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New Series 215:Hatonn: The “Influential Persons” ARE the “Jews” trying to kill off you Christians—WAKE UP!!! First of all, for our new readers, diseases like HIV, AIDS—AIDS was created in a lab in Tel Aviv, Israel (new Khazaria), in 1952!!!, under orders by your Pentagon as a MILITARY-GRADE bioweapon—to “cull” (kill off) the civilian populations; it is not a “Black/African” disease, or a “homosexual disease”, it is not a sexually transmitted disease—IT IS A SOCIAL DISEASE! Just like the, so-called, “Common Cold” proximity (closeness) to an infected person is ALL IT TAKES. “Safe Sex” will not even begin to protect you against this PETRO-VIRUS. You have, again, been lied to! There are mutated “strains” of AIDS that replicate (reproduces itself) according to your individual DNA. In other words, there are as many versions of AIDS as there are people on the planet! Your adversary has not come out with the “real” figures, yet. But they will—and you had best have your silver handy!

3/05/15 HATONN/jonur (ns215)

The next topic in our letter is Colloidal Silver.  Our scribe has been telling his family about colloidal silver—and gold, copper, and titanium—for many years.
These metals, suspended in a colloidal state, with a slight electrical charge, are the answer to the terrible diseases let lose upon you-the-people.  And of course, the Zionists keep the cures out of circulation.  How else can an entire planet be rapidly DEPOPULATED?!
However you can get it—get your colloidal silver now!  The cancers, the diseases that affect the brain, all bodily ailments—including AIDS AND EBOLA—ARE NULLIFIED IN THE PRESENCE OF COLLOIDAL SILVER.
“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2014 – March 2015.


“Nano Silver” is a variant of colloidal silver, with smaller particles.  Its like the standard colloidal silver, is easy to make.  There are several YouTubes on the topic.
[A picture of computer screen with video of work table and a few pieces of equipment.] 
#378 How to make ionic, nano particle & colloidal silver
Why would Soros, Gates and all their friends put a Bio-Safety Lab in a hospital when the CDC says that the principle focus for the spread of Ebola virus is hospitals?  And why would they make it a Level II lab instead of a Level IV lab?  And why would they genetically engineer the organism to have a stunningly high fatality level?  Did they forget biosafety precautions just like they forgot that nano silver was known AT LEAST in 2009 as the definitive antiviral agent against Ebola virus?
Did they “forget” that organisms cannot develop resistance against Nano Silver so it will keep on working?  Is that the real reason it is illegal in Europe and the FDA has been trying to take it away from us here in the USA for years?
Perhaps these guardians of our lives and futures need some CBD, Ginkgo Biloba and piracitam to help them remember things like that?
Or perhaps they are unfit for power and exceedingly dangerous to our health and longevity?
To repeat:  US Government research, declassified in 2009, shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that NANO SILVER, at 10 ppm, effectively kills the Ebola virus.  We show you the proof, courtesy of the United States Government, below.
I received one email.  That’s it.  Decision makers don’t want to know.  But you already understand.  And you can act on your knowledge, whatever the influential persons say.  [Hatonn:  The “Influential Persons” ARE the “Jews” trying to kill off you Christians—WAKE UP!!!  The Beast is within your very nation and ENTIRE political structure; you just don’t know who your enemy/adversary is!  “Plagues” and “Un-Holy wars” are THE WAY the Satanists destroy God’s People!  It did not stop with the crucifixion, dear ones; the Pharisees are after Jesus’ children with just as much hate and vengeance, as 2000 years past.  Only the method of “telling the story” has changed.  The evil ones CONTROL ALL MAJOR MEDIA; they will always change the story to suit the need!
You MUST buy enough Nano Silver to protect yourself and your families.  And you MUST help spread the information here.
Use this link for the Nano Silver, [] (the CBD will alleviate the terrible pain of the disease while the silver works its wonders) and this link to spread the information:  []
And use this link to donate:  [] because we need your support to, in this case, help heal the world when the Powers That Think They Be want just the opposite.

About the Author:
Dr. Rima Laibow is the founder of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  A tireless worker for the truth, Dr. Laibow runs this site [online]


Blockbuster:  Not only does US government research show that there is a cure for Ebola*, but this information is being suppressed by the US government (*and it is nano silver, just as I said!)

