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New Series 201:Thy bitter enemy, whom you call “the ‘Jewish’ people”, has orchestrated an Armageddon for the masses of our nation and planet to experience. All manner of “terrorism” is being invented for you to believe—THERE IS ONLY ONE ENEMY, AND YOU’D BEST BE IN THE RECOGNIZING OF THAT ENEMY! You have been protecting your enemies, you see.

10/10/14 from HATONN/jonur (ns201)

Good morning, Jonur let us continue, please, there is much to cover.  May the radiance of God ATON provide the knowledge needed to see you through what is coming.  Thy bitter enemy, whom you call “the ‘Jewish’ people”, has orchestrated an Armageddon for the masses of our nation and planet to experience.
All manner of “terrorism” is being invented for you to believe—THERE IS ONLY ONE ENEMY, AND YOU’D BEST BE IN THE RECOGNIZING OF THAT ENEMY!  You have been protecting your enemies, you see.

Norio Hayakawa called this Khazarian plan of creating panic and war, leading to a “New World Order” “A BRILLIANT DECEPTION”.  You have been manipulated into believing you have all these “enemies of the state” with which to contend.  I am here to tell you that the “JEWS” have fooled you once again!  The enemy is the same in every encounter!  The “JEWS” of Jesus’s day are the very same today!  Man must come into the understanding that God is here with you CONSTANTLY!  Learn to call on the power of the Lord—MOMENT-BY-MOMENT!  That is thy gift from the Creator!  Use it!  If ye not utilize that which is given to thee, then what is the journey for?!
God is WITHIN, WHY DO YOU NOT CALL ON HIS PRESENCE????  Learn to KNOW that God power is within.  CALL forth thy inheritance; why else were you born to the parents you were born to????  God is your guiding focus; use it therefore to do God Aton’s work!  Do you have any other purpose?  I thought not!  You are here for a reason!
Your adversary knows this and utilizes all means to fool and distract you.  Aliens from space come to terrorize and devour you?  Yes!  However, God is NOT sending these things—man is presenting this scenario unto you of Earth.  You have the capability to replicate and clone live “aliens”.  Whether of original breeding or manufactured AND TAMPERED replications, your satanic enemy means to panic the masses, in order to establish their New World Order/One World Global Government.  Those stories or “books” of your Holy Bible are factual EVENTS!  However you tell it, those people saw something.
Do not be so smug in your own PERSONAL superiority that you fail to recognize the fact that there are sophisticated ones who are affording at all means to “pull the wool over your eyes”.  Satan (Lucifer “bearer of light”) and his handmaidens and servants have been working since the beginning to pull down and defeat the Christians by whatever label you give “Godly People”.  The use of secret technology and hidden knowledge is the very method your evil brother uses to keep you bound and ignorant.
Norio Hayakawa brought the first documented proof that a top secret military exists, for the express purpose of panicking the American civilian population.  There are live aliens stashed there, and craft taken from your space brethren.  However, you are not shown any beings that resemble you; those are slain outright at the hands of your world’s governments.
I don’t have very much to say about this so-called “Isis” terror group.  They are the exact same Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) gangsters who are the instigators in all your wars.  By whatever name, the Jew is the cause of the world’s troubles.
Everything from “sudden” outbreaks of viruses, to collapsing bridges and “missing” or shot down airliners—the Zionist Khazar Jew is behind it all.  Their own “bible” tells you that!  Lie, cheat, steal, AND KILL THE GOYS (Non-Khazar Jews), any way you can, never miss an opportunity to destroy Christians!  And it is a SECRET SOCIETY.  Any tattle tales are ruthlessly killed—RITUAL KILLING STYLE!  Jack-The-Ripper and the O.J. Simpson murders were not the way they happened as told to you!
As long as an enemy can be provided for you to folly against, the people can be controlled and directed.  Whether or not that “enemy” is real or imagined (manufactured), one is always used to gain control of the people through fear.  The unknown is what your adversary uses to hook you in.  By keeping you ignorant of the very nature of reality itself, all the people can be fooled all of the time!  “My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge.”  Jesus tried to tell that.  Lucifer is the Prince of Deception; he deserves the title—believe me!
