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New Series 171:Hatonn: The picture the Jews have painted for Christian America is not a pretty one, however, you ones CAN CERTAINLY turn it around in the eleventh hour, with God’s help.

7/09/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns171)

Hatonn present in Light and Truth that we may continue the lessons.  Graduation time is near (or failure and repetition of the grade on another orb, while Shan/Earth is cleansed—IF the planet can be reclaimed for human life in time), so the “cramming session” must commence forth with!  Jonur let us resume.  Amen and Salu!



… “In a country that has had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world, a surge in the number of suicides in the wake of an economic crisis has shocked and gripped the Mediterranean nation—and its media—before a May 6 election.”

If you live in the United States, you need to watch what is happening in Europe very closely, because similar conditions will come to the United States soon enough.

Just like Europe, we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved to the bankers, and now we will suffer the consequences.

Sadly, most Americans do not even realize how we got into this mess.  [Hatonn:  This is thanks to your educational system, which is in the hands of Khazar Jews; they now own ALL of your publishing companies where your school text books are compiled, edited, and printed.  NOTHING GOES IN THEM THAT EXPOSE THE JEWISH PLAN AGAINST YOUR NATION—AND THE CONTINUAL ATTACK AGAINST CHRISTIANITY!]  The following is from a recent article by Professor Steven Yates….
“It should have been clear that the country—indeed, Western civilization itself was on the wrong trajectory as governments and central banks, working in tandem, served ties between their currencies and precious metals, allowing massive credit expansion to run rampant and the national debt to skyrocket—making, e.g., the pseudo-prosperity of the roaring 1990s possible.  Nixon had “closed the gold window” on August 15, 1971 [H:  Always keep in mind, these are Rothschild Banksters “orders” on the manipulation, and then total theft of your Fort Knox, Kentucky gold.  And it is NEVER based and tallied according to such as the stock market, or anything touted to the citizenry.  THE PRICE OF GOLD IS SET EVERY DAY AT THE BANKING HOUSE OF THE LONDON BRANCH OF ROTHSCHILD SONS.  ONE OUNCE OF PURE GOLD IS BASED ON THE PRICE OF AN OUNCE OF PURE OPIUM!  Now you know WHY there is even an Afghan war at all!  And also why there have been continual battles there for over 2,000 years!  Remember “Pharmaceutica” and ”Sorcery” in your Holy Bible?  The Pharisee Khazar Jews use drugs—OPIUM—to secretly give to you “Goys” (sacrificial cow or human animal—all non-Jews—which especially includes the true Judaist Hebrew), so that they can work their “magical spells” on you.  This allows your adversary to placate you with one hand, while the other hand robs you of your gold, and stabs you with a dagger in the back!  Is it really so difficult to mow down some “poppy fields” in a remote mountain plateau wilderness??  And what of the Beatles rock group song “”Strawberry Fields Forever”?  Well, the secret message to the new word “Teenager”, and the target group, was that Opium poppies look like fields of ripe berries extending to the horizon.  John Lennon and the rest of his band did not write those early songs.  That was from the London “think tank” TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS.  “Social Scientists” sit and plot—24 hours a day—on the best ways to control and manipulate the masses of the United States, and the rest of the world through THE MAJOR MEDIA.  This includes news broadcasts as well as the so-called “entertainment industry”.  John Lennon broke free and decided to tell a group of union workers the truth, and was assassinated by British Intelligence.  Mack Chapman probably was the only mind-controlled killer who actually hit his target!  All the others over the years were merely “fall guys” for the hit teams who did the “wet (blood) work”.  The Beatles’ “Invasion of the U.S.”, was an elaborate method to introduce your children to “Pharmaceutica”, in the thrust to SEPARATE YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE PARENTS.  “Generation Gap”, and all the things that “rebellious” youth rally and praise today, come from Tavistock and the Beatles—because before THAT MUSIC INVASION OF THE BRITISH “RED COATS” all the kids wanted to be LIKE their parents.  Remember?  Little White boys wanted to be like their fathers, and the little girls wanted to be pretty, and with grace and honor, just like their mothers.  Remember?  The 60s television show, “The Brady Bunch” was the last to portray that wondrous way of life for the American family for Whites.  