Dr. Rima Laibow
July 31, 2014

The international community says, with a single voice, that there is no cure for Ebola and no prevention, either.  [Hatonn:  First of all, for our new readers, diseases like HIV, AIDS—AIDS was created in a lab in Tel Aviv, Israel (new Khazaria), in 1952!!!, under orders by your Pentagon as a MILITARY-GRADE bioweapon—to “cull” (kill off) the civilian populations; it is not a “Black/African” disease, or a “homosexual disease”, it is not a sexually transmitted disease—IT IS A SOCIAL DISEASE!  Just like the, so-called, “Common Cold” proximity (closeness) to an infected person is ALL IT TAKES.  “Safe Sex” will not even begin to protect you against this PETRO-VIRUS.  You have, again, been lied to!  There are mutated “strains” of AIDS that replicate (reproduces itself) according to your individual DNA.  In other words, there are as many versions of AIDS as there are people on the planet!  Your adversary has not come out with the “real” figures, yet.  But they will—and you had best have your silver handy!]  They tell us that because the Ebola Virus strain devastating West Africa is a novel one, no antibiotic can touch it and that the organism has an astonishing kill rate of up to 90%.
Leaving aside the World Health Agency and all associated laboratories and research institutions, I find it impossible to believe that the US Government’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DFRA, Defense Department) and United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) two agencies with large budgets publishing nearly 100 scientific papers on Ebola and its treatment since 2000, could not come up with a cure, prevention or treatment for it.
Oh!  Wait!  They DID come up with a cure, prevention and treatment for it:  10 ppm (parts per million) Nano Silver.  That’s right!  OOPS!  US Government, WHO (also World Health Organization!) and their associated minions are lying!  Again!
And the kill rate for this disease of convenience, genetically engineered to be more deadly than ever before, just happens, I am sure coincidentally, to be the exact number depopulationists like Bill Gates [H:  Mr. Gates has “bad” Navy SEALS providing protection for his ZIONIST ACTIVITIES as “security”.  The vaccines he provides to Africa are laced with these terrible experiments.  They then will “find their way” to America!] and George Soros have wet dreams about:  90%.
The US government study (declassified in 2009) which showed definitively that Nano Silver at 10 ppm IS the definitive prevention and therapy for Ebola virus “somehow” got “overlooked”.  We do not know how long before that the work actually took place.  But the US civilian authorities knew not later than 2009 that there is a cure, treatment and prevention for Ebola virus.
At the end of this article is a section called “What They Forgot to Tell Us” discussing that research in detail.  It lays out the specific findings of the 24 people on the research team that discovered what may be, in terms of stopping this intentional pandemic, the greatest story never told.
This past Monday I wrote a letter to the Presidents of the four afflicted countries (including a copy to the president of what may well be the next country afflicted, the United States since an Ebola-stricken volunteer is being flown to Atlanta for treatment).
What about the staff of the airplane conveying that victim?  The airport personnel and passengers who are in her vicinity?  The Hospital personnel?  This is a perfect recipe for disaster, but do not feel bad about it.  If you live in the US, you are not alone in having governments risking spreading the contagion to you.  An Ebola victim is being flown to Heidelberg for treatment, too, so Europe is similarly at risk.
Once that happens, the globalists [International Zionist Khazar “Jews”] get their wish:  the population is reduced, the “need” for WHO to seize government powers is established, the “need” for the total authoritarian control of the populace by the Global Health Security Initiative is established and lots and lots and lots of us die because “THERE IS NO CURE, NO PREVENTION AND NO TREATMENT” for this disease apparently engineered at a Level II Biosecurity Laboratory inside Kenama Hospital in Sierra Leone.  [Hatonn:  Chelas, God does not send these things upon His Creation—MAN IS THE EVIL DOER AT WORK HERE!  The adversary will set it up so you will BLAME God!  See beyond the trickery and illusion, the false Hebrews called “Jew”, ARE the Anti-Christ/Anti-God on your planet this day.]  As a matter of public record, the Level II Bio Security facility was funded by George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, the US, WHO, Tulane University and a bunch of other bad actors who apparently want to see most of us dead.
Think I’m exaggerating?  Think again.
And, oh, by the way, Ebola virus should only be handled at a Level IV lab.  A Level II lab is designed to be “suitable for work involving agents of moderate potential hazard to personnel and the environment…”
Level II facility is “applicable to clinical, diagnostic, teaching, research, or production facilities in which work is done with indigenous or exotic agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease after inhalation.”  A Level IV facility “is required for work with dangerous and exotic agents that pose a high individual risk of aerosol-transmitted laboratory infections, agents which cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which vaccines or other treatments are not available, such as Bolivian and Argentine hemorrhagic fevers, Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Lassa virus, Crimean—Congo hemorrhagic fever and various other hemorrhagic diseases… and smallpox.”
Jonur, continue on with a bit more with Colloidal Silver.  “Uncle Ware” will get great benefit from daily supplement in water and beverages.  It truly is a “wonder drug”, if I can borrow the Bayer aspirin saying.
Just a few drops in a gallon of milk, water, orange juice, coffee pots; even adding silver topically—any place you can reach, that needs treatment!
In the September-December 2014, “UNCENSORED” magazine is more confirmation on the [famous] COLLOIDAL SILVER!
