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New Seres 202:Let us continue, please, this is Election Tuesday, remember that it will be through ballots, and not bullets, that you are reclaiming your Nation. And yes, elections ARE rigged. However, when you overwhelm your evil adversary with staggering numbers (such as you did—TWICE—with President Obama)—the Khazar Anti-Christ “Jews” cannot hide the peoples’ voice!

11/04/14 HATONN/jonur (ns202)

Hatonn present in Radiance and Light.  Amen and AHO!  Let us continue, please, this is Election Tuesday, remember that it will be through ballots, and not bullets, that you are reclaiming your Nation.  And yes, elections ARE rigged.  However, when you overwhelm your evil adversary with staggering numbers (such as you did—TWICE—with President Obama)—the Khazar Anti-Christ “Jews” cannot hide the peoples’ voice!


By Martha Rose Crow M.S.
Keep in mind, chelas, that your Holy Bible was compiled and scribed by Khazar Turks, who CONVERTED to the religion of the Hebrew Judaists.  Judean Semites/Shemites are not “Jews”!  Paul, who changed his label FROM Saul to hide his Khazar lineage, wrote those things in the Bible to mislead the followers of Immanuel/Esu (“Jesus”, which is a Greek name that means “anointed”, and was given BY Paul!  “Christ” is not a name; it is a state of being.  God and Esu did not say those things in the scriptures that tout wars, killing, degradation of women, and all those other nice “quotes” that GO AGAINST the laws of God Aton and The Creation.  Lucifer has script writers too!  Measure every commandment and action according to “The Golden Rule”:  Do on to others as you would have them do unto you.  Stealing, lying, and killing, are not among them, are they?!
The name Yahweh is mentioned over 6,823 times in the Jewish Bible and he goes by other names as well including Jehovah, The Lord, Ba’al, Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai and more.  For a short list of these names see [online:]
Monotheism in Israel was a long evolutionary process that took a long time to evolve.
“… The evolution of God, from a multitude of various earlier deities to the currently accepted and locally popular version of a single omnipotent deity, is well documented.  It is a scholastically well known, but an underappreciated fact that many portions of the Old Testament are dedicated to establishing Yahweh’s superiority over the other Gods.  Contrary to popular belief the Hebrews did not originally have a monotheistic religion.  Theirs were the gods and goddesses of the land from which they were native; the hierarchy of gods and goddesses included Ba’al [a god of human sacrifice].  A little known fact is that the Hebrews also had twelve main deities and a multitude of minor ones.  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were deeply rooted in the Near East and as often as not shared beliefs and legends with their predecessors.  We are very much the inheritors of civilization in its earliest Sumerian forms.  [Hatonn:  Ancient Sumeria is located in southern Iraq; this is where the Sumerian Texts were found.   Like the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Palestine (“Israel”), these texts or scrolls told of the history of the human race and the formation of your Earth and the current arrangement of your solar system and planets.  The Sumerian Texts also talk of the “Ancient Astronauts” or “Ancient Aliens”, who came to Shan (“Earth”, which is a generic term meaning planets capable of organic human life.  Your sun is called Shan, and that is what your orb is labeled.), who had a hand in your development as a species of man.  Your adversary does not want you to have these facts, for it is easier to control the populous if they are kept in ignorance.  The Dead Sea Scrolls fell into the hands of the Israelis (Khazar Turks masquerading AS Hebrews Judeans), and they will not let others have the scrolls and compare translations.  Only tampered versions and chronicles that support your tampered bible are allowed for you to see.  Now for a shocker:  The Iraq war was staged to bomb the museums that were the depository for the Sumerian Texts.  Those Israeli-piloted war planes flew straight to Bagdad—illegally—and without permission—to destroy the evidence of EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION AND PRESENCE UPON YOUR PLANET.  There is no more important purpose for your world leaders behind the scenes THAN THE SO-CALLED “ALIEN QUESTION”!  Every world summit and global gathering of the various nations about the planet, meet exclusively to deal with “E.T.’s” and how best to contain the truth.  For Satan and his followers KNOW that with our presence—goes their dominance over you!]  
