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New Series 216:Thank you, Valerie, for accepting the lead as “point man”, for it could not be done without your love and tireless effort on behalf of ALL involved. My appreciation is great and “The Book of Life” will forever reflect and record your “service record” among the Heavenly Hosts. Amen.

4/21/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns216)

Hatonn present to commune, that thy path be more easily walked—IN KNOWING.


It is difficult, scribe, to pen these things when you know from a human standpoint that you are no greater (or lesser) than is another.  And yet, the WORD comes from God and His HOSTS, and you are to “feel” worthy of the receiving.  Fear not, and TRUST IN THE LORD that thine food steps are firm and guided.  For it is often the messenger who is the biggest critic.  “Please, Lord God, don’t let me make a mistake!” Is the cry for ones in mine service, because no one is given any insight above another.  All must study the WORD and learn of the lessons of Aton (God) and the lessons of The Creation.

The hesitation and seeming “delays” come from the deep desire to “get it right”.  Therefore, you must realize that it is the letting go and letting God that becomes the compass bearing that will steer you through the troubled waters.  God never leaves man—MAN LEAVES MAN AND THEN BLAMES GOD FOR HIS MIS-STEPS OR SHIP WRECKS ALONG THE JOURNEY.  God shows and tells you THE WAY; however it is up to you to make the journey.  Thank you, Valerie, for accepting the lead as “point man”, for it could not be done without your love and tireless effort on behalf of ALL involved.  My appreciation is great and “The Book of Life” will forever reflect and record your “service record” among the Heavenly Hosts.  Amen.


Our dear friend in New Zealand is also doing his best to get you the CONFIRMATION you must have, if you are to see that what we being is TRUTH in every measure.  Man seems to trust more that which comes from EARTH-BASED RESOURCES, rather than from some, as yet, unseen “ghost writer”.  Even though, all your Holy Books present you with such over and over again.  The prophets received exactly in this fashion, and yet, you still doubt.  It is THE MESSAGE OF TRUTH that always should be the point of focus, not whether or not you believe in disembodied energy forms (ghosts), or extraterrestrial entities returning to your planet.

The elite adversarial bunch of satanic worshippers and followers attack your spiritual beliefs FIRST.  Then it becomes most easy to ensnare the physical body that comes after.  A God-less man has no hope of seeing or freeing himself from the trap.  A war is brewing and you ones are marching right along to Satan’s Drummers.  This conflict will be unlike any that you can conjure in your wildest dreams.  America will be the final staging ground for this “War Theater”.  The Khazar Jews called the European world wars “theaters”, because they rejoice and are entertained by how they have manipulated you Christians—of every “religion”—into their scripted play of theatrical war, killing each other off, while the true enemy of the world—and Christ Himself—sits back picking his teeth, and marvels at how silly you are.
Thank you L., for the wealth of conformation you forward and share with your world brethren of Christ-ians.  God recognizes your sacrifice, too, and it does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated, for it is through ones like you that, ultimately, the people will begin to comprehend and understand just WHO the enemy truly is.  I, Hatonn, can only tell you how it IS.  It is up to you—the—people to partake of Truth, and then ACT ON IT!  So be it!

Okay, Jonur, let us resume our “Captain’s Log” and set the course for “Maximum Wasp” speed.  Allow the energy to flow through, and the “automatic writing” as penned by God and The Hosts, will take care of itself.


And indeed, L., I shall!  This is what my scribe was “waiting for”, permission to pull out all the stops and follow in the footsteps of the master who personally showed him THE WAY.  This JOURNAL is dedicated to “Dharma” and her husband E.J., two individuals who literally gave their ALL and worked as ONE, in that God’s People have a lamp to light the way.  Salu!

