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New Series 213: HISTORY: THE TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS! ( Continued )

2/21/15 HATONN/jonur (ns213)

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An intelligent attempt was made to correct this situation by a group of German rabbis in 1844.  In that year they called an international conference of rabbis in Brunswick, Germany.  They attempted to have the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer completely eliminated from the Day of Atonement ceremonies, and entirely abolished from any religious service of their faith.  They felt that this secular prologue to the Day of Atonement ceremonies was void of any spiritual implication and did not belong in any synagogue ritual.  However the preponderant majority of the rabbis attending that conference in Brunswick came from eastern Europe.  They represented congregations of Yiddish-speaking so-called or self-styled “Jews” of converted Khazar origin in eastern Europe.  They insisted that the altered version of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer be retained exactly as it was then recited on the Day of Atonement.  They demanded that it be allowed to remain as it had been recited in eastern Europe since the change by Meir ben Samuel six centuries earlier.  It is today recited in exactly that form throughout the world by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.

Will the 150,000,000 Christians in the United States react any differently when they become more aware of its insidious implications?  [Hatonn:  We’ll find out very soon, won’t we?!]

How genuine can the implications, inferences and innuendoes of the so-called “brotherhood” and “interfaith” movements be under these circumstances?  These so-called movements are sweeping the nations like prairie fires.  If the Talmud is the axis of the political, economic, cultural and social attitudes and activities of so-called or self-styled “Jews” participating in these two so-called movements, how genuine are the “oaths, vows or pledges” taken or given in connection with these two so-called movements by so-called or self-styled “Jews”?  It would be a superlative gesture of “brotherhood” or of “interfaith” if the National Conference of Christians and Jews succeeded in expunging from the Talmud all anti-Christ, anti-Christian, and anti-Christianity passages.  At a cost of many millions of dollars the National Conference of Christians and Jews succeeded in expunging from the New Testament passages which so-called or self-styled “Jews” regarded as offensive to their faith.  A great portion of the cost was supplied by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.  Christians might now supply funds to expunge from the Talmud passages offensive to the Christian faith.  Otherwise the so-called “brotherhood” and “interfaith” movements are merely mockeries.

The National Conference of Christians and Jews might look into the millions of dollars being invested today by so-called or self-styled “Jews” to insure that the Talmud shall remain the axis of political, economic, cultural, and social attitudes and activities of so-called or self-styled “Jews” today, and future generations.  Violating the basic principle of “brotherhood” and “interfaith” so-called or self-styled “Jews” are spending millions of dollars each year to establish and equip quarters where the teachings of the Talmud can be indoctrinated into the minds of children from the time they are able to read and write.  These few news items were selected from hundreds like them which are appearing daily in newspapers clear across the nation:

“Two new Jewish Centers, built at a cost of $300,000 will be opened to 1000 students for daily and Sunday school activities next month it was announced by the Associated Talmud Torahs.” (Chicago Herald-Tribune, 8/19/50)

“The Yeshiva School Department now provides daytime an approved English-Hebrew curriculum for grades 1 to 5 (aged 5 ½ to 10).  The afternoon Talmud Torah has opened a new beginner’s class and is accepting enrollment of advanced as well as beginner students.”

“RABBI TO TALK ON TALMUD TO SHOLEM MEN”—Dr. David Graubert presiding rabbi of Bet Din, and professor of rabbinical literature at the College of Jewish Studies, will present the first of his series of four lectures, ‘The World of the Talmud’. (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/53)

“MARYLAND GRANTS DEGREE IN TALMUD” Baltimore, (JTA).  New Israel Rabbinical College has been granted here authority by the Maryland State Board of Education to issue degrees of Master of Talmudic Law and Doctor of Talmudic Law.” (Jewish Voice, 1/9/53)


Weekly radio lectures on the Talmud, in English, will be available shortly on tape recordings for local stations in the United States and Canada, it was announced today. (California Jewish Voice, 1/11/52)

Earlier in this letter, my dear Dr. Goldstein, you remember reading a quotation by the most eminent authority on the Talmud to the effect that “THE MODERN JEW IS A PRODUCT OF THE TALMUD.”  [H:  Remember, the Talmud is the “bible” of the Khazar Zionist FALSE Jews.  It teaches nothing about “a god”, but is a blue print for the taking of the world by Jewish ELDERS.  The Torah is where your Biblical teachings come from, and the real Judean Hebrews (Orthodox) follow this “book”.] Would it surprise you to learn that many Christians also are the “PRODUCT OF THE TALMUD”.  The teachings of the Talmud are accepted by Christians in the highest echelons.  I will only quote one of the subjects of the Talmud, the former President of the United States.  In 1951 President Truman was presented with his second set of the “63 books” of the Talmud.  On the occasion of his acceptance the newspapers carried the following news item:

“Mr. Truman thanked us for the books and said that he was glad to get them as ‘I have read many more of the ones presented four years ago than a lot of people think’.  He said that he did read a lot and that the book he read the most is the Talmud which contains much sound reasoning and good philosophy of life.”