Ebola and Colloidal Silver, Affinity Net News
To the Editors:  I was involved as client funding a medical research project with UCLA Medical Labs, and helping the actress Elizabeth Taylor to save the lives of AIDS patients in her clinics in Mexico.  In the process of this research, we also tested every known deadly strain of Ebola, and how it would react to Colloidal Silver.
The findings were mothing short of astounding!  Not only did the Colloidal Silver kill all the deadly Ebola strains instantly but, when the petri dishes were cleaned out, and the Ebola was added yet again, the Ebola died instantly before any more Colloidal Silver could even be added to the cleaned petri dishes!
Our research was documented with the UCLA [University of California at Los Angeles] Medical Labs, Elizabeth Taylor’s clinics in Mexico, and was documented in a book called:  “The Silver Bullet”.  Our research saved countless lives.  [H:  Didn’t make the New York Times “book of the month club”, did it?!] So with that said, please remember if this gets really serious Colloidal Silver may also work on these strains of Ebola as well. -Anon
What Your Doctor Will Never Tell You
Colloidal Silver for Serious Illnesses
By Marvin Robey
The Herald of Provo Utah, February 2, 1992, ran an article on Page D1, in which Daryl Tichy a member of the administrative staff of Bringham Young University has been successfully experimenting with colloidal silver in the treatment of AIDS, along with warts and parvo virus in a dog.  “Tichy said he had the material [colloidal silver] tested at two different labs; results showed the solution killed a variety of pathogens, including the HIV virus.”  Tichy then states, “I don’t have a doubt in my mind.”  He says he has not been able to obtain funds to continue his research.  [H:  Indeed!  The Jews ARE the American Medical Association!  The killers do not want you to have any cures.]
This should not be a surprise, considering what other researchers have been telling us.  There is much more evidence to support Tichy’s conclusion.  Extensive evidence points to the fact that colloidal silver destroys all types of viruses including the AIDS virus and greatly enhances the immune system in general.  Colloidal Silver supports the T-cells in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood.  It virtually forms a second immune system, actually protecting and defending the T-cells, as well as doing their work for them.  It is strongly suggested by research scientists such as Dr. Gary Smith and others that silver ions are essential to the immune system.  [Hatonn:  Know that the body of man is an ELECTRICAL MACHINE.  The wiring (nerves) works by tiny high-frequency electric current.  The debilitated circuit connections are hardly “firing”, because of all the assaults by your adversary, using various “Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars”.  This includes ELF (extremely low frequency) directed energy weapons, as well as outright poisoning through your food, and through chemical spraying in your atmosphere.  “Chem Trails” is a military term from the 1950’s.  It is the mixing of toxins in jet fuel, and even spraying from “special” jet liners—which blanket entire sections of your country.  Chem Trails hang around AFTER an airliner passes, vapor trails disappear AS THE PLANE PASSES.  Colloidal Silver reconnects your body’s normal electrical flow.  It is like cleaning the battery posts on a corroded, rusty car battery.  If the machine that is your body had its “wires cleaned”, then your body can heal itself—LIKE IT WAS PROGRAMMED TO DO.]
In “Use of Colloids in Health and Disease”, author Dr. Henry Crooks says colloidal silver is highly anti-viral.  In laboratory tests he found that “all fungus, virii, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes.  In fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in six minutes or less in a dilution as little as five parts per million.”  Dr. Crooks tells us there are no serious side effects whatsoever from high concentrations.  Research scientist Dr. Gary Smith reports that he has notices a correlation between low silver levels, sickness and immune deficiency.  He found people who have low silver levels tend to be frequently sick and to have innumerable colds, flus, fevers, and other illnesses.  The research of Dr. Gary Smith would seem to support the belief that colloidal silver is an entirely natural healing agent.
HIV and AIDS are a two sided medical condition.  First is HIV virus, which attacks the immune system.  Second are the main outward effects, the conditions resulting from the weakened immune system.  Research evidence shows that Colloidal Silver is a two edged sword.  It attacks the HIV virus directly and effectively, and then forms virtually its own immune system to ward off the various health problems the immune system has not been able to handle.
Parasites are being recognized more and more as a cause of failing health.  Hulda Clark, PH. D., N.D., author of “The Cure for All Cancers” and “The Cure for HIV and AIDS”, tells us that neither cancer nor HIV can exist without parasites and that if we eliminate the parasites, the disease will be gone.  Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4 says:  “Parasites are also killed by colloidal silver, as they have an egg-stage in their reproductive cycle, which is one celled and therefore killed in six minutes or less.”  In as much as there are many kinds of parasites, this may be inconclusive.  However, tests have shown that mosquito larva are effectively killed by colloidal silver.  It should be remembered that to rid oneself of parasites by killing the eggs or larvae means that one must continue the treatment until all of the adults die, probably of old age.  More research is needed.  [H:  A daily dosage, periodic cleansing (“heavy” dosage), and lots of Vitamin C, and your body will get rid of anything causing dis-ease.  This is not to say you won’t get sick or catch a cold, however, you will note that instead of being knocked off your feet for weeks, the body’s NATURAL DEFENSE PROGRAMMING takes over and does its job.  Within days or hours the illness is eliminated from your system.]  But if AIDS or cancer and other conditions can be effectively treated with colloidal silver, then any effects on parasites is a free benefit.
