish articles and make comparisons between their benevolent rule and those of the past ages.  They will extol the blessings of tranquility, although that tranquility was forcibly brought about by centuries of Jewish agitation.  The eras of the previous Goyim governments will be denounced by the Jews in the most forceful language.

All the useless changes of forms of government through which they have “run the Goyim” when they were undermining their State’s structures, will so have wearied the peoples, that finally they will prefer to suffer anything under the Jews rather than run the risk of enduring again all those agitations and miseries.  When they are in full power they will further emphasize again and again all the historical mistakes that their previous Goy government made for so many centuries by their lack of understanding of everything that constitutes the true good of humanity.  In contrast they will expound to them how fortunate the people now are in contrast to the dead and decomposed old order of things. In countries known as progressive and enlightened the Jews admit that it was they themselves who created a senseless, filthy and abominable literature.

Yet this will later be brought out as a charge and discredit to the old order.

No one will ever be allowed to bring under discussion their Jewish faith from its true point of view.  No one but the Jews will be fully instructed and fully learned of its contents.  None of the “chosen” will ever DARE TO BETRAY ANY OF ITS SECRETS NOR HOW IT WAS USED TO ENSLAVE THE REST OF HUMANITY.


One-day coup d'etat (revolution) over all the world.  Executions, future lot of Goyim-Masons.  Mysticism of authority.  Multiplication of Masonic lodges.  Central governing board of Masonic Elders.  The “Azev-tactics”.  Masonry as leader and guide of all secret societies.  Significance of public applause.  Collectivism, Victims, Executions of Masons.  Fall of the prestige of laws and authority.  Our position as the Chosen People.  Brevity and clarity of the laws of the kingdom of the future.  Obedience to orders.  Measures against abuse of authority.  Severity of penalties.  Age limit of judges.  Liberalism of judges and authorities.  The money of all the world.  Absolutism of Masonry.  Right of appeal.  Patriarchal “outside appearance” of the power of the one and only right.  The King of Israel.  Patriarch of all the world.


Hatonn to standby and await your summons where you are prepared to continue the next chapter, Jonur.  Salu. 

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