I have already given our readers the history of the ancient Khazar tribe—known as “Jews” today—and their old stomping ground in southern Russia at the base of the Caucasus Mountain range, between the Black and Caspian seas.  As I have done in JOURNALS past, yet it always bears repeating, not just for our new readers but as a “refresher course” for you “graduate students”.  The enemy MUST be identified and known for his actions against you, if humanity is to survive; and put a stop to this onslaught of evil come upon you.  You must know what is wrong FIRST before you can “fix” anything—lest you make matters worse by “guessing”.

Confusion and chaos are Satan’s tools, chelas, and as you are now realizing the blueprint instructions have worked to perfection up to now!


We have talked of this many times prior to now, but you have to realize the fact that the leading governments of your planet Shan (“Earth”) have space-capable craft you would classify as “Unidentified Flying Objects”.

Of course, man-made craft are not a match for God’s Fleet of Heavenly Hosts, come from afar, however, since you know not the technology AVAILABLE ON YOUR PLACE, it becomes easy to fool you—the—masses.  Why have you not been told of such wonders?  Because you are in the final days of a man-conjured Armageddon between “good” and “evil”.  God and “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA, and the Hosts that came before Him—RIDE IN SILVER CLOUDS AND CHARIOTS OF FIRE!  The Bethlehem “Star” (now called the Phoenix, of these PHOENIX JOURNALS) from biblical times—was a gigantic space craft!  What else could perform the “miracles” in the desert and over the Red Sea???  I repeat:  THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE BEST PROOF OF WHAT I BRING THROUGH THESE WRITINGS!  GOD IS THE WORD, precious ones, and you will learn your lessons, or you will not graduate—again!


The Battle of Los Angeles

Five years before Roswell (The UFO crash in New Mexico in which little alien entities were recovered along with the interplanetary craft they came in.), five years before pilot Kenneth Arnold’s landmark sightings of “flying saucers” in the Pacific Northwest, three years before the Battle of the Bulge, two years before D-Day, and years before the so-called “modern UFO era” had officially begun, there was the Battle of Los Angeles, arguably the most sensational, dramatic UFO mass encounter on record.

UNCENSORED magazine, March-June 2015.
By Jeff Rense, Wednesday, February 25, 1942


Imagine a visiting spacecraft from another world, or dimension hovering over a panicked and blacked-out LA in the middle of the night just weeks after Pearl Harbor at the height of WWII fear and paranoia.

Imagine how this huge ship, assumed to be some unknown Japanese aircraft, was then attacked as it hung, nearly stationary, over Culver City and Santa Monica by dozens of Army anti-aircraft batteries firing nearly 2,000 rounds of 12 pound, high explosive shells in full view of hundreds of thousands of residents.  Imagine all of that and you have an idea of what was the Battle of Los Angeles.

The sudden appearance of the enormous round object triggered all of LA and most of Southern California into an immediate wartime blackout with thousands of Air Raid Wardens scurrying all over the darkened city while the drama unfolded in the skies above… a drama which would result in the deaths of six people and the raining of shell fragments on homes, streets and buildings for miles around.

Dozens of gun crews and searchlights of the Army’s 37th Coast Artillery Brigade easily targeted the huge ship which hung like a surreal magic lantern in the clear, dark winter sky over the City of the Angels.  Few in the city were left asleep after the Coastal Defense gunners commenced firing hundreds and hundreds of rounds up toward the glowing ship which was apparently first sighted as it hovered above such west side landmarks as the MGM studios in Culver City.  The thump of the batteries and the ignition of the aerial shells reverberated from one end of LA to the other as the gun crews easily landed scores of what many termed “direct hits”… all to no avail.  Here now, is what the night skies of LA looked like at the height of the firing…

New 24/7/00 photo enhancements and analysis shows the huge craft caught in the converging spotlights!

Pay close attention to the convergence of the searchlights and you will clearly see the shape of the visitor within the illuminated target area.  It’s a BIG item and seemed completely oblivious to the hundreds of AA shells bursting on and adjacent to it which caused it no evident dismay.  There were casualties, however… on the ground.  At least 6 people died as a direct result of the Army’s attack on the UFO which slowly and leisurely made its way down to and then over Long Beach before finally moving off and disappearing.