Former President Truman says he benefits by “much sound reasoning” and his brand of “good philosophy of life” which absorbs from the “book that he reads the most”.  His recent term in office reflected his study of the Talmud.  No one familiar with the Talmud will deny that.  But does our former President Truman know that Jesus did not feel the way he feels about the Talmud?  The “much good reasoning” and the “good philosophy of life” in the Talmud were constantly and consistently denounced by Jesus in no uncertain terms.  Former President Truman should refresh his memory by reading the New Testament passages where Jesus expresses Himself on the question of the Pharisees (Khazars) and their Talmud.  Will Mr. Truman state that in his opinion the Talmud was the “sort of book” from which Jesus “drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world” on “moral and religious subjects”?

Before leaving the Talmud as my subject I would like to refer to the most authentic analysis of the Talmud which has ever been written.  You should obtain a copy of it and read it.  You will be amply rewarded for your trouble in finding a copy of it.  I can doubly assure you.  The name of the book is The Talmud.  It was written almost a century ago in French by Arsene Darmesteter.  In 1897 it was translated into English by the celebrated Henrietta Szold and published by the Jewish Publication Society of America in Philadelphia.  Henrietta Szold was an outstanding educator and Zionist and one of the most notable and admirable so-called or self-styled “Jew” of this century.  Henrietta Szold’s translation of Arsene Darmesteter’s The Talmud is a classic.  You will never understand the Talmud until you have read it.  I will quote from it sparingly:

“Now Judaism finds its expression in the Talmud, which is not a remote suggestion and a faint echo thereof, but in which it has become incarnate, in which it has taken form, passing from a state of abstraction into the domain of real things.  The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as the study of the Talmud is that of Judaism … They are two inseparable things, or better, they are one and the same … Accordingly, the Talmud is the completest expression of religious movement, and this code of endless prescriptions and minute ceremonials represents in its perfection the total work of the religious idea … The miracle was accomplished by a book, the Talmud … The Talmud, in turn, is composed of two distinct parts, the Mishna and the Gemara; the former the text, the latter the commentary upon the text … By the term Mishna we designate a collection of decisions and traditional laws, embracing all departments of legislation, civil and religious … This code, which was the work of several generations of Rabbis … Nothing, indeed, can EQUAL THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TALMUD unless it be the ignorance that prevails concerning it … This explains how it happens that a single page of the Talmud contains three or four different languages, or rather specimens of one language at three or four stages of degeneracy … Many a Mischna of five or six lines is accompanied by fifty or sixty pages of explanation … is law in all its authority; it constitutes dogma and cult; it is the fundamental element of the Talmud … The daily study of the Talmud, which among Jews began with the age of ten to end of life itself [H:  This Talmud TEACHES JEWS TO “KILL CHRISTIANS ANY WAY YOU CAN”, and that “CHRISTIANS ARE SACRIFICIAL ANIMALS FOR SLAUGHTER”.  I cannot make it any clearer, dear Hearts, Jews are not your friends, they do not mean any good for God’s People.  “The nice Jewish boy”, they push at you in media and books, is in reality, the devil in sheep’s clothing.  The persecution of Jesus and His followers has NEVER let up—not even for a moment!  Today, entire nations of “Christ-ians” are being methodically killed, and being set up for the killing.  Cancers, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, FLU, radiation from atomic AND ELECTRONIC EMISSIONS, wars, etc., etc., are the manifestation of the conflict between God and Lucifer’s “Jews” of the synagogue.  Christians have been taught falsely about “your” God, the Khazar has never lost sight of his god, and his “commandments” to wipe out Christianity.] , necessarily was a severe gymnastic for the mind, thanks to which it acquired incomparable subtlety and acumen … Since it aspires to one thing:  to establish for Judaism a ‘corpus juris ecclesiastici’.”

The above quotations were culled from a treatise intended to sugar-coat the Talmud.  In painting a nice word-picture of the Talmud the author could not escape mentioning the above facts also.  Coming from this source under the circumstances the facts stated above do not add glory to the Talmud.

About the Author

Benjamin Harrison Freedman (1890-May 1984) was an American businessman and anti-Zionist activist.  He converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.  Among his many works was his booklet Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both.  He was the Founder in 1946 of the League for Peace with Justice in Palestine (New York, 1975).


Thank you, Jonur.  Let us break here, and when we sit next to write, we will resume our daily TODAY’S WATCH, and address correspondence.  Hatonn to clear frequency.  SALU


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