Your President is safe, however, in the intelligence community a message is being sent that Mr. Obama continue to “play ball” with the evil Khazarian Elite.  He was allowed to pass Obama Care (he really DOES care) because of the Black population—the Black Brothers and Black Sisters (do) have a vote, and a voice.  Aton walks WITH His children who are considered to be “the least of mine”.  The day of reckoning and judgment is at hand!  What will you be doing—personally—when the Lord returns?!
Prayer and a desire to be with God, is the driving force among God’s people.
Indeed, yes!  How else are you going to kill off BILLIONS OF PEOPLE in a few short years—OR MONTHS??!!  The days of Biblical Prophecy are coming to pass, dear ones, and it IS NOT God doing this to you!!!
Your Khazar false Judean adversary has spent decades coming up with newer and deadlier “Silent Weapons for Silent Wars”.  Be it directed electromagnetic radiation frequencies that debilitate the mind AND BODY, or killer diseases that can wipe out entire nations—or even a planet (such as nuclear-powered Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ARMED WITH ANTHRAX!)—these satanic entities are behind it all.
However, the eventual thrust will be that Space Aliens did this to you, so that “they” can take your world from you.  Keep in mind, also, that your government can clone and replicate synthetic replicas of creatures to present to you.  The “Jewish” (Not to be confused with Judah or Judean.) doctors and evil scientists, have long since used the so-called medical profession to kill off Christ’s people.  You “Christ-ians” have given your nation and your lives over to the enemy of Jesus.
The Pharisee Jew has sworn to use potions and the surgeon’s knife to murder Christians—secretly—in any way possible.  The Jewish lawyers have vowed—yearly—to, bit-by-bit, take away ALL CHRISTIAN PROPERTY AND ASSETS.  You are to be left with nothing!  No food, shelter, or money.  They then plan to take your lives and very soul!  And you fell for it!  Even after the Master Teacher Himself told you so!  The Luciferian cult crucified Immanuel Esu SANANDA (“Jesus”), because he spoke about the imposters who now call themselves “JEWS”—BUT YOU ONES BELIEVE “JEW” AND JUDEAN OR JUDAH ARE THE SAME TRIBE.  No, they are not!  They are converted Turks who invented the label “J-E-W, so as to fool the world into thinking that they were the people from your Holy Bible!
These imposter Judean Hebrews were the ones the true Biblical plagues were aimed at.  And in fact, the false Judean was responsible for those “Black Plagues” back then!
Man did not just “get cancer” back in the day this disease was fostered and manipulated to devastate the populations of citizenry.  The Jews are making you sick unto death so that they can rid themselves of Christ’s people—AND STEAL YOUR ASSETS AS THEY SEND YOU TO THE GRAVE!  These doctors of death have created a new religion called a “Medical Association” and “Hospitals”, and you unsuspecting ones have become the Pagan Worshippers of a false god of evil intention and presence.
It is now PROVEN that yearly, or bi-yearly, Mammograms and Prostate screenings DO NOT REDUCE YOUR RISK OF GETTING CANCER!  Radiation for treatment and screenings will give you cancer!  Look up the experiments and use of “X-rays”, when first used as a “medical” treatment for ailments.  The history of the ACS (American Cancer Society) clearly shows the heinous use of radiation and other things that kill off the human body and its organs.
Philanthropy groups claiming to want to “cure cancer” in reality thrive from the unchecked spread of the disease.  None of your donated funds for pink ribbons goes to any type of cancer research.  Why would the Jewish medical groups of doctors want to stop this unimaginable win fall of cash from pouring into their coffers and piggy banks?  Great wealth is gleaned from the killing of God’s people.  This is why the Jewish Talmud (not to be confused with the Judean Judaist Hebrew Torah) is a SECRET instruction manual—written in YIDDISH!  Yiddish, by the way, is not of the Judean HEBREW language.  Yiddish is a mixture of German, Arab and Hebrew, used in such a manner that only selected Rabbis can decipher and “interpret” the tongue.
That is why the Latin-ish scribble is used by doctors for filling out prescriptions—so you can’t figure it out, or know what is REALLY being done to you!  The Jews are vastly outnumbered by the Christians. However, the Jews control EVERYTHING!!  And I do mean EVERYTHING!
