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7/23/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns174)
Hatonn present to commune.  I come in the Radiance of Holy God.  Amen.



“The Trillion Dollar Lie:  The Holocaust, Vol. 1.  The force behind the lie, the cause of the lie, and the Prince of Deceit:  The Anti-Christ!”  Phoenix JOURNAL #39, by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton, translator:  “dharma”.

This book from the continuing lessons by we of GOD’S HOSTS deals with the evil plans the “Jews” have for killing off God’s people.  Just as the 350,000 Judean Hebrews and German P.O.W.’s were killed by the Ashkenazi “Jews”—who are not Judeans nor are they considered Hebrew Judaists—so this same little group is planning to kill all Black people in Africa, the United States, and the rest of the world!  White people are on that very same EXTERMINATION LIST!  We are dealing with the Anti-Christ from Biblical REVELATION!  You must now put a face on that which is trying to destroy Christianity.  These are the Khazars, the Money Changers from the time of the One whom you call “Jesus” of Nazareth.



I am not going to repeat and repeat that which has already been given in detail, but I will briefly remind you of prior writings which have come forth from scholars and historians, most especially Benjamin H. Freedman in his writings to Dr. David Goldstein, LL.D., dated October 10, 1954:
…. Without any fear of contradiction based upon fact the most competent and best qualified authorities all agree today that Jesus Christ (Emmanuel was not a so-called or self-styled “Jew”.  During His lifetime here on earth Jesus was referred to by contemporary historians as a “Judean” and not as a “Jew”.  Contemporary theologians of Jesus whose competence to pass upon this subject cannot be challenged by anyone today also referred to Jesus during His lifetime here on earth as a “Judean” and not as a “Jew”.

Neither did the inscription on the cross nor the attitude of “King of the Jews” ever appear or was ever entertained by anyone in the time period of Pontius Pilate of Emmanuel.


I will remind you … officially or personally the inhabitants of Judea were “Judeans” to Pontius Pilate and not so-called “Jews” as they have been styled since the 18th Century.

“…. As you know, my dear Dr. Goldstein, the best known 18th century editors of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) translation of the New Testament into English was first printed in 1582 but the word “Jew” did NOT APPEAR IN IT.  The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English was begun in 1604 and first published in 1611.  THE WORD “JEW” DID NOT APPEAR IN IT EITHER.  THE WORD “JEW” APPEARED IN BOTH THESE WELL KNOWN EDITIONS IN THEIR 18TH CENTURY **REVISED** VERSION FOR THE **FIRST TIME**.”


… I have said previously that the Jews wrote five major books that have been of overwhelming importance in their program for the destruction of the White Race.  The first two were the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The third was the Talmud.  The fourth is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Protocols are undoubtedly the most deadly, the most vicious and the most diabolic program for the subjugation and destruction of mankind that was ever conceived by the collective depraved minds of man.  They constitute the secret program of the inner circle of the powerful Jewish insiders that rule the world.  It is thought that this circle, these powerful insiders, are composed of approximately 300 man, all Jews, all of whom know each other but are unknown to the rest of the world.  They are also unknown to the Jewish following whose support they demand and whose support they enjoy.  These Elders, the supreme nerve center of power of the Jewish dictatorship, have for centuries usurped unto themselves the supreme power of the world.  They are also the governing body of the Kehilla, and the Jewish race.

The program that is set forth in the Protocols is a very concentrated program and it defies summarization, because it is in itself a summarization of the hidden programs that the Jews have interlaced in the complex and shifting volumes of the Talmud.  Its program is also the distilled concentrated poison set forth in Karl Marx’s DAS CAPITAL and Communist Manifesto.  It is also an extension of the philosophy set forth in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Jewish bible.  However, whereas the Old Testament is for consumption for the Jewish membership at large and the New Testament especially designed to confuse and confound the Gentiles, the Protocols are a secret compilation.  In no event were they ever to be seen by the eyes of the Gentiles.  Not even was the Jewish membership at large ever to know the exact details of what the leadership had in mind.  [Hatonn:  Remember, “Jews” versus Judean Hebrew “Jews”.]