In as much as AIDS is the result of a virtually destroyed immune system, it would be surprising to find that colloidal silver did not have a dramatic effect on AIDS.  AIDS is a viral disease, but the colloidal silver ion is highly effective.  The evidence strongly supports the theory that colloidal silver is highly effective against all strains of viruses, curing even the common cold in one dose.  Where many drugs on the market suppress certain symptoms of a cold, colloidal silver is said to kill off the virus that causes it to hang on.  AIDS, like all other viral infections, is unaffected by antibiotics, which each kill off only a few strains of bacteria and none are effective against the virus, yeast’s, or fungi.  Yet, researchers are telling us that colloidal silver is highly effective against all of these.
One serious condition typical of AIDS is rapid ageing.  Ageing is generally considered as due to a slowing down of the body’s ability to replace worn out cells fast enough.  This slowing down begins by the time of adulthood and continues into old age.  [Hatonn:  The “symptoms” of AIDS is the same as Radiation Poisoning.  As your immune system becomes compromised, the very first ailment is what kills you.  For decades, you have eradicated yourselves AND THE PLANET.  The “Fall Out” from nuclear detonations, above AND BELOW GROUND, is now falling back on you.  This, too, your government knows, but the plan is to kill you off, not “save” anybody.]  In an article on colloidal silver in Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4, it is stated that “Silver aids the developing fetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery.”  If colloidal silver aids the growth of a fetus so noticeably, will it reduce the aging process?  From the research of Dr. Becker, it would seem colloidal silver will produce the differentiated cells necessary to prevent this slowdown of cell replacement.  It is probable that the weakened immune system is incapable of producing the undifferentiated cells necessary to rebuild worn out cells. Colloidal silver produced the needed cells to make this possible.  All of this is being discovered and rediscovered at the same time that disease bacterium are developing immunity to modern antibiotics.
Furthermore, immunity to the antibiotics seems to be developing all over the world, even in isolated areas.  [H:  This is another “secret” kept from you the people, so you do not completely panic.  The treatments you are “allowed” to have will not cure the citizenry.  However, they will still have you line up to get deadly injections, be they called “immunization”, flu shots, AIDS vaccines, etc., etc., the Zionist Khazar “doctors” have never stopped following the “Jewish” Talmud—WHICH TELLS THEM TO KILL CHRISTIANS ANY AND EVERY WAY THEY CAN!!!  (Remember, the Judean Hebrews follow the Torah.)]  The medical profession is alarmed.  Can silver save us?  Many authorities think so!  [H:  When you know that “Jews” created all those so-called “Biblical Plagues”, that decimated European nations later as “The Black Death”, it is easy to see how those same “Jews” would “up-date” the method of disease delivery.  It used to be by poisoning water wells, giving out infected blankets (knowingly, like small pox to the Native American people)—now it is MURDER BY INJECTION!]

As single-celled creatures called bacteria use a common type enzyme or “chemical lung” for their oxygen metabolism, the presence of colloidal silver cripples the enzyme, therefore causing the organism to suffocate.  Any and all bacteria are therefore killed within the 6-minute time frame, without causing any adverse effect on the surrounding tissue cells.  Dr. Becker also states in his book:  “Positive silver kills all types of bacteria”.  This is exiting, because no other single antibiotic works against all types of bacteria.  Positive silver, however, offers several advantages over previous forms.  There are no ions besides silver to burden the tissues.  It works against all types of bacteria and viruses, even killing anti biotic resistant strains as well as all fungal infections.
To carry the fight to fungal infection, one must firstly understand fungal growths.  A fungus is a series of single cells that have small tubes of the material from which the cell is made, which stretches between the cell walls.
Whether more linear in its spread and expand mode or, alternatively, more like a fabric in its reproductive mode, a fungus will still exhibit that characteristic of any one celled bacterium, that particular type of chemical lung, which is almost completely and permanently disabled by the presence of colloidal silver in the body, as the silver suffocates the organism.
A single virus will invade a living cell within the body tissue.  Then the insidious pathogen will take over the nucleus of the cell and alter its production and reproduction mechanism to replicate the virus instead of the enzyme, hormone, or other chemical that the body would normally have produced for itself within that cell.
Later, the newly produced virus will be released from that cell and into the blood stream.  However, another very interesting thing takes place.  As the virus affects the cell for its own purposes, part of the response of that living cell is that it reverts back to a more primitive form of cell structure and chemistry.  The oxygen metabolizing enzyme, or chemical lung in the cell wall, reverts as well.