The efforts of the Hebrews in the 7th and 6th centuries B.C.E. [H:  B.C.E. or “Before Common Era”, all of you reading this document should remember that it USED TO BE B.C. and A.C.—Before Christ and After Christ!  I do not have to tell you who changed it!  The same conspiratorial group who also removed “Christ” from “Christmas”, prayer from school, and all Christian symbols from public buildings and PUBLIC parks!  “Happy Holidays” also replaced “Merry Christmas”, and yet, Jewish stars and menorahs (candle stick holders), any and everything else the Jews want are allowed EVERY WHERE!  Do not allow God of Divine and Holy Light to be smothered out without so much as a protest from His own people!  Did you forget what Christ went through at the hands of those SAME Pharisee Khazar “Jews”???] were not so much the creation of new gods and new concepts from whole cloth, but rather the taking of older concepts and adding a “New Twist”.  Yahweh-El is the result of the new twists derived from a re-working and transformation of older concepts by the Hebrews, who followed in the footsteps of their Mesopotamian [Hatonn:  Ancient Sumeria is MESOPOTAMIA.] predecessors.

Even by Jeremiah’s age (580 B.C.E.), however, monotheism still appears to be a minority view, despite the earlier attempts at reform by Josiah (620 B.C.E.).  Scholars who have researched other aspects of pre-exilic Israelite religion also stress the great continuity with Canaanite religion and culture.  H.C. Brichto (1973), Alberto Green (pp. 156-87), George Heider (1985), John Day (1989, pp. 29-71), Susan Ackerman (1992, pp. 101-63; 1993), and Jon Levenson (pp. 3-52, 111-24) conclude that infant sacrifice was an integral part of the Israelite cult until Josiah’s reform, and it may have involved the worship of an underworld chthonic deity of healing and fertility, Molek, in a cult of the dead (the Rephaim).  Perhaps infants were sacrificed directly to Yahweh.  Susan Ackerman (1989; 1992: 1993) concludes that Asherah worship, fertility rites, child sacrifice, the cult of the dead, and the worship of several deities were practiced commonly as a normal part of Yahweh religion and that necromancy, child sacrifice, and fertility rites endured into the post-exile era.  Some further maintain that we must assess critically our definitions of monotheism in Israel as well as our characterization of its emergence both in theory and in our peda-gogical literature (Halpern 1987; Petersen; Fishbane, pp.49-63; Dear-man, pp.35-50) Michael Coogan (pp. 115-16) proposes that we consider biblical religion as a subset of Canaanite religion, so that the biblical faith may be seen as a reconstruction out of the matrix of Canaanite religion.
There are too many gods in the biblical to list in this article.  For a comprehensive list of all the gods in the Bible check out [online:].
The belief in a God of evil was replaced by the belief in an evil demon.
History of the Devil:  Israel [online:]
The root of biblical faith is a reconstruction out of the matrix of Canaanite religion.  The Canaanites [H:  It is not commonly known that the Jewish Khazars ARE Canaanites.  The evil one in your Holy Scriptures is always the same.  Whatever the religion, “the devil” is the same.  He has MANY FACES. However, it is the actions by which you can measure the man.  Those “barbarians” of old changed their names—AND THEIR HISTORIES—so you don’t recognize their past.  That is why they NOW hide entwined with Edom and the Jewish people.  REAL JEWS don’t care about money, or fame, or world politics.  They only care about being “good Jews” until the Lord returns.  IT IS THE “OTHER TRIBE” THAT WANTS TO TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS AND TAKE THE WORLD.  THIS “THIRTEENTH” TRIBE (REMEMBER, THERE WERE ONLY TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, THE IMPOSTORS HAVE TAKEN OVER AND THEY AREN’T JEWS AT ALL!) IS THE DEVIL SITTING AMONGST YOU PLAYING TIDDLE WINKS, AND YOU CALL HIM “CHOSEN”.]  were indigenous to the lands that Israel would later call its own.  Like most ancient peoples living around the Mediterranean Sea, the middle east and Persia, they not only worshipped a Pantheon of gods, but they were very careful to worship Molek who was known by a host of other names.