The fact that the Protocols are now available to the Gentiles and to the White Race in particular is one of the great accidents of history.  They were first published by Professor Sergyei Nilus, who was a priest in the Orthodox Church in Russia.  [H:  Also remember, Russia is Christian—like you in the U.S.; “Soviets”, who came into being after the 1905-1917 Russian Revolution, where Khazars like Stalin, Lenin, etc., etc., who killed 100 MILLION Christian Russian citizens in the “Purges”.  Those “Soviet” “Communists”—notably Kissinger and Brezinski –came to the United States.  Russia has since expelled the Soviet Khazars, known as “Bolsheviks”, using secret technology in super advanced space weapons (that the communist spies, such as Rockefeller, etc., stole from you and GAVE to the Kremlin), and THE ABOVE TOP SECRET INTELLIGENCE WEAPON REGARDED AS “ORGANIC ROBOTOIDS” (what you THINK is “cloning” but is something very different).  You see, Russia is a Christian nation, too, however—THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “JEWISH” KHAZARS AND JUDEAN HEBREWS—YOU DO NOT!  He published the first Russian language edition in 1905.  In his introduction he says that a manuscript had been handed to him about four years earlier by a friend, who vouched that it was a true translation of an original document stolen by a woman from one of the most influential and highly initiated leaders of Free Masonry [H:  Jewish Masons are not like the ordinary Mason at your local “lodge”.  33rd and “above” is where Lucifer sits with his false Jews and pulls everyone else’ puppet strings!], at the end of a meeting of the “initiated” in France, “that nest of Jewish-Masonic conspiracy”.  Professor Nilus added that the Protocols are not exactly minutes of meetings, but a report, with a part apparently missing, made by some powerful person inside the Jewish conspiracy.

The Protocols were published in book form by Sergyei Nilus in Russia in 1905.  A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its inception, August 10, 1906.

The publication of this book was a very serious threat to the Jewish conspiracy and Adolph Hitler says that whenever this book becomes the common property of a nation the Jewish threat can pretty well be deemed as broken.  [H:  He should know, he is half Jewish!  The illegitimate and unwanted son of a Rothschild and his servant, so he had no problem double-crossing his Jewish Khazar financiers WHO WERE WALL STREET BANKERS!  THEY ALSO FINANCED THOSE “SOVIETS” THEY TURNED LOSE ON THE CZAR AND HIS CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS!] This goes to show just HOW IMPORTANT THIS DOCUMENT IS.  The Jews realized this, and all copies that were known to exist in Russia in the Kerensky regime just after the revolution were destroyed and under his successors the possession of a copy of the Protocols by anyone in Soviet Russia was deemed A CRIME SUFFICIENT TO INSURE THE OWNER BEING SHOT ON SIGHT.  [H:  This is where Zimmerman gets his thinking!  Only your CONSTITUTION protects your right to free speech and freedom of the press!  In other nations, you are imprisoned or shot—or both!] It is highly recommended that every man and woman study this ferocious and deadly document for themselves, and convince themselves of its genuineness and get a better understanding of the Jewish conspiracy.  [H:  Do not think because your skin is not white that you are not also under attack—these ones mean fully to take the world and all in it.  The attack to annihilate those which do not fit within their plan, such as deviates of “their” doctrines and those of “colored races”, is already under way—note AIDS in the Blacks in Africa for example of the intent!  You will, however, note that these are “non-Jewish” Blacks!]

Naturally the Jews keep screaming again and again that they are forgeries, but what they are forgeries of they do not say, since a forgery implies that there is a “genuine” article to be forged.  [H:  A copy of something that ALREADY EXISTS!] In any case, the Jewish program of subversion and conquest of the world has followed this plan so faithfully that the events of history speak for themselves.  They are the best proof that the Protocols are genuine.

Mr. Henry Ford [H:  Ford Motor Company and his newspaper “The Dearborn Independent”, where he himself published “The Protocols”, was sued by the Jews and forced to close his newspaper or go bankrupt!  In it he told the world how the Jews were buying up land and farms in America, while forcing landowners and farmers off their property, using Jewish tricks and insider bankster regulations.  He said that if Americans don’t put a stop to it, the Jews will make a mess of the housing market and foreclose the entire nation!  Do you see it now??!!  Hitler gave Ford Germany’s equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor—their highest civilian award—for his efforts in warning Christianity of the terrible Jewish Money Changers.  Hitler was “TIME” magazine’s “Man of the Year”, until he sided with Ford on “the Jewish Question”.], in an interview published in the New York World, February 17, 1921, put the case of Nilus tensely and convincingly thus:  “… the only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on.  They are 16 (published) years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time.  They fit it now.”