In February, 1942, Katie was a young, beautiful and highly successful interior decorator and artist who worked with many of Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities and film industry luminaries.  She lived on the west side of Los Angeles, not far from Santa Monica.  With the outbreak of the war with Japan and the rising fear of a Japanese air attack, or even invasion of the West Coast, thousands of residents volunteered for wartime duties on the home front.  Katie volunteered to become an Air Raid Warden as did 12,000 other residents in the sprawling city of Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

In the early morning hours of February 2th, Katie’s phone rang.  It was the Air Raid supervisor in her district notifying her of an alert and asking if she had seen the object in the sky very close to her home.  She immediately walked to a window and looked up.  “It was huge!  It was just enormous!  And it was practically right over my house.  “I had never seen anything like it in my life,” she said.  “It was just hovering there in the sky and hardly moving at all.”

With the city blacked out, Katie and hundreds of thousands of others were able to see the eerie visitor with spectacular clarity.  “It was a lovely pale orange and about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.  I could see it perfectly because it was very close.  It was big!”

The U.S. Army anti-aircraft searchlights by this time had the object completely covered.  “They sent fighter planes up (the Army denied any of its fighters were in action) and I watched them in groups approach it and then turn away.  There [they]  were shooting at it but it didn’t seem to matter.”

Katie is insistent about the use of planes in the attack on the object.  The planes were apparently called off after several minutes and then the ground cannon opened up.  “It was like the Fourth of July but much louder.  They were firing like crazy but they couldn’t touch it.”  The attack on the object lasted over half an hour before the visitor eventually disappeared from sight.  Many eyewitnesses talked of numerous “direct hits” on the big craft but no damage was seen done to it.  “I’ll never forget what a magnificent sight it was.  Just marvelous.  And what a gorgeous color”, said Katie.

“The object… caught in the center of the lights like the hub of a bicycle wheel surrounded by gleaming spokes.  The fire seemed to burst in rings all around the object.”

The ONLY description in the LA Times of the UFO, and a sense of the energy and emotion of that night, was found in this small sidebar article written by Times staff writer the day after the event

Chilly Throng
Watches Shells
Bursting In Sky
By Marvin Miles

Explosions stabbing the darkness like tiny bursting stars… Searchlight beams poking long crisscross fingers across the night sky… Yells of wardens and the whistles of police and deputy sheriffs… The brief on-and-off flick of lights, telephone calls, snatches of conversation:  ‘Get the dirty…’ That was Los Angeles under the rumble of gunfire yesterday.


Sleepy householders awoke to the dull thud of explosions… “Thunder?  Can’t be!”  Then:  “Air Raid!  Come here quick!  Look over there… those searchlights.  They’ve got something… they are blasting it with anti-aircraft!”  Father, mother, children all gathered on the front porch, congregated in small clusters in the blacked out streets—against orders.  Babies cried, dogs barked, doors slammed.  But the object in the sky slowly moved on, caught in the center of the lights like the hub of a bicycle wheel surrounded by gleaming spokes.


Speculation fell like rain.  “It’s a whole squadron.”  “No, it’s a blimp.  It must be because it’s moving so slowly.”  “I hear planes.”  “No you don’t.  That’s a truck up the street.”  “Where are the planes then?”  “Dunno.  They must be up there though.”  “Wonder why they picked such a clear night for a raid?”  “They’re probably from a carrier.”  “Naw, I’ll bet they are from a secret air base down south somewhere.”

Still the firing continued.  Like lethal firecrackers, the anti-aircraft rounds blasted above, below, seemingly right on the target fixed in the tenacious beams.  Other shots fell short, exploding halfway up the long climb.  Tracers sparked upward like roman candles.  Metal fell.  It fell in chunks, large and small; not enemy metal, but the whistling fragments of bursting ack-ack shells.  The menacing thud and clank on streets and roof tops drove many spectators to shelters.