Before he was Satan or the devil, the god of evil went by Molech, Moleck the Devourer, Moloch, Chemosh, Ba’al, Beezebub, Cronos, Milcom, Melkarth, Baal-melech, Malcom, and other names as well throughout the Bible lands.  Although some researchers say he was a god of fertility to some people and/or a fire god to others, he was also the god of the underworld and a god of human sacrifice.
In essence, almost all the peoples in the ancient biblical lands including the Israelites gave him human sacrifices, usually the first born, but there is evidence that other people were sacrificed as well, including virgins, prisoners of war, veiled capital punishments and more.  Some Greek cities also worshipped him.
Plutarch, in his Life of Themistocles, tells us that just as the battle of Salamis was about to begin … Themistocles was offering sacrifice alongside the admiral’s trireme.  Here three remarkably handsome prisoners were brought before him…  At the very moment that Euphrantides the prophet saw them, a great bright flame shot up from the victims awaiting sacrifice at the altar and a sneeze was heard on the right, which is a good omen.  At this, Euphrantides clasped Themistocles by the right hand and commanded him to dedicate the young men by cutting off their forelocks and then to offer up a prayer and sacrifice them all to Dionysus, the Eater of flesh, for this were done, it would bring deliverance and victory to the Greeks.  Themistocles was appalled at this terrible and monstrous command from the prophet, as it seemed to him.  But the people, as so often happens at moments of crisis, were ready to find salvation in the miraculous rather than in a rational course of action.  And so they called upon the name of the god with one voice, dragged the prisoners to the altar, and compelled the sacrifice to be carried out as the prophet had demanded.  (c.13; tr., Ian Scott-Kilvert, Penguin Classics)
The name Molech in Hebrew probably means “to ascent the throne”.  According to the Hebrew consonants in the ancient deity’s name, it might mean “the king”.
At [online:] the author says Molech is “a tyrannical power to be propitiated by human subservience or sacrifice.”  Ancient peoples obeyed him because they were terrified of him, his wrath and the destruction from his wrath.
Molech the Terrible had many more temples than the other gods of that time.  More, like the god of the Bible, he had to be obeyed or terrible curses and things would befall those who offended him.  His tribute had to be paid in human blood.
“Experience has shown no matter what we say, no matter what we point out, no matter how much evidence is given, it has no meaning for these creatures.  They have one goal:  to fool us into classifying them as human so they can concentrate on murdering our human values.  Without human values, the next step is murdering human beings.” – Amos M. Gunsberg
It doesn’t take a psychologist to recognize that Molech is a psychopath.  His personality, determined by his deeds and words, reveal this.  A psychopath is a person who has no conscience.  They always leave destruction in their wake.  They lie, cheat, steal, cause trouble for excitement [H:  Is this not the premise of the so-called “Reality Shows”?  Women jumping up on tables and trying to pull each other’s hair out?  The Hollywood Boardroom Bolsheviks (As the Soviet Khazars who came to your nation and set up the movie studios, called themselves) teach nothing but trouble and problems on your “Soap Box Operas”.  The History Channel is about “True Crimes”, “Mafias”, and “War”; the Khazars who control your religion—also control the “Entertainment” Industry.  Ponder that for a moment, as you turn on your cable television.  Analog signal TV has been stripped from you, so you cannot set up your own NEWS CHANNELS.  A small, “black-n-white” TV is like radio is now—almost anybody can be The Press.  When you base everything on Digital Technology, you remove the right to your freedom of choice.  In other words when you reduce all information to a digital code, or binary code of “1s” and “0s”, you computerize your world.  This was warned about in one of your most famous “Books” of your Holy Bible.  John of Revelation described a beast with heads and crowns, and eyes; and it ruled over all nations of the earth, AND YOU COULD NOT BUY, SELL, OR TRADE WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST ON YOUR PERSON.  AND THAT BEAST FED ON NUMBERS—DEAR ONES, COMPUTERS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT FEEDS ON NUMBERS.], and do other evil things as well, including murder, whether indirectly (usually through third-person means) or directly (more rare than indirectly).