The manipulation comes from the wide spread coverage for which the Jewish ZIONIST has over ALL media outlets.  THEY tell you only what they want you to believe.  And America swallows it without question!  Do you not even wonder how the so-called Jews—enemy and murderers of Jesus Christ—came to be your very “best buddies”??  The executioners of your Lord are now all the judges, the lawyers, doctors, AND PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORS!  And of course do not forget that the “Hollywood Jew (“Boardroom BOLSHEVIKS”, as they also call themselves, look that one up!  Bolsheviks are “SOVIET” [NOT Russian] Khazar Jews, who came to America when the Christian Russian people threw them out.  They are what you call “COMMUNISTS”!  That’s what “Jewish” really means!  You are not told that little tad-bit of history, are you?!  They own the “Entertainment Industry”.  That also includes “CNN” type “news” broadcasts.
Even “Local News” is totally and completely scripted and selected by the Jew.  It matters not which “slant” a story takes, the Zionist Hollywood Jew controls BOTH SIDES!  Just as with war itself, the Khazars finance and direct the combatants, so that only Jewish interests are served.  All else is sacrificial blood and ashes for their god.
Religious stories and documentaries do not tell you truth.  Your satanic masters have manufactured a new religion for you to follow.  And this new religion is what has destroyed your world.
This term is a false term in meaning.  The two words are mutually exclusive.  Jews love Moses—and hate Jesus; Christians love Jesus and have allowed His killers to put their label over Christianity!  The two words are OPPOSITE IN MEANING!  Oil and water do not mix!  The killers of Christ ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!!
Now, through manipulation of the media and your history books—YOUR HOLY BIBLE INCLUDED—Christianity is taking a back seat to the Jewish Khazarian Pharisee imposters!  How has your adversary come to be YOUR teacher of YOUR God!!??!!  Do you now see who your enemy is?
Anti-“Semitism” is the main weapon to get the masses to capitulate to the ever increasing DEMANDS of Israel (New KHAZARIA).  Any mention of “Jews” or “Zionist”, or Holocaust inquiry, labels you an Anti-Semite or bigot, when in reality—the “Jews” nor Judeans are of Semitic origin!  Once again, Semites are from Shem/Sem—the Khazars are from Noah’s son Japheth.  Noah’s son SHEM is a “SEMITE”.  The Khazar “Jews” CHANGED THE NAME FROM SHEMITE TO “SEMITE” TO CAUSE YOU TO BELIEVE THAT “SEM” IS SHEM.  The CONFUSION IS HOW THE KHAZARS KEPT THE SECRET LO THESE MANY CENTURIES.
The REAL “JEWS” (Judean Hebrew Judaists, or followers of Judah’s tribe—REMEMBER THERE WERE ONLY TWELVE TRIBES—THE SO-CALLED “THIRTEENTH TRIBE”—IS THE FALSE ONES, WHO ARE RALLY TURKS, WHO CONVERTED TO THE RELIGION OF THE HEBREWS TO HIDE IN THEIR HERITAGE FROM THE “WRATH OF GOD”.  “Those Against Whom The Lord Has Indignation Forever.”  All throughout your history there has always been a group that was “cursed by the Lord”, because of their evil ways and means to deceive God’s people.  They are known by MANY NAMES IN YOUR HOLY BIBLE.  However, TODAY, they are recognized as ZIONIST and “JEWS”.
Do not ignore the obvious damage and atrocities done by this evil group of beings, who go by the label:  The Serpent People.  The “Doctor’s Staff”, with a rod encompassed by two intertwining snakes (serpents) going up the shaft, is the Sign of Evil, though you know it not.  Satan hides in plain sight, chelas (students), and this Cohan (teacher) is come to show thee the way!

The physical world is a fleeting (at best) moment in PERCEIVED TIME.  God is Spiritual, which means it is forever and ongoing.  Everyone is waiting for a Christ or Messiah to “save” them.  No one I’ve seen, in your materialistic existence, is living beyond 120 years old.  So, to expect a Christ or a Buddha or a Krishna to be alive—in the physical past 120 years life expectancy—is not realistic.  Therefore, you are actually talking about an energy form.  The “Invisible” to you is what you are seeking.
“The Mind of God” is Man’s Mind, for in truth there IS only One.  You are already an illusion; learn to adjust your illusion!  I, Hatonn, can only reach your mind—YOU are my hands at this time.  At present I can only reach your mind.  The physical existence is only a SEEMING REALITY; the eternal LIFE is really the mind of man and God.
There is an energy fulfillment that goes BEYOND anything man can conjure.  As we get nearer and nearer to “the end” you are going to find that you are not as attached to this physical experience as you think you are.  You have been trained, through the eons of time, to latch on to the physical.