The Jews destroyed that with the import of the “Fantastic Four” from “Across the pond”.  And since that time, an army of Brits bringing all manner of secret codes that further and further separated the child from the parents.  “Teeny Boppers” began using drugs, “dropping out” of society and being total terror to their parents.  “Rebel without a Cause”, the motion picture with “teen IDOL” (what did your Sunday lessons teach about false idols???)  James Dean, cursing and beating on his parents.  Do you see the influence “Hollywood Jews” have on a society???  And for the Black youth, a different method had to be found, for the family ties—particularly with mothers (and fathers, who were enlightened enough to stay and provide a complete and WHOLE household for their families)—was unbreakable.  Introduce Rap “music”.  Now the Black kids could be attacked at the core—disrespect your women—make it “cool” to call them “bitches and whores”.  Depict the little girls (who would soon be mothers themselves) as nothing more than sassy street-walkers in tight skirts and shorts, chewing gum and standing on corners and outside of bars enticing the “pimp” with the flashy car and jewelry.  Now, the Black youth is severed from the respect of “the tribe” and is lost in a world that was not his own, but one in which they were transplanted to.  They have become “fish out of water”, for there is no heritage beyond South Carolina and North Carolina that they can draw on.  The Slaves from the Jewish-owned slave ships new heritage started when they were dragged off the boats in chains.  So, you see, the intent of the Jew was, and is, to first destroy the family unit, then, after three generations it is accomplished!  Can you turn it around?  Indeed!  Always with God, it can be done!  Use the notoriety and attention to uplift the world with your Rap!  Use the following of your Rock bands to expose the would be killers of your Christian society!  This the Khazars cannot defend—you now have the ear of the mass, you have THE TRUTH within these pages DIRECTLY FROM GOD!  Therefore, REJOICE!  Call forth thy power in the Father who created thee!  For in the Lord will thy salvation finally come!  Back to the lessons!]; our national debt was around $400 billion.  Slightly over ten years later, the debt crossed the $1trillion threshold.  Ten years after that, it reached $6 trillion.  When George W. Bush left office having been the biggest spending Republican in U.S. history, it had risen to over $11 trillion.  Today, under the watch of the catastrophic Obama presidency, by the time this reaches print the national debt might have surmounted $16 trillion with no end in sight.”  [H:  The Jews run your nation through control of money.  The Rothschild dictum:  “I care not who sits on the throne, the man who controls the money supply controls the crown.”  You-the-people must demand that the Federal Reserve be abolished, and you must force the Jews to withdraw their evil hold on your money supply—AND FIX WHAT THEY BROKE!  A President or any President CANNOT DO IT ALONE!  The two who tried where immediately killed by the Rothschilds through their personal paramilitary unit—MI-6/Military Intelligence Division Six/British Intelligence.  With logistics provided by the Jews and their Illuminati Freemason lodges (the Jewish ones at the top are the ones that secretly control the little ones you ones are allowed to join), Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were murdered in a most dramatic and totally PUBLIC EXECUTION—so no one would dare try to “fix” the money problem again!  However, like your new President said, “I can’t do it for you, but I will stand with you while WE DO IT!”  God is not going to save your economy or your Assets without you being a part of YOUR saving!  He (Aton/God) will not do it for you.]

The United States has accumulated the greatest mountain of debt in the history of the world [H:  WHO—exactly—do you “owe” all this imaginary money TO????  There isn’t THAT much gold in the world!  And IF it is owed to yourselves, couldn’t you just “forgive” your debt, like you have done to those other countries, who owe YOU billions of dollars????  How is it that “Jews” have all of America’s money, gold, resources, land, etc., and yet—they are supposed to be your best buddy allies?????!!  Is it not time to wake up from this “pharmaceutica”—induced (OPIUM is in all the things you are “addicted” to, whether or not you want to believe it.) trance the Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 have placed upon you?] and it will totally crush us at some point.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are totally unprepared for the economic chaos that is coming.
One study found that 64 percent of all Americans have less than $1000 in the bank.

