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New Series 172:However, you now have a nation occupied by the false Jews of ancient Khazaria. The stolen land of Palestine, now called “Israel”, is an imposter nation, the home of the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Banksters from your Holy Bible. Even the true Judeans condemn the actions of Israel as those of the devil. When will you in the U.S. see Lucifer in his sheep’s clothing?

7/09/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns172)

It is very difficult to believe that there is a concerted effort to cause and sustain wars, purely for economic reasons by any government—particularly the United States of America.  

However, you now have a nation occupied by the false Jews of ancient Khazaria.  The stolen land of Palestine, now called “Israel”, is an imposter nation, the home of the Anti-Christ/Anti-God Banksters from your Holy Bible.  Even the true Judeans condemn the actions of Israel as those of the devil.  When will you in the U.S. see Lucifer in his sheep’s clothing?

Jonur, move right on into the Report from Iron Mountain, a document commissioned by the highest officials of your government to study the possibility and desirability of peace in your world.  This was during the Kennedy years, and you might well imagine what the outcome was, since you have a better grasp on the identity of those ones behind the scenes pulling all the strings.  Hatonn here, to continue in the service of God of Holy Light. Amen.


When you begin to realize that there IS a plan against you-the-people—IT’S CALLED GLOBAL PLAN 2000—then you can see the behind-the-scenes cause of the “seeming” natural disasters that are not; and the staged terror incidents masterminded by the adversary.


Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Was Planned.


“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2012-March 2013.



Changes are emerging, along with evidence, that the “earthquake”, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe in Japan were orchestrated as a geopolitical and economic black-op.  This report considers these allegations, who made them, and best explains how and why this unthinkable attack on humanity, and the environment, was administered by criminal parties linked to intelligence agencies and Wall Street.


To the world’s wealthiest industrialists invested in advanced weaponry and crisis capitalism, current economic conditions justify extraordinary measures advancing profitable genocidal agendas.
In 1967, the Rockefeller-directed Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and Royal Family of England—controlled Shell Oil Company, funded a landmark study and scholarly non-fiction Report from Iron Mountain.  Experts evaluated economic options for peaceful globalization as war-based economies transitioned to New World “harmonization”.  Not considered satirical when first released by the Dial Press (the word “dial” stems from the word “deity”), propagandists in the media, financially-linked to the report’s sponsors, dismissed the purely academic and very serious work as satire.  The fact that the report lacked any sense of humor raises certain doubts about the document’s authors and detractors.  Comedy or drama, careful consideration of the report’s content proves all of the report’s recommendations have been, in fact, actualized.

Featured “Substitutes for the Functions of War” in the Iron Mountain report prescribed our present socio-economic conditions precisely.  Besides a “comprehensive social-welfare program”, other profitable enterprises encouraged by the think tank’s consensus included:

1) “A giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets.”

2) “A permanent, ritualized, ultra-elaborate (UN administered) disarmament inspection system, and variants of such a system;” [Hatonn:  Remember, the United Nations’ “Blue Helmets” are the “Blue Turbans” Nostradamus told you about 500 years ago!  This is a “Soviet” (not Christian Russia) Zionist army in service to the Anti-Christ/Anti-God element.  The same color blue is also representative of the Israeli blue flag.]