This more primitive form of enzyme is vulnerable to the effects of colloidal silver.  The catalyst effect of the colloidal silver simply being in close proximity to the enzyme of this cell results in the enzyme becoming permanently disabled.  It cannot function to bring oxygen into the cell, and the virus producing cell dies by suffocation.
HIV is caused by a particular type of virus.  This virus attacks and invades a single tissue cell and takes over the operation of the cell’s reproductive mechanism.  Part of the cell’s response to this viral attack is for the cell to revert back to a different primitive one celled type of enzyme or chemical lung, the kind that is crippled by the presence of colloidal silver.  The cell then suffocates and dies and, as it is no longer useful to the body, it is flushed out.
The colloidal silver has killed the mutated cell, virus and all.  COLLOIDAL SILVER KILLS ALL viruses, precluding future mutations [H:  That is what Colloidal Copper, Gold, and Titanium is for.] as it also kills the HIV virus-invaded cell within minutes.  As a catalyst, colloidal silver is not affected in the reaction, and it continues to kill any other single celled pathogen that is in its presence.

As a preventative, colloidal silver is unsurpassed.  Sufficient colloidal silver taken daily may fight infection, viruses, contagion outbreak and serious burn toxicity.  The daily ingestion of colloidal silver is like having a second immune system.  [Hatonn:  It also helps with a virtual host of other “chronic” ailments.  Just ask our scribe’s other brother, a retired crew chief, on CH-47 Special Operations helicopters—or “Big Windy”, as it is affectionately known.  After being in multiple crashes over the years, in defense of your United States of America, this Crew Chief has seen it all.  One crash at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky (the birth place of this scribe, and THE ORIGINAL HOME OF THE AIRBORNE!), killed his best friend, his friend the pilot died from mortal injuries the next day.  And the woman co-pilot was critically wounded, and subsequently, discharged from the Army.  Jonur’s brother escaped “with a scratch”.  However, in reality, he was suffering from many related injuries, but his daily use of “silver” has helped him greatly.  And the Crew Chief recently thanked his brother, Jonur, for the timely “PREVENTIVE” supplement (After all we are NOT “doctors” giving a prescription.  “Supplements”, such as aspirin and vitamins, are legal—for now!  We can only “offer” a remedy, you have to accept and utilize the “cure”Be it for bodily survival, or the survival of your nation, it is up to the individual to utilize what God has brought before you, for your use.]  It lessens the load on the body’s natural immune system, and effectively kills pathogens, viruses and bacteria that are present throughout the body.
In addition, the toxicity due to the average amount of virus and bacterial activity that occurs naturally in the body is lessened.  However, tests have shown that, due to the high absorption of silver into the small intestine, the “friendly bacteria in the large intestine are unaffected”.
This “second immune system” acts parallel to, and independent of the body’s own first line of defense, which is a major advantage in warding off outbreaks of influenza or other germs, plague or pestilence.
By taking colloidal silver at the correct dose rate is to have protection that is unsurpassed against serious burn toxicity.
Severe burn cases, such as from a house fire or motor accident, will have a much greater survival rate than those who do not take colloidal silver before such a catastrophe.  Often, people who survive such horrific injuries later die of complications that occur some days, even weeks after the injury is sustained.
This is because several of the body’s systems become overloaded and cannot cope.  Colloidal silver has proven to be extremely effective in helping the body’s immune system and sustained in the fire or accident.
With reference to the healing powers of colloidal silver, an American surgeon, Dr. William Stewart Halsted wrote in 1913, after referring to the age-old practice of placing pure silver wire in and around wounds.  “I know of nothing that could take its place, nor have I known anyone to abandon it, who has thoroughly familiarized himself or herself with the technique of its employment.  We may have only scratched the surface of tale medical brilliance of silver.  Already it is an amazing tool, as it stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections, and stimulates healing of skin tissue.”
Below is a list of diseases colloidal silver may successfully treat.  This is a partial list, as there are over 650 in all.  Acne, Aids, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athletes foot, bladder infection, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, burns, cancer, candida, chronic fatigue, colitis, conjunctivitis, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, diabetes, diphtheria, eczema, gastro enteritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, hepatitis, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy, leukemia, malaria, meningitis, neurasthenia, parasitic infection, pneumonia, prostate infection, pruritis ani, psoriasis, rheumatics, rhinitis, ring worm, scarlet fever, septic conditions, seborrhea septicemia, shingles, staph and streptococcal, ulcers, viruses, warts, yeast infections, etc.