Can you believe that?  [H:  The percentage is actually much higher than that!  YOU ARE IN THE WORST DEPRESSION (NOT “RECESSION”) YOUR WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!  And the Money Changers from Jesus’ day have all the gold!  Remember, “money” is not the paper it is written on—it has no intrinsic value as such.  IF IT HAS TO TELL YOU IT IS MONEY—“This note is legal tender for debts public and private”—then it is not money!  However, the U.S. dollar DOES have status—hold onto small denominations under $20.  Have coins, too, and keep some out of the bank.  Whatever is coming down, “the dollar” is A GODLY tender!  For you have placed your trust in that dollar—“IN GOD WE TRUST”—is no accidental placement!  The Founding Fathers knew, that at the end, God would need to be with you in the area that mattered most to “PHYSICAL” man.  Fall back on it!  Never underestimate the Lord thy God!]

Even though we could be on the verge of another global food crisis, most Americans do not have enough food in their homes to last a single month.  [H:  Ah, but this scribe/receiver’s (not “channeling”, that is different from being a “translator” of God’s Holy messages from “Heaven”—translated from the original meaning of “Sky”) mother is well ahead of the curve.  She has a virtual storehouse that can sustain a miniature army.  THAT is the sustenance that families, tribes, communities, and even nations, as great as the United States must again become!  The Jews have lulled you into a drug (both “legal” and illegal) induced stupor.  So you don’t PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.  The scribe’s mother refers to Jonur as “Noah”, the lone seer who is ringing the bell—sounding the alarm—the time is at hand for the Coming of the Lord.  Are you prepared for the trials and tribulations of The Second Coming?  Does not your Holy Bible tell of what is at hand?  What preparations—BEFORE THE PROVERBIAL FLOOD—have you gotten ready for???  Do you, even, not pay attention to thy own Prophets and Receivers from thy Holy Books?!  Do the Words of God truly fall on deaf ears?!  Harken up and do your part in your own salvation!]

Even though the U.S. economy is on the verge of another recession, most Americans are still running out and buying toys they don’t need.  [H:  Keep also in mind that God IS abundance.  The fruits of this physical existence are to be enjoyed and savored—however, NOT to the exclusion of the overall PLAN of our Creator.  Do not be lost in the Jewish promises of “live for today”, and no thoughts for the immediate future.  Do you understand?  Moderation and forethought, those are the corner stones of enlightenment.] and paying for them with credit cards that they should not be using.  [H:  “The Mark of the Beast” IS that credit/debit card, with its Barcodes of lines (marks) representing the number of man.  “6”, being the 6th day of man being created.  A tally of gold being another “6” and Satan adds his own “6” to total “666”, for a computer “that feeds on numbers”—the Beast of Revelation!]

If you want to see where we are headed, just look at Greece and Spain.  They are going through economic hell, and we will be joining them soon enough.

Get ready while you can.

About the Author:  Michael Snyder has an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Florida low school.  He also has an LLM from the University of Florida law school.  Michael has worked for some of the largest law firms in Washington D.C., but now is mostly focused on trying to make a difference in the world.

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[Image:  A rendition of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, the picture shows Bernanke as a “Frankenstein’s Monster, with the stitched up skull, zombie-like glaring eyes, in his “Grey men” banker’s suit, a picture of the tomb-like Treasury building, lighting bolts of Tesla, which uses actual Tesla coils, a printing press madly out of control, printing $100 dollar bills out of control, and superimposed with Nathan Rothschild, Lionel Rothschild, I believe, and superimposed over a multiple of skull faces.  And Ellie de Rothschild, I believe, at the lower half.  And another of the Rothschild sons, in the bottom most half of the rendition.  And, at the very bottom:  “ANTHONY HILDER’S—FRANKENFED”.]

[Photograph of Americans of the “middle class” rummaging through a dumpster looking for scraps, it seems.]


The picture the Jews have painted for Christian America is not a pretty one, however, you ones CAN CERTAINLY turn it around in the eleventh hour, with God’s help.

What is the wait?  Act now and the Grace of the Father is with thee.  Amen and Adonai.  Hatonn moving to standby frequency.  Salu!  

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