3) “An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force”, such as the United Nations Peacekeepers.  [H:  The new “Department of Homeland Security” is A FOREIGN POWER—“SOVIET” agency that has been illegally set up in your nation, to enforce the Zionist New World Order.  If you will notice, they now have the authority to pull over and arrest American civilians.  ONLY STATE AND LOCAL DULY ELECTED POLICE AND SHERIFFS AND THEIR OFFICERS AND DEPUTIES HAVE THAT RIGHT!  The prelude to being conquered by a foreign nation is the implementation of THEIR “Gestapo” over your own police.  These new enforcements of YOUR laws are what is commonly recognized as “The Secret Police”.  All so-called “Communists” (which means the birth of Jews in Soviet Russia—look it up!)  Communism is a Bolshevik Khazar term created when these false “Jews” were IMPORTED into Christian Russia to facilitate the 1905-1907 “Red” October Revolution.  Lenin and Stalin—both Khazar Jews, along with 500 more Jews, took over Russia, murdered the Czar and his family—all Christians, and changed the Christ-revering Russian nation, into an Anti-God nation labeled “Soviet”.  100 MILLION CHRISTIANS WERE MURDERED IN THOSE JEWISH “PURGES”, IN THEIR ATTEMPT TO WIPE OUT CHRISTIANITY!  The “secret police”, the Cheka, I believe it was called, is exactly what your Homeland Security is destined to become!  They are staffed by those SAME Soviets, chelas, the Beast has his claw in the door!  Stop it here and now—use your Constitution and nullify the ILLEGAL AUTHORITY of this U.S. Gestapo before they are fully in place.  Because once they get your weapons from you, your defenses will be gone, and the UN will back-up Homeland Security—along with F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)—the most dangerous agency of all—and the troops will simply go door-to-door with search and seizures!  Then all those concentration camps hidden in YOUR national parks, that you basically can no longer enter, will start filling up with American civilians.  Any and all excuses will be used to round you up.  Particularly GUN REGISTRATION VIOLATIONS—since you ones in the militias KNOW the enemy is coming!  Michigan has the largest and best civilian militias—because you have the best strategic position with your two peninsulas—AND THE VAST “INLAND SEA” OF FRESH WATER!  In addition, you have access to the rest of the world through the waterway to the ocean, not to mention your proximity to a kindred, friendly nation, Canada.  You must tell your neighbors, family, friends, and government representatives!  If you do not prepare for DEFENSE of war—you most certainly will have one!  WAR IS NOT OF GOD—DEFENSE IS!]

4) “An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace”, including the promotion of cosmic and alien threats to Earth and humanity.  [H:  This is why “cloning” is not allowed too much focus; for the real thrust is NOT cloning as such, but DNA/RNA REPLICATION.  Clones have to be “grown” just as any other organism that is unfolded from a seed, which is ALL THINGS.  Even minerals and the elements of “matter” are grown from a MALE AND FEMALE sex-mating.  The inert, or “Noble Gas”, of which there are nine, do not mix with any other of your elements.  However, they are the seeds of all things in Creation.  Each of these inert gases, and science is only aware of a few of them (Neon, Krypton, etc.), corresponds to the visible rainbow colors of the spectrum.  They also correspond to the music scale, and the decimal scale.  But back to “cloning”, it is the REPLICATION process that you must come to understand, at least in concept.  Clones have to grow to maturity of whatever you are copying.  Be it a cow, sheep, or a man; it has to develop in “real time” to the specific age of the host organism.  Replication, however, can be done in a matter of hours!  America’s highest Top Secret is the existence of ORGANIC REPLICAS.  Russia’s third highest Top Secret is their version of this technology, which is superior to yours, and is referred to as a BIOLOGICAL ROBOTOID.  In honor of the scientists who first tried to warn you of this super-secret intelligence weapon, we will refer to them as “SYNTHETIC REPLICAS”.  These are soul-less entities that are replicated, and now can be complete with downloaded brains, like a computer is downloaded and programmed.  Synthetic Replicas are not humans and do not react well to stress.  They are easy to spot once you know they exist.  Henry Kissinger, Boris Yeltsin, Janet “Butch” Reno are all obvious replicas whose downloading is greatly degraded.  Just as with any copies you make, and you no longer have the “original” with which to use as a “master tape”, if you will, there will be a constant degradation as the copies grow weaker and weaker.  The originals—in the case of human “donors” are typically killed so the secret stays secret.  All functioning leaders in your world essential to this evil New World Order are synthetic replicas.  They don’t last very long, particularly under stressful situations, and have to be changed out regularly.  I will again revisit in more detail the human replicas, and Russia’s number two and number one Top Secret weapons, in later lessons.  However, it is the use of this secret intelligence weapon to manufacture “CLONED” ALIENS which I want you to consider.  And no, President Obama and Majority Whip Clyburn ARE NOT replicas!  It is literally impossible to replicate a truly godly person and turn him into evil—those ones are simply taken out—and that will be the end of that one!  God, however, has His servants under 24 hour-a-day shielded protection and the elite conspirators know which ones they cannot touch!  Hands off, lest God and the HOSTS utilize their superior technology to EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD!  The “extraterrestrial menace” will be a manufactured one, and by manipulation of the DNA/RNA structure, genetic monsters will be presented to the public in MOCK craft that LOOK like real “UFOs”.  The “flying saucer” shape is the one that the Jews in Hollywood do not want you to see with humans, such as you, as the occupants of.  Only evil, blood-sucking, creatures “from outer space” are allowed to be portrayed in any manner in the classic “saucer” or “disc-shaped” craft.  “Lost in Space”, the 60’s television show, and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, with actor Michael Rennie and his giant silver robot “Gort”, have been portrayed using these flying discs.  That is why “Dr. Smith” was brought into the cast, so the “Lost in Space” concept of nice little humans like you, in “Flying Saucers”, could be laughed away and forgotten.  The Jews do not want you to put two and two together, and “remember” that “Ezekiel’s Wheel”, in your Holy Bible, was a metallic disc-shaped “UFO”!  The New World Order (Hitler’s other book was titled:  The New World Order, and those “FOO FIGHTERS” seen by U.S. and Allied pilots over Germany, and later over Japan at the close of World War II, were in fact, Hitler’s famous “Last Battalion” that Hitler himself called “The UFO Battalion”!) is a One World Government created out of the ashes of a staged “War of the Worlds”.  ALL WORLD SUMMIT MEETINGS ARE ABOUT WHAT TO DO ABOUT “THE ALIEN QUESTION”.  No matter what the reason given to you the people of the world.]