The above may be an impressive array of nasty viruses and diseases, but they are but a few that form a much larger group.  Colloidal Silver can also be applied directly to open wounds and sores to eliminate infection.  It does not sting, burn or smart in any way.  Other anti-septics sting when applied to a wound because they are killing the surrounding wall tissue cells, as well as attempting to kill the germs.  Colloidal Silver will not harm the surrounding cells or tissue.  After washing the face thoroughly, colloidal silver may be used as the only medication or, in amount each day, the affliction will disappear.  On open wounds, colloidal silver may be used as the only medication or, in conjunction with other medication.  [H:  Colloidal Silver will not have ANY ADVERSE REACTION TO OTHER TREATMENTS, OR MEDICATIONS, INTRODUCED INTO THE HUMAN BODY.  Animals, birds, and other pets will benefit greatly from silver added to their water.  That’s right Tina, “Floppy-eared Puppy” (Puppy, Jr.) is a member of the family, and we of God’s Hosts, know that.  These precious creatures bring love, joy, humor, and spiritual healing and companionship—especially particular to the elderly and young children.  Yes, indeed, there is room aboard my craft and Fleet!]  Just sprinkle the colloidal silver over the affected area and bandage.  This application may also [be] good for the removal of warts.
Optimum digestion
Place 5 ml (milliliters) of colloidal silver, or as determined by titration, into a beverage of your choice accompanying your meal.  [Hatonn:  It also helps in weight-loss, for you woman and men, who want to shed those “extra pounds”.  With the addition of “Spelta” Wheat, a “whole food”, the body is completely satisfied—because it is receiving its total daily requirement of nutrients.  Therefore, you don’t “feel hungry”.  There is no NEED to stuff yourself, because you are “full”.  The “gas tank” needle moved all the way to “F”, and you are ready to focus your journey to God’s service, and the task at hand.  And if you want your cake, you can literally eat it, too!  The enhanced Immune System, sluffs off the extra stuff, and it is eliminated from the body.  But you will find that the desert fills and satisfies the craving, so, much less will be desired.]  As the food is digested, the presence of colloidal silver will keep the food from putrefying in the digestive tract [H:  Remember “DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON!  THE IMMEDIATE REACTION TO Colloidal Silver is the rapid need to “go number two”.  Chelas, bowel movements, the elimination of waste from the body, IS the immune system!  It is not the same effect as, say, a laxative.   However, you will note the body’s immediate need to cleanse the body of poisonous or harmful organisms (cells, worms, parasites, etc.).  You will not ruin your pants, in other words!], while killing all germs ingested with the food.  There will be no flatulence (passing gas) with this method.
Ingesting the correct quantities of colloidal silver may preclude parasitic diseases caused by the tiny worm like parasites that can burrow through particular organs.  In all cases these parasites reproduce by laying eggs.
These eggs have the same characteristics as does the oxygen-metabolizing enzyme of single cell bacteria.  These eggs are unable to hatch when in the presence of colloidal silver and are subsequently destroyed and eliminated by the immune system.
A number of diseases such as cholera, canine paravovirus or other diseases where the pathogen resides in the large intestine are normally fatal, mostly due to the dehydration resulting from severe and prolonged diarrhea and vomiting.  The pathogen causing the problem is active in the large intestine, the one place where colloidal silver, when used in normal dose rates, will not penetrate.
However, if one drinks four ounces of colloidal silver with three or four large glasses of water on an empty stomach, the colloidal silver will penetrate the large intestinal tract and may very quickly take care of the problem.  Cholera reportedly has been cured in this way.
This is a condition wherein the colloidal silver is killing the pathogens very quickly.  [To be continued …]

Ain’t it great to live in this free (sic) country!  By Pat Shannan
“UNCENSORED MAGAZINE, December2014 – March 2015
Can the FBI ever admit that the infamous “Raoul”, who funded James Earl Ray’s trips around the country and gave him the money to buy the incriminating rifle in Birmingham for the Memphis murder of M.L. King, was one of its own agents?  And the hate-filled, politically expedient Birmingham church bombing that murdered four little Negro girls in September of 1963:  Didja – know that it was another “inside job” designed to accomplish the passing of the Civil Rights Bill?  No, you’re not supposed to, but Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Moore did, and was fired without a pension for talking about it and other judicial crimes going on in Birmingham’s federal courts.
Even though all of the players are retired and most are dead, can LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] ever confess to the framing of Sirhan Sirhan?  At least eleven, and possibly thirteen, shots were fired in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen that night and Senator Robert Kennedy was hit only from the backside.  [Hatonn:  It’s been proven that the bullet did not even come from Sirhan’s gun!]  Sirhan stood only in front of the victim and carried an 8-shot Iver Johnson 22 revolver (that wasn’t even totally emptied), proving at least one more person was firing.  Furthermore, an LAPD ballistics expert told Sirhan’s 1969 trial court that he had personally test fired the weapon with the serial number of H-18602 and found it to be a match for the gun that fired the bullets found in the body of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.  The problem was that Sirhan’s weapon, already identified, had a serial number of H-53725 and was present in the courtroom.  No defense lawyer spoke up because the fix was in, and LAPD was not the only culprit.
