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New Series 173:I want to cement into the minds of our new readers that there IS AN ONGOING PLAN to destroy Christianity by the so-called “Jews” of ancient Khazaria.

7/10/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns173)

Jonur let us move right on into the current lesson, please.  I want to cement into the minds of our new readers that there IS AN ONGOING PLAN to destroy Christianity by the so-called “Jews” of ancient Khazaria.  Then we will catch up on the current topics and effort to answer and comment on questions directed “to Hatonn”.  Our dear friend in New Zealand, in particular.  I come in the service and presence of God, Amen.



7) “Social control programs including “a modern, sophisticated form of slavery” in which humans would not know they were enslaved, much like cultural addictions and habituations to pharmaceuticals, television, and “Hollywoodism.”

8) Pacification through “New (Age) religions or other mythologies, “including Medical Deities, and “socially oriented blood games”, such as intoxicating vaccinations containing mercury [Hatonn:  Indeed, vaccines ARE THE CAUSE OF AUTISM IN BABIES, AUTISM SETS IN EXACTLY AT THE TIME OF THOSE VACCINES.  MERCURY, COW MUCUS AND PUSS, AND OTHER UNSPEAKABLE INGREDIENTS, ARE ADMINISTERED TO CHRISTIAN CHILDREN AND INFANTS BY THE EVIL JEWS!  They did not stop at the murder of Emmanuel Esu (“Jesus” returning as Sananda, the Egyptian label for “Christ”, and “One with God”), dear ones; Jesus’ followers are just as hated by the Money Changers from the temple!  Do not forget that!  The filth and degradation coming out of Hollywood is a testament to Jewish domination, and abstract contempt for Christianity.  Christian girls are made to be total whores, while the men are portrayed for the mimicking by boys, as killers and thieves, drug dealers and users, who are taught “Get Rich or Die Trying”!  And the homosexual push has now become WORSE THAN WAS YOUR SITUATION IN SODOM (Babedh-Dhra) AND GOMORRAH (Numeira)!  Those cities were destroyed by nuclear explosions, and are still highly radioactive today!  Nothing will grow there, and no one inhabits those two sister cities—AS A LASTING TESTAMENT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MAN DISREGARDS ALL OF GOD’S LAWS AND THE LAWS OF THE CREATION, IN FAVOR OF SATAN’S COMMANDMENTS.  Judgment Day is again upon the human species—as a whole, this time!  And as with Lot and his family, who turned away from evil, what will YOU do this time around?!?!], and neurodegenerative fluoridation, both causing psychopathology [H:  Flu vaccines are the cause of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.  You do not deteriorate of the mind like that when you get up in age.  Harken back to the time when all knowledge was passed down through the generations of the Native Americans and other Aboriginal (Original) tribes—through the ELDERS!  The Jews created Alzheimer’s to destroy that “Oral Tradition”, because the forefathers knew of the evil ones who would come this day, at the closing of this cycle.  Now, they have all but forgotten.  That is why we of the HOSTS of God have again come in that you might be in the remembering.  The silver and gold and titanium and copper, liquid colloids will restore those inter-connecting electrical circuits in the brain.  Acquire whatever is still available to you—and put a few drops in all liquids you drink!  But, at the very last (which, in actuality, is the most important):  Ask the Lord thy God to bathe you within and without with THE CHRISTED LIGHT, for it will protect you against ANYTHING!  And “offer” the protection, in Prayer, to those whom you love, your President and the First Family, Majority Whip Clyburn and his family, and your fellow Americans.  You are all kindred Spirits, your goals—and your adversary—are the same!  God, forever, stands with His people, He would not leave you in such a quandary all alone, with no hope of assistance from your SOURCE.]

9) “A comprehensive program of applied eugenics”, whereby populations judged inferior would be culled and killed. [H:  This is what Kissinger suggests be done to the Blacks in Africa and the United States!  He and Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, are hard at work on that with Gates’ “foundations”.  The millions and millions of “untried and untested” doses of these killer vaccines are being used and pushed through the so-called “medical associations” without so much as a whisper from the Zionist Press.  The racist members of the White population in the U.S. who DO know, say, “Well, isn’t that marvelous?  They are getting rid of the “mud races”.  What they do not know is they are next on the list to be “culled”.  It is that attitude by some that has allowed the evil that consumes your nation and world this day.]  This follows general degeneration by pollution, medical intoxications, and genetic mutations.  In other words— targeted population control.  Reviewing this list of nine think tank recommendations for profitable population indoctrination and planetary stewardship, all nine options appear operational forty years following their prophetic publication.

Background on Crisis Capitalism:

“Natural Disaster” and “Nuclear Accidents”

There is zero doubt that the defense, energy, communications, and pharmaceutical industries have consolidated through megamergers during the past several decades, administered by investment banking officials in firms such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.  The resulting military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel has thus evolved to orchestrate globalization and “war substitute” enterprises as published in the Report from Iron Mountain.  In 2010, these authors evidenced little-known links between leading cartel officials in the media, the Partnership for New York City, and Wall Street’s top investment bankers.  Depopulation strategists and preeminent crisis capitalists who profit most from catastrophic events were identified.

Capitalistic crises included the H1N1false flag [H:  An operation staged by one’s own government—such as blowing up a building full of its own people—to effect public support for an invasion or war, that would not normally be supported by the people of that government.  Hitler disguised a team of his special commandos as Polish soldiers, who then attacked a German radio station, thereby covertly providing the excuse to invade Poland.  The Zionists who control your government did likewise on a number of such operations; “9/11” and Pearl Harbor, to name just two.  “Get Smart”, the 60s television spy comedy, portrayed a decorated retired British officer on vacation on an island with several other spies from different countries.  Maxwell Smart, Don Adams’ character, commented that he was a double agent on “our side” who had come under suspicion by the Japanese High Command before the war.  When asked how he made it through the mission, Max whispered, “He personally ordered the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.”  This is what the Israeli Mossad spy agency motto means by, “Thou Shalt Make War By Way of Deception.”] plague of 2009-2010, Middle Eastern terrorism, and so-called “natural disasters”.  These revelations included the 9/11 demolition of the Twin Towers, and Building No. 7.  That the latter fell “for no reason” and contained Mayor Rudolf Giuliani’s emergency command bunker and financial intelligence records command is a curious and neglected story.
WTC 7 was formerly the headquarters of the junk bond firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, which contributed to the savings and loans collapse and $500 billion bailout during the late 1980s.  The building secured documents relating to three to four thousand SEC investigations, all destroyed according to the Los Angeles Times, including records implicating the Rockefeller-run Citigroup associated with the World Com bankruptcy.  [H:  A great deal of GOLD stored there also “mysteriously” disappeared.  We covered that before, but will most certainly return to the subject.  As you are going to come to realize, ALL is related to ALL in this global conspiracy of the Luciferians!]

More recently we sourced a television program hosted by Jesse Ventura [H:  A former Navy Seal, an ex-U.S. governor, and a patriot, who cares about his country, and is deeply concerned about the evil that he has seen in the military and political scene.  Remember, it will be your current and retired military personnel who will ultimately lead you back from the brink of disaster.  Pay attention to them all, for the true patriot will never let his God and his nation down.] on True TV, expressing the Transocean oil rig demolition by Halliburton agents [H:  Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is a real mess of an enemy of you-the-people.  We will cover it in more detail, again, at another time.], responsible for polluting the Gulf.

[To be continued…] 

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