Psychopaths are people who use manipulation, violence and intimidation to control others and satisfy their selfish needs.  They can be intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions.
 Five to six percent of the human populations are psychopaths.  [H:  Keep in mind that through E.L.F. (Extra Low Frequency) Waves, mental behavior can be altered.  “Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars” is one of the Khazar Zionists’ (Zionism is NOT a religious party—it is A POLITICAL PARTY—LIKE DEMOCRATES AND REPUBLICANS.  THESE JEWS ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST OF THE BIBLE.) most potent means of controlling and destroying the MENTAL AS WELL AS THE PHYSICAL BODY!  Those weird towers popping up all over the place, are not just for your little picture phones and toy computer pads.]  Most psychopaths are males, but there is a small minority that is female.  [Hatonn:  Men are into “gadgets” more than women, but that is rapidly changing.]  Most psychopaths are born that way but psychopathy can happen when a person gets a head injury or trauma as an infant or small child.  Most psychopaths remain hidden to us because they operate under a “Mask of Sanity.”  On the surface, they look like everyone else.  They “act” sane, but inside their psyche, their world is totally different from ours.  Their world is a world of evil thoughts and dreams.
Psychopaths are hard to identify as many wear a “Mask of Sanity” to keep their twisted behavior and view of the world as secret as possible.  [H:  Your secret elite societies are birthed in this manner.]  These psychopaths don’t bother general society, but take out their evil on people close to them like family and co-workers.
Henry See writes about psychopaths:  “Whether we like to admit it or not, there are those who have no conscience, the psychopath, man’s main predator, but a predator that looks exactly like its prey, the predators that move invisibly throughout society feeding off of the weak and ignorant.  In the case of psychopaths for too long we have all lived in ignorance, because this oh so clever predator has worked very hard to make sure that we are not even aware of his existence and his wiles and ways of attack.
There is a book you can read for free about psychopathy and these “invisible” psychopaths.  It’s called The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley, M.D.  A psychiatrist, he was one of the first professional people to understand the hidden psychopathy in society.  The book is at [online:].  Cleckley speculates on what is “really wrong” with these people.  He comes very close to suggesting that they are human in every respect—but that they lack a soul.
Then there are the “secondary psychopaths”, people born with consciences but lose them as a consequence of living in psychopathic societies.  [H:  The Zionist Protocols say, destroy Christians by destroying their religion!]  America is a good example of this.  These people became so corrupted by evil that they begin to lose their consciences and act like the devil//molech/satan.
The “natural” psychopaths are the most dangerous ones.  More, because of their aggression, manipulative behavior, risk taking and lack of conscience, many psychopaths find ways to work their way up into all the hierarchies of institutions and power of the world (religion, government, military, business, so forth) so they can control people plus force their dark psychopathic world on everyone.
Judaism and its “spin-off” religions, Christianity and Islam, are particularly suited to the crafty schemes of psychopathy.  This has resulted in social and economic effects, thus a cultural effect, for the past several thousand years to promote, influence, force, propagate and sustain a psychopathic world, institutionally, literally, metaphorically and spiritually.
The influence of psychopathy is higher in the US and western countries for another reason:  Western style capitalism attracts and selects for psychopathy.  It seems that psychopathic economics and a strong belief in a psychopathic god of the Bible make people more evil, thus psychopathic.
[To be continued …]

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