58,000 plus of my young generation perished in a little country few ever heard of before 1963, and nobody really knows why yet.  After the politicians prevented General Mac Arthur [H:  Was himself assassinated after trying to stop the new “Soviet” Russians (Jews) from taking over Eastern Europe—AND EAST GERMANY.  It is here that your patriots pay the most.  Those of your military on the frontline.] a decade earlier from stopping the “expansion of Communism”, the news media kept telling us that the Vietnam (undeclared) War was for just that.
Most of the guys who died there and those who came back to get spat on and die premature deaths or suffer debilitating deformity from Agent Orange [H:  A “herbicide” your government deployed to de-foliate the jungle better to kill off the Vietnamese people.  It cleared the forest leaves, but gave the citizens CANCER—RIGHT ALONG WITH YOUR OWN TROOPES—KNOWING THE OUTCOME IN ADVANCE!!!] , never knew that Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara had faked the whole Gulf Tonkin scenario into a set-up to get the U.S.A. into another banker’s [Rothschild’s] war.  The early August 1964 alleged attack by North Vietnamese ships upon ours never happened, and a year later 500,000 Americans (most of them forced there through the draft along with a few naïve volunteers believing the propagandizing Rah-Rah) were once again fighting to stop the “Domino Theory” of tiny nations falling to the evils of Communism [Birth of “Jews” (Khazars)].  Meanwhile back home, the government in Washington D.C. was “falling to the evils of Communism” itself, being silently captured via the legal insertion of Karl Marx’s Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto into the American way of life.
And as the criminal activity of the federal government increased, cover-up became easier.  Some of the sloppiest attempts of murder and cover-up succeeded because the illicit power of legal tender can buy anything—including the investigative teams and most of the otherwise honest people in the world.
In my biased-by-experience opinion, all or most of the well-meaning sheriffs and state officials that have signed on to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association (CSPOA) and/or Oath-Keepers will wilt and acquiesce when the Feds turn up the heat.  And the few that do stand-up will be knocked down.  The fact is that “We-the-People” have already been captured, and the power of counterfeit legal tender is the first tool used by the enemy to back down those noisy, recalcitrant American patriots via an under-the-table cash reward for the sheriff personally or a large grant for his country.  [Hatonn:  This is HOW you can have a bought-and-paid-for Congress.  One half can be blackmailed, and the other paid off.  Other than Majority Whip Clyburn, of South Carolina, few there are who can resist the Khazarian devil’s temptations.  That is why the ultimate goal of a man is to pursue any course of action with God uppermost in consideration.  You will have The Hosts protection and your enemies can be kept at bay.  This is called using your God-power.  In no other “way” can you defeat the adversary.]
If this fails there are a few other financially persuasive offers that follow before the noose is tightened with the coup de grace being:  “How would you like to see your kids’ (or grandkids, if the situation requires) pictures on the milk cartons?”  Few can stand up to it.  In fact, at least three that I have known could not and later said privately that this was the tactic that provoked their final surrender.  Now it appears that Congress man Darrell Issa may have joined the list.  (See Wheeler article posted [online iniworldreport] on 9/22/14.)
Of course, the income tax is a fraud, as we know or should know by now.  But until the larger fraud of legal tender is removed and replaced again with Lawful Money, the IRS will always remain.  [H:  Keep in mind, the Khazars created the Federal Reserve “Central Bank”, illegal under your Constitution, and the IRS is their “collection agency”.  The Federal Reserve Bank IS NOT a part of your government!  The Rothschild Jews simply CALLED IT “FEDERAL”, SO YOU WOULD BELIEVE IT WAS A GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION.  In a nation birthed allowing a man to BRING HOME ALL OF WHAT HE EARNS, to end up with “the state” taking more and greater amounts of YOUR money—it is plainly evident the plan the Jewish Money-changers have in store for you!]  Is this why former Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant is dead?  While we never viewed his 15% flat tax folly as any sort of real solution, anyone of his status was certainly capable of frightening the enemy; and any organized effort against them could have provided enough motivation to take him out.  Could his heart attack have been induced before the tractor accident?  Nothing is too preposterous to be considered beyond belief in this era.  [H:  Indeed!]
The Income Tax was put in place in 1913 before the Fed was because the weasels knew that their fiat money could not survive very long without it.  Yet with that extraction system in place, the inevitable hyper-inflation, while creeping, has been put off for a century now but cannot last much longer.  Meanwhile, that power of legal tender has provided the enemy with the ability to buy anything, including most of the otherwise honest people in the world.