Wardens were on the job, doing a good job of it.  “Turn off your lights, please.  Pull over to the curb and stop.  Don’t use your telephone.  Take shelter.  Take shelter.”  On every street brief glares of hooded flashlights cut the darkness, warning creeping drivers to stop.  Police watched at main intersections.  Sirens wailed enroute to and from blackout accidents.  There came lulls in the firing.  The search lights went out (To allow the fighter planes to attack?).  Angelinos breathed deeply and said, “I guess it’s all over.”  But before they could tell their neighbors good night, the guns were blasting again, sighting up the long blue beams of the lights.


The fire seemed to burst in rings all around the target.  But the eager watchers, shivering in the early morning cold, weren’t rewarded by the sight of a falling plane.  Nor were there any bombs dropped.  “Maybe it’s just a test,” someone remarked.  “Test, hell!” was the answer.  “You don’t throw that much metal in the air unless you’re fixing on knocking something down.”  Still the firing continued, muttering angrily off toward the west like a distant thunderstorm.  The targeted object inched along high, flanked by the cherry red explosions.  And the householders shivered in their robes, their faces set, watching the awesome scene.

The following are excerpts from the primary front page story of the LA Times on February 26th.  Note that there is not a SINGLE description of the object even though it was clearly locked in the focus of dozens of searchlights for well over half an hour and seen by hundreds of thousands of people:

Army Says Alarm Real
Roaring Guns Mark Blackout
Identity of Aircraft Veiled in Mystery;
No Bombs Dropped and No Enemy Craft Hit;
Civilians Reports Seeing Planes and Balloon

Overshadowing a nation-wide maelstrom of rumors and conflicting reports, the Army’s Western Defense Command insisted that Los Angeles’ early morning blackout and anti-aircraft action were the result of unidentified aircraft sighted over the beach area.  In two official statements, issued while Secretary of the Navy Knox in Washington was attributing the activity to a false alarm and “jittery nerves”, the command in San Francisco confirmed the presence over Southland of unidentified planes.

[To be continued…]




This is a condition wherein the colloidal silver is killing the pathogens very quickly.  The body’s five eliminatory systems (kidneys, liver, skin, bowel, and lungs) become temporarily overloaded.  One may feel lethargic and dozy due to this rapid “die-off” action.  Continue the regimen, but drink up to four liters of water per day together with up to 6 grams of Vitamin C to help detoxification.


Most chemistry books have a chapter on the colloidal state as if it were a special case.  Actually the colloidal state is the only state for all living things.  [Hatonn:  This is important!]  Within water, the chemical elements of life occur in a flux of halves, or opposing electrical pairs always in motion and swapping these molecular halves in complete chemical reactions that are the process of growth and repair.  In this flux of the body’s fluids are the germ pathogens, whose own molecular pairs interact with those of the body as they strive to survive and proliferate.

They are all parasites that attack and eat the body cells of the host, dumping their wastes into the surrounding tissues and blood stream.  When in this fluid flux, there is an electrically charged ion or micro-particle of colloidal silver, it selects from among the tissue cells of the body only those disease-causing pathogens and suffocates them, catalytically, simply by being there, then, unaffected drifts on to repeat the process again and again.

The crystalline state is the condition of dry dead things.  Most medications are in a crystalline state.  The body must convert them to a colloidal state before they can be used.  There is some expense to the body in time, energy and effectiveness.  In the process there are molecular pieces left over that burden the body with their need to be eliminated.  In the case of colloidal silver, the only ingredients are silver and water.  Several decades of clinical use of silver have been proven in the treatment of burns, and for eye, ear, nose, throat, vaginal, rectal and urinary tract infections.  Silver has been prescribed in medicine as an aid to the brain, reproductive disorders in women and the circulatory system.  It has been used as a remedy for mental imbalances, sleepwalking and anorexia nervosa.


Jonur, break here and have respite.  Hatonn to stand-by frequency.  Salu.

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