Since Mr. Henry Ford made that statement, more than 50 [75 plus now] years have gone by.  Today we can see with our own eyes the world picture that has unfolded in the meantime.  We can see more precisely the confirmation of the program contained in the Protocols.  Practically all of the world is now under Jewish control, and so much more of the deadly program has been unraveled before our eyes that a person has to be either a Jewish agent, or a complete idiot to deny the authenticity of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

Meanwhile, the Jews consistently keep denying that the Protocols are genuine.  In fact, they have even set up a committee in the Senate to investigate them and issue a report that they were forged.  Naturally this was done under the leadership of such Jewish senators as Senator Javits and others, with a goodly support of pro-Jewish lackeys.  In any case, the claim of the Jews that the Protocols are forgeries and the fact that the Jews are the world’s greatest liars…

*       *       *

Jonur, insert the Jew’s “VOW OF ALL FOWS”—The KOL NIDRE.  All Jews take an oath every year—that cancels or “voids” any other oath they may take that year!  It is the same as crossing your fingers behind your back in that childhood game while lying open-faced to someone.  Yes, indeed, those Jewish-Khazarian lawyers figured a way to do it FOR REAL!

On each Day of Atonement, which they claim (with fingers crossed) on a high religious holiday, their very first ritual is to solemnly cover themselves with preventive repentance.  Their plea, called “KOL NIDRE”, sounds like this:


Clever?  INDEED!  In one fell swoop the Jew revokes in advance virtually every word that will spew from his mouth in the ensuing year, qualifying them in such manner that nothing he says will be a lie … but only a VOID.  He can claim with immunity that he is a Christian, a sanctimonious expert, humane; that he will perform the duties of his office to the best of his ability, supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign.  His otherwise solemn oaths are thus voided; his obligations annulled.  He converts the purpose of language from one of metaphorical representation of reality, to one of concealing or creating reality.  When using serpent-tactics one may say or declare ANYTHING that can benefit him or his cause, confident that he can escape responsibility for his words.

CLEVER!  And preventative repentance is available to all “Jews”.

*       *       *

Back to the Protocols.
… and masters of deceit, is the best proof of their genuineness.  Strangely, the Jews never attempt to answer the facts corresponding to the threats which the Protocols contain, and indeed, the correlation between the prophesy of the Protocols and the fulfillment that has already been brought about is just too obvious to be argued away.  This the Jews know only too well, and therefore they never argue about the material contained in the Protocols itself and the obvious unraveling of the conspiracy before eyes.

In any case, the diabolical plans spelled out in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are not new to Jewish history.  They reveal the concerted plan of action of the Jewish nation that has developed through the ages and edited by the Elders themselves up to that date.  According to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, King Solomon and other Jewish learned men, in 929 B.C., already had thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion.

As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated into this program.  These learned men decided, by any means whatsoever, to conquer the world for Zion with the slyness of the Symbolic Snake (serpent-people) to represent the Jewish people.  The administration was always to be kept SECRET, EVEN FROM THE JEWISH NATION ITSELF.  As this Snake penetrated into the hearts of the nations, which it encountered, it undermined and devoured all the non-Jewish power of these states.  It is foretold that the Snake has still to finish its work, strictly adhering to the designed plan, until the course which it has to run is closed by the return of its head to Zion and until, by this means, the Snake has completed its round of Europe, it will then encompass the whole world.  This it is to accomplish by using every means possible, subduing countries by economic conquest, by propaganda, by cunning, by trickery, by deceit, by war, by finance, by force, or by any necessary means whatever.


Begin another chapter, please, in that we can continue with the Jewish “PLAN” for the destruction of Christianity, and your nation and world.  The Zimmerman case is a perfect example of the evil Khazar Zionist using “whatever means necessary” to win the war against God and His people—BLACK AND WHITE.
So be it, and Salu.

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