5) “Massive global environmental pollution.”  [H:  Your nation had the cleanest air and environmental standards for factories and automobiles in existence!  You were the model for the rest of the world!  However, when the Zionist Jews caused you to sign TREASONIST TREATIES—THE MOST POWERFUL INSTRUMENTS IN GOVERNMENT (WHICH, BY USING “BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY”, TRANSLATED FROM LATIN:  “THE SITUATION HAS CHANGED”, ALL TREATIES THAT HURT THE UNITED STATES AND ITS CITIZENS ARE RENDERED “NULL AND VOID”!)—SUCH AS N.A.F.T.A. (NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT), ALL AMERICAN BUSINESSES WERE “FORCED” OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  Not just south of your boarder to Mexico—but India, China, the Ukraine—all those places that NOW HAVE the worst pollution your planet has ever experienced!  All those nice friendly regulations that your nation implemented, so you have a clean atmosphere and environment, were all tossed out the window!  Why did the Jews want to poison the air and water of an entire planet????  So they could TURN AROUND AND BAN PUBLIC AIR TRAVEL, BAN SMALL BUSINESSES, BAN CARS, BUSES AND TRAINS, SEIZE CONTROL OF POWER STATIONS AND WATER PROCESSING PLANTS—AND ONLY “THE ELITE” (ZIONIST JEWS) WOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THE ONLY AIRLINE ALLOWED TO FLY.  All other forms of transportation of a “personal” nature would be outlawed, violators would be dealt with swiftly and most harshly—5 to 10 years imprisonment!  Remember those concentration camps hidden across the U.S. in the forests?!  This is why you have to speak up, dear hearts; the “PLAN” cannot succeed if you-the-people wake up!  Jesus said, “My People are destroyed from Lack of Knowledge!”  There are only a handful of these evil entities, but they control your media so THEY tell you what they want you to believe!  Now you see behind the Veil of Secrecy.  Pull down the Wizard’s curtain of lies and see the beast trying to devour you!  Satan MUST operate in the dark, in the shadows, for if he operates in the open, in the light of day, no one would fall into the trap, or for the total foolishness of his game.  Do you see?]

6)  “Fictitious alternate enemies”, such as the creation of terrorist organizations threatening the “free world.”


All terrorism is now done by your own intelligence agencies.  They have united under one goal, and that is the goal of a Global Government—with the world citizenry as “the new enemy of the empire”.  Indeed, you still do have factions of good versus evil in such as the CIA, FBI, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, POLICE, ECT., but you-the-people will have to stand WITH THEM, OR THEY STAND OUT AS EASY TARGETS FOR ASSASSINATION.  

Never forget that their enemy and yours is the same:  The false “Jews” pretending to be Hebrew Judeans who crucified your Lord!  

Whose side are you on?!  There is no sitting on the fence, this time around!  You are either FOR God, or AGAINST God.  Period!

Hatonn moving to stand by.  Salu!      

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