As said in the September Musings Intro of Bruce McCarthy, Lawful Money vs. legal tender is the most important yet most ignored and least understood subject facing Americans over the past century, and it remains so today.  [Hatonn:  This is it, chelas; this is how the Khazar Jews lay the trap!  Money—and “the love” of it—is how the false Judeans trick the Godly ones into SLAVERY!  The Holy Bible and the Holy Koran BOTH TELL YOU NOT TO CHARGE THY BROTHER USURY (INTEREST)!  Esu Immanuel SANANDA-JESUS was taken out, beaten, tortured, and crucified three days after He turned over the table of the Pharisees (what the “Jewish” Khazars were called in Christ’s day 2000 years ago) in the temple.  Now, Immanuel (meaning “God with us”) was healing the sick, causing the blind to see, casting out demons, raising people from the dead, feeding the multitudes, etc., etc.  HOWEVER, WHEN HE TOUCHED “THE MONEY”, THAT’S WHEN THE PHARISEES (“JEWS”) NAILED HIM TO THE CROSS.  PEOPLE WERE “NORMALLY” TIED TO IT, AND LEFT TO DIE.  THEY ADDED THE BRUTAL NAILING TO DRIVE HOME THEIR POINT (No pun intended).  The Jews added the “tithing” to YOUR Bible, and made it one of your Commandments, so you wouldn’t know.  God and Truth are not for sale.  The disciples were told to “freely” teach the people.  The Pharisees are the Jewish bankers TODAY who have all your assets, and are foreclosing on your Christian Nation!]
Meanwhile, the term “taxpayer’s money” is a non sequitur.  “We the people” have not funded the federal government with our taxes since June 24, 1968.  Ever since that date, government has funded itself with counterfeit money and forced the people to use its steadily decreasing value.
It has also funded its welfare systems (foreign and domestic) false flag attacks, political assassinations, conspiracies, briberies and murders with the same corruptive tool—all the while diluting our purchasing power.
Do we recall from history the Age of Reason?  It was defined as “The time of life when one begins to be able to distinguish right from wrong.”  Let us now label the past few decades and this current one of the 21st as the “Age of Corruption”.
As detailed in the previous three Musings, the great Republic of the United States of America was surreptitiously injected with an artificial insemination of legal tender that resulted in the birth of a bastard child known as “Democracy”.  [H:  Once again, your nation is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC—not a “democracy”.  Your own Pledge of Allegiance told you that, remember???  The Soviet Jews use “Communism”, “Socialism”, and Democracy to usurp REPUBLICS.  This is who is removing CHRISTIAN symbols and themes from public places—and YOUR SCHOOLS.  The “Jews” don’t let you Christians take down THEIR synagogue symbols, do they?]  This resulted in the quiet burial of an aborted dead fetus once known as “Lawful Money” and along with it, although nobody realized it at the time, was buried something else known as “The People’s Liberty”.  And along with that arrived this current “Age of Corruption”, an era in which one can still distinguish right from wrong but does not deem it important.
It is the force driving an already captured America toward a lengthy, bloody doom.  
[Hatonn:  You have to realize your “taxes” do not go to paying for government services, schools, roads, infrastructure—none of it!  All that money stolen from the American people, GOES RIGHT INTO THE VAULTS OF THE ROTHSCHILD BANKING DYNASTY.  YOU CANNOT EVEN PAY THE INTEREST (USURY) ON THE AMOUNT THE JEWS SAY YOU OWE THEM!]
1 See Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie, now on E-book at Amazon.
2 Search:  The Myth of the Six Million, Holohoax, David Cole’s youtube, [online thetruthseeker] and dozens more.
3 The 9/11 Commission Report in 2004 was the most sophomoric attempt at government cover-up in history.  Because they couldn’t explain the collapse of Building 7, it was totally ignored in the report.  Co-Chairmen Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton blamed the Bush White House and the CIA for “obstructing our investigation”.
4 See my The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds.
5 These details are also found in Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie at Chapter 8.  Hard copy available from Oceana Management Co., Suite 134, 4290 Bells Ferry Road, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144.  Autographed $25.
6 Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie, chapter 12, “Who Killed RFK”, Page 222.
7 Google search for “Gulf of Tonkin was a staged event”.
8 See previous July, August and September Musings [online iniworldreport].
9 Taxes cannot be paid with credit.  Only Lawful Money can fund the government, and the Federal Reserve has said in its own publications that their system (of plunder) works only with credit.


Thank you, old friend.  New Zealand is under our protection.  And be patient, you will be seeing more OBVIOUS sightings soon—as will the rest of your planet.  However, first you are going to be shown government “mock-ups”, craft that “look like” “UFOs”.  Since the public does not know the technology you already have, it will be easy for your adversary to fool the masses with a STAGED EXTRATERRESTRIAL “INVASION”.  But we are there, too, making sure OUR PEOPLE are protected.  Man-made craft are no match for Aton’s Chariots Of The Gods!

Jonur let us end the CHAPTER here, and continue with our correspondence from New Zealand.  And the Calendars are wondrous and accepted with great appreciation, by this scribe and family.  Amen and Salu!  Hatonn to clear frequency. 


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