Your soul doesn’t have Ebola or AIDS—YOU are immortal!  The physical plane is where Satan and his Khazar Jews trap you.  Utilize the gift of a physical experience for that which it is—a school ground for your lessons.  But know, that God, and that “other world” you dream of, are DIFFERENT THINGS.  Take that knowledge in Truth, and live your lives accordingly.
The Nature of reality is that which you are forbidden to know.  For how can you be enslaved if you know AND SEE the trap laid for your soul essence???  By limiting your knowledge of God and the Creation and His highest Creation—man, you become, by default, slaves.  And Lucifer needs followers and hand servants.  From where do you think he gets his “sheep”?
By robbing you of your own power of an immortal, all-powerful being, you no longer contemplate what you can do in union WITH The Lord.  Instead, mankind has joined the evil conspirators in destroying your own planet.  Can you ones not see the insanity of thy ways in this your “enlightened age”???
People continually look for love in the physical world in a PHYSICAL way.  Love is a SPIRITUAL QUALITY; it is not a material “thing”.  The caring, sharing, and the overwhelming desire to protect those whom you cherish, is what love IS.  This spiritual quality of the immortal soul is an invisible essence that drives mankind to perform “work”.
A desire to perform physical labor to provide food, clothing, and shelter for those you love.
The reason “SEX SELLS” is because you have been programmed that this is love.  This programming focuses your minds on something that is not useful for your overall soul growth.  The act of procreation is called Divine Union; its purpose is to provide a vehicle for new and returning souls (babies) to enter the physical plain (world).
Abuse of this divine gift is what has brought your world to the edge of ruin and SELF-DESTRUCTION.  Disease, broken souls, and AN OVERPOPULATED PLANET, are the rewards you’ve reaped for your breaking of the laws of Creation.  There was a very good reason you were given these rules (Commandments) to live by.  Do you not think there would be consequences from thy transgressions in irresponsibility?  Did your Holy Bible not speak of such things?
Plagues come from this one abuse of the Law.  Even animals do not behave in such a wanton lust full manner—unless they were taught by man!  And now, man has manufactured and created viruses—so-called military grade diseases—to bring about the “Armageddon” you have been waiting for.  What did you REALLY THINK, a God of love and light and forgiveness would destroy His own children in such epic and grand ways?  Or, mightn’t Lucifer and his “Fallen Engels” perpetrate this scenario to capture God’s people, who do not know the truth?
The preoccupation with sex is the problem, not Divine Union itself.  The Jews (Khazars) foster a decadent society and nations, so they can have the advantage.  While the Jew pretends to be a “nice Jewish boy”, in reality he is the Serpent from the Garden, who tempts you to eat the forbidden fruit (poison).  Even the very young children are being exposed to this evil.  This destroys their Godly innocence, and they grow up to be depressed, self-destructive, and even suicidal.  For the children know that they are being taught incorrectly.
This is when the Jew attacks.  It is much, much easier to conquer a peoples or a country, when they go after the children in this manner.  And by slowly eroding your Godly laws and those of the state (nation), Jewish law is quietly put in their place.  After all, what self-respecting Christian or Moslem would try to have God removed from the schools and courthouses??!!??
So now you can begin to see that “The Bad Guys” have a God, too.  You already know God of Light and Divine SOURCE; that means “Commandments” which break even one of God Aton’s laws—ARE NOT FROM THE LORD!
You are living under the Laws of the Jews, and you THINK you are following Christ, when in reality it is Lucifer’s “Satan-Clause” you worship.
By Martha Rose Crow, M.S., UNCENSORED magazine, 
September-December 2014
“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”
 - George Washington
His presence is everywhere:  it’s hardwired into almost everything and everyone on this planet.
His tentacles of influence are in almost every institution of the modern world.  He is the approver and distributor of power and evil licenses to his “elect”, including the licenses to “righteously” judge, steal from, harm, rape and kill others.  Never once does he say he loves us or shows it, although he regularly showers ancient Jewish kings with power, wealth, battle victories, plunder, sons, virgins, concubines, wives, old age, fame and “wisdom.”  But are those real or material expressions of love?
The only “good” he’s possibly done is creating us.  Ironically, there are two accounts of this “creation” in Genesis (the first is Genesis 1:1-2:3, and the second is Genesis 2:4-25).  This scholar believes that this may be a veiled attempt to describe two gods and thus, two races of men.  [Hatonn:  The Serpent People and Christ People are the two races of men.]
He shows no “mercy” to weak people or other peoples but the Jews.  [H:  As we have outlined before—“Jews” are Khazar Turks, Hebrew Judaists are Shemites/Semites.]
Ironically, he is the God of other religions besides Judaism.  This includes Christianity and Islam because the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) are the wellspring and foundation of those major religions.
He is the god of hypocrisies, contradictions, paradoxes and legalized violence.  He sets standards and rules for people but there are no rules to govern him, including his actions, thoughts and words.  [H:  On the contrary—EVEN GOD HAS COMMANDMENTS IN WHICH TO FOLLOW!  THEY ARE CALLED “THE LAWS OF THE CREATION” (OR “MOTHER NATURE”, SO YOU DO HAVE A “MOTHER” GOD AND A “FATHER” GOD; YOU LADIES ARE NOT LEFT OUT OF ATON’S HOLY PLAN!  THOUGH YOUR ADVERSARY HAS REWRITTEN THE PLAY BOOK TO THE CONTRARY.  EARTH WO-MAN (MAN WITH WOMB) KNOWS THERE IS ERROR IN THE BIBLICAL TRANSLATIONS), AND GOD DOES NOT DEVIATE ONE IOTA FROM THOSE LAWS!]  He does anything he wants and gets away with it just be-cause he is “God”.
He is the supreme spiritual authority and deity described in a collection of Bronze Age books.  His authority has grown in strength and power over the millennium so much that his book dominates the leadership of many nations.  Congresses pray to him along with pivotal leaders.  In America, elected politicians including the present, swear on his name to uphold (and enact) laws in his likeness.
He is the God of the Sword.  Wars are constantly fought in his name.
He is the god who saves with one hand and slays with the other.
You must tithe [H:  Pay tribute to the Khazar “Jews”.  This is one they slipped in there so you wouldn’t know.  God of Light does not need your nickels and dimes to perform His miracles.  That is how taxes and usury (Interest) makes slaves of men.  The Jew is forever trying to bankrupt and destroy nations.  Their plan is well laid, and you are caught in the trap.  American citizens are NOT TO PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX.  Only foreigners, who come to your country, and make large sums of money—AND TRY TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE UNITED STATES—are to be taxed!   You have been greatly deceived, America, and you still pay the Jews with gold AND BLOOD from your citizenry.] to his priests and temples.  He must be flattered (praised and worshipped) and served or suffering, illnesses, plagues, death (plus death to one’s family, town, city or nation) will befall those who refuse to tithe, flatter and obey.
The established biography of his persona has profoundly (and negatively) impacted one side of the world for millennia and the whole world for hundreds of centuries.
He’s the biggest money maker of all time. He is the God of the Bible.
But who is he?  Who were the ancient scribes who sat down and wrote about him and other things of their time?  How did a dominant desert culture play a part in their writing?  What were the political times like back then?  And more importantly, who was the most influential god of that time and place?
“No one knows when the idea of a single god became part of mankind’s spiritual heritage.” – “Toward a Hidden God”, Time Magazine, April 8, 1966
Monotheism, the worship of a singular God, is a recent phenomenon in the history of the world’s people.  Even today, over half of the world’s people are polytheistic.
It is a known fact in archaeological, theological, Bible archaeological, anthropological and other circles that Israelites worshipped many gods for a very long time.  The Israelites did not embrace monotheism until thousands of years later in the post-exile period.  [H:  Firstly, the Khazar “Jews” NEVER were enslaved in Egypt; it was Judah’s tribe, the Hebrew people, who were held in captivity.  When the Hebrews were released and wandering in the desert—it was the BARBARIC, WARRING, NOMADIC KHAZARS WHO ATTACKED THEM.  This was “Israel’s” first war.  Palestine was never Israel; this label did not even exist until the 1700s AFTER JESUS WALKED THE EARTH!  Even the label “J-E-W” did not exist until the 1700s.  The “Reformers” of your Holy Bible were doing their insidious work.  Much has been kept from you Christians and you have been mightily deceived by those whom you call “God’s Chosen”.
Jonur, break here for chapter break.  Hatonn at